Friday, November 6, 2009

Fireworks - An Adult Story

"Attention shoppers. All 4Th of July items are on sale. Thank you." said the speaker over head. I just picked up a cart at the front door of the grocery store. I looked at my watch. I had to get some beer, charcoal, steaks, fire works, side items for a party I was going to. I had about an hour before I had to get back home. I was going to the Eastern Shore across the Bay Bridge tonight. I had to meet some friends in Ocean City later. My best friend had rented a house for the week. I headed for the fire works first. I did not want to forget them.

I pushed the cart to the chips, soda aisle next. Then off to get some steaks, charcoal and lighter fluid. I headed for the produce section next. I was looking for some corn. "Wham!!!!" My cart was run into. I looked up to see a very cute woman. She was maybe in her late thirties. About 5ft 3 with long dirty blonde hair. She had a dark tan. She was wearing some super tight jeans, a pink spaghetti string blouse that stretched over her nice large breast. She was maybe a size 4-6. She had to measure about 40GG - 30 hips - 34 ass. I looked down to see she was wearing some 2inch wooden heels. She was wearing some pink lips stick to match her finger and toe nails. I was speechless not knowing what to say. I almost lost confidence when I saw her big gold wedding ring. She was so hot. I had to say something.

"Oooopps sorry about that. I guess I was not looking where I was going. Please excuse me." I said. "It's OK! Probably my fault. I was trying to get some tomatoes from up there." she said. "Here let me get those for you." I said. I grabbed two and gave them a nice squeeze. I think these will do." I said. "Are you an expert?" she giggled. "Not that I am aware of. I do shop for myself though. You have a few items in your cart. Would you like me to check them also?" I said with a smile. "Why Yes!! Feel free." she said. I looked around her cart. She had a bunch of vegetables, cookies, skim milk, salad and some strawberries. "It looks like you have the three basic food groups covered." I said. "Wait I thought there were four." she said. "I don't see any grains. Maybe you need some vodka or beer to go with your meal?" I said. "I was going to pick that up when I left. You have a good eye." she giggled.

She kept looking me up an down. I had on a pair of tight jeans. A pair of sandals. A simple white t-shirt on. I smiled again when she reached into her purse. She pulled out her cell phone. She looked down at the screen. "You need to go? I understand." I said. "No! Wait. I am in kinda of a hurry but...What are you doing after this?" she said. My mouth was open but nothing was coming out. "I have to go to this boring dinner later with my husband. Every year he takes me to this restaurant to watch the fireworks when it gets dark. Have you ever heard of "Hemingway's?" she said. I almost passed out. I was going to pinch myself. "No!" I said. She smiled. "It's across the Bay Bridge. I know its far. Its right as the bridge ends. You take the first exit. Then turn at the first stop sign. You can see it right from the bridge." she said.

I knew exactly where it was. I had gone there a few times. There was an older crowd there but it was next to the water. It was right next to all the boats that were tied up. There was a long boardwalk and plenty of secluded spots. "Maybe you could meet me there later. I am sure I could get away from my husband for a few minutes. I love to break up the boredom of the night. That if your not to busy." she said. "I will see you later then." I said. I did not want to question her why she needed a little excitement in her marriage. I figured there was a good chance she never show or blow me off once I got there. It was on the way to Ocean City to see my friends. I texted them I might be late tonight. Work related stuff. Mike sent me a text message "Sure Buddy. Work related. LOL. What size is her breast? He knew me to well.

I headed for the exit. I drove home in about ten minutes. I put all my groceries away. I packed my SUV for the weekend. I went and took a long shower. I cleaned up the hair on my body. I shaved my chest and around my private areas. I left a small patch of hair above my cock. I put on some cologne, brushed my teeth and comb my hair. It was hot outside. I put on some faded blue jeans. A blue button down long sleeve shirt. I had a white collar and rolled up the sleeves. I put on some black leather shoes. No socks. No underwear. I put them both in my suitcase. I would need them later when I got to the beach house. I grabbed a cold beer. I jumped in my SUV for the drive.

It was close to 8pm when I got over the Bay Bridge. I drove down the private road to the restaurant. I could see a few people walking around outside of the restaurant. I parked in the back parking lot at the end. I was close to the water. Near the boats but away from the main part of the restaurant. I got out and checked myself in the mirror. I took out a wad of money. Clipped it on the money clip and slid it in my front right pocket. I looked down. My cock was semi hard. I know began to think about the girl from the grocery store. I was wondering what she was doing. What she was wearing and how her husband would be. I walked down the side walk pass the boats heading toward the front door of the restaurant.

