Friday, March 6, 2015

Milking My Aunt Brenda - An Adult Story

I only had a few weeks of school left.  My Mom worked two jobs.  She worked long hours and the weekends.  I was looking forward after graduation, to spending some alone time with nobody in the house but me.  No rules and even better, no adult person around, to tell me what to do.  That thought last about a week before my Mom sat me down and explained my Aunt was coming to stay with us for awhile. 

I tried to tune my Mom out but she kept talking.  My Aunt Brenda was my Mom’s step sister.  They grew up together in a tiny house.  They were related but not blood related.  I had to look that up on the web later after she told me.  I just kept shaking my head “no” as my Mom kept talking.  Aunt Brenda had just given birth a few weeks ago.  Her baby Daddy left before the birth and was now missing in action.  Then she got kicked out of her apartment and my Mom felt sorry for her.  She offered Aunt Brenda my room, which meant I was moving down stairs in the basement. 

I quickly packed up my room and went downstairs.  I put all my boxes on the far end of the basement.  There was a small two stool tiki bar in one corner and a big brown leather couch with TV in the other corner.  At night I had to blow up the mattress to sleep on the floor.  I just kept shaking my head as I got the basement looking a little better. 

I woke up the next day with only half the air in the mattress.  I guess there was a small pin hole leak in the full size air mattress.  I took a long shower upstairs before I quickly got dressed and went to school.  My Mom was at work until 6pm.  I got out of school at 3pm and almost forgot about Aunt Brenda moving in today. 

Then I saw a green mini van parked in our driveway.  A “Baby on Board” sign was in the back window.  I opened the front door to the house.  I dropped my book bag on the wooden floor leading to the kitchen.  I could smell some sweet perfume as I entered the kitchen area.  My mouth fell open.  My Aunt who I had only heard about but never seen was sitting at our small round kitchen table.  She was sitting about a foot back from the table.  She had a big smile on her face.

Growing up, I was always attracted to the perfect petite woman.  I would jack my cock thinking about them.  Then I found a copy of bodacious magazine and things changed.  I really got hard thinking about women with big curves.  The bigger the ass, the bigger the breast, the more cum would blast from my cock.  I had only seen those women in magazines and watching porn.  Now one was sitting in my kitchen.

Aunt Brenda was about 5ft 5 with long platinum blonde hair.  It was curled at the ends, just below her shoulders.  She had long curvy legs and thick thighs.  Just the right size.  She was wearing 4inch wooden heels that made her sexy red toenails sparkle.  She was wearing a yellow sun dress that clung to her voluptuous body.  The front of the dress had a big scoop in the neckline.  She had two of the largest breast I had ever seen.  I could not tell if she was wearing a bra.  She had a small yellow belt around her midsection.  She still had a little baby fat from giving birth a few weeks ago but you could barely tell. 

“Hi sweetie!  You must be my nephew Buck.  So nice to meet you.  Your Mom says nothing but good things about you.” She said.  I smiled.  I quickly sat down to hide my growing erection inside my jeans.  “Hi!” was all I could say.  I had very little experience being around women.  Especially someone so hot, that was causing my jeans to get tighter.  Aunt Brenda kept talking and I kept staring at her huge breast.

Turns out my Mom took a long lunch to let Aunt Brenda in earlier.  She also gave her a key to the house.  “Would you be a doll and go out to my mini van and get my things and bring them inside.  Your Mom says you were sweet in giving up your room and moving in the basement.  I hope it’s not to much of a burden for you.  I remember being a teenager and wanting my own room.  Thank you sweetie.” Said my Aunt.

I spent the next two hours bringing stuff inside.  My aunt had the mini van stuffed to the roof with things.  I kept passing the kitchen, to get looks at my hot aunt.  My cock was rubbing inside my tight underwear.  My tight black shirt was getting sweaty from moving all the boxes.  I could not wait to get in the bathroom and masturbate thinking about my aunt.  I lifted the last box and noticed my Mom pulling up behind me.  She walked passed me and did not even say hello.  By the time I closed the front door, I could hear my Mom and Aunt chatting away.  I placed the last box in my old room and headed for the basement.

I was so tired from lifting boxes, I laid on the couch and watched TV.  My Mom ordered pizza and I sat at the kitchen table starring at my aunt huge breast.  I was trying not to make it to obvious, but my Aunt and my Mom barely paid attention to me.  I excused myself and walked downstairs and fell asleep before nine. 

