Monday, October 5, 2009

The Buck Special - I Suck - An Adult Story

I was getting low on $$$$. I was working long hours and not getting paid much. I hated not having any money at the end of the month. I was just out of college for two years. It was like I was spinning my wheels. I wanted to do something on my own. I had read a few stories on how to strike it rich. But it seems you need money to make money. I was running out of time. Summer was over and being a slacker did not pay. I was bouncing some ideas off some friends last night. But no one could come up with anything. I was out of ideas. I needed a break. I went down stairs to get something to eat.

I turned on the TV. I then got some cold pizza. I opened a beer and sat in front of the TV to eat a slice. It was close to an hour later when I saw a program on late night television. It was one of those info commercials. They were selling a cheap mop. All these ladies were buying so they did not have to mop so long. I flipped the channel. I landed on another info commercial. This one was for some cookware. I looked at all these women buying this stuff. The I saw another commercial. It was for a vacuum cleaner. This guy was vacuuming and this woman was going crazy. She bought two. I thought for a second. Then a light bulb came over my head. I know your thinking. I go door to door and sell vacuums. That would be crazy. I make a terrible sales guy. I end of giving it away.

I had a better idea. I am 6ft3. I have an athletic body. I like to work out. Have an good tan. Need to go to the tanning booth now that summer over. I am not a big fan of doing work around my house but I do keep my house very clean. I have been asked a few times to help other people. Especially girls. I clicked off the TV. I had it. I would offer a new service. A cleaning service. The Buck Special. I would come to women's houses and clean for them. Kinda of like vacuuming in my bathing suit or without a shirt. If they paid more. Maybe in the nude. I call it "Buck's Cleaning Service. I suck so you don't have to." The name sucked but I have been drinking. I go upstairs. I hit some tweets and post on a few web sites. I go to bed.

It's close to 9am when I see the light on my phone moving. Damn my head hurts. "Ring! Ring! Ring!" "Hello, this is Buck!" I said. "Hi! This is Brandy. I was on-line this morning. I saw your Ad for a cleaning service. I have a big room that needs the carpet clean. I also need my floors cleaned. I was hoping you come over today and help me." Brandy said. "Hmm Yes!" I said. "That would be great. I have to throw a party tomorrow night and need the place clean. I also read that for a few extra dollars you will clean without your shirt." she said. "Yes! That an additional service that I do provide. As long as your husband or boy friend or friends are not at home. This is just for the client. A special service. After I clean your house. Then you can see the invoice." I said. What was I doing. This was going so fast. I had to think quickly. I was not dating anyone. I was also not expecting anything but cleaning. "How does that sound Brandy?" I said. "That will be nice. We won't be interrupted. I am not expecting anyone all day." she said.

I took down her address. I hoped in the shower. I shaved my chest, face, around my balls and I left a small patch above my cock. I'm not a big fan of hair. I looked in the mirror as I got ready. Some cologne, body spray and after shave. I put on a smaller size black shirt that showed off my chest and arms. I then put on some dark blue boxer briefs that were a size to small. It showed off my bulge in front and my muscular ass. I slipped on some tan cargo shorts. I put on some black sandals. I put on some shades and headed for my basement. I got my vacuum cleaner and a new mop out of the storage closet.

It was close to 11am when I pulled into Brandy driveway. I stayed in my SUV for a few minutes. I was starting to get nervous. I had never done this. I also had never taken off my clothes for a job. My hands were sweating as I looked out my front window. I got out and pulled out the vacuum cleaner and mop. I went to the front door of her house and knocked. I few seconds later the door opened. Brandy was about 5ft 10 and was wearing a black strapless mini dress. She had on black stocking that went over her sexy legs. They covered her thick thighs as she smiled at me. She was wearing red lip stick that matched her red finger nails. She had a few tattoos that made her look more sexy. She also had on a pair of black heels as she looked me up and down outside her front door.

