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Traffic Copter - For the Lovely Jade 38H - An Adult Story

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It was a warm morning as I drove into work. It was going to get hotter as the day progressed. The first day of spring was going to be very nice. I tied my shoe lace as I buckled my safety belt inside the helicopter. I was riding with screaming Dave Osbourne. He was the pilot for the Channel 6 News helicopter this morning. I do local traffic on the morning drive for a local radio station. I also help out the local news for there morning traffic on channel 6. I report wrecks, heavy traffic, Fires, or Police emergency. Last week we followed a high speed chase on the tri-state. I took a sip of some coffee as we got airborne.

We swing over the major highways looking for traffic. But being a Friday and the first day of Spring. I don't see much to report. We swing down to check some traffic on the parkway. It's all clear. I give some news about the great weather and how its causing few delays. "This is Buck Kelly high in the sky. Traffic is light on your drive this morning. Some morning glare from the sun. Drive safe." I said on the radio. We get a report of a car broke down near the big merge. We go to investigate to find it's already been pulled to the side. I give my first report on the local news. "Good Morning. Drive times are looking good. No delays. Just watch for the sun glare. Don't forget to go to Jiffy Lube. The home of the oil change." I said with a smile. I usually have to give a word from our sponsor before signing off on TV. I check my watch as we circle around. It's close to 8am.

We spend the next two hours giving the same traffic patterns for both the radio and TV audience. It's a slow day. I was hoping I get to go home early and start my weekend. Finally I get the sign from Dave. We should head back to Channel 6 and land. I give him the thumbs up as he banks the helicopter around. I fix my collar on my golf shirt. I got the Channel 6 logo on the front right pocket of the shirt. I wore some tan khaki cargo shorts. I even have some dark sandals on. I shaved last night in the shower. I shaved the rest of body the night before. I left a little 1 inch blonde patch above my cock. I smile as I look around at the scenery. The pilot swings low over some roof tops near a big upscale housing development. He laughs on the radio as we head back to the station.

Another 20 minutes and we touch down in the parking lot at the edge of Channel 6 station. I run my hand through my short hair. I look around once again. I feel the helicopter slow down. I look over to see the pilot with a big smile. "Dave! Why did you slow down? Where almost back to the station?" I said. He smiles and points down. Dave has a nack of finding very hot women from his seat in the helicopter. We've had a small bet going to see who can spot the most attractive ladies from the helicopter. It's based on points. 1 point if she cute. 2 if she is hot. 3 if she topless. 4 if she nude. 5 if she is a MILF. 6 if she is a bigger gurl with curves. We both adore bodacious women. I love the voluptuous woman with confidence who can be firecracker in bed. You can score a perfect 10 if you combine and two of these hot items. Our game been going for quite sometime. He writes down the scores on a clip board in between our seats.

I smile as I look out the side of the helicopter. Just off our right side. Is a very hot red headed. She opened her back patio sliding glass door. She taking a sip of her drink. She looks around. I can see she is wearing a small blue two piece swim suit. Her large breast and very curvy ass can be seen where I am sitting. Dave turns the copter so he can get a better look. "Oh she is Ten Buck. Your going to loose this week game. I scored with this hottie. Would you look at her. God she is hot. To bad I am married." said Dave. I smiled. I was single. I had my heart crushed last year and was just getting over it. I felt the copter move as he let me look out my side again. I followed the sexy red head as she walked across the wooden deck behind her house. She was wearing some six inch wooden heels or wedges as her whole body jiggled. She bent down to put her drink in the grass next to her lounge chair.

Dave handed me our binoculars we carry in the back seat. We never used them to report traffic. They come in handy when were scoping out hot chicks from the helicopter. I smiled as I put them up to my eyes. I look in her back yard. I can see her in ground pool to the right of her. I can see her barb-cue on the back deck near a big picnic table. The red head put on some big dark shades covering her eyes. She rolled out her towel on the lounge chair. She put a bottle of sun tan lotion on the grass next to her drink. I can feel my cock getting hard inside my tight white boxer briefs I wore under my cargo shorts. I wipe the sweat off my forehead. I hand the binoculars to Dave. "Fuck! Damn you better take these. I might crash checking her big breast out. She does a body good." said Dave.

