Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Caught - An Adult Story

It was just last week. I had to go watch a friends house in Ohio. It was close to Cincy. I owed him a big favor. He watched my place last year. Plus I needed to get out of Baltimore for a week or so. I got up early and headed out on I70 west toward Ohio. I packed the SUV pretty good. Brought some clothes, DVD, and stuff to read. I brought my lap top to get some work done. Can always get into my computer at work or home. I love a good road trip. Being single, I am able to get up and go on a moments notice.

My friend left his keys under the welcome mat. He flew to Florida this morning. I parked my SUV in the driveway. My SUV was a little tall to put in the garage. It was a nice neighborhood. I saw a few cars around. I saw some people walking there dogs. I need to find a spot to run later. It was close to 7pm by the time I opened his front door. I looked on either side of his house. Both his neighbors were close. Separated by a few feet between the houses. The back yard had a big 8ft wooden fence that enclosed a nice above ground pool. I would have to hit that up maybe tomorrow. I just wanted to get something to eat and watch TV. I ordered some pizza from a local pizza place.

About an hour later I was eating the pizza. I had two beers on the couch watching some HBO before I went to bed. I tossed and turned most of the night. I hated sleeping in someone bed. The pillows kinda of sucked. I took a long shower when I woke up. I got little sleep. I was going to take a nap later. I shaved and got dressed. I through on some white cargo shorts and a blue t-shirt. I got some breakfast. I watch some more TV. Checked my email. Sent a few comments on MySpace before I went to take a swim.

It was still quite as I did a few laps in the pool. I forgot a towel. So I just sat outside in a lounge chair until I dried off from the sun. I got up to take another shower. This time I shaved some hair around my private parts. I even shaved some small hairs on my chest. I looked in the mirror. I had grown my hair out some. I needed to go get a haircut before I went back home. I put on some small blue soccer shorts. A plain white t-shirt. Both a one size to small. I left my underwear in my bag. I was not going anywhere. I had plenty of beer, food in the house. It was close to 2pm when I walked into the living room.

I looked around. I went to go look out the front window. I closed the blinds. I was feeling kinda of horny after a hot shower. Plus I wanted to take a nap. Guys have a little trick when it comes to getting sleepy. We like to jerk off. Nothing better than a good masturbation session. I get sleepy sometimes right after cumming all over myself or in a towel. I was feeling a little weird about getting off at my friends house but that changed when I looked down to see I was semi hard. I had seen a girl online yesterday in the car. I was dieing to a have a fantasy about her. I looked around again as I walked over to my friends couch.

I sat down in the middle. I closed my eyes. I pulled up my shirt slightly over my hard abs. I could feel the cold air on my belly button. I pulled down my blue soccer shorts around my ankles. They were kinda of tight around my feet. I pushed my ass to the front of the seat cushion. My friend had a big brown leather couch. My hard ass made a little noise as I got comfortable. I then felt my cleanly shaven balls hit the cold leather and inside my thighs. I curled my left toes of my foot as I felt my cock get hard. I pulled slightly on the shaft making it harder. It felt like a big worm getting hard. After a few strokes all 9 3/4 inches was hard. I moved my legs slightly apart. I placed my other hands on my cock. Stroking it with two hands. I should have put some baby oil on my cock but I had forgot in my night stand next to my bed at home

I must warn you. I prefer large women. I love bigger gurls. Women with a little meat on there bones. The bodacious hottie. The one with the hour glass figure. The one you show off when you go out. She got the amazing chest, thick thighs, and curvy ass I really like. I love confident voluptuous women the most. So a big gurl with confidence, sexy body and cute smile makes my hard. I was picturing the girl in my dreams taking off a sexy bathing suit. She looks into my eyes. She sees how hard I am. She walk over to me and gets on her knees. I can almost feel her as touch myself. I was getting close but far from cumming. I was breaking a little sweat. I was know only stroking my cock with my left hand. I prefer my left hand. I was cupping my naked my balls with my right.

I still had my eyes close. I was feeling very nice. I was also feeling excited as my skin began to get goose bumps. But I was also feeling kinda of weird. Like someone or something was watching me. I opened my eyes. I turned my head to the left. Just a few inches past the couch near the wall. Was a open window. I was in so much hurry to masturbate that I forgot to look around. "Hi! MMmm looks like your having fun. Don't stop because of me sexy..." said a cute girl outside the window. She was about 5ft 8inches tall with short brunette hair. She had some blonde highlights in the front. She had a bright yellow hoodie. on. A white low cut top underneath. Some silver hoop earrings. I big sliver necklace that scooped in front showing off her large cleavage. She had on some mini black shorts that showed off her amazing ass. I was speechless as she licked her glossy pink lips.

