Sunday, November 15, 2009

Singles Night at the Holiday Inn - An Adult Story

It was late Friday. I was just getting out of work heading home. I wanted to take off the suite and tie before I went out for the night. I quickly took a shower and shaved. I got a haircut during my lunch. I even had time to get my nails done while I was waiting. I came down stairs in my house. I had put on some cologne and checked myself in the mirror. I had on a pair of dark blue jeans. I put on some dark blue Calvin Klein boxer briefs. I moved my cock down my right inner thigh. A black shirt that was one size to small. It hugged my athletic frame. I put on a black leather belt, some black socks, a new pair of black leather shoes. I put on a new gold necklace that hung just below my neck. I checked the weather outside. It was cool. I brought my black leather motor cycle jacket just in case. I left it in the SUV.

I headed out. It was close to 10pm. I pulled into the Holiday Inn parking lot. It was about 30 minutes from my house. It was singles night in the bar. I had worked at the hotel in the past. I help set up the computer system they use. They still call me once in awhile for help. I used to work nights when I helped installed the computer system. The first thing I found out was the bar was always packed for singles night on Friday night. First I thought only singles went on Friday to the bar. It turned out there was always a few married people in the mix. Most were either separated or a few were cheating on there spouses. More men than women I imagined.

But there was always a few women who were brought by there husbands. It seems there husbands had fantasies about seeing there wives picked up my single guys. I used to shake my head when the guys at the front desk would point them out. The wives were dropped off by there husbands. They were usually older but sometime younger. They were always dressed up. Very high heels, lots of makeup and very short dresses. Then there husbands would come to the bar later and watch there wife in action. Most would dance with different guys. A few would back out and a few would get a room for about an hour. I was always kinda of intrigued and curious to watch. I never thought I would have an impulse to actually go back to the hotel and see if a could find one of these women. But here I was shutting off my SUV in the far end of the parking lot.

I could see the bouncer outside the door to the bar. I checked my watch. I looked down to see my cock twitch in my jeans. I'll admit I was pretty horny sitting in my SUV. It had been a few seeks since I had sex. It had been a few days since I got so horny online that I spanked one out at work in my office. If my leather couch could talk. It helps to have my own office. My secretary giggles when I locked the door and tell her to hold my calls. I looked out the window. I wanted to wait a few more minutes before going in. I was hoping to spot a car with a couple in it. Maybe just getting there. Then I could maybe see what the husband or boy friend looked like before I got to the bar. Plus the women had to be a bigger woman than most. I prefer the bodacious woman. The sexy and cute BBW. I got addicted to them from my big butt neighbor. She consoled me after my break up last year. She had a appetite of sex 24/7. I'm just sorry she had to move to Florida.

I took my hand off the steering wheel. I checked my watch again. I saw some lights from a car pass the front of my SUV. I saw a woman get dropped off by some of her girl friends. Then the car parked and the other girls got out. I waited a few more minutes to see a few more cars park. I was having no luck. I was just about ready to go in and have a drink. I turned my head to see a car pass in front of me. I saw a blonde woman sitting in the back seat. I saw the driver was an older guy. He had dark black hair. He was dressed in a grey suit and tie. He parked the car about two spots behind where I was parked. I moved to the back seat to see them in there car.

They talked for about 20 minutes before she got out. She looked very nervous. She was about 5ft 7 with long curly blonde hair just passed her shoulders. She was wearing a very small animal print cocktail dress. The dress was pulled tight over her large breast and just under her large ass. She looked like an old pin up model from the fifties and sixties. She was maybe in her forties but she looked amazing. She had 4inch black pumps on her feet. She had some black fishnets that were pulled tight on her long curvy legs. I was sure they were held up by some large garters around her thick thighs. My mouth dropped open. My next immediate thought was to get into the bar before she got there. I was worried that some other guy would scoop her up. She was bending over talking to the guy in the driver side seat.

I quickly got out of SUV. I walked up to the bar. The two bouncers let me right in. I walked over to the bar to get a drink. I just turned when the bartender handed me a drink. She said it was from a girl at the end of the bar. I looked down to see a girl who was not my type. I turned to give the drink to this guy sitting to my right. I pointed to the girl. He smiled and went down to see her. I sat down in his bar stool to look for the woman from the parking lot. I got a beer while I waited for her. It was another 10 minutes before she came in. I watched as she walked to the corner of the bar. She found a small table with one bar stool in front of it. I sipped my beer.

