Sunday, August 23, 2009

Rock Star - An Adult Story

I slept all the way to the arena. We had about an hour before we were suppose to go on. I was just putting on some black leather pants. I left the underwear in the suitcase. I love the way the cool leather feels on my naked skin. I like to keep everything neat and trim around my cock. I had pulled them over some tall black boots. I put on my black belt around my 28 inch waist. I had worked out about a week ago. I need to get some more exercise. I put on my black AC/DC t-shirt and looked in the mirror. First I checked my long brown hair. Then I checked to see if my bulge in my pants could be seen under the material. Most guys have to stick a cucumber or fake cock to look big. But my 9 3/4 inches gets hard as soon as I put on the leather pants. It knows it show time. I don't want to disappoint the fans when they see me on stage.

I play in the band "Acid." We are a mix of heavy metal and classic rock. We are just starting our world tour. We have been on the road for about a week. We started in NYC and working our way towards LA. It was hot. I wasn't even sure where we were tonight. It's already dark. I can see the fans going inside. I am still in the parking lot. I check my cell and finish sending comments on MySpace before walking the length of the bus. Being the lead singer had one great benefit. I get my own ride. The other guys in the band all ride in the 2nd tour bus behind me on the road. The bus is nice. Has a big queen size bed in the back. Huge ass flat screen in the back over the bed. A nice shower and bathroom. The sides extended out to make the small living room expand. I have two black leather couches that face each other. Along with a great kitchen area for food and drinks.

I have been known to have a few drinks before going on stage. Our opening act is just getting done when the tour manger knocks on the door of the bus. My driver lets him in. "Our you ready tonight Buck? The fucking place is sold out. The band is inside getting ready. Damn you look good man. I can't believe your 24yrs old. Your the real deal. I will see you later man." Al said. I put in one small diamond earring and put on some body spray. Last night I almost got my pants ripped off jumping into the crowd. I think I will just let the ladies feel my ass tonight. I love our fans. But any rock guy will tell you it all about the groupies. We have a few that travel the country with us. Some get rides, some ride in the other bus and some turn into regulars on the tour.

I check my cell phone for the time. I put it back on my bed before I walk down to exit the bus. I wait for my security guy Big Mike. I am tall at 6 ft 3 but Big Mike used to play in the NFL. He is about 6ft 8 and close to 400lbs. He can open a hole until I get inside. Plus he keeps the paparazzi and camera men off me. I don't have any stalkers. I can handle them, its the screaming girls that can be hostile. I laugh when he gets to the door. I exit a second later. We hop a golf cart go through traffic and fans into the back stage area. I walk into he dressing room to see the guys warming up. We have about 10 minutes before we go on. I shake out the hands. I limper the neck and back. I check my cock. It time baby. I can hear the crowd getting loud. We all get in a circle. We bow are heads and say a prayer for the best rock show tonight.

They cleared us a path back stage. The floor going to raise us up onto the stage. Damn the noise from the fans is almost deafing. I look around. I need to talk to Little Pepe. He is in charge of handing out the back stage passes. More important I signal him to pick out a girl to come to the bus after the show. I am not like most rock guys. I don't pick up a girl at every show. I also don't like the skinny rock chick or the skinny groupie. I found out a long time ago. If you want to have a great time. If you want someone to fuck all night long. Then the only way to go is with a big gurl. I prefer the bodacious rocker girl. Someone with big hair, big breasts, and a big booty to match her big curves. She has to stand out. I am not looking for easy or slutty. Just a girl who looks great and is a freak in bed. It gets harder to find her at every stop. I'm not seeing anyone at the moment. I also broke up with a girl about a year ago. So being on the road is nice.

I found Little Pepe before we went out. I gave him the back stage passes and were going to use a green pick from my guitar. He will follow the pick into the crowd. Whom ever catches it, he will find and ask her if she wants to go back stage. I have one dark red pick that will use for the bus. He laughs. He gets the other guys in the band girls too. He just escorts a big hoard into the dressing room after the show. There easy. Couple blonde's, brunettes, red heads and some Asian girls for Mickey on drums. They like the skinny girls. I think I am changing there minds after last week. There was a big cat fight after the Cleveland show. Some nasty hoes went wild. Had to clean the dressing room and the bus after that one.

