Monday, November 22, 2010

Lady Bug - Trick or Treat- An Adult Story

I had my hands full as I put all the candy by the front door in a big orange bowl. I put a small wooden chair next to the front door. I have to pass out candy to the trick or treaters. I don't live in a big neighborhood. But I usually give out allot of candy to the kids. I think they mark my house every year to stop at. There usually a few girls who stop bye. Either with the kids or just to say hi. I prefer bodacious women. The more voluptuous the better. I'm glad bigger gurls like to dress up for Halloween. I try to dress up. This year I got a big sweater with "WMHS" on the front and some white pants. I look like the kid from Glee. "Fin!" He was the quarterback of the team. But now he just in the Glee club. Don't worry I won't sing to the kids.

I walked back toward my study next to the front door. I pulled out my favorite chair in the study. It a big black leather chair with gold buttons down the sides. I put my big black phone on a small table next to the chair. Its got a huge phone cord that about 25feet in case I need to walk and talk. I put a small bowl in the chair. I got my favorite candy in there. Some Gummy Bears. I put on some spooky music in the back ground. I turned on some lights around the house. I put some orange lights in my trees, and up the walk. I turned on the porch light above my front door. I slipped on some white tennis shoes over my bare feet. I checked my costume in the full length mirror near the closet. I made sure my cock could not be seen through the thin white material. I left my underwear on the end of bed upstairs.

It was close to 3pm when I got my first trick or treater. "Ring! Ring!" the door bell. I walked over and opened the door. I stuck the big bowl out with all sorts of candy in it. More chocolate than anything else. The little witch and her brother the vampire said, "Trick or Treat!!!!" I smiled. There parents thanked me. I then watched the next set of kids come up. I put down the candy for them to choose. I did this for about an hour. I got maybe 40 kids and some adults.

From 4pm to 6pm was the same thing. Got a few teen kids trick or treating. Had half of my candy gone. I started to add more candy in there baskets to try to get rid of it. I did not want to eat the four bags I had left. I kinda of stocked up this year compared to last. Better to be safe than sorry. Plus I did not want my house to get egged like last year. It was close to 7pm when the trick or treaters started to die down. I was invited to a party after. I was not sure if I really want to drive that far. I was still thinking as I handed out some more candy. I got a couple of cheers for my costume. A few kids dressed up like there favorite Glee characters. Some took some photos with me. I just smiled and let them fill up on some candy.

I got one more kid at 7:05pm, then another one at 7:20pm. I went to look down the road from my front door. I did not see anybody walking. I figured all the trick or treaters were done for the night. I went back inside to relax. I walked into the kitchen to get a beer. I check my email and MySpace on the computer.

"Ring! Ring! Ring! Knock! Knock!" I turned my head as I walked toward my front door. I checked my watch to see it was close to 7:40pm. I guess one last trick or treater was at the door. I pulled down the big brass door handle. I swung open my big navy blue front door. "Ummmm! Mmmmm!" was all I could say. "Hi! Trick or Treat!! Giggle..." said this very bodacious girl. My mouth dropped open starring at her. She was dressed as a very cute lady bug.

She was about 5ft 4 with some juicy red lips. She had long black hair down to her shoulders. She was wearing some sexy black shoes. She had some sheer black knee highs up to her knees. With little black bows on her shoes and top of her knees highs. She had very sexy legs. She was wearing a small skirt that was trimmed in red. Under the see through skirt was another black mini skirt underneath. She had on some black polka dot red wings on her back. The top of her costume was black polka dots on her red corset. The corset was pulled tight with the red strings falling out the front of her costume. She also had some little black and red lady bug antennas on her head. She was very bodacious and the costume showed off all over her curves. I could only smile. I reached for the bowl of candy by the front door.

