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Three Big Boob Short Stories - An Adult Story

Buck’s Big Boob Bed Time Stories…
Three Big Boob Short Stories
– The Birthday Present, At The Drive In, Wal/Mart Mom & Daughter

1st Big Boob Story
The Birthday Present….

It was my 18th birthday party.  My parents let me sleep in, while they prepared for the party.  I wanted just a small party, nothing too crazy.  I invited some friends.  My parents invited there friends.  I knew a few of them.  My party started just past noon.  I was wearing a black batman t-shirt and some tan cargo shorts, that hung just below my knees.  I had on some black flip flops on, as I combed my short hair and walked down the stairs into my living room. 

I heard the doorbell ring.  My parents had me greet everyone as they came in.  I shook a few hands and smiled at everyone who arrived.  I thought I had greeted everyone who was invited until around 1pm when there was a knock at the door.  I slowly turned the big brass knob to the front door.  My mouth fell open.  I almost fainted.  I was at a lost for words.

“Good afternoon Buck, Happy Birthday sweetie.” Said Mrs. Lola Devine.  She was a friend of my parents.  She was our old next door neighbor, in the house we used to live in.  We moved away a few years ago.  She had changed so much.  She used to be very conservative and wore big clothes to hide her figure.  Now she was standing right in front of me, wearing a tiny red cocktail dress.  It left nothing to the imagination. 

Her huge breast were almost falling out the top of her dress.  She had long curly brunette hair.  She was wearing 4inch red stilettos.  Her fiery red toenails, matched her long fingernails and pouty red lips.  I felt my cock getting harder as I smelled her sweet perfume in the doorway.  She had a small red leather purse under her right arm.  “Hi!  Welcome to my party.” I said.  She had a big smile.  “Can I come in?  Thanks sweetie.  How are you?” she said.  I smiled.  “Sorry!  Please come in.  I’m good.  Is your husband parking the car?” I said.  “No!  He won’t be joining us today.  He ran off with his secretary last year.  I got everything in the divorce.  You’ve gotten so big since the last time I saw you.” She said.

A second later my parents interrupt us.  I turned to shut the door.  I turned back to see Mrs. Devine big ass moving into the kitchen.  Her ass was so big and round.  I had only seen something that big in a rap video.  I rubbed my eyes and pinched my forearm to make sure I had not been dreaming.

A few hours passed.  I talked and chatted with just about everyone at the party.  I was getting bored, I then felt the urge to go use the bathroom.  I slowly walked upstairs and half way down the hall to my bathroom.  Nobody was allowed upstairs.  My parents reminded everyone to use the bathroom downstairs and the one in the basement.  I took a quick piss.  My cock was semi hard thinking about Mrs. Devine.  I was going to masturbate hard later thinking about her.  I flushed then washed my hands.

I slowly open my bathroom door to go back to the party.  “Oh! Hello!” I barely got out of my mouth.  “Let’s go back inside honey.  You have such a nice house, young man.  I’ve been looking for the birthday boy.  I have a little surprise for him.” Said Mrs. Devine.  “Looks like you found him Mrs. Devine.” I said.  “Call me Lola, Mrs. Devine sounds old.  I’m not that old honey.” She said. 

I could now feel my ass, wedged against the sink and Mrs. Levine.  Her lower body was pressed against my lower half.  Her huge breast were inches from my lower chest.  I was looking down into her sexy brown eyes.  She was starring back into my blue eyes.  I gulped.  I could feel her breathing getting heavier. 

“I hope you didn’t think I would forget your birthday or your birthday gift.  It’s not every day a young man turns eighteen.  You’ve gotten so tall and full of muscles.”  She said.  I watched her right hand put her red purse on the counter top behind me.  She leaned in to brush her huge breast against my chest.  She ran her free hand on my shoulders and then down my arm.  I was getting so turned on.