I can see the light getting low. The smoke is on the stage. I walk up behind the curtain to the microphone. I look around. Everyone in place. The tour manager gives us our intro, followed by the light coming back up. I hit the first note and we rock out. First song fast. Followed by two more great songs. I began to loosen up and the band sounds great. I look into the audience trying to pick out some big gurls. A few of the fans know what I like. I spot two hot brunette dancing int he third row. The most be friends. There making out exchanging tongues. They wave to me. Both are quite curvy as I bite my lower lip on stage. Our fifth song we slow it down. The classic power ballad. I have the spot light on me. I sing for about 8 minutes before I head back behind the curtain to get a drink. I look around while the band does some solos.

I watch into the crowd. I finally spot one girl. She got long red hair with a smoking hot body. She got some very nice curves. I then sport a blonde about two rows from the stage. She got my black t-shirt on stretched over her nice cleavage. I go back on stage throwing them a green pick. I give out 4 more through the show. It almost to the encore when I spot the most amazing girl of the night. She must have been in the upper deck and moved down into the crowd. She has cue black glasses and amazing blonde hair. She got black leather pants stretched over her curves. She has amazing legs, nice big booty. I see she wearing a bright pink top stretched over her ample chest. I smile as I make contact with her sexy eyes. I am instantly attracted to her. The hair on my neck stands up. I signal Little Pepe on the side of the stage. I launch the dark red pick at her. She reaches up to catch it. Right above some metal head guy in front of her. She smiles.

I am walking back stage. I take out my ear plugs to actually hear as the guys in the band walk by. We all laugh and grab a drink before going in our big dressing room. Little Pepe already has the girls with the green picks there. Along with about a dozen skinny chicks for the band. I smile as I give the big gurls a kiss. I sign a few autographs and pose for some pics. I can hear the skinny girls already arguing when Mickey comes in. He asks to take the hot blonde on my right arm to a couch in the back. She smiles as she follows him. I keep talking when I spot the bass player and keyboard guy comes in. They pull me aside and ask to take a few of the big gurls. I smiles as I look out and mare big gurls are coming in the dressing room. All the skinny girls are leaving. Little Pepe smiles and gives me the thumbs up. I say good bye to the guys and girls. I tell them I need to get some rest before we get to Chicago tomorrow.

I walk out to the bus. Big Mike escorts me again. He stays at the door to the bus. I tell the bus driver to go get a smoke and something to eat. He laughs. He knows the rules. I open the bus door and head up inside. I have a towel there to wipe off some sweat. I get some water to drink. I check my self in the mirror. My hair looks good. My cock still hard from the show and seeing the groupies back stage. I had a few girls touch my ass and one girl grabbed my cock as she sat on my lap. I check my phone. I then hear the door to the bus. ""Knock! Knock!" On the glass door. I have tinted out windows and the shades on the front of the bus drawn down. I sit on one of my big black leather couches. I hear the leather on leather rub. I feel my palms begin to sweat. I have the tour manger bringing the girl with the dark red pick to the bus.

"Buck! Great show! I have someone who like to meet you. Later man." Al said. I turn my head to see him leave. A second later the door opens and inside comes the girl with the dark red pick. Damn she hotter in person than from the stage. She had a big smile to match her amazing eyes. It the first thing I see. She also took off her glasses. I watch as I can finally see she wearing black 4 inch heels to match her tight black leather pants. The heels are open toe and her finger nails are painted pink but her toe nails are painted black. She smells great as she is now standing in front of me. I see her tight pink shirt barely hides her awesome chest. I can see her nipples get hard as she looks into my blue eyes. I love her gold hoop earrings and many gold rings on her fingers. I can tell she nervous.

