Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Pool Party - An Adult Story - 2 hot for the deep end

I opened my locker at school. A big red paper fell out onto the floor. I looked down to see an invitation. It was for a pool party for Sarah Glass. She had invited half the school to come to her house this Saturday. She lived in this big house at the edge of town. Her parents were real rich. She how ever was a real bitch. She was the stuck up high school cheerleader. She was dating the quarterback of the team. I was on defense. I used to try to kill the guy everyday in practice. I was not dating anyone at the moment. I had allot of free time. I really did not want to go. But I knew a few of my friends would be there. I wanted to see them more than her. I slipped the invite in my back pocket.

It was only Monday but I got a cold and was sick the rest of the week. I did not see any of my friends from school all week. I woke up Saturday feeling pretty good. I looked out my bedroom window to see it was sunny and not a cloud in the sky. I got my jeans out of the dirty clothes pile. I took out the red paper/invitation from my back pocket. I looked down to see it was a costume party. You were suppose to go as a famous person. You had to go as someone or something water related for the whole pool theme. I walked to my closet. I looked around for something to wear. I was going to go as a surfer or maybe a pirate. Finally I went to my dresser. I opened my bottom drawer to see my bathing suit. Maybe go as a life guard from Bay Watch. Then I saw some real small dark blue Speedos. I had tried out for the swim team last year before the team was cut do to budget reasons. I had grown to just under 6ft 4 and loved to work out.

I took off my clothes. I tried on the small pair of Speedos. It look like I had a huge sock stuffed in the front. My cock was semi hard from the material inside the Speedos. I looked at my tan skin and laughed. I put on a swim cap over my head. Some swim goggles on my eyes. I picked up a beach towel from my bathroom. I looked in the mirror. My friends were going to laugh. I was sure Sarah and her stuck up friends would get mad. Plus who knows I might get a number or two from some hot girl. I put some gold medals I had won from different sports around my neck. I was going as Michael Phelps. I put my duffel bag of clean clothes to wear in the back seat of my SUV.

It took me about 30 minutes to get to Sarah house. I did not see a single car in the long driveway. I tried to text some of my friends. I did not get a single response from them. I parked my car near the big garage. I got out and walked to the front door. I rang the door bell. There was no answer. I peeked in the side window but did not see anybody. I walked back toward my car. I saw a side walk going around the the side of the house to the back yard. Maybe everyone was there instead of inside the house. I followed the side walk to the back yard. There was a large wooden fence that ran around the back yard. I saw the gate was locked as I got closer. I then knock on the wooden door.

A few seconds later the latch on the door opened. I took a few step back. I just missed the door swinging open. It almost hit me. I stopped the door with my left hand. "Hi! Mmmm you must be a friend of Sarah?" said a female voice. My eyes had not left her feet. She had long legs with huge 6inch yellow heels on. Her toes nails were painted yellow. She had a dark tan up her sexy legs. Her thigh were tan and very thick. I moved my eyes up her body. She was about 5ft 5icnhes tall with long sandy blonde hair. She had dark roots and her hair curled at the end. She put her small hand with the gold wedding ring on her hip. She used her free hand to hold the fence. She was trying to regain her balance before she fell over. She was very top heavy. She had some large breast to match her xtra large ass that was trying to break the small two piece yellow bathing suit she had on.

I collected myself. I tried not to stare. "Hi! My name Buck. Is Sarah here? Am I at the right place for the birthday party?" I said. She smiled. "No! Sarah went to her Dad's new house. He moved out a few weeks ago. He has a bigger pool. She was suppose to tell all the people she invited at school. Did you get the message?" she said. "No! I was sick all week." I said. I heard another voice behind her. It was on the other side of the pool. "Do you know where 152 Oak Park Road is?" Sarah mother said. "No! I just moved here a short time ago." I said. "Do you have a piece of paper I could write some directions down for you?" she said. "No! I'm sorry. I just brought some clothes to change into after the party." I said. She turned to look back toward the big house. "Why don't you follow me. Close the door behind you and put the latch on." she said with a smile.