I was at a lost for words.  I then watched her pull up my shirt.  She slowly started to unbutton the top button on my cargo shorts.  She then unzipped me.  I felt my shorts around my ankles, covering my feet.  I watched as Mrs. Devine slowly got on her knees in front of me.  She had a big smile when she saw my cock get hard just inside my black boxer briefs.

“Mmmm that looks nice sweetie.  Did I do that?  I see you like older women.  I saw the way you were looking at me, when I arrived.  I must confess.  I’ve fantasized about you many of times.  Especially when my ex-husband was making love to me.  FUCK!  He is so big.” She shouted at the end.  I was worried my parents my hear.  Then I felt Mrs. Devine ruby red lips around the tip of my cock.  I forgot all about my parents.

Mrs. Devine was sucking and trying to deep throat every inch of my hard cock.  She had half of my 9 3/4inches inside her greedy mouth.  I felt her left hand on my naked balls.  She was running her long red nails on my balls.  I watched as her tongue swirled around the tip of my tongue.  She was sucking me like a pro.  Why would her husband leave her?

  I tried to clench my ass cheeks, when I felt her right hand under my ass.  I was a little of guard when I felt her index finger begin to rub my asshole.  My mouth fell open when I felt her shove a finger in my asshole and keep sucking my cock.  I was trying to last a little longer but it was no use.  I tried to mumble I was Cumming but she was looking into my eyes and knew.  I felt the first blast hit the back of her throat.  She kept sucking and finger fucking my ass until she completely drained my cock.

Mrs. Devine got off her knees.  She grabbed a glass of the sink behind me.  She drank two glasses of water and checked her hair and face in the mirror.  I was still standing with my underwear and cargo shorts at my feet.  My semi hard cock was turned down, as she stood in front of me.

“Would you like a kiss or a hug for your birthday present sweetie?” she said.

“Which would you choose?”

2nd Big Boob Story
“At the Drive in……”

I was in the passenger seat as my best friend Jessie pulled into his driveway.  He had been texting his girlfriend Jessica all day.  She wanted to go on a double date with us tonight.  She was mad that my date called and could not make it.  My date had to stay home and could not come out with us tonight.  Unbeknownst to me, Jessie had been texting his mother all day.

I waited in his new red Charger.  He went inside his house to talk to Jessica.  About an hour later I heard the front door to the house open.  I saw Jessie first, followed by Jessica.  She was the same age as us, and went to our high school.  She was maybe 5ft 2.  With short black hair, very skinny.  She had no curves to speak of.  Maybe a B cup if she was lucky.  I did not see what Jessie saw in her.  Maybe she put out.

I turned my eyes back to the front door.  I saw Mr. Hover, Jessie Dad, standing with his hand on the door knob.  I almost fainted inside the car, what I saw next.  My mouth dropped open.  Out came Mrs. Hover, walking toward the car.  She was maybe 5ft 6 in these huge six inches white heels.  She was wearing skin tight leather blue pants that hugged her amazing curves and big ass.  She was wearing a skin tight sleeveless white shirt that hugged a huge pair of breast.  I could tell she was not wearing a bra.  Her big fat nipples were hard under the thin material.  She had big fake white nails on her small hands.  Her small waist made her huge breast bounce under the white shirt.

I had met Mrs. Hover a few times over the years, but she had always dressed so conservatively.  I was totally blown away by her appearance now.  I felt my hard cock expand inside my white boxer briefs and tight dark blue jeans.  I was wearing a tight dark blue t-shirt and a pair of dark blue tennis shoes.  Was she coming with us?  Was she going to be my date?  What about Mr. Hover?  Or her son?

I quickly got out of the car.  “Hey Jessie, What’s going on?” I said.  “Buck!  My Mom is coming on our date tonight.  She is going to fill in for your date, who could not make it tonight.  Plus it’s the only way I can drive my new car tonight to the drive in.  Mom! This is my friend Buck.  You’ve met before.” He said.  Jessica stood next to Jessie as Mrs. Hover walked up to me next to the car.

