Sunday, October 11, 2009

Makeup Girl - An Adult Story

I had started a small photographer studio as a part time hobby. Over the last year it has taken off to a full time job. I have a small studio on the back of my house. I have a few different rooms that are used as sets. I have a big pool and hot tub for props if need be. I have a great view overlooking the water. Most important I live out in the middle of know where. So privacy and walking around naked is OK with no neighbors complaining or looking in.

I have always loved the female body. Over the last few years I have been more attracted to bigger women. The bodacious, voluptuous, and BBW woman. I love to photograph women who are confident in there bodies and who love attention. When I first started I had skinny models but they all were very hard to accommodate. Little things turned into big things. Which lead to fights, walking off the set. I had taken some photos for a pin up calendar using a hot older model. She was a size 10. She was perfect in a tight corset and sexy blonde hair. I sold more photos of her. Now I am convinced bigger gurls make better models. Plus everyone into girls with big butts and large breast. I am only to happy to photo.

About a week ago I lost my make up artist. She was very nice but she got married and moved out of town. I had run an Ad for a week in a local paper but did not get anyone to apply. I am great with picking out outfits and setting the girls in the perfect shot. But makeup, nails and hair are not my thing. I was hoping for a miracle but would take the next best thing. I had schedule a shoot the following day. I made a few calls to some past models asking if they new anyone. It was not until 10pm that night that I got a call.

Ring! Ring! "Hello, this is Buck. How may I help you?" I said. "Hi! This is Sandra Mom, Krista . She did some modeling for you about 6 months ago. I got a message from her that you were looking for a new makeup artist and hair stylist. I used to that a few years ago before I got married." Krista said. I had a flashback as I paused for a second on the phone. Sandra was quite the young blonde bodacious model. I was hoping to get her to work for me in the future. I had so wanted to ask her out but she was dating someone at the time. I was still single. Most girls find it hard to trust a guy who takes nude photos of women all day. I had a casting couch that was some what famous around the BBW scene. "Why yes. I do remember your daughter. She is one of my best models. I am still looking for someone. What are you doing tomorrow say around 2pm?" I said. "I have tomorrow open all day. I don't have any plans." she said. "Why don't you come over and I can meet you. I have a shoot starting at 2pm. I will see how you do. We can go from there. How does that sound?" I said. "OK! I will see you tomorrow. Thank you once again." she said.

It was close to 1:00pm when my door bell rang. I walked to the front door. Most people are late to the studio. So I was not expecting anyone to be early. I opened the door. I almost closed the door not believing what I was seeing. There was a hot older woman standing with a makeup bag in her right hand. She had long blonde hair that was teased high on her head. She was in her early forties with a dark tan. She was wearing a tight blue sweater that hugged her large breast. She had on a pair of skin tight denim blue jeans that made her large curvy ass pop out. She was wearing blue 4 inch heels. She had some pink lip stick that matched her toe nails. She had painted her long finger nails pink and white. She had some cute long gold earrings to match the rings on her fingers. My mouth dropped opened. I was expecting a new model who was brunette and not as curvy. Who was this?????

"Hi! I'm Buck, you must be...." I said. "Ms. Johnson. Sandra Mom. We talked last night. You said your shoot was at 2pm. I thought I get here early and get ready for your shoot. I hope that is OK?" she said. "Yes! That is nice. I am not used to people being on time or early in this business. Please come in. Can I help you with anything? Do you need help with that makeup bag?" I said. "No! If you could just hold the door that would be nice." she said. "Follow me. This is my house. My studio out back. I am shooting out by the pool today. Tammy should be here soon. I have her in red bikini today. You can do what ever you want with her. Just make her the star. What would you like me to call you Mrs.Johnson?" I said. "You can call me Krista. I'm not married anymore. He just left me for his bimbo secretary. Ms. or Mrs, and definitely not Mame. They make me sound older than I am. What should I call you Mr. Kelly?" Krista said. "Buck! I like that the best. Here we are. Let me get the sliding glass door. Let me take you to the studio." I said

I walked back watching her move across my wooden deck. I was still at a lost for words. How or why did her husband leave such a gorgeous woman. I just shook my head as I opened the door to my studio. I followed Krista into the back of the studio. I helped her set up her makeup, hair products. I showed her around and then went to answer the front door. It was close to 230pm now and I figured Tammy was here finally. She was the brunette with the smaller curves. I walked her back to the makeup chair. Krista and Tammy chatted as I went to get my camera. About 30 minutes later Tammy came out onto the pool deck.

