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The Mechanics - Buck & Dean Auto Shop - An Adult Story

All my stories have been just about me and different girls. I got an email the other day that peaked my interest. So I thought I would add another guy to the story. I hope you like.

The Mechanics~~~~

It was just after lunch. I pulled the tow truck into the drive way. My partner and I own a auto repair business just outside of town. It's along the highway. Just a small garage with enough room to repair two cars at a time. We have only one gas pump outside. We hired a cashier just last week to take over when were not at the shop. We specialize in custom or older cars. Like old Corvettes and muscle cars. We found that its a niche business that pays very well. There always one or two cars that need repairs during the week that were open. Last week we restored a 57 Chevy back to mint condition.

My partner shut his door. Dean is about 6', 210lbs, black hair, brown eyes....kinda muscular/athletic build. He just had a birthday. I think he is in his mid thirties. I did not ask. We had fun at his party. He likes the same girls I do. We like bigger gurls. The voluptuous woman with the big chest and the juicy big ass. Nothing better that some hot big gurl looking over her shoulder at me with my big cock out. I have seen Dean cock. He packs about the same size as me. We have been know to fuck the same hot girl at the same time. I guess over time we just became secure in our manhood. Were both single at the moment and we have a tendency to go after the same girl. We usually play rock, paper, scissors for her. I'm a little taller at 6ft 3" and weight a little more. I kid with him my muscles are bigger.

I check my clip board. Were at 62 Evergreen Drive. We have to pick up a 65 Ford Mustang that won't start. The owner called this morning and left a message. His wife was going to be home to let us in the garage. We both had our dark blue uniforms on. The top and bottoms pulled over my white t-shirt and black boxer briefs. It was a little warm to wear cargo shorts today. Dean was wearing black boots. I was wearing some black Doc Martens. I checked my watch. He used his cell phone to check the address before we walked up and knocked on the front door.

"Knock! Knock!" We waited a few seconds before the door opened. I almost fell over. There was a hot older lady standing in the door way. She was about 5ft 7 with long brunette hair. She was wearing some white flip flops. A small white pair of shorts. She also had a small white t-shirt that was stretched over her large chest. The shirt was cut open in the middle showing off her large cleavage. I looked at Dean, who could only smile. I was semi hard as the lady made small talk with us as we walked through her living room.

"My name Lucy Sizemore. You must be here for my husbands Mustang. I think he cares more about that car than me sometimes. Are you gentleman thirsty?" she said. "No! We just had lunch. But thank you." I said. "Follow me to his office. It's just through this door. He left the keys on his desk." Lucy said. I saw some family photos on the wall. Mr. Sizemore was a short bald guy in the photos. There was one with him in bathing suit and his wife next to him in a small blue bikini. "So our the kids home? Anybody around to show us were the Mustang is?" Dean said. "No! The kids are at college. Just me home alone as always. Nothing to do all day but watch soaps. Here we go. Here the keys." she said. She leaned over the desk to get the keys. Her ass pushed out the thin material in her shorts. The back rode up her ass crack making her ass shake. I smiled at Dean. He stuck out is tongue and brought his fingers in front of his mouth. I laughed. I think we were going to get more that just the keys from this hot older MILF.

Dean went first. He was closer to Lucy Sizemore. He touched her large ass on top of her white mini shorts. She did not protest or move. Her breathing increased as she moved her body to rest on the desk. Dean began to grope her ass as I walked around the front of the desk. I reached down to pull Lucy hair from her eyes. She had her eyes closed. I unzipped the front of my uniform letting it fall to the ground. I stepped out of it and then pulled my shirt over my head. Dean had done the same thing but he was not wearing underwear. His cock was already out. He pulled down Lucy shorts and stuck his cock in her tight pussy. She began to moan. I pulled off my underwear. I stuck my cock in Lucy waiting mouth. She had her eyes open and her mouth wide open as she sucked my cock.

She was quite the good cock sucker. She had almost all 9 3/4 inches in her hot mouth. I could feel her tongue going around my shaft as she used her long nails to scratch my naked balls. Dean was really fucking her hard. I pulled off her white top and threw it on the floor. I reached down to play with her big breast. Dean held onto her hips as he fucked her faster. She placed her hands on my hard abs as I pulled out my cock and slapped her face with it. She grunted as Dean slapped her ass with his cock. I smiled as she put my cock back in her mouth. Dean was playing with her ass. We both liked anal so it was no surprise that Dean was using his finger to rub on Lucy asshole. He spit on his finger and inserted it in her ass. She screamed as she had her first orgasm. I guess she was lonely home alone all the time. Her husband could only see how much a slut she was becoming.

