Saturday, December 12, 2009

Christmas Present - A night with a stranger - An Adult Story

"Bang! Ker plunk!!!!!" I then heard some metal grinding on metal. I had just rented a car from the airport this morning. I flew into LAX a short time ago. I was in California on business. I was heading out to a small town on the coast. I looked in the rear view to see there was no one behind me. I turned on my blinker to get over. I opened the driver side door. I looked at the back of the car. I had a huge flat tire. I must have run over a huge nail or something. I pulled out my cell phone. Damn no bars out here. I could feel the heat on my head as I stood along the road. I had a flat tire. I was in the middle of now where. I had nothing to eat or drink in the car. I popped the trunk. I pulled out the spare. Fuck it was flat too. I shook my head as I wiped the sweat from my palms on my jeans.

I looked around again. I was definitely out in the middle of now where. I looked at my watch as I pulled out my small suitcase. I put my laptop bag over my left shoulder. I started to pull my suitcase behind me on the asphalt. I walked for about thirity minutes before I saw a car approaching. I stopped to turn around. I then saw the car speed up as I stuck my hands up to try to get it to slow down. The woman driver passed me with out even slowing down. I kept walking. I stopped on the side of the road to catch my breath. I was in good shape but the heat was getting to me. I left Baltimore it was close to 40 with a chance of snow. Now it was in the 80's with a chance of more sun. I was pretty sure there would not be a white Christmas out here this year as I started to walk again.

I walked for another hour before I saw the sun was going down. It was close to 4pm when I finally spotted a house down from the main road. It looked like a nice house. There were some cars in the driveway. There were some kids toy in the lawn. I walked down to see if I could use there phone. I saw some Christmas lights and Santa on the roof. I spotted a wreath on the front door to the house. I stopped when I heard a wrench fall on the ground behind me. I looked over in front of the garage to see a large gentleman bending over to pick up a wrench. He held his large hand on the car hood to pick up his wrench. He smiled as he waved for me to come over to his car.

"Hey! You lost man." he said. "My rental car broke down. The rear tire and the spare tire our both flat. I have been walking for some time. Yours is the first house I have seen all day. Not may people on the road either. I could not get a signal on my cell. I was hoping I might use your phone to call the rental car place." I said. "Sure! By the way, my name Marc. Glad to meet you. Sure you can come in and use the phone. I like to work on cars and trucks. I could probably fix the flat for you. Could be a few days until the rental car company gets up here to give you a new car." Marc said. "Nice to meet you Marc. My name Buck. Sounds great. Your probably right. Might take them a day or two to get out here. Not a big priority to pick up a stranded sales man. Lead the way. I like you car your working on. Muscles cars are cool." I said.

"Yeah! Follow me. Need any help with your luggage?" he said. "No! I am good." I said. We made some small talk as I walked behind him toward the house. He had dropped his kids of at his parents this morning for the weekend. His wife was at the grocery store. She was do back at any time. He held the door open as I walked into the kitchen. I picked up the phone to call the rental car place. It was already closed for the day but I left a message to have them call me back. I looked down my jeans. My white low top tennis shoes were dark brown from the dirt on the road. My white t-shirt was sweaty as I stood next to the kitchen table. Marc poured me a cold glass of water as I hung up the phone. I drank the water quickly and handed him the glass. He opened the fridge next and handed me a cold beer.

He clinked my glass as he sipped his beer. I left my suit case in the kitchen and walked toward the living room. The living room was decorated with a big eight foot Christmas tree on one end. There were plenty of lights on the tree. There was a ton of ornaments and allot of Winne the Pooh Christmas items decorating the living room. I smiled as I sat on the couch. Just then I heard a car door slam. I then saw Marc get out of his chair and walk toward his front door. "Let me give you hand. I got something to tell you. Hold on." he said. I got up off the couch and walked over to the main window in the living room. I looked out into the front lawn. I then looked at the mini van in the driveway. I could see Marc getting out some grocery from the back.