There was maybe 100 people in the bar. I did not see anyone I knew. Which was a good thing. I sat there thinking of what I do next. I watched as the woman got herself a rum and coke. I watched two guys go up to her. Both times they left with no more than a smile from her. Maybe I was wrong about her. Maybe she was waiting for the guy in the car with her. Twenty minutes later I saw the guy walk right in front of me. He got himself a drink. He actually put his arm in front of my face to get his beer. He then sat down at a table near me. He looked around spotting the woman. He pushed his beer at the edge of the table. He then reached into his sports coat and pulled out his cell phone. He pushed a button. A split second later I saw the girl open her purse. She pulled out her cell phone. I got up of my bar stool. I stood behind him. He was telling her to relax. "Haley! You know what we talked about. It's you duty. Do your duty for me. The next guy to approach you. I want you to say no! I will tell you when its time to say "Yes!"...Do you duty." he said.

I moved back to my bar stool. I was not sure what to do next. I had to keep watching. A few minutes later a guy approached the woman. He got a smile and walked away from her. This went on for some time. After about an hour I saw the man go to the bathroom. I waited for him to return. Just like before I got up and walked behind him. He picked up his phone. "OK! Haley are you ready. I know your nervous. You must do your duty for me. Not this guy but the next guy comes up to you. I want you to smile and have him sit next to you. This pleases me so much. Your making your husband very proud. Do your duty." he said. I walked back to my bar stool. I smiled at the bartender. I got two Rum and Cokes and gave her a tip.

I walked around the bar. I walked so the guy could not see me before I got to his wife. I had to wait for the next guy to talk to her. This took about 5 minutes. He got the brush off just like the others. It was now or never. I walked over and put the mix drinks on the table in front of her. She still looked very nervous. "Hi! How are you? I could not help notice you needed another drink." I said. "Ummm thank you. What is it?" she said. "You look like a Rum and Coke girl. Am I right?" I said with a big smile. "Yes! Most every guy who came over here tried to bring me a beer or wine. Your the first mix drink guy." she said with a smile. "Nice. My name Buck by the way." I said. She smiled. "My name H..HHHH...Haley." she said. She did not make up a fake name. I thought that was a good sign. "Nice to meet you Haley." I said. I sipped my drink as she picked up her cell phone.

She was talking as I checked her out. She had some small gold bracelets on her left wrist. She a big gold necklace, with a heart shaped pendant that rested between her lower cleavage. Her dress scooped along the front showing off her breathtaking tan breast. She was not wearing a bra. I was not sure about her wearing panties. I did not see and lines on her dress from any under garments. I could smell her sexy perfume as she talked on the phone. I was pretty sure it was her husband giving her instructions. I waited a few more seconds. I turned to see the dance floor was packed. I then looked at her and smiled. She hung up her phone. "Sorry about that. Work. My day never done. The boss still giving me my duties." she giggled. "Would you like to dance?" I said. "Umm sure. If you like to dance with an old lady. How old are you Buck?" she said. I knew she was much older. She was hotter than anybody at the bar. I just got up quick. I moved her bar stool back. I helped her off the bar stool.

She smiled as she held my elbow to the dance floor. She left her small animal print purse on the bar stool. She looked over at her husband. He smiled. I then started to dance with her. She moved very well. She was quite the good dancer. I did everything to keep up with her. She was shaking her ass very nice. A few guys and two girls turned there heads to watch her ass shake. I just got behind her and smiled. This went on for two more fast songs before they started to play a slow number. "You probably want to go back to the table now Buck?" Haley said. "No! I love to dance with you. Would you like to dance?" I said. She glanced over to her husband who smiled.

She grabbed my hands and put them around her sexy hips. She then put her arms around my neck. She leaned against me as I felt her breast rest on my upper abs. I could feel her erect nipples rub on my shirt. I looked down to see her move her head on my shoulder. She smelled great as I got a great view of her large cleavage. I moved my feet around hers as we slowly danced together. I whispered in her ear. "Your a very good dancer." She sighed and hugged me a little more. I looked around towards her husband who was watching us. He was sipping his beer as his eyes got big looking at me. I moved so I could feel her more on my body. My cock was half erect in my jeans. I slowly dropped my long arms around her hips. I now had my two big hands on the top of her ass. She did not move them so I gave her a small squeeze on each butt cheek. She rubbed her lower half on my jeans. I smiled when I heard her moan. Being 6ft 3 does have its advantages.