We spend the next ten minutes checking her out. We were hovering over a house at the end of the block. Were kinda of in the middle of a intersection looking over a big 8 foot wooden fence that surrounds her yard. She got some big trees covering the far side and in the back of the fence. I look back through the binoculars to see her trying to get the bottle of lotion open. Her long red fingers are causing a problem I can see she having a hard time. She smiles as she keep working the bottle of sun tan lotion. I can feel the heat from the sun on my arm as I lean out to get a better look. I feel Dave tap me on the side.

"What's up?" I said. "Look! That lady in the front yard of the house. She on the phone with the general manager of channel 6. He is on the line in my other ear. He Wants to know why we have been hovering over this lady house for the last 20 minutes. What should I tell him?" said Dave. "Tell him I got sick. We will be heading back in a few." I said. Dave smiles as he talked to the general manager back at the station. I pulled up the binoculars to check one more time. Damn was she ever hot. My mouth was going dry. My hands were sweaty. My cock was hard. All 9 3/4 inches wanted to bust out of my cargo shorts. I rubbed my right hand on the front of my shorts. I was breathing heavier as Dave gave me the thumbs up sign. The lady below the helicopter went back in her house. I smiled as I watched the red head move in her lounge chair. She was still trying to get the small bottle open.

"Buck you ready to go back. I won right?" said David. "Oh you won big time. She a ten and then some. She the best one either of us had spotted in our game. She is hand down the best ever. The only thing better if she was naked on that lounge chair. I need to see her some more Dave." I said. "Man we got to go." he said. "Listen five more minutes. It's been for ever since I got to check out this hot of a girl. Damn she put some others we spotted to shame. Plus look she having problems opening her bottle of sun tan lotion. I can't have her get a sunburn on the first day of spring." I said with a smile. "Dude! I got to get back. Listen everyone likes you. Your young. Your great on camera. Everyone hates the pilot. I almost got fired last year for checking out this nude girl at the beach from the helicopter. What if the hot red head spots us. Then I am sure to be fired." he said.

While Dave and I were talking. He stepped on the pedals causing the helicopter to move forward. "Fuck!!!!" said David. I looked up as we were now directly over the back yard of the red headed girl. I looked down to her looking up at us. Dave jerked on the stick to the helicopter. I leaned to one side then back out. "Fuck!!!!! Oh shit..there goes the...." I mumbled. I lost control of the Channel 6 binoculars. I watched as they slipped out of my hands. They made a small splash in the pool under the helicopter. Dave looked at me. I looked at him. We both said. "Fuck!!!!!!!!!!!" I turned to see the red head hottie was still looking at us. I looked to see the binoculars floating in the deep end.

"What do we do? Buck!!!!!" said Dave. "We are screwed. Fly over there. Let's get out of here. Slow down. Ok! Ok! Ok! Let me think." I said. We flew to the next block. We both looked back at her house. "I got it. See the small park over there. The clearing. Land there. I'll hop out. I will go back and get the binoculars." I said. "Our you crazy. She going to kill us. I am surprised the general manager not calling now to fire me. Fuck!!!" said Dave. "Calm down. It's our only chance. I will go get them. I will call a taxi after I get them to get back to the station. If anyone asks were I am. Tell them I went to go get checkout. I was not feeling well. Don't worry. I can talk us out of getting fired. I just hope the red head not mad. I'll see you Monday." I said.

A minute later I got out of the passenger side. I waved to Dave as he took off back to the station. No one is ever out when we land. I knew they would not find out I was not on the helicopter when it landed. It was now up to me to get the binoculars from her back yard. I just had to be calm and cool about everything. I was sure I was not the first guy to check her out. I may how ever be the first guy to check her out from a helicopter and drop my peeping tom binoculars from the air into her pool. I smiled as I walked down the side walk. I walked through the intersection where the woman called the station.

