Monday, November 2, 2009

Beach~Blanket~BBW - An Adult Story

I was visiting the sun shine state. I just got off the plane and was heading for my rental car. I had come down on business from cold Baltimore. I was to be in town for about 2 weeks trying to make some sales. I was staying at a very nice hotel on the beach. I was in the Northwest part of Florida near the Gulf Of Mexico. Not to far from the Alabama coast. I was staying in the Ft Walton Beach area. It was hot out as I wiped the sweat from my forehead. I through my bags in the trunk of the red convertible. They had rented out the car I had reserved. The girl at the counter upgraded me. I think she liked my smile. Being 6ft 3 and having an athletic build does pay off sometimes. Also binging single helps. I had gotten over my breakup from last year. I was dating but nothing too serious.

I turned of I10 and followed the signs. I checked my watch as I pulled into the hotel on the beach. The hotel had a private beach area along with some of the most spectacular views of the ocean. I had to see a client tomorrow and then had the weekend off. I did not have another appointment until Tuesday. I was sure I would get a chance to explore the area. I love the beach. I love the hot weather. I bought a new pair of swimming trunks the night before. I go to the tanning booth all the time so I planned only using a little sun screen while I was out in the sun. I walked into the lobby to get my key. I carried my luggage to my bungalow out in the sand.

I followed my side walk out to my suite/bungalow in the sand. I could get up out of bed and walk to the water. There was a king size bed. I opened the window to let in some light and the breeze. I put away my stuff and walked outside. There was a private pool for the guests near the back of the hotel. There was a bar in the deep end of the pool. I put on some tan cargo shorts a white polo shirt and sandals. I proceed to order some diner and had a few drinks. I checked with my client to make sure we were still on for breakfast in the morning. It was close to 11pm when the bar closed and I walked back to my suite.

I made the sale in the morning over some bacon and eggs. I had some fresh squeezed OJ while I listen to the client. She loved the hotel I was staying at. She made some recommendations on what I should do and go for the next week. She figured I was a big fan of the beach she gave me some directions to a private beach not to far from the hotel. "It's where the locals go. Best place to get away from everyone. Usually only a few people there plus it has a great view of the water. The white sand is the best. Just bring your towel and a smile." she said. I smiled and picked up the check. I thanked her and walked her to her car. I watched as she exited the parking lot. I checked my watch. It was close to 11am.

I walked back to my suite. I took off my underwear and Polo shirt. I slipped on the new white with a red stripe around the front swim trunks. I looked in the mirror. I shaved my chest and all most all my hair on my body. I left a small patch above my cock in the shower this morning. I put on some cologne and brushed my teeth. I put on a small white t-shirt that was a size too small. It showed off my hard abs and muscles. I through a change of clothes, towel, some shades, sun screen and baby oil in my back pack. I wrapped my beach towel around the back pack as I headed for the car.

I followed the clients instructions to the private beach. There was nobody at the gate as I went through with no problems. I parked at the end of the lot. There was only two cars in the whole lot. I got my back pack and towel out of the back seat. I put my shades on as I walked out into the sand. I looked down the white sandy beach. I did not see one person. I placed my towel down on the sand. I took off my t-shirt and headed for the water. I jumped in. I rode a few waves as I body surfed. It was about an hour later that I got out of the water. I dried my self off. I looked to my left to see a old man walking his dog. He waved as he walked to his car. I watched as his car left. I looked to my right to see not one person. I checked my watch. It was close to 1pm. I loved to go for a walk back at home. I love to hike in the woods near my house. I decided to go for a walk on the beach near the water. Maybe find some nice sea shells to bring home.

I walked for about 30 minutes as I did not pay much attention. Once in awhile I hear the surf break on the beach or the water run over my feet. I heard some sea gulls over head. I kept walking. Looking out into the water and along the wet sand. It was not until another 20 minutes that I finally turned to look up at the sand away from the water. I could hear some soft music in the distance. I could see someone lying down on a big beach blanket. Who ever it was had not seen me. They made no attempt to look up at me near the water. They were looking straight up into the blue sky. I stopped to see what the person was doing. I turned to look down the beach where I had just walked. I could see my car in the distance but still no other people on the beach. I looked back at the person on the blanket.