I spent the next two hours taking pictures of Tammy in different bikini's. Each time Krista made her the star of the shoot. She had Tammy hair in different styles. She also did her makeup perfect and nails just perfect. Krista finally came out to see Tammy model. She also smiled at me a few times as I took my time with Tammy to make her look good in front of the camera. It was close to 6pm when I finally wrapped the days shooting. I thanked Tammy as her ride came to get her. I helped Krista clean up her things. I walked her out to her car. We made some small talk. I learned her daughter had married the boy friend of two years. I also got more of the story of her husband leaving her for a younger woman. He got the girl pregnant so he left her with nothing. Now she was forced to go back to work to pay the bills. Krista was very nice. She was old enough to be my mother but I forgot all about our age difference. I liked being 24 years old. I also like being 6ft 3 and athletic. I complemented Krista on her work. She was going to come back in two days to help me again.

Just like the other day. Krista got there early and did everything very well. She made one of the hardest girls to work with a breeze after giving her a make over. I was even shocked when Tori came out to get her pictures taken. I was shooting away with one eye on Tori and the other eye on Krista. She was sitting off camera to the left. I think she was getting into what Tori was doing in front of my camera. Tori was completely naked showing off her beautiful sexy body. I spent the next two hours shooting. Krista was big help after the shoot just like the other day. The next day she got her daughter Sandra to come get her pictures taken. I was very turned on seeing Krista do her daughter hair. Then help her into a black bikini. This shoot was a little different. Sandra had to show some skin but keep her bottoms on. Krista stayed in the studio as I shot her daughter in the drive way. After the shoot both girls help me clean up and rode home together.

I went back inside my house. Ring! Ring! Ring! "Hello, this is Buck. How may I help you? Hey Rudy what's up man? How you been?" I said. "Hey Buck! Everything good man. Listen I got this big favor to ask you. I need some photos taken of a big beautiful woman." he said. "OK! I think I can handle that. Who would you like? Also what would you like her to wear? The big question. When do you need this pics bye?" I said. "I need them bye 3pm tomorrow. I got this new line of lingerie for my store. I was hoping to start to sell them tomorrow. I'm really pressed for time. They got here late. Also the pictures of the girl I had done by another guy never got done, if you know what I mean?" Rudy said. "No problem. You know you can count on me. I will email you this pics. Then you can put them on display. Then later I will bring you over some great posters, photos, and merch to display in your store. Prefer any age or type of cute big gurl?" I said. "No! Just cute and looks sexy in my lingerie." he said.

I called around looking for a model. I finally got Glory to come out and do the pics. She is very sexy and I know Rudy will love her in his lingerie. I called Krista to see if she was available for a 11am shoot. She was all set. I quickly drove over to Rudy shop and picked up some lingerie for the shoot. I picked up a few large bras and panties. I even picked up some high heels for the shoot. I then watched a few movies in his office before I lost track of time. I headed back to my house for some sleep at around 9pm.

I started to set up for the shoot at 10:00am. I had pulled down a 8ft ladder to stand on to take some pics. I had a white couch with a white back ground. I kept it very simple as I turned on the lights to made everything perfect. I heard Krista come into the studio around 10:30am. She smiled. She was wearing a black jogging suit that stretched over her curves as she walked by me. I swore her ass grew over night. I almost fell off the ladder checking her out. I looked at my watch again to see the time. I had a few more minutes until Glory was suppose to be there. I walked in the back to check on Krista. We made some small talk. I waited until after 11:15am to call Glory. I left 2 messages.

