Thursday, March 19, 2015

On Tour with Dolly P.....

You can call me Mrs. Dolly..

I had been driving a limo for a few months.  I worked for an elite car service.  I usually picked up sports players, actors.  I am very discreet and keep my mouth shut.  I never talk, unless spoken to.  I was a very good limo driver.  I know Manhattan and all of NYC, like the back of my hand.  I got a text from boss.  I was sleeping on the couch in my one bedroom apartment in the city.  I should say my one room apartment.  It was the living room, dining room, kitchen and bedroom all wrapped into one.  I never brought any girls back to my little apartment.  It did have a small bathroom.  Just enough space to take a shower.  I looked down at my phone.  I was to drive out to a small airport in Long Island to pick up a client.  I was to be there at 430am. 

I got a few hours of sleep, as I took a quick shower.  It was 2am.  I walked out of my apartment.  I had a nice 3 piece black suite on.  With a black shirt, black tie and black leather shoes.  I was wearing some black socks, and some white boxer briefs.  I put my black limo driver hat on.  I tossed a small bag of clothes on the passenger seat.  I was hoping to change later.  Then go out and relax after my pickup.  It was close to 345am when I found the small airport.  I was not sure who I was picking up.

"Ring! Ring!"  I looked down at my cell phone.  It was my boss.  He was checking to make sure, I was at the airport.  "Buck!  Are you there?" he said.  "Yes!  Sitting near the hangar.  Who am I waiting for, to pick up?  Boss!" I said.  "Some country singer....Dolly....something.  She may need you for the whole day.  Going to be on morning show in the Plaza, then two radio shows.  Then her concert tonight at Madison Square Garden.  You’re looking at a long day.  Our you up for it?" he said.  "Yeah!  No problem.  What ever you need me to do, Boss.  Thanks.  I will text you with updates during the day." I said.

I waited a few more minutes before I got out of my big stretch black limo.  I put on my black limo hat.  A few minutes went bye as I waited for the plane to land.  A few more minutes passed before I heard a plane touch down.  I then followed the small jet plane into the big hangar.  I waited a few minutes before a group of people got off the plane.  They walked toward me.   "Hello!" I said.  "Great the limo guy on time.  I'm Sandra.  Dolly's Manger.  Your not allow to talk to her.  Just smile and drive.  Any problems with that?" said Sandra. 

She directed me to pull the limo up to the side of the plane.  A few seconds later the door to the plane opened.  Out came a country legend.  My mouth dropped wide open.  It was the one and only Dolly Pa....!  She smiled as I held the door open for her.  "Thank you young man." she said in her country twang voice.  She climbed into the back seat.  She was wearing a super tight light blue outfit.  She was only 5ft, but had incredible sexy legs.  A tiny waist and the biggest set of breast, I've seen on such a small woman.  I tried not to stare at her perfect ass, as she slid across the back seat.  A second later her Manager climbed in.  A watched as more people got into the limo.  Some people put her luggage in the trunk.  I walked around to get in the driver seat.

I looked into the rear view mirror.  Dolly gave me a big smile, as her Manager put up the black screen separating the back of the limo from my view.  I tossed my limo hat on the passenger seat.  I pulled the limo out onto the side road, around the airport.  I texted my boss.  "Got Dolly Pa.... off to NYC..Buck Kelly."  He texted back.  "You’re fucking with me.  The real Dolly.  What she wearing?"  I smiled as I sent him a " : ) "

The ride was real quick.  I missed most of the traffic.  I pulled up in front of a big sky scraper.  A saw lots of fans, photographers taking pictures and screaming.  I got out holding the door open.  Sandra got out first.  I then put my hand down to hold Dolly hand.  She smiled as I helped her onto the sidewalk.  "Thanks sweetie!" said Dolly.  She stopped to sign autographs, and pose with fans.  I saw two women in her entourage take some bags into the building.  I then walked around to move the limo down the street.  I turned on my small TV in the back to watch her interview.  Once it was over, I pulled around in front of the building.