Her big ass shook as she walked in front of me. We walked across the cement deck around the far end of the pool. There was a small table and a big red umbrella near the deep end of the pool. I could see a an older lady sitting down under the umbrella. She was a little older than Sarah Mother. I guessed the Mom was in her mid twenties. If I had to guess the other woman was Sarah Grand Mother. I had to play it cool. I saw a bottle of wine on the table. There was two full glasses on the table near there seats. I could tell where the ladies got there good looks and large endowments. Sarah had big breast. Maybe 40DD. Her Mom was bigger. Maybe 44GG. But her Grand Mother was huge. Perhaps 50HH. My eyes got bigger as I got closer. She was dressed just like her daughter. Both women had lots of makeup. Some gold bling on there hands. Each wore a huge gold necklace around there necks. Each necklace hung low in there large cleavage. I had to cover the front of my Speedos to hide my bulge.

"This must be your younger sister." I said. She smiled. "Mmmm what a nice young gentleman. Amber who is this nice young man?" said the lady in the chair. "This is Buck. Mother! He is here for Sarah birthday party. He was not at school all week. He did not know it was at Greg's house today. I could just kill her." she said. "Oh that fucker Greg. Your soon to be ex-husband sucks. I just can't believe he found a skinny bitch to love more than you." said the Grand Mother. "Just stop Mom. Watch your language around company. How many times do I have to tell you?" she said. "Oh I think this young man can handle my mouth. Isn't that right sweetie?" the Grand Mother said. "Yes! It's Ok Mame. I've heard worse on the football field." I said. "Nice! Do you play with Sarah boy friend Franklin? Also please don't call me Mame. I am old enough with out that name. Just call me Sissy." she said. "Ok! Sissy its nice to meet you. Mrs. Glass sorry to hear about you and your husband." I said.

"Thank you young man." said Amber. I watched as Sarah Grand Mother started to check me out from head to toe. She stopped at my hand blocking my semi hard cock inside my Speedos. "Who are you suppose to be?" said Sissy. "Mom! He is suppose to be the Michael Phelps swimmer from Baltimore. Duh!!! The gold medals around his neck." said Amber. "Yes! She is right. I was going to walk in and get a laugh. I tried out for the swim team last year before the team was cut from the budget. I am not sure I look good in a Speedo." I said. The Grand Mother smiled. She moved her platinum blonde hair from her eyes. It was very curls and put up on her head. She kept smiling. "Oh I think you terrific. Very hot in that outfit." Sissy said. "Mother!! Excuse me. He is like a old enough to be your Grand kid." Amber yelled. "Stop! Relax! I was just playing. I just wish he was my age. We be heading inside your house right now. Your such a party pooper sometime." Sissy said.

I smiled as I kept checking them out. Sissy crossed her legs letting me catch a glimpse of her hot feet in some 4inch wooden heels. That matched her white two piece bathing suit. It was stretched over her huge breast and tied loosely around her lower back. Her bottoms were covered by a pink skirt that was hiding her just as large ass. She had painted her finger and toes nails to match the white bathing suit. I inched closer to Sissy on her chair. She kept staring up at my blue eyes. Mean time Sarah Mother had opened her purse to get out a small piece of paper. She started to write down the directions. I watched Sissy take a sip of her wine. I moved my hand to let her take a peek of my ever growing cock in my Speedos. "Damn the pen ran out of ink. I will be right back. There one on the table inside. Excuse me Mother. Buck you will be OK out here?" Amber said. "Yes! Thank you."

My head turned to watch Amber walk down the pool deck toward the back door. I could hear her heels click on the cement. "Oh I thought she never leave. Come her big boy. Let me see what you got growing in there. You naughty little fucker." said Sissy. I smiled. She reached up to pull down my Speedos. She rested the top of the Speedos just under my naked balls. They sat straight up and high just under my cock. My cock flew out almost hitting Sissy forehead. She grabbed the length of my cock. With her two small hands. I dropped my gym bag next to my feet. "Mmmmmmpppgghhhh" she gagged. She already half of my cock in her hot mouth. She started to suck my cock like a pro. She held onto my ass as she forced my cock farther down her throat. She spit me out and suck all around the tip. She then licked the underside of my cock. She made my cock all wet as she molested me. I was loving what she was doing. She just had a big smile on her face as I stood in front of her.

