Monday, November 16, 2009

Out in the Country - An Adult Story

I have to travel on business sometimes. I make sales calls out of my truck. I sometimes have to travel around Maryland or West Virgina on service calls. I usually only go at the last minute or if I can't find someone in that area. Last week was one of those times. I could not find anyone who wanted to go across the state and help a client. So I had to go. I left my house real early to beat traffic on the roads around Baltimore. I had to travel out towards Hagerstown MD. I was going out into the middle of the country. I got off the main road. I was on a back country road for close to an hour before I saw civilization.

It was close to 10am when I finally found the office park. It took me about 2 hours to fix the computer problem. Most of it was rebooting the main frame. Adding some memory and cleaning up some computers. The client was real happy. I left around noon to catch some lunch. About an hour later after eating some Chinese I got back on the road. I wanted to get home before it got dark. I was hoping not to catch traffic leaving kinda of early. Traffic a real bitch near my house. I turned off the radio and tried to relax. I was day dreaming while going down this two lane road. My mind raced to thoughts of sex. It had been awhile since I got some. It been 3 days since I masturbated last. I was at the movies the other day. I saw this hot girl in line. I went into the bathroom at the movie theater and dropped my pants. Maybe I should not tell my secrets. You might see me and follow me into the bathroom.

I was thinking about that girl when I looked up to see the speed limit go down to 35mph. I looked around. I then looked at my crotch. I could feel my cock getting hard in my pants. I was thinking about this hot girl at the movie theater. Now I was really getting horny. I had the rest of the day off. I did not have to get back to work until tomorrow. I had nothing going on later. I was just going to watch a movie on TV and maybe log onto the computer. I dropped my hand down to the front of my jeans. I had on some tight blue jeans. I had on a black polo shirt. My name tag over my right pocket. I had on some white tennis shoes. No socks. I had on some white Calvin Klein boxer briefs. They rode down half way on my muscular thighs. I like women who are voluptuous and thick. I saw this girl in the concession line eating some pop corn. She drove me wild. I left my Coke on the counter and headed for the bathroom.

I was now looking around for a place to pull over. I did not feel comfortable pulling over on the side of the road. I wanted to get off the two lane road. There were no rest stops or any kinda of parking along the way leading back to Hagerstown. I slowed down some more when I crested a small hill. I looked down the road. Over to my left was small house. It was set back about half mile from the road. There was a a dirt road that lead to the house. I saw a garage next to the house. I decided to pull in. I was going to go down the dirt road. I did not see anybody. I figured I would be able to hear anyone coming up to my truck.

I put my truck into park. I had a big black leather bench seat in the front. I had an extended cab. There was some space in the back. I put my tools, and a bag in the back behind the bench seat. I have a big black truck. There a step on either side and a hand bar to pull yourself up into the front seat. Being 6ft 3 inches I sometimes have to use the step to get in. I looked out the front window. Then out the tinted side windows. I did not see anybody. I rolled down the window halfway. I did not hear anybody. I had a direct view of the front door of the house. It was a nice big white house with a green roof. I did not see any cars or people around. There was a big porch that wrapped around the house. There were a few rocking chairs on the porch facing the road. I looked one more time in the back yard. Still no one. I eased the seat back a little. I rubbed the front of my jeans.

I started to think more about the girl at the movies. My cock was really aching. I pulled down the zipper on my jeans. I pulled my polo shirt above my abs and stomach. I still had some tan lines from summer. I unbuckled my seat belt. I pulled my jeans and underwear down to my ankles. I felt my cock spring up and hit me belly button. I looked down when I grabbed the base with my hand. I had shaved around my cock making it nice and smooth, the other night before I went out. I had a small patch of hair above my cock as I scratched my big balls. All 9 3/4 inches felt great in my hand. I jacked my cock a few strokes looking down at it. I reached up to turn on the air. I rolled my window back up as I played with myself. I shut my eyes. Mmmm my cock felt great as I stroked it some more....

"Wham! Wham!" I heard a 2 doors slam. I looked up to see a woman walk across her front porch. I saw her big front door and screen door had shut behind her. My mouth dropped open as I followed her. She was in her late twenties about 5ft 4 with red hair. She was wearing a white shirt the was pulled tight over her large breast and stomach. She looked like she was pregnant as she walked in her little white shoes. She had on some white sweat pants. The string was loose on the front of her sweat pants. She pulled down the front of her sweat pants to free her stomach. She had the legs pulled up on her sweat pants showing off her curvy legs and thick thighs. She put her two small hands on her wide hips and looked at the truck. I was caught off guard. Was she going to walk over to the truck next. What would I do. She was to close now to pull my jeans back up. I figured she could not see in the cab of the truck. She was not that tall.