I woke up with a raging hard on.  My 9 3/4inch cock was making a huge tent under my sheet.  I rolled over and half the air from mattress was gone.  I tossed my black shirt on the floor as I quickly got up and then went upstairs to take a shower.  I looked around my house for my aunt but she must still be sleeping.  I quickly got dressed.  I put on some cargo shorts, and another black t-shirt and some sandals and went to school.

I skipped my last class and went home around 2pm.  I wanted to catch up on some home work, plus I wanted to see my aunt again.  I had been thinking dirty thought about her all day.  I walked home in half the normal time it usually takes me.  I tossed my book bag in my garage and went through the garage door into my house.

I walked through the kitchen on my way to our living room.  I quickly stopped in my tracks.  My eyes got big as I saw my aunt sitting on our black leather couch in the living room.  She had our wooden coffee table moved in front of her.  She had two full and one half full baby bottles on the side of the coffee table.  She was wearing, white cotton shorts that were two sizes to small on her voluptuous body.  I smiled when I noticed her huge camel toe trying to escape the front of her tight shorts. 

Then my eyes went to her huge chest.  She was wearing a huge over sized white cotton shirt, that had two big see through stains covering the front of her huge breast.  I could see her two swollen huge nipples rubbing against the front of her shirt.  I guess she was pumping some breast milk before I walked in. 

“Good afternoon Buck, don’t be shy.  Come on in.  Do you have any D batteries in the house?  My breast pump ran out and now I can’t pump anymore.  Little Lisa was not hungry today.  She just went to sleep, in your old room.  I was hoping to pump out a few bottles before any one got home and saw me.  My breast are in so much pain.  They hurt with all this milk in them.” she said.  “Let me go check.” I said.

I walked back into the kitchen.  I opened our battery draw.  Only AA’s and AAA’s in the draw.  I walked back into the living room.  My aunt was leaning back on the couch.  Her legs were open.  I could see just a tiny amount of blonde pubic hair trying to get out of her tight white shorts.  She was cupping both her huge breast with the palms of her hands.  They were both very small compared to her monster juggs.  The wet stain in front of both nipples had grown and now her hands were wet from her breast milk.

My cock was now rock hard inside my cargo shorts.  I then noticed she was wearing the same wooden heels from the day before.  She smiled was I stood next to the coffee table looking down at her.  “Sorry Aunt Brenda.  No “D’s” in the battery drawer.” I said.  She smiled.  “It’s ok.  I guess I can put up with the pain for another day.  They should be better in a few hours.  They doubled in size when I got pregnant.  I’m still getting used to them.  My boss, the one who got me pregnant hated them when they got this big.  I think that’s why he fired me.  Plus he paid me no attention to me, the whole 9 months I was pregnant.” She said under her breath.

I turned my head to look at the clock on top of the TV.  There was still a few hours before my Mom got home.  “I can run down to the corner store and get you some batteries, if you like.” I said.  My Aunt smiled again.  “No!  I don’t want to be a burden.  I just wish there was something I could do, besides tugging on my own swollen nipples.  My hands our hurting and it takes for ever.  Plus they squirt everywhere and cause a big mess.” She said.  “I don’t mind running down to the store.  I’m a fast runner.” I said.  “I can see that, your so big and strong, and very athletic.” She said.

“How’s school?  Any girlfriends?  I’m sure my cute nephew must spend the whole day fending them off.” She said.  I smiled.  “Hate to say.  I really haven’t found anyone this year in school.” I said.  She smiled.  “It’s Ok to be single.  You can get into more trouble.” My Aunt said with a mischief grin.  I could see, she was breathing heavier.  She then shifted her legs on the leather couch.  She turned her head to look at the clock on the TV.  “You Mom said she be home at five tonight.  She has to go in early tomorrow and Sunday.  Do you have any plans?”  “Just some homework.  Maybe help around the house/” I said.

There was a long pause.  I was still checking out my hot Aunt on the couch.  “Can you keep a secret Buck?  A very big secret.  I see you nodding your head “Yes!”  That’s good.  I was wondering…..Maybe you could help me.  This might sound strange, but hear me out.  There’s nobody home but us.  I know you can be trusted not to tell your Mom or anyone else but would you be the perfect nephew and help me with my big problem.  My breast are so swollen and hurt so bad.  They need to be milked.  Can you lie down on my lap and help me..” she said in a soft voice.

