Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My Stalker - An Adult Story

"Ring! Ring!" I could hear my cell phone as I picked it up. "Hello! This is Buck. Hello! Hello!" I hung up. That was weird. Second time to today that my phone rang and there was nobody there. I picked up my office phone. "Yes! How can I help you Mr. Kelly." said my secretary. "Did you just try to call me?" I said. "No! Everything is good. Where you expecting a call?" she said. "No! My cell phone went off and there was nobody there. I checked the number. It says private. Probably nothing. Thanks. What's for lunch? How about those Saints?" I said. I hung up the phone.

About later my cell rang again. I looked at the number. I picked up the phone. I could hear someone breathing but nobody would say anything. I tried to call the number but it went busy. I put my cell on my desk. I went to my private bathroom to check my hair. I brushed my teeth. I order a sandwich and a Coke. It was an hour later when the delivery guy dropped it off. I gave the guy a tip. I sat down. I open the bag. I pulled our my sandwich. I then took out the bag of chips. (Salt n Vinegar) and a big Kosher pickle. I opened my Coke. I had a bite of my sandwich and some chips. I looked at the pickle. Something was not right. I looked down to see something on it. I pulled it out of the plastic wrap. There was some pink lipstick on the big pickle at the base. I also saw a little bit at the tip was bitten off. I shook my head as I tossed it in the trash can. I finished my lunch as I wondered what happen to the pickle.

I finished work about 5pm. I went out to get in my SUV. I backed up leaving the parking lot. I watched a few cars go bye on the road in front of me. I looked in the rear view to see a small white car behind me. I turned left into traffic. I was heading to a bowling alley not to far from my house. I was going to stop by and bowl a few frames with some friend of mine. Kinda of a guys night out. Last week we all went to a bar near the mall. I parked in the back. I got out and went in the side door to the bowling alley. I saw my friends. I pulled out my big 16 pound bowling ball. I put on my shoes. I order some beers for the guys. I was up last in our group. They all had left early and had already bowling one game before I got there.

I checked around the bowling alley. It was league night so it was pretty busy. I order some pizza for the guys. I checked my watch it was close to 8pm. We only had a few frames left for our last game. It was casual day at work. I had on some jeans and tight white shirt. I spent the weekend snowed in. It was good to get out. I had fun but it nice to get out with the guys. I looked around to see a few girls talking. I went to the bar to get some beer for my friends. I got some pitcher of beer. I waited as the bartender filled them. I looked around to see a few people enjoying some food and drinks. I noticed a blonde girl with her back turned to me. She had a big white fur coat on. I could see her long curly blonde hair touch the top of the bar. I saw two big gold hoop earrings. I wanted so bad to see her but my friend Tim came in to tell me I was up. I grabbed the beer and head back to our lane.

It was a few minutes later that our game finished up. It was close to 8:30 when I went back in the bar. I looked around for the blonde girl but she was not there. I then walked out to say good bye to my friends. I got home it was just after 9pm. I put on my outside lights. I locked the door to my SUV in the garage. I walked inside my house. It was cold out. There was about 28 inches of snow on the ground. I had shoveled a path to my hot tub. Most people would have cleaned off there car or shoveled there driveway. I made a path to the hot tub. I looked out my kitchen window. I hit the switch to turn on the lights around the hot tub. I went upstairs to get a towel and a bathrobe. I walked in front of my windows. I had the blinds slightly open. My two neighbors have seen me naked before. I smiled as I pulled off my clothes. I put on my bath robe and headed for the hot tub.

I hit the switch to make the water jets come on. There was a big amount of steam coming off the top in the night air. There was a few stars out as I got in the hot tub. The water felt nice on my muscles. I dunked my head under the water to wash off my face. I put my head back. My cock was getting harder from the bubbles and heat of the water. I put my hand down to stroke my cock under the water. I put my head back to open my eyes. I looked straight up. "Click! Snap!!!!!" What was that? I looked straight out into the back yard. There is a small forest and a big fence that surrounds my yard. I have small animals that come through all the time. "Hello! Hello! Anybody out there!" I said. It was stone cold quite.

After a few minutes I got out of the water. I put on my bathrobe. I tied the front in a small knot. I walked to my sliding glass door. I went inside to get a flash light. I walked back outside. I looked around. I did not see anything or anybody. I was pretty sure somebody was watching me. I got some goose bumps on the back of my neck. It did not feel right. I walked back to the hot tub. I turned it off. I put the cover on. I turned off the lights. I looked around. Still nothing. I walked back to the big sliding glass door. I looked down next to the glass. There was some small foot prints. There was a heel imprint in the snow. I looked down to see a white piece of paper in the snow. I bent down to pick it up.