"How did you like the show?" I said. "You were great. I love the way you sing. The band was awesome tonight. This is my fourth show. I usually sit in the nose bleeds. Tonight I finally got to go down near the stage." she said. "That really cool. I was hoping we get to meet. I saw your eyes from across the stage. I really like your smile and you have very cute blonde hair. What's you favorite song? Better yet what's your name?" I said. "Its Ashley but my friends call me Ash. I like the rock ballads but my favorite song is "One more night!" I love that one the best." Ashley said. "That a good choice. I wrote that in this tour bus on our last tour. I am alone traveling from city to city. I get an inspiration to write a song. I was thinking about a girl I once knew. She came into my life so quick. But she left even quicker. I wish I had one more night with her." I said.

"Wow, I never knew that. I read your MySpace blog and the band notes and never heard that story before." Ashley said. I smiled. "I don't like to give all my good stories away. Did you come with some friends or a boy friend perhaps?" I said. "Yeah some of my girl friends and a few guy friends. I don't have a boy friend. There all out side in the parking lot. I told them I was coming to meet you. They were all jealous. Is it just me and you on the bus right now." she said. "That cool. Yes! It's just me and you. I like to unwind after a big show and relax. Would you like something to drink or eat? Do you have to get right back to your friends?" I said. "No, I think I might throw up if I drank anything. No! I don't have to get right back. I am big girl. I'll text them when they can come back and get me. They were going to a house party near the arena." Ashley said as she smiled.

I smiled as I reached up on the back of the couch to get some water. I had a few sips and then looked into Ashley eyes. Wow she had great eyes. I was getting goose bumps on my arms. I had a few tattoos and they were tingling also. "Are you still dating that model from the show? I mean she was a real drama queen on the show." Ashley said. "No! I broke up with her. She was to skinny and a real bitch. I like a different women now. Someone with a bodacious personality to go with her voluptuous body." I said. I smiled as I watched Ashley blush. "Hey! You want to see me "Acid" tattoo I got? By the way I love your big gurl pin up on your arm. I see you like blonde's." Ashley said. "Mmmm Ok! I love when someone gets a tattoo of the band. I hope you thought about it long and hard." I said.

Ashley smiled as she turned around. I had a lump in my throat. I was expecting her to be hot but she was sending me to the edge of reason. Wow her ass looked great in the black leather pants. I could see she had a small "Acid sticker on her left butt cheek. My eyes got big when she pulled up her shirt exposing her lower back. I could see her leather pants had slipped down. The tip of her white ass crack could be seen. I had to shift in my my seat to help with how hard I was. She looked over her shoulder at me. I then look back at the bottom of her back. She did not have a tattoo of the band but she had one with my name. "Buck" and some pink roses around my name. There was a small microphone under the roses. I smiled. "I see you put a lot of thought into the tattoo. I am very moved. I really love it. Your so sweet. Can I touch?" I said.

"Yes! I am glad you liked. Wow! Your hands feel nice Buck. I really like that. You have such big hands." she moaned. I was so turned on that I leaned in to give her a kiss on her lower back above the tattoo. "MMMmm your lips are so nice." Ashley said. I leaned back on the edge of the leather couch. She turned to look into my eyes. She was looking down. She reached down to grab my hands. She pulled them up and put my hands are her hips. I smiled as she gave her hips a soft roll. She was so sexy. I am not usually this bold with women. Especially someone I just met 10 minutes ago. But when I saw her eyes from the stage. Now seeing her in person. Just inches from my mouth. She ran her hands in my hair. She gave me a naughty wink as I moved my hands to the side of her curves. She moved closer letting my hands fall to the back of her ass.

I could really smell her sweet perfume. She was now using her middle finger to loop her long blonde hair. I smiled as she leaned down to kiss me for the first time. She closed her eyes as are two lips met. She was a great kisser. I could feel her juicy lips move and her hot tongue to enter my mouth. I watched as her eyes open as we kissed more passionately. She broke our kiss. she then looked around the bus. I pulled her into my lap. She srattled my legs and sat on my lap. I could feel her heels on my knees as we kissed. I was moving my hands on her lower back and squeezing her amazing ass under the leather. Her chest rested on my athletic chest. I pulled her closer as she ran her hands in my long hair. She put her hands on my face. She kissed my forehead and tickled my ears with her small fingers. I was loving what she was doing. I kept kissing her harder than softer. She bit my upper lip and them moaned in my arms.

