Saturday, August 15, 2009

Flat Tire - An Adult Story

I put on my helmet and climbed on board my 2001 Harley Fat Boy Motor Cycle. I was just outside Seattle heading south to Mexico. The sun was in my eyes as I made it on the highway. It was still morning and the weather was perfect. I had some clothes and different items for the trip in two big saddle bags on the side of the bike. I wore some black leather boots, some black leather pants and a big black leather jacket with a rhino on the back. I had some shades on and tight black biker shirt from Alaska on. I checked in the mirror before I left the hotel. I was looking not to bad with my short blonde hair and 6ft 3inch athletic frame. I was hoping the next hotel had a work out room to get in some running.

I had sold some stocks and decide to use the money to take a break from working all the time. I bought the bike and decide to travel down the West Coast maybe stopping in Mexico to fish in a week. I filled up with some gas at the next exit and grabbed some bottles of water for the road. It was just pass noon when I got stuck in traffic. I was pretty far from the any city. I figured it must be an accident or something up ahead. I waited for about an hour before pulling out and cutting through the traffic. I drove between the cars and trucks. About 3 miles up the road I ran into the high way patrol. There was a bad accident up ahead. They gave me two choices. Either to wait until the wreck was cleaned up. Which my take sometime. There was a tanker truck over turned or get off the exit to the right and take a detour. The detour took you out of the way about 2 hours. Plus some of the road turned into one lane.

I pulled off the exit and took the first left over the highway. I slowed down to see the tanker truck from the bridge. I think I made the right choice. It was going to be awhile until it was cleaned up. The sun was up and getting hotter as the wind rushed over my helmet. I pulled over to a have a drink of water. I poured some water on my neck before I took off down the road. The scenery was nice. The trees were tall. The land and water was breath taking. I loved the way the grass blew from the wind in some fields. I even saw a deer by the side of the road. It was another 20 minutes before I slowed down to a fork in the road. I was suppose to stay straight on the road until it hook up with the highway. I was not sure if I was to go right or left at the fork. I took off my helmet. I scratched my short goatee as I put my helmet back on.

I decide to go to the right. If I did not find the highway soon then I turn back. I kept going for about twenty minutes. I could tell the road was getting worse. There were a few pot holes followed by some spots of debris on the road way. The road then turned into a one lane road. I slowed down when I came around a large bend. The road was next to a river. I could here the water in the distance. I looked around for a land mark. I decide to drive until I found a gas station or could ask for directions. It was another few minutes until I slowed down and pulled off the road. I could see a trail leading down a dirt road. I could see a cover bridge in the distance. Behind the treeline was the river. I could here the water as I started down the trail. The road was nothing for my bike. I was not worried. I just did not want to get lost in the middle of know where. It had been almost an hour since I passed a single person on the road.

I got passed the trees and saw the river to my left. I pulled up on the cover bridge. It was about 60 feet long, one lane wide. It was made out of bright yellow birch wood. It was built back in 1942. The cover bridge was very beautiful as I looked up underneath the ceiling of the bridge. It had many small details that made the wood very classic. I slowed down to admire the bridge. I almost lost track of what I was doing. I slowed down when I finally spotted a mini van pulled to the right side of the road. It was just up about two car length from the bridge. I pulled up behind the mini van. I could see someone in the drivers seat.

I put down the kick stand to the bike. I turned the bike off. I figured maybe the person could give me directions back to the highway or help finding the main road. I got off and walked down the stone gravel on the side of the dirt road. I saw the mini van had a flat tire on the rear driver side. I walked up next to the drivers window. I flipped up my sun visor on my helmet. I looked inside to see a very sexy girl behind the wheel. She was on her cell phone. She was looking at her cell phone moving it around. It look like she was trying to get a signal. She had short brunette hair. Very sexy eyes to go with juicy red lips. She had a light blue shirt that pulled over some very nice C-Cup breast. I could see she had painted her finger nails to match her red lips. They had a small white flower on each long nail at the tip. She had her left hand on the steering wheel. She had one long gold earring in her ears. I looked in the back seat to see if she was alone. I saw her perfect white teeth as she turned her head spotting me by the window.

I saw her hand move to the side of the door. A second later the window powered down. I was smiling underneath my helmet. She had turned so I could see her blue top was showing off her amazing cleavage. "Hey, where did you come from?" she said. "Alaska!" I joked. She smiled. "I took a wrong turn up the road. I was heading south. There was a detour of the highway. There was a police officer who gave me directions. Some how I ended up here." I said. "Wow, you are lost. I think the cop gave you some bad directions. Nothing but wilderness out here. I can get you back to a main road. I have only one problem." she said. "That would be great. I see you have a flat tire. Do you have a spare?" I said. "I think it underneath the van in the rear. I just got the min van a while back. I think I hit something on the bridge. I got distracted and then I heard the flat tire. I pulled right over." she said. "Well let me take a look. I will be right back. Does your phone work out here?" I said. "Ok! No the phone, I can't get a signal. I've not seen a person all day out here. I've been stuck for about 2 hours. Thanks!" she said.