“Why hello young man.  Call me Candice, Mrs. Hover sounds old fashion. I guess I’m your date for this evening.  It’s been so long since I’ve been out on a date.  I hope you’re up for it.  I’m so excited to get out of the house.” She said.  I put my hand down to help Mrs. Hover into the back seat.  She had a small white leather purse under her arm put.  Mrs. Hover pulled down her dark sun glasses from the top of her platinum blonde hair.  She was sitting behind Jessica as she jumped in and shut the car door on Jessie and me.

I did not know what to say.  I wanted to say something but was still in shock.  “Have a good night you kids.  Bring my wife back later son.” Said Mr. Hover.  He then shut the door to the front of the house.  “Buck, just get in the back seat and be nice to my Mother.  My Dad gave me a hundred to get her out of the house.  Plus she all excited.  Jessica even seems to be a good mood now.   Even better now, I’ll owe you a big favor.  Thanks man.” He said.

I then pushed myself into the back seat.  Being 6ft 4 and athletic did not help get into the back seat but surprisingly there was allot of leg room once I got in.  Mrs. Hover smiled as she made small talk with Jessica and Jessie as we drove to the local drive in.  About half way to the drive in Mrs. Hover turned toward me.  I smiled.  About 2 inches separated us.  Her big ass looking amazing, I wanted so much to pull down her tight leather pants to feel it in my big hands. 

“So your date tonight, the one who could not make it.  Are you two dating or our you single?” said Mrs. Hover.  I smiled.  “Single… She just a friend from school.  Jessica had set me up with her.  I’m kind of glad she could not make it tonight.” I said.  Mrs. Hover smiled.  “Oh!  I see.  Your very cute.  Lucky for me she decided not come.  What movie are we going to see Jessie?” she said.  “It’s a double feature Mom, no clue.” Said Jessie.  There was a long pause in the back seat.  I watched Mrs. Hover check me out.  I looked ahead to see Jessie in the rearview mirror give me a dirty look.

Jessie parked the car in a secluded spot in the back of the drive in.  There were a few cars at the drive in.  It was not to busy.  It was just getting dark.  We could hear the previews on the radio as we all looked straight head toward the huge drive in screen.  Jessica moved closer to Jessie in the front seat.  He put his arm around her.  I turned to look at Mrs. Hover.  She had taken off her sunglasses.  She was reapplying some red cherry lipstick on her perfect lips. 

A few minutes later the first movie started.  “I’ll be right back.  Nature calls.” Said Jessie.  It was a long walk to the rest room where we had parked.  I watched Jessie walk in front of the car.  Jessica was still watching the movie.  I had to talk to Mrs. Hover.  I had to say something.  “You smell nice.” I blurted out.  “Thank you sweetie.  I was hoping someone would notice.  Do you like my out fit?  How about my heels?” she said.  “You look amazing.” I said.  “Would you say I look hot baby?” she said softly.  “Mmmm very much.  Too hot for the drive in.” I said.  Mrs. Hover gave me a wink.

I watched Mrs. Hover leaned up to talk to Jessica in the front seat.  Her huge round ass spread her blue leather pants perfectly.  “Jessica!  What’s the matter?” said Mrs. Hover.  “It’s your son.  He never wants to do anything with me.  He runs away every time we get close.”  Said Jessica.  ‘That is strange.  Maybe he is shy.  I would have thought he would be the exact opposite.  All those young hormones flowing inside of him.  I bet Buck not shy,  Are you babe?” said Mrs. Hover.  I nodded my head No toward her.

“Have you guys kissed?  No!  Oh my goodness.  How about getting to second base or anything?  No!  I can’t believe it.  My son’s still a virgin then.  I can’t believe it.  Jessica I’m so sorry.  I thought you two would be doing every thing by now.  You such a cute girl.  You dress very sexy.  I can’t explain it.  I would be all over you if I was my son.  Buck!  Has he said anything to you?” said Mrs. Hover.  “No!  Maybe Jessica not experienced in helping him.” I said.  I was still staring at Mrs. Hover round ass.  My cock was half erect in my tight jeans.

