Friday, March 19, 2010

Rest Area - An Adult Story - I was her Trucker Bitch!

I was driving my big rig. I had the fuzzy dice on the rear view. I was heading across country again. I had to deliver some new cars in my hauler. I had a few days before I had to get to my next stop. I was making good time. I checked the CB and my cell. I was getting low bars on both. It was close to noon on a Friday. I had big breakfast at a truck stop this morning. I had unbuckled my tight jeans to let out some air. I had some white leather cowboy boots on. A big white cowboy hat on with a tan leather rim. A big black n white checkered shirt. I had the two top buttons undone. I was not wearing any underwear. Easier to get out and take a piss on the side of the road with out fumbling around for my cock. I was listening to some music. Drinking a Coke. I had two hands on the wheel as I switched lanes to pass a bus.

I turned off my blinker once I cleared the bus. I looked in my side mirror. I could see a small white car coming up pretty fast. I could just now see it was a convertible. I smiled when the car slowed down. I looked out my driver side window. My foot hit the gas pedal to go faster. My cock twitched in my jeans. I smiled. There was a very hot girl driving the car next to me. She was looking straight ahead. She was not paying me any attention. I turned up the A/C in the truck to cool me down. I had a great view of this hottie behind the wheel.

She was about 5ft 9 with long brown hair passed her shoulders. She had on some dark shades over her eyes. She was wearing a few gold earrings. Her finger nails on the steering wheel were painted the same shade of red as her very sexy lips. She bit down on her bottom lip as she turned on her A/C in the car. I could see the front of her tight white wife beater expanded. The wind was blowing her hair as she moved closer to the vents in her car. I could see her very thick thighs and sexy legs as she sat high on her seat. I could see she was wearing some super short denim shorts or a mini skirt. She was very voluptuous as her large breast rested near the the steering wheel. I took a big breath as she moved her face to check her mirrors. I had to check mine to make sure I was not going to crash. I looked up to see there was no traffic ahead or another car within a mile.

I shifted the 18 wheeler to keep up with her. She smiled as she finally looked over at me. She licked her red lips. She then brought her right hand to her mouth. She bite her long red finger nail. She then smiled again at me. I moved my hand on the front of my jeans. I was now very hard. All 9-3/4 inches of me wanted to come out and play. I kept checking her out as she moved in her car. She touched her radio. She turned up her music as she danced in her front seat. She was not the first hot girl to get me excited by gyrating in her car. But she was the first hot woman I wanted to crash my big rig for. She brought her hands up to her eyes as she stared into the sun. She brought her sun visor down to shield her face from the sun. She had such smooth white skin. She looked back at my blue eyes and smiled. She pointed her finger up in the road. I turned to see a small car coming up fast on the front of my truck. I shifted and hit the brake.

I slowed down just in time. She slowed down then pump her fist to have me blow the big air horn on the side of my truck. What's I guy to do. I pulled down the air horn. I scared the guy in the car I almost hit in front of me. He gave me a dirty look as he hit the brake and not the gas. I smiled as she passed him. I looked down to see her license plate. She had custom plates. "White Coco" I watched her go farther down the road. I looked in my side mirrors. I was now boxed in with a big line of traffic. I pulled down my cowboy hat. Fuck!!!! She got away. I looked up ahead but she was already gone. I still had vision of her as I felt my hard cock under my jeans. Damn I needed to see her again.

I am easily turned on by bigger women. I love a girl who his confident in her body. The girl in the car. Was definitely one. I rather see her all day then anybody else on the road. I put my blinker on finally to pass this guy in front of me. I pulled up next to him and hit the horn again. He jumped and through me the finger.

