Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Judge - An Adult Story

I had been elected about a month prior to my first day. I was just getting into the court house this morning. I was taking over for a judge who retired after 20 years. I inherited most of his staff to help me in the transition. I used to be a lawyer for a couple of years in another part of the state. I decided to run for the office on a dare from some lawyers I knew. They were not shocked I got elected. They were just sad I was moving across the state to be the new judge. I checked my watch as I waited for the bailiff to come get me.

I walked into my court room for the first time. I shook hands with a few of the employees as I walked around to check out everything. There was seating for maybe 40 people in back. There was room for 14 persons in the jury box. There was two big tables for the defense, and the prosecution. There was a a big box for the witness. I sat high up on top overlooking the court. Everything was in dark wood and dark leather chairs around the room. I checked my big leather chair as I looked down at the bailiff walking by. He stopped to put the paper next to were the stenographer sits. There was a open back small seat for the stenographer to sit and type the court proceeding in a trial. I was not sure how they could type so fast and remember what everyone said. I was just hoping that who ever was in my court today would be good. Nothing worse than having a bad stenographer.

I stood up and walked out the side door to my office. I looked next to my office to see the jury room. I peeked in there and then went to my chambers. It look like a old library with so many books on the wall. I had a small table. A big computer on my desk to the side. I had a big oak desk and large black leather chair to sit in. There was a large leather couch on one side of the room next to some big plants. I pushed some papers around to look busy. I was a little nervous. I had some butter flies in my stomach as I sat down awaiting for my first case.

I put on my black robe over my suit and tie. A few minutes later the bailiff came to get me. "All rise the honorable Buck Kelly now presiding." he said. I walked up and sat down in my chair. I looked down to see the two lawyers for the state. I looked to there right to see the defense team. The women who was being tried had two female lawyers. I looked to my right to see the bailiff standing near the door of the court room. I looked down when I smelled some sweet perfume. My eyes got bigger. My palms started to sweat. There was a beautiful woman typing away. She was taking role call of today's case in my court room.

She was about 5ft 6inches. She had short brown hair down to her shoulders. She had a black business suite on with 2inch black heels. She had perfect makeup and sexy full lips. She was curvy in all the right places. She moved her hair in front of the sexy eyes. She had her nails painted white as she looked up toward me. She smiled as I smiled back. It was my first case. I was now more nervous I might say something stupid to embarrass myself. I cleared my throat as the lawyers walked up to put the case file in my hands. I looked down to see the woman was accused of killing her husband. I had the lawyers go back to there tables.

I looked up to see the defendant. She was in her mid thirties. She had put on a few sexy pounds since she had twins a few years earlier. I saw her kids in court. The defendant had found her husband screwing his secretary in there house. She had come back after dropping of the kids at her parents for a romantic weekend with her husband. He had been arrested a few times for domestic violence towards her. I called the lawyers back up. "You better have some goo evidence on why she did not feel threaten that night?" I said. The prosecution gave me the evidence.

"After looking over this case. I find this case should not go to court. There is not enough evidence to warrant a charge. Mrs. Simmons you are free to go. I am sorry for your kids. I am also sorry that you had to go through this. Thank you for your time. " I said. The prosecution was upset but they got over it quickly. I waited a few minutes while they brought in the next case. I looked down to check out the cute girl typing away. I had to say "Hi!" before the day was done.

The next case was a DWI. The defendant had been arrested 8 times for driving under the influence. I took one look at him. I could tell he had been drinking. I sentenced him to 10 years. He fell to the ground. The bailiffs had to pick him up. The next case lasted the rest of the day. It was an accountant who had stole money from his work. There were some witness that need to be called. I cleared my throat again. I waited to the end of the day to postpone the court case until tomorrow.

I got up and walked down to see the stenographer. The court was clearing out. "Hi! I just wanted to tell you your doing a great job. I look froward to working with you. If there anything you need? Please let me know." I said. "Oh! Thank you Judge Buck. Its very nice to meet you. I don't usually get the judge to come down on there first day or any day to introduce themselves to me. Thank you." she said. I looked down to see her name tag. "Jo Jo" Its nice to meet Jo Jo. I am kinda of new to the area. Any recommendations of where to eat. I am going to order in some delivery to my chamber later. I am going to be here late tonight." I said. "There a great Chinese place around the corner. I will bring you a menu." she said.