After a few mores strokes in her hot pussy Dean and I switched positions. He came around as I came around her willing ass. He stuck his cock in her mouth after she tongued his balls. I placed my hard cock in her tight pussy. I took a few short strokes before she was able to handle my size. Dean had shoved his cock completely in Lucy mouth as he pulled her hair. I reached around to play with her huge tits in my hands. I was really fucking her hard. I had my knees bent fucking her at an angle as she screamed. "Faster! Faster! Faster! Don't stop you fuckers." Lucy said. I was close to cumming. I pulled out and shot a huge load on her ass. Dean pulled Lucy hair. He then pulled his cock out of her mouth. He stroked his cock with her hair and blew a big load all over her face. I wiped my cock clean as Lucy reached around to scoop up my seed.

We both put on our clothes on. We walked with Lucy to her front door. She was dripping with our juices as he pointed to the garage to get her husband car. We left her a receipt and told her we be back at the end of the week with the car. Dean told her to be naked and upstairs on the bed when we came. If she was good we fuck her in the ass next time. She smiled as she licked her fingers. We pulled the tow truck up to the garage. Dean hooked up the Mustang. We drove to the shop.

It took us about an hour to fix the engine. The sparks plugs were off. We replaced them and put in a new battery. Some new head lights and cleaned the car. I went to pump some gas for a customer while Dean filled out the bill for the Mustang. We left the keys with the cashier. It was after 6pm when we left for the night.

I got home and was having dinner when my phone rang. It was another new customer. Mr. Tom Tillman. He had a 1965 Corvette that he wanted restored to mint condition. It was his car when he was younger. I told him no problem but it might take a few weeks to get done. He was OK with that. He left his address. It was in a rich part of town. It was a mansion in the Hills above the town. It had a long private driveway. I called Dean and told him to meet me at my house in the morning. He was to bring some coffee for the drive to get the car.

Dean was right on time as we head out for the Corvette. It was close to 9am when we got to the house in the Hills. We rang the buzzer. "Who is it?" said a cute girls voice. "Buck & Dean Auto. We are here for Mr. Tillman Corvette this morning." I said. "OK! Come on up." said the girl. The iron gates opened and we drove up the long driveway. It took us ten minutes to reach the house or mansion as Dean called it. It was huge. It was surrounded by trees and water. I could not even see another neighbor or the road we were just on.

Both Dean and I had worn the same outfit from yesterday. Only I had a new black shirt and so did Dean. I wore some white tennis shoes and he had on some black tennis shoes. We were going to work out after work today. There a local gym not far from the shop. I parked the tow truck near the large garage off of the main house. We looked around. We both got out and looked through the windows of the garage. There was maybe 15-20 muscles cars inside. A few bikes and a white Rolls Royce just inside. It look like Mr Tillman was quite the collector. We waited a few minutes before we heard the front door to the main house close.

"Fuck this house is big." I said. Dean just laughed. We both turned our heads when we heard a female voice. "Hi! Good morning gentleman. I am Juliet Tillman and these our my daughters, Skylar, Brooke, Bambi. I have the key to the garage. Both our mouths fell wide open. Mrs. Tillman was about 5ft 8 with long platinum blonde hair. She was very voluptuous. She had a white and pink tennis outfit on. She had long white socks, a short pink mini skirt, a white shirt pulled over her very sizable breast. Skylar was her oldest daughter. She had jet black hair. She was about 5ft 7 with killer curves. She was wearing black socks, black mini shorts, and a small black shirt pulled over her nice set of tits. Her two other daughters were twins. Brooke and Bambi were both 5ft 5 with bodacious curves. They had inherited there Mom large chest and super big ass. They were wearing baby blue tennis skirts that barely covered there big ass's. They had on baby blue t-shirts pulled tight over there large cleavage. They had long blonde hair. They had long baby blue socks on. All the girls were smiling as they saw us in front of the garage.