“Jessica are you still a virgin?  Well I’m glad your not but maybe your not helping him correctly.  Stop being so nice and just grab him.  Run your hand on the front of his jeans.  Make the first move.  Be demanding.  Here’s what I want you to do.  I’m going to use Buck as an example.  When Jessie get’s back.  Slide over to him.  Watch me.  Just like I’m doing to Buck here.” Said Mrs. Hover   (Mrs. Hover leaned back next to me.  Her left hip was touching my right hip.) 

“Look into his eyes.  Then quickly put your hand on the front of his jeans.  Feel how hard he is.  It’s ok, I need to you play along to help my son.  Now rub your hand up and down touching his hard cock.  Then unbuckle his jeans, then slowly unzip the front.  Now reach in and pull out his hard cock.  Wow!  Very impressive young man.  Your very big and hard.  You make my husband look so small.  Where was I?  Oh yes!  Now gently stroke his cock.  Use your finger nails to scrape underneath his long shaft.  If you feel comfortable.  Try to spit or lick the tip of his enormous cock.  I want you to pretend, that Buck and I are not in the car with you.” Said Mrs. Hover.

I was completely lost in Mrs. Hover sucking my cock like a pro.  She was bobbing her head and trying to talk to Jessica in the front seat.  She was looking over the front seat at her boyfriends Mom giving me head.  I slowly dropped my right hand down Mrs. Hover back.  I was gripping her big ass as she tried to swallow all 9 ¾ inches of my hard cock.  I was close to cumming when I looked up to see Jessie walking in front of the car.  I cough loud and Mrs. Hover let go of my cock as Jessie opened the front door to the driver side.

I quickly shoved my hard wet cock into my tight jeans.  Mrs. Hover wiped her mouth.  Jessica quickly turned to look at Jessie.  “Hey!  What’s that smell in the car?  What’s have you guys being doing since I left?” said Jessie.  “Must be from the outside.  We just rolled up the window before you got back.” Said Mrs. Hover.  She then pointed to Jessica in the front seat to make her move on her son.

Jessica quickly got close to Jessie.  She immediately grabbed the front of his jeans.  “What are you doing?” said Jessie.  She did not say anything.  She started to unbuckle his jeans and tried to unzip his jeans.  I looked down to see Mrs. Hover was rubbing the front of her huge white top.  She was rubbing her left nipple with one hand and her free hand was between her legs.  Jessie looked in the rear view mirror and saw his Mom and I in the back seat.  Jessica was not taking no for an answer.  She was so horny watching us a few minutes ago. 

Sigh!!  I heard a big sigh when she finally got Jessie cock from inside his jeans.  I watched his Mom lean up to inspect what was going on in the front seat.  I reached down with both hands to fondle Mrs. Hover big ass.  “Jessie I thought you be bigger.  Is it getting any harder.  What’s going on.  Oh my god.  Fuck!  You just sprayed my hand.  That it??  It’s ok.  I just thought you last longer.” Said Jessica.   “It’s Ok honey.  Maybe having you Mom in the back seat did not help.  Don’t be mad Jessica.  He can’t help it.  He is just like his Dad.  One tug and it goes off prematurely.  Plus he his hung like his father.  A good 3 inches.” Said Mrs. Hover.

I slowly leaned up to start fondling Mrs. Hover huge breast.  She turned her attention from her pathetic son and back on me.  I smiled as she licked her lips.  “Buck!  Your making me so horny again.  You keep rubbing my breast, I might just have to show you them.” said Mrs. Hover.  I smiled as she pulled her white top over her head.  I quickly unzipped my jeans and heard my cock flop out into the cold air of the back seat.  I then felt the car move as Jessica turned her attention to the back seat.  Jessie got on his knees to look over the front seat into the back of his car.