A few minutes later the big doors opened.  Out came Dolly.  She was wearing a different outfit.  A very sexy white dress, with lots of rhinestones on it.  She was wearing some super high white heels.  She smiled as she waved to the fans.  I held the door open again.  I put my hand down to help her into the limo.  "Such strong hands." she giggled.  I then watched the rest of the people get into the limo.  The same thing happens at the next two radio interviews.  I held the door open.  I got a sexy smile from Dolly.  She thanked me in her cute southern voice.  I watched as she came out each time with a new outfit on.  I then took the limo to a nice restaurant in Manhattan.  I pulled around the back of the small eatery.

I texted my Boss.  He kept asking if I got any good looks at Dolly.  I just smiled.  I grabbed a quick hot dog, and Coke from a food cart.  I then pulled the limo in front of the restaurant.  An hour later out came Dolly.  She put her hand on my forearm as she got into the back seat.  She gave me a little wink.  I figured she must be joking with me.  A second later her Manger climbed in.  "To the hotel.  Driver!" said Sandra.  I just smiled and walked around the limo.  I kept thinking about the wink from Dolly.  I almost missed the entrance to the hotel. 

I got out.  Held the door open.  A few seconds later Dolly got out.  She put her hand on my forearm and almost pulled me into the limo.  She laughed as I held my ground.  She then gave me an over the shoulder wink as I followed her with me eyes into the lobby of the hotel.  I moved the limo across the street and waited.

About two hours later I saw Sandra come out of the hotel.  She waved for me to come over.  I pulled up to the front of the lobby.  This time only one person came out with Dolly.  The rest of her entourage was already setting up back stage at Madison Square Garden.  Sandra was talking to the other person as Dolly walked up to me.  She was wearing a black and gold dress.  Lots of more rhinestones.  A sexy gold purse under her right arm.  Some super high gold heels on her feet.  She had some very sexy red lips that matched her nails.  I almost fainted from how sexy she smelled.  Her perfume was intoxicating.  She smiled.  "Thank you.  You've been a perfect gentleman.  Today!  I though chivalry was dead." she said.  I smiled.  "My pleasure.  You look amazing.  I know your fans are in for a treat tonight." I said.  "Thanks sweetie.  Will you still be my driver later?  After the show." said Dolly.  "Yes!" I said.  She smiled.  I held her hand as she climbed into the back seat.  She pulled up her dress.  Showing off her sexy long legs.  I then felt the limo move.  Sandra got in the other side.

I then pulled around the corner.  Over a few blocks, and then took the back entrance into the Garden.  I pulled all the way to the back of the stage.  Some security came out to help Dolly get to her dressing room.  I walked around to the back of the limo.  I climbed in the back seat.  Damn, I could still smell her sexy perfume.  My cock was getting hard.  I looked down to see a small tent forming in my black pants.  It had been about two weeks since I had masturbated.  I texted my boss.  Told him I was waiting for the show to get over.  He told me to take tomorrow off.  I earned it, for doing a great job.  I turned on the flat screen in the back.  I could hear the crowd inside the Garden from inside the garage.

About 4 hours later, I could see people coming out multiple doors.  A few fans walked passed the limo.  I got out and straighten my shirt, and pants.  I stood at the side of the limo.  A few minutes passed before I saw some of Dolly, entourage walk bye the limo.  They walked out the back of the garage.  A few minutes passed before the back door to the stage opened.  Out stepped Sandra.  Followed by Dolly.  She was now wearing a white dress.  It had two small shoulder straps keeping it up.  The back of the dress was cut just below her perfect ass.  The front had a huge plunge in the neck line.  Her very large breasts were pushed almost out the top.  I could see all the rhinestones sparkle as she handed her guitar to her Manager.  Sandra then follows Dolly to my limo.

I opened the back door.  Dolly turned to face Sandra.  "Take my guitar back to the band.  I will see you in the morning.  Thank you Sandra.  Today was fun." said Dolly.  Sandra turned to walk back to the stage.  I stood next to the open door.  Dolly turned to me.  "Mmm. Your still here.  I guess you can't get enough of Me." she giggled.  I smiled.  "I think you.... Wow! Them! I love your dress." I said.  "What your name honey?" she said.  "Buck Kelly!" I said.  "That a cute name....Buck!  Do you have some time tonight?  I mean...You don't need to go home or anywhere immediately? Do ya??" said Dolly.  "No!  I'm all yours for the night." I said.  "Oh I like that idea.  I get so excited after a concert.  I need some after concert fun.  Can you drive me around?  I love the city at night.  I normally never get a chance to be alone and enjoy myself." said Dolly.  "My pleasure.  Hop in! Let's go." I said.