"Hi! You must be Buck. I am Brandy. Why don't you come on in." she said. I walked in and put my vacuum and mop on the floor. I took of my sandals by the door. "Thank you. You have a very nice house. I think you house looks very clean. Are you sure you need me?" I said. Brandy nodded her head "Yes!" as her eyes got bigger looking at me. "Why don't you show me the problem areas." I said. I followed Brandy into her kitchen. The floor was kinda of sticky on one end. Look like someone spilled a soda and forgot to clean it up. I looked around. I saw a small chair at the end of the kitchen next to a small kitchen table. There was just enough room for maybe two people inside her kitchen. The length of the floor was maybe 12 feet long. It was small but very nice.

"Why don't you go sit down at the kitchen table. I will go get my mop Brandy." I said. She strutted down showing off her amazing ass inside her black dress. I was getting a little flush as I started to feel my cock moving in my shorts. It had been awhile since I had sex. Either with a girl or with myself. I walked out and got my mop. I looked under her sink to get some cleaner. I put some on the floor. I then looked at Brandy who was checking me out. "Would you like the shirt on or off." I said. "Oh! Off! Show me what I am paying for. I am loving it so far." she giggled. I took off my shirt. I placed it on the floor just outside of the kitchen. I started to mop the floor. I cleaned the stain and then pushed the mop all over the kitchen floor. I could feel Brandy eyes on me as she kept watching what I was going to do next.

After a few minutes. "Have you done this before? Is this your first time honey?" Brandy said. "Your my first client. I just posted the service last night before bed. I am very glad you called. How am I doing?" I said. "You are doing a great job so far. I see you like to work out. You have some big arms and legs. I really like your chest. You must like tanning. I really like you without your shirt. Can you take off your cargo shorts? Does that cost extra sweetie?" Brandy said. "Yes! But only a few dollars more. Should I add that to the invoice?" I said. "Yes! Take off your shorts. Also you missed a spot right over here. Yes! Right in front of me." she said. I put the mop against the counter. Brandy was really turning me on. I knew I was getting excited but I did not realize how much until I pulled off my leather belt and dropped my cargo shorts around my ankles. I looked down to see my cock was growing inside my dark blue boxer briefs.

I heard Brandy let out a small moan. She saw my big bulge under the thin material. I gulped as I went back to mopping the floor. I walked over and bent down. I put some cleaner on the spot I missed. I was about 2 feet in front of Brandy. I could hear her breath as she was checking out my ass. I bent over showing her my butt and hard thighs. I looked between my legs. She licked her lips and moved her hands in front of her dress. I did a few deep knee crunches showing off my abs, chest, and ass to her. I then stood up and turned around so she could see my bulge again. She just starred at my small underwear. "Looks like were done in here. Where your next trouble area?" I said. I had mopped for about 30 minutes.

I followed Brandy to her living room. I left the mop and my clothes in the kitchen. I looked around her living room. It was big. There was a big couch. A small love seat. A lazy boy chair. A small coffee table. She had a nice big TV and some book shelves. There were plenty of lights in the room. She had her curtains pulled shut. I went and got my vacuum cleaner. I plugged it in. Brandy had sat down on the couch. I picked up the coffee table in front of her. I put in the hallway. She was smiling as I started the vacuum cleaner. Her rug was not that dirty. It look like someone had just spilled some cereal by her couch. I vacuumed that up and took my time in the living room.

After 15 minutes I turned off the vacuum cleaner. "Buck! Your doing a great job. I like your service so far. Can I add any more options? Can I pay for the next level of service? " she smiled. "Well I am almost naked. I could take off my Calvin's. It would cost a little more." I said. "Don't you have a discount for your first client. I mean I will recommend you to some of my friends who could use your service. Plus I will need another cleaning next week. You would have a repeat customer. I would not tell anyone about this part. I promise." Brandy said. I had gone this far. She was very cute and sexy. I wanted to get new clients and repeat business. "OK! Just for you." I said.

I turned around facing her. I walked over so I was bout 4 feet in font of her. Brandy moved so her ass was on the edge of the couch. She starred at my bulge. I put my fingers just inside my waist band. I pulled gently down just stopping at the sides of my thighs. She could see the small patch of hair just above my cock. She could see how close I had shaved. I brought my head up to see her smile. I looked down as I gently pulled my Calvin Klein's down to just under my cock but above my balls. She had a big smile. My cock flopped out. The head of my penis was wet from a big glob of pre-cum. I could see the tip move slightly as I pulled my underwear around my ankles bending over. I could feel my half erect cock on my stomach as I kicked off my underwear towards Brandy on the couch. She picked them up off the floor. She looked at me as she put my underwear on the couch next to her. She crossed her legs. Then uncrossed them. She crossed her legs again as I started the vacuum.