About an hour later I got a return call from Glory. "Ring! Ring!" "Hello Buck. It me Glory. I am sorry but I can't make it today. I am at the hospital with this thing." Glory said. I was mad but sometime things happen. "OK! Hope you feel better. Call me when you feel better. Later sexy!" I said. I checked my watch again. I still had some time. I picked up my phone and started to dial. I left a few messages and got hold of a few girls. They were either busy or did not want to work today. It was close to 12pm when I was giving up. I walked in the back to tell Krista what was going on. "Hey! I got some bad news. I have been trying for like the past hour to get a hold of a replacement girl for Glory. She is in the hospital. I can't get anybody to help. I called or left messages with every model I know. I am a lost what to do next." I said. "Let me try Buck! You young guys scare off all the good girls. Let an older lady try for you sweetie." Krista said.

I went out to the studio to check my set up one more time. About 30 minutes later Krista came out to see me. "I tired Buck. Damn I could not get anybody. I tried my daughter but she is out of town. I called a few of my non model friends and there all busy. Sorry honey." she said. I had about an 2 hours before I had to send Rudy something. "Wow! Thanks Krista. I know you really tried. I tried just as hard. I can't believe it. This guy Rudy and his shop is really counting on me. He already failed with another place. I almost guaranteed there would be no problem. I am up against it. He pays really well too that the bad thing." I said. "Sorry Buck! I wish there was something I could do to help. I saw the outfits and there really cute. Did you or Rudy pick them out?" Krista said. "I did. I liked the way the looked. I think there very sexy. I just fell bad. I really wanted to see the outfits." I said. I walked out of the room to get some air.

I was mad and depressed for a moment. I could always call Rudy and tell him the problem. I am sure he would be OK with it. There was always tomorrow. I just hated to disappoint him. I checked my watch again. I walked in the studio to the back room. "Hi! Krista thanks for your help today. I guess I will call up Rudy and apologize. I will have to take all his lingerie and heels back. He usually gives the model the items for free. Plus she was going to be feature at the store. I am sure the girl would have gotten some big exposure from this. It's too bad. I just wish there was a big beautiful woman to wear this today." I said. "Mmmm let me see. (Krista held up a purple bra to her chest. Then the matching purple thong to her bottom) Nice! It's just my size. Well maybe a little small in the cup and the bottoms but it is very sexy. Purple my favorite color Buck." Krista said. A light bulb went off over my head.

"MMm Krista. I have a huge favor to ask you. Don't say NO! Until you hear me out. What I was thinking. You would be perfect for this shoot. It will just be us in here today. I don't have any clients or any girls stopping by. I am in a real jam on getting this pictures for Rudy. Before you say NO! What if you tried on the purple outfit. Then see how they look. If your not 100 percent comfortable. Then instead of taking one photo I will take everything back to Rudy and call it a day. I really thinking once you get them on and you look in the mirror. I think you will love it. I think your perfect. You are quite stunning. Your very cute and sexy. What do you say?" I said. I watched as Krista did not say No!, but she was thinking very hard. I had lusted at her since she first came in to help me. Now I was crossing my fingers she let me take some photos of her. "I don't know what to say Buck. Who would want to see a old lady in a bra and thong? Guys don't want to see me. I mean my husband left me for a younger woman even. I think your crazy. There must be something else you can do." Krista said. She put her right middle finger in her mouth and bit down on the tip of her long finger nail.

I had to close the deal. "Krista I think you under estimate how beautiful you are. I know your nervous. It happens to every first time model. You have seen my work the last few days. I am very nice, polite and honest with every model. I know you can do this. I don't care about the client. I am here to make you beautiful. I know your going to do great. You so amazing. I know once you get in front of the camera. Your going to be a star. I can tell. I think you look great. Stay here and get changed. Then come out when your ready. Pick out some heels to match the purple bra and thong. If your not feeling it after you come out. Then will stop and wrap for the day. How about that? That sounds pretty simple. Don't you think?" I said. I would have dropped to me knees next if she did not smile. "OK! Just for you Buck. I mean you have been such a doll with the models and me since I have been here. Just for you. Also you can never let my daughter know. I mean it Buck! If I don't feel good about the bra, and thong then will wrap up." she smiled.

