Friday, December 18, 2009

Airport Security - The Interrogation Room - An Adult Story

It was like any typical day. I left my house early with my uniform on. I am the head of security for a small airport near my house. It's nice and quite. There usually not much going on. Maybe that why I like it. I carry a big gun and wear a nice tight blue uniform. I have a nice athletic 6ft 3 body. So I try to look nice when I am out in public with my uniform on. I like to put on my gold name tag "Buck" above my right pocket. I also carry about a 16inch black night stick on my belt. In case anyone tries to give me a problem. I take the job very serious. It's important to let the passengers and staff see me when I am at the airport terminal. Most of my day is spent at the metal detectors. Passengers have to get screened before they get on the plane. They have to hand there I.D and boarding pass before they can proceed.

I usually start my shift around 6am. We have a few outgoing flights at 8am to start the day. I like to walk the terminal and check with last nights reports. Its close to 6:30am when I start to see the first passengers start to come into the terminal. There a little snow in the forecast for today. Some of the flights have started to be delayed. But being a small airport, we don't get to crowded. I head for the screening station. It's about 7am when I give the order to check the 5th passenger who goes through the metal detector. Now every 5th person will be checked no matter age,gender or skin color. I stand in the back to make sure everything runs smoothly.

I have a small office in the back of the airport. There a long white hallway that can only be accessed by me. It is a very restricted area of the terminal. At the end of the hallway is my office. There is a bigger interrogation room next to my office. There are two metal chairs. A metal table that about 4ft wide and 4ft in length. There are some hand cuffs on the chair and on the table. Just in case we have a individual give me a problem or my officers. I usually use the interrogation room to watch TV or hang out and relax. But I have had to interview a view passengers in there. We have only had to make two arrest this year. Both were for passengers who were drunk and noisy in the terminal. Both times we escorted them out and gave them to the local police.

I am a good people watcher. I try to see what people are doing before they hand there boarding pass to an officer. I like to see if they make eye contact. Are they loud, in a hurry or just a typical passenger. A passenger who gets to the airport early. Has all there things ready to check in. Also who does not have anything in there purse or carry on that would cause the metal detector to go off. We have recently banned all liquids. You can no longer bring any liquids on board the plane. This would include water, tooth paste, mouth wash, soda, beer, any items found to contain liquid in them. Asking a person to dispose of these items, has become a very big sticking point for passengers. They can get mad sometimes. Especially if they just bought the item.

I also like to wear these new sun glasses I just purchased. They are like mirrors on the front. I can look or see out of the corner of my eyes without moving my head. I don't want criminals seeing what I am seeing. Plus it has one great advantage. I can checkout women out in the airport. I am single. I have a healthy appetite for bigger gurls. The bodacious hottie. A woman with nice big thick curves. I find bigger gurls to be more confident in there bodies. Therefore when they come through the long lines or get in the metal detector. They like to strut for the camera. They all like to put on a show. Get two of them traveling. You may have to shut down the metal detector. It might go off by accident. There are a few guys and a few girls officers that will push the button to check a girl out.

I have been known to use the small metal detector wand on a cute big gurl. I will pull them a side. Have them take off there heels. Check there heels and what's in there pockets. Have them empty out there purse. Remember to pack your adult toys in your luggage. Nothing more embarrassing to ask you to take out the batteries on your 12 inch vibrator or asking you to get rid of the lube. I might ask them to shake for me behind a curtain near the screening station. If I have to investigate further. If maybe I suspect them of carrying something illegal. I will ask for a female officer to help me with a female passenger. She will take them to an office for a strip search. I have been known to peek in or catch a view from a camera.