After a few minutes I heard the back door close. I then heard some heels click on the cement again. I then watched as Sissy quickly put my cock back inside my Speedos. She wiped her chin from her saliva. I looked down to see the front of my Speedos were wet from this hot Grand Mother. "OK! I got a new pen. What where you guys talking about when I was gone?" said Amber. "Just some small talk about Sarah and the house." said Sissy. I was still trying to catch my breath. I was still not sure just what happened. But my cock was aching to get back out. Plus it was so hard and wet inside the thin material. I nodded my head in agreement of what Sissy just said. I took off my swimmers cap. I fixed my short hair as I dropped the blue cap on my duffel bag.

"So Buck. Are you dating anyone at the moment? Is there someone special at the party?" said Amber. "Mmmm no! Not anyone special just some friends." I said. I looked at Sissy who licked her lips and blew me a kiss. "Do you like older woman?" said Sarah Grand Mother. "Mother! Here we go again. Not every man you meet likes you. I'm sorry Buck about her. She is a handful." Sarah Mom said. "It's OK! I do prefer more mature woman compared to the girls at school." I said with a smile toward Sissy. "So do you play Tight End young man. For the football team." said Sissy. "Mother!!!!!!!!!!" said Amber. She put down her pen to look at her mother sitting in the chair. "Have a drink of wine. Loosen up. Its not everyday a nice young man comes to this house. Plus now that your on the open market. You could use some tips to catch a hottie like Buck." said Sissy.

Amber took a sip of wine. She looked at me. Than back at her mother. Sissy smiled as she stared at my cock in my Speedos. "Actually I play defensive end. I like to sack the quarterback." I said. "I love it if you could sacked me young man." said Sissy. Amber kept sipping her wine. She poured herself another glass. She topped of her mother who was sipping her wine again.

Sissy pushed her chair back and stood up. She was a little taller then Amber. Her big breast sat high on her chest as I looked at them. There was not a sag on her voluptuous body. She had more curves than Amber. But they were so much hotter than any one at school. I then saw Amber move around to my left side. She was standing next to me. Both women where inches from me. Both there big breast were just barely toughing my arms. I looked down to see Sissy moved in her wine glass in my face. I took a sip of her white wine. A tingle went down my throat. She then put the glass on the table. She started to move her hand down my chest. She stopped with her long finger nail on my belly button. She traced my hard abs as her daughter looked on.

"Oh you have such nice big muscles. Amber put your hand on his arms. Feel how big he is. So young and so put together. MMMMMmmm Buck! You ass feels great in my left hand sugar." Sissy said. She reached over my abs to grab Amber hand. She put her daughter hand on my chest. They took off each of my gold medals and placed them on the table. I pushed my swim goggles off my head onto the table. Both hot older ladies started to massage my chest. I turned my head to Sissy. She brought her lips up to mine. We started to kiss as Amber moved her hand down my lower back. I then felt Sissy push down the back of my Speedos on my right butt cheek. Amber then followed her mother and pushed my left side down. I was now standing there with my ass hanging out. I then felt Sissy break away from my lips. She pushed Amber face toward mine. I started to kiss Amber big soft pink lips.

Sissy cupped my ass and ran her long finger nails down my hamstring. Amber started to put her tongue deep in my mouth. I put my hand on the back of each of them. I slipped my hand down to fondle each girls big ass. Sissy reached on the table to get two big towels. She put them at my feet. She then pulled Amber off my lips. Both woman were now on there knees in front of my cock. They both reached up to put there hands on my cock. Amber stroked my cock. Sissy put her mouth on the right side. She licked the side of my shaft. I then felt Amber wide tongue on the left side. Both woman sucked the length of my cock. They fondle my big balls in there hands. Sissy reached around to play with my ass. She scratched her long nails down my hard muscular ass as I breathed in and held it.

A second later she stuck her mouth under my balls. She was licking all under my junk. She put her tongue on the under side of my ass. I felt her lick her finger than used the saliva to ease a finger nail in my asshole. I tighten up. She then went back to watch her daughter suck my cock. "Here watch me. Don't jerk it with both hands. Put it down your throat. MMMmmoooopppp!" Sissy gagged. She stuck almost all my cock down her throat. Her lips almost touched the base of my 9 3/4 inch cock. I started to fuck her mouth harder as Amber looked on.