I stopped as I got close to the red head house. I saw her mail box. ("Parker") It was by the road. The little red flag was up. I walked down her long driveway. I saw one car inside the garage. I walked up to the red front door. It was a very nice two story brick house. It look very nice as I peeked in the front window. I was not sure what I say, but I knocked on the door. "Knock! Knock!" I waited a few minutes. There was still no movement in the house. Maybe she was still int he back yard. I knocked again. I then rang the door bell. "Ding! Dong! Ding! Dong!" Still no answer. She must not hear anything from her back yard. I looked around the front. I saw a small foot path to the side of the garage. It wrapped around the front of the house. I walked around her big bay window. I walked up the side of the house. There was some small trees hiding the wooden gate to the back yard. I ran my hand along the fence.

I stopped as I got to the big gate. I stood on the ends of my toes. I used all 6ft 4 of my height to try to look over the fence. I flexed my athletic muscles as I looked for a small hole to see in the back yard. This was so dumb on my part for loosing the binoculars. But at the same time I was so turned on. My cock was so hard thinking of her just on the other side of the fence. I was hoping my smile and charm might get me out of trouble. I looked down to make sure I looked good. I ran my hand through my short blonde hair again. I reached down to feel the metal latch on the big wooden gate.

I was afraid I might have to knock. Instead the door was open. I pushed the door slightly open. I looked in the back yard. I then quickly looked in the pool. I did not see the binoculars. I saw some water dripping off a long metal skimmer. It look like someone might have just used the long metal pole to get the binoculars out of the deep end. I held my breath as I looked to far side of the pool. I saw the smoking hot red head still on her back. She was sipping her drink again. She put it down as I walked across the wooden deck. I was breathing heavier as I got closer to her. I passed the pool. There was nothing floating in the pool. I saw the grass was wet as I got closer to her. I could see her dark shades on her face. She had yet to use some lotion on her skin. I saw the top of the bottle was still on. Her smooth skin, sexy red hair shineing from the sun.

I was now about 10 feet from her. I saw the Channel 6 binoculars on the grass. They were on her right side. She had her drink on the left side. She was still on the lounge chair looking into the sky. I looked up to see the sun beating down on me. I was sweating. My cock was rock hard. She was now only a few feet from me as I got closer. My hands were dry. My breathing had increased. I could smell her sweet perfume. I was lost in a trance from her. God she was sexy. If not for getting the binoculars back and trying to save my job. I am not sure if I would have approached her. She such a head turner, I was positive most men or women would not approach her. For fear she might actually talk to them. I looked down next to her drink. It was the first time I saw a drawing book. I saw a pencil and a notebook.

I inched closer. I watched as my shadow moved down her curvy body. I was now on her left side. Up near her left shoulder. She moved her hand to take off her dark shades. She put them on her sexy red hair. She smiled as she covered her eyes. She looked up to see me looking down on her.

"Hi! Can I help you?" she said in a very sexy voice. "I...I.. Hi!" was all I could say. "Mmmm how are you?" she said. "Good! How are you?" I said. "You look familiar. Have I seen you before? Your voice sounds familiar too." she said with a big smile. "I am not sure. My name Buck! Buck Kelly! You may have seen me on..." I said as I pointed to the binoculars in the grass. I smiled. "Oh!! Are those yours? Some nice gentleman were just over head. They were there for such a long time. Then they seem to leave in such a hurry. Next thing you know I heard a big splash in my pool. Did you loose them?" she said again with a bigger smile. I could really smell her sexy perfume. It was driving me crazy. I watched as she breathed in causing her large breast to move on her chest. I moved my hands down by my side.

"Oh! You saw us. We got stuck in a big wind gust. Caused the helicopter to stop for a few seconds. The binoculars slipped out from the back seat. Sorry they fell in your pool. Accidents do happen. I am just glad your OK." I said. I looked down to see her name on her note book. "Jade Parker" Also the college she was attending was on the outside of the note book. She put her long red finger nail in her mouth. She bite the end as she looked me up and down. "You say you were in a wind gust. They fell from the back seat. Hmmmm! I am glad you both did not get hurt. You weren't bird watching with them where you. I could have sworn I saw someone looking through them when they fell." she said. "I was checking for traffic. Making sure everyone could get to work. I see your going to college." I said. I was trying to distract her.