I held my breath as I opened it. There was just some pink lip stick making a kiss on the paper. I flipped over the paper to the back side. There was nothing on the back. That was weird. I have friends over allot. Maybe someone dropped it in the snow over the weekend. Maybe they came over today while I was at work. I was going to take the day off because of the snow. But I braved the elements and went to work. I walked inside and went to upstairs.

I took a long shower. I started a nice fire downstairs as I watched some TV. I wore some black silk boxers around the house. Nothing else. I did not shut my blinds as I walked around. I got online. Answered a few emails before I went to bed around 11pm.

I woke up to the sound of a snow plow going by. I looked out my bedroom mirror. I saw it snowed a few more inches. I went to take a long shower. I shaved and trimmed the hair on my body. I came out of the bathroom all naked. I had a guy coming over to plow my driveway. I had the rest of the day free. I made some waffles and bacon for breakfast. It was close to 10am when I heard the plow guy. I went back upstairs to get my phone. I saw I missed a call to a unknown number again. I looked out my window to see a small white car parked down the road. I looked again. That is just weird. I was not expecting anybody to be out on a day like this. I put on some sweat pants. I put on a small white t-shirt. I slipped on some flip flops and headed down stairs.

I was getting bored watching TV. I went down stairs in my basement to work out. About 2 hours later I went upstairs to take another shower. I though I heard some noise down stairs. Maybe it was the snow falling off the roof. I then felt a cool breeze from my room. Some how the door to my bathroom had opened. I turned off the water. I put a towel around my waist. I noticed the door slightly open. I then walked down stairs in my towel. I was still dripping wet as I went through my living room. There was a pink pillow on my couch. I picked it up. The sweet perfume of who ever left it smelled great. I put the pillow under my arm. I walked out to my kitchen. I saw some water on the floor leading out to my garage. Had the plow guy come in to get a drink? I was confused.

I leaned down to feel the water was cold. I also felt some snow on the floor. I opened the garage door to see it was wet on the concrete. I could make out some boot or heel imprints on the concrete. Someone had been in my garage. Maybe it was the same person. "RING!!!!!!!!!" What the fuck! I almost had an heartache. I turned to walk inside my kitchen. I picked up my phone. "Hello! Buck here!" I said. Stone cold silence. Now I was getting mad. I was cold. My feet were wet. I was starting to get paranoid. I put the phone down. I walked over to my back sliding glass door. I looked outside in the snow. More foot imprints. I followed them to the hot tub. Someone had left the top off. There was steam coming out the top. I forgot I had a towel on. I walked in my bare feet to go put the top back on. I looked back to see something move in my kitchen.

I ran back inside. I shut the sliding glass door. I ran into the kitchen. There was some more water on the floor. Now I saw a pink towel on my kitchen table. I picked it up. It was warm. It was wet. I could smell my hot tub on the towel. I could also smell the sweet perfume from the person who dried themselves off. It was the same smell from the pink pillow in my living room. I went down stairs to start a load of laundry. I put the towel in along with the one I was wearing. I walked back upstairs. I looked out the window. The little white car was gone. I had to think of an idea. I decided that the person would probably come back tonight. I would have to come up with a plan to catch them.

I put on some black tight Calvin Klein boxer briefs. Some black sweat pants. I black long sleeve shirt. I put on some black tennis shoes. I'm not a big fan of socks. So I did not put them on. I walked around locking all my doors and windows. I pulled all my blinds shut. I went upstairs. I had a cut out of a football player in my garage. I put him in my bedroom. It look like I was on the computer in my room if someone looked out from my front yard. I put on the outside lights. I locked my garage very tight. I was going to leave the sliding glass door unlocked. I figured the person or my stalker would come there last after checking all the doors.

It was almost 9pm when I was sitting at the dining room table. I had the light outs on the first floor. I was watching the sliding glass door. Then a few minutes later I saw my stalker. She was about 5ft 8 in these big 6inch spike pink leather boots. She had on a big white fur coat. She had long blonde hair in pig tails. She had a pink bow in each pig tail. She had on bright pink lips stick. Her finger nails were long with pink/white polish on them. I froze. I was expecting the worst. Was I dreaming. Had I met her before. I never forget a hot big gurl. I could tells she had curves. She walked toward the hot tub. I saw her chest was stuck out the front. Her big ass was pushing out the back of her fur coat. My hands were sweating. I went to the window. I looked out toward the hot tub. I had put the top on and locked it. I left the key on the edge of the dining room table. I figured my stalker would look in and see the key. I also left the pink pillow and now dry pink towel on the table.