"Hi! Come on in." I said. "Thank you. You have a very nice house. Its so spooky for Halloween." she said. I smiled. She walked in as I shut the door behind her. She was now standing looking at my big candy bowl. She licked her lips as she moved her eyes up and down. "Mmmm...I lost my train of thought. Oh! I was out walking tonight and lost my cell phone. I was wondering if I might borrow your phone for a second. I need a friend to pick me up. I hope that its not to much trouble." she said. I smiled. "No problem. My pleasure. There a phone right in my study. Just over here." I said. I pointed to my right.

She started to walk. "Oh! You lost a piece of candy on the floor. Let me get it." she giggled. I watched as she bent over to get the candy off the floor. Her lady bug costume rode up on her hips. Her small black mini dress rode up also exposing her ass to me. My jaw dropped as I looked down. She was not wearing any underwear not even a thong. She moved her hands to her ankles as she shot a glimpse up between her thick thighs at me. I moved my eyes up to the study before she saw me. "Here you go. Its a big lolli pop. A cherry lolli pop. My fav!" she said in a sultry voice. The front of my white pants were now more snug than before. She peeled off the white wrapper and started to swirl her tongue around the tip of the cherry sucker.

"Knock! Knock! Trick or Treat!!!!" a group of kids yelled. I turned to open the door. I dumped a big load of candy in there hands. They all laughed and ran down my side walk. I shut my door. I turned off the lights outside as I walked toward my study. I turned to look in. "Clank! Clank!" I dropped my big bowl of candy on the wooden floor in the hallway. I stood there frozen. I could here Ms. Lady Bug on the phone. She had wrapped the black phone cord around her bodacious body. I moved closer. She could not move. Some how she had wrapped the cord around her body. The black cord was sround her ankles, around her sexy legs, thighs, her big ass and hips. It stopped just above her large breast. The cord dangled over her red corset. My eyes were wide open.

She turned her head when she heard the candy bowl hit the floor. She smiled. She then watched me come closer. She had the cherry sucker in her mouth as she talked on the phone. She then pulled down the phone receiver next to her ear. "Hey! I don't know what happened. I was talking. Now I seem to be all tied up. I can't move. Can you help me?" she giggled. I walked over and took the phone out of her hand. I clicked on the bottom to free the hand set. I hung up the phone. The black phone cord was still wrapped around her. I then walked over to my chair. I put the big bowl of gummy bears on the floor. I then sat in my chair. I kept watching her. She was trying to turn to see what I was doing. Her ass was right in my face. I smiled some more.

"Hey! Aren't you going to help me?" she said. I put my right leg over my knee. "Mmmm it seems your a little tied up at the moment. Have you been a good lady bug tonight?" I said. "Maybe!" she said. "Did you have a drink tonight?" I said. "Yes!" she said. "Before you went trick or treating?" I said. "Yes!" she said. "Do you like getting dressed up?" I said. "Yes!" she said. "Did you forget to wear something under your costume?" I said. "Oh! I did not forget. I hate wearing underwear. Especially if I am going out." she said. I put my hand on her left hip. I then dropped it down her big ass. She moved her hips back and forth. "Hmmm....I was not prepared to say this. But I think you might not be a good lady bug. There only one way to know for sure. Give me your hand." I said.

She put out her small hand under the black phone cord. I moved to have both of my knees out. I then placed her over my knees. She turned her head to look back up at me. Her large breast fell over one knee. Her amazing ass pushed back on her costume near my right hand. She bite her lower lip. She closed her eyes and shook her long dark hair. I reached down to pull her costume up. I then pulled up her mini skirt exposing her bare ass. I then licked my big hand. "Wham! Wham! Wham! Wham!" I started to spank her. She let out a big moan. I then moved my hand up to her dark hair. I gently put her hair in my free hand. I was still spanking her as I pulled on her hair back toward her ass. Her neck moved as she moved her head back and forth. "Yes!!!!" she moaned. I looked down to see her ass was bright pink.