Sissy pulled out my cock and moved it to Amber lips. "Yes! That its Amber. Worship the cock. Let him see what a whore you can be. Fuck....Suck that cock. Yes! Yes! Gag on it bitch." Sissy yelled as she pushed her daughter mouth on my cock. Amber got almost to the base before she let go and came up for air. She spit out her mouth onto the cement. "Spit on his cock Amber. Lube it up. Your going to take it all in. Suck it! Suck it!! God you almost there. Look Buck!!!!" Sissy yelled again. This time I felt her lips touch the base before she pulled my cock out of her mouth. This time she spit on my cock.

It was Sissy turn again. She licked up the wetness from her daughter on my cock. I felt her big tits hit my knees as she sucked faster. She pulled out my cock. "OK! Young man. Cum for me. Drop a big load on my daughter. I can tell you got a big load in those big balls. I want you to shoot a big load on us. Then we can get to fucking." Sissy said. I smiled as I looked down to see both woman smiling at my cock. I felt there hands on my cock as I closed my eyes. It had been about two weeks since I came in my hand from masturbating. I knew I had some cum built up. I was just not sure just how much. I felt there hands jerk one time. My legs got weak. My toes curled. Sissy smiled. Amber moaned. I opened my eyes to see my cock explode on them. The first big glob hit Sissy lips. She aimed my cock at her daughter who took he next squirt. I blast each girls face and mouth. Before they licked me clean.

Amber grabbed my right hand and Sissy the other. They walked me down to the shallow end of the pool. I used the hand rail to walk into the water. Sissy took off her top. Her huge breast fell on her stomach. She then pushed down her pink skirt. Then pulled down her white thong to her ankles. She stepped out of her swim suit and walked down the stairs into the shallow end. She made a little splash as she fell into my arms. Amber walked in and then took off her top. She peeled down her bottoms and put them on the legs of the pool. I started to make out with each of them. Sometimes both of there tongue were inside my mouth. I watched as Sissy pulled Amber mouth off mine. Then they both kissed long and hard. My cock shot straight up. I felt it hit there hands. They smiled as they looked at my smile.

They walked me over to the steps in the water. I saw down as each girl wiped the cum, sweat and there saliva off there breast. Sissy was first. She lowered her pussy on my cock. She put her hands on my shoulders and her breast on my chest. I felt her hard nipples rip into my skin as she fucked me. My cock was gobbled up by her hungry pussy. I was all the way in in a matter of seconds. She had great control of her pussy muscles. I could feel her big mound of pussy hair move on the outside of my skin. I then felt Amber mouth on mine. She sat on the last step to watch me fuck her Mother. I reached around to grab Sissy big ass. I pulled her tight as I fucked her very hard.

After a few minutes Amber got on my cock. She lowered her very tight bald pussy on my cock. Sissy spanked her daughter ass and made her fuck me faster. She pulled Amber hair and called her names as Amber fucked me harder. After a few minutes Sissy got out of the water. I watched as she took a sip of wine off the table. Amber breast were on my face. I started to suck her big breast as Sissy walked back toward us. I saw Sissy feet in her tight heels. She put a big cushion on the cement just on the edge of the pool. She then laid on her back. Amber tensed up as she turned to see her mother playing with herself at eye level. I grabbed Amber to kiss her lips again. I then felt her body shake. She had a big orgasm on my cock. "Yes!!! Yes!!!" she yelled. "About damn time. OK!!! Buck get up here and fuck me now. Use that big cock me. Amber about time you had a orgasm. How long has it been since you had an one. I bet not since you were married all those years. Probably your first. Look at your face. Your all red. Fuck get off him. Move it Buck." Sissy yelled.

I was up and out of the water. I leaned down to stick my wet cock in Sissy pussy. I felt her hands on my ass. She forced my cock in again. She was much tighter than before. I put my hands next to her side as I fuck her. I brought my ass up and then down. I fucked her with a lot of power. Her huge breast fell to the side. She tried to get them up but her hands fell out above her shoulders. I felt some water drip on my back. I was fucking Sissy on the cushion. I then saw Amber legs on the side of my hips. She was playing with her pussy above my ass. She had two finger in her pussy as Sissy screamed. "Yes! Yes! Fuck me... Amber your blocking the light. Fuck go girl!! Amber cum again! Play with that pussy. Use me young man." said Sissy. I then felt some hot drips on my back. Amber toes curled in her heels. Sissy started to orgasm on my cock. I was in heaven.

