Sunday, August 9, 2009

Shut up and Fuck me...

It was close to midnight on a Friday. I had started just a week earlier. I had to get a part time job to pay some bills. I looked for a short time before I found one. I worked nights at a 7-11 across town. I started at 7pm until 1am on most nights. It was kinda of boring. I was the cashier. I handed out change to the town drunks who came in for beer and cigarettes. We seem to have to many drunks in town. They all migrated out to get a forty and a pack of methanol's. I spent most of my time reading adult magazines or drinking a Slurpee to pass the time.

I checked my watch waiting for my relief. On most nights Ted was on time. He was a older guy who worked the over nights. I wait for him to come in then maybe stock some shelves and go home around 1am. I usually borrowed some beers or any thing that caught my eye. I lived alone. I had just graduated from college. I was living on my own in a nice apartment with just one room mate. He was weird but cool at the same time. I checked my watch again as the door to the store opened. The double doors powered open. It was another guy buying beer and a lottery ticket. I laughed when he fell in the parking lot on the way back to his car. It was hot tonight. Just below 100 outside of Vegas. I worked a regular job at a casino on the strip.

I checked my watch again when it got just passed midnight. I was checking the cameras when I heard the doors open again. I saw Ted walk through and smile. He was going to punch in as I waited for him. A few seconds later the front door opened. I almost fell off my chair. There was a real hot blonde that walked in. She was wearing some hot black 4inch heels. She had a short blue denim mini skirt that showed off her long curvy legs. She had a black t-shirt that was stretched over her amazing chest. I smiled when she strutted down the middle aisle of the store. She stopped to bend over picking up a candy bar from the bottom shelve. Her outfit moved on her as she strutted around. She had some pink nails to match her glossy pink lips. She was a little bigger that most girls but she was damn sexy compared to them. She was definitely not from around here.

I heard the register at the far end open. Ted smiled as he was counting his drawer. I watched the hot blonde walk around the store some more. She had some water and a candy bar when she came up to pay. I was checking out her sexy eyes and cute lips. She reached in her rear pocket on her mini skirt. She pulled out some ones. "That will be $2.75." I said. She smiled as she tried to open the bottle of water. "Here let me get that. I don't want you to break a nail." I smiled. She giggled as she took the bottle from my hand. I even opened her Snickers bar as she walked out the door. She looked over her shoulder as she saw I was checking her out as she left.

"Hey dude what's up. That was a little hottie. Wish I was few years younger. Back in my day. I be on that." Ted said. "Yeah, I feel you man. She just came in out of now where. First non drunk the whole night. I will be in the back stocking some merchandise. Later man." I said. Just then the door opened again. In came the blonde. She passed the counter as we stared. She got another water and some lip gloss. She stopped to read some magazines before she came to check out. "All I have is $1.00 and change. I hope this will be enough." she said. I smiled. "Were having a special tonight. I think a dollar should cover it." I said. "Hmm how about this candy bar, gum, mints, and a Slim Jim?" she said. "All for under a dollar." I said. "Wow that is some special your having." she said. I smiled as she walked out. Ted shook his head as he went to get a beer from the back fridge. I passed him as he went to cover the front.

A few minutes passed. I was stocking some paper towels in aisle 2 when I heard the door open again. It was the sexy blonde. She came in and walked towards me. "Hey, thanks again. I think I had to much water. Do you guys have a rest room I can use. I have a long ride home." she said. "Yeah sure. Hold on. Follow me." I said. I walked around the counter as she followed behind me. I picked up the crazy key for the rest rooms. It was a key on a long wooden handle connected too a large plastic tire with the name of the store on it. "The rest rooms are on the side of the building. Walk out the door and make a quick right. Walk down the side of the building. Its the first door. Don't loose the key. Its the only one we have." I said. She smiled when she saw the key. She walked out and toward the right. I saw Ted was on his 2nd beer as I finished up stocking aisle 2.

I looked at my watch. It was 1am. I said good bye to Ted. I looked under the counter for the rest room key. I was in the back for about 15 minutes. I figured the blonde had already came back and left the key. It was not there. It had been an half hour. I figured she left the key in the door or left with the key. I had a back up on my key chain. I had to go take a leak. I walked out the front door and turned right. I walked down the side of the store. It was kinda of dark. I could see the moon was out. The dumpster was full in the rear lot next to my car. I walked down to the rest rooms. I saw both door were shut. The ladies room was the first door. I could see there was a light on in the inside around the door frame. I figured the blonde girl was inside using the bathroom still.