Mrs. Hover huge tits spilled out onto her chest.  She then pulled my jeans down around my ankles.  I kicked off my shoes and then my jeans onto the floor.  I watched as Mrs. Hover went back to sucking my hard cock.  I reached down to tug on her hard nipples.  I few minutes passed before she pulled down her tight blue leather pants.  She quickly mounted my cock.  Her hands fell onto my shoulders.  Her tight pussy slid half way down my hard cock.  She screamed so loud, I’m sure the whole drive in heard her.  I looked up to see Jessie watching his Mom pussy on my cock and my hands gripping her huge ass, as I had her left breast in my mouth.

I was hoping to last more than five minutes, but Jessie’s Mom tight pussy was to much for me.  I grunted and started to shoot a huge load into Mrs. Hover.  I was griping her big ass and holding her tight on my cock.  She then screamed and had a big orgasm on my cock.  I could feel both are orgasm mix and flood onto the leather seat under my ass.  I reached over to suck on her other big breast.  A few minutes passed before Mrs.  Hover fell off and laid next to me.

“Mom!  Are you Ok?  Where are you going Jessica?” shouted Jessie.  I looked up to Jessica climbing into the back seat.  She had taken off all her clothes.  Her small breast and clean shaven pussy were in full view.  She went right for Mrs. Hover used pussy.  She was licking my sperm and Mrs. Hover orgasm from deep inside Jessie’s Mom.  I looked over to see my cock twitch.  I then saw Jessie smile.  He was stroking his small cock in the front seat.  Once again he orgasm very quickly.  Mrs. Hover then orgasm in the back seat from Jessica magic tongue.

First I felt Jessica hand wrap around my semi hard cock.  I then felt weird as Jessie leaned over the front seat to tough my no hard cock.  Mrs. Hover was now completely naked.  She was still wearing her heels as she mounted my cock again.  She pushed both small hands from my cock.  She was fucking my cock as she leaned up to kiss her son in the front seat.  Jessica was on the floor, with her head between my legs.  She was licking my exposed cock and huge balls in her mouth as Mrs. Hover rode my cock.  I started to spank both her big fat butt cheeks.  A minute later she shifted my hard cock into her tight asshole.  We spent the rest of the night fucking in every hole inside Jessie card.  At the drive in.

3rd Big Boob Story
Wal/Mart Mom & Daughter

It was close to 9pm on Saturday night.  I had to pick up some last minute items for Sunday’s big game.  There were only a few cars in the big Wal/Mart parking lot.  I saw a good spot near the front.  I quickly parked and jumped out of my truck.  It then started to rain.  They had talked about all day to watch out for a big thunder storm.  I guess they finally arrived.

I walked toward the big front entrance doors and grabbed a cart.  Took me a few carts to find one that was not too bad to push.  I looked down to make sure my black t-shirt and tan cargo shorts were ok.  I was wearing some black canvas shoes with no socks.  I decided at the last minute to put on some new Calvin Klein white boxer briefs.  Always one size to small to make my cock look bigger.

I laughed as I looked around.  There were maybe 4 people working and maybe 4 other customers in the huge store.  I started to walk toward the beer cooler.  I picked out two cases and then got some salsa, guacamole, and corn chips.  I then picked up some char coal before I walked toward the Men’s section of the store.  I could use some new shorts or maybe a new belt.

My head was down when I heard some noise near me.  I looked up to see I was cutting through the women’s section.  I stopped to check out some bras and panties.  That when I first saw them.  My mouth fell open slightly.  I had always been attracted to women with curves.  The bigger the better was my philosophy.   A loved a woman with a small waist and big ass to match her huge breast.

