Thursday, February 18, 2010

Happy Valentine Day 2 Me - An Adult Story

It was Sunday the 14th of February. I had to go out of town for Valentine day. I was not seeing anyone so it was not going to be a big lost. I was going to watch a bad in room movie in my hotel suite later after working out. I got to the hotel around 2pm to check in. I had some lunch. Finished up my work on my lap top. It was close to 6pm when I left the suite. I had on some black boxer briefs. A loose fitting white t-shirt. A pair of black running shorts. I took a towel to dry off the sweat.

I hit the lobby button in the elevator. I walked down the hall to the work out room. I passed the empty swimming pool. I put on my head phones and hit the play on my Ipod. It was close to 8pm and about 5 miles on the tread mill before I got off the machine. I had lifted some free weights. Did some push ups to feel tight. I looked at myself in the mirror as I was covered in sweat. I could feel my shirt, briefs and shorts were wet from all the sweat. I turned off the music. I opened the door to walk back to the elevator. I waited as I looked around.

I walked in when the door opened. I hit the 7th floor button. Right before the door closed I saw a hand come inside. The door popped back open. In came this small guy about 5ft 6 with a small beer gut. Look like he did not shave for a week. He smelled of old guy cologne. He had about a dozen gold rings and a big puffy red shirt and black polyester pants on. He was on his cell phone. I backed up against the far side of the elevator. "Come on!! I can't work tonight. I have to spend time with my wife. Are you guys fucking crazy. I was there for the last 3 days non stop. I promised her a romantic evening. I am at the fucking hotel for Christ sakes." said this guy.

Just then the elevator stopped on the 4th floor. In came this cute hotel clerk. I rolled my eyes when he started to check her out as she left on the next floor. He made some weird face with his mouth as the door closed. He was still bitching on the phone as the elevator stopped on my floor. He turned to plug his nose. I thought it was from his bad cologne but maybe it was me. I laughed when he almost fell over exiting the elevator into the hallway. Just my luck he was on my floor. I walked behind him as he still complained.

"Listen! Stop you guys have to get this done. I got to go. My wife is expecting me any second now. Fuck!!!!!!!!' said the guy. I got to my door. I put the key in the door to see the red light come on. I was going to have to go back to the front desk to get a new key. Something was wrong with mine. I must have rubbed against the Ipod or something. Right across the hallway was the guy trying to get into his suite. Suite 774. It was a long walk back to the elevator. I turned to look down the hall. Then I turned to look at him. He put the key in and the door handle moved. The door openly a little. "Alright!!! If this means my job. I'll be right there. I can come back and see my wife. How long? About an hour. OK! You owe me fucker!!!" he said. He turned to walk down the hall still swearing.

He had his back to me. I looked around after he walked around heading to the elevator. I looked at the door he just tried to open. It was still slightly ajar. Maybe I could call the front desk and have them bring me a key. I was sure he would tell his wife if she was just in the room. It was Valentine day. It only mad sense. How rude could the guy be. I tired my key one more time. No luck. I walked over to the guys room.

I gently pushed the door open. I heard something inside. I stopped. I froze. " that you??? Big Daddy. I've been waiting for you all day. Come in here.." said a woman's voice. I looked around. She could not be talking about me. I squinted my eyes. I looked on the edge of the king size bed in the middle of the room. I saw her. She was about 5ft 3 with long curly blonde hair. She was wearing a red bra and matching red panties. She had on some red 6inch high heels. She had red rose pedals around the room. She had the lights over the bed on. I got closer. I was still quite. She had on a black blind fold covering her eyes. I could only smile. She had a dark tan over her large bodacious body.

She was thick from her calves to her thick thighs. She had a small waist and large hips. Her best feature was her sexy red gorgeous lips and a large pair of breast, that were coming out the top of her red lacy bra. How in the fuck did she marry that guy in the elevator. What the fuck was I going to do. I was lost for a second. She moved on the bed. "Honey!! I am so horny. I can't see a thing under this. Your teasing me. I can smell that your here. I love when you get all sweaty. Were you running to get her to see me? I followed the advise from the book my sister gave us last week. Do you like my outfit?" she said.

I looked around the room. Should I go. It would have been easier to get the hell out of there and not look back. I heard her moan again. This time she dropped her hand under her red silk thong. She was rubbing her big pussy. I looked down to see the front of my running shorts standing straight out. I felt my hands pull off my sweaty shirt. A minute later I was naked standing in the room. I figured she find out in a second I was not her husband. I was pretty sure my tight muscles, no hair on my body or my 9 3/4 inch hard cock would give me away. I walked over to her next to the bed.