I took off my helmet. She reached out with her small hands. "Here let me take your helmet." she said. I smiled as I handed her my helmet. I put my dark shades on my head. I walked back to the tire. I checked to make sure it was ok to take off. I want to make sure she had not bent anything. I then walked back and got on my back. I looked up under the mini van. I unscrewed the tire bracket holding up the spare. I felt the mini van move. I then turned to see her feet hit the gravel. I saw she was wearing some 4inch wooden heels. The tips of the heels matched her blue top. She had even painted her toe nails the same red as her finger nails. I could here her use her arm to steady herself against the mini van as she walked down to were I was laying in the gravel. I pulled off the spare when I looked up to see her standing about two feet from me. She had a short white mini skirt that was just mid thigh. She had long curvy legs, two luscious thighs and ass that I wanted to sink my teeth in. Her mini skirt left nothing to the imagination as I opened my eyes wide.

"I found the spare." I said. "Great. Let me get some tools. I keep the lug wrench in the back of the van." she said. She pulled out her keys from her front pocket on the mini skirt. She clicked the back latch. I heard the noise popping the back lift gate. A few seconds later the back door opened up automatically. I had my body out in the sun on the gravel. My head and shoulder where under the mini van. I felt the stones next to my side move as she walked over next to me right side. She then stepped over my chest to reach inside the back. I moved my head and neck 45 degrees to see what she was doing. I looked up when I saw she was right above my view. I was now looking up under her mini skirt. She was wearing a white thong that covered her pussy. I could see the inside of her thigh. I could see the thong sat high on her hips. I could tell the thong was a t-back as the string went between her nice ass. My mouth dropped open. I then saw her move back. I moved my head back under the mini van. I could feel a wave of excitement come over me. I felt my cock twitch in my leather pants.

"Here you go." she said. I turned my head. Then smiled. "Hold it one second. Let me get out under here." I said. She smiled as I got to my feet. She handed me the lug wrench. I reached in the back for the jack. I followed her around the side of the van. I got down on one knee. I placed the spare tire on the gravel next to the lug wrench & jack. I took off my leather jacket next. She reached down to hold my jacket. I saw her bring up to look at. I handed her my shades. She put them on her head. She then looked down to see my muscles ripple as I took off the six lug nuts holding on the flat tire. I then put the jack under the mini van. I started to jack the mini van up freeing the tire from the ground. I pulled off the flat tire. I then put the spare on. I put the lug nuts on but did not tighten them all the way. I lowered the tire on the jack back on the gravel. I tighten the lug nuts now completely. I had worked up a little sweat. I wiped my fore head. I looked to my right and she was looking down at me holding my jacket still.

"Thanks for the big help. You look hot. Why don't you go around the to the passenger side and get in. I will turn on the A/C to cool you down." she said. "Sure that sounds great." I said. I watched as she got in the driver side and turned on the mini van. I put the spare in the back. I put the jack and tools on the flat tire. I walked around to the passenger side. I heard her lower the back door with her remote. I opened the door to get in. There were two big silver seats with black leather trim. There was a middle console that separated the seats. It was low enough that it was under the arm rest. I moved my butt over the seat and shut the door. I turned my head to see her turn up the air in the mini van. She had put my jacket on the ground in front of the back seat. She put my shades on the dash board.

I could feel the cold air hit my face as she moved the vents on her side to blow on her. I could see her left nipple was now hard as she bit down on her lower lip. "I can't tell you how much I appreciate you stopping. I don't know what I would have done. There aren't to many nice people around these parts. Especially such a nice young man as yourself to help me. Where are you from again." she said. I just smiled as I felt the sweat on the back of my neck run down my back. I watched as she turned to stare in my blue eyes. She was very cute and sexy. I was not seeing any one at the moment. It had been a few weeks since I got a good bye fuck from a neighbor. It was quickie and not really good. I used to watch her dog when she went away. I could feel my palms sweat.

I was feeling the cold air when I turned my head to look out the side mirror. I could see my bike behind the mini van. Then I felt a hand on my left thigh. I turned to see her hand was on my leather pants. I could feel her pinch my thigh. I then felt her nails run the length of my thigh to my waist. She stopped to look at me once again. I did not say anything as she leaned in to give me a kiss. Her soft wet lips tasted perfect on my lips. I then felt her mouth open as we kissed more passionately. I felt her hand began to ride down my inner thigh. I could then feel my cock began to grow inside my pants. I had worn some black boxer briefs. They were mid thigh as she kept rubbing her hand on my leather pants. I closed my eyes when she looked into my eyes. I could taste her red lips. She had put cherry lip gloss on before she came to see me in the back of the mini van.