Maybe ten feet from the front of my cart where two of these women.  The older lady was maybe 5ft 4 with dark black shoulder length hair.  She had a few blonde streaks in her hair.  She was wearing a very tight white top.  It had a big scoop in front showing off a huge pink bra underneath.  She had her left hand on her hip just above some very low cut dark blue denim shorts.  I was not sure how she got into them.  They were so tight. 

The younger girl she was talking to was bigger.  She was maybe 5ft 8, with long dark hair passed her shoulders.  She was wearing a slightly ripped black t-shirt that showed off her extremely large breast.  She was bigger than the older lady.  Her ass was bigger and it was shoved in a small black leather mini skirt.  They were both wearing some white matching flip flops.  They both had big gold hoop earrings on and matching white finger and toe nails. 

My mind was racing.  It had been a few months since I broke up with my last girlfriend.  I’d been so busy with work and school; I could not remember the last time I had even jerked off.  Being 6ft 4 and athletic makes it hard to hide behind things at this store.  I quickly position my cart behind a rack of jeans.  I peeked over the top, to watch them.

They were so busy talking they walked right in front of me.  Only the jeans separated us.  “Kali!  I can’t believe you wanted to come out tonight.  I could be at home drinking and having a good time” Said the older lady.  “Mom you’re killing me.  I just wanted to find some new bras and maybe some panties to wear tomorrow.  You know with my size it’s very hard to find shit.” Said the younger girl.  “You don’t have to tell me.  You have out grown everything I buy you.  Your big breast and that huge ass have surpassed me.  I thought I was big.  But we don’t have lots of money to spend.  My pay check was small this week.  My tips were down also.  Men don’t tip like they used to.” She said.

“That sucks Mom.  You still have a kick ass body.  Guys are terrible.  Maybe we can find you some bras and something hot to wear.” Said the younger girl.  “Maybe your right honey.  We can find me something and will go on line to order you something when we get back to the double wide.”  They both giggled.  I looked down to see my cock move down my leg.  I then watched there double wides move down the aisle in front of me.

I followed them for the next half and hour.  I lost track of time.  My hard cock was making my cargo shorts smaller.  I slowed down when I saw them pick out some huge pink bras and put in there cart.  The Mom put them up to her huge breast and then dropped them.  She picked out two pink thongs and two black thongs for her daughter. They each picked out three more outfits before I saw them look around. I then followed them toward the dressing room. 

They each got to the end of the aisle.  There were no store employees to show them into the changing booths.  I waited for them to go inside.  I saw them walk to the last booth and walk in.  They slowly shut the tall wooden door behind them.  There was no way to look inside.  The door went from floor to ceiling. 

I had to imagine for twenty minutes what they were doing inside.  Maybe if I was not thinking of them, I would not have been so surprised when they came out and saw me standing next to there cart.

“Hello young man.  What are you doing?” said the Mom.  “Who me?” I pointed to myself.  The daughter giggled.  “Where you following us?” said the Mom.  “UUmmm No!  I was just looking for a cart.  I saw this one was empty.” I said.  The Mom turned to look around me.  She saw my cart outside the dressing room.  “What about that one.  The one with all the beer and looks like party supplies.” She said.  “I needed two.” I said quickly.  I watched her daughter checking me out.  She was looking me up head to toe.  I turned to check her out.  Both women smelled good.  They both wore the same perfume.  I was very turned on.  I then moved my eyes to see the Mom checking me out from head to toe.

“You have very beautiful blue eyes.” Said the daughter.  “Kali!  We don’t know him.” Said her Mom.  “Buck Kelly nice to meet both of you.  Is this your sister?” I said.  I pointed to Kali Mom.  Kali giggled.  “No silly, that’s my Mom.” She said.  “Ohhh! Thank you young man.  I’m Lisa Howard, newly divorced and this is my daughter Kali.” Said Miss Howard.

I turned my attention back to Kali.  She was shifting her body standing next to her Mother.  She started to smile and lick her lips.   I could not stop starring at Kali huge breast.  “Excuse Mr. Kelly…. Are you starring at my daughter large breast?  How dare you young man.  I can’t believe this.  Were minding our own business when were confronted by this perverted young man.  Kali stop moving like that.” She said.