"Yes! I just started a few weeks ago. I'm taking graphic arts. I love to draw and learn more about computers." she said. I know I would have a hard time in her class. I would be so distracted by her, I would have tuned out the professor in the class. I smiled. "Sounds very nice. I am sure you are quite a good student. I love to learn more about computers. I am so glad winter is over. I just love the weather today." I said. She smiled as she put her finger down next to her left breast. She breathed in causing the front of my shorts to move. "I love to lay out in the sun. I picked a great day to be off from work and school. There just one tiny problem." she said. "Whats' that?" I said. "Mmmm I can't seem to get the top of this baby oil open. I need to put some on before I get to red. It helps my skin stay so smooth. I just can't flip the top with this plastic on the cap. My finger nails are so long." she said with a smile.

I started to almost faint. "Ummm...Here let me help." I said. I got down on my right knee. I picked up the small bottle of baby oil. I took off the plastic around the cap. I smiled as I looked at her soft skin just inches from me. I licked my dry lips again. She was causing me to breath heavier. "Do you like my new Wedge's? I picked them to match my new bathing suit. What do you think?" she said. "They look great. I love wooden heels or Wedge's on a woman. They really match your sexy bathing suit." I said. "Such nice manners for such a young man. Flattery will get you ever where with me." she said in her sexy voice. A bolt of electricity went down my spine. The hair on the back of my neck stood up.

I opened the cap on the baby oil. "Here you go. I got it open." I said. She smiled. "Thank you." she said. "My pleasure!" I said with a big smile. "Mmmm the bottles a little warm. Are you shy?" she said. "No! I'm not that shy. Why do you ask?" I said. "Well I just bought the swim suit last week. I hate to ruin it before I wore it for the whole summer. I just love blue. Can you do me a great big favor?" she said. "OK! Anything for you. Not to change the subject. I am going to get my binoculars back, right?" I said with another smile. "Oh! I almost forgot about those. Is there like a finders fee for them. I am a poor college student you know. Hmmm! I will give them back to you on one condition." she said. "OK! What's is it." I nodded my head "Yes!" She could have said anything I would have done it for her.

"I need you to do a few things around my house. Then inside my house. It's not everyday I big strong young man comes into my back yard." she said. "No problem. I will help in any way I can." I said. "But before you help. I need to put on some of this baby oil. Here stick out your big hands. Oh! That it. You have such nice hands. I don't want to ruin my suit. Can you be a doll and rub some on me. I don't want to mess up my nails with the baby oil. You said you weren't shy right?" she said. "Sure no problem." I said. She looked into my eyes and smiled.

She then started to squirt the warm baby oil in my hands. I cupped some of the oil as she looked at me. "Maybe you can start just above the blue strap on my Wedge's. Work you way up. Don't be shy. I won't break." she purred. I crawled down to her feet just on the edge of the lounge chair. The long six inch wooden heels stuck over the edge. I started to rub her calves. "Oh! That is nice. If you ever give up your day job being the traffic guy. I might have a new job for you. I started to rub the oil on her long legs. I gently rubbed her soft skin. She closed her eyes as I moved to her right leg. She tensed her long legs as she let out a soft moan from my fingers. I started to move up her sexy legs. I moved to the top of her knee. I gently rubbed a inch over her knee. I moved back to her left leg. She opened her eyes. She looked down at me at the bottom of the lounge chair.

"I drifted off there. Wow! Very nice. Don't be shy. You can go a higher. Here let me show you. That it! Very nice. Rub a little harder honey. Oh that feels really nice. You have such big hands." she moaned. My cock was straining against my boxer briefs. I was now mid thigh as I rubbed her soft skin. She leaned down to put more oil in my hands. I really started to rub her thighs. She felt so good under my fingers. I smiled as she opened her legs more. I was only inches from her bathing suit bottom. It covered the front of her. I swirled my fingers around inside her thighs. I started to rub under her legs. I brought each one up. Then I rubbed under her thighs and long legs. She bounced her heels off the cushion of the lounge chair. She then closed her eyes again. A few minutes later she opened them to look down. She could only see my two big hands inside her thighs. My face was inches from the top of her thigh.