I reached down her back. I unclasped her big red bra letting it fall around her mid section. Her large breast dropped out and rested on her stomach. Her two big fat nipples were dark purple. She had no tan lines. Her breast felt great in my hands. I started to tug on her nipples making her moan louder. Her breathing had increased. I poked her left breast with my cock head. She breathed in hard again. I dragged my cock down her soft skin making her wiggle on the bed. I looked down to see her juicy red lips open. I stuck my cock in her hot mouth. She gagged at first then went back to sucking my cock. I looked down her back to see her large ass spread across the sheets. She had pulled her thong off from the side. It rested between her thighs on the bed.

I moved my hand in front of her blind fold to see if she could see me. She did not move her head or the blind fold. She had about half of my cock in her mouth. Her lips were stretched around the shaft as she sucked harder. She spit me out. "God you cock taste so salty...I love when you don't shower. I will clean you up. Your cock is so big tonight. You must be rally excited to see me. MMMMpppphhhh.." she gagged. I moved my hips into her face. She swallowed a little more. She had her big red nails scratching my tight ass. I thought she might scream realizing it was not her husband. But she did not.

I pulled my cock out of her mouth. It was very wet with her saliva. I got down on my knees in front of her. I pushed her big thighs open. She put her hand on my broad shoulders. I pulled off her wet thong. I could smell her perfume along with her excitement. "Oh god your going to do it. You never ate my pussy before. Oh god I can feel your big hands on my thighs. Be gentle." she said. I pushed her thighs open as I leaned down with my face. I could see her big hairy pussy staring back at me. I could see her cunt lips had come out and were dripping wet.

I licked my index finger. I slowly inserted it in her pussy. She moaned again much louder. I started to rotate my finger in nice and deep. I then put my mouth on the outside of her pussy. I sucked in making a loud noise. She dropped her head back as she felt my wide tongue on her cunt lips. I licked from the bottom to the top of hard labia. She screamed. I kept playing with her. Faster and faster I licked as she moved her head back and forth. I brought my right hand up to grope her large beast. I put two fingers from my left hand deep inside her tight pussy. I leaned up with my lips to suck her big erect nipple on her belly button. She started to have a deep orgasm. Her toe nails curled and her toes stuck straight out inside her big heels. Her ass shook, her hips moved. Her stomach quaked before she slammed her hands on the back of my neck pulling my mouth in tighter.

I could feel her first orgasm followed by another. I used my mouth to suck harder as she screamed out in the room. Her hands fell off my neck. She grabbing her breast as I tugged on her nipples with my fingers. She fell to her right side on the bed. "Yes! Yes! Yes! That was the best. You never have done that before. You must have read that book like I asked. That was so hot honey." she said. I smiled. I knew my way around a pussy. I was a quick learner with hers. I put my tongue back on her labia. I started to suck really hard. I rubbed the top of her labia as I brought my tongue deep inside her. I tongue fucked her as she screamed some more. I grabbed her big thighs pushing them up. Her feet were off the ground as she orgasm again. She was juicy but did not soak me.

I got off my knees. I smacked my hard cock on the front of her wet matted down pussy hair. She would soon discover that I was not her husband. My cock took aim at her pussy lips. I spread them open as I pulled her feet up next to my ears. I could feel her heels on my short hair cut. I looked down to see my cock inch inside her pussy. Her lips wrapped around my cock. She was wet making it very easy to insert my cock inside her. She froze for a second. "God you cock is huge tonight honey. What did you do to him. Did you take one of those blue pills like the book said. I know you had trouble in the past getting hard, but fuck your so big tonight. I did not say a word. I pushed my cock in all the way.

She was tight. But very wet. I fell out three times fucking her the first ten minutes. I then got a great rhythm going. I was on top of her body. Her soft skin against my tight body. Her hot nipples against mine. She was moaning and shaking under me as I fucked her harder. "Yes! Yes! Fuck me! Fuck me!!!! Fuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" she screamed. I kept fucking her. I leaned down to suck her nipples. I then kissed her on the lips the first time. "God you even shaved. Make my your fuck whore. Do me harder....Fuck me harder. Yes!! Oh god fuck me..." she screamed. I really started to push off the bed fucking her harder. I could feel my big naked balls slam against her ass as I fucked her big pussy. Her matted pussy hair was wet against my skin. "I'm cumming!!! Yes!!!" she said. I felt her pussy clamp down on my cock. She was having another orgasm on my cock this time.

I climbed off her. I pushed her two big breast together. I put my knees on either side of her body. I put my we cock between her cleavage. I opened my mouth to spit on my cock. "What are you doing. Your fucking my breast. I can't believe it. You cock feels amazing in my breast. Fuck me!! Cum all over me. Use me! I want to taste your small load. Dribble on me honey." she said. I looked down to see her smile as my cock fucked her cleavage. I was getting huge strokes from the bottom of her soft tits to the the tip of her mouth. She opened her mouth to lick the tip of my cock. I kept fucking her tits. Faster and faster. Finally I started to jack my cock. "Yes! Shoot it honey!! Cum on my boobs." she said. I leaned back on my ass. I sat down on her as I erupted on her breast. The first blast hit her nipple. The next blast hit her chin. The next her lips. She licked her lips and chin with her big tongue. I wiped my cock on her big breast. I coated them very good as she screamed. "Fuck honey I'm covered. You never shot that big of a load before. It must have been those blue pills."