I moved as my cock went back and forth in front of me. I hit the metal pole and grip on the vacuum. Brandy was smiling as she followed me around the room. I was completely naked. I was loving it. But I think Brandy was really loving it. I moved next to her on the couch. I brought my ass directly in her face. She smiled as I turned just missing her face with my ever growing cock. I walked away from her to the other side of the room. I looked back to see she had put her right hand on her large left breast. She was playing with her hard nipple as she looked at me. I turned off the vacuum. "Did I miss any where Brandy?" I said. "Yes! Right over here. You missed a big spot." she said as she pointed in front of her.

I walked over and stood in front of her. I could not see anything but a hot sexy woman who looked like she might want more than a vacuum cleaning. I turned around so my ass was in her face again. This time I bent over at my waist. I put my hands on the ground next to my feet. I opened my legs so my cock and balls would dangle underneath me. I looked between my cock and her happy face. I than saw her lean up to put her left hand on my ass. When I did not protest she moved her wet lips on my ass. She started to kiss my ass all over. I then felt her two small hands on my cock. She pulled down on the shaft. She licked the back side of my balls. She stuck her tongue on my ass hole giving it a small wet kiss.

I turned around so my erect cock was right in her face. She saw the pre-cum on the tip. She licked her lips. I stood there with my hands on my 28 inch waist. I flexed my abs and butt. She looked up into my eyes. "I think I need more than a vacuum now Buck. You have done such a great job. I think its time to reward you for your HARD work." I just smiled as she opened her mouth. I then felt her tongue lick the tip of my cock. She slurped up my wetness. Then she started to slide her red lips down my shaft. It took a few minutes put she was able to get most of my cock in her mouth. I felt her tongue on my naked balls as she gagged a few times. I grabbed the top of her head, feeding more of my cock in her mouth. Her eyes were wide open as she looked at my cock. I then reached down to play with her breast inside her tight black strapless mini dress. She choked on my cock then spit out.

I looked down. I wanted to so much to fuck her that I reached down to help her off the couch. We started to kiss as her hands roamed my body. My hands dropped to her amazing ass as I squeezed it in my two big hands. She moaned as I touched the side of her body. I traced my hands down her curves stopping on her hips. I had to taste her breast. I reached down. I pulled her mini dress down toward her hips. Her two large breast flopped out on my naked skin. I felt her hot erect nipples hit my warm skin. She moaned louder in my ear. I began to kiss her neck and rub her shoulders and back as she moved in my arms. I than started to kiss her longer and harder. She broke our kiss. "Fuck me! You such a fucking tease vacuum boy. I want you inside me. Use your big tool." she screamed.

I pushed her down on the couch. I got on my knees. She smiled as I ran my hands up her long curvy legs. I kissed her thick thighs. I stopped inside her dress. I pulled her mini dress around her ankles. She cried out. Her black hose still clung to her legs as I kissed her legs again. She smiled as I then pulled her black thong around her ankles. She was clean shaven as I looked at her swollen pussy. Her legs moved a part as I starred at her naked body. Her nipples were hard. She sent shivers down my back as I kissed the top of her pussy. I started to lick the outside of her pussy on top. Brandy moaned as she reached to touch the top of my head. I then started to stick my tongue in a little farther. Her pussy relaxed as I open her small lips. I started to suck her juicy cunt lips. I then put my middle finger on her labia. She moaned hard. "MMmmmmmm!!!!!!!!" she screamed. I then started to insert my finger and move it up as I hit a good spot deep inside her. I sucked her cunt lips again making her wetter. I put another finger inside her as I began to open her up some more.