I picked up the CB to see if anybody was out there. "Breaker! Breaker! This is the Buck. Come in. I'm east bound an down got the motor running." I said. "This is the Animal." said a guy's voice. "What your 20. Good buddy." I said. "I'm at mile marker 402 heading east through Georgia. Come back at ya." he said. "Your just a few miles in front of me. I just had some very fine "White Coco" pass me driving a white convertible. She had the hammer down and should be coming up on your six." I said. "Oh! Good lord. Would you look at her. Oh she is fine Buck." he said. "Blow your horn for her." I said. "Hot damn!!!!!!!! She just smiled. Damn! I got to get off at this exit good buddy. I follow that hot cup of White Coco if I were you." he said. I smiled. I had to hit the accelerator to catch her.

I just shifted into the next gear when I saw some light come on from behind. I was being pulled over. I put my flashers on as I waited for the police. I heard the boots climb on my step to look in my rig. I rolled down the window. It was a real skinny girl. She looked pissed as she saw me. I pulled out my license and registration. She had me step out and show her what I was hauling. I got the speeding ticket. 95 in a 65. She also gave me one for not coming to a complete stop. Just some bull shit. She smiled as she pulled around my truck. I shifted and got back on the road.

I spent the next hour trying to see if anyone had seen the hottie in the convertible. But no one had. She must have gotten off the interstate. I started to drink another Coke. After a few minutes I really had to use the bathroom. I guess two Coke was my limit. I looked on a map to see there was a rest stop up ahead. It was close to 2pm. I was about 5 miles from the rest stop. I saw a blue sign. The next rest stop was a 50 miles. I started to slow down as I was only 4 miles from the rest stop. I looked up ahead. I saw a orange sign on the rest room part for the rest area. It was under construction. Then I saw a sign telling me that the rest area was closed. Fuck! I was not having a good day. I looked up ahead to see the entrance to the rest area was closed. There was some orange cones and yellow tape across the front of the exit. I looked to my right to see the road go up and then behind some trees. I could not see the rest area from the road.

I slowed down. I looked in my mirrors again. I did not see anyone. I slowed down and turned on my blinker. I pulled in front of the exit to the rest area. I looked in my mirrors again. I saw some orange cones again blocking the exit to the rest area. I did however see the yellow tape was broken in the middle. I shook my head as I sat there wondering what I should do. I guess I could run into the bushes on the side of the road. I really did not want to do it. It was Saturday. Maybe the constructions workers did not work today. I was sure there must be a porta potty or maybe the rest room was open for them. Plus there probably be a Coke machine and a vending machine. I looked around. Still no cars around.

I opened my door. I stepped down on my big step out of the truck cab. I pushed my cowboy hat up as I walked along my truck. I buckled my jeans again as i got closer to the orange cones. I saw a car go bye. They kept on going. I walked up the long winding road. To the top of the small hill. There were big trees on either side of the road. I could barely see my truck or the road on the right side of me. I could see the small rest area. There was parking for trucks in the back. There was a place for cars to parking the front. I looked up and down each parking lot. I did not see any cars or trucks. I saw there was a women's rest room on the right side of building. I saw there was a men's room on the left.

I opened the door on the left side of the building. I turned on the light. The men's room looked like any other road side rest room. I smiled as the water was running in a sink near the door. I unzipped my pants. My cock flopped out as I looked at the writing on the wall. I washed my hands as I looked at myself in the mirror. I fixed my hat. I ran a hand through my short haircut. I had a few unshaven whisker on my face. The rest of the body was shaved. I left a small patch over my cock last week in the shower. I walked outside after I fixed my huge belt buckle. It was silver with a big gurl kicking up her heels on the cover. I smiled. I had the same emblem on the mud flaps on the truck. There was even a bumper sticker that said. "No Skinny Chicks!" Maybe that why the cop gave me the ticket.

I reached into my right front pocket. I could feel a few quarters as I walked up to the door to the rest area. I pulled the door handle. It was locked. I looked inside to see some vending machines. I saw some light coming through the back of the rest area. Maybe there was another entrance in. I walked around the side of the bathroom. I saw the light on in the women's rest room. I looked up to see a big red Coke machine near the back door of the rest area. I walked over as I pulled on the coins from my jeans. I stopped to look around. I looked out to the side of the rest area. There was some more parking. I stopped in my tracks. There was a car parked near the front. I looked again as I adjusted my eyes from the sun light. It was a white convertible. I smiled.