I smiled as I walked back to my office. I heard a knock on the door about 20 minutes later. I opened it up to see Jo Jo. "Here is your menu. I like the number 4 with fried rice." Jo Jo said. "Ok! Thanks! I will see you tomorrow. Have a great night. Thanks for the tip on dinner." I said. "Your welcome Judge. See you tomorrow." she said. I order up a big meal and then headed for my room at a hotel near by. I was still looking for a house to live in.

The week went pretty quick. I stayed later each night getting caught up. I paid particular attention to everything Jo Jo wore that week. She was quite the stylish dresser. She dressed very professional as I started to take off the suit and go with a pair of jeans and button down shirt. Nobody could see under my black robe. I was getting hotter each day. I had to call a recess twice to cool down. I was working on a new case. A couple was getting a divorce. He was a skinny guy and his wife was a bigger gurl. She was upset of the way he treated her and the kids. He was upset she would not loose weight. I was getting upset listening to him but I had to be impartial until my ruling. The case started earlier and was running later until 8pm when I called for everyone to come back on Monday to start again.

I waited a few minutes while everyone was leaving. I was finishing up some paper work. I looked down to see Jo Jo. She was getting her equipment off her little stand. She had moved her small chair. She smiled as she looked up at me. She was wearing a black 5 button down sweater, a black knee length skirt. She had painted her finger and toe nails white with black tips. I saw she had worn some 4inch black heels to match her outfit. She had put her small purse next to her equipment. I am not sure why I did it. But I just had to see her. "Jo Jo can you come her for a second." I said. She walked back behind my chair. She smelled great. I was feeling weak. Her smile. Her perfect hair. Her sexy makeup. It was driving me wild. "I know this is last minute. Its late already. Can you read me some of the transcripts of today case. I need to finish this paperwork tonight." I said.

"Sure! No problem Judge. I was going out with a few associates from work. But I can catch up with them later. I will get the transcripts and meet you in a few minutes." Jo Jo said. I walked back to my chamber. I left the door open slightly. I sent the bailiff and his staff home for the night. He brought me the keys to the courtroom. "Here you go Judge Buck. I will see you on Monday. Just remember to lock the side door when you go out to your car. The rest of the court house is locked. Later!" he said. I sat in my chair. I left my robe on. I had worn a tight green short sleeve shirt. I also had on a pair of blue jeans. Some white tennis shoes. I had not worn and underwear or socks. I was going to go workout after court but it had run long for the day. I waited a few minutes for Jo Jo. I put out the case file on my big desk.

A minuted later there was a knock at the door. "Hi! Judge. Ready for me?" said Jo Jo. "Yes! Come in. Thanks once again. This should not take long." I said. "she giggled as she walked in. My jaw dropped open. She had gone to reapply her make up and sexy red lips. She smelled great as she sat in the leather chair in front of my desk. I looked over to see she had unbutton three buttons on her sweater. I could see her ample cleavage starring back at me. I could see the outline of her small black wire bra. I had to fix my eyes back on her face when she spoke. "Where should I start?" I said. "Start from where her lawyers first begins. Thank you." I said. She read the transcripts going back and forth. I was lost in why I originally had her come back to see me. I was hoping she did not think it was terrible that I was having naughty thoughts about her but I was. She smiled. She had the most perfect reading voice. I took some notes trying not to make it to obvious I was checking her out.

After thirty minutes. "Do you have her husband testimony?" I said. "Let me look!....long pause....... Oh I am sorry Judge. I must have left it in the court room. I can go it." she said. "We better both go get it. I excused everyone tonight after the case. I don't want you to be alone." I said. She smiled and walked in front of me across the hall to the courtroom. I flipped on the switch. A second later the court room lit up. I walked to my seat at the top while Jo Jo went to get some paperwork next to her equipment. She then walked back up to me. She was on my left side.

I sat in my big black leather chair. She put her hand on the back of my chair. I could smell her sweet perfume as I turned my head slightly to see inside her sweater. She was so sexy. Her body so perfect. I was clinching my teeth. I was breathing heavy. She put her free hand on her hip. "Here you go. Would you like me to read it?" she said. "Yes! That would be great." I said. She held the paper in front of her face. "We got in a fight. I called her fat in front of the kids. She stormed out of the room. I went to watch a movie." said the husband. "He is an ass hole. I hate him. He hates my weight." said the wife. "Do you like my big soft breast? You have been staring at them since I got in your office." said Jo Jo. "What? I am so sorry. I guess its been such a long time since I saw such a beautiful woman. I am so sorry Jo Jo." I said. I looked up with one eyes open at her sexy eyes.