I then started to spank each one of her ass cheeks. I then started to run my hand down her ass stopping to cup her ass. I then dropped my hand down her thick thighs. She wiggled her ass and moaned. I pulled her hair back to the crack of her ass. Her breathing had increased. I could feel her big breast on my knees. Her corset rubbed against my thighs. I reached down to pull the cherry sucked from her mouth. She gasped as I ran the sticky sucker down her ass. I then started to lick the lolli in my mouth. She was watching as I licked the tip and stuck it back in her mouth. She bite down and pushed her lips over the sucker. I then went back to spanking her ass and pulling her hair. She kept moaning.

I then ran my finger nails down her ass making her ass deep red. She was shaking her ass again and moaning. I let go of her hair. I then dropped my hand down under her breast. She moaned louder as I pushed my hand inside her corset. Her breast were on fire. I got my fingers on her big left breast. She let out a big sigh. Her eyes were shut again. I pushed her corset down freeing her big breast onto my knee. My cock was hard under the thin white material. I looked down to see her heels on the wooden floor. Her toes were curled as I spanked her. "Should I stop?" I said in her left ear. She let out a groan. Then she moved her legs farther apart. I moved my hand off her ass and in between her thighs. Her breast were on fire. Her pussy was even hotter. I had not even touched her but I could feel the hot air as I got closer. I touched her bald pussy with my hand. She moaned again.

Her mouth opened. "Fuck! I can't believe the cute guy from Glee is spanking me in his house. Is it getting warm in here "Fin!" she said with a big smile. "Mmmm Arggghh" was all I could get out. She moved off my knee. She was now standing in front of me. I reached up under the phone cord. I pulled off her skirts. I put them next to the chair. I reached up to remove her corset. I pulled down the strings in front under her breast. I dropped that on the rest of her costume. She was still sucking her lolli as she was now naked with nothing but the phone cord wrapped around her amazing curves. She still had her little antennas on her head and the black knee highs. Her black heels moved on the floor. Her wings fell down her back and were on the floor behind her. She looked amazing.

I moved to stand in front of her. With my back to the chair. I pulled my sweater over my head. She smiled. I then moved my hand down to my little belt holding up my white pants. She moved to get on her knees in front of me. I waited a few seconds teasing her with my cock moving inside my pants. "It's not nice to tease a lady bug. You should giver her what she wants. MMMMmmm trick or treat." she moaned. I pulled off my belt. I wiggled my pants down my legs. My 9 3/4 inch cock sprang out hitting the warm air. She gasped. I moaned. I stepped out of my white pants. I was now inches from her face.

She pulled the cherry lolli out of her mouth making a big suction noise. She then started to lick the big drop of pre-cum off the tip. Her big red lips swirled around the tip of my cock. She put the cherry lolli on the tip of my cock. She was sucking both in her hot mouth. The phone cord wrapped around her big breast as I moved my hip forward causing more of my cock to disappear in her mouth. I start to fuck her face faster. She got half. Then almost all of my cock in her hot mouth. I was moaning. I could feel her big breast on my legs as she moved her body on my bare skin. Five minutes later she had all of my cock in her mouth. She ran her tongue down under my shaft. She put her hands on my clean shaven balls. She gagged some more as I put my hand on her dark hair. I slammed my cock down her throat.

I helped her off her knees. She moved to put her back toward the chair. I walked over to a book shelf on the far wall. She watched as I picked up a big pair of metal scissors. I walked back to her. She watched as I moved the cold metal scissors down her body. I was cutting the phone cord off of her. Small bits of the cord fell on the floor. Each time freeing more of her body for my hands. I finally was on my knees cutting the front of the cord from her body. I looked between her legs. Her pussy lips were exposed. I saw a drop of her wetness fall down hitting the back of my hand. I reached down to slide the metal scissors across the floor hitting the book shelf. She smiled as she looked down into my baby blue eyes.