I had moved some plants near the sliding glass door. I was going to hide behind them and jump out now to surprise her. I waited a few minutes before I heard some boots just outside the glass door. I heard the glass slide open. I then heard the boots come across the wooden floor to my dining room table. I heard the keys move.

I leaned back to turn on the light in my dining room. I also flipped on the outside lights in my back yard. "Ha Ha! Well good evening!" I yelled. She dropped the keys on the floor. She quickly turned around. It all flashed back to me now. I had seen her in the car following me out my parking lot. I had seen her at the bar in the bowling alley. I got a nose full of her sweet perfume matching the pillow, pink towel and the notes. My mouth dropped open. She was so hot. Why was she stalking me? All she had to do was come up to me and I was all hers. "Ummm!" I said. "Shreek!! Oh my god you scared me. Your suppose to be upstairs. I can't believe you caught me. I was just going to use your hot tub again. Please don't be mad." she said. I gave her a mean look. I squinted my eyes. Mean time my cock was getting bigger in my sweat pants.

"Are you OK? I hope your not going to get mad." she said "Who are you? I mean why have you been following me? You could have just introduced yourself. How long have you been following me?" I said. "My name Lori. I saw you at the mall last week. I tried to catch up with you but you got in your SUV before I could say Hi. Then you drove away. I came back the next day and saw you drive through the parking lot. I follow you home. Then I saw you upstairs from your front yard. I went around the back to knock on your door. But you did not answer. I saw your hot tub. I saw the top was off. So I jumped in. Now I have been coming back each night to go for a dip. Please don't be mad." Lori said. I smiled then thought for a minute.

"I'll be honest. You kinda of scared me. Why did you go to the bowling alley and to my work." I said. "I just wanted to see what you did and where you worked. I like your office." she said as she smiled. I walked closer to her. She had her fur coat tied around her thick waist. She looked up at my eyes. I was now inches from her. She looked down to see me chest breathing. Her breathing had increased. I could smell her sweet perfume better. She could smell my body spray. I wanted so much to touch her. I was scared at first. Then mad. Now I was as hard as a rock. I wanted to fuck her so badly. But first I wanted to see how far I could tease her.

"I saw you came in my house last night. Did you have fun upstairs? I saw your wet boots were in my kitchen. I followed your boots imprints in the snow." I said. "I..I...I was out of control last night. I became a little obsessed with you. I lost all control to come in your house for the first time. Then I heard you in the shower. I don't know what came over me. I had to see you. I'm sorry...It was not right of me to see you in the shower. Your tight abs. Your big arms. Your fine chest and that little ass of yours. I..can't believe I looked. I wanted to say Hi. But I lost control. I did not go to work today. I went home straight from your house. I was thinking about you all day." she moaned.

"Mmmm..." I said as I licked my lips. I reached down to pull open her white fur coat. She moved her arms open to let me see. She was wearing a small two piece pink bathing suit. She a thong bottom that sat high on her large hips. She had a small top barely covering her monster tits. I smiled when I saw her tow large erect nipples sticking out the side of her bathing suit top. They were the about the size of the tips of my thumbs. She closed her eyes. Her breathing had increased. I was now inches from her. I pulled her fur coat off her shoulders. I then felt it fall to the floor next to my tennis shoes. She was now standing there in her big pink leather boots. Her sexy pink suit. I smiled when she moved her hands on her hips.

My eyes all most came out of my head. She was pushing her chest out showing off her large breast. "I think I may know how to solve your obsession with me. I can't have every girl be a stalker. I would not get anything done in my life. I have to teach you a lesson so this does not happen again." I said. "Yes! You better teach me. I need to stop being a stalker. Help me with my obsession of you." she said. I smiled. Her eyes were still closed. I took off my shirt. I kicked off my shoes. I pulled off my sweat pants. I was not just in my tight black boxer briefs. My cock was pushing on the thin material. I looked her up and down. God was she hot.