I was kinda of curious to see what this person was doing. I decided to walk toward them and see if I could see what they were doing. I had my pack back over my right shoulder. I had my t-shirt and towel wrapped over the back pack. I ran my fingers through my short hair. I looked down to make sure I did not have anything on me. I walked slowly up the sand. I got about half way. I finally made out the person on the blanket was a girl. I could smell her sweet perfume as I got closer. I walked another 20 feet. I was now maybe 15 feet away. The girl lying on her back was very bodacious, cute and very sexy.

She was about 5ft 6 with long dark hair. She was trying to get a tan over her voluptuous body. She had two piece black swim suit on. It was tied around her back with a small rainbow pattern just under her breast. I smiled when I saw her amazing thick ass was just barely covered by the thin black material of her swim suit. She had red lips that matched her finger and toenails. She had on a pair of black flip flops that hung just at the end of her feet. They were sliding off as she was reading a paper back novel with her right hand. She had her dark shades with a white frame on her head. She squinted her cute eyes to read the book. I stopped in the sand. I looked around again. There was still no one on the beach but the girl on the blanket and me. I turned my head. My mouth fell open.

She was licking her lips. She then moved her free hand down the front of her swim suit. She stopped on her right breast. She started to rub her right nipple making it very hard. I was becoming hard just watching her. I looked down to see the front of my shorts move. I looked back to see she had dropped her hand over her sexy stomach. She traced her finger over the thin material of her swim suit bottoms. She then slipped one finger inside the thin black material. She started to play with herself as she read her book. I almost fell over into the sand. I looked around again as I could hear her moan over the music from a small radio at the end of the blanket. Her breathing increased as she put down her book. She now used her right hand to rub her left breast. She got that nipple hard as she moved her head back and forth on the blanket.

I walked a little closer trying to be quite. I saw she was reading a book of erotic stories. She was still playing with herself. I could see she was biting her lower lip as her eyes were completely shut. I watched as her right hand went under her top. She was now tugging on her nipples. I looked down to see I was rocked hard under my swim trunks. All 9 3/4 inches wanted to break out of the thin white material. I looked around again. We were still the only ones at the beach. I decided to walk back towards the water. I did not want her to see me spying on her. I moved around to her left side. I found a small sand dune. I crouch down to hide. I put my hand in my shorts. I stroked my cock a few times. I then moved my erect cock down so it did not stick straight out. I looked back. The girl was now reading her book again. I figured it was a good time to walk over to her.

This time I came from her left side. I whistle as I got closer. I walked right up to her blanket. My shadow came over her book into her eyes. She quickly pulled her hand from under her bathing suit. She looked up and smiled. "Oh! Hey! Sorry did not mean for you to stop reading. I was just walking bye." I said. "Ummm its OK. Where are you walking to?" she said. "Back to my rental car. Its parked down the beach." I said. "Your not from around here? Where are you from?" she said. "Baltimore Md. I am down here on business. How about you?" I said. "I live not too far from here. Just up the coast. Do you like the area? Is it cold in Baltimore." she said. "Where my manners. My name Buck, Buck Kelly. Yes! I do like the area. It's cold up north. I love the beach. This beach has many spectacular views. I am really loving today." I said. I smiled looking at her on the blanket. Of course I was talking about her. She smiled. Then she looked me up and down.

"My name Lena. I love the beach too. I finally got the chance to spend the whole day here. I pass this beach all the time. But with school and work. It's hard to get some personal time. What's in the back pack?" she said. "Just some clothes, sun tan lotion, my towel, and shirt." I said. "Would you like some water? I have some in a cooler. Here let me turn down the radio." Lena said. She rolled over letting the book fall between her legs. She got me a bottle water. She got one for herself. She sipped hers. The cold water fell off in between her fingers onto her smooth skin. I wished I was the water droplets on her body. I was thinking of my next line. Trying not to sound to anxious. "Would you like to sit down?" Lena said. I nodded my head yes. I spun my back pack in front of my swim trunks trying to block my erect cock. I flipped off my sandals in the white sand. I sat down about arms length from Lena. I watched as she checked me out again.