She walked over to the side of the truck. She motion for me to roll down my window. I took my hand of my cock and rolled down my window. I looked down. "Hi!" I said. "Hi! Are you lost? Do you need some directions?" she said. "No! I had to pull over for a second to take a call. I hope you don't mind. I don't like to drive and talk on my cell." I said. "Oh! Smart thinking. It's just I don't get many people out here. Most use my driveway to turn around in. Are you Ok? You look a little flushed." she said. "No! I am good. Just you startled me. I did not see anybody around. Looks like the place was empty that's all." I said. "My car in the shop. I am home alone the next few weeks until I deliver. Took some time off for maternity leave." she said.

After a few minutes. "Congrats on having a baby. I am sure you and your husband must be proud." I said. She lost her smile for a second. "We'll I had a boyfriend. But he got mad I was going to keep the baby. He skipped town. I have not seen him or his family since I got pregnant." she said. "That to bad. I am sorry to hear that. I am sure you will make a great Mom." I said. She smiled. "I will let you get back to your call." she said. She turned to walk away. "My name Buck. It was nice to meet you." I said. "My name Laura S. Nice to meet you Buck." she giggled as she walked back to her house.

I looked at her big ass shake under the white material. I watched as she went inside and shut her front door again. I looked down to see my cock was still hard. I had forgot about the girl at the movies. I was now thinking about Laura. My cock was aching thinking of what I like to do to her. I have a small fetish for pregnant girls. I just like the way there breast feel, there stomachs and how hot there skin is to touch. I was sure Laura would feel nice. I stayed in the truck for another 10 minutes before I saw Laura come down the side of her house. She had a big water hose in her hand. She started to water her flowers in her front lawn. I followed her with my blue eyes. I put my hand around the base of my cock. I started to stroke my cock very slow. I felt the tip get wet as I pulled on the shaft and squeezed the tip at the end. I was running my fingers to the edge then down to the base. I used my free hand to play with my balls. I could here the water from the hose. I still had the window rolled down next to me. It was down half way again.

Laura got on her knees to pull out some weeds in the grass. My heart skipped a beat. My cock twitched in my hand. My breathing had increased. I could still hear the water. A few seconds later I felt my truck move.

"OH MY GOD. What are you doing Buck? Put that a way. Put your big cock away. Stop that. Are you some kinda of pervert? Do you drive all over the place and pull your cock out and play with it. Stop! Stop! Serious! You can stop playing with that big cock." Laura yelled. The gig was up. I had a good run. I figured she saw me. Why stop. I guess if she went back inside, she could call the police. She did not move. She was still looking at my cock in my hand. So I kept playing myself. "Stop! I can't believe this. Your such a fine looking young man. Don't you a have a girl friend for this. I mean your a cute guy. You don't have to do that. Buck! GOD!!! Serious please stop for a second." she said. I kept stroking my cock. I opened my eyes to see her looking through the window. Her sexy green eyes got bigger when I let go of my cock and it was still hard. I moved my stomach muscles and hard abs a few times. I looked at her again. She was still watching.

I rolled down the rest of the window. Laura moved her head to fit more inside the truck. I shifted my ass on the leather bench seat. My ass moved across the warm leather. I looked at her again. I grabbed my cock with my left hand. I hit the steering wheel my cock. It rested near the horn. Her mouth dropped open when I moved it up and down at her. I saw her left hand come up to the window. She rested her hand on the opening to the window. I then let go of my cock. It hit the steering wheel again. I could smell her perfume as she licked her pink lips.

"I can't believe this. You such a pervert for doing this in front of my house. But I can't stop looking at your cock....You making me loose my train of thought. Can you pull up your jeans now. I mean I am so mad at you. Is this your first time doing this kind of thing?" Laura said. I smiled. I started to jack my cock again. "Your going to slow. I mean you want to get this over with right? Pull it faster. Rub your balls more. It's been close to 7 1/2 months. The next cock I see is twice the size of my ex-boy friend cock and that was like 2 minutes long and then he got off me. Now your playing with your cock in my driveway. I just can't fucking believe this. You need to go faster. Are you slowing down young man. Are you doing this on purpose. Faster! Faster!" she said. I just smiled. I was not even close to cumming. I could do this for a long time if I wanted. She was messing up my concentration but I was definitely turned on by her.

I went slow on purpose. "Buck, What would make this go faster. I mean I can't have you in my driveway all day. What if someone comes over and they see you. You need to go faster. Your going to slow." she said. "I am not sure what you can do. I am so turned on right now. Its been awhile for me. This could go on for some time." I said. I grunted and moaned. She could not keep her eyes off my big cock in my hand. I let go and started to rub my balls with my right hand. I was pulling on them and running my long fingers over them. "Let me show you. You will be here all day at this rate." Laura said. I watched as her left hand entered the cab of the truck. She landed right on my cock with her fingers. She grabbed the base of my cock and started to jack my cock. She went slow at the beginning and then picked up the pace. She was really jacking my cock very hard. After a few minutes she let go.