I went to go sit down and wait for Krista. I called Rudy. I told him what was going on. Seems he had a problem at his shop. His supplies did not come in. The same guy who failed at delivering the model for his shop also failed at delivering the lingerie. I just smiled as I hung up my phone. I had about 3 days extra to find a new model. My hands stop sweating as I looked around the room. How was I going to break it to Krista. I think she got her hopes up. I got off my chair. I fixed my black t-shirt and tan cargo shorts. I had put on some low cut white tennis shoes with no socks on. I walked toward the back. I passed the white couch.

My mouth dropped open. "Hey Buck! I think I am ready. How do I look sugar?" Krista said. "Oh my God!" Was all I could get out of my mouth. I mumbled something. My eyes shot straight out and back. Krista looked amazing. She had put on some dark purple 6inch heels to match her freshly painted finger and toe nails. She had on some simple gold hoop earrings. Her blonde hair was teased up on her head. She had some fiery red lips that matched her perfect makeup for the shoot. Her long tan curvy legs and thick thighs looked stunning as she walked toward me. She had a small belly but it was perfectly proportion to the her body. The dark purple thong set high on her curvy hips. The thong was tight around her bottom. Her ass looked like it was going to explode out the back and sides. But the best was her large breast scooped out in front. She had amazing cleavage that made you look directly at her. I could not look away. I was like a deer caught in the head lights. Just the head lights were at least a Double G.

She put her hands down by her side. She stuck her chest out. She was only a few inches from me. She had put on some body spray and sexy perfume that was driving me crazy. She was by far the hottest woman I was about ready to put in front of the camera. Her tan smooth skin looked amazing against the purple material. "Krista you look very nice. I can't believe your the same girl I just left a few minutes ago. I can't wait to show you what you look like on camera. Your a natural. I can't believe you have not model before. I think your daughter going to be jealous of my new sexy model." I said. "Stop! Buck! Thank you baby. That means allot. I am so nervous. You have no idea. Just be gentle with me. I am so excited. My skin has goose bumps. Where should I stand? What do you want me to do?" Krista said. "Walk over here and stand in front of the white couch while I get my camera." I said with a smile.

I was still in a daze seeing this mild manner makeup girl turn into a sexy model in front of my eyes. I was going to have to play this cool if I wanted to get these pics taken of her. I had to take them. After wards I will tell her I got an extension of time from Rudy. I put in a new memory stick and some film in my camera. I turned the lights to make Krista look great. I started the camera. "Click! Click! Click! Click!" I took a few more pictures as Krista moved in front of the camera. She looked amazing in the view finder. I walked over to show Krista. "See! You look really great. By far the best shots I have taken in quite some time." I said. "Your right Buck. They do look nice. We better keep going." Krista said. I had to pinch myself, I was not dreaming. But seeing her made my heart beat faster. She was quite stunning and smelled great. I forgot she was the make up girl right away. I had her move her hair a few times. I had her bend over to put her hands around her ankles. Her ass almost broke free of the thong. I had to see more of her in action. I stopped and had her go put on another outfit while I waited.

About 30 minutes later she came out in a white bra and white lace panties. I dropped my camera on my foot. My mouth dropped open as she walked passed me. She had on some white 6 inch heels. She even painted her finger and toe nails white to match the pearl necklace around her neck. I smiled as she walked over in front of the camera. I took another 45 pictures of her as she moved and smiled for me. I got a new memory stick and kept shooting her. She was driving me crazy. She was also turning me on. I looked down to see my cock was semi hard in my cargo shorts. I had worn some tight black boxer briefs before putting on my cargo shorts. I though I might have to go to the bathroom and help myself get off so I could considerate on taking more pics. I knew at some point Krista might see my ever growing cock. I did not want to freak her out. Plus it had been a few days since I had sex or helped my self out. Being busy and tired will do that to a young guy.