"Hey Buck! I like those shades. Checking out some girls today. I saw your head move when that girl with the big ass came by here two seconds ago." said Kimber. "I can assume your not following her. I know you like them big. How are you Kimber?" I said. Kimber was the same age as me, 24 and on the prowl. She was one of the first officers I hired. She was very voluptuous. She had long blonde hair. Loved to put on lots of makeup and bling. She was about 5ft 6 and taller with these big black heels she wore all the time at work. She loved to show off her big cleavage and loved to shove her big ass in her uniform. She really wanted the job. She got on her knees in my office and sucked my cock and fucked me hard on my desk. She was more than qualified for the job. The only draw back was she liked girls more than boys. But that was OK. I really did not want a relationship at the moment. We still found time to get each other off at work.

"Oh I am great Captain Buck. Any bad girls coming through your lines. I need a new girl to molest. I mean date. Ha! Ha! Ha! No serious. Any hot pieces of ass in line. My new girl friend left me. She got deported back to Costa Rica. Her Visa expired." Kimber said. "Wait! Chi Chi left. Wow! She was one hot Latina ass. I loved to watch you both get it on. Damn! I was hoping to see that big ass one more time." I said. "She might come back. She needs to apply for another work Visa. Maybe a travel Visa. She better come back. My pussy and ass miss her. Ha! Ha! Ha!" she laughed. "Cool! Cool! Sorry I have not seen any hot girls come through this morning. Maybe later. What are you doing later?" I said. "Nothing. I might go in the ladies room and use my finger. If I see any hot girls I will call you. We still using code 69 over the walkie talkie?" Kimber said. "On yeah! That is good. Talk to you later. Is that a big ass over there at the news stand?" I said.

I watched Kimber walk to the news stand. "Negative!" she said over the walkie talkie. Damn Kimber had turned me on. My cock was like semi hard thinking about her and her lesbian Latina girlfriend. My cock was stretching the front of my blue boxer briefs and tight blue uniform pants. I watched as some passengers were searched. I walked over to the news stand to get a Coke. I came back a few minutes later. I went to watch a older woman get searched. She asked a bunch of questions. I had them search two business guys who had no luggage or carry on bags. They had one way tickets. The seemed weird but there stories checked out. It was close to 9am when I got my first break of the day.

The snow had caused some more flights to be delayed. Even a dozen had to be canceled. I was looking out front as the line to the metal detector was getting long. I spotted two women who were traveling together. One girl was 5ft 4 with black hair. The other woman was about 5ft 8 with blonde hair. The brunette was wearing a short black mini skirt. With a small black top under a white baggy winter jacket. She had on some black spiked high heels leather boots that fit up to her knees. Her friend was wearing some tight blue jeans. A small red top that was covered by a matching white jacket like her friends. She was wearing some red spiked heel boots. Both girls were very cute and sexy. The brunette was smaller than her friend. She had just a size smaller in the breast department but a bigger thicker ass than her friend. I watched as both girls kept talking to themselves. I did not see anyone with them. I looked around to see if they had a boy friend or a male friend with them. I did not see one.

I picked up my radio. Officer Kimber we have a code 69 near my station. Please come in." I said. "I will be right there to assist Captain Buck. Over and out!" she said. I could here Kimber heels click across the floor as she got closer. I saw she was putting her night stick back in her belt. She had a big smile on her face as she walked right up on me. "Hey! Where they at. Oh I see them two. That a big 10-4 Capt Buck. I can see why you call me. I need to strip search those two hotties." said Kimber. "I have a better idea. I think we need to see them in the interrogation room. You help me bring them down there. Then will play good cop & bad cop with them. See how far we can get them to submit. How does that sound?" I said. "I am getting wet just thinking about them two Buck. I will follow your lead honey." she said.

I walked over to the metal detector. I was standing behind the officer running the machine. I looked up as the two girls were the next ones in line. The taller blonde walked through and the metal detector went off. "Beep! Beep!" Before I had her turn around to try again. I saw Kimber step forward. "Over her! I will use the wand to check you out. You there! You may come through now." Kimber said. I watched as the brunette came through next. "Beep! Beep!" It went off again. "You better search her next Officer Kimber. Are you two girls together?" I said. "Yes! OK! Where do I go next?" said the brunette. The blonde just stood there and smiled. I grabbed both girls big carry on bags. We all walked behind a curtain just a few feet away.