She climbed in the back seat.  I jumped in the front seat.  I then heard the black screen, behind my head.  Come down.  I looked in the rear view to see Dolly, on the big black leather seat.  She smiled.  She moved her sexy legs on the cold leather.  She shot me another wink as I got the limo out on a side street.  We saw all the photographers at the front of the garage.  I slipped out the side, without them knowing.  Dolly gave me the thumbs up as she saw them waiting for her.  'Good Work Buck!" she said.  I then drove through Time Square, passed Central Park.  I went through Midtown.  I finally ended up near the water.

I saw Dolly look out at the Statue of Liberty.  She smiled.  "Looks like you know all the good places to show a girl." she said.  "What would you like to do next?" I said.  "Maybe you could pull over somewhere near the river.  That a good spot over there." she said.  She pointed to a small empty parking lot, next to the river.  I parked the limo.  I then looked in the back seat.  Dolly crinkled her finger, and motion for me the join her in the back of the limo.  I smiled as I got out and put my limo hat on.  I walked to the back of the limo.  She opened the door for me.  She reached up to grab my black tie.  She pulled me in the back seat with her.  I was sitting right next to her.

"Buck!  I've been on my feet all day.  Would you be a doll and rub them for Me." said Dolly.  I smiled as she put her feet in my lap.  She had these 6inch white stilettos on her feet.  Her toe nails were painted a fiery red, to match her finger nails.  Each nail had a white rose painted on the tip.  She smiled with her matching red lips.  The gloss and diamond glitter sparkled on her big smile.  Her sexy blonde hair was layered on the sides, and down her back.  She had the same look from the seventies in the back of my limo. 

I gently put my hand on her ankles.  I started to massage them.  I moved my big hands on her sexy calves.  She shot me a big smile.  "Oh that feels nice.  I think you've done this before." she said.  I smiled.  "Once or twice." I said.  She giggled.  I then slowly united her heels.  She was impressed I knew how to take off such an expensive pair.  I put them on the floor of the limo.  I then gently rubbed her sexy feet.  Running my fingers through her toes.  Then up and down on the arch of her foot.  I then began to gently rub her entire foot, with both of hands.  First her right foot.  Then her left.  I then rubbed her ankles again.  Then I used both hands on her calves.  I massaged all the way up to the back of her knee.  I forced myself not to go any farther.  She smiled.

"Maybe we should start to head back now sweetie." she said in a low sexy voice.  I smiled.  I then reached down to put her sexy heels back on.  I opened the back door.  I then got out of the back of the limo.  My cock was so hard.  All 9 3/4 inches wanted to burst out of my black dress pants.  I started the limo up.  I looked in the back seat.  Dolly was slowly moving her hands down her body.  She looked a little flush as I got onto a side road.  I took a short cut and was back at the hotel in 10 minutes.  I parked in the under ground garage.  I parked in a far spot near the back entrance.  I was wondering what might happen next.  Was I done for the night?  Was there more with Dolly?

She smiled in the back seat.  I got out opening her door.  I looked down.  She was so stunning in the back seat.  I was up for anything she might say.  I put my hand down, to help her out of the back seat.  "Another great job of missing the paparazzi.  You are very good.  My legs feel so great, Buck!  Thank you honey.  Do you still have some time for me?" said Dolly.  I nodded my head "Yes!"  "Could you stay by my side?  Walk me to my suite.  It would be a big favor to me.  I owe you." she said.  I almost froze.  "My pleasure...Dolly!" I said.

She put her hand on my right elbow.  I opened the back entrance to the hotel.  I quickly opened another door.  I started to walk down a long hall.  "Another short cut Buck?" she said.  "Yes!" I said.  I walked her down to a service elevator.  I punched in a code.  "Pays to have a friend who works here.  No cameras, no problem." I said.  She smiled as the empty elevator opened.  She pushed the highest floor number.  The doors to elevator opened.  "I like your style.  You’re like a spy or something." giggled Dolly.  A few minutes later we were at the front of her suite.  She smiled.  She put her finger on the door knob.  A second later the door to her big suite opened.