"Buck! How am I doing? Can I see the pictures?" Krista said. "Sure! Just a second. You look great. Take a look." I said. I walked over to show her. She smiled as she saw herself in the camera. "I do look good. Who knew a old woman could look so good? What next?" Krista said. "I think there is one more outfit in there. Go take a look. There a pink corset that would look great on you. Let me know if you need some help." I said. Krista smiled as she walked passed me to the dressing room. I went to load the pics in the computer. I got another memory stick and headed to sit down on the white couch.

"Buck! Can you come help me....Thanks!...Can you help me tie the back of this corset?" Krista said. I walked up behind her. She had some pink 6 inch high heels and a small pink thong on. She had the pink corset under her large breast. She had tied two of the black leather strings in the back of the corset. I grabbed the strings and pulled them tight. The corset encased her body. Her breast jutted out more. Her ass backed up. I got instantly hard. All 9 3/4 inches were standing tall. I pulled the corset tight and tied the top in a simple knot. She smiled as she turned around. I almost fell over. She was beyond words. "WOW!" I mouthed to her. I just smiled as she saw her self in the mirror. She had the perfect bodacious hour glass figure. She smiled as she looked into my eyes in the mirror looking at her. "Buck! You were right I do look "WOW!" in this corset. You have good taste. I hope I can keep this outfit. Its the sexist I have felt in a long time. My ex-husband might not have left me for that bitch if he saw me in this." Krista said.

I walked behind her as she walked back in the studio. I took some photos of her on the couch, standing in front, bending over, getting low, and lying on the couch. I then climbed up the ladder to get some shots looking down on her face, cleavage and amazing ass. She smiled as she saw me take one picture after another. "How is it going up there? How do I look Buck?" she said. "Krista your doing great. All I can say WOW! You look amazing. I think I found the next top model. Your so the right thing right now. I know the public is going to love you." I said. "Stop! Buck! Thank you sweetie. Your so nice. Can I see them?" she said. I leaned down to show her the camera. "Not bad. I like this angle. You can see almost all of me. This corset makes me look good. It looks like I got more cleavage than before. Too bad my ass is so big." she smiled. "I think it perfect. I think your perfect Krista." I said. "Are we done with the pictures for Rudy and his shop?" she said. "I definitely think so. I got all the photos he will need. Thanks for the help. You saved me." I said.

"Buck! Do you have any plans now? Are you free for the rest of the day?" Krista said. "Yes! I don't have any plans until late tomorrow. Why whats up?" I said. "Well I just love the pics. I mean I never in a million years thought I get in front of the camera. The girls make it look so easy. My daughter makes it look easy. But that was hard. I feel like we just got started. I don't know if I will ever have the courage to ask you this again. I was wondering if you could take some more pictures of me?" Krista said. "Sure! No problem. I would be honor to take some more pics of you." I said. "Well then! Can I really tell you what I like for you to do?" she said. "Yes! By all means. It just me and you. I will give you the photos when were done." I said. "OK! I have always had this fantasy to have someone take nude photos of me. It's been kinda of a taboo for me. A hidden dream I have had for a long time. I don't know when I might have another chance or enough nerve to do it. I trust you so completely. I know your such a gentleman. What do you think?" Krista said.

This camera has some kinda of effect on women. Especially bigger gurls. I just smiled. "My pleasure Krista. I will start from up here. Slowly take off your corset. Here let me untie the top of your corset. Go slow. If you feel uncomfortable let me know. I will be very professional." I said. I would have fainted off the ladder if I was not so far up. Krista smiled as she slowly took off her corset. I took some photos as she moved her head back and forth. She then slowly untied her pink corset. She let it fall to the floor. She kept her two small hands on the front of her breast. They looked so small next to her large breast. I could see both her erect nipple pop through her fingers exposing them to the camera. I took some more photos and smiled. She then released her breast. They cascaded down on her smooth skin. Her erect nipples hung low past her belly button as she smiled for the camera. Her strawberry pink half dollar aureoles were amazing on her breast. My cock was rock hard. I was hitting the metal ladder on the third step with my cock inside my cargo shorts.