"Unzip your coat. Now you unzip yours. I need to use this metal wand to see if you have anything on you. Thank you!" said Kimber. I watched as the blonde opened her coat. She had a half shirt that showed off her sexy belly button. She had a small tattoo on her stomach. I arched my back to see the red short top stretched over her large breast. Kimber use the wand to rub against her nipples causing them to get hard. She next had her turn around. She ran the wand down her legs and over her ass. I was getting hard as she ran the wand between the blonde legs. "OK now its your turn." said Kimber. The brunette opened her coat. Her small black wife beater shirt was stretched over her amazing breast. KImber bent her over showing me her ass under her mini skirt. I had to move one of the carry on bags in front of my crotch to hide my erection. She then wanded her very curvy legs as both girls looked straight head. "All clear Captain Buck." said Kimber

I put the blonde girls carry on bag on the small table behind the curtain. "Can you check this bag. While I check the other bag for anything illegal. Do you both have anything liquid, perishable, fire arms, or any thing illegal in these bags before we look." I said. Both girls shook there heads "No!" I watched as Kimber opened the bag. There was nothing illegal in the bag. Just a big hair dryer, some makeup, lip stick and magazines. I then opened the brunette bag. It was the same but there was a illegal item in the bag. I pulled it out and showed them. "Did I not just ask if you ad anything illegal in here. This is a liquid. In fact there two bottles in here. Did you see any of the numerous signs in the terminal warning you about bringing liquids on board. This is very serious. You may think bringing two MT. Dews on board an airplane is OK but I take this very serious. You two better come with us. Follow me girls. Hand me your Id's. I need to call this in." I said.

I picked up my radio. I turned off the radio. I held the radio to my mouth. "We have a code 6-9. I will be taking Heather and Ashley to the interrogation room. This is not a drill. Thank you." I said. Kimber almost laughed as she walked behind the two girls. I held onto there bags. I checked to see there flight were delayed for about 4 hours. I knew we had some time before they need to get to there gate. I walked them down to the restricted area of the airport. I used my key to open the blank white door. I had to use a code at the next door to open up the long hallway to my office and the interrogation room. Kimber smiled as she opened the door to let the two girls in. "Are we in trouble?" Ashley the brunette said. "Yeah did we do something wrong? Are flights leave in an hour." Heather the blonde said. "Your flight does not leave for a few hours. You both are in very serious trouble. What you just did by trying to bring liquids on board a plane is a very serious charge. You could go to prison if we don't figure this out. I need to check the rest of your carry on bags. I need to check your purse and run your Id's. Now put your hands behind your backs. We need to cuff you while we walk with you both in this hallway." I said.

They both faced forward and put there arms around there backs. Each girl was hand cuffed as Kimber smiled at me again. I walked Ashley down the hall. Kimber grabbed Heather and walked her down the hall. I opened the door to the interrogation room. I had both girls sit down facing each other. They sat opposite one another at the small metal table. Both there eyes got very big as the looked around the room. Kimber followed me into the hallway. She shut the door. We walked to my office. I turned on the light. I walked over to a big mirror and hit the side button on the wall. It moved as we could both could see inside the interrogations room. I then turned on the microphone inside the room. We both could hear the girls talking. They could not hear us or see us in my office. The mirror on the other side in the room next to my office was reflected. They could see themselves in the mirror but not us sitting on my desk looking at them.

"Fuck! We are screwed. I told you not to bring the MT. Dew on board. Why did we have to stop and get something to drink. That women officer is huge. She going to make me crack first." said the blonde Heather. "I think we will be OK. The tall good looking guy. Captain Buck is really nice. He will help us. She maybe be a bitch but he looks really cute." said the brunette Ashley. "He is cute. I am not worried about him. Its that huge blonde going to kick our ass. I mean she like so hot. My pussy wet looking at her. She got my nipples all hard from that damn wand. Now I am so wet from these hand cuffs." said Heather. "I know! I thought I was the only one. I felt Bucks gun on my back as he put my cuffs on. Then I realized that it was not his gun. Your right that big blonde is hot. You know I love checking you out while you shaved me this morning as we took a shower. She is bigger than both of us. I need to see her big breast and her huge booty. Damn I am soaked." said Ashley.