"Follow me....Your so sweet Buck.  Thank you for holding the door again, for little old Me." she cooed.  I stood outside the door.  Was I supposed to go in?  She reached back up and pulled on my tie.  I was inside her suite as she shut the door behind us.  I heard the door lock.  Her suite was huge.  There was a long hallway in the middle.  There were 6 doors leading to different rooms.  The first room was a huge walk in closet.  It was full of Dolly's stage costumes and tons of clothes.  The next room was a huge living room.  The next room had a huge bar and game room.  The next room had a big kitchen and dinning table.  The next room was a big spare bedroom.  My head was spinning as she pulled on my tie and dragged me into the last room.

"Sit there sweetie.." she pointed to the edge of the big king size bed.  I smiled as I sat on the edge.  Dolly then walked into her huge bathroom.  She turned on the light.  I could see her leaning in to fix her big hair in the mirror.  She reapplied some bright red lipstick.  She caught me checking her out from the bed.  She smiled as she strutted back in the room.  "It's tough being on the road all the time.  It's get's very lonely.  I even miss my husband.  Tonight has been a blast with you...Buck!  You’re so much fun to be with." she said.  I smiled.  "I've had more fun, than you know." I said.  She smiled. 

Dolly turned around in front of me.  "Be a sweetie and unzip me.  Thanks honey." she said.  I reached up to unzip her tight dress.  She only had to stop breathing for a second for me to unzip it.  She looked over her shoulder as she walked backed into her bathroom.  She pulled out a small round chair.  It had no back to it.  It was more like a small stool.  She then walked in front of it.  She could see me in the mirror.  My eyes had never left her.  She smiled as she pulled down the front of her tight rhinestone dress.   Slowly her huge exposed breast fell on her chest.  Her nipples were round and hard in the cool air.  I gulped as she pulled her tight dress completely off.  She was wearing a small white thong that barely covered her pussy mound.  She looked in the mirror with a big smile and then winked at me.

She quickly sat on her stool.  Her legs parted about shoulder length.  She crinkled her index finger and motion for me to come into her bathroom.  She was reapplying some make up.  She squirted some perfume on her amazing body.  I walked over to her right side.  I was inches from her arm.  She looked up.  Her sexy eyes met mine.  We both smiled.  She then looked directly at the big tent in front of my pants.  I was looking directly down her large cleavage.  Her huge breast were amazing.  I so wanted to fondle them. 

My mouth fell open when I felt her small hand on the front of my pants.  She started to rub the thin material separating my hard cock from her hand.  I was so turned on.  I heard a soft moan from her red lips.  “Maybe you should take these off.  It’s a little warm in here.” She said in her southern accent again.  I watched as she stood up to help me undress.  She first pulled off my tie, followed by my small belt holding up my pants.  She then ripped open my shirt, causing all the button on my shirt to fly off.  Dolly then rubbed my muscular chest.  She stopped to kiss my right nipple.

Next I felt her grab my pants around the side of my hips.  She ripped them down to the floor.  I was now standing in just my white boxer briefs.  I gently took of my shoes and she bent down to pull my pants and socks off.  I then watch her get on her knees in front of me.  “Fuck honey…. Your so sexy in your briefs, but I need to see what you’ve been hiding from Dolly all night.” She said. 

I almost fainted when she yanked off my boxer briefs.  My hard cock sprang out hitting her in the forehead.  She did not miss a beat, she reached up to start sucking my cock.  I felt her tongue swirl around my shaft.  She was using her small hands to play with my hairless balls.  I reached down to place my hand on her huge platinum blonde wig.  She started to jack and suck my cock like a pro.  I kept watching her huge breast rock back n forth.  I slowly moved my legs to try to fell her huge breast against my skin  She smiled when she noticed me starring at her large breast.