"That was nice. Here put some on my arm." she said. I crawled closer to her as she handed my her left hand. I rubbed some oil down her arm. I then traced the inside of her palm with my fingers. I rubbed her wrist. She smiled again. "Your very good at this." she said. I moved around the lounge chair to do her other arm. I then moved back to her left side. I rubbed my hands together as I got on my left knee again. "Here help me put down the back of the lounge chair. That it. Sit right here. I need some oil on my back. Wait! I almost forgot. The new suit. The oil might stain it. You don't mind?" she said. Before I could say anything she reached back to unclasp her bathing suit top. I was sitting behind her with my legs off in the grass on her left side. I was inches from her back. I could hear her large breast cascaded down on her chest. "Thump!!" I try not to stare but I could make out the sides of her breast. She dropped her large swim top on the grass in front of my feet.

She put her arm back up to pull her hair in front of her shoulders. She leaned forward a little. I could see her tattoo just above her amazing ass. I was speechless. She then smiled as she looked back at me. I moved my hands to the back of her neck. I started to rub. She leaned back with her right hand to squeeze some more oil in my hands. I started to rub her back. I used my big hands to rub her shoulders. I let some of the oil drip down her front. I then rubbed over her shoulders. She arched her back as I moved my hands down her side. I moved my hands near her tattoo. She had a tiny blue thong on. Her bathing suit bottom was a very hot thong. It sat high on her hips. I caught my breath as I stared at her perfect ass. She let out a soft moan. I could smell the baby oil and her sweet perfume. She was killing me with her beauty. I wanted to lean up and kiss her neck. I wanted to smell her red hair. She was so amazing I was just breathing to try not to pass out.

I moved my hands down her lower back. "God! You have such nice hands. You give the best massages Buck. You can go a little lower. That it. It's OK you can drop your hands farther." she said. I looked down to her ass had moved back. Her ass was now inches from my hand. I passed her hips. Then her waist. I was not sure how far to go. She must have sensed this. She put her hands back and grabbed my two hands. She lowered my hands down to her perfect ass. I started to massage her ass. First with long strokes. Then with short ones. I ran my fingers over her ass. I traced small circles on her ass. She moaned again. I made sure not to touch her thong with my hands. After a few minutes she arched her neck back. Her hair fell in my face. I took a innocent whiff of her lovely hair before she moved.

I moved off the lounge chair. She leaned back so her head was on the cushion. She had her hands covering her large breast. I could make out her soft areolas under her hands. I could see both her nipples were hard between her fingers. They were both a soft red as she looked up at me. An hour earlier I was above her back yard checking her out with a pair of binoculars. Now I was standing above her looking down at her amazing body. I smiled. "You got some oil on your shirt. Maybe you should take it off." she said. I reached up to pull my shirt over my head. She smiled as I flexed my chest. I love to work out. I still play competitive sports in my free time.

I then got back on my knees next to her left side. I leaned up over her body. She smiled as she put her left arm over her breast. She then reached over with her right hand to squeeze some more baby oil in my hands. I started to rub her midsection as she closed her eyes. I was rubbing just under her arm. Slowly she dropped her right hand next to her side. She then dropped her left arm to her side. Her breast cascaded down to touch the top of my hand. I kept rubbing her mid section as she breathed heavier. I watched as her large erect nipples rubbed on the back of my hand. She moaned again. Her legs opened farther. I decided to go for broke. I was sure she either kick me out or would want more.

I looked up to see her eyes closed. Her shades fell off her head as she moved her head side to side. I heard them hit the grass. I then reached up to massage her perfect breast. I could feel her soft skin and warm breast in my hands. I gently rubbed her nipples with the bottom of my palms. I squeezed them as I rubbed more oil on her breast. She moved her head to the side near me. She bite her lower lip as she moved her left hand on my back. I could feel her long nails scratch my upper back. Then her hand fell on my wide shoulders. She let out another soft moan. Her nipples moved under my hands. I started to pinch her left nipple. She moaned.

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I brought her nipple to my mouth. I squeezed her large breast with my two hands. Her dark red nipple was now in my mouth. She moaned louder. I licked and sucked very hard. I rubbed my wide tongue on her erect nipple. She dropped her left hand on my ass. She gave it a squeeze. I sucked her breast causing her flesh to bounce after I let go from my mouth. I brought her other nipple to my mouth. I started to suck it very hard. I used my teeth to hold her breast in the air. She tossed her head to the other side. She dropped her hand on my upper thigh. She was inches from my hard cock. I pushed both of her large breast together. I started to suck both her nipples at the same time. She moaned again. I cupped the bottom of her breast moving them up. I started to kiss and lick under her breast. I licked down the center of her cleavage. I was enjoying her breast. She was really enjoying what I was doing to them. I pinched them again as I sucked them hard. I let them both go from my mouth above her. Her breast fell and moved to her side.