I walked down the side of the restaurant. Its two stories. With the main part of the dinning room on the upper level. There a a huge deck out back with many wooden chairs that face the water. There is a board walk/pier that leads from the shore in front of the restaurant. There is a nice big covered outdoor bar attached to the restaurant. I headed there first. I wanted to have a drink before seeing her. Plus I figured it would be a good place to check out the action in the bar. You can't see into the restaurant from the outdoor bar but I could at least see her coming if she saw me first. I took a seat at the end of the bar. They had a DJ spinning some music as I sipped my beer. I looked around. There were a couple of girls checking me out. If I did not see her at least it might not be a bad night.

About thirty minutes later I got up off the bar stool. It was still pretty quite in the bar. I decided to head to the upper level of the restaurant to see if I could spot her. I walked up the side. I went through the front door. I walked down midway in the restaurant. I turned to see they had a bar near the front door. I walked over at the end of the bar. I ordered a Vodka on the rocks. I sat down and turned left. I could see into the restaurant more. Their are some tables in the middle. Then there some more tables that sit and face the water. You can open the windows to get a breeze plus you can see the bridge from there also. I looked around some more. I did not see her.

I was just about ready to leave. I moved my foot and finished my drink. I put the glass down. Out of the corner of my eye I saw her. She was sitting with her back to me. She had her dirty blonde hair up in the back. She had on a small black cocktail dress. She was wearing 4inch black stiletto heels. She had the same pink lipstick and nails as I saw her before in the grocery store. She had a small pink leather purse by her feet. She had some white gold bracelets around her wrists. A big white gold necklace that hung low in her cleavage. She was moving around in her chair giving everyone a peek of what she was wearing. I almost dropped my glass on the floor when she turned and saw me. She smiled. Her eyes got big. She winked.

She leaned into a guy sitting next to her. She was talking in his ear. They were the only one sitting at there table. He shook his head "Yes!" I figured he was her husband. He was about the same size as her. He had a big beard. Small dark eyes. He was in a suit and tie. She got up and walked passed him. She walked passed me and went down some spiral stairs to the bottom floor. I got two beers to go. I got off my bar stool and climbed down the stairs. There was a small bar at the bottom of the stairs. There was no one in the basement. There was only a dark brown love seat next to the mens & ladies room. I looked out some glass doors leading to the deck to see everyone walking outside. I could see the outdoor bar. I could see where I was sitting earlier. I did not see her in the basement at the moment. I then heard the water rush over the pipes above my head.

A few minutes later the ladies room door opened. I was sitting at the empty bar. I had found a nice a bar stool to swivel around. I watched as she walked toward me. Her body shook as she strutted on her heels. "Hey! I almost was giving up on you. I see you found the place OK! Did you just get here?" she said. "Sorry I got held up by traffic coming from Baltimore. It was jammed near the bridge. I just sat down when you turned to see me. How are you doing?" I said. "Great now that your here. I need a drink. My husband a stickler on not drinking when we go out." she said. I handed her a cold Budweiser. She took a big drink. She finished half of it as she smiled. "My name Cassie. What's yours?" she said as she drank some more of her beer. "My friends call me Buck. What time are the fireworks?" I said. "Maybe in a hour. Listen I have to get back to my table upstairs. Don't leave. I need another drink, Maybe a shot." she squeezed my hand as she walked back upstairs.

I walked out to the bar outside. I got another two beers and two shots of vodka. I headed back into the bottom floor of the restaurant. I watched a few people walk around. Most walked passed the glass doors. Only one actually came into to use the bathroom. It was some 20 minutes later when I saw her black heels come down the spiral stairs. Followed by her amazing breast and perfect smile. "Did you miss me? Mmmmm you got some shots. Are you going to drink one with me?" Cassie said. I did miss her but I did not tell her that. "I got you two shots and a beer chaser." I said. I watched as she down the two shots and drank some beer. Her face got a little pink and her lips very wet. "That was nice Buck. Good choice." she said. I smiled as we made some small talk.

I was sitting on the bar stool with my legs slightly open. I watched as she drank her beer and turned around so her ass was on the front of my crotch. "Wow that a great view of the water from down here. You can see the bridge from upstairs. Do you like the view Buck?" she said. I looked down at her sexy legs and ass. "Ohhhh I like the view. Its very nice." I said. I could smell her sexy perfume as she moved her dirty blonde hair in my face. She put her free hand on my thighs giving it a big squeeze. My cock was starting to get harder. I moved my hand to the small of her back. She talked for a few minutes before she turned to smile. "I need to get back upstairs. Why don't you go out to the bar outside. I will meet you there." she said. Before she left Cassie leaned in a gave me a kiss on the lips. "You have very nice lips. I wanted a taste before I left." she smiled as she kissed me again.