I started to walk around her in the middle of the dinning room. She moved her head but kept her eyes closed. I touched her lower back with my left hand. I was on her right side. I moved my right hand up to her large breast. I started to tug on her right nipple sticking out the side of her pink top. She bite her lower lip and moaned. I licked my two fingers on my right hand. I then tugged her nipple again making it nice and wet. Her mouth dropped open. I leaned around her face to give her a big open mouth kiss. I yanked off her bathing suit bottoms. She moaned loud. They were around her big thighs. They were stuck. She closed her legs but they did not fall down. I quickly moved my hand on her big ass. I began to play with it as she kissed my lips. I could taste her strawberry flavored lip balm. She slipped me the tongue as I pulled off her top.

I quickly untied her top throwing it on her fur coat by her feet. I moved my bare feet on some cold water on the floor. I made a loud noise. I caught my balance. "See what happens when you forget to clean off your boots at the door. I almost fell over. Your going to have to be disciplined. So this does not happen again." I said. I turned her around. I walked her over to the dining room table. I put her hands on the table. She opened her eyes to look over her shoulder. She pushed her big ass back into my crotch. I know she could feel all 9 3/4 inches of my cock. I was bursting to get my cock out. I looked down to see her big white ass. I then stepped to her left hip. I brought my big right hand down to spank her. "Slap! Slap!!! Wham! Wham!...Bam! Bam!" I began to spank her.

I spanked her ten times semi hard. She shook her ass. I then began to scratch my finger nails on her ass. She shook her ass again. I then began to slap her very fast and hard. She moaned. Her ass was now pink. I then began to spank all around her ass. From under. From the top. Down, side to side. I was really spanking her hard. "Looks like you ass matches you pink boots now. Have you learned you lesson?" I said. She put her left hand in between her legs. She ran her fingers over her bald pussy. I could smell her sweet perfume mixed with a new musk scent now. I think she was liking her spankings.

"Got on your knees and stick out your tongue." I said. She quickly got in front of me. She reached up to pull down my boxer briefs. "Did I say you could touch me?" I said. She shook her head "NO!" I smiled. I grabbed her hands. She pulled down my underwear to my feet. She pulled them off. My cock sprang out hitting her right cheek. She immediately stuck my cock in her hot mouth. She licked the tip. She brought her fat tongue down the shaft. She had her two greedy hands on my big thick naked balls. She was a very good cock sucker. I moved my hips forward feeding her more of my cock. I looked down to see her naked except for her bathing suit bottom just under her pussy. I looked down to see her boots under ass as she spread her legs open.

I could see the crack of her ass. The big gold tips on her boots. Her thick thighs and curvy legs. She was sucking my cock. She had all of me in her hot mouth. Saliva was dripping off my cock onto her big breast. She now used both of her small hands to jack my cock in her mouth. Every time I felt some cold air. She stroked me with her two hands. I picked up the pace fucking her mouth. She stopped when she had her lips at the base of my cock. She pushed my big balls on her chin. Her eyes got big. I pulled my cock out of her mouth. I then slapped her with my cock. Her face was wet from my hard cock. I put my cock on her face. I rubbed her face under my cock on my balls. She started to lick under my balls sending waves of excitement. I was close to coming. She raised her hands to my ass. She pulled my cock all the way in holding my ass. She gagged for a second. My knees got weak. I started to cum. Big globs hit the back of her throat. She kept sucking. She pulled out my cock to shoot the last drop on her tongue.

I moved back ward. I was now on my back. I was laying on the dinning room table. My feet were just off the end. I put the pink pillow under my head. I placed the pink towel under my ass. Lori got off her knees. She pulled off her wet panties. She quickly through her left leg over my face. She was laying on top of me. She had my cock in her mouth. I had my face inches from her pussy. I spread her big ass with my hands. I licked my middle finger on my right hand. I gently placed it on the lower part of her pussy. Her big pussy lips were spread out. Her big cunt was so juicy as I fingered her hot pussy. She moaned when I rolled my finer clockwise in her pussy. I could feel her pussy muscles tighten on my finger. I pulled it out. She was wet but needed some more lube. I wet my finger and then spit in her open pussy. She moaned

She let go of my cock with her mouth. She jacked my wet cock with her left hand. I was hard again. She pushed it back inside her wet mouth. I could feel her fat tongue go around my long shaft. She had her long nails on my thighs. She had her chin on my abs. I could feel her large breast slowly fall out and off my stomach. I reached down with my left hand to pinch her erect nipple. "Mmmmuurhhgh" she moaned. I felt her pussy began to spasm. I pushed my tongue inside her. She had her first orgasm. She tasted sweet as her juices came over my tongue. Her ass shook. Her pussy spasm. Then her body went soft.

