Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Got Snow? - I have a Big Shovel - An Adult Story

It was close to 11am when I rolled out of bed. I just moved to Knoxville a week ago. I looked out my window. I had just left the big snow fall on the east coast. Damn! It must have followed me here. I did not have to work until Monday. I had the weekend to do nothing. I was not even sure when I got home last night from this bar. I looked at the parking lot and saw my SUV was buried in the snow. I was not sure even if I had unpacked my snow shovel. I guess the first thing I needed to do was go find it.

I grab a quick breakfast. Some cold pizza from last night before I went out. I drank some Gatorade before I found my snow shovel in the box marked "Snow Stuff!" I took out my winter hat, some gloves and a big winter jacket. I took a shower and shaved some hair on my body. I put on some work boots, a pair of white boxer briefs, some blue jeans and a white t-shirt. I through on my winter jacket, hat and gloves. I walked outside. It was in the mid thirties. I looked around. Nothing had been touched in the apartment complex. The streets and side walks were stilled covered. Being the first heavy snow I did not really want to wait for maintenance to dig me out. I put the shovel in the snow and started to dig. It took me about an hour to make a path to my ride. I cleaned off my SUV and got in the front seat. I drove around the parking lot doing some donuts. I pulled into the my clean space and got out.

I looked around. I did not see anybody. I turned to lock my SUV and put the keys in my front pocket. "Hello! Hello!" said a girls voice. I turned around to see a woman waving to me in an upstairs apartment near mine. I picked up the snow shovel and walked toward her. She had her window open pushing her blinds to the side. I had not met anyone since I moved. I definitely had not found a cute girl to hang out with in Knoxville just yet. I love southern woman. I had heard nothing but good things about the Volunteer State. I walked under her window to look up.

I shield my eyes from the sun. There was some glare coming down into my eyes. "Hi! Good morning." I said. "Good morning! How the snow?" she said. "Pretty deep in spots. Must be like 10-12 inches out here. I just dug my SUV out. I don' think its suppose to snow until tomorrow." I said. "Wow! That allot of snow. I was hoping to get out today. I guess I might have to wait. I don't even have a snow brush for my car. Usually there really good at shoveling the snow. I just called the rental office. No one is in yet. Plus there snow plow guy is stuck." she said. I looked around the parking lot. "Do you really need to get out?" I said. "Yeah I do. I work as a paramedic. You never know when I might have to go into work. I am on call this weekend. This is the first bad snow we have had in some time." she said. "Hmmm! You know I am off today. I am feeling pretty good. I could use some exercise. Been behind a desk all week. Where your car?" I said. "It's the red car at the end near the entrance sign. Yeah that one over there." she said.

I looked down. Then back at the car. She was stuck under a big snow drift. It was going to take a few minutes to get her out. "Listen I can pay you." she said. "No! You don't have to. Listen! I am new to the area. It should only take me but a few minutes to do. It will be my pleasure." I said. She smiled. She had some very soft red lips. She curled the end of her mouth to shoot a wave of excitement up my spine. I dropped the shovel in the snow. I turned to pick it up. I was not sure she was checking out my ass under my jeans but I kept walking toward her car thinking she was.

I dug a path to her car from my SUV. I then dug out around her car. I pushed the snow off. I cleaned off the whole car. I looked around. There was still nobody outside. I had not even seen a snow plow on the main road yet. After 30 minutes, I headed around the front of the car. I got down to check her front passenger tire. It looked a little low. I could see a small nail in the side wall. She was going to need a new tire. I shook my head as I walked back toward my apartment. I could feel the sweat on my body as I took of my ski hat. I took of my gloves. I wiped off the sweat from my forehead. I looked up when I heard the window above me open.

"Hey! Great job. It looks like you got my car dug out. I am so happy now. Thank you so so much." she said. I was dreading to have to tell her about her tire. I wanted to say something but I did not want to spoil are conversation. "My Pleasure. Your very welcome. I hate to tell you this. But I don't want you to have to go in to work or if there is an a emergency to get stuck later. I was looking at your front right passenger tire. It looked a little low to me. I got down and noticed a nail in the side wall of the tire. I hate to tell you this but you might need a new tire." I said. "Oh that sucks. Damn my luck. I guess I am not having a good day. Well I guess I am. You did get my car out. I can call someone at work to come pick me up just in case there an emergency. They can send over an emergency vehicle to get me. I just hope they can get through." she said.