A few seconds later I had to catch my breath. I saw a very sexy woman walk in front of Marc. Was this his wife. I was at a lost for words. I had a thing for voluptuous women. I love a woman with curves. I especially like women who are confident in there bodies. They don't let anyone or anybody tell them what they can't do. I put down my beer on the coffee table. I turned to see her and Marc walk into the living room. She had long brunette hair down to her shoulders. She had on a pair of 4 inch wooden heels that matched her black top. Her sexy red lips matched her finger and toe nails. She wore a short denim mini skirt. Her black top stretched over her large breast. It was tied in knot just below her amazing ass. She put her hands on her sexy hips and looked me up and down. I was trying not to stare.

"Buck this is wife Cali. Cali this is the guy I was telling you about. His car had a flat. He is trying to call the rental car place, to see if he can get a new car. I told him I drive him back to his car. I know I can fix the flat for him." Marc said. "Nice to meet you. No problem. Marc is good with fixing cars. I like to work on them too. I am good at working with my hands. I got some steaks for the grill if you like to eat with us." she said. "Sure! That sounds very nice. I have not had anything to eat all day. They used to give you the bag of peanuts on the plane. But they don't even do that anymore." I said. They both laughed as I went out to help with the grocery. I put the plastic bags in front of my crotch. I was trying to hide the bulge inside my jeans. I was getting very turned on by this hot sexy woman. She was the type, that heads turned when she entered a room.

We made small talk in the kitchen. After a few minutes. "Buck! You must be exhausted and tired. Why don't you let us start dinner. I will set the table. Honey you start the steaks. Buck why don't you go upstairs and take a quick shower. I know you feel better. After dinner we can all go get your car. How does that sound?" she said. I saw Marc grab the steaks and head out side to start the grill. She took some plates out of the cabinet over the sink. She reached up to the top shelf. Her mini skirt road up her amazing ass giving me a small glimpse of her soft tan thighs. I froze as I spotted the under side of her ass cheeks move under her mini skirt. I reached for my suitcase. I put my suitcase in front of my crotch hiding my bulge as I walked up the stairs to the second floor.

I walked down the hall to last door on the left. I looked inside to see a small bathroom. There was small toilet and sink. Next to the sink was a bathtub/shower. I pulled back the shower curtain. I started the water as I took off my clothes. I grabbed some soap from my luggage. I climbed in under the hot water. I started to soap my chest as I looked down. My cock was semi hard. I started to touch myself. I had Marc wife still in my mind as all 9 3/4inches of my cock was now hard in my left hand. I leaned my hard naked ass against the back wall as the water cascaded down my body. I looked up to see the shower curtain move. There was light breeze that hit the shower curtain. I put my head out the shower curtain to see the bathroom door was slightly open. I took my hand off my cock and finished showering.

I combed my short hair. I put on some body spray, deodorant and brushed my teeth. I then put on a black t-shirt. I put on some dark blue Calvin Klein boxer briefs. I pushed my semi hard cock just under the waist band. I slid on some tight dark blue jeans. I went bare foot. I did not want to feel any shoes on my feet after walking so much today. I put my dirty clothes in a bag inside the front part of my luggage. I looked in the mirror and smiled. A few minutes later I was in the kitchen again. Marc came in with the steaks as Cali passed me another beer.

We made some more talk over dinner. I tried not to stare at Marc wife but it was hard not to check her out as she sat across from me. I helped clean up the table after dinner. Marc went into the living room as I helped with the dishes. I had a hard time being next to Cali as she passed me the dishes. She rubbed her large breast against my elbow a few times, sending shock waves up my spine. I could only smile at the end when she bent over to put some dish washing liquid in the dishwasher, I got to see she was wearing a thin black thong that left nothing to the imagination. I had been with other married women over the years. But I had never lusted at a married women with her husband just in the next room. Especially not some who I had just met a few hours ago.

I walked behind Cali into the living room. "Buck! Listen I know you want to go get your car tonight. It already dark out. Plus you guys both had a few beers. Maybe you can wait until tomorrow to go get it. We can all get up early and drive to get it. Marc and I don't have any plans. Do we sweetie?" she said. Marc shook his head "No!" "Your probably right. If you don't mind. I can call the rental place again in the morning. Maybe they can send out another car in case this one can't be fixed. Plus your right we have been drinking." I said. "Great! If you want you can sleep on the couch. I'll bring you a pillow and some blankets. You two will have to excuse me. I am going to go take a shower and get into something more comfortable." she said. I watched as Cali walked upstairs. I watched as her sexy legs disappeared from view.