"Ummm! It's OK Judge. Not everyday a sexy looking Judge makes me weak in the knees. I have been wanting to get closer to you since the first day I walked in your court room." Jo Jo said. I watched as she dropped her hand on my shoulder. She leaned down to kiss me on the lips. I felt her tongue explore my mouth. She kissed great. Her lips were so soft on mine. She had her eyes closed as we kissed longer. I felt her hand move to my neck. Her free hand went back on the chair to help her catch her balance. I moved my hands around her waist. She was now sitting on my lap as we made out. I felt her amazing body against mine. I ran my big hand down her back stopping on her amazing ass. I wanted to unzip her skirt but she beat me to it. She moved her hands back to unzip her skirt. It fell in front of us on the floor. She was breathing heavy as her eyes opened up. She felt my fingers on her ass over her tight brown hose.

I moved my hands down cupping her ass. She moved her hands around my neck. She moved so her knees were on the chair next to my thighs. I felt her heels touch my knees as the chair moved back from us kissing. She giggled when the back wall got closer to my head. I moved her back forward causing her to be on my lap more. I looked over her shoulder to see my desk top had a few papers on them. I moved them out of the way with my two hands. I then put Jo Jo on top of the desk. She moved her arms and hands over her head. I saw her sweater was wide open now. She unbutton the last few buttons and pushed the sweater on her side. I looked down from my chair. I was still sitting as I kissed her sexy feet in her heels. She smiled as I made way down her long legs. I stopped in between her legs.

I looked up to see her head was on the desk. Her legs spread more open. I could feel her brown hose on my skin. I was going to ask Jo Jo if she wanted me to take them off. Instead she reached down and ripped them open. She had on some black panties under her hose. She pushed them down exposing herself to me more. I saw her naked pussy looking back at me. I grabbed her panties and pull them off of her legs. I pulled them over her heels and through them on the floor. I then moved the rip hose to the side. I moved my lips down to kiss her soft skin around her pussy. She moaned. She was loving what I was doing to her. She grabbed the top of my short hair as she pushed my tongue inside her wet pussy.

Her small cunt lips open allowing me to taste her. I pushed on her hips with my hand. I cupped her ass with my left hand. I started to rotate my tongue deep inside her. I start to lick and nibble on her juicy labia. "Yes!!!!!!!!! Fuck! Yes!! Eat me faster Judge....Eat me....God your making me cum....YES!~~~~!!!!! Arrrggggg...." Jo Jo moaned. I felt her whole body quiver under my mouth. Her muscles contacted and she came in my mouth. She was sweet and very juicy. I licked her clean as she ran her hands on the top of my head. I got a finger wet and inserted in her tight pussy. I put my mouth on her labia and ran my finger deep inside her. She screamed again. I licked her in a clockwise fashion, then back the other way. In a matter of no time she had another big orgasm. I held her thighs as she squeezed my head with her small hands.

After a few minutes I stood up. I was so turn on. My cock was rock hard. I pulled off my black robe. I took of my shirt. I pulled down my jeans. Jo Jo smiled when she saw my erect cock. I wet my hand with my mouth. I rubbed it on my erect cock. I was now standing between Jo Jo legs. She looked down over her body to see my cock. I slapped it a few times on her skin. I ran it up and down on her thighs. She smiled when I placed it on her wet pussy. I reached down to use some of her wetness on my cock.

"Be gentle...Your so big...Mmmmm YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!" she mumbled. I stuck just a tiny amount inside her pussy. Her lips stretch around the tip as I slowly entered her hot pussy. She pushed me out. Then sucked my cock in some more. I smacked her pussy lips with my cock head again. She moaned. I inserted it back in her pussy. This time she relaxed as I got a slow rhythm going with her. I grabbed her hips with my hands. She grabbed my arm to steady herself. I leaned down to kiss her body. I pushed her sweater to the side. I reached down with my teeth. I found the wire clasp holing her bra up. I bite down causing her bra to snap off to the side. I saw her warm breast flow down either side of her chest. I looked down to see her smile. She was very beautiful as I fucked her on my desk in the court room.