I turned my head to look around.  I did not see anybody near us or even in the ladies section of the store.  “I’m sorry.  There so big.  I see where she gets them.” I said as I pointed to Miss Howard’s large breast.  “I should slap you young man, if I wasn’t such a good Mother.  Maybe I should call for help.  This is why I hate shopping here.  Everyone stares at us.” Said Ms. Howard. 

There was a long pause.  Miss Howard turned her head to look at her daughter huge breast.  She then turned to look at me.  I was still starring at her daughter’s huge rack.  I was not expecting, what was going to come out of Ms. Howard’s mouth.  “Would you like to see my daughter’s big breast?  How much money do you have on you?  Only a $100…  That’s not enough.” Said Ms. Howard.  I smiled.  I opened my wallet and pulled out some credit cards.  “Maybe I could buy all those outfit for you and order some stuff online that fits both of you.” I said.

“You do that?  Wow!” said Kali.  I smiled.  Ms. Howard looked around the store.  “Come here young man.  Follow us.  Sit there.” Ms. Howard pointed to stainless steel seat in front of them.  She closed the fitting room door behind us.  The changing room was bigger than most.  It was lined with full length mirrors all around.  There were some hooks above my head and on the back of the door.  It was very quite inside; I could only hear them breathing heavier.

“If you buy us all these things and give me the $100.  You can see my large breast.” Said Ms. Howard.  I smiled.  “Oh!  In that case, how about $20 to see yours then.” I said.  “What!  Mr. Kelly, how dare you.  My breasts are just as good as my daughters.  Maybe even better.” Said Ms. Howard.  I smiled.  “I just don’t know.  I have to see everyone’s breast, to be the judge.” I said.  “I can’t ask my daughter to show you her large breast.  I would not be comfortable in asking.” Said Ms. Howard.

“For all that stuff Mom.  You don’t have to ask me.  I’ve show these things for $5 dollars at the trailer park all the time.” Said Kali.  Before her Mom could answer.  Kali pulled her shirt over her head and reached up to pull down the front of her white worn out bra.  I gulped as her huge nipples grew twice as big in seconds.  Her huge breast were stunning.  They were so big and round.  They sat high on her chest and her large nipples glisten under the light inside the dressing room.

“Kali!  OMG!  There so big.  Where have I been?  They have grown so big these last few months.” Said Ms. Howard.  “What do you think Buck?” said Kali.  “I’m speechless.  Those are perfect.” I said.  Kali turned to her Mom.  She reached down to pull her Mom’s shirt off.  Ms. Howard pushed her daughters hand away from the bottom of her shirt.  After a few minutes she gave into her daughter demands and let her take off her huge white top.  Next Kali reached behind her Mom and unclasped her Mom’s huge pink bra.  It fell in front of them onto the fitting room floor.

Ms. Howard breast were also huge but just a little smaller than her daughters.  I bite my lower lip as they looked at me.  I motion for Kali to squeeze her Mom’s big breast.  I smiled as Kali began to fondle her Mom’s big breast.  Ms. Howard closed her eyes.  Kali turned her head to see me take off my t-shirt.  I took off my shoes and pulled down my cargo shorts.  I was now sitting in my white boxer briefs as Kali started to tug on her Mom’s big nipples.

I put up my index finger to have Kali walk her Mother over to ward me.  Both women were now in front of me.  Both of there huge breast above my head as I leaned up to put my hands on there hips.  I slowly reached between there legs to unzip them.  Ms. Howard moaned as her daughter began to lick, kiss and suck her big breast.  It smelled of sex in the fitting room.  I slowly pulled Ms. Howard shorts on the ground.  Kali shook her hips and her mini skirt fell in between us.  I looked into the mirror’s to see all of there bodies at once.