I was still holding my cock as she looked through the window. "Wow that a big cock. Keep stroking him. He looks like he ready to go off. I'm Kelly your next door neighbor. I was coming over to borrow some milk. You must be watching the place. Tim girl friend Shelia asked me to come over and keep a eye on the place when they were out of town. She mention that you might be here. She did not mention how cute you were or your big cock. I watched as Kelly walked around the back of the house. I heard the back door open then close. Then I heard some wooden heels click across the wooden floor towards the living room.

I was still holding my cock as Kelly walked into the room. She had some yellow 4 inch wooden heels on. She just smiled as she looked at me on the couch. I still had my cock in my hand. My shirt slightly above my abs and my blue soccer shorts around my ankles. I was caught. What was I suppose to do. Kelly was so hot standing there. I figured she could either watch me cum or join me on the couch. She was not disturb by what I was doing. She was really turning me on. I was no longer tired and my cock felt bigger in my left hand.

I looked up to see Kelly unzip her yellow hoodie. She pulled the zipper down. She then pulled the yellow hoodie off and dropped it on the floor behind her. She then smiled as she pulled her tight white shirt over her head. She was not wearing a bra. Her amazing breast set high on her chest. Her erect nipples pointed straight out. She had small aureoles. I wanted so much to suck on them. I smiled as she took two step freeing her from her top. She then pulled down her mini black shorts. She kicked them off toward the couch. The fell in front of me. I smiled as she got closer to me. She had the perfect tan to go with her perfect skin. She was so curvy, sexy, and she was getting turned on as much as I was.

She dropped her hands to play with her large breast. She then moved her hands down her side stopping on her hips. She looked at me with her sexy green eyes. My mouth dropped open. "Keep stroking it baby. Show me how you like it. MMMM....that's it sexy. Damn I love a guys with big hard cocks. Can I touch him. Just a little....wow your skin feels great. I love the big purple head on my finger tips." she moaned. I shifted and took my hand off my cock. Kelly bent down to lick the tip off my cock. She licked the small wetness from the tip. She licked her lips as she got on her knees in front of me. She reached up to run her hands under my white shirt. I pulled my shirt over my head.

I then felt her hands on my athletic chest. She squeezed my hard nipples. She scratched my abs. She then stroked my cock with her two small hands. She then started to kiss, suck and lick my cock. Her pink glossy lips expanded as she got my tool in her hot mouth. She got a few inches more, then a few inches more. I was loving everything she was doing. She began to rub my balls with her free hand. She then swirled her tongue around the tip and the length of the shaft. She put my balls in her mouth. She licked the under side of my balls. She tongued my shaft as she looked into my blue eyes. She slapped her tongue with my cock.

I was close to cumming but I wanted more. She leaned up putting her breast on either side of my cock. Her skin was warm as she stroked my cock between her breast. I tugged on her erect nipples as she moaned. She put her left hand down to her waist. By her facial expression and the new smell in the room, I knew she was touching herself. I wanted to touch her next. I pulled my cock out of her hot mouth. "Shoot it in my face. Cum on my face. Fucking blast with that big load. Yes! Yes!! Oh God that huge....Damn!! Fuck!! Does he ever stop???...Mmmmm." she moaned. Kelly stuck my cock in her hot mouth to clean me off. She licked her lips and sucked her fingers dry. She pulled on my cock some more getting all my juices in her mouth. She spun her tongue from the base to the tip to get the last drop.

I got off the couch and walked into the kitchen. I came back to hand a cold bottle of water to Kelly. She smiled as she looked into my eyes. She then saw my semi drained cock twitch. I got on the floor as Kelly put the bottle of water on the floor next to her head. She then guided my head down to her pussy. She had a small patch covering her pussy. I started to kiss her thighs. I then put my hands on her breast. She responded my wiggling under neath my mouth. I started to kiss around her pussy. I spit on her pussy entrance next. I then breathed some hot air on her pussy. "God you so such a pussy tease. I don't even know your name. Only one other guy has done this to me before. Your such a pussy tease." Kelly said. I just smiled as I looked over her pink pussy mound to her glossy pink lips.