I touched her ass as she walked back upstairs. What had I gotten my self into. Why was this hot young married women coming onto me with her husband upstairs. I walked out to the outdoor bar. They gave a count down for when the fireworks were starting. I sat at the end of the bar. I watched as Cassie and her husband walked out to the bar. They sat down in the middle. Then her husband got up to go to the bar. I watched as Cassie moved her finger to motion for me to come sit down at there table. I was like what is she doing. She put her finger in her mouth and bite down on her long pink nail. I figured I could take her husband if it got out of control.

I got up with 3 beers and headed for there table. I sat down next to Cassie. The table was square. I was on the left, Cassie in the middle and her husband opposite of me. "What are we doing?" I whispered to her. Her husband got back and sat down. He looked at me then at the three beers at the table. "Cassie I could not get the bartender attention. Who is this?" he said. "That is Ok. This nice gentleman offered us a drink. I told him he could sit down. This is my husband Brad. My name Cassie. Nice to meet you??????" Cassie said. "Nice to meet you. My name Buck. I live a few minutes from here. I like to come over for happy hour and the fireworks tonight. How about you two?" I said. I was going on being horny, adrenaline and what the fuck was going on. "Nice to meet you Buck. I bring Cassie every year to here to watch the fireworks. Would you like to go out on the board walk to watch them with us." Brad said. "Yes! Thanks!" I said.

We each drank our beers. I felt Cassie heels rub against my leg. She then put her hand under the table to feel my right thigh. Brad looked around not paying much attention to his wife or me. "Boom! Boom!" The fireworks were beginning. We all stood up as Brad led the way down the board walk. I could hear Cassie heels click on the wooden board walk. The fireworks exploded over head as Cassie grabbed my hand as Brad looked up in the sky. He was at the end of the board walk watching the fireworks. Cassie stopped about 10 feet from the end near her husband. She turned to give me a kiss. We started to make out. She was running her hands down my chest and over my ass in my jeans. I moved my hands down her back. She was not wearing a bra. She was also not wearing underwear when I got my right hand under her dress to play with her ass.

After a few minutes I opened my eyes to see Brad still watching the fireworks. I looked down to see Cassie had turned so her ass was on the front of my jeans. I dropped my hand down her lower back. I then moved my right hand under her dress. I could feel her warm ass against the palm of my hand. She was liking this and moved her legs apart. I dropped my finger down passed her curvy ass cheeks. I then felt the back of her naked pussy. She was hot, wet and was moaning. I moved my finger down and rubbed the outside of her pussy. I cupped her small soaking wet pussy in my hand. She spread her legs more giving me better access. I inserted my index finger inside her hot pussy. She groaned as I got all my finger to my knuckle inside her. After a few strokes and biting on her neck she orgasm. Her legs shuttered under her. I kept her steady as I fingered her to another orgasm.

I could here the big booms of the finally over head. I withdrew my wet finger. She turned to ram her tongue down my throat. We made out for a few more minutes before we heard the last "BOOM!!!!!" then silence. She turned and was looking at Brad who walked to us. "Wow that was great. Did you guys see that. That was great." he said. I looked down to see my finger was dripping. I was sure Cassie was dripping on the board walk. Her husband smiled as we walked back to the bar.

We sat at the same table. We made some small talk. After 30 minutes. "Buck would you like to dance. Brad has two left feet." Cassie said. "Ok!" I said. I helped her out of her chair. We walked up to the dance floor. It was a slow song. She put her arms around my neck. I put my arms around the small of her back. "God that was great honey. You sure know your away around down there. I am so turned on. I can feel your big cock inside those jeans. I want to see it. I have to have you in my mouth. Follow me." Cassie said. We walked back to her husband after the song.

I stood behind her. Cassie leaned into to whisper in her husband ear. He handed her the keys to there car. "I have to go to the bathroom. Before we leave. I will meet you out by the car." Brad said. She turned to walk in front of me. I followed Cassie out to her car. It was big brand new black 4 door Cadillac. She opened the back door and I got in the back seat. A second later the door slammed and Cassie was on my lap. She had her tongue down my throat. I was kissing her very hard. I felt her hands on my chest. Then she began to rub the front of my jeans. She was rubbing my cock under my jeans. "God I have to see this before my husband comes out." she said. She started to unzip my fly. She got my zipper down half way when I felt the front seat move and the door close.