We made some small talk watching the game. The Raiders were winning as I checked the other scores. About an hour late I saw Cali coming down the stairs. She had changed her clothes. She was now wearing a white outfit under her big fluffy white cotton robe. I could not make out what she wearing as Marc had another beer. She was wearing some white fluffy slippers as she walked passed me on the couch. She turned on the Christmas tree. She was making me forget about the game as she walked around the room. A few minutes went bye as she checked the front door. She then walked back toward Marc in his chair. "Good night Buck. I am glad you decided to wait until tomorrow to get your car. You boys don't stay up to late. Marc I will be upstairs." she said. I then followed her luscious ass going up the stairs. I had to shift on the couch to hide my bulge in my jeans.

It was close to an hour later and a few more drinks before Marc got up. He walked passed me to go upstairs. He clicked off a few lights. "When you want to go to bed. Just clap your hands twice. The tree will shut off. Later man." he said. I watched as he climbed the stairs. I unbutton my shirt down to the top of my jeans. It was a little hot in the living room. I put the small pillow on the end of the couch. I put the blanket on the floor. I then laid on my back. I was watching the lights on the Christmas tree before I closed my eyes. I was still thinking about Marc wife when I heard a noise upstairs. It sounded like a door closing. Then some heels clicked across the wooden floor toward the stairs. I opened my right eye when I heard the hand rail leading down the stairs move.

My other eye opened to take in a sexy pair of white heels coming down the stairs. I then saw some curvy legs, followed by some juicy thighs. I gulped hard when I realized Marc wife was at the bottom of stairs. She was wearing the same white robe from earlier. This time she had the front open more. I could see she was wearing a white fishnet outfit under her robe. I could not tell how far it ran down her voluptuous body. She stopped to put her hands on her hips. "Oh! I hope I did not wake you Buck. I just needed to get some water. I saw the tree was still on down here. I thought I better investigate. How is the couch?" she said. "The couch is nice. I was a little warm so I put the blanket on the floor. I hope you don't mind I like your Christmas tree." I said. She smiled as strutted passed me towards the kitchen. I was breathing heavier as I watched her whole body shake as she walked.

I could feel my cock getting harder inside my underwear. I heard the fridge open. Then I heard it close. A few seconds later I saw Cali walk back into the living room. She walked over to the couch and handed me a bottle water. "Can you open this Buck. I can't seem to get the cap off. Thank you! Honey!" she said. I watched her take the water out of my hand. She leaned back to take a sip. When she did her breast expanded out her robe. The thin white fishnet material could barely contain her nice breast. I watched as her right nipple got instantly hard rubbing against the fishnet material. She then looked down at me. "Would you like a sip?" she said. "Yes! I am kinda of thirsty. Thank you!" I said. I took a sip watching her the whole time.

"So Buck...Are you married?..Do you have a girl friend?.." she said. "No! and No! I don't have time for a girl friend. I have really not found anyone I care to spend some time with at the moment. Are we making to much noise?" I said. "OK! That is nice. No! Were not making to much noise. It's all good. My husband can sleep through anything. Plus were just talking." she said. I laughed. I watched her walk over to the coffee table. She put the empty water bottle on the edge. She then walked over to the Christmas tree. She bent over showing off her amazing ass. I watched as her robe opened in the back showing off her sexy legs. I could tell the white fishnet covered her thick ass as she kept talking to me. I then watched her stand on her tippy toes trying to get something off the top branch. "Do you need some help?" I said. "Yes, I do! Can you come here. Behind the tree is a step ladder. This Christmas tree is big. Can you reach the angel on top?" she said.

I got off the couch. I walked over with my shirt unbutton on the front. I walked passed her to get the small step ladder. I put it at the base of the tree in front of her. It was on the side of the tree. My left leg touched some of the branches. I climbed the two steps. "Where is it? Oh! How do you want her moved?" I said. I looked down to see Cali looking up at me. She placed her hand on the top of her head. I looked down to see more of her breast sticking out of her robe. She then put her left hand on my right leg just above my knee. I gulped as she stopped looking at the angel on the tree and back at my crotch. I was semi hard and was pressing against my underwear. I watched as she moved her hand up my thigh stopping just under my cock. I moved the angel back in place on the tree. It was nice and straight as I felt Cali hand inch closer to my erection. "Buck! That is perfect. Sorry! You are very distracting. You must work out allot. I'm sorry I touched your leg. I saw something move. Are you OK? Do you need to get down now?" she said. I smiled as I felt her hand back on the side of my jeans. This time she ran her up the back of my thigh to my ass. I felt her move her small hand around my rear pocket.