I was stunned.  I was lost in a trance.  I slowly nodded my head again.  She smiled and motion for me to put my feet at the end of the couch.  I slipped of my sandals and put my bare feet at the opposite end of the couch.  I then slowly leaned back on my Aunt lap.  Her huge breast pushed the thin white cotton material on the left side of my face.  I could smell her sweet perfume, mixed with sweat and breast milk.  Her eyes looked into my blue eyes. 

“If this gets to weird or you feel uncomfortable, please tell me.  We can stop anytime.  The breast milk might be a little warm when it comes out.  Don’t worry about making a mess.  We can clean up after were done.  Thank you so much.  You have no idea the pain I’m in.  Thank you sweetie.” Said my Aunt.

Aunt Brenda slowly pulled up her white t-shirt, over her head.  I then felt her swollen breast hit the side of my face.  Her skin was hot and her nipples were coated in white on the tips.  Her breast had very little sag.  They were so big and round.  She had huge aerloes that were very big and round.  She then lifter her right breast, with two hands and fed her swollen nipple into my hot mouth.  I was taken back and gagged a little at the first shot of hot milk.  It hit the back of my throat.  Then a steady stream of warm milk flowed into my mouth.  I was sucking soft and swirling my tongue on her big nipple.  Some of the breast milk ran down the side of my mouth and then down between her legs.  She let out a small moan as I continued to milk her right breast.

A few minutes passed before mu Aunt removed her right breast and fed me her left breast.  Just like before.  I started slow and then started to suck harder on her swollen nipple.  I was started to get full of breast milk.  My mouth was over flowing and my Aunt leaned her head back on the couch.  I closed my eyes and began to bite down on her left nipple causing her to let out a louder moan then before.  An hour passed.  I had sucked both her milk filled breast to the best of my abilities.  My Aunt was feeling flush, she shifted her big ass underneath me on the couch. 

“Buck!....That was very helpful.  Thank you.  We better stop and get cleaned up before you Mom comes home.  Can you clean the couch.  I’m going to take a long shower and then start making dinner for us tonight.  Remember our little secret.  Thank you sweetie.” She said.  I gently got of her and stood in front of the couch.  I gave her my hand, to help her off the couch.  She ran her right hand under my chin as she walked toward the stairs.  I could hear her huge breast slap on her wet skin as she walked topless across the living room.  I quickly grabbed her wet t-shirt and some paper towels to clean the leather couch.  I could hear the water in the shower as I got rid of the evidence from the couch.

I was still stunned in what just happened.  I changed my clothes and sat on the couch as my Mom walked passed me in the living room.  My Aunt had been cooking for a short time.  I could smell the ground beef for the tacos.  I walked into the kitchen to sit down.  My Aunt handed me a plate of tacos and one for my Mom.  A few hours later I was blowing up my bed in the basement.  I still was thinking of my Aunt’s breast as I slowly fell asleep.

I woke up again on the half deflated air mattress.  I heard the garage door open and my Mom leave.  I went upstairs and took a long shower.  I shaved a few hairs on my chest and around my cock.  I put on some body spray and a dash of cologne before I went downstairs to watch Tv and do some home work.  I was wearing a dark blue button down polo shirt and white, knee length shorts.  I decided not to wear underwear today.  I was so sweaty yesterday, I did not want to get a rash between my legs.  I was sitting on the beaten up brown leather couch when I heard some noise upstairs.  My Aunt was awake.

I kept to myself in the basement doing home work.  About two hours passed before the door to the basement opened.  “Buck!  Are you down there, honey?” said My Aunt.  I smiled.  “Yes!  I’m down here.” I said.  I heard some bare feet coming down the wooden stairs into the basement.  My mouth then fell open.  My Aunt was standing at the bottom of stairs.  She was wearing a tight black silk robe, that fell just passed her knees.  It was tied with a small black silk belt around her midsection.  Her huge breast almost fell out the gaping hole in the front of her robe.  I could tell she was not wearing a bra and maybe only a black thong between her legs.  I bite my lower tongue.