I put my right foot in the snow. I leaned on my shovel with my left hand. I looked up again when I heard the blinds move. "You look cold. Do you want to come up? I can make some coffee or hot cocoa. I got allot of marshmallows I need to get rid of." she said. I smiled. "That would be nice. Been awhile since I had some hot cocoa. Will my key let me in downstairs?" I said. "Buzz me. I'm Nicky in 2B." she said. I hit 2B "BUZzzzzz!!!" Then a second later. "Buzzzzzzzzz" I pulled the door open. I walked up the flight of stairs. I walked down the hall to the front of the building. I saw 2E, 2D, 2C and finally 2B.

"Knock! Knock!" A minute later the door opened. "Hi!" she said. My mouth dropped open. She was about 5ft 7 with long blond hair down to her shoulders. She had on some small gold hoop earrings. She had on some blue scrubs from the hospital or ambulance that she worked at. There was a small name tag over her large left breast. She fit very nice in her tight uniform. It fit her like a glove. I could only imagine what was underneath. The front of her blue scrubs hung low showing off her large cleavage. She had pulled the bottom of her scrubs up over her calves just under her knee. She had long curvy legs that made me smile more. She had on some soft red nail polish on both her finger nails and on her toes. She was wearing some 2inch foam pink flip flops with a big dark pink heel on them. My mouth was getting dry. She was very cute and sexy. She was turning me on as she checked me out.

"MMMmm come on in. My name Nicky. Nice to meet you. Thank you once again. I just called work and there working on getting me some transportation maybe for later." she said. "My pleasure. My name Buck by the way." I said. "Buck! Is that your real name or a nick name?" Nicky said. "Oh! Yes! That my real name. I am not sure why my parents gave me that name. But it grows on you." I said. She smiled. I looked down. I was dripping wet from the snow on my jacket. She noticed it to. "Maybe you like to follow me. I am sure you like to take off your wet jacket and gloves." she said. I took my boots off and left them at the front door. I walked in my wet socks from the snow. I followed her through her living room to her kitchen. She open a small door to her laundry room. I had to use a big laundry room for my whole building. She on the other hand had her own washer and dryer. "This is nice. I wish I had one in my apartment. I hate going down the flight of stairs to find out I need to dry my clothes longer." I said. She smiled again. I walked in first. I went to stand in front of the washer. She stood in front of the dryer. There was a small sink and some detergent and dryer sheets on a shelve about the washer.

She opened the door to her dryer. She pulled out a big white bath towel. I could tell it was warm as she put it on the edge of the dryer. "If you want. You can throw your wet clothes in the dryer. After a few minutes you put them back on." Nicky said. I smiled. I unzipped the front of my winter jacket. I handed it to her. She put it in the dryer along with a dryer sheet. I then gave her my ski hat and gloves. She put them in on my jacket. "Maybe those wet socks next." she said. I smiled and pulled them off. I threw them in the dryer. I stood there for a second. She smiled. I was starting to smell her sweet perfume. She was making my breathing increase. I looked down to see her sexy feet in her raise platform flip flops. God she was turning me on. My cock was wet and cold from outside. She was now melting the snow on me as my cock start to get hard in my jeans.

"Your shirt wet. Better hand it to me." she said with a smile. I pulled my wet t-shirt over my head. I could feel the collar go over my short hair. Being almost 6ft 4 and athletic I do not feel uncomfortable showing off my body. It just I was not expecting to shovel snow one minute in the cold. Then the next minute to be half naked in a laundry room with such a sexy woman. Nicky looked up and down my tight abs and chest. She curled her finger and then her upper lips as she looked at me with her eyes wide open. "The jeans look wet." she said. I did not even bat an eye. I took off my black belt around my 28 inch waist. I then unbutton the top button. Then the next four to pull down my jeans around me ankles. I had to pull hard over my hard thighs and tight calves as she watched. I pulled one leg at a time. I then handed her my now heavy wet blue jeans. I was now standing in just my white boxer briefs. They were cut just above mid thigh. They were the first time I had worn them. I pulled them out of a new pack this morning. The waist band was tight. The dark black Calvin Klein around the waist was wet.

I looked down to see my cock was half erect. I then noticed the front and side of the briefs were wet. You could see the tip of my cock was dark purple under the bright white of the fabric. I looked at Nicky who eyes had not left my body. I could see her left nipple was hard under her scrubs. Was she as turned on as I was at the moment. Was she seeing anyone. Was she married. I had not even looked for a ring on her finger. I looked quick. She was not..... Nicky bent over to look in the dryer. I had said nothing since I took off my jeans. I was still excited as she looked back at me. "Looks like there still a little more room in here." she said. I am not sure how fast I pulled them off. My white boxer briefs. The last thing I was wearing was leaving my right hand and headed for the opening of the dryer. My hands cupped my big balls and the front of my naked cock. She shut the dryer door.