I heard the door open as she stepped down onto the dirt in the driveway. I moved toward the opening of the driver side door. She moved back away from the open door. She then moved around and was standing looking up at my cock. I was now sitting on the edge of my seat with my legs out the door. My jeans and underwear still around my ankles. Laura watched as I stroked my cock again with my free hand. "Here let me get that again. Damn your cock is hard. You have such a big vein running down the middle. Your fucking balls are huge. They must weigh a pound a piece. MMMMmmm how do you know about shaving you dirty young man." Laura said. She grabbed my jeans and pulled them off onto the ground. Then my underwear fell off onto my jeans. I felt the truck move as she got closer to inside my legs. I looked down to see her smile. My cock was inches form her face as he stroked it with both of her hands toward her wet pink lips.

"My previous boyfriend would have cum by now. Buck! You such a pervert with this big cock. Damn. I let go and your balls move to the beat." she moaned. I moved my left hand down touching the top of her red hair. She looked at me, then back at my cock. "I know what you want. I am not that type of girl. I never done that before. Be gentle." she said. I moved her head forward toward my cock. She put out her tongue. I felt it lick the tip of my cock. She swirled my pre-cum in her mouth. She then started to suck my cock. I eased her mouth more on my cock. She was sucking my cock. She put her right hand on my thigh. Her left hand was feeling my big balls. She used her long pink nails to play with my naked balls. I moved my right hand down to touch the top of her white shirt. I pulled her shirt forward off her neck. Her breast were big and my hand went inside her shirt. She moaned as she sucked my cock. I looked around to make sure we were still alone in the driveway.

For her first time she seemed to really enjoy sucking cock. I watched as she open her eyes to see me admiring her. "Step up. I need to see more of you." I said. Laura let go of my cock from her mouth. She stepped up on the metal step and up into the truck. I pulled her white shirt over her head. She had a great big white bra that was moist from her breast milk. I licked my lips as I reached around her huge bra. I pulled in close to release the large clasps freeing her large breast. She moaned as I slowly peeled her bra off. I put the bra behind me on the bench seat. I then grabbed her large breast in my hands. They were very warm from the heat of her skin and the sun. She followed my lips to her nipples. They were both hard as I licked her left nipple. I then began to lift and fondle each breast. There was a small white droplet from her right nipple. I licked that next and got the sweet taste of her breast milk. "That feels so good. Lick my milk baby. Suck my nipples." she yelled. I looked up to see her eyes closed.

I moved her breast around my cock. She opened her eyes to see my cock nestled in between her cleavage. "What are you doing. Are you going to fuck my breast. Oh My God that feels nice. Your cock is so hard. Its so warm inside my breasts." Laura yelled. I pulled on her nipples as I spit inside her cleavage to wet my cock. I was fucking her big milk bags as she moaned. She put her hands on my hips to steady herself. I looked down to see her mouth try to lick my cock when it broke free from her massive cleavage. I was really enjoying fucking her tits. She was leaking on my front seat as I kept fucking her breast. "Your suck a pervert. Now you fucking my breast in your truck. In my driveway. Are you going to cum. Good that feels so good. Your such a nasty young man." Laura said.

I was now close to cumming after 15 minutes of fucking her warm breast. I moved my ass forward and pinched her nipples. Her whole body shook. I could smell her first orgasm inside her panties. I looked at her. "I know that face. Cum on baby. Let me see that big load. Blast me with your big load. I know those big balls are full." she said. Her mouth fell open as my cock began to spurt. The first huge spurt hit inside her tits. Her breast were than covered my the next few spurts. I released her breast as she stuck my cock in her mouth. She began to clean me off. She scooped up my load on her fingers from her beast. She licked her fingers as she looked into my eyes. I was getting turned on again. I looked at her and smiled. "Damn Buck that was huge. I never felt that or seen that before honey. She coated my breast. Fuck that was great." Laura said.

Laura stepped back onto the ground. She walked over to the garden hose on the grass. She washed her breast off then looked at me. I was hard again watching her. She drank some of the water. She then walked back toward the back of my truck. I got out of my truck. I pulled my polo short over my head. I threw that on the ground. I then walked back to the rear of the truck. Laura was trying to pull her sweat pants down over her wide hips. I grabbed her sweat pants, she grabbed the back of my tailgate. I pulled her sweat pants down to her ankles. I then dropped on my knees and started to kiss her fat ass. She moaned as I wet my left index finger and ran it between her thick thighs. I could hear her moan as she arched her back and stuck hr ass in my face. "Its been so long since anyone done that Buck." she whispered. I inserted the tip of my finger inside her hot pussy. There was a soft suction sound as I went farther inside her.