I heard Kimber sigh as her breathing got faster. I looked at her than back inside at the two girls. "I think there both ready Buck. What should we do?" Kimber said. "Reach into my draw. The 2nd draw on the metal filing cabinet. Pull out the medical bag." I said. Kimber opened the drawer. Then she opened the black leather medical bag. She found some adult toys. There was a big strap on dildo. It was purple with big bumps on the shaft. Just 12 inches long. There was even two big purple balls that hung underneath it. It had a small leather harness that fit around your thighs and held the big fake cock on the front. There was some lube and some small vibrators and different size anal plugs. "I like these Bucks. I see you have a plan. You know I love this fake cock. I love your cock more but this one is nice." Kimber said. "Bring the medical bag in. Put it on the floor. We get them just right. You can put it on and we can have some fun. Pull out the DVD camera in my desk. We may need to watch this one over again. You know, for training purposes." I said.

Kimber hit record on the DVD camera. She picked up the medical bag as we both walked into the interrogation room. "I just got of the phone with my boss. He has authorized me to ask some questions and to see what you two are hiding." I said. Kimber put the small medical bag on the floor near the table. Both girls were still hand cuffed as I read them there rights. When i got done they both shook there head "Yes!" I then walked behind Heather. I looked at Ashley. Who Mt Dew was this? Who bought it?" I said. "Its Ashley but I bought it for her at the hotel gift shop. Honestly we did not think it was a problem." said Heather. "It is. I am sorry to say. But this is serious. How do I know. You both might be terrorists or criminals." I said. "We were just on vacation. Were trying to get home before the holidays." said Ashley. "Likely story Boss. Let me at them. I will get these two liars to talk. Just give me the orders." said Kimber. I almost laughed this time.

"Wait! Officer Kimber let me talk to these two girls! I am going to take a drink from this Mt. Dew. Should I be worried?" I said. "No! Its just a Dew." said Ashley. I took a quick sip. It was definitely Mt. Dew. Very yellow and sweet. I swirled it around in my mouth. I took another sip. I then handed it to Kimber. She took a big sip. We both looked at each other. "Something funny about the taste Captain Buck. I think it taste weird." said Kimber. "I think you right officer Kimber." I said with a smile. "We just bought it. Like Heather said. Can we get a break or something. You two have been so nice to us. I think we learned are lesson." said Ashley. "We have learned are lesson. We have Sir and Mame." Heather said. "Wait! What did you say? Captain Buck is 24 and I am the same. My parents are Sir and Mame, not us little bitch. Let me at them Buck." said Kimber. I just smiled.

"Lets go through your two carry on bags." I said. Kimber dumped the first bag on the table. I pulled out a lighter and cigarettes. "I missed these earlier. This is bad. What's is in the small bag. Do you have drugs?" I said. "No! That my sleep medicine. I take it to fall asleep faster. Its prescribed by my doctor." said Ashley. I put there lighter, cigarettes and small bag next to the two Mt. Dews. I then dumped the next bag on the table. There were two pairs of platform heels in the bag. One was yellow. Almost the same color as Mt. Dew and the other was a big clear plastic platform heel. Both girls smiled as they saw there HO heels on the table. "We wore them to the club last night. It was our last night on vacation." said Ashley. Kimber put each girls purse on the table. Just lots of makeup and breath mints, and female products in each. I opened each girls wallet to find some condoms. "What do we have here?" I said. "They were going to put drugs in them and swallow them Captain Buck. Damn these two bitched are just asking for it." said Kimber. "We found those in our hotel room." said Ashley. "There not even ours. Were nice girls. You have to believe us." said Heather.