"Mmmm let me set it on low heat. Regular dry. 40 minutes to start." she said as she turned the big dial on the dryer. I heard the dryer click. Then the dryer kicked on. She then looked at me covering my privates. She had a twinkle in her eye. She was breathing as much as me. I caught my breath as she walked closer to me. "Don't worry its nothing a good paramedic has not seen." said Nicky. I could feel my cock growing out the side of my right hand. I had my cock bent to the right side. I could feel my hand moving farther in front of my ever growing cock. My nipples were rocked hard as she was now inches from the front of me. She had picked up the bath towel off the dryer and held it in her right hand.

"Did you want to go in your kitchen to start the hot...." I said. "No! I was thinking of something else. How about a blow job?" Nick said. "A....A..." I mumbled as my hands moved to my side. She through the hot towel on the floor. She then put her knees on the towel. She was starring just under my cock as she looked up. She licked her lips as a big glob of pre-cum was on the tip. I then felt her hands on my ankles as she moved them up my long legs. She then used her right hand on my cock. She grabbed the base smacking my cock on her open mouth. She stuck out her tongue. She licked the pre-cum first then swirled her tongue around the dark purple tip. She started to fondle my big naked balls. I had shaved myself clean the night before. She licked under my balls as she pushed my erect cock up on my hard abs. I felt the tip on my belly button. All 9 3/4 was being licked from the base to the tip. She paid close attention to the big vein on the top as she sucked the tip.

Her soft red lips parted as she stroked my cock with her mouth and two small hands. I looked down the front of her open scrubs. I could see she was not wearing a bra. I could see now both her big fat nipples were piercing the front of her uniform as the poked my thighs. She then put both her hands on my muscular ass. She gave my ass a playful squeeze as I poke the back of her throat with my cock. She used her long nails on my ass. She then sued them on my hips. She scratched the front of my abs working her mouth under my cock. She then dropped her hands on my cock. She started to jack my cock toward her mouth. Making long strokes into her mouth with my cock. She used her teeth to bite about half was down then spit out a big glob of saliva on the shaft.

She did this a few times. I could see the front of her baby blue scrubs were getting wet. She smiled when she saw me looking down her amazing cleavage. "I love your cock. Its very nice. How do you know about shaving it. I love the small thick blonde patch above your cock." she said. I smiled. She looked into my blue eyes. She gave me that look that she was enjoying my cock. I loved when she got almost all of it in her mouth, then she spit it back out. She did this a few times gagging as she lost control. She brought my cock out of her mouth. She held it as I dripped on her chin and all over her face. She was getting wet as she beat my cock on her face and forehead. I rubbed my balls on her face as she started to lick all the way under my cock. She was close to my most sensitive hole. She eased a finger down my ass crack stopping there. She saw me smile. She then did it a few more times before she jammed my cock back in her wet mouth.

I had to see what she was hiding under her uniform. I am very turned on by confident woman no matter there size. Nicky was perfect. This hot sexy woman was driving me insane. "Zap!! Buzz!" I almost though I was dreaming if not for the dryer buzzer going off.

I watched as she got up off her knees. She checked my laundry. "Still a little wet. Needs another 40 minutes." she said. I looked at Nicky from the side. I finally got to see her Grade A ass under her scrubs shake as she looked over her shoulder at me. She turned so the front of her body was facing me. I leaned down to kiss her. Her soft red lips parted and she licked my lips. She broke our embrace to start taking off her scrubs. She gave me a quick smile as she pulled her baby blue top over her head. Her large breast fell back on her chest. She was not wearing a bra. Her two perfect nipples were rock hard. She then pulled her bottoms off over her flip flops. She looked down at my erect cock starring back at her. She licked her lips. She then pulled down her lacy white panties. They were wet as she put them on the floor. Her pussy was nice and clean. There was not a hair on it.

"I hope you want more than a blow job honey. Cause I want some of that nice big cock in my wet pussy. Bring that piece of meat over here. MMMMmm that feels nice in my hand." Nicky said. I felt her right hand on my cock. She was stroking it as she stood in front of me. I put my big hands on her chest. I began to fondle her breast. I pinched her nipples causing her to moan. I could now smell her sweet sexy pussy as she stood there. She leaned back letting me see her whole body from head to toe. She was killer in those flip flops. Her body arched perfect as she put her hands on her hips. "Do you like baby?" she said. I smiled and shook my head "Yes!" I leaned in to give her another kiss. She shot her hot tongue in my mouth. We started to grope each other body. I looked back as I walked her toward the dryer. She squealed when her ass hit the metal of the dryer. "Mmmm the dryer nice and warm." she said.