Krista then took off her pink thong. She kicked it off with her right foot. She had a small blonde batch over her hot pussy. It looked freshly trimmed. She smiled as she bent over touching the ground. Her breast touched the ground next as she bent over completely. I just smiled and kept taking photos. She climbed on the couch as I stood on the ladder. She looked over her shoulder and shook her big ass for me. I pulled the camera back so she could see me smile. I then had her sit on the couch and move her legs out exposing herself to me. She started to move her hands down her breast. She cupped her left breast and put her erect nipple to her mouth. She opened her mouth and kissed her nipple. She then kissed the top of her breast. She then flopped her breast down on her chest. She picked up her right breast repeating the process. I stop shooting with the camera and just watched.

Krista dropped her head back. She then ran her hands and fingers down her body. She was cupping her breast. She began to fondle them. She then ran her hands down her thick thighs. She traced her inner thigh. She stopped at the base of her pussy. She let out a soft moan. I then could smell her sweet pussy as she caught her breath. She was not the first model to have a small orgasm in front of my camera. She was just the most desirable woman I had ever wanted. I looked around the studio. I then watched as Krista open her legs farther apart. She licked her two fingers on her left hand. She then brought her wet fingers down to her blonde pussy. She slowly opened her pussy, inserting her wet finger inside. She moaned again as she moved her head on the back of the couch. My mouth dropped farther open. I moved the camera and zoomed in on her fingers. I could see she was so wet. Her fingers glisten from her wetness. She got her self off quick. "Aggghhhh!!! Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Krista orgasm.

I climbed down the ladder. I put my camera on the floor. I took two steps over in front of the couch. Krista still had her fingers in her pussy. I took off my t-shirt and then kicked off my white tennis shoes. I leaned down. I got on one knee in front of Krista on the couch. She still had her eyes closed playing with her pussy. I leaned in to gently kiss the top of her pussy. She removed her fingers. She looked down as she felt my tongue inside her wet pussy. She tasted sweet, tart and very nice. I used my two hands to open her wider as I slid my tongue in deeper. She put her two wet fingers in my mouth. I licked her fingers clean as she smiled. She ran her hands through my short hair. I felt her hands on the back of my neck as she pushed my mouth tighter inside her. After a few minutes I felt her pussy muscles quake and she orgasm in my mouth. I kept eating her. I put my hands under her breast to feel her stomach contract again as she came for the 2nd time from my mouth.

"Buck! Stand up. I need to see the big cock. I have heard rumors about him. I also saw how erect you were on the ladder. I closed my eyes when I had my fingers inside me. I was thinking it was your cock. Now I want to taste your cock. You such a naughty young man." Krista said. I stood up. I then felt Krista hands on my hard abs. She traced her hand all over my chest next. She then leaned up putting her naked ass on the edge of the white cushion on the couch. She took off my leather belt next. She unbutton the top button on my cargo shorts. She pulled my cargo shorts around my ankles. She then pulled them off my feet. She through them on the floor next to the ladder. She then smiled as she looked up my 6ft 3" frame. I looked down my chest to my hard cock inside my tight black boxer briefs. I just smiled a she ran her fingers the length of my cock. "I guess the rumors are true. I see your hiding a nice big thick cock. MMMMmmm I love hard cock. Can I see?" Krista said.