We danced one more slow song together. Her breathing had increased. So had her body against mine. I had almost dropped my hands complete on her big ass under her cocktail dress. She held my hand as we walked back to the table. "Wow Buck that was nice. I can't tell you the last time I got to dance with such a good dancer. You so nice and sweet. You have such strong hands." Haley said. I smiled as I ordered us another drink. I was a little hot from dancing with her. "Thanks for ordering us a drink. I will be right back. I need to powder my nose." Haley said. I helped her off her bar stool as she walked toward the ladies room. I spotted her husband who got up and walked over to her. I took a sip of my drink as I waited for her to return.

It was close to thirty minutes later when I saw her husband sit back at his table. I then felt Haley hand on my back. "Find everything OK?" I said. "Sure! I was hoping you still be here when I got back. MMmmm my drinks still cold." she said. We made some more small talk. It was close to midnight. The bar was still crowded as I looked around. I was still standing as Haley talked to me on the bar stool. She stopped her legs down and then looked into my eyes. My cock moved again in my jeans. "Buck! I don't bite you should move closer to me. I like your cologne." she said. I moved closer putting my hand on her back. I traced my finger all around her back. Her dress felt nice under my finger. She dropped her left hand to run her finger on my shirt. She touched my chest then brought the tip of her index finger to my chin. She smiled again when I made eye contact with her. It was hard not looking down at her big breast. It was really hard.

"You smell very nice. You look really good in this cocktail dress." I said. "Flattery will get you everywhere with me young man. Do you like my heels?" she moaned. "I do like them. I also love the fishnets. You look very nice tonight." I said. "Umm I like your shirt. Those jeans are very nice. Turn around. Ohhhh I like those jeans allot. I like the way they fit on you Buck." she said. I moved my hard ass a few times before I turned around. She had a big smile on her face. "Here hold my drink. I need to get down." Haley said. I put her drink on the table. I looked around to see everyone was walking, talking and not paying any attention to us. Haley grabbed her drink as she stood next to me. She took a big gulp then moved her hand down my chest. She left it on my belt as she moved her ass in front of me.

She backed her ass onto the tip of my jeans. She started to move it slow on the front of my jeans. I grabbed her hips with my two big hands and she moved. I was not sure she knew what she was doing to me. I could here the music and feel Haley lower body on mine. She moved my right hand off her hip and placed it on her ass. I gave it a small squeeze as I started to fondle her ass. She moved to give me better access. I dropped both hands on her ass as she moved in front of me. She looked great from behind. Her breast were pushing out the front of her dress. Her ass was moving in my hands. Her long blonde hair fell down her back as she arched to let me see her smile.

She turned quickly in front of me. She looked into my eyes. Her soft green eyes closed as she began to kiss my lips. I felt her mouth open as she darted her tongue in and out. Her soft wet lips were juicy on mine. She was a very good kisser. She moved her hands on my face as I bite her lower lip. "Mmmmm that was nice Buck. Your a very good kisser. I never been kissed liked that good before. MMMMmm" I was kissing her again. She broke off our kiss to look me up and down.

"Ring! Ring!" Her cell phone was going off in her purse. "Just a minute sweetie." she said to me. I then waited as she answered the phone. I watched as she talked on
her phone. I knew it had to be her husband. He must have liked what I was doing because she turned to look at me. Then she put her phone in her purse. "Buck! It's getting hot in here. Would you like to go some where else. I need to cool down." Haley said with a smile. I followed her out of the bar. She walked down the long hallway leading to the front desk. I peeked around to see the night audit guy. I did not know him. Haley went to the front desk while I waited off to the side. I saw her get a room. Then she picked up her phone. She then handed a second key to the night audit guy. I watched as she turned to look at me.

I then followed Haley to the elevators. She smiled as we got inside. She gave me the room key. She put it inside my tight jeans. She wiggled her hand inside my back pocket feeling my ass underneath. I met her lips as we made out until the elevator door opened on the top floor. She grabbed my hand as she strutted next to me on her high heels. I could only smile as we got to the door of the suite. I pressed her against the door. She kissed me more passionately as she moved her hands up and down my chest. I felt her small purse hit my left foot. She giggled as I opened the door. We both fell inside the suite. "I need to freshen up. I will be right out. Make yourself comfortable Buck." Haley said.