I turned around to pick up the towel off the floor. I placed it on the dryer. I then picked Nicky up and placed her on the dryer. "Put that on the edge. Bring that pussy closer to me." I said. She moved her ass on the hot towel to the edge of the dryer. I held her ankles as I started to kiss down her long curvy legs. I stopped when I got to her thighs. I looked up to see her eyes closed. I then put her legs over my shoulders. I could feel her warm inner thighs on the side of my face as I got closer to her pussy. Nicky put her hands on the back of my head when she felt my tongue dart out and touch the tip of her pussy. She moaned very loud when I parted her pussy lips with my tongue. I put my right index finger inside with my tongue. She grabbed my head forcing my mouth to take in her wet pussy. I looked up to see her body shake from my mouth. I inserted my finger in deep. I moved it counter clockwise as I sucked her small cunt lips. She let got of the back of my head. Her arms where on her sides as she leaned up spreading her legs farther apart.

I could get my whole tongue inside her now. She moaned again. Her breathing had increased again. I gently licked her and rubbed her labia and sucked hard on her cunt lips. She was wet and very tasty as she shook under my mouth. I could feel her pussy muscles tighten then she had her first orgasm. It was long and she was loud as her toes curled in her flip flops. Her thighs went limp next to my head. Her hands fell down on my shoulders. She pushed my face off her pussy. She looked down to see my cock was hard between my legs. I put the tip on the dryer between her legs. She put a finger in her pussy. She started to play with herself as I stood there admiring her body. I leaned down over her finger to kiss her right breast. I moved to the side to suck her right breast as she fingered herself. "Fuck me! Fuck me! Go slow...It's been a ...." she said in my left ear.

I eased my cock to the front of her pussy. I slapped her juicy cunt lips as she put her hands on my chest. I eased my hard cock in her very tight pussy. Her small cunt lips spread open as my cock slowly entered her. She pinched my nipples as I got half of my cock buried inside her. I started to kiss her lips as her breast touched my chest. I could feel her hands drop down to my neck. She then dropped her hands down my lower back. I then felt her small hands on my ass. She pulled me in closer as she fed my cock in her pussy. I was now buried deep inside her. She start to bite my neck as I pushed her hair out over her eyes. She kissed my lips as we built up a good rhythm. I placed my hands on her sides moving her breast on my chest. Her nipples dug into my flesh as I kissed her harder. She opened her eyes to see mine were closed. A tear of joy fell out my right eyes onto her soft skin. She moaned in my left ear.

The dryer felt nice under her ass. I could feel the heat from the dryer and her skin. She bite my lower lip as our bodies slapped together. I could feel her pussy muscles tighten on my cock. She then shook hard as I held onto her. She orgasm on my cock. I pushed her feet apart with my hands. I held onto her ankles above my shoulders as I stood on my tippy toes fucking her faster. I could see my cock coming in and out of her pussy. I arched back to let her breast fall onto my abs. She smiled when I grabbed her breast with my big hands. "Faster! Faster! Faster! O god your making me cum again. Yes! Yes!" she screamed.

"Wham! Bam!!" We both turned to see her laundry soap fall off the shelve onto the washer. She smiled when the soap hit the ground and rolled by me feet. I pushed it to the side not missing a beat in her tight pussy. After a few minutes I pulled out to let her see what her pussy was doing to my cock. My cock was wet from her juices. She put two fingers in her pussy now as she looked at my hard cock.

I watched as she got off and bent over in front of the dryer. She put her head on the dryer. She pushed the towel on the floor. I came to stand on her right side. Her large breast fell down. They were hanging in front of the dryer. I began to spank them. I used quick strokes to spank them. Her breast mashed against each other as I spanked them. "You like my big breast?" she said. I smiled then pinched her nipples making her scream. "God you tease. Fuck me! Spank my tits you bastard. God your making me so wet. I love what your doing to me. I'll kill someone if my phone rings." she said. I bite my lower lip as she arched her back letting her breast jiggle. I then walked up rubbing my cock on her hip. She moved her ass to the side. She put her hand on my cock giving it another stroke. It was still wet from her as she smiled at me.