I was not sure what she was doing. But whatever it was was driving me crazy. I then felt her free hand on my inner thigh. I watched as she did not say anything. She had one hand playing with my hard ass in my jeans. The other hand had moved to the front of my jeans. She touched the outside of my cock with her finger nails. My cock inched down my leg toward her finger nails. She sighed as she put her hand on the front of my crotch. She could feel how hard she was making me. She did not say anything still. She then unbuckled my jeans. She pulled open my black leather belt. She started to unzip my jeans. I felt her hands pull down my jeans to my ankles. I was now standing on the top step of the small ladder with my jeans around my ankles. My cock pushed the dark material of my boxer briefs forward. She moaned as she felt my legs move to kick off my jeans to the floor.

I felt her hand go under my boxier briefs in the back. She ran her soft hands all over my naked butt as she looked up at me. I could see her breathing increased as she looked into my blue eyes. I watched as she moved around the front of the step ladder. She was under my cock as she looked up. I could feel her breath on my thighs as she put her hands on my ankles. She ran her hands up feeling my tones muscular legs. I bite my lip as I felt her hands on my boxer briefs. "Are you hiding something under your underwear young man. Did you take my Christmas gift from Santa. I better check inside." she said. I then felt her fingers grab a hold of my boxer briefs. I then felt them around my knees as my cock sprang out. She looked up to see the tip of my cock glisten. "MMMmmmm I like Buck. I have been good this year. I need a big young cock so I can get back in the naughty list." she moaned.

She tried to reach up to get my cock but she was having problems reaching it. I could feel her fingers on my big naked balls as she pushed her covered breast on my legs. I bent my knees so she could touch it. She started to jack my cock as I moved down to let her get a better grip. She then pulled me down the two steps to the floor. She moved quickly around the step ladder. She now had my cock in her mouth as I placed my hands on her head. I felt her soft red lips sucking my cock. She used her tongue to swirl around my long shaft. She cupped my balls. She ran her hands round my ass as she sucked me harder. I was having trouble keeping my balance as she sucked my cock and I leaned back to give feed more in her mouth. She pulled my underwear off and placed them on the floor. I heard the door upstairs creek. Then heard some foot steps. I figured Marc was going to see what his wife was up to. After a few minutes and not seeing him chase me out of the house for having his wife suck my cock. I forgot about him for the moment.

I could feel Cali mouth suck my cock to the base. Her lips were all around my cock as she sucked harder and harder. She was a very good cock sucker. I moved my hips back. This caused my cock to exit her hot mouth. She dropped to her knees as I spanked her face with my erect cock. She was trying to grab it with her mouth as I beat her chin, lips and forehead with my cock. After a few minutes I stood her up off her feet. We started to kiss. I ran my hands inside her white robe. I untied the front letting her robe fall open. I then pulled her robe down to the floor next to the tree. I moved her around so her ass was against my hard cock. She moaned as she felt my cock trying to get inside the white fishnets. I ran my cock between her legs rubbing it against her engorged pussy. She then felt my hands on her big breast as I played with them. They were still encased in the fishnets. Like my cock. My hands were looking for a hole to do more to her.

She was moaning louder as I found a small hole next to her hip. I puled it open with my index finger. It was hard to open. "Wait! Wait just one second." Cali said. I let her go as she walked over to the side of the tree. She took out a box from underneath the tree. She pulled out some scotch tape and a pair of scissors. She looked at me as she walked toward me. She handed me the scissors. I moved her around so her ass touched my cock again. I looked over her shoulder as I cut a small hole next to each nipple. Her nipples were hard as she grind her ass against my cock. She was getting turned on by me making holes in her white fishnets outfit. I moved my two fingers inside to tug on her erect nipples. She screamed as her body shook on mine. I was not sure she orgasm but there was a new smell in the living room. I could smell her sex burning up.