I checked the front of my jeans. I wonder were she was. I took a big scan of the rest area. I saw a sign for a foot trail. There was a a picnic area behind some tress not to far from the rest area. I could not see anybody or anything behind the big trees. I walked back to check the women's rest room. She was not in there. I followed the foot trail to the picnic area. I held my breath as I stood still. Only a few feet away, I saw her. She had her back turn to me. She was sitting down at a big wooden picnic table. She was looking around. I stepped a few few feet back. I caught my breath.

I peeked out behind the small trees. I ducked a little from being almost 6ft 4 kinda of hard to hide. She was still looking around. Finally she dropped her left hand from top of the table. She put it in front of her denim mini skirt. Next she dropped her head back. I was wondering if she was playing with herself. Then I heard her moan. She dropped her free hand to the front of her white wife beater. She was pinching her big nipples under the thin material.

I had to get closer. I quietly moved closer to her. I took a few steps across the grass. I was trying to be quite. She was still breathing heavy as I walked up to her side. She had her dark shades on her eyes. She was still looking forward. I could see down the back of her gorgeous ass that was sticking out under her denim skirt. Her wife beater shirt was fully expanded. Her nipples were dark compared to her soft white skin. I looked at her face. She smiled with her sexy red lips. "Fucking drop your pants big boy. Let me see what you got. Come on trucker boy show what ur hauling." she said.

I smiled as I pulled off my cowboy hat. I put it on the table next to her. I took off my shirt next. I unbuckled my big belt. I pulled down my jeans. A second later my cock sprang back up. I arched my back sticking my big hard 9 3/4 inches near her left breast. "Mmmm that what I am talking about. Fuck!! That is nice. Stroke your big cock for me." she said. My jeans were around my cowboy boots. I made my legs shoulder length apart as I reached down to grab my cock. I started to jack my cock near her face. She was still touching herself under the table. She finally moaned very loud. She took her wet hand out of her pussy. She wiped her juices on my cock. She then put her finger near my nose. I took a big whiff. God she was turning me on. "Don't cum just yet trucker boy. I need to taste that big thing. Bring him closer." she whispered.

I looked down to see her turn her head. I fed my cock in her hot mouth. She swirled her big tongue down my shaft. She had almost all of my cock down her throat. She ran her long nails under my naked cock. She then jacked me both of her small hands. She tried to get her fingers closed around my cock. She almost got her fingers to touch. I reached down to touch her breast. She let go of my cock in her mouth. "Don't touch them if you don't know what to do them. I like it rough trucker boy. Fucking man handle them like you man handle your big shifter in your truck. I got 18 gears for my twins. Yeah fucking rip my shirt. Flop them out. God you know what I like. I want some more cock...mmmmrrrooooopppp" she moaned.

I had her big breast out of her shirt. She did not have a bra on. I just pinched her big nipples as she sucked my cock. I then picked them up and dropped them on the picnic table. I moved to beat my cock on them as I pulled her hair back. Her neck moved as she trough her head back. I kissed her on the lips as I spanked her big breast with my cock. She smiled. I pushed her face back down on my cock. She gagged at first then I pushed my hips forward fucking her face. Her massacre ran from the tears of pleasure from her eyes. She took my cock and shoved it so her lips touched the base. She ran her tongue up and down as I fucked her face faster. I grabbed her hair forcing my cock deeper down her throat.

The saliva from her mouth dripped down my cock and balls. It hit her chest as she let my cock go. She looked up. "That was all right. Got anything more trucker boy. Can you fuck me with that big cock. You can last more than a minutes in my tight box. Can you my fuck toy?" she yelled. I dropped my hand off her hair. I reached down to pull my jeans over my boots. "Leave them boot on. Here is your hat. Now fuck me like you park your rig. Nice and tight and fast. God damn your still hard." she said. I put my cowboy hat on. I was naked except for my big 11 inch cowboy boots and hard cock. I looked down as she looked into my blue eyes.