"I don't know what to believe anymore. There is a small table worth of illegal stuff to take on board a airplane. Your both killing me!!!" I said. "Maybe there hiding stuff on there bodies. Are you two girls hiding anything?" said Kimber "No we are not." said Ashley. "We better take a look. You both have been lieing up to this point. Both stand up and face the mirrors. On that side of the wall." I said. They were looking right at the camera in my office. "Put your feet apart. Spread them legs." said Kimber. She held Heather face against the mirror as she ran her hands all around Heather amazing figure. I watched as Kimber put her knee between Heather thighs to spread her legs apart. She then ran her hand inside her long blonde hair. She had Heather remove her red high heels boots. She then checked inside Heather red boots. I moved Ashley against the mirror to look away as Kimber licked the heel of Heather boot and then bend down to smell Heather ass. Kimber smiled as we both new Heather was very wet from being frisked. Next Kimber got up and wrapped her hands around Heather waist. She ran her hands under the thin red top. Kimber wrapped her small hands around Heather big breast under the red top and above her red bra. I could see Kimber tug on each nipple as she breathed in Heather right ear.

Next I held Heather against the mirror as Kimber began to frisk Ashley. I pushed my crotch and erection on Heather ass. I looked down to see Heather move her ass on the front of my pants. I could really smell how hot and wet she was. Kimber removed Ashley boots. She then licked the heels just like she had down to Heather boots. She then ran her hand between Ashley legs making her shake her ass in front of Kimber face. Kimber reached under Ashley mini skirt and felt her hot pussy on the outside of her silk panties. I was getting so hard. I wanted to just rip of my pants and start fucking each girl. But I had to wait. Next Kimber fondled Ashley fine breasts. She ran her hands down Ashley side stopping on the back of her big ass. She gave Ashley big ass a huge squeeze. "All clear Captain Buck. Nothing on these two bitches." said Kimber

"Sometime you miss things Officer Kimber. Put them back at the table. Give me your hands. Let me take off the cuffs. Now put your hands on the top of the table. Remove her cuffs Kimber and Heather you reach up and put you hands in those cuffs. That good girls. Are you both comfortable?" I said. "Yes I am." said Ashley. "Me too!" said Heather. Kimber eye got big as each girl was bent over on the table. Both girls were bare foot. Both there feet were on the floor. The front of there bodies were on the cold metal of the table. They had there hands in the hand cuffs on either side of each other. Both of there heads and faces were even with each other. They could see into each other eyes as the were only an inch apart. There sexy lips lips all most touched as they looked at each other. Both girls arms were stretched out above them. Ashley on the left and Heather on the right side of the table. There boobs were next to each other

I walked back to the mirrors on the side with Kimber. "This is so hot Buck. You are driving me crazy. My pussy is so wet. I am leaking inside my uniform pants. I need to fuck one of these girls right now." said Kimber. I just smiled. "OK! I need to see if I got this straight. You were at a club last night. All dressed up in those big heels. Now today you tried to board a plane with all this illegal items. Is that correct?" I said. "I guess." both girls said at the same time. "I am lost at the moment. Maybe we need to see how these heels fit you two. Maybe there illegal." I said. "Your right Buck. We better see." said Kimber. First she slipped the clear plastic platform heels on Heather feet. She pulled up her jeans to get on the heels. Next she put the yellow ones on Ashely feet.