I then felt her hand go onto my shirt. I had it tucked in my pants. She pulled on my shirt. I moved slightly so the shirt could come out. She then pulled it with both hands to reveal my chest. She moved her left hand over my muscles and saw my nipples were erect. She broke our kiss to lick my left nipple. I was now ready to burst out of my pants. I was fully erect. I could feel the tip was wet from pre cum. I looked at her hair as she moved her head. She smiled as she reached around to tilt my seat back slightly. I watched as I reclined back. I looked down as she undid my belt. She slowly unzipped my leather pants opening them up. She then started to pull on the sides. I lifted my butt off the seat so she could pull down my pants to my ankles. She saw my leather boots. She then came back up with her head and hands. She started to use her long nails on the thin material keeping my cock inside my underwear. She moaned as I then felt a cold breeze on the tip of my cock. It was wet and she moaned louder when it sprang out. She pulled my underwear down to my calf's.

I watched as she use her two hands to control my 9 3/4 inch cock. She then flicked her tongue on the tip licking the pre cum off. I watched her lips open as she engulfed part of my dark purple head. She traced the big purple vein on my cock down to the base. She scooped up my naked balls in her free hand. I don't think she had ever seen anyone with just a batch of hair above there cock and nothing else. I loved the way my cock was free from hair. I then watched her start to jack my cock. She spit on my cock. She licked my cock. She put more in her mouth. She was slowly getting more in as her cheeks puffed out from the girth of my cock. I was smiling as she looked into my eyes. She pulled my cock out and slapped her face. She licked my balls. Then she licked around from the tip to the base in a circular manner. I was loving what she was doing. I looked out the window and the front wind shield but we were alone on a back country road int he middle of know where. I put my hand on the top of her brunette hair.

I looked down to see her get almost all of it in her mouth. I was impressed she got that much in. I then felt her release my cock. I felt her hands began to play with my cock again. She was really jerking me off as I bit my lower lip trying not to cum. She brought me to the brink only to stop and put her tongue on the very tip. She stopped me from cumming and then sat back up in her seat. I watched as she opened the door and got out. She opened the side door to the mini van. She started to take off her shirt. She was wearing a white bra holding her breast in place. She removed it and then her breast cascaded down her chest. Her nipples were hard. She then unzipped the side of her mini. It fell around her ankles. She was now standing there with her wooden heels on and a white thong looking at me. She picked up her clothes and through them on the floor in the mini van. She looked at me then got into the back seat. She sat in the middle of the bucket seat. She spread her juicy legs apart. She then crooked her middle finger for me to come get her.

I opened my door. I walked around the hood of the mini van. I got to the side with my leather pants and briefs around my ankles. I was standing on the side of the road naked as she looked at me. I reached down to pull off my pants and briefs. I placed them in the back behind her. I then took off my boots and placed them behind her. She watched as my cock bobbed back and forth in front of me as I crawled between her legs on the floor of the mini van. She used her foot to hit the switch to close the side door. I could feel the cold air in the back seat. I started to kiss her ankles and then her curvy legs. I then kissed the inside of her thighs. I stopped just at the top of her white thong. She was watching my as I brought my hands up to her thighs. She pulled her legs farther apart. I slowly took off her thong with my teeth. I pulled them down her legs and completely off. I could smell her sweet perfume but I now smelled a hint of musk from her pussy.

She watched as I leaned forward to kiss the outside of her pussy. She had shaved a day earlier. I licked the outside of her pussy. She moaned when I used my soft lips on the top of her pussy. I could feel the heat being generated by her inner most beauty. I looked up to see her staring at me. I kissed it again then parted her pussy with my tongue. She gasped as my long wide tongue penetrated her pussy walls. I could feel her labia and small cunt lips on my mouth. I began to use my tongue in a circular manner to get her off. She put her hands on my head. "Mmmm, that feels great. Damn your making me hot. Fuck you eat pussy really good. Your tongue feels great." she moaned. I then wet my index finger in my mouth. She maned again when she felt my tongue and finger deep inside her pussy. I started to play underneath her labia causing her to moan. She clamped down hard on my head with her hands. She screamed and then came in my mouth. I could feel her wetness all around as she orgasm for the first time. I could feel my cock was still hard as it hit the underside of the seat.