"For a guy who lives up north, you sure have a nice tan." she said. "Thanks! I like to go to the tanning booth." I said. "Hmmm...I don't see any tan lines." she said. I just smiled. "Thanks! I like your swim suit. Love the rainbows. What are you reading?" I said. "What! Oh!...MMmmm...nothing. I found it in the sand while I was walking over here. I was just looking inside when you walked up." she said with a smile. I thought she might have winked but she was so sexy, I just kept staring at her. We made some more small talk for the next few minutes.

"Your looking a little pink on your shoulder there Buck." Lena said. "I hope I am not getting sunburn." I said. "Open your back pack and get out your sun screen. Here give me the tube. Come over here. Sit right in front of me. I'll take a look.....Nice. Good news. Must have just been the sun on your skin. I think its OK!" Lena said. I felt her small hands go down my back and over my shoulders. She moved the hair on the back of my neck. I could feel her breast on my back. I could feel her thick thighs and sexy legs on my sides. I leaned back into her arms as she ran her hands over my back. "Ummm...what's this in your back pack. Some baby oil might be nice on your skin. It will help moisturize it. Here let me help." Lena said. I felt the baby oil drip on my shoulders. She started to rub my neck and shoulders. She rubbed my lower back letting the baby oil fall into the crack of my ass. The baby oil was warm in her hands as she then ran her hands down my arms. She squeezed my muscular arms and then ran her hands over my big hands. She squirted the baby oil down the front of my chest. She moved her hands around my hips to rub my abs and chest of the warm baby oil. I was in heaven. "MMMmmm...My turn Buck. I need some baby oil to." Lena said.

We switched positions. I was now behind her. I looked over her shoulder. She has such nice round breast that I almost squeezed the whole bottle on her back. "Easy Buck. Try not to drown me." she giggled. I started to rub her shoulder and neck. I had my large hands running down her back. I stopped just above her amazing ass. I dripped some baby oil on her lower back. I watched as the oil ran inside her swim suit bottoms. My cock was running down my right inner thigh. Lena felt it then she moved her ass to press my cock on my thigh. I moaned. She was breathing heavy. Just like when she was reading the book. I ran my hands down her arms. I then ran my hands over her small hands. I reached around her hips rubbing in some more baby oil. We were both dripping of baby oil. I was getting hot. It was not from the sun but from Lena. I moved her hair to rub her neck with my fingers. I started to give her a nice back massage. She moaned this time. I looked over her shoulder down her breast. I saw both her nipples were rock hard. Her toes were pointed straight out as she rubbed her ass on my crotch. She then leaned back into my arms.

I smelled her hair. She ran her fingernails down my legs. She stopped on my calves. She rubbed them making me moan in her hair. "I think your legs could use some oil." I said. Lena moved. She then rolled over on her chest. She looked toward the water. I looked around. We were still alone. I looked down to start to rub Lena ankles and calves. I ran my hands up the back of her thick thighs. She moaned a little louder than before. I ran my nails down her thighs. She gently opened her legs letting me have better access...she or I was not disappointed. I ran my hands down the inside of her thighs. "I just love you legs...Lena." I said. She moved her face on the blanket to the right. Her mouth was open but her eyes were closed. I moved around to put some oil on her back. She moved her hands to the back of her bathing suit. She struggled with the knot in her suit. "Here let me get that." I said. I tugged on the suit causing the sides to fall down.

She moaned as I reached over her body letting my chest rub on her back. She could feel my abs on her lower back. She then moved her arm brushing the front of my swim suit. I was watching her hands as she moved them down her side. She touched my left leg with her left arm. I saw her right hand move to rub her right hip. I gave her a hard massage with my fingers and hands for the next 15 minutes. "You can go lower Buck. My lower back hurts a little." Lena said. I ran my hands down to her lower back. I rubbed again. "A little farther...lower...lower......lower..mmmmm." she said. My hands were now on her thick ass cheeks. I was rubbing her ass almost groping her on the thin black material of her suit. "I like that Buck. Your doing a great job. I love what your doing to me. Maybe it's time I rub you again. I think I forgot to rub your legs. Your legs feels dry." she said.