I did not say anything. She put her finger inside my tight waist band and pulled down my briefs to my knees. My cock sprang out hitting her in the chin. "MMMMmooohhh!!!!" she said. She licked the pre cum from the tip of my cock. She then began to slide her hot mouth down the length of my cock. She cupped my naked balls. She then used her white long nails on the inside of my thighs. I looked down to see her fiery red lips around my cock. I moved my hips forward to let her deep throat me more. I watched as she choked more of my cock in her hot mouth. I finally felt my naked my balls hit her chin. She gagged quickly and spit me out. She then sucked my wet cock back in hungry mouth. She did this a few times as she felt my hard ass with her two small hands. She slapped my butt as she sucked my cock. She then used her small hands the length of my cock. She then pulled my cock out to hit her face. Her husband was crazy to leave this hot horny MILF.

She spit out my cock as I dripped in front of her. "That cock is nice Buck...Can you cum for me. I want to taste you. Then I want you to fuck me with this big cock. I want to feel you deep inside me honey. I know you can get hard in no time. Cum for me sweetie." she purred. I grabbed her blonde hair. I put my cock back in her mouth. I started to fuck her hot mouth. Faster! Faster! Faster I fucked her face. Her makeup was running as my balls hit her chin. I got on my toes as I fucked her face. I could feel her breast on my thighs. I then looked down to see her large cleavage. I tensed up as she pulled my cock out. "Her it comes!!!!" I yelled. Then the tip of my cock opened up. The first big white glob hit her chin then she aimed my cock higher to her mouth. She slurped my cock inside her hot mouth. She proceeded to drain my cock.

I wiped my forehead as Krista got off the couch. She walked passed me to get a drink of water. I followed her back to the couch with my eyes. She smiled as she got on her knees and grabbed the top of the couch. She looked over her shoulder. "I see your big guy is hard again. That why I love young men. Now fuck me with that big cock. Give it to me Buck!!!!" she demanded. I got directly behind her and slapped her ass with my big cock. She moaned as I put the tip of my cock at the entrance to her pussy. With one quick thrust of my hips I pushed passed her tight pussy muscles. I was half way inside her. After a few seconds and a very wet pussy I was all the way in. She put her head back when I pulled her long blonde hair. I slapped her big ass with my hand making a white imprint on her tan ass. She moaned very loud. "Yes! Yes! Yes! Fuck me! Fuck me! Faster! Faster! Faster! Don't stop! Don't Stop....God I love your cock." Krista screamed.

I looked down to see my cock pulling her tight pussy out then back in. Her tight cunt lips milked my cock as I fucked her hard. I grabbed her hips pulling her tighter on my cock. I loved the way she was pushing her breast against the couch. I could feel her try to move to the right. I pushed her against the couch. I moved my hands around her large breast. I tugged on her nipples. They felt like two small thumbs that were very hard to the touch. I smiled as she grunted. She banged her ass back on my abs as I fucked her pussy. I swung my leg up next to her hip. I then brought my other foot up onto the couch next to her. I began to fuck her at a downward angle making her scream. She orgasm again as I pulled all the way out and then jammed my cock back in. I did this a few times before she grabbed my ankles to force me back in her hot pussy. I fucked her hard again. I then grabbed her breast forcing them out the side. I licked my fingers then tugged her nipples as she screamed. I kept fucking her as I was close to cumming. "Buck keep fucking me. I want you deep inside me. Don't stop. It's OK. I am cumming you bastard. You mother fucker cum for me...." she screamed. I tensed up and came deep inside her hot pussy.

I put away the camera in my bag. I picked up the all of Krista new lingerie. I placed it in the bag. I put my clothes back on as I met Krista by the back door to the studio. She smiled as I walked with her to her car. I drove her back to her house. I followed her upstairs to her master bathroom. She took off her sweat suit and I started the water for a shower. I got in, then she climbed in. I spent the next day with Krista. I did not send Rudy the pics I took of Krista that day. He lost his business at the end of the week. Down turn in the economy. I did how ever make Krista a great modeling book of her photos. She takes it when she goes out for modeling gigs. Her daughter thinks she got a new Mom. I got a new make up artist and a new hot model who like to fuck in front of the camera.


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