She took her purse inside the bathroom. A went to close the shades in the room. I looked out the big window. I then turned around. I sat in a chair next to a table. About 4 feet from the king size bed. I then heard her start some water inside the bathroom. About a minute later I heard the door to the suite next to ours slam shut. I then looked to see there was a connecting door with our suite. I watched as the light to the suite next to ours got brighter around the door frame. I figured Haley husband was next door. He had the connecting door open. He was probably listening to us. I saw the door was locked on my side. I smiled as the door to the bathroom finally opened.

A second later Haley stepped out. She saw me sitting down. She put her purse on the night stand next tot he king size bed. I saw she then put her cell phone open on the night stand. I figured she left it on so her husband could listen to us. "Come here Haley. Stand right here. That it right in front of me. I just love the way your dressed. You know what I really like?" I said. I had a plan. I need to show her who was in charge. "Umm no Buck, what do you really like?" she said. "I like for you to dance for me. Shake that beautiful body for me. That it sexy. Show me those curves." I said. She put her hands over her head and started to sway her big hips. She looked over her shoulder at me. My eyes were big as she shook her ass. "Do you like that. You can touch me Buck. I don't bite. God you have big hands. I love your muscles baby. I love your arms. Your making me all tingly baby." she said. She danced for a few more minutes.

I watched as she put her right heel between my leg. She looked down. I ran my hands up her sexy legs. I rubbed her fishnets as she looked into my blue eyes. She spun around so her ass was right in my face. I ran my hands all over her ass. She started to moan as I peeked in between her legs. She saw me and smiled. I then pulled up the side of her dress exposing more of her flesh. She moaned again when I started to rub on her black fish net hose. She had the fishnets pulled up to her hips. I put my finger down and could only feel the fishnet material. She smiled. "Buck what are you doing? Your going to have to do better than that to get inside." she moaned. I pushed on her back forcing her to bend over. "Grab you ankles. That it. Now arch your back a little. Move your ass higher. That it." I said.

I pushed her dress over her hips. I now had a full view of her ass. Her whole lower body was encased in the black fishnets. I saw a small tear on her left butt cheek. I wet my finger and put it inside the small hole. She gasped as I made the hole bigger. I then got two fingers inside touching her naked skin. A minute later I had ripped a big hole forcing her ass to expand out in the open air. She moaned hard when I started to spank her. I started to kiss her big ass. "I think you got it know Buck. Your mouth feels wonderful on my naked skin. Is that your tongue. Wait! Wait!" she said. She put her hands between her legs. She grabbed hold of the fishnets and pulled them down making a big ripping sound. Her fishnets were now ripped in two. Half was around her hip, the other part was around her ankles. She looked between her legs at my mouth.

I smiled as I pushed her forward two steps toward the bed. I fell on my knees. I started to lick and eat her ass. I got my mouth inside her hot crack. I was licking her very hard. I then felt her bald pussy. She had shaved a few hours before. I could still smell the cream she used in the bath tub. I could also smell her pussy. She was moving her legs as I pushed my mouth forward sucking the outside of her pussy. I then started to dart my tongue inside her tight pussy walls. She screamed as I entered her pussy with my mouth. I stuck my index finger inside as I ate her pussy some more. I moved my finger inside to give me better access. She moaned hard as I felt her stomach and ass on my face. I sucked her big cunt lips as they fell out intro the cold air. She tried to move forward to get to the bed. Her legs quivered and with that she had her first orgasm. I kept eating her wet pussy as she kept cumming. After a few minutes she came up for some air. "Buck! What was that. Was that??? I never had one before. I never felt that before." Haley moaned.

I pushed her forward as she fell on the bed on her stomach. I then flipped her over. I put her legs up in the air. I unzipped the side of her dress. I pulled it off her shoulders and over her stomach. I pulled it over her heels. I through it on the chair next to the table. She looked up as I fell in front of the bed. I spread her pussy wide open as she moaned again. I held her ankles in the air over my head. I started to eat her very fast. Her big cunt lips danced in my mouth. She bite down on her lower lip as she got off again. There was no stopping her now. I got up and unzipped my fly as she looked up. She sat up and looked at my hard abs as I pulled my shirt over my head. She started to rub my abs, chest and arms as she looked up into my eyes. I watched as she unclasped my belt. She put my belt on the floor. She put her hands inside my hips. She had trouble getting my size 28 jeans down over my small ass. I pushed down on her hands freeing my jeans. She then pulled down my wet boxer briefs. I was semi hard as she looked up. Her eyes got big when she saw a huge globe of pre-cum on the tip.