I started to lick the length of her pussy. I stopped at the top of her pussy then down to the bottom of her butt. I put my thumb from my free hand on her ass hole. When she did not protest I gently rolled it around there causing her to have another orgasm. I then put my hands on her stomach. She smiled as I brought my hands up to her breast. I began to fondle them. I rolled her two hard nipples in my fingers. She began to breath heavy as I ate her pussy. I brought my left hand down to play with her pussy. I slowly moved all my fingers and thumbs over her pussy. I gently touched her with all my fingers in a fast manner just barely touching her labia. I was not inserting them just rubbing her very quick. She liked that and closed her eyes and screamed. "YES!!!!!!!!! Yes!!!! Yes!!" she said. I watched as she squirted and it ran down her pussy onto the seat cushion.

She opened her eyes when she felt my cock on the seat cushion between her legs. I flopped it down on her pussy. I started to move it up and down on her skin. She moaned and brought her ass to the edge of the seat even farther off the seat. I grabbed her thighs and spread her legs farther apart. She gasped as I inserted the tip of my cock in her tight pussy. I slowly put in about 4 inches before her muscle contracted kicking me out. I then put some more in as she got used to the size. She put her hands on my chest as I moved my hips forward. I was now half way inside her as she moaned. "OOOhhh, MMMmmm...Fuck...damn your big...." she said. We got a good rhythm going and after 10 minutes I could feel my cock buried deep inside her. She moved her hand to my hips. I leaned forward to suck her breast. I put my hands on her hips. I then pushed them down to her ass as she moaned in my ear. I was fucking her very hard as she orgasm again making my cock slip out and hit her stomach. She giggled as I move back to see her pussy dripping on the seat cushion.

She got up as I sat down. We switched position so she could sit on my erect cock. She put her hands on my shoulders as we kissed. I put my hands on her ass lifting her up and down on my cock. I felt her breast on my skin. I then put her left breast in my mouth. I was sucking her breast making loud noise as she was fucking me now. She had her heels on the seat picking her pussy off my cock and slamming it back on. I put both her nipples in my mouth. She let out a scream and almost hit the roof of the mini van. I could feel the mini van move as we fucked harder. I could not last much longer. We had been fucking for quite some time. I picked her up and then kissed her long as my cock flopped out of her. She quickly got on the floor and stuck my cock in her mouth. She licked the base to the tip and then I exploded when she tried to stop me from cumming. I closed my eyes as she deep throated my cock. I could feel my cock shoot a dozen shots in the back of her throat. Only a small amount trickled out the side of her sexy red lips.

She looked at me with a glee in her eye. She let my cock out of her mouth and smiled. She opened a door on the floor pulling out two cold waters. She had a small cooler in the floor. I drank my water as she sipped hers. She then washed some of me off her breast. She then put the empty bottle on the seat next to my ass. She went back to sucking my cock. After a few minutes I was hard again. I put my empty water on the seat and followed her out the mini van.

We walked back toward the cover bridge. She held my hand as I steady her to the side of the bridge. We walked to the middle were there was an over hang looking over the river down below. I could feel the wind pick up as the water rushed underneath us. She was 5ft 6 and a little more to love. I was 6ft 3 and could not wait to fuck her again. I watched as she stood on her tippy toes shoving her amazing ass out. She arched her back as I easily got behind her ass. I inserted my cock in her tight pussy. I started to fuck her long and hard. I pulled out a few times as she begged me to fuck her. I bit her neck as I put my cock back in her wet pussy. I put my two hands on her breast as she put her breast over the wooden rail. I could feel the mist on her beast as she came on my cock. I then put my hands on her hips. I pulled her back farther making her scream. I started to slap her ass with my right hand. I pulled her hair with my free hand. She brought her head back so I sucked her ear. "Fuck you hot baby. Fuck me! Fuck me! Show me how you like fucking strangers. Damn I love your pussy...Yes...Yes." I whispered in her ear. She orgasm then I tensed up and came deep inside her.

We both froze with my cock still inside her. I heard some tires going across the bridge. We both turned to see a small car drive bye. She smiled at the driver. It was a old boy friend who she had broken up with. He saw her and sped off over the bridge passed the mini van. Sher turned around to give me a long kiss. We walked back to the van. We both got dressed. I followed her back into town to her house.

I can feel the sun on my face. I can also feel her hug me. I feel some soft lips on my back. I feel her soft breast on my back. I then feel the waves against the boat. I feel the bed move. She walks pass me to go up on deck. "Buck come here." she said. I get out of bed and walk up on deck. We are both naked as we look out into the clear crystal blue water. We dropped anchor off the Mexican coast. We start our first day of fishing. She slapped my ass as I walk back down inside the cabin. I look over my fishing reel. There a picture of the mini van on the cover bridge. She put her mini van keys on the hook under the picture. I put her flat tire on the back of the boat. It makes a great stopper when we dock the boat. The boat name is "MISTY" after her.


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