I stopped after another 15 minutes of rubbing her ass. We switched positions as I rolled over on my back. She looked down as she dripped some oil on my chest. She started to rub my chest and abs. She drizzled a little baby oil on my legs. She rubbed my thighs and calves. She rubbed under my swim trunks inches from my hard cock. She looked down as she brushed the front of my crotch with her tiny fingers. She smiled as she pinched my right nipple. I was on the beach being massaged by the perfect woman. My mouth was still open as she moved on top of me. She put her soft skin on my chest. She reached across me to rub some oil on my left arm. "I think you liked that Buck. You have such a nice hard chest and muscles." Lena said in a sexy voice. "UMmm how can you tell?" I said. "Your skin is warm to the touch plus I think your swim trunks might be a little tight." Lena said.

I followed her right hand down to the front of my swim trunks. She slowly pushed her hand under the waist band of my swim suit. I felt her fingers run down my smooth skin. She traced my small patch of hair above my cock. "Did you shave this morning?" Lena said. I smiled. I looked into her eyes. She moved so she was leaning on my side. She untied the string on my swim suit. I then felt her pull down my swim suit half way down my ass. I looked over my abs to see my cock spring out. "Mmmm...that what's been poking me all day. I better rub him." she moaned. I felt Lena small right hands and fingers wrap around my ever growing cock. She stroked him a few times making him all nice a shiny from the baby oil. She leaned down to lick the tip of my cock. She licked off the pre-cum and then looked back at me lying on the blanket.

She had my cock in her hands as I moved my right hand to put on her ass. She looked down to my hand. "This is what I was dreaming about when you saw me the first time. I saw you by the water. I turned up the radio hoping you hear me. I watched you come down the whole beach. I love a man in a tight pair of swim trunks." Lena smile. I looked down to see she was really stroking my hard cock in her hand. I ran my hand up her ass to her lower back. I had to see more. She moved to lean over my abs. She spit on my cock as I pulled her bathing suit bottoms off. I pulled them over her hips. I watched as her amazing ass fell out into the open. I pulled her swim suit bottoms to around her ankles. She moved as I placed them on the blanket. She took off her shades and placed them on the blanket. She put my cock back in her hot mouth.

I moved my index finger in my mouth making it wet. She was sitting with her ass off the blanket and her body against mine. I proceeded to move my finger down her ass. I started to trace circles around her pussy from behind. She looked over her shoulder to see my fingers and hand on her ass. She smiled with my cock in her mouth. I began to rub the top of her pussy. I gently felt her open up letting my finger go inside of her. Her pussy walls started to suck my finger as I moved my finger in and out of her pussy. She moaned as I picked up the pace of my finger. I spun my finger around making her more wet. She started to move her pussy on my finger again. I pulled out and licked my finger again. I went right back in making a loud wet noise. She moaned as her breathing increased. I spread her back side with my hands as I fingered her pussy. She moaned then dropped her head forward. She spit out my cock and let out a big scream. "Yyyyeeessssss!!!!!!!!!!" I then felt her body quiver as she orgasm for the first time.

I licked my finger as she began to deep throat my cock. I could feel her lips at the base of my cock. She was playing with my naked balls in her small hands. She jacked my cock a few stroked before she looked at me again. She winked at me as she moved to lie down on her back. I got up and crawled between her thighs. She held the top of my head as I placed my mouth on her pussy. Her cunt lips opened as I sucked her labia. She pulled off her bathing suit top. Her breast cascaded down her chest. Her nipples were exposed to the air. I used my long tongue to penetrate and move in circles as she orgasm again. She pushed my head down. My lips were locked on her pussy. I opened my mouth taking her all in. She was dripping as she bent her knees. I pushed her legs up next. I pushed her thigh to the side making her scream. I started to lick from the bottom of her butt all way to the tip of her labia. She moaned again. "Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me with that big cock...Fuck me!!" Lena said.