"Follow my lead Office Kimber. Stand behind Heather. I will check Ashley. Girls now just relax. We are both professionals. We get no joy out of doing this. But I think your hiding more illegal items in your clothing. Kimber remove her jacket. You girls have matching white winter jackets. That is unusual." I said. I unzipped Ashley jacket and pulled it off and put on the floor. I could hear Heather jacket hit the floor next. Kimber smiled as each girl moved to let us take off there jackets. "Be careful! Now remove her jeans. Just slide them down to her ankles. That is good Officer Kimber. Very nice. Pull them over her wide hips." I said. I then unzipped the side of Ashley mini skirt. I took it off in one quick motion. I put it on her jacket. "What color our her panties Officer Kimber. I can't see around her hips. Arch your back. Oh, I see some nice red lace panties. Looks like you girls shop at the same place. This black pair your wearing is the same material." I said. I smiled at Kimber and Heather looked down to see what I was doing to her friend. Ashley eyes were closed.

I pushed my feet apart. I then moved my hips forward letting my hard cock inside my uniform pants rub on Ashley ass. She moved like her friend did next to the mirror earlier. "OK! Now pull down her top. That it Officer Kimber. Just leave it on her two wrist next to her hands. She likes it." I said. I pulled Ashley black wife beater over her head and down her arms to her hands still in handcuffs. She had on a huge black bra on. Her breast rested on the metal table. They had the same matching bras on. Ashley was black and Heather was red. I smiled as each girl was now looking at the other. I was waiting for them to stay stop. But there erect nipples and ass shaking was all I needed to hear. "There a metal hinge you need to move up on the back of the red bra Officer Kimber. I see you found it. That is nice. Just put her bra on the table in front of her. I removed Ashley next. I put her bra up against my nose to smell. I then did the same thing with Heather larger bra. "Very nice girls. I think we only have one more place to check." I said.

I looked down to see Ashley only had on her soaked black panties and yellow platform heels. Her friend was bent over with a pair of equally wet red panties and clear plastic platform heels. I saw Kimber had dropped her right hand on the back of Heather thick thighs. She was running her long finger nails up each side of Heather thighs. I looked down to see each girls large breast had spilled out on the sides of there bodies. Ashley nipples were hard and sticking straight out. Heather nipples were equally hard and wet on the tip. I had to fell them but I want to see what Ashley had under her sexy black panties. "OK! Office Kimber you may remove the defendants panties. That is very nice. Nice and slow. Bend at your knees and check between her thighs. I will do the same with Ashley." I said.

I pulled down Ashley wet panties to her ankles. She moved her feet inside the yellow heels allowing me to take them completely off. I looked under the table to see Kimber licking Heather panties in her mouth. I smelled Ashley panties as I smiled at Kimber. I looked between Ashley amazing thighs. She was correct when she said Heather had shaved her this morning before they left the hotel. There were very fine red bumps around her nude pussy. I could see her cunt lips trying to get out of her tight pussy. I looked over her huge ass to see Kimber was getting back up off the floor. I stood up and dropped Ashley panties on her winter jacket and mini skirt. I could now smell both girls as the each wiggled there ass on the table. Each girls nipples were now turning darker as they were dieing to have someone play with them.

I walked down passed Ashley to see Heather pussy from behind. She was very hot as her pussy was very full of blonde hairs. I could see her big wet cunt lips out and very wet. I looked at Kimber who had walked down to inspect Ashley. I smiled as Kimber dropped her hand down to scratch her big long finger nails on Ashley large ass. I then walked down to Ashley and stood behind her rubbing my crotch on her ass as she wiggled on the metal table. Kimber was back behind Heather and looked at me. Both girls still had not said anything. "Do you girls have any objection of what we are doing. I need to check one more thing and then you can put your clothes back on." I said. "No! I told you we were not hiding anything." said Ashley. "No! Is it normal to get this excited from being searched." Heather moan under her breath.

I just smiled. "Boss! Is it time for a cavity search. I need to see what this blonde bitch has hidden." said Kimber. "Yes! Go nice and slow officer Kimber. Please start with one finger and then call me if you find something. Girls this hurts us more than its does you. We are just doing our jobs. I take no pleasure in this." I said. (I lied. It was all pleasure at the moment. God these two are so fucking hot and sexy.) Both were now naked except for there platform whore heels. I looked down at Ashley naked body. I could see she was excited as I ran my big hands all over her ass and then down her gorgeous thighs. I squatted down on my knees and had her nude pussy starring me right in the face. I could smell her more now as she turned her head trying not to stare at her friends face. Heather had a big smile on her face and was moaning from what Kimber was doing to her.