I got up of her. I still did not make a sound. She still had her bind fold on as I walked into the bathroom. I got some shaving cream and a razor. Some wet wipes and a towel. I got a cup of water. I came back. She was licking my cum off her breast. I reached up with the wet wipes to wipe off the cum she could not get. She moaned as I cleaned off her top and face. I through the wet wipes away. I then pushed her on the bed. I moved her pussy to the edge of the bed. "What are you doing honey??? God your shaving me...MMMmmm your so nasty tonight." she said. I gave her a nice landing strip above her pussy. About 2 inches wide and 4 inches long of her dark pubic hair. I put a her dyed bleach blonde hair in a pony tail to keep it of her face. I cleaned her off with a wet towel.

I walked back from the bathroom. She was playing with her freshly shave pussy. "God I love it....It feel so different. What are we going to do next?" she said. I smiled as I felt my cock move in front of my crotch. I rolled her over on all fours. She moved her knees together. I put my cock at her pussy entrance. I moved in very fast pushing her cunt lips wide open. She moaned. I started to slam her pussy from behind. I smacked her ass and pull her blonde hair. She screamed. "Yes! Yes! Spank me! Spank me harder. You know I like to be spanked. You have not spanked me in years. You bastard. Oh god you pulling my hair. Your making my pussy so wet. Fuck me!! Don't stop. Faster! Faster!" she moaned.

I had my big hands on her hips. I slipped out again. She put me back in. I was fucking her very hard. I reached down to feel her waist move. Her hips shake. Her ass slammed against my skin. She did not have any tan lines on her ass or near her pussy. She must tan in the nude all the time. I kept my cock buried in her. I stopped to have her shake her ass. I then put my right middle finger on her asshole. She did not protest. I licked my finger and inserted the tip of my finger in her ass. She let out a big scream. Her pussy clamped on my cock again. I kept fucking her harder as I got my finger passed my knuckle in her tight asshole.

I had to see how far she would go. I pulled out as she pushed her face in the bed. I spit on my cock head. It was dark purple and wet. I laid it on her asshole. "Yes! Fuck me in the ass. You know I love anal sex. You never fuck me there. Stop teasing me." she said. She backed her ass on my cock. After a few minutes and feeling her tight walls collapse on my cock, I got a quarter inside her. I spit one more time to get half inside her. She bounced her ass back pushing me all the way in. She was so tight. I almost fell off her. I put my feet on the bed. I started to fuck her ass as she pulled on the sheets above her head. Her toes stuck straight out. Her pussy was dripping on the bed. I was fucking her very hard.

After a few minutes. I put her on her side. I pushed my cock back in her tight hole. She moaned. I reached around to play with her pussy. She started to put her fingers with mine in her pussy. My cock was buried as my balls hit her skin. She moaned as we got her pussy off. She stuck her fingers in her mouth. She then licked my fingers clean in her mouth. She was one hot sexy big gurl. I was taking full advantage of her body. I loved the way her soft body felt against mine. I could not last much longer. I moved my hand on her big breast. I clamped down on them as I empty a huge load in her ass. I could feel my cum push up my cock and empty out of her ass. I then felt some dribble on my balls as her body went limp. She collapsed as I got up off her.

I walked around the bed. I fed her my semi hard cock. It was coated from us as she licked me clean. I smiled as I put back on my clothes. She still had her blind fold on as I left the door open ajar. I walked down the hall towards the elevator. I hit the down arrow. The door opened up. Out came the guy from across the hall. He must have gotten his work done. I went to the front desk to get my card fixed.

I walked back upstairs using the stairs. I kept waiting for him to knock on my door. I kept waiting for something to happen. I order some room service. I took a long shower. I put on my bath robe.

Knock! Knock!!

I answered the door. I pulled it open. There standing in the door way was the woman from across the hall. She pushed the the room service cart inside my room. She then dropped the towel wrapped around her onto the floor. "My husband and I are going through a ruff patch in our marriage. He never pays any attention to me. Before he walked into the room tonight. It had been a long time since we had sex. He came twice tonight when he saw what you did to me. I told him we should invite you back to our room. I want to experience you without the blind fold on this time. He is going to take notes. He is shaving his body and face as we speak. We have a few minutes he has allot of hair. Maybe you should eat up. Your going to need your strength." she said. My mouth dropped open. "I could smell you from across the hall. Plus your twice as big as my husband. Don't you want to be my Valentine?" she said.

Happy Valentine Day to me!!!


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