I pulled my cock out long and slow. Then slammed it back inside her. She moaned as I fucked her harder. I grabbed her legs. I put her heels by my ears as I fucked her harder. I could feel her feet hit my head as I fucked her faster. I had really picked up the pace of fucking her. Jo Jo eyes glazed over as I felt her orgasm on my cock. She tossed her head back and forth as my cock pounded inside her. I leaned down to suck her juicy breast. I bit her erect nipples and kissed around her aerloes as she screamed. I then felt her hand on my ass. She was pulling me in tighter with her. I had gotten all 9 3/4 inches of my cock inside her. I could feel her wet skin on my big naked balls. I could feel the base of my cock bounce on her wetness. I had to cum. I quickly withdrew. She looked down as she quickly got on her knees in front of my chair. I aimed for her mouth. She started to jack my cock in her mouth. I was cumming as she deep throated my cock. I could feel her tongue suck my cock dry.

Jo Jo stood up and took off the rest of her clothes. She pulled off her ripped hose and took off her sweater. We were both naked now as she grabbed my hand. She walked me down to the jury box. There was a big wooden rail in front of the chairs. She smiled as she put her hands and bent her knees looking over her shoulder at me. I looked down to see my cock was hard again. I bent down to kiss her ass and her lower back. I put my hands on her shoulders as I found her pussy from behind. I then stood up and place my big cock between her legs. She guided my erect cock back inside her pussy. She held onto the wooden rail. She spread her legs wide. She steady herself on her heels. I reached down to hold her hips as we start to fuck.

I was slamming her pussy doing big deep knees bends. She held onto the rail. I could feel her pussy muscles contract on my cock. I was fucking her hard as she tried to gain her balance. After a few minutes I put her legs together. I brought my cock up at a different angle to fuck her. She was dripping as I held on to her hips. I moved my hand to pull her hair. She screamed. I slapped her butt making it pink she screamed. "Yes! Yes! Yes! Fuck me! Fuck me! Yes! The Judge is fucking me..Faster...don't stop...Yes!!!" she screamed. I grunted and pulled out. I moved her left leg putting it on the rail. I got down to eat her pussy. She was very wet. She gripped my head as I licked her pussy. I got her to the edge again.

I then stood up and put my cock back in her tight pussy. I brought her upper body to my chest. Her back was against my front as I kissed her neck. I then bite her neck. I then felt her body orgasm again. She was dripping her hot wetness on my cock. I started to kiss her left ear. "God your body perfect. Your driving me insane. It's been so long for me. I never thought I be here right now. I wanted you so bad when I first saw you. You make me want you all the time." I whispered in her ear. "Arrggggg Schreeekkkkkkkkkkkkk" she screamed. I just kept fucking her from behind. I sucked her neck and fondled her big breast from behind. After another 20 minutes I got weak in the knees. She jumped off my cock. I aimed it at her big breast and face. She licked me clean as we dripped in my court room.

"All rise! The honorable Buck Kelly now presiding. You may all be seated." said the bailiff. "Thank you." I said. I sat in my chair. I looked down over the courtroom. I smiled when I saw the jury box. I looked to my side to see Jo Jo chair empty. A second later a guy walked in with some equipment. "Sorry I am late Judge. I got a call the Jo Jo could not make it this morning. She is on official business." he said. I was going to say something. But then I felt two small hands on my bare ankles. I then felt them move up my bare legs. I then felt the bottom of my robe move. I felt some soft lips begin to suck my cock.

I was getting ready for work this morning. I rolled over and found a note. "Dear: Judge Buck I will be on official business today. Please don't wear anything under your robe today. Jo Jo." I was confused at the beginning. I followed the note. I unzipped the front of my robe to see inside. Jo Jo was naked and sucking my cock. She had her lips wrapped around the head of my penis. I felt her hand on my balls. She was sucking my really fast. We had spent the whole weekend fucking all over my hotel room. I peeked back out to see everyone was looking around. No one had a clue that the sexy stenographer was under my desk in the middle of court giving me a great blow job. I was getting close after 15 minutes. My legs move as my toes were curled under. I then felt it come deep from my balls. I then heard her moan as I came deep down her throat. Jo Jo cleaned me off. I made her stay under my desk for two hours before I could call for a break. She got me hard again and kept playing with my cock.

We hurried back to my chamber after the first break. I had the bailiff call for a recess for the rest of the day. I was not going to start court back up with out my stenographer. I also had Jo Jo bring in her equipment to my chamber. I put my head on the couch. I stretch out on my back. I then had Jo Jo put her equipment in front of the couch. She came over and sat on my face. I wanted to see how many words she could type as I ate her pussy. She was very good. I am not sure if we finished the test. She got up and sat on my cock after 30 minutes instead.

I guess it's good to be me. The Judge!!!!!!!!


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