"MMMmm Good morning!" I said. Dean moved his mouth but nothing came out. I just smiled as the got closer to us. I could smell there sweet perfume. They had small outfits, smelled great and had killer curves. I was liking this new client all ready. "You just missed my husband. He flying out of the country. He left me the keys to his Corvette. I hope you can fix it? It's his baby." Mrs. Tillman said. "Should be no problem. we are very good mechanics." said Dean. I looked around the front of the house. I then looked at Dean who had a big smile on his face. "What are you ladies up to this morning? You all look so nice this morning." I said. "Were off to play tennis. We play every Friday in the morning. Do you guys play tennis?" Bambi said. "Why yes we do play tennis. We did not bring a change of clothes but we be happy to keep score for you ladies. If that is OK?" I said. "That would be nice. My daughters like to cheat sometimes. Do you have to get back to your shop soon?" Mrs. Tillman said. "No! We are free this morning. We just have your husband car to work on." Dean said.

We followed all the girls in the garage. Dean held the door as we both followed each girls big ass under there tennis outfits. We walked through the garage to the other side. We walked out down a long sidewalk to the tennis court. It was a pretty big tennis court, separated by a white net in the middle. There were two benches next to the court. I sat on the bench near the Twins. Dean sat on the other facing the Mom and Skylar. The twins were one one team. Mrs. Tillman and Skylar were on the other. They were going to play doubles. I suggested they warm up first. I almost fell off the bench when the Mom bent over to get a sleeve of balls and was wearing no panties. The twins were not either and Skylar had a black thong on that left nothing to the imagination. My cock was hard. I know Dean cock was too. He was touching himself under his overalls.

We watched as all the girls were very bad at tennis. They through the ball up over there heads but could not hit it. Either there big breast or being uncoordinated they would miss the ball. I suggested they serve underhand after almost laughing. It was a sight to watch each girls breast jiggle under there tennis outfits. Finally Mrs. Tillman hit the ball towards the twins. Brooke tried to hit it the ball but it bounced over her racket and went in her top between her big breast. All the girls laughed as Brooke put her hand inside her shirt to pull it out. Dean almost fell off his bench. For the next twenty minutes we watched the girls hit the ball all over the court. Very few times did the other team hit the ball back. It was funny and very erotic watching 4 big gurls bounce around the court. I started to touch myself as it was 4-2 in the match. The twins were losing.

Finally after another ten minutes the score was 6-3. Mrs. Tillman jumped up and down as Skylar gave her a big hug. The twins hugged and then they met at the net. All the girls hugged each other as Dean and I watched. I lost count of how many boobs were pressed together. The twins came over and sat next to me on the bench. Each girl was on either side of me. Mrs. Tillman and Skylar went and sat next to Dean. I acted shocked that the twins lost. They had there smiles turned up side down. "Sorry girls, you played a great game. Must have been the wind was to strong today." I said. "It's OK. They always win. They will make fun of us all day." Bambi said. "We need a consolation prize for losing." Brooke said. I turned to look over at Dean. He was hugging and groping the Mom and Skylar.

"Looks like your friend is giving my Mom and sister the winning prize." Bambi said. I just smiled. I turned my head towards Bambi. She started to kiss me long and hard. I then felt Brooke hand on my chest. I broke my kiss with Bambi to kiss Brooke. Both were very good kisser. Each was running there hands down my chest and hard abs. I felt the zipper on my overalls open. I then felt two small hands inside under my black shirt. I started to grope and fondle the girls big ass's as the shifted around on the bench to give me better access. I touched Bambi naked pussy and then her sisters. Each girl was breathing heavier as then I heard a small moan from the other bench. I broke my kiss to look over at Dean. He was on his knees in front of the Mom with her mini skirt pulled to the ground. He was eating her big hairy pussy in front of Skylar. I watched as Skylar pulled off her Mom tennis top. She freed her Mom's big breast and then started to suck on them.

I felt a hand on the thin material separating my cock from the open air. I went back to kissing Bambi. Brooke looked over at Dean bench and moaned in my air. "I like that." she said. I felt Bambi hand go over my abs and she put her hand inside the waist band of my boxer briefs. I began to breath harder as each girl started to take off there clothes. I watched as the twins got up and pulled off my clothes. I was now naked. I looked over at Dean who was naked and on the bench. He was on his back with Mrs. Tillman riding his cock. Skylar was licking his balls and fingering her Mom hairy pussy. Dean had his hand on Mrs. Tillman large breast. He was pinching her big udders as I watched the twins get down between my legs.