I could hear the sounds of Kimber finger entering and exiting Heather hairy pussy. I could see Kimber feet were wider than Heather on the other side of the table. I ran my fingers up Ashley thighs and than fondled her butt some more. I moved my face inches from her pussy. I licked my right index finger getting it nice and wet. I put the tip of my finger on Ashley pussy entrance. She breathed hard then moan very loud as I enter her tight pussy. My finger slid right into my big knuckle. I started to move it in a clock wise motion. "Oh God! Yes!" said Ashley. "Officer what are you doing. I am going to exploded on your face. Yes! Yes!" said Heather. "I'll tell you when you can come blonde bitch. Now I am still looking you better not cum on my two fingers you little bitch." said Kimber. My cock was rock solid as I dropped my left hand on the front of my uniform pants. I moved my 9 3/4 inch cock inside my pants as I moved my finger in her wet snatch.

I pulled my index finger out nice and slow. I left a big trail of Ashley pussy juices on my finger coming out of her pussy. I licked my finger, than I licked my middle finger. I put both my wet fingers into Ashley tight pussy. This time I lean forward to lick her pussy. I had my two finger buried deep inside her as I used my tongue to lick her labia and cunt lips. I sucked on them as she started to scream. "Yes! Yes! Arrgghhhh! God I'm cumming. Please don't stop. Keep eating my pussy." Ashley moaned. I had my face in her ass as I ate her tight pussy. She orgasm again when I took out my fingers. I spread her pussy lips apart eating her from the top of her pussy to the top of her ass crack. She did not protest when I licked her ass hole. She was getting more wet. "Ok! Bitch! Flood my mouth." said Kimber. I then heard Heather orgasm as Kimber sucked her pussy. "I am checking your ass hole next Blondie. With that the whole table moved as Kimber slapped Heather big ass and jammed a finger in her ass hole. "OHHHHHHHHHHhhhhh Damn I can feel your long finger nail inside my ass hole." said Heather.

After 10 minutes. "Kimber did you find anything?" I said. "No! Captain Buck. That is a negative on this end." Kimber said. I stood up and looked over at Kimber. She stood up with Heather juices on her uniform. "I think you may find something in there. You need to get the instrument out of the medical bag. I will use what I have." I said. Kimber walked over and picked up the medical bag. Ashley moved her face back to see what Kimber was opening up. Heather eyes got big when she saw the huge 12 inch strap on dildo coming out of the medical bag. I walked over to take out a big purple butt plug. I held it in my hand not looking at the girls on the metal table. I walked behind Ashley and looked down. I placed the butt plug onthe metal chair near me.

I started to unbutton my uniform shirt. I took off my police hat. I then undid the boots I was wearing. I saw Kimber left the big strap on between the girls faces. They were each licking the big fake purple cock. I took off my belt, gun and night stick. I placed them on the floor. I took of my tie, followed by my blue police shirt. I then took off my white wife beater shirt next. I placed them both on my belt. I saw Kimber take off her clothes. She was now completely naked. Her nipples were rock hard as she touched them and then her big blonde pussy. I took of my pants nice and slow as Heather and Kimber watched. Ashley tried to look over her shoulder put could not. Kimber picked up her strap on. She placed the harness around her thighs and walked back behind Heather.