"I never have done this before Buck. What do I do?" she said. I smiled. "Put you lips on the tip of my cock. Lick my deep dark purple head. Then slowly put your fingers on my big naked balls. That a good girl. Open your small mouth and take some of my cock inside. Go slow. Your doing great." I said. Her husband only liked to fuck her. He went for a few seconds then rolled over and went to bed. She was sucking my cock more and more. Her small mouth and red lips expanded taking in more of my cock. I was so horny now. My cock was now fully erect. All 9 3/4inches was in her hands. "Your too big to swallow. MMMmmmpppp" I pushed my hips forward feeding more of my hard cock in her mouth. She gagged at first then got more inside her mouth. She got about 5 inches then I pushed her head with my hands get another 2 inches before she spit me out. I looked down to see her mouth was wide open and my cock was dripping.

"Get on the bed. Get on your knees. Face forward." I said. Haley got on her knees. Her face was inches from her cell phone. I slapped my cock on her ass. She gasped as I put my cock under her pussy rubbing her stomach. I then grabbed her hips. I started to slap her ass. I then pulled her hair. She moaned. "Yes! Yes! Fuck me! Fuck me really hard. Use me! Use the big cock on me Buck." she moaned. I slowly inserted the tip of my cock in her pussy. Her big cunt lips pulled on the tip. She was wet. I moved forward some more as more of my cock went inside her. I then grabbed her hips. She moaned. "Yes! Yes! Yes! Oh God! Your filling me up. You only half inside me and its more than ever been in me. Arrrgghhhhh....Fuck.........." she said. I felt Haley pussy contract. I pushed my hips forward getting all my cock deep inside her. Her ass was on my lower abs as I began to fuck her nice and slow.

"Fuck you tight Haley. Fuck me. Slam your pussy back on my cock. That a good girl. Fuck me! Faster! Faster! Fuck me harder. That it." I said. She was slamming her pussy back on my cock. She was so wet I slipped out, then back in with no problem. The room smelled of her orgasm again. I could feel her wetness around my cock. I pushed her forward. She fell on her stomach. I was now doing push ups on her pussy from behind. I pulled out leaving along trail of her wetness on the sheets. She rolled over as I crawled around her side. I fed my cock in her mouth. She sucked off her juices. I looked down to see her nipples were hard. I love breast so I started to grope and play with them. She moaned as I pinched her nipples with my fingers. I pulled her breast all the way up off her chest with her nipples. I did this a few times. She tried to move but was left helpless to me playing with her big breast. I could feel her suck harder on my cock as I smacked her boobs around.

I had to cum soon. I looked at her. I put my left leg over her chest. I placed my cock between her large breast. "What are you doing. I never been played with like this before. Your big cock between my breast. That feels nice. I love the way your cock feels inside there." she said. I pushed her cleavage together making it nice and warm around my cock. I spit on her breast making my cock go faster. I put my hand back touching her pussy. I started to finger her as she rode my cock with her breast. She then spit on my cock and started to try to touch it with her tongue. Her breast were so big that she could only touch the tip. I pulled my finger out of her pussy. "Here it comes!! Yes! Yes! Get ready." I yelled. The first hot jet of cum hit inside her cleavage, the next shot hit her chin. I kept fucking her breast shooting all over her breast and face. I fell back on the bed. Haley put my cock in her mouth cleaning me off.

I few minutes later she got up and went inside the bathroom. I heard the water run from the sink. She came out and looked at me. "That was nice Buck. Your cock getting bigger again. Wait! Are you hard. God your getting harder." Haley said. She walked over to the chair next to the table. She then pushed the chair in front of the connecting door. I got off the bed. I walked over to her. She was on her knees facing the door. She had a hold of the back of the chair with her big ass strutting back at me. I spit on my cock as I rubbed her pussy again with my cock. I started t fuck her slowly again. She moaned, gasped, grunted as I fucked her very hard. After 30 minutes of hard fucking I pulled out and shot a big load on her ass.

I grabbed her hand and walked her to the bathroom. We took a long hot shower together. We order some room service before we left at 5am. She walked me to my SUV. We made out like two teenagers before she left me 30 minutes later. I watched as she got to her car. I then saw her husband help her into the car. He pulled down her dress and tried to fix her hair, makeup and the smile on her face. I drove home. The next day I got a message on my phone. "Beep! Buck! I was wondering if you were going next week to singles night at the Holiday Inn? I got a new dress and heels. I was hoping I could meet you there............I have to do my duty." Haley said. I had my duty to do. It meant another night at the Holiday Inn.



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