I was not sure what I wanted to do next but Ashley leaned back in my hands. She looked down into my eyes. She smiled as she pulled of her pink shirt. She had a large black bra encasing her large breast. She smiled again as I reached up with one quick motion and released her bra. It cascaded into her hands. She pulled the large cups and through the bra on the end of the couch. I started to kiss her breast. They were so warm and her skin was so soft. I could tell she loved what I was doing. She had closed her eyes and shook her hair back and forth. I had my hands on her ass. I moved them to pinch her nipples. They were erect and wet from my hot mouth. I was licking and using my tongue under her breast. I put both her nipples in my mouth sucking them at the same time. I could feel her stomach move and her breathing increased rapidly. I was bringing her close to the edge. I was loving ever minute of it.

I released her breast and they fell on my chest as I pulled her to kiss her lips. She opened her eyes to kiss me harder. I could feel her hands on my chest. She pulled my black AC/DC shirt over my head. She rubbed my chest. She traced my tattoo with her fingers as we kissed. She pinched my nipple when I pinch her. She was shooting electricity through my body. I moved my hands to her hips. I wanted to see what she had under her pants. I moved my hands to her thick thighs. She smiled as she looked down to see my hands. She fell back into my arms. I could feel her hot flesh on my skin. She was burning up. Her skin was on fire. I smiled when I felt her hands on my big arms. I pulled her in tight. She moved to kiss me better. I kissed her cheek she bit my lower lip and giggled. I was ready to burst out of my pants.

I watched as Ashley stood up. She reached down to untie her leather pants. She had laced them up in the front. A criss cross pattern. I think she had alter the pants but they were amazing on her. I smiled when she got them completely undone. She got on her knees and took off my boots. She reached up with her soft hands to tough my abs. I then watched as she slowly undid my leather pants. She unbutton the top and then slid my black socks off my feet. I could feel her knees on my feet. I then watched as she pulled on the side of my pants. I smiled as I moved my ass of the couch letting her have better access. She kept pulling but to no luck. I was going to have to stand. She got up and looked down at me.

I smiled as I got up and gave her a kiss. She reached down to put her hands on the front of my crotch. I could feel her hands on my cock. She was tracing my 9 3/4 inch member as she kissed me. I reached down to pull her leather pants down. Once they came over her thick ass they fell around her ankles. She gulped in my mouth as she felt my hands on her naked ass. Wow she felt great. She pushed me back and then tried to pull down my pants. I smiled as I reached down to wiggle my ass and free my pants. Her eyes got big when my cock finally hit the open air of the bus. I was not wearing under wear. I was hard as a rock as she felt my cock hit her body. I pulled her close keeping my cock on her flesh. She looked up into my eyes as we kissed again. We both had our leather pants around our ankles. They heat from our bodies made up for the cold inside the bus.

She pushed me back onto the couch. My naked sweaty ass hit the black leather making a "Whhherp!!" noise. She smiled as she stepped out of her pants. She still head her black heels on as she straddled my lap again. My cock was under her amazing bald pussy. I could tell she had just shaved recently. I think she liked the way my perfectly shaved cock was slapping the inside of her thighs. We began to kiss as I moved my hands down to play with her pussy. "Be gentle. Your cock is so big. I don't nooooo! Yes! Yes! Yes!!!! Oh god." she moaned in my ear. I had slid one finger inside her tight pussy. She was very wet. I kissed her as I moved my one finger on her hard labia. I was playing with her juicy cunt lips with another finger. She kissed me hard as she put her hands on the back of the couch. She was so ready that when she orgasm for the first time she screamed into my left ear and came on my fingers.