I buried my head in between Sissy big breast. She pushed them against my face as I fucked her harder. I was on my toes. Sissy hands were on my waist pulling my cock deeper in her wet pussy. "Cum inside me. It's OK. It's been so long since a man has cum inside my pussy. God I love your big fat cock. Fuck!!!! Damn I can feel it. Yes! Yes! He is cumming deep inside me. Fuck!!!!!!!!!!!!" Sissy yelled. I fell to the side as my spent cock flopped out on the cement. I rolled over after a few minutes. Both woman helped me onto my feet. We walked down to the table. I sat down first. Sissy sat on my lap. Amber picked up her cell phone.

"Beep!" I saw Amber eyes get big. She hung up the phone. "Oh shit. Sarah and her friends are returning to the house. Greg new bitch girl friend canceled the party. She on her way back." Amber said. Sissy jumped up off my lap. I grabbed my Speedos and duffel bag and ran toward my SUV.

The next day.....

I got a text on my phone. It was close to noon. "You forgot your gold medals and swim goggles. My daughter out. Bring that big cock back...911" I smiled as I put on some tan cargo shorts and a t-shirt. I put on some flip flops and got in my SUV. I pulled up the long driveway. I did not see any cars. I knocked on the door. A minute later the front door opened.

Standing in the door way was Sissy. She had a white robe that was wide open. She was not wearing anything on underneath. "Did you miss me Buck?" she said. I smiled as I followed her up the stairs to her room. She had a big bedroom with lots of books on some shelves. She used to be a school teacher before she retired. I guess I was her new student. She had my shorts and top off in seconds. She had me sit on the bed as she started to suck my cock. She took off her robe. I felt her big nipples on my knees as she sucked my cock to the base. "Taste salty today. Did you forget to shower?" she said. "Fuck! I just got up when you texted me. I thought you were Amber." I said. "Oh I know. She really likes you. Maybe you two can date. I just need you cock every once in awhile. I am old but still have needs." she smiled. I felt her hands on my ass. She had my cock buried in her mouth.

" Who was at the door???? Fuck!!! Grand MA!!!!!!!!!! What the fuck???? What are you doing to my friend. Buck pull your cock out of my Grand Mothers mouth." said a terrified Sarah. I smiled when I felt Sissy had not stopped sucking my cock. She spit my cock out. The tip was dripping as she looked at her Grand Daughter. She stroked my cock with her left hand. "Stop being a prude. I saw you and your boy friend in the pool the other day. Poor small Franklin. That small dick of his came in like two seconds. Child please." said Sissy. Sarah was now looking at my cock. Her eyes got big when Sissy licked the tip. Sissy motion for her to come over in front of me. "God! I guess I have to show you how to worship the cock. Damn you and your mother suck at this. Now open up. Stick out your tongue. Buck don't blast her with that big load of yours just yet. Show her how a rel man can last. Get your hands off the cock. Stop jerking. More sucking. Open that mouth. Damn you young bitches never seen a big cock before. Get off your damn cell phones, and turn off the MTV." Sissy said as she shoved Sarah mouth on my cock.

I started to date Amber. Her husband caught us in there bed a week later. Amber was mad at first. He was mad until I got out of the bed to chase him out of the house. Sissy kept the door open as he ran out of the house. I usually fall asleep in Amber bed. After she falls asleep I sneak down to Sissy bedroom. Once I got a big blow job from Sarah in the shower while Sissy stood watch at the door. Then Sarah watched as I fucked Sissy on the bathroom floor. I'm suppose to take Sarah to the Prom. But I am suppose to go play bingo with Sissy at the senior living center. She wants to move out to have more fun. Amber asked me to move in to Sissy old room. I'm not sure what I am going to do now that a year gone by and there throwing Sarah a pool party for her birthday. I am not sure who I can go as this year.


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