Both girls were not wearing any under wear.  I reached up to find both there bald pussy’s wet.  My finger easily went inside Ms. Howard.  Kali was super tight and forced my left index finger out.  It took a little coaxing before I got all the way inside her.  I looked up to see some light between there breast as they rubbed and touched each other huge breast.  I inserted two fingers inside Ms. Howard.  She then exploded on my fingers.

“Wait!  Stop!  We can’t do this.  Kali stop sucking my nipples.  You’re my daughter.  What have I done?  I’m so ashamed.” Said Ms. Howard.  “Mom!  Now you want to stop.  After you just orgasm on his fingers. Fuck!!!” said Kali.  I pulled my fingers out of Ms. Howard but kept my finger inside her daughter.  I kept finger fucking her.  She reached down with her hands to cover her pussy.  Her Mom looked between her daughters legs.

I quickly stood up and kept my finger inside Kali.  She was close.  Ms. Howard quickly sat down and looked at her daughter.  She then looked at me.  I saw her eyes wander down to the front of my white boxer briefs.  I put Kali hand on the front of my boxer briefs.  She started to rub the front.  I felt her cup my huge balls.  I then felt another set of hands on my thighs.  “Kali!  Please stop!  Buck!  We can’t do this.” Said Ms. Howard.

I whispered into Kali left ear.  She then pulled down my white boxer briefs.  My cock rocked up and down once I felt the cool air of the fitting room on my shaft, and balls.  “Mom!  Look at the size of that monster.  Fuck!” said Kali.  “OMG young man.  Kali stop this instant.  I’m warning you.” Said Ms. Howard.

I slowly pulled my wet finger out of Kali tight pussy.  I then reached under her ass to finger fuck her from behind.  I inched forward with my hips.  My 9 ¾ inch cock was sticking straight out at Ms. Howard’s face.  She was mumbling something when her daughter reached down to put my cock into her Mom’s mouth.  “Shut up bitch.  Choke on this.  Do you know how long I’ve waited for this?  How many people have seen my huge breast and this is the first time I get to see a cock in return.  Maybe you can stop talking and suck his cock like you used to do for daddy.” Said Kali.

Kali turned her body on mine.  She leaned up to kiss me on the lips.  She wrapped her huge breast around me.  I leaned down to suck her huge nipples as her Mom kept sucking my cock.  After a few minutes I felt Ms. Howard wrap her huge breast around my cock.  I then watched Kali sit down next to her Mother.  Kali licked the tip of my cock and then down the sides of my cock.  She fondled my huge naked balls in her greedy hands.  Then both girls started to suck my cock.  Each swirling there tongue around my shaft and into there mouths.

Ms. Howard was first to ride my cock.  I bent her over and fucked her from behind.  Kali sucked her Mom’s big tits as I fucked her wet pussy.  Then Kali spread her legs as she sat down on her big ass.  I slammed my cock into her as her Mom sucked her huge breast in front of my face.  After what seemed like forever I pull my used cock out of Kali tight pussy and shot a huge load all over Kali huge breast.  Both girls took turns licking my semen from Kali breasts.

Before we left the changing room.  I fucked Ms. Howard in the ass.  I laid on my back and watched Kali fuck me as I sucked her huge tits.  I exploded twice more on Kali body before we left.  True to my word.  I bought them what ever they wanted inside the store. that night.  Kali rode in my truck.  We followed her mother.  I fingered Kali pussy all the way to there double wide. 

I gathered up all the bags from the store.  Kali fixed her mini skirt as her Mom walked toward us.  I could see some light’s inside there mobile home. Kali smiled.  “Buck!  Thanks for everything so far tonight.  But before we go inside, I do have to warn you.  My twin sister moved back in with us and she might have the biggest tits of any of us.  There so big.” Said Kali.  I looked at the front door.  Just in time to see a woman with the biggest breast I had ever seen.  She was stuck sideways in the door.  She was waving to me.


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