I had my school book on my lap covering my hard cock.  Her breast swayed back and forth under her tight fitting black robe.  She stopped a few inches from the front of the couch.  She looked down at me.  “Hey!  Good Morning.  How did you sleep?  I just put baby Lisa down for her nap.” Said My Aunt.  She then put her right pinkie in her wet mouth and bit down.  She had teased her blonde hair and put on two large gold earrings that fell almost to her shoulders.  She had painted her finger and toe nails, the same fiery red as her big puffy lips. 

I stuttered a little…. “Good!  How did you sleep?” I said.  “I slept great.  The first good night, in a long time.  My big breast did not keep me up all night.  I think I have someone to thank for that.” She said in a sexy voice.  “No problem. Happy to help.” I said.  She smiled again.  “Are you busy right now?  I see your studying.” She said.  “I was just about to take a break.  I just finished all my homework for Monday.” I said.

There was a short pause.  “I was hoping you might help me again.  There are plenty breast milk bottles in the fridge for the next couple of days but I still don’t have batteries to pump out the excess milk.  Would you be a sweetie and help out your Aunt again.” She said.  I smiled.  “No problem.  Should I lay the same way as yesterday?” I said.  She pointed for me to lie down in the same position. 

My Aunt watched me get up.  Then she sat down at the far end of the couch.  I then leaned back into her lap.  A second later she slowly opened her silk robe.  I then felt her breast hit my face again.  She slowly fed her right nipple into my mouth.  I huge squirt of breast milk hit my mouth.  After a few minutes her nipples was shooting milk down my throat.  I felt some bubble out and escape down the side of my closed lips.  “Buck… I don’t want to ruin your clean polo shirt.  Maybe you should take it off sweetie?” she said.

She slowly stopped her nipple from leaking as I leaned up to remove my polo shirt.  I tossed it on the carpet in front of the couch.  I then leaned back in her lap.  She then fed me her left breast.  I was running my tongue around her swollen milk filled nipple as she moaned softly.  I then felt her red finger nail on my chest.  She was running her left hand over my chest.  She ran her long finger nails down my chest, stopping just above my waist.  She ran her free hand under my head.  She pulled my short dirty blonde hair when I bite softly on her nipple. 

A few minutes passed before she removed her left nipple from my hungry mouth.  She pushed her right nipple back into my mouth.  I turned my eyes to watch her use both her hands to push down the sides of her swollen breast.  This caused a huge glob of white milk to escape my greedy mouth.  She smiled when she saw me spit some of her warm breast milk into the air.  She kept rotating her breast into my mouth.  I could feel her breathing heavier and her face getting flush.  I was loving it, but more important my Aunt was loving it more.

She then let go over her left breast.  She looked down into my eyes.  She then ran her left hand down my chest.  This time she stopped below my waist.  Her hand was resting on thin white material, covering my hard cock.  I tried to look down but her huge breast blocked my view.  A second later, I could feel the buttons on my shorts being undone.  I could feel the cool air of the basement hit the tip of my cock head.  Was this really happening?  Was my Aunt going to pull out my hard cock?

“Buck…. Did I do this?  Are you getting hard?  You feel so big.  Maybe I should help out my big strong nephew.  Fuck!!! Honey!!  It’s so big.  Your twice the size, maybe even more then my old boss.  Your so big and round.  OMG!!  I can feel you just shaved them this morning.  God…. Your balls are huge, honey…” said My Aunt.

My cock flopped out of my shorts.  My aunt started to jack my hard 9 ¾ inch cock.  I could feel her small hand going up and down on my long shaft.  I then felt her red finger nails on the tip of my cock.  She scooped off some pre-cum and then licked her finger nail.  I then bite down on her hard nipple causing her to jack my cock harder.  I wanted to last longer but it was no use.  I erupted in her hand in just 4 minutes.  I just felt my cock keep shooting white goo in the air.  I could hear it fall on the brown leather of the couch.

“Fuck!  Does it ever stop?” said My Aunt.  I smiled.  A few minutes later she was shoving my half erect cock back into my white shorts.  She then buttoned my shorts and removed her breast from my mouth.  “Now we have two secrets we better keep.  Follow me upstairs, I need to check the baby and my cell phone.” She said.  I walked behind her as she stuffed her milked laiden breast back inside her black robe.  Her big ass was to die for.  I watched as she checked the baby and looked at her phone.  I grabbed some cold pizza from the fridge and headed to the living room.