I then felt Cassie jump off my lap and look forward. Her husband was in the front seat. He turned on the A/C and the radio as he looked out the front window. I saw him look in his rear view mirror. He was looking as his wife and then at me. I was nervous but very horny. I then felt Cassie small left hand unzip my fly completely. She looked down to see my hard cock spring out in the cold air. I then watched as she began to put her tiny fingers around the base of cock. She started to stroke my cock to make it hard in her hand. After a few minutes she dropped her head into my lap. She was sucking my cock. She was making loud slurping noises over the radio. Her husband watched from the front seat.

I dropped my hand down her back. I pulled her dress over her hips. I placed my hand and finger inside her pussy. The whole car smelled of sex now. I felt the front seat move. I then heard another zipper open. Her husband was moving in front of us. I then looked down to see Cassie had deep throated all 9 3/4 inches of my cock. She was playing with my big naked balls in her hands. She gagged after a few seconds and spit out my cock. She started to suck me faster. I pushed her head, face and lips around my cock. She gagged again as I began to play with her big breast. I pushed down the top over her dress. It was bunched around her mid section as she sucked my cock. I was really loving this. Her nipples were so hard. Her breast heavy and on fire.

Cassie finally moved her mouth off my cock. She put her large breast on either side of my cock. She spit in her cleavage making it wet. I started to tit fuck her faster. I could hear my cock rubbing her soft skin. I then heard the a moan from the front seat. Her husband must have shot his load. I then felt her move off me. She pulled her dress over her head. I removed my shirt. She pulled of my jeans. We were both naked in the back seat. I felt the car move. I then felt a bump from the road. I watched as Cassie got on my cock. The car stopped. We drove around the parking lot near my SUV.

Cassie put her heels on the black leather seats. I moved the seat belt from under my ass. I then looked at her as she lowered her pussy on my cock. I heard the front door close. I felt the car move. Her husband had gotten out. She put her hands on my neck. Her breast on my chest. I then felt her pussy tighten as it went down the length of my cock. She was very tight put very wet as she fucked me. I picked her ass up and down as she rode my cock. I put her left breast in my mouth as I sucked her nipples. She moaned in my ear. I was really fucking her hard as she climaxed again. I then felt her pussy lock down on my cock. Her cunt lips were milking my cock. I looked into her eyes. "Don't pull out. Fill me up. Give me your cum. Don't stop!! YES!!! YES!!!!!!!" she screamed. Then we began to kiss as I emptied a huge load in her hot pussy. I could feel her pussy clean me off. After a few minutes I fell out of her pussy as she fell on the seat next to me.

She got of the car naked. I leaned up to see the front seat. There was a small white liquid on the steering wheel. He must have gone on his pants. A few seconds later I looked out the side window. Brad was on the ground. I watched as Cassie lowered her pussy on his face. She held his face on her pussy. She clamped her legs and her knees on his head. He was eating her out. I dropped back in the back seat. I waited a few minutes before the door opened.

"That was great Buck. The night still young. Is your cock getting hard. OMG you hard again. You just came like a minute ago." Cassie said. "I was going to go see a friend in Ocean City. Would you like to come? My SUV right over there." I said. I slipped on my shirt. Then I put on my jeans. I got out the side door. I walked over to my SUV. Cassie and Brad had gotten in the car. I drove up next to the Cadillac. I was looking down when the passenger side door opened. "What the address of your friends place. Brad going back home to get some of my clothes. I am OK to wear this dress?" Cassie said. I handed her a small paper with the directions. She leaned into to give the paper to Brad. She handed me her dress and small purse. She waved to Brad who sped out of the parking lot.

Cassie got in the front seat still naked. "I like to flash some truckers when I am naked. I hope your OK with this?" Cassie said. I just smiled and put the SUV in drive. She flashed about a dozen truckers that night. We finally made it to my friends rental house. Cassie put on her dress. Mike smiled when he saw Cassie come through the front door. We played a few drinking games. Then we went into the spare bedroom. I fucked her all night. We made some loud noises. At breakfast Mike flashed me a smile. Mike girlfriend and the other two couples flashed me the evil eye.

"Knock! Knock!" I heard somebody at the front door of the house. Cassie had one of my t-shirt on as she sat on the couch next to me. "Cassie there a guy here to see you." Mike girlfriend said. I watched as Cassie went to the front door. A few minutes later she walked by everyone in the living room. "I'm going to go take a bath. Buck can I see you. My husband packed my favorite toys, can we go get some batteries for later. Is it OK we stay until Monday. I told Brad to pick me up on Monday." Cassie said as she walked into the bathroom. Everyone jaw dropped. I jumped off the couch and high five Mike. I started the bath water. We went later to see the Fireworks in Ocean City. I don't remember them. I do remember having fun on the beach as they exploded over head.


The named were changed to protect her privacy.

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