After another twenty minutes of playing with her. I started to kiss her. She moved forward giving me better access to her ass and pussy. I took out my finger as her stomach contracted. I felt her move back on the tip of my cock. I wiped the tip on her thigh leaving some pre cum. Her eyes open the closed as she moaned. I was about an inch inside her. She pushed off her hands and looked into my eyes. She then took some more of my cock in her tight pussy. I pushed my hips forward. I had about half inside her as we began to fuck. I was slow and gentle at first until she got used to the size. She was so tight that my cock was on fire deep inside her. I heard her moan and kiss me on the lips as she bounced on my cock in my two hands. I squeezed her as ass cheeks. She moaned again. I could now feel the base of my cock hit her skin. I knew after 10 minutes that I was all the way inside her.

Ashley started to really bounce on my cock. Her thighs were slamming on mine as I slapped her ass. She moved her hands to the back of the couch. She was slamming her body on mine. I was loving every moment with her. I pulled her hair causing her to orgasm on my cock for the first time. She breathed in then closed her eyes. I grabbed her hips picking her up and ramming her on my erect cock. I could feel my big hairless balls slapping the leather couch. She screamed and moaned and blew the doors off the bus as she orgasm again.

I rolled her off onto the couch. I looked down into her eyes as she laid on her back. I slapped my cock on top off her pussy. She smiled as she was wet. My cock easily went back inside her. I pushed her thighs opening her wide as I started to fuck her again. I had my hands on her thighs. Then on her stomach. She was rolling her head back and forth. Her eyes were big. She moaned and screamed. "Fuck me! Fuck! Fuck me! Fuck me! Yes! Yes! Yes! Harder! Harder! Harder! Don't stop! Yes! Yes!" she moaned. I was doing push ups with my cock fully inside her. I was kissing her breast and biting her nipples getting her off. She reached around to grab my ass. She pulled my inside her deeper. I could feel her soft wet pussy walls milk my cock. I stopped for a second to feel her muscles. She stopped to get more wet. I felt a rush of her hot juices on my cock. I pulled out and put my right foot on the floor. She pushed her breast together. I placed my hard cock inside her cleavage. After three strokes inside her hot flesh, I erupted. She aimed my cock at her mouth. Big hot white streams of my cum shot out and hit her tongue. She swallowed me as I moved to rest my cock in her mouth. She cleaned me up and licked her nipples and breast.

She held my hand as I followed her amazing ass to the back of the bus. She crawled on the bed on all fours. She put her face in my pillow. She arched her back and showed off her ass. I looked down to see I was hard again. I spit in my hand then wiped my cock. I crawled over and placed my cock at her hot entrance. Her pussy felt great as she opened slowly. I whispered in her ear as I slapped her ass. My cock was buried deep inside her was we fucked again. We spent the whole night fucking in the bus.

I could feel the bus brakes release and the air come out in the lines. I then felt Ashley naked breast hit my face. I licked her nipple. I then ran my hand down hr stomach. I could feel her pussy was still hot. I felt the bus move. I could hear some people outside. I then felt Ashley lips on mine. She opened her eyes. Then looked around. "Good morning sexy!" I said. "Mmmm are we still in the parking lot outside the arena?" Ashley said. "Let me go ask." I said.

I put on a towel and got out of bed. I opened the door to the my bed room. I walked down pass the leather couches. I looked outside of the front windows. "Tonight. One night only. "Acid" - United Center Chicago IL." I just smiled as I looked back to see Ashley picking up her leather pants off the floor in front of the couch. She picked up her phone. "My friends came back to the Arena. They saw the tour bus left. They are on there way to my house." she said. She dropped her towel and followed me into the bathroom of the bus. We took a long hot shower. I took her shopping for clothes after we got done fucking in the shower.

Ashley decide to stay on the bus with me. She likes the road. The guys in the band have switched to the big gurls. We might need to get another bus to accommodate more girls. I am writing her a song. I thinking about calling it "Ashley." Remember what happens on the tour bus stays on the tour bus. Its good to be Me - Rock Star!


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