I love to give oral. I love a good pussy. Kelly was going to find out as soon as she was ready. "What the magic word?" I said. "Please!" she moaned. "Warm!" I said. Pretty please!" she said. "Hot!" I said. "Eat me!" she yelled. I parted her small cunt lips with the tip of my tongue. I then began to lick the inside of her hot pussy. She was wet and getting wetter. I licked my left index finger. She watched as I put that finger inside her pussy. Her muscles clamped down on my finger as I licked her labia. I then began to run my tongue around the tip of her pussy. I sucked her lips, nibbled her labia and fingered her tight pussy. She screamed then held my head. I kept my finger inside as she start to orgasm. I could feel her first, then hear her, then taste her.

I then began to lick from the top of her pussy down to the bottom of her ass. I slapped her perfect ass with my right hand. She moaned as I then pinched her nipple. I slapped her breast with my right hands as I fingered her pussy with my left index finger. I then brought my middle finger down to touch the inside of her pussy. She orgasm quick on both fingers as I licked her juices. I looked up to see her eyes closed as she ran her hands through my hair. I was glad I was caught by this sexy neighbor. Plus it was only my second day at the house. I started to kiss the top of her pussy. I then kissed her belly button as she looked down and smiled.

I got off my knees. I was rock hard. She looked between my legs. She leaned up to coat my cock with saliva. She then stood up next to me. We kissed for the first time as I met her lips. She was a great kisser as she played with my cock in her small hand. I brought my hands down to her breast. I then stuck her right nipple in my mouth. I sucked it very hard as she moaned. I then put my hands on her ass as she put her hands around my neck. She had a silver heart pendant on her necklace that was between her magnificent breast. I smiled when I pulled her up onto my cock. She turned her necklace around so the pendant would not him in the face.

I grabbed her ass cheeks. She pulled on my neck as her tight pussy inched its way down my cock. I grunted as I got another inch inside. I went slow as she adjusted to my size. She was dripping wet as she took more of me. We began to kiss as she moved in my arms. I began to move her up and down on my cock. We were fucking standing up. I could feel her soft breast on my chest. Her nipples were poking my skin as I slipped my tongue in her mouth. She bite my lower lips as she slammed her pussy on my cock. We had built a good rhythm going as I bent my knees fucking her hot pussy. I was loving this position but I had to see her curvy ass.

I put her down on the ground. I spun her around. Her ass was on my cock. I pushed down on her back bending her over. She moaned as I put my cock back in her tight pussy. I slammed my erect cock in her. She grunted as I buried my cock to the base. I felt my balls slap inside her thigh as I held on to her hips. I looked down to see her amazing ass shake as I fucked her. Our skin slapped together as I bent my knees fucking her very hard. I slapped her ass then pulled her soft hair. She screamed. "Fuck me! Don' stop! Fuck me! Fuck me! Don't stop! Faster! Faster! Harder! Yes! Yes!" she moaned. I moaned in her left ear as I kissed her shoulder. She orgasm again as my cock fell out of her tight pussy. She spun around taking my cock in her mouth. I pumped another thick load in her waiting mouth. I could feel it go down the back of her throat. Kelly smiled as she licked her lips. "MMMmmm that was nice stranger. Do you have anything left for me?" she said. I smiled.

I picked her up off the floor. I carried her upstairs to the master bedroom. I pushed off the pillows and comforter to the floor. She smiled as she held the top of my head. I licked her pussy some more, making her very wet. I then pushed her legs out. I pushed down on her thighs. She smiled as I put my cock back inside her hot pussy. She was very wet again as I fucked her. I put my hands on her breast. I kissed her erect nipples as she wiggled underneath me. This time I put all my weight on top of her as I fucked her very hard. She wrapped her hands around my ass forcing my cock deeper inside her. I felt like I might stay in her all day. She smiled and gave me a long kiss. I pulled out after 20 minutes and shot a big load on her stomach. She was dripping sweat, her juices and mine. We took along shower before I got a good night sleep later.

Kelly and I spent the next 10 days fucking through out the house. We even went next door when her room mate was gone to fuck in her house.

I have my turn signal on. I am getting off the highway. There a rest stop up ahead. "Buck why are we stopping? Do we need gas? Were only just outside of Cincy." Kelly said. "No! If I remember correct. This rest area has a big picnic area near the woods. I need something to eat." I said. "You brought food baby?" Kelly said. "No! I have a blanket to put down on the picnic table. I thought I might eat you out and we could have some fun. It's along day. I just hope we don't get caught or ( Do I)" I said.


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