I was sitting in our leather recycling chair, eating pizza.  I just turned to a movie on the TV.  It had been about hour since I saw my Aunt.  I could hear her in my old room.  I was about ready to go get a drink when I heard some heels click across the wooden floor in the hallway.  I then felt my dick get hard.

I smelled my Aunt perfume first before I saw her coming toward me.  She was wearing 4inch red pumps, that matched her red garters and red fish net stocking on her curvy legs.  She had them pulled tight up her thick thighs to some red lingerie around her hips.  She was wearing a tiny red thong that was maybe an inch wide across, barely covering her pussy.  I could see her pussy lips trying to fall out the sides.  Her camel toe was trying to escape.  She was not wearing s bra.  Her huge breast moved over her chest as she got closer.

What was my Aunt doing?  We had about an hour before my Mom was due to come home.  I froze for a second as she leaned down to unbutton my white shorts.  I then watched as she pulled my shorts down around my ankles.  My cock instantly sprang out.  She gasped as she looked down at me in the small leather recliner chair.  She smiled.

“I thought I could make it till Sunday.  Then your Mom, texted me, that she was taking the day off tomorrow.  I don’t think I can wait to see your big cock again.” Said My Aunt.  She then sat down on the left side of the leather recliner arm.  Half her ass floated off the side.  I quickly put my left hand to her ass.  Trying to keep her from falling off the side.  She moaned, as she reached down to fondle my cock.  She took her free hand to place my right hand on the front of her thin red thong.  I could feel it was getting wet.  She leaned down to kiss me on the cheek.  I then looked down to see her red nails scratch the underneath of my shaft.

I was turned on.  I was determined to last more than 4 minutes this time.  I easily slipped my right index finger under her red thong.  I could feel her freshly shave almost bald pussy.  She moaned in my ear, as I rubbed her big cunt lips outside her pussy mound.  I then easily slid my index finger in her wet pussy.  She grabbed my head to suffocate my face in her cleavage.  Her left breast started to shoot milk into my mouth.  I could feel her jacking my cock as I milked her breast and fingered her wet pussy.

She still had my face covered with her cleavage as she began to orgasm on my finger.  I could feel her pussy quirt and coat my hand.  I was shocked but so hard from her pussy squirting on my finger.  I then put another finger inside her.  I started to jack hammer her pussy with two of my fingers.  She tossed her head back, causing a tiny amount of air to reach my mouth.  I gasped and then started to swirl my tongue around her big fat juggs.

For the next ten minutes I forgot about her jacking my cock.  Then it happened, almost better than the first time.  I could feel all the sperm built up in my big balls, begin to erupt out of the tip of my cock.  She screamed as I shot almost all my seed into the air and onto the carpet in front of us.  My Aunt leaned her huge breast off my face.  She took a small amount of my cum on the tip of her red finger nail.  She licked her whole finger smiling at me. 

A minute later she stood up and looked around.  “I’m going to start making dinner soon.  You’ll need to clean up our mess, both here and in the basement, while I get ready.  I think we have another little secret we need keep my sweet nephew.” Said My Aunt.  I watched her wet pussy still drip as she walked toward my old room.  I spent the last minutes before my Mom came home, cleaning sweat, cum, pussy juice and breast milk from the carpet, chair and down stairs.

Saturday night flew by and so did Sunday.  My Aunt spent all of Sunday teasing me with different sexy outfits.  My Mom even commented that Aunt Brenda looked tremendous.  My cock was aching from all the things my Aunt was doing.  I could not wait to go to sleep and wake up on Monday. 

My Mom was working the afternoon shift this week.  She left at 2pm and did not get home until midnight.  My first three classes flew by as my cock stirred in my jeans all day Monday.  It was close to 3pm when I got home.  I ran inside looking for my Aunt.  I checked my old room and all of the first floor.  I even peeked out the back yard. 

Finally I walked downstairs into the basement.  My breathing began to increase.  My Aunt was standing with her back to me.  She had cleaned up the basement.  Putting all my things away.  She was wearing 5inch open toe wooden heels and somehow she had put on my black t-shirts from when I first saw her.  She had stretched out the front.  It clung to her busty body, stopping just above her amazing round ass.  She turned slightly when she heard me drop my book bag on the floor.