She opened her eyes and looked down. She smiled. "I see your very good at that to. What else are you good at traffic boy?" she said with a smile. I felt her hand move on the side of my cargo shorts. She then moved to the front of my shorts. "Oh! Are you hiding something from me? What's going on down here?" she said. She traced my cock with her left hand. I then felt her unbuckle my belt with her hand. I felt the top button go undone. I then heard the zipper on my shorts open. I looked down to see her small hand inside my shorts. I felt her long nails trace my cock on the thin material of my white boxer briefs. She used her free hand to pinch my left nipple on my chest. She massaged my hard chest as her hand was in my shorts. "Stand up baby." she said.

I stood up as my cargo shorts fell around my ankles. I looked down as she moved to sit on the side of the lounge chair. She put her two sexy feet next to mine. She moved her body to look up at me. She traced her long nails down my chest. She scratched my hard abs. She ran her fingers around my 28 inch waist. She put her hands on the top of my hard ass. I flexed my ass as she looked at me. I then smiled as I felt her left hand on the thin white material covering my cock. She bite her lower lip again as she traced her long finger nail down my cock. "Mmmmm that is nice." she moaned.

She moved her sexy red hair on her shoulders. She then moved her hands on my hips. I could see my big bulge near her face. She licked her lips as she moved her hands inside my briefs. I felt the warm air hit my cock as she pulled down my underwear to the top of my shorts. I stood there naked with my shorts, and underwear around my ankles. My cock flopped out then back up hitting my belly button. "Oh that is really nice. You could stop traffic with that..." she said. I looked down to see her lick the precum from the tip of my swollen cock. She then ran her tongue down the top of my shaft. She spit on my cock causing me to moan. She began to jack my cock with short strokes. She put her free hand on my stomach. She then moved it down under my cock. She rolled my big hairless balls in her hand. "Mmmmm.. How do you young guys know about shaving. I love your big balls in my hand. Fuck! I need to scratch them with my nails. You like that honey? I can see you smile. Your cock loves it. God he is getting bigger in my other hand...MMMMmmmpppggg" she gagged.

She had half my cock in her hot mouth. I could feel my cock hit the back of her throat. She gagged a little as she fed more of my cock in her mouth. I could feel some saliva drip on my balls as she sucked harder. I put my hand on her red hair as she sucked my cock. I could feel her soft breast rub against my thighs as she pushed on my ass with her small hands. She cupped my ass cheeks as she fed my cock in her mouth. She then dropped her mouth off my cock. She pushed it against my abs as she sucked on the bottom of the shaft. She then put her mouth on my ball as she swirled them around over her tongue. I felt her fingers scratch my ass as she licked under my cock. I could feel her forehead touch under my cock as her red hair touched my abs. I moved my hand off her head. I smelled her sweet hair from my left hand as she put my cock back in her mouth. She moved to let her breast roll down my thigh.

I arched my back so she could get all of my cock down her hungry mouth. I felt her lips on the base of my cock. God she was great at getting all of me in her mouth. I dropped my hands to my side. I then started to pinch her nipples. She closed her eyes from what I was doing to her breast. I cupped them bring them up to my cock. She dropped my cock from her mouth between them. She spit on my cock as I rubbed my cock between her warm cleavage. She looked up as I fucked her breast. I bent my knees as she put her red lips near to the top of her breast. She sucked the tip of my cock as I broke free from her warm breast. I did this for some time before she sucked the tip and ran her long finger nail under my balls. "Fuck! Shoot for me. Fill my mouth you bastard. I know you got a big load in those heavy balls. You young guys can cum more than once. MMMMmmm that it. Oh my....." she moaned as I shot a big load from my cock. I watched as the first couple of spurts hit her lips and mouth. She licked herself clean then cleaned off my cock.