I pulled out my finger after I got passed my knuckle. Her knees buckled as she held onto to the rear of my truck. I began to kiss her ass. I then started to lick the inside of her thighs. I then started to suck the outside of her pussy mound. I inserted my tongue inside her wet pussy. She was dripping as she screamed. My knees were on the dirt gravel driveway as I ate her pussy. I inserted one finger inside her as I started to kiss the inside of her ass. She pushed her ass in my mouth as I fingered and sucked her. After a few minutes she started to drip out of her pussy. My finger was overwhelmed again with her wetness. I started to suck her dry as I reached up to play with her hanging breast. She squirted some milk on the tail gate. I let go and moved back. I stood up and reached around her to pull down the tailgate.

I pulled her sweats and wet panties off. I threw them in the back of the truck. I picked her up and placed her on the black metal tailgate. She moved her legs up as I looked down. Her pussy was in perfect line with my cock. I smacked her thighs with my cock. I then leaned down to suck her pussy some more. She was very juicy and I loved the way she tasted. She grabbed her breast and played with her big nipples. She was running more milk on her breast as she reached for the back of my neck. She pulled my mouth in tight on her pussy as she orgasm again then fell quite. She tapped on my hair. I looked up to see her eyes glazed over. "Fuck me! Fuck me now. I need to feel that big cock. Please! Please fuck me young man." Laura yelled. I looked down to see my cock was rock hard. I slapped the top of her pussy as I ran my hands on her thighs and stomach.

I gently rubbed my cock on the outside of her pussy mound. I could feel her pussy lips open as I slowly inserted the tip of my cock. Like a missile finding its target, she began to moan louder. I had half of my cock inside her before she took a breath. Her stomach contracted, her pussy relaxed. I moved forward with my hips as she scream underneath me. I grabbed her big legs and pulled her tight on my cock. Her pussy was rubbing my skin as I fucked her faster. I looked down to see her mouth was open and her eyes closed. I reached up with my hands to grab her breast from her hands. She put her hands to the side. She was laying half on the tailgate and the rest on the rubber mat on the bed of the truck. I looked up at the back window of my truck. Laura moaned again. "Yes! Yes! Oh God yes!! Your cock feels so good. Fuck me harder. Fuck me baby. Buck wait. Can we move. My back!" she said.

I stopped and got off of Laura. She moved so she was lying all the way inside the bed of the truck. I crawled between her legs. I inserted my cock back inside her. She looked up into my eyes. I started to fuck her faster. She moaned and moved underneath me. I was enjoying her as she screamed again. I started to suck her breast again. She was leaking in my mouth as I pushed both her breast together. After 10 minutes we switched positions again. This time I was sitting down with my back against the truck cab. My back window was above my head. She squatted down putting her wet pussy back on my cock. She started to fuck me as I played with her breast. I could feel her thighs slam against my legs as her breast hit my face. I looked up to see her smile. I then felt her orgasm on my cock. She slowed down almost stopping. I grabbed her hips ramming my cock in her. She was loving that as she kept cumming on my cock. I sucked her right nipple so hard it turned purple and erupted milk out of the sides of my mouth. I was drowning for a second. I smiled as she got off my cock and looked down.

She walked over to the tailgate of the truck. She laid on her side looking back at me. I gently crawled over to her. I stuck my cock in her tight pussy from behind. I leaned up with my head above her tits looking down. I then pushed her breast together sticking her left breast in her mouth. She was milking herself now as I fucked her very hard. She was leaking on the rubber mat and out the side of her mouth. I could not last much longer. I kept fucking her. "Buck! Cum inside. It's ok.....Yes! Yes!" she yelled. I pulled all the way out....then rammed my cock all the way back inside and stopped. I started to cum deep inside her as she moaned. She put her finger on her labia and rubbed herself. My cock was still inside her as she got herself off with her fingers. I felt her pussy contract, my cum, and her wetness as we leaked onto the back of my truck. After ten minutes my cock finally fell out of her soaked pussy into the sun light.

I followed Laura inside her house. She grabbed some towels. I walked with her down to a small pond behind her house. I spent the rest of the day fucking her in the pond, and back in her house. I even watched her use a breast pump when my mouth was to tired. The next day she walked me to my truck and gave me a big kiss. She waved to me as I backed up mt truck. "Buck! Thanks honey. I hope to see you real soon. Muah!!!!" she through me a kiss. I looked down my cock was stirring in my jeans. I looked out the front window. Laura held up my Calvin Klein underwear. I reached down on my bench seat. I pulled up her huge white bra. The front was still wet. She smiled as I put the truck in drive. I had to hurry to work. I need to help myself in my bathroom before my next appointment. I was hoping it was back in the country.



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