I smiled. I then stood her up. I began to kiss her long and hard. I ran my hands down her sides. I unzipped her denim skirt letting it fall to the ground. She moaned as I flipped her around facing the picnic table. I leaned her over as she put her breast on the wood table. She arched her back as I got behind her. She looked down to watch my cock enter her tight pussy. "Yes! Yes! Yes!" she moaned. I inserted my cock pushing her tight cunt lips open. She bite down on her lower lips as more of my cock was in her pussy. I pushed her hands down on the table. I started to fuck her tight pussy faster. I pushed my cock to match her hips coming down. After a few minutes we got a good rhythm going.

I started to bite her left shoulder. I kissed her neck as she slammed her pussy on my cock. I reached around to play with her breast. I found another gear as I massaged under her breast. I started from the bottom almost milking her as she screamed again. I felt my cock get wetter. I could smell her as she pushed her face on the table. I put my hands on her hips forcing my cock in deeper. She let out a quick breath then her body shook again. I smiled as she tried to use her hands to get me to slow down. I pulled out to slap her big ass with my cock. "Fuck! Let me see that cock of yours. Damn he is all wet. You making a great tool. Your not done. Get on your knees and eat me. Eat my pussy trucker boy." she yelled.

She climbed on the picnic table. She dropped her small feet over the side. She was on the end of the table. "Crawl to me bitch. Eat my pussy. That's it. You want some of my pussy. Lick me!! Lick me trucker boy. Don't stop until I tell you." she yelled. I crawled on the grass and a few rocks. I was between her thick thighs. She was on her back as her legs and pussy were over the edge. I leaned up as she parted her pussy lips. I started to suck her cunt lips. I then ran my wide tongue around her labia. She was very wet. Her breathing increased as I stuck a finger inside her. I licked her pussy from her ass to her fingers. She started to rub her labia as I wet two fingers to stick in her. My fingers went in easily as she screamed. I saw some small bubbles on her juices coming from her pussy. I licked them up as she ran her finger on my cowboy hat.

I had my cowboy boots under my ass as I ate her juicy pussy. My cock was still hard. I looked up her body as her head was moving back and forth on the table. She moaned again. I put three fingers in my mouth. I then put three fingers inside her. She moaned again. "Yes! Faster! Use me!! I love what your doing to me. Fuck I'm cummmmmmmmmmming again." she yelled. I looked up as her body quaked again. Her skin was hot to the touch. Her pussy was so wet she dripped on the grass as it fell out of my mouth. I felt a big drop on my cock under the table. I then stood up. I beat her pussy with my cock. She spread her pussy letting her labia and cunt lips taking the pounding.

She leaned up. She grabbed the back of my neck. In one quick motion she put my cock in her tight pussy. She bit my lower lip as our mouth touched. I started to kiss her more deeply. She inserted my cock more deeper in her amazing pussy. I started to suck her breast again. She smashed her big cleavage around my head. "Faster! Faster! Faster! Harder! Harder! You can do better my fuck toy. Fuck me! Bitch!!!!!!!! Fuck me harder!!!" she demanded. (My cock is rock hard as I write this)

I looked into her eyes. She let go of her big breast on my face. I was sweating. My cowboy hat was close to falling off. She then pinched my nipples. She grabbed my arm pushing me off. I was standing a few inches from her. My cock was dripping from her juices. She looked me up and down. "Get on the table. Lie on your back. Let me show you really how to fuck me. I have to do everything myself. Your good but you could do better. Now lie on your back trucker fucker. Your my bitch. Got it. That a good bitch. Hold your cock for me. Don't touch me. Put your hands to your side. Don't move." she said.