I got behind her now. I put her body on top of the dryer. Her breast spread to the side of her body. Her big nipples were wet as I groped them and inserted my hard cock in her pussy. I gave her no warning I was putting my cock in her. She screamed as I pushed past her pussy muscles. They spread open as more of cock hammered away inside Nicky. I grabbed her blonde hair in my hands. I pulled back and slapped her ass. She moaned. "Fuck! Pull me hair. Spank me you fucker! God I love that." she shouted. My legs muscles tighten and relaxed as I fucked her faster. My cock looked great as I looked down to see it go under her amazing ass into her pussy. Her legs flexed trying to keep her balance in her flip flops. I leaned down to take them off and her body was kept up on my cock. She grabbed the top of the dryer holding on as I rode her from behind. With one long stroke. I went all the way in as I pulled her head back. She moaned. I pulled out the way out as she spun around to face my cock. She quickly got on her knees and stuck my exploding cock in her mouth. I filled the back over her throat as she gagged. I kept cumming as she stroked my cock in her mouth. She massaged my balls getting every last drop.

"Buzzzzz" Nicky opened the dryer again. "Hmmm they still need some more time. There a little wet. I guess you will have to stay until there done." she smiled. I would have stayed know matter what. Fuck my clothes being wet. I wear a wet wash cloth back to my apartment if it meant staying longer with Nicky.

She grabbed my hand to take me to her bedroom. A minute later. We stopped our embrace. "Ring! Ring!" "Hello! Yes this is her. OK! I will be right in. My neighbor dug me out earlier. Be there in about an hour." Nicky said. "Sorry Buck! I have to go to work. Ummm can you be a doll and drive me in your big SUV. The nail is still stuck in my tire. I'll make it up to you." said Nicky. I smiled.

I went back to my apartment. I changed into some new jeans and a shirt. I put on a leather jacket. I put on some boots and headed back to Nicky apartment. I held her hand. I then opened the passenger door helping her get into the front seat. She smiled and followed me with her eyes as I got in the driver side. I drove her to work. She gave me a long kiss in the parking lot. I then walked her to the front of the hospital. I went to the basement to get something to drink. About an hour later I heard my name being paged on the inter com. "Buck Kelly white host phone" I walked to pick up the white phone just out side of the coffee shop. "Hello!" I said. "I am still on call but I got some free time. Head to the loading dock. I'll be in the last ambulance on the left." Nicky said.

I hung up the phone. The next minute I opened the back of the ambulance. I saw Nicky. She was completely naked with a stethoscope around her neck. It hung low in between her breast. "I need to check your vitals. Drop your pants. Turn your head and cough big boy." she said. I laid on the gurney. Nicky started to check my heart. The metal was cold. Her hands were warm. She had put on some dark red lip stick since I had seen her earlier. She started to stroke my cock making me very hard. She had put on some rubber gloves. She cupped my big balls with her left hand as she stroked my cock with her right. I picked up the end of the stethoscope. I breathed in make her smile more. Her breathing had increased more as I breathed into the end of her instrument. "I need to check your temperature. Its best if I use........"

She put her hands on my chest. She inserted my cock in her pussy. She began to fuck me as the ambulance shook. I moved around with her on my cock. She put her hands on the metal walls of the ambulance as I put my hands on her ass cheeks. I began to match her deep strokes on my cock. She moaned as I put her breast in my mouth. I sucked her nipples as different instruments fell out of the bins overhead. I saw some gauze, bandages, aspirin, tape, a needle fall out onto the floor of the ambulance. Nicky thighs smashed on mine. The stethoscope jiggled between her breast. I breathed on the end again making her fuck me harder. "Fuck! Yes! Yes! Fuck! God your cock is making me go wild. I never been touched that deep before. Don' stop! Don't stop! Fuck me faster.!" she screamed. I licked under her breast. I felt her pussy tighten up on my cock. I was close again. "Don't stop! Don't pull out!" she said in my left ear. I held her tight as I shot a big load in her pussy. A few minutes later her pager went off. I helped clean her up as she put her clothes back on.

We got to fool around one more time before Nicky shift ended. We met in a storage closet on the 4th floor of the hospital. I drove her home when her shifted ended in the morning. I made her breakfast before we fell asleep.

"Beep! Beep! Crunch!!!!! It was the sound of the snow plow backing up. I felt the bed move. "Buck! It snowed again. I hate to tell you this but I am going to need you to shovel me out again." said Nicky. I opened my eye to see her looking out the front window of her bedroom. I smiled when I saw she had the shades open like the day before. "I think I might have come down with something. I'll need you to check my vitals again before I get my shovel." I said. Nicky smiled. She pulled back the covers on the bed. My cock was sticking straight up. "That one thing I don't have to check. Does he ever go down?" Nicky said as she crawled with her stethoscope around her neck and between her boobs.

Got Snow!!!!
I have a big shovel!!


Hope U liked Nicky!!!!

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