She grabbed the scissors and cut a small hole near her pussy. She opened it up with her fingers. I then felt her guide my cock inside the fishnets. I felt the tip of her bald pussy. I felt her cunt lips move as my cock inserted inside her small tight opening. She moaned in my arms. I got an inch, then two inside her. Each time her pussy pushed me out. She moaned again as I got half inside her. I ripped the two holes next to her nipples. I then moved her large breast through the openings. She now had her breast in the holes as my cock entered her from behind. I fondled her breast and bite her neck as she orgasm for the first time on my cock. I fell out, then jammed it back inside her. She screamed as I started to walk her toward the back of the step ladder. She gripped the metal on the back of the step ladder as I fucked her faster. "Harder! Harder! Harder! Faster you fucker...fuck me!" she moaned I had a hold of her hips as I fucked her faster.

I finally pulled out after 10 minutes of fucking her from behind. She looked over her shoulder. I laid down on my back. I was right next to the Xmas tree. She moved down so her knees were on either side of my hips. She pushed her bald wet pussy on my cock. She inserted my hard cock back inside as she put her hands on my chest. I put her right nipple in my mouth as she fucked me. I picked her up and slammed her on my cock. She was making noise as I fucked her faster. I had my cock buried deep inside. "I need to taste your cock. Cum for me. Shoot your big load in my mouth. I know you have alott in those young balls. Shoot it all over me sexy." she said. With that. She quickly got off me. She put her pussy on my legs as she jacked my cock in her mouth. I could feel her mouth grip my shaft and the tip of my head. My legs shook. She smiled as her mouth filled up. I could feel the 6-7 big shots of cum as it hit her hot mouth. She cleaned me off as my cock fell out of her mouth.

Cali got off me and went into the kitchen. She came back with another bottle of water. I took a big sip. She drank the rest. When she got done I grabbed the bottle and placed it on the coffee table. I turned around to see her sitting on the couch. She had her legs open. She was playing with her pussy. She had two fingers in her wet snatch. "God you opened me right up. Oh God! Yes! I never got three fingers in me before." she said. I was rock hard watching her. I got on my knees and crawled over to her on the couch. She felt my mouth on her fingers that were inside her sweet pussy. I licked her labia on the top as her pussy walls clamped down on her fingers. She pulled her fingers out and placed them in my mouth. I licked her fingers clean then stuck my mouth on her pussy. I started to eat her nice and slow. I licked the bottom of her ass to the top of her pussy. I did this a few times as she tried to catch her breath. She had one more orgasm flushing my mouth before I got off my knees.

I pushed her legs apart. She watched as my cock went right for her pussy. She moaned when she felt I was back inside her tight pussy. She held onto my neck as I sucked her nipples and fucked her at the same time. I fucked her faster and slammed my body on hers. I kept up the pace as she screamed. "Faster! Faster! Don't stop! Don't stop! Yes! Yes! Yes! God you cock so deep inside me." she said. Her eyes were tearing up I fucked her harder. After 30 minutes I slammed my cock all the way inside her. She moved her hands from my hips to my ass. She held my cock inside her as I tensed up. I could feel my cock exploded her wet pussy. She grunted and I moaned. Then after a few minutes I pulled out and sat next to her on the couch.

I watched as Cali gave me a deep kiss. I then saw her pick up her robe. She walked passed the tree to the stairs. She clapped her hands twice and the lights on the tree went out. I then heard her and another pair of feet walk back to the master bedroom. I heard the door close. Then I heard a bed squeak as I put on my clothes and lied back on the couch.

I awoke to the smell of bacon and eggs. I walked into the kitchen. "Hey sleepy head. Marc went to go get you car already. He already called and your car is on its way back as we speak. I made you some breakfast." Cali said. I sat down at the kitchen table. My mouth was wide open. Marc wife was naked with a small apron tied around her waist. She looked at me and gave me a wink. A minutes later she had her elbows on the table and her pussy on my cock. She was riding my cock as I fucked her very hard sitting down. I slapped her ass as she rode my cock. I heard the front door to the house open. I then looked to my left and say Marc in the kitchen. "Don't stop fucking me honey. Don't worry about him. He watched us last night and fucked me until the early morning. He will get his turn after I am through with my Christmas present. This year he gave me a night with a stranger for my Christmas gift. I am just glad you got a flat and walked to our house. I guess I will be on the naughty list a little longer this year.


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