I watched as she laid on her back. I walked out of my underwear and cargo shorts. I kicked off my sandals as I walked down to her sexy feet. I brought her left foot to my mouth. I kissed her big toe. I sucked her red toe nails as she spread her legs open for me. I looked up to see her smile. She moaned again as I sucked her toes. She moved her hand down to the front of her swim suit bottoms. She started to play with her breast. I cupped her wooden heel as I sucked her ankle. I lowered her left foot. I then sucked her right foot. I bit down on her wooden heel. She moaned as I licked her sexy feet. I then put her foot on the cushion of the lounge chair. She smiled when I began to lower my face between her legs.

I started to kiss her ankles. I then started to kiss her long legs. I worked my way passed her knees. I saw her move her hand near my head. I started to kiss her inner thigh. I could feel how warm she was. I could smell how turned on she was. I could feel my cock get harder as I laid under my on the warm cushion. I brought my hands up her thighs. I arched my face above the front of her thong. She moved her ass off the cushion. She put her two fingers inside her thong on her hips. She moved her thong down just exposing the top of her pussy. I saw she was shaved but for a small patch above her pussy. She rubbed her soft red hair above her pussy. I blew her a kiss. She moved her hands down exposing her pussy all the way. I brought my hands to meet hers. I pulled her sexy wet blue thong down over her warm thighs. Just over her knees and down her long legs. I arched myself to drop it off into the grass behind me.

She stuck her index finger in her tight pussy. She started to play with her labia. She was doing circles around it. I watched as she looked at me. I was inches from her pussy with my eager mouth. "God! Stop teasing me...Ohhhhh! Mmmmmm..." she said. I moved my tongue to touch her finger. She stopped when she felt my tongue inside her pussy. I started to suck her small cunt lips as she moaned. I parted her tight pussy muscles with my tongue. She put her hand on my blonde hair. I started to wet my index finger in my mouth. I started to finger her and lick her pussy. She moved her finger from her tight box. She dropped it on my left cheek. I licked her finger clean as she pushed off with her elbows making my tongue go deeper in her pussy. I quickly put my middle finger deep inside her. I had two fingers and my tongue in her hot pussy. I started to rotate my mouth and tongue clockwise on her pussy. I sucked her cunt lips harder.

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"Yes! Yes! God! Fuck! Yes! Eat me! I thought you were good at massages. I think we found something your better at. You know your way around a.....I'm cumm.......cummm.....mmmiing."she screamed. With that she had her first orgasm in my mouth. I rolled my knuckle deep inside her as she tasted great in my mouth. I kept licking her labia and cunt lips. I moved my fingers deep inside her as she orgasm again. I let go of her cunt lips. She was trying to catch her breath as I kissed under her pussy. I licked almost down to her ass as she fell back on the lounge chair. I felt the cushion move as my cock was out in the warm air. I moved her legs up over my head. I started to eat her pussy very fast. She pushed my face harder on her pussy walls. I looked up to see her eyes closed. She was making faces as her toes curled in her wooden heels.

"Come here." she curled her finger at me. She motion for me to get off the lounge chair. I handed her the cold drink in the grass. She took a sip and then handed it to me. I took a big sip and smiled. She handed me a towel to whip off the sweat and her juices from my face. I then felt her hand on my erect cock. "I see your hard again. I hope your ready for round two?" she whispered

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She rolled over on her knees. She arched her ass as her face was on the cushion. I walked to the front of the lounge chair. I spit on my hand. I then wiped my cock with my saliva. She looked over her shoulder as I slapped her ass with my cock. "Before you fuck me with that big thing. My name...Jade...Oh god your big." Jade said. I pushed my cock passed her tight cunt lips as she tried to talk. I grabbed her hips as her tight pussy pushed my cock out. I slapped her pussy lips causing her to moan. She relaxed as I pushed my cock half way inside her. She got used to the size and slammed her pussy back on my cock. I arched my hips to match her tight pussy. I slammed my cock in farther as she screamed. "Yes! Yes! Fuck me! Fuck me traffic boy. Fuck me harder! Don't stop! Yes! Yes!" she moaned.