I went back to eating her pussy. I paid special attention to her labia. I licked it and rubbed it. I slipped two fingers under it as I played with her tight pussy. I bite her big cunt lips in my mouth. I played with them. I pulled them out as she moved on my body. I was tugging on her left nipple. I then moved my hand off her ass and then started to pinch her other nipple. She tighten up, then flushed my face with her wetness. I could see her head bop up and down on my cock. Her blonde pig tails fell on the side of her head. She was loving what I was doing to her pussy. I ate her for another thirty minutes and two more earth shattering orgasm before I rolled her big body on to my left hip. She was now on the big wooden table.

I moved and was now on my side. We started to kiss as her breast rested against my chest. I then felt her move my cock to her pussy. She opened her mouth in mine. I pushed my tongue deep in her mouth. She pushed my cock to the tip of her pussy. She moved her legs as I then felt some wetness on the tip of my cock. She slowly inserted my cock in her tight pussy. She adjusted to the size as she opened her eyes. I let go of her lips. I started to suck her big left breast. I had both her nipples in my mouth. Her pussy opened up more giving my cock more of her pussy to explore. I was half was inside her before she pushed my cock out. She inserted my cock in again. Her pussy pushed me out a few times before it got used to my size. She screamed once we got a good rhythm going. I screamed when she helped me lick her big fat nipples.

I pushed her on her back. I moved my ass back then up. I started to fuck her long and hard. I was sucking her right nipple. She was sucking her left. She opened her legs wider to let me fuck her harder. I quickly moved to be on top of her. She pushed her breast on her chest. She gave me a quick smile and grin. I gave her a kiss. Then I licked her breast as my cock started to bang her harder. She was breathing more heavy to match my breath. I pushed of my hand next to her sides. I was now doing almost a full push up on her body. She grabbed my ass forcing my cock in deeper. I started to kiss her full lips. I could feel her soft body on mine. "Yes! Yes! Yes! Fuck me!! Fuck me harder. Please!!! I love your big cock!!!" Lori said. I slowed down the tempo. Looking her in the eyes. "Did you learn your lesson?" I said. She shook her head "NO!"

I got off of her. I quickly sat in the matching chair to the dining room table. It had a high black leather back and no arms on the side. Lori rolled off the table. She looked at me. She walked over and put her hands on the back of my chair above my head. She licked her hand. She then tugged on my hard cock. She inserted the tip of my cock in her wet pussy. She was dripping down my shaft on my balls. I could feel her drip on the floor. Her big cunt lips milked my cock as she started to fuck me. Her big breast bounced on my chest and face. Her big ass slammed on my thighs as I sat there. She put all of her weight on my cock and lap. I grabbed her ass fucking her harder. We did this for about 20 minutes.

I could tell she wanted more. I ordered her to turn around. I put my mouth on her neck. I pulled her pig tails. I slapped her ass making it dark pink. She started to used her boots and thick thighs to bounce up and down on my cock. "Yes! Yes! I learned my lesson as I pulled her hair and slapped her big ass. Between my big hands slapping her ass. My cock deep inside her. Her moans. My screams. It a wander the cops did not show up. I smiled as I watched her ass slam down on my cock. I grabbed her hips. I stood up with my cock still buried in her tight pussy. She had her hands on the table. I pulled them off. I grabbed her big breast in my hands. I fucked her very hard. I pulled out, then back in. She screamed. "YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!" She then orgasm flooding my cock. I started to cum. Are fluids washed together.

It's snowing out. I can feel the small snow flakes on my skin. I grabbed the ladder next to the garage. I walk back to the back of the house. I can see a light on in a room on the 2nd floor. I push the ladder against the house. I slowly climb to the top of the metal ladder. I look up to see the stars and the moon. I then look in the window with the light. The window is just opened a crack. It's unlocked. "Ummmm!" I hear a moan. I see her on her big bed. The pink pillows above her head. Her pink silk sheets at her feet. Her small finger buried in her tight pussy. She got a small pocket rocket on her labia.

I push the window open. I pull off my boots. I throw them down in the snow. I don't want to leave any evidence I was here. I take off my coat. My cock sticking straight out. I am buck ass naked as I stand next to her bed. I see her eyes open. "Oh my goodness. My stalker found me....What shall I do. Don't forget to be quite. My husband sleeping on the couch down stairs." Lori said with a smile.


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