I used my key to open the men's room. There was a small sink on the far end. A small mirror above the sink. A few water spots on it. There was a paper towel dispenser and a hot air blower to dry your hands. There was small metal trash can next to the sink. About 3 feet to the right was a small partisan separating the sink and a stand up urinal. It still had a pink urinal cake in the bottom. Next to the urinal was a a fairly big bathroom stall. There was a small toilet inside. There was maybe a few poems, limericks and graffiti on the walls inside. I had cleaned the bathroom about an hour earlier so it was fresh and smalled pretty good. I had skipped the ladies room. I left that for the morning shift.

I looked around as I walked up to the urinal. I fished out my cock into my right hand. I had not worn any under wear tonight for work. I loved the way my completely shaved balls and cock felt inside my cargo shorts. I moved my blue shirt above my hard abs as I went. I looked on the wall. Someone had written my name on the wall. It was in red lipstick. It had some red lips covering my name "Buck!" underneath it. I laughed. I had not seen it earlier. I was kinda of day dreaming when I heard the toilet in the stall next to me flush. I turned my head. Had Ted given the keys to some one else. I heard some heels click on the marble floor. I heard the door to the stall close.

"Eeeekkk!!!!" she screamed. I turned with my cock still in my hand. I had just finished as I flick the last droplets in the urinal. I moved quickly as I saw it was the hot blonde from earlier. I take it she decide to use the men's room. What the fuck was she doing I thought. "Hey, what are you doing in here." I said with my cock still hanging out in my hand. "Oh, yeah. Like I am so sorry. I went next door but there was no toilet paper in there. Plus it smells." she said. I was trying to put my cock away as she talked. I got it all most in. Just the head was sticking out. "Like you scared the hell of me. Most girls do not use the men's room. Sorry it smells in there. But WOW your killing me in here." I said. "I never been in a men''s room before. I can't believe how bad it is. Are you having problems there? Can't get him in? Huh?" she giggled.

I looked down my 6ft 3 frame. My cock was now growing. It was about half erect. My balls sent a quick chill down my body as I saw her eyes glued to my cock. "I could have used a few more seconds before you scared me." I said. "Don't let me stop you. Go back to do what you were doing." she said. She was still watching as I was so turned on right then. I watched as she was some how getting closer to me. She went from about 5feet to now only a few inches from me. "I think you should help with this. I hate to miss again and get some on my shorts." I said. I grabbed her left hand and placed it on my cock. She grabbed it as I moved my hips back toward the urinal. She started to shake my cock. A few more drops fell out. She had a good grip as my cock expanded in her hand. "Wow, I think he likes that." she said. I watched as she still had my ever growing cock in her small hand. She smiled as her blonde hair was now in my face. I could smell her sweet perfume as she stroked my cock.

I could feel her chest pressed against my back. She was looking over my shoulder at her hand on my cock. I could feel her other hand on my lower back. I moved to my left letting her move in front of me. She was looking down as my butt was on the side of the bathroom stall. I could feel the cold steel through my shirt. I looked as her eyes got big when all 9 3/4 inches of my cock was now hard. It bobbed up and down as she reached down to grab it. I reached down to unbutton the top button keeping my shorts around my 28 inch waist. She moved her hand letting my shorts fall around my ankles. I watched as she squatted down staring directly at my cock. I moved me hand on her soft blonde hair.

I closed my eyes when I felt her tongue swirl around the tip licking some precum. Her pink lips parted as her mouth gagged on my cock. She was licking the big vein on my cock as she started to fondle my big naked balls in her two hands. She was really picking up the pace as she got more of my hard cock down her throat. She held my hips as she forced more down her throat. I felt her fingers on my ass as she pinched my butt. I then kicked off my shorts as I opened my legs. I slipped off my flip flops as she use both her hands on my cock. I felt her big breast on my knees. I could feel her erect nipples under her shirt as she sucked my cock. She was very good as she slurped and spit my cock back out a few times. I slapped her with my cock after she pulled my cock from her hot mouth.

She moved back up into my arms. She moved her hands around my waist. Then she pulled my shirt over my head. I was now completely naked as she pulled her shirt over her head. She had a big black bra keeping up her large breast. I smiled when she unzipped her mini skirt and it fell to the floor. She had a small black thong that she pulled down to her ankles. She stepped through her miniskirt and thong. She yanked down her bra letting her big breast fall onto her chest. She was now naked except for her black heels. She fell back into my arms. I could feel her flesh against mind as we kissed. I could feel my cock on her belly button. She had her breast pressed against me as I could feel her breathing had increased. I used my long arms to play with her ass. I ran my hands all over her ass as we kissed deeper and harder. I could feel her tongue inside my mouth.

I then moved my hand down to play with her tits. She moaned as I fondled her big breast. I picked her breast up with each hands putting her nipples in my mouth. She moved her head back as I pinched her nipples in my teeth. I forgot we were having so much fun in the public restroom of a convenient store. She moved so I could feel the inside of her cleavage with my tongue as she moved her hands through my short hair cut. I liked teasing her as I pulled on her nipples. She moved around until she had my cock back in her hands. I could feel her body on my cock as she moved and moaned against me.