I got on my knees. I slapped my hard cock on her pussy mound. "God you still hard after eating me. Be gentle. It's been awhile Buck..." Lena moaned. I looked into her eyes. I then moved my cock to the front of her pussy. I slowly inserted the tip. Her pussy pushed me out. I then moved my hips forward. I inserted my cock back in. I got the tip plus a inch before her tight pussy pushed me out again. She moaned as I went back in. I pulled out this time. Her pussy was dripping on my cock. I spit on my hand. I rubbed my cock. I then inserted it back inside her hot pussy. This time I got half way inside. I stopped so she could catch her breath.

I started to fuck her nice and slow. Her pussy opened up as I moved my hips more forward. She grunted as I got 3/4 inside her. I started to kiss her mouth. She was a great kisser. I bite her lower lips like she had reading the book. Her eyes popped open when she felt that. She winked as I kept a slow rhythm inside her. "Fuck me harder! Fuck me! Fuck me! That it! Faster! Faster! Faster! Faster!" Lena screamed. I was now on the tips of my toes as I fucked her very hard. Are bodies slapped each other as I fucked her more. She grabbed my ass forcing my cock all the way inside her. I started to suck her breast. Her nipple felt great on my tongue I ran my teeth over her erect nipples and aureoles. She moaned in my ear. She pushed my mouth down her chest. I brought her breast together licking them both in my mouth. She grunted then I felt her orgasm again. Her cute belly button moved on my skin. I then felt her wetness rush down my cock.

I kept fucking her as I did push ups on her body. She moaned underneath me as I fucked her faster. I pulled my cock out then slammed it back inside her. She moaned more. "I love you body Lena." I said. "I love you cock." she said. After ten more minutes she pushed me over on the blanket. I felt my cock in her mouth. "Give me your load. Let me see the money shot. Yes! Yes! Give it to me baby. I know you got a big load in there....fuck..shoot.....shoot it...shoot it." she moaned. I looked down to see her mouth come off my cock. She stroked it with both hands as my cock erupted. I saw the first blast hit her open mouth. She then aimed my cock at her chest. She pushed her breast together fucking my cock with her hot cleavage. She milked me dry as I laid on my back.

Lena grabbed my hand. We looked around to see we were still all alone. We walked out to the water to clean off. After 5 minutes I started to kiss her. We both ran or hands over each other bodies. I felt her soft breast in my hands. She moved her hand to my cock. After one stroke I was hard again. She looked into my eyes. The water was warm. I looked down to see her whole body against mind. She moved around so her ass was against me. "I see you been eying it all day." she giggled. I inserted my cock in her hot pussy. I could feel the water then her hot pussy. The different temperatures were causing my cock to swell. My heart raced. She moaned as I fucked her from behind. I could touch the bottom with my feet. She was floating in my arms. I moved her up and down on my cock. She was as light as a feather in the water. She liked this too and slammed her pussy on my cock.

I walked her slowly back to shore. She felt the small wave hit her back. I carried her in my arms to the beach. I laid down in the wet sand. She moved her feet next to my hips. She lowered her pussy on my cock. I moved her breast into my mouth. She put her hands on my chest. I then put my hands on her hips. I pulled my finger nails down her ass causing her to fuck me faster. She grunted, moaned and screamed riding my cock. I could feel the waves crash around us. The water came over my legs. Then crashed over her ass onto my chest. She screamed from the salt water. I rammed my cock in her hot pussy. The water went back out. We did this for another twenty minutes. I then felt her move from the next wave. I pulled my cock out of her. She looked down as my cock started to shoot a big load on her stomach and chest. She turned to feel the next wave crash over us. We both moved out with the water. I picked her back up, carrying her to shower.

We stayed for another couple of hours. We walked back to my rental car. I put the top down. I wanted to show her off as we went back to my hotel. She walked toward the shower. I shut the door behind her. We took a long nice hot shower. We order some pizza as we spent the rest of the night talking. Lena fell asleep in my arms. We went back to the same spot on the beach for the next couple of days. We even rented a boat to go sailing. She wanted to fuck under the water.

I just came out of the shower. I can hear Lena on the bed. I walked over to the edge of the bed. She placed my hard cock in her mouth. She sucking my cock. She moved her pillow to hand me her book. "Can you read the last part of the story. I love a good ending." Lena said. I just love a beach, a blanket, and a hot Lena.


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