"God your pussy is so tight. Damn your so hot. I can't believe I'm right here, right now. I pinched myself to see if I was dreaming. Ouch!" I smiled as Jade pinched my arm with her left hand. She then pinched my cock with her pussy muscles. I started to pick up the pace of fucking her. She moved her face into the cushion as I rammed my cock in her pussy. I slipped out again as her pussy was so wet. She arched her back when she felt my hands begin to play with her breast. I put my foot near her neck as I shifted my body weight to hit her pussy at a different angle.

After a few minutes she was laying next to me. I was on my side as I brought her right leg up. I put my cock in her pussy again. I leaned up to kiss her neck. I smelled her red hair again. She pinched her nipples as I used my free hand to go under her body and cup her big left breast. I pinched her free nipple causing her to moan. I then cupped her breast hard as I fucked her sweet pussy. She brought her red lips back to mine. I started to kiss her harder as our bodies slapped together. "I love what your doing to me. Lie on your back. I want to fuck you know baby. Hold you big cock for me. Show me what I do to you." said Jade.

Jade stood up as I rolled on my back. I then watched as she put her sexy heels next to my hips. She then lowered herself on my cock. Her wet pussy lips opened as she fit all my cock deep inside her. "No one touched me that deep before. God! Thank god for the first day of spring." moaned Jade. I brought my hands up to fondle her breast. She arched forward causing her heels to bounce off the cushion onto my legs. She then moved her body down on mine. Her whole body was now on me. I smiled as I sucked her breast. I sucked her nipples. I kissed under her breast causing her to moan. She was like puddy in my hands as she rode my cock. Her red hair tossed past my face on the cushion. Her sexy red lips met mine. We were kissing long and hard as she bounced her pussy on my cock. I moved my hands to the back of her ass. I pulled her hair with my right hand as I slapped her ass with my left. She bite my lower lip. "I like that Buck! Fuck! I found something else your good at to." said Jade.

I held onto her hips as she kissed my lips. I was close to cumming again. She looked into my eyes as her pussy muscles milked my cock. "Mmmm your close again. I can see it your baby blues." Jade moaned. She quickly got off me. She put her mouth on my cock. I felt her warm tongue wrap around my cock. She then used her two hands to jack my cock. A second later my legs moved. My ass arched. Jades eyes got big. I felt my cock open up. I then felt one huge explosion. She kept her mouth on my cock as a little cum fell out the side of her lips. She then rolled off me and put her breast on my chest.

Jade leaned down to pick up the Channel 6 binoculars. "OK! First I need you to clean my pool. Then go to my tool shed right over there. Start the mower. Just mow the back yard. The front can wait until tomorrow. When your done. Go inside the house and start my bath water. The master bath is upstairs. 2nd door on the left." she said. I smiled as I started to clean the pool. I looked over to see Jade was using the binoculars to check me out. She kept my clothes by the lounge chair. She put her shades back on when I started the lawn mower. She followed me around the back yard with the binoculars. I went in the house to start her bath water. A second later she was at the doorway to her bathroom. "Go down stairs make me a drink. Then come back up. Use my shower over there. You have some baby oil and some grass on your legs. Thank sweetie." said Jade.

She watched me as she took a bath. Once I was clean enough, she had me slip in bathtub opposite her. I massaged her feet as she played with my erect cock under the water. "Does he ever go down???" said Jade. "I think he likes you. I guess you will have to find out." I said. I spent the weekend at Jade Parker's house. She had me mow the lawn in a small pair of shorts while her nosey neighbor looked on. I was not sure she recognized me as the guy in the helicopter from the day before. I saw her close her drapes as I bent over. I helped Jade with a school project. She took pictures of me and put them on her computer.

I picked up the binoculars off the grass. I put them to my eyes. I looked up to see the Channel 9 news helicopter flying toward me. I smiled when I saw it was Dave in the pilot seat. I did not get fired from Channel 6 but Dave did. Seems he left our score sheet of the hot big gurls in the helicopter. The general manager wife found it when she came looking for me. She was friends of the lady across the street. I was off today while they looked for a new pilot. I can feel the wind of the grass as Dave circles over head. "You think he likes the view? Damn your mouth feels great on my nipple. Don't stop. Keep fucking me. Don't stop baby. I pushed my morning class back. You don't have to drive me until noon. We can't be late. I wonder how the traffic is." said Jade!!!!!! I handed her the binoculars as I fondled her breast.

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