I picked her up in my arms switching positions. Her back was against the metal stall. I picked her off the marble again as she wrapped her legs around my waist. I felt her heels on my hips as she steady herself. I moved my cock which was now resting inside her amazing thighs. She grunted and bit her lip as I slowly inserted an inch inside her tight pussy. She was wet but I knew I had to go slow to let her adjust to my size. She started to kiss my neck and hold my shoulders with her hands. I got a little more inside her hot pussy. She relaxed her muscles after I got half inside her. We started to get a good rhythm going as she moved in my arms. I felt her pussy began to ride my cock. She picked her self up as I got close to the end of my cock inside her. Then slammed her pussy back down to go farther inside her. I could feel her body on mine as we fucked harder. "Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me harder!" she said in my ear. I grunted a few times and moaned loud as we continued to fuck against the metal stall. I had my hands wrapped around her ass pulling her up and down on me. We were kissing long and hard as we fucked again and again.

She dropped her legs to the floor. She pushed me down to the marble floor. I could see the fan above my face. I then saw her lower herself down on to my cock. She placed her hands on my chest. I could feel her pussy clamp down on my cock. I then felt her breast land on my face. I started to suck her nipples and kiss her breast as she fucked me. Her ass slammed down on my thighs as we matched each other thrusts. I could not last much longer. I bit her right nipple as she pulled off me and placed my expanding cock in her mouth. I was cumming hard in her mouth. She gagged a little as she clean me off. Some dripped out of her mouth onto the floor. I watched as she got up to go to the sink. She had some water and washed off her chest with a wet paper towel. She walked over and looked down. "God, you hard again." she said. We spent the next two hours fucking in the men's room. I washed her body down in the sink and used the hot air blower to dry her off. I think she liked that the most before I walked back to her car. I dropped the key off on the counter. Ted gave me the thumbs up sign.......

It's Monday. It's just around 8pm. The store been pretty quite all night. I was making change for a customer when I heard the front door open. "Bing!!" Then I smelled some sweet perfume. I turned my head when the customer left. I looked down the middle aisle to see a women bending over for some candy. Then I saw her blonde hair shake as she walked over to the magazine stand. I saw her reach up for the last row of adult magazine. She took one out of the plastic wrap and was looking at it. A few seconds later she walked passed the front door. She reached down to flip over the sign to read "Close." I locked the front door behind the counter. I watched as blonde girl walked passed me into the back storage room. I followed her.

She was standing inches from me. I noticed she had on a black trench coat. She opened the coat exposing her totally naked body except for some 6inch wooden heels. She handed me the magazine. It was a girl getting it doggy style by a guy with a big cock. "I thought we could try this. I've been a bad girl tonight. I soaked two sets of panties getting ready for you. I miss your big cock baby." she said. I walked over pulled her coat off onto the wooden floor. I moved around so she was holding some boxes with her hands. She arched her back. Put her feet together and bent at her knees. I then slapped her ass and eased my erect cock into her very wet pussy. I was moving my cock inside and used long strokes to get her too have her first orgasm. I then began to pull her blonde hair. I reached over for some ice in the cooler next to were I was fucking her. I put some ice cubes on her ass as she screamed. She tried to move off me but I kept my cock inside her. She grunted and moaned as we fucked faster. I was picking her ass of the floor as I hammered her tight pussy. "Yes! Yes! Yes!" was all she could moan.

I watched as her ass moved over my cock. I had my hands around her hips slamming her pussy. I melted a few more ice cubes on her ass before she pulled off me and feel into the boxes. "Your going to have to clean that up when were done." I said. She smiled as she took out some mints from one of the boxes. She put a few in her mouth. She then started to suck my cock. I could feel her hot mouth tingle on my cock as she gagged. "Hmmmm" she gagged. I got down on the floor. She was facing my legs as she placed her pussy back on my cock. I reached around to play with her breast as she rode my cock. After 20 minutes of serious fucking I bit her neck as she orgasm. I grabbed her waist moving my cock deep inside her. I grunted as she pulled of me and let my cock shoot up on her belly and chest. She was covered as she cleaned herself off with her fingers. She then used some baby wipes to clean herself off completely. She was still naked as she walked passed me to the front counter. She grabbed the keys to the rest room as she flipped the sign to say "Open" on the door.

It was close to midnight again. I walked down the side of the bulding to the bathroom door. I opened the women's room door. I saw she had put my name on the mirror inside the women's rest room. She was putting the red lip stick in her pocket of her coat. "I cleaned earlier in the day. I also found that couch at a yard sale near my house. I thought it would go nice in here." I said. "Shut up and fuck me....STUD!!!!!!.....


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