I looked down to see Bambi lick the tip of my cock. She was followed by her sister who kissed my shaft and licked my balls. Each girl took turns passing my wet cock between there mouths. I reached down to play with there big breast. Bambi was sucking my cock. She had deep throated all 9 3/4 inches in her mouth as her sister forced her head down trying to get her to lick my balls all in one shot. Bambi gagged and shot my cock out of her mouth. Then Bambi forced Brook mouth down on my cock. I pulled on each girls nipples as they took turns blowing me. I looked over at Dean who was cumming deep inside Mrs. Tillman pussy. She stopped and got off him. Skylar moved her Mom on the bench. She spread her Mom's pussy wide open with her fingers and clean Dean seed out of her Mom. I just shook my head.

Bambi was the first to get on my cock. She moaned as she sunk her tight pussy down my shaft. Brooke got up next to me. We made out as her sister fucked me. I took all there boobs and mashed them together to suck on there nipples. They were almost dark pink went I let them go. Bambi orgasm hard and got off. Then Brooks began to fuck me. I had Bambi stand up so I could eat her pussy. She was very sweet as I fingered her pussy to another orgasm. Brooks rode my cock as I played with her big breast. After a few minutes Brook orgasm then got off. Each girl was between my legs. They started to jack my cock with there little hands. I screamed and grunted as I erupted in there waiting mouth. They pulled my cock shooting what was left on there tits. They each took turns cleaning each other breast as I watched.

After a few minutes we all got up and walked toward the main house. Mrs. Tillman was in the front shaking her ass as the girls followed. Dean and I had all the clothes in our hands as we followed them smiling. Once back at the main house we walked upstairs to the master bedroom. There was a large king size bed at one end the room. The girls went into the master bath as Dean and I got on the bed. We laid next to each other. We left about 2 feet in between us. Dean had a big smile on his face. "Fuck man. That Mom is great. Skylar pussy is so tight Buck. You got fuck her man." Dean said. "Fuck dude! Those twins are one hot piece of ass rolled into one. That Bambi mouth is so hot. Brooke tits are the best man." I said. We awaited a few minutes as all the girls came out in front of the bed.

'We want to mix it up boys. I want some of your big cock sexy. Skylar and I got him (Me) and the twins got him (Dean)." Mrs. Tillman pointed at us. Skylar got on the bed first and got between my legs. The twins jumped on Dean. Bambi was already fucking him as he reached for Brooke breasts. I grunted when I saw Mrs. Tillman come around and get on the bed next to me. Her breast were bigger than all her daughters. She was beginning to sag but that were so heavy as she put them on my face. I began to suck them as Skylar had my cock in her hot mouth. I could not see Dean but could hear him and the twins fucking. I then felt my cock in the cold air as Skylar crawled up my chest. She put my cock between her legs as she bite her Mom's right nipple. "God you love my boobs don't you sweetie. I breast fed you the longest. MMMmmm lick Mommy nipples." Mrs. Tillman moaned.

I looked down to see Skylar move so my cock pushed on her tight opening. Dean was right her pussy was tight. Skylar bounced on my cock as I sucked her Mom's boobs. I finally turned to see Dean fucking Brooke. He had her on her back as he fucked her. Bambi was licking his balls as he fucked her sister. I saw she was tonguing his ass making him fuck her sister harder. I wanted to fuck me Tillman next. So when Skylar orgasm and fell off me. I got up. I laid Mrs. Tillman on her back. I started to eat her pussy as Skylar kissed my ass. I felt her tongue go in my ass hole making me harder. She put my cock in her mouth as I ate her mother. After a few minutes I looked over to see Dean pull out and shoot a big load on the twins.

I spun Mrs. Tillman over on her knees. I inserted my cock in her hot pussy. She was still tight as I fucked her very fast. She orgasm as Skylar pulled my cock out and sucked off her Mom's juices. I looked down to start to play with Mrs. Tillman big ass. I licked my index finger and placed it on her ass hole. When she did not protest I started to insert a little bit of finger in her naughty hole. She grunted and screamed. She turned around. "My husband thinks its dirty but I love it. Fuck me in the ass young man. Fuck me you mother fucker. Put that big cock in my ass." she screamed. Dean looked over and smiled as I inserted my hard cock in Mrs. Tillman ass. It was tight and hot as she moved to accommodate my size. I saw Dean flip over Bambi and start to play with her ass hole. "Yes! Yes! Fuck me like he is fucking my Mom." she screamed.