"Awwwww fuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!" said Heather. She had the head of the big purple cock inside Heather pussy. I took of my underwear next. My cock sprang out hitting my hard abs. I looked down to see a big drop of pre-cum on the tip. I got right behind Ashley. She wiggled her ass and pussy at my cock. I eased my hips forward as I slowly entered her tight pussy. Ashley pussy muscles clamped down on my cock as I started to fuck her nice and slow. I could hear both girls try to move there hands in the hand cuffs. The metal clang on the metal table as I fucked Ashley harder. Kimber had half of the fake cock in side Heather. Each girl was moaning as we fucked them harder. The table was bouncing and scratching the floor as each girl looked at each other. I then saw Heather start to kiss Ashley. There tongues were inside each others sexy mouths as Kimber grabbed Heather hips and plunged farther into her tight pussy. I picked up the pace in fucking Ashley harder as she now had all 9 3/4 inches of my cock inside her hot box. I could feel her ass against my abs as I fucked her harder.

"Buck! I think I found something. Can you come here." said Kimber. I with drew from Ashley pussy. My dick was coated from her juices. I walked as my cock moved back and forth in front of me. I saw Heather eyes get big as I walked around her. I looked down to see Kimber strap on was coated in Heather juices. "Do you see it?" said Kimber I just smiled as Kimber had a finger in Heather ass. I watched as Kimber grabbed a purple anal plug. She licked the tip then stuck it in Heather ass hole. Kimber than grabbed my cock and guided it into Heather tight pussy. I started to fuck Heather as Kimber held the anal pug in Heather ass. I started to kiss Kimber as she fed me her big breast in my open mouth. I was sucking Kimber breast and fucking Heather wet pussy. The smell of sex filled the room as Heather orgasm on my cock. I looked down at Ashley who was kissing Heather lips. She winked at me as I withdrew from her friends pussy.

I walked down to Ashley. I picked up the black anal plug I left on the metal chair near the table. Kimber looked at me from the right side. She spit on her big fake cock. I guided the big tip into Ashley sweet pussy. I then put the butt plug in Ashley tight hole. She was now being fucked hard my Kimber. She was spreading Ashley little pussy lips wider. I could see her mouth open as Heather licked Ashley face and mouth with her long tongue. I slapped Ashley big ass as Kimber slapped Ashley other butt cheek. I got behind Kimber. I reached around to play with her big breast. I started to slap them together. I looked at the mirror and smiled. I was hoping to watch the DVD later after work. I just smiled as I felt Kimber begin to shake. I had put my cock in her tight pussy. I was fucking Kimber from behind as she fucked Ashley. I was pounding Kimber tight pussy as she tried to fuck Ashley. "I missed your pussy Kimber. Its so nice. Do you love my real cock more than the fake cocks you take after work?" I said. She just groaned real loud and came on my cock.

We switched positions a few more times, taking turns fucking each girl. I was close to cumming now after fucking these hot big gurls. I pulled out of Ashley and stepped back. I motion for Kimber to take off there hand cuffs. Each girl was free to move. The both got off the metal table. They each had problems walking after we had fucked them so hard and used there bodies. The two girls got on there knees in front of me and Kimber. Heather still had her jeans and panties around her ankles. Heather stuck Kimber fake cock in her mouth sucking off the pussy juices. Ashley grabbed my cock and started to suck my cock. Kimber took her fake cock out of Heather mouth and got on her knees between the girls. They were all jacking my cock with there small hands. I arched my back and stuck out my hard cock in there hands. Kimber grabbed her breast as I started to cum. I blasted each girls face and breast as they screamed. I looked down to see each girl was cleaning off the other.

1 Month later:

"I have a code 69 at gate 12" I said. "Yes Captain Buck." said a female voice. "Mame come with me. I have a report you brought a bottle water on board. Will you come with me. I need to investigate some more." I said. I walked her down to my office. I had her wait outside in hand cuffs as I hit the record button on my camera. I then opened the interrogation room. "Step inside Mame." I said. I walked her over and took off her hand cuffs as the door behind me opened up. I heard 4 sets of high heels enter the room. They all lined up with the girl with the biggest boobs followed by the next and so on. "Office Kimber, Officer Heather and Detective Ashley and my secretary Chi Chi. Nice for you to all come and help me. We have a code 69. I will need some assistance with Mrs. T, she has been very bad today.


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