A second later she arched her back and lifted both her breast around my cock.  Fuck! I was in heaven now.  It was my biggest fantasy comes true.  Her skin was so soft and wet.  She started to spit between her huge breasts as I began to tit fuck her faster.  She smiled as I rubbed the tip of my cock on her bright red lips.  She then kissed the tip of mock a few times causing me to almost shoot a load.  I wanted to last longer than I did.  But she was so hot between my legs.  I lasted maybe five minutes more.  I tensed up. She jammed my cock in her greedy mouth.  I then felt a huge explosion come out my cock.  She gagged a little at first then sucked me dry.

Dolly then got off her knees.  She walked to get a glass of water.  I could hear her heels click on the floor as she walked back into the room.  She quickly pulled off her white thong.  She handed it to me.  I put it in my mouth.  It was sweet to the taste.  I could taste how wet she was between her legs.  I motion for her to climb on her big king size bed. 

I quickly got between her legs.  She was laying on her back.  Her huge breast slid down to the side of her chest.  I quickly put my big hands on her breast.  I started to tug hr huge nipples as I gently kissed the inside of her thighs.  Her pussy was so warm, I could smell her wetness as I inched my mouth closer to her puss mound.  I slowly started to lick the inside of her upper thighs.  She let out a soft mound when I finally put my tongue on her pussy lips. 

They easily parted as I started to push my tongue deeper inside her wet pussy.  Dolly reached down to touch the top of my head.  I felt her nails on my shirt hair as I started to eat her amazing pussy.  I was rubbing the top of her clitoris with my right index finger as I sucked on her big soft pussy lips.  She was so wet.  I kept running my tongue deeper inside her. She let out a small groan when I inserted my other index finger inside her pussy.  I curled my finger inside her.  I started to finger fuck her tight pussy.  Dolly let out a scream.  She forced my mouth down on her pussy.  I then felt a rush of fluids inside my mouth.  She orgasm so hard, I almost could not catch my breath.

I brought Dolly to two more orgasm with my mouth before she rolled me over on my back.  Dolly slowly slid down my chest toward my hard cock.  She stopped when I started to suck her hard nipples.  She slowly started to smash, ram, and watched with glee as I sucked, licked and used my wet mouth on her killer breast.  A few times she held my nose and watched me almost suffocate from her large breast smothering my face. 

I was having so much fun with her breast, I did not feel her wet pussy slide down my cock.  I felt her tight pussy clamp around my cock.  I shot her a quick smile.  She shot me a fuck the shit out of me smile. 

A minute later she was bouncing up and down on my hard cock.  I reached around to grab her amazing ass.  I held her big hard ass cheeks.  She reached up to grab the top of the wooden headboard over the bed.  I felt her breast slammed against my face as she fucked me harder and harder.  I started to meet her pussy with every big thrust from the bed.  I then reached up to hold her huge monsters as she slammed her pussy down on my cock.  I could feel her pussy clamp so hard on my cock, I screamed into the air. 

She loved this.  She slammed her pussy so hard on my cock; I thought she might have broke it.  I rolled her over onto her back.  She could almost put her feet over her shoulders.  I bent her back causing her breast to rest between her legs as I jammed my cock back into her wet pussy.  I got on my toes and slammed my body into hers.  She cried out again as I felt her pussy orgasm another huge load covering my cock and balls.  I looked down to see her rubbing her expose clit.  She squirting again covering my cock and her lower half.

I fell next to her in bed.  She quickly inserted my cock back into her now overflowing wet pussy.  She was on her side as she rammed her butt on my hard abs.  I reached around her small waist to fondle her huge breast.  I started to match her fucking me.  I started to bite her earlobes and neck as she screamed again from my cock.  I was really close to Cumming again.  “Buck…Its Ok.. Honey… cum deep inside me baby.” She said.  Then I slammed all my cock deep inside her.  My cock shot the biggest load I have ever produced.

I lost count how many times my cock shot my hot semen deep inside Dolly that night.  She kept me up all night; we fucked in almost every room of her hotel suite.  The next morning she convinced me to be her tour bus driver.  She felt it was a good front; nobody would get suspicious of me driving her around on tour.  After the first show, she hired a woman bus driver, so I could help Dolly in her bed at the back of the bus.  I texted my boss before I left.  Telling him I was going on tour with Mrs. Dolly Par...n

Love Buck,

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