I dropped my mouth down to her ass crack. I started to lick her from her ass to the top of her pussy. I kept my two fingers in her as her pussy clamped down on my fingers. Her legs went straight up as she came again. I darted my tongue again on her clit. She was moaning and very wet. I stuck my hands on her stomach feeling her pussy muscles contract. I then felt her hand on my head pushing my mouth in farther. I was sucking her pussy very hard. I licked the tip of my finger to gently rub her ass hole. When she did not protest. I stuck my tongue in deeper. I spanked her butt then ran my nails on her ass. She moaned again when I spread her legs. Her black hose road along my face. I reached up to grip her black heels. I pushed her legs around my head and held them on my ears. She orgasm again. "Yes! Yes! Yes...Fuck the vacuum boy can suck a pussy. Damn Buck that was hot. God you cock even still hard while you ate my pussy. Let me feel you inside me. God your a pussy tease." Brandy said.

I helped Brandy off the couch. I had her grip the vacuum cleaner as I bent her over. I spit on my cock and slapped her ass with my cock. She moaned as she looked over her shoulder. I love when women do this. I slowly inserted my cock in her very tight pussy. Her pussy muscles bounced me out twice before I moved my hips forward. I inserted it nice and slow as she pushed her pussy back on my cock. She was wet and after a few minutes I felt the base of my cock hit her ass. I looked down to see her knees moving up and down and her pussy riding my cock. She gripped the vacuum cleaner tight as I fucked her harder. I slapped her ass then pulled her hair. I know girls loves this and Brandy was no different. I started to pick up the rhythm as she turned her head to try to watch my cock thrust in and out of her pussy. She dropped her head down. I put my hands under her body. I gripped and fondled her big breast. She screamed as I felt her pussy orgasm nice and hard. I let go of her body as she flopped my cock out of her tight pussy.

Brandy turned to push me down on the couch. I saw the look in her eyes. She was in lust. She bite her lip as she put her right hand down to open her pussy lips. She got on my lap. She sunk-ed her tight pussy on my cock. She grabbed the back of my head and neck. She began to fuck me very hard. Her ass bounced off my lap as her breast hit my chest. I pinched her right nipple then started to suck her left nipple in my mouth. I slapped her breast and fondled her breast harder. I stuck both her nipples in my mouth as she rode my cock. I looked into her eyes again. They were glazed over in excitement. She was even beginning to cry for the joy of my cock in her. I froze for a second. I stopped to catch my breath. Brandy kept fucking me. I had her right breast on my face as I looked up. I was licking her breast under neath. She was warm as her pussy was wet. I felt her black hose on my legs. I could not last much longer. I bit down on her breast. She smacked my chest and screamed. "Fuck!!! Fuck!! Your so hot baby...I love your big cock....I'm cumming again. Buck!! Buck!!!!!!!!!!!" she moaned. I pushed her off my cock. Her mouth fell on my cock from her pussy. She stuck my cock in her mouth. I erupted with a huge load. My big load was coming out the sides of her mouth. She used her fingers to clean off her face.

A few minutes later Brandy took me to her bed room. "Do you need some help in here?" I said. "Mmmm Yes I do Buck...I need you to stick that big cock...God your hard again...Its been like 5 minutes. Stick that big cock in my ass baby." she groaned. Brandy handed me some lube. I smiled as she fixed my cock making it nice and slippery. I bit my lower lip as she opened her ass hole to me. I was going to go slow but she had other plans. She got on her bed and looked over her shoulder. I slowly inserted the tip. Just inside she crashed her tight ass back on my cock. I moved and then she moved to make my cock go deeper in her ass. I gripped her hips and fucked her very hard. I got all my cock buried deep inside her. I grabbed her black hose forcing it all over her skin. I then got one finger to tear a small hole in both sides of her black hose. She reached up ripping the dark hose. Her white skin popped out the tears in her hose. I was in heaven. I came twenty minutes later with my cock buried in her. I had two fingers in her pussy as she orgasm on them. I looked down to see her smile.

I am laying out back in the yard. I can hear Brandy heels coming across the side walk. "OHHH how my oil boy? I got some baby oil I need for you to spread all over me. I also got you some more vacuum bags for the vacuum cleaner. You have an appointment at 230pm today. Its a friend of mine. She like the Buck special. I told her you SUCK.....Vacuum Cleaner Boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think Brandy pimping my cock now. It's all good.


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