“Mmmmm… I’ve waited all day for my big strong nephew to come home.  Your Mother left an hour ago.  I hope you don’t mind but I found your sweaty shirt on the floor.  I needed to smell you.  This shirt has been turning me on.  I’m glad the real things here now.” My aunt said softly.  I walked up behind her.  I could smell her sexy perfume.  My cock was rock hard inside my jeans.  I rubbed my Aunt big ass with the front of my jeans, making her feel how hard she had made me. 

She began to moan, then she turned in my arms.  I looked down to see two big wet spots on the front of my black shirt.  She quickly started to kiss my lips.  I looked into her hungry eyes.  She then started to French kiss me hard inside my mouth.  I quickly felt her hands pull up my polo shirt I was wearing.  She ripped off my belt.  Letting my jeans fall around my ankles.  She then gasped as she felt my hard cock bounce free in the air.  I was not wearing underwear.  She then smiled as she pushed me toward the coach in the basement. 

My Aunt pulled off my shoes, then took off my jeans.  I was now sitting naked on the couch.  She pulled off my black stretched t-shirt and tossed it on the opposite end of the couch.  She tossed her blonde hair to the side.  She then knelled in front of me.  She looked up.  “I lost count of how many secrets were keeping but I need to suck your big cock first.  Then I want you to fuck me, very hard.  I need your cock deep inside me.  It’s been two days since I've seen that monster.  It's been over 9 months since I've been fucked.  It's been years since a real man has fucked me.  I want you to explode in my mouth and then you can last longer inside of me.” She moaned.

A second later, her hot mouth was sucking my cock.  She was swirling her tongue all around the tip of my cock and half way down my long shaft.  Her eyes kept looking at mine as she bobbed her head up and down on my hard cock.  I gently put my hand on the back of her head, feeding more of my cock in her hungry mouth.  She then gagged and spit out my cock.  She smiled.  She did this a few more times, almost getting her lips to the base of my cock.  She then began to suck my balls.  I was in heaven.

I then watched as she placed her huge breast on my thighs.  I then felt the warmth of her huge cleavage around my cock.  She was titty fucking me harder.  She has squeezed both her huge breast around my cock.  She stuck out her tongue to lick the tip of my cock.  I smiled as she bounced her huge breast on my cock.  I did not want this to end, but then I just erupted a huge load in her cleavage.  She quickly stuck my shooting cock into her mouth.  She began to suck every ounce of my load from my cock.

A few minutes passed before I got hard again.  Her expert mouth had me hard in no time.  She smiled as she stood up and guided my cock between her legs.  She put her hands on my shoulders as guided the tip of my cock into her warm cunt.  I felt her two large cunt lips stretch open and slide down my cock.  She was so wet, she screamed at the top of her lounges as all of my cock slipped all the way in.  She jammed her left nipple into my mouth as she began to fuck me. 

I reached around her hips and cupped her perfect ass.  She was bouncing up and down on my cock.  I could feel warm breast milk hit the back of my throat as she fucked me faster.  I then put her right nipple into my mouth.  Her left nipple was dripping on my chest as I sucked on her magnificent mammary.  “Fuck! Fuck! I love you big cock.  My nephew you is fucking me so good.” She yelled over and over.  I was afraid my neighbors might hear but then she orgasm the first time on my cock.  It was so hot and wet.  My hard cock had no chance.  I shot a huge load into her hot pussy.  We both screamed and clasped on the couch together.

A few minutes passed before my Aunt went to go clean her pussy in the sink in the bathroom.  I sat watching her.  She then sat on my face, back on the couch.  She taught me the correct way to eat her pussy.  She even taught me to lick her tight asshole.  She orgasm a few times before she went back to riding my hard cock.

I lost count of how many times I fucked my Aunt in the basement that night.  She let me fuck her in every hole.  Her favorite position - She loves to shove my hard cock into her tiny asshole, and have me reach around and play with her pussy.  My favorite position – is any position with my over sexed Aunt, but my all time favorite – is sitting on her lap, her fat nipples in my mouth, milk hitting the back of my throat and she is giving me a great hand job. 

It’s been two years now.  My Aunt still breast feeding me and her daughter.  My Mom has no clue, she just happy to see the smile on my Aunt face every day.  I’m not sure how were going to explain Aunt Brenda might be pregnant again.  Her breast milk getting sweeter and she producing more than I can handle.  We might need to sell some online to pay for a new house, for us to move into, in case my Mom throws us out.  The secrets might get out or my Mom might catch me with my hard cock buried inside her sister.


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