I was on my back. She stood on the picnic table over me. She looked down to see my hard cock standing straight up. She lowered herself on my cock. She put my hands under her thighs. She put her tight pussy down my long shaft. Her breast dangled in front of my face. She then started to fuck me very hard. Her ankles were on my calves. Her knees on my hands. Her thick thighs on my hard thighs. Her ass pounded in the air as she fucked me with all her might. Her dark shades were falling off her nose. She grabbed them and slammed though off my chest. They bounced off onto the grass. I was in heaven. She was in another gear all together. After a few minutes she screamed. She was fucking me like no other woman had before. I almost moan. Her breast covered my face as she used my body and cock. She then really picked up the pace. I was so sore but in extasy. I then felt my cock start to expand. "That it fucker. Cum deep inside me. Yes! Yes! Fill me up. God your still coming. God I'm leaking. You fucker. God damn that was a big load trucker bitch." she screamed in my face.

"Pick up our clothes and follow me. No questions. Just follow behind me." she said. I smiled as I picked up our clothes and her shades. I followed her amazing ass back to the women's rest room. I held the door open to watch her clean up. I was still naked and dripping from her pussy. She took her clothes to put her white wife beater back on. I followed her to her car. She put the top up and locked the doors. She then walked in front of me down the exit to the rest area. I helped her in the passenger seat of the 18 wheeler. I walked around the front of the rig. I still had on my cowboy hat and boots. I climbed into the front seat. I slid my naked ass across the leather seat. I looked at her as she blew the air horn. A few cars passed us as we got up to speed.

We stop at the next rest area 50 miles down the road. She smiled as she saw a empty school bus to our left. She took my hand as I followed her out the passenger side of the cab. I opened the school bus door. There were some Pom Pom and football gear on the floor. It looked the school bus was carrying kids from a football game. I felt a big slap on my bare ass. I whirled around as she pushed me back in the last row of the bus. My ass hit the green seat as she climbed on my lap. "I see your still hard. You've been hard since we left the ladies room back at the rest stop. Hurry. I like the fact we might get caught. Fuck me trucker boy. God you cock feels nice in my pussy." she moaned in my left ear.

I started to kiss her left breast as she pushed her wet pussy on my cock. I reached my two big hands on her amazing ass. I picked up the pace of fucking her as she moaned. After a few minutes I picked up the pace even more. She screamed as I rolled her off of me onto the cold seat. She looked over her shoulder as I spit on my cock. I started to touch her most sensitive area. I thought she might like it. But she was really loving it. I stuck one finger in her asshole. She closed her eyes. I then inched my cock into her tight hole. She screamed as I got an inch inside her. Her ass relaxed as I inched more inside her. I got almost all the way in before she pushed my cock back out. I slapped her ass as she grabbed her big ass cheeks. She held her self open as I fucked harder.

"Yes! Yes! Fuck my ass trucker boy. Fuck me bitch! MMmmmm I love it. Faster! Faster! Faster! Don't stop..." she moaned. I grabbed around her hips holding on as I fucked her ass. She moaned. I moaned then I slammed my body against hers. Her face was buried in the seat. She let out screams. I fucked her ass faster and harder. I slapped her big ass with my free hand. I used my other hand to pull her hair. She grabbed my heels next to her arms as I fucked her harder. I could feel I was close. I left my cock in as I felt the bus move. I heard some noise. I then held her tight as I unleashed a big load in her ass. A second later I opened the back door. The buzzer went off. I jumped out on the pavement. I then grabbed her as I carried her to the truck.

An hour later I pulled the rig over. She had been playing with herself since we left the school bus. I put on the flashers. She put her feet on the dash board. I got between her legs on my knees. She grabbed the top of my cowboy hat. She forced my mouth hard on her pussy. "Mmmm you do that nice trucker boy. Eat my pussy. We got a couple hundred miles before we get out of Georgia. After that we can drive across country. I hope your tongue is ready for allot more of my pussy. I see your cock hard again. I am glad I don't have to worry about that. Eat up trucker boy. HONKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!" she pulled the handle on the air horn.


Thanks White Coco!

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