I got a good rhythm going as Dean started to fuck Bambi. I picked up the place as I looked down to see her ass open up. I felt Skylar mouth on the back of my balls. She was coating my cock as she licked her Mom's pussy as I fucked her ass. I could feel the bed shake as Mrs. Tillman orgasm in her daughter mouth. I pushed my hips forward and held onto Mrs. Tillman hips. I buried my cock completely as I began to cum. I could feel it go up the sides of my cock and leak out onto the sheets. Dean grunted and let loose in Bambi ass. The girls licked us clean then cleaned off there Mom's butt and Bambi as we caught our breath.

We spent the next two days fucking and switching partners with the girls. It was not until late Sunday night that we left with the Corvette. The next day we got back to the shop. Dean still had a smile on his face the whole day. We lost track off how many times we fucked it each girl or what we did to them. It also turned out that Mr. Tillman never left his house. He had a little room set up in the guest house to watch us fuck his Wife and daughters. He was quite the dirty old man. We invited the girls and Mrs. Tillman down to the shop. They are suppose to be here on Wednesday.

"Ring! Ring! Ring!" I picked up my phone. "Hey this is Mr. Sizemore. Do you still have my Mustang? I called and they said you were done. I was hoping you could deliver this afternoon for me. I should be home late." he said. "Sure no problem. We can deliver that today. Is your wife going to be home to get the keys?" I said. "Yes! She will be home." he said. We hung up the phone. I looked at Dean. He was starting to get hard just like me. He picked up his phone to call Mrs. Sizemore.

We pulled into the driveway and dropped off the Mustang. I followed Dean as we got to the front door. The door was unlocked as we walked up the stairs. We could here some loud moans as we got closer to Mrs. Sizemore. We walked in to see her on the bed with a huge vibrator in her pussy and a big fake cock in her ass. Dean and I high five each other as we got naked. "I see you have been a bad girl. I like what your doing. Are you ready for two young studs?" I said. She smiled and nodded her head "Yes!". I got on the bed on my back. She got on my erect cock as I grabbed her big breast to suck on. Dean walked into the bathroom to get some lube. He found some KY as he put on his cock. He then placed his cock in Mrs. Sizemore ass hole. We were fucking her at the same time. She was being double penetrated and she moaned very loud. I felt her pussy get wetter as she fell on my chest. Dean was fucking her very hard in the ass. After a few strokes she orgasm we started to kiss. Dean grunted and was close to cumming.

"What the fuck? Lucy what are you doing? Who are this two men?" a male voice said. I felt Lucy move to turn to look over her shoulder. Dean stopped and I stopped fucking her. We were all looking at a man next to the bed. It smelled so much of sex in the room. "My god is this what you like? His big cock is in your ass. The guys big cock is in your pussy. Where did all this adult toys come from?" he yelled. "Shut up Frank! This is what you get for spending all that time on that fucking car of yours. I told you I needed some attention. You hired this two young studs to fix your car. Well they fixed it and they fixed me. They are fucking me really good. I really like anal sex. I even like these big toys. They remind me of these two big cocks inside me right now. Get out. Wait downstairs. Shut the god dam door you pervert." Lucy yelled.

I watched as Frank walked out of the room shutting the door. Dean went back to fucking her. I leaned over a little to look at the door. I could see a shadow at the bottom of the door and some movement in front of the key hole. I knew Frank was watching us fuck his wife. I leaned back to suck his wife breast as she was being fucked my Dean and I. After a few minutes we both came deep inside Lucy. We all got off as she sucked our cocks in her hot mouth. She took turns sucking our cocks. We spent the rest of the day taking turns fucking Lucy. She was so horny with lust that we had her come down to the garage to help us.

We built a car wash next to the shop. We had the twins and Skylar wash the cars. I had Mrs. Tillman work as my assistant. Dean had Lucy work as his. We might need to expand the shop soon. With word of mouth from all the ladies and with there husbands needing help with there cars. We seem to be pretty busy. For no charge will rotate your wife boobs and lube her ass anytime.

Thanks Dean!


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