She quickly sat down in the chair. Her ass on the edge of the seat cushion. I moved in between her thighs. My mouth opened and my tongue started to lick her toes. She giggled as I whirled my tongue on her sexy little toes. I sucked her toe nails biting them as I kissed her ankles. She moaned. She moved her left hand touching the top of her pussy. She ran her long finger nail on her cunt lips. I moved my mouth up her right leg. Over her soft milky white thigh. She watched as my tongue trialed up her thigh to under her pussy. I moved my nose on her pussy. I could smell her sweet aroma. She was getting more wet by the second. I then licked from the bottom of her ass up to the top of her pussy. I moved around her exposed cunt lips. I was teasing her again.

Small bumps of pleasure were on her skin and pussy. I drew my tongue around and then in circles as I inched closer to her pussy lips. She bite her lower lip. I finally touched her amazing opening. She moaned as I pushed my tongue just inside her pussy. I ran my fingers inside her thighs. She put her left hand on my short hair on my head. I started to swirl my tongue inside her. Her eyes closed. I moved my mouth clock wise, than the opposite way. I gently licked my right index finger. I moved that finger just inside her. I was sucking her labia as I pushed my finger deeper inside. She finally relaxed her pussy muscles, letting my finger go in deeper. I pulled my wet finger out licking it in my mouth.

I moved my eyes to look under her breast. They sat high on her chest. She looked down seeing me smile. She then moved her hand to pull out the cherry sucker from her mouth. She moved it toward my mouth. I gently took it from her hand. I dropped the hard cherry candy on her wet pussy lips. I gently rubbed her exposed flesh with the hard candy. She moaned. I licked her pussy again tasting the cherry and her wetness. She moaned. She dropped her legs on my back. Her heels hitting my lower back. I put the lolli on the tip of her labia. I started to eat her pussy very fast. Paying close attention to her pussy lips. "I'm cumming!!! Yes! Yes!" she screamed. I then felt her juicy pussy explode in my mouth. I was licking her very hard until she came two more times. "Fuck me! Fuck me! I've been a naughty lady bug." she screamed.

I smiled as I got off my knees and moved up to kiss her sexy red lips. She pulled the cherry sucker from her mouth. She then rubbed her big nipples with the sucker. I went in for a taste. I bite and sucked on her big nipples as she moaned under my body. I felt her hand on my cock. She started to guide my cock toward her pussy. I looked down to catch the tip of my cock on her small pussy lips. She moaned as I inched my cock into her tight pussy. I eased my cock in further making her moan in my ear. I went back to kissing her lips. I looked into her eyes as she moved down forcing more of my cock deep inside her. After a few minutes we got a good rhythm going. She was breathing heavy as I fucked her harder. I was now sucking her breast as I fucked her tight pussy. I put my hands on the leather arms of the chair. I got on the end of my toes. I was really fucker her hard. The whole study smelled of sex. I started to slow down. She grabbed my ass forcing all my cock inside her. After a few minutes we switched positions.

I was now on my leather chair. She looked over her shoulder down at my cock. She smiled as she bent her knees. She guided her pussy onto my wet cock. I watched as her sexy cunt lips engulfed my cock as she slid down the length of my cock. She put her hands on my knees. I moved my legs open. She put her feet together. Her ass was on my stomach. I put my hand on her back as she looked over her shoulder and smiled. She then started to bounce up and down on my cock. Her whole body shook as she screamed. I started to spank her ass. "Wham! Wham!" I spanked her harder than before. She moaned again. I felt her pussy orgasm hard and very wet on my cock. Her head fell back. Her little lady bug antennas fell off her head onto the floor. She then fell back on my upper body. I reached around to fondle her big breast. I started to bounce her up and down on my cock again. I reached around her stomach to put my finger on her wet labia. I rubbed it very hard. She came again making the leather on my chair squeak from her wetness.

My legs began to shake. She jumped off my cock. She turned. I saw she still had the big cherry red sucker in her mouth. She smiled as she got between my legs. She pulled out the big lolli. She griped the base of my cock and slapped her big breast with my cock. She then sucked my cock very hard with her bright red mouth. I watched as she brought the sucker to the tip of my cock. She pressed down on my small opening. My cock spasmed in her hand. A second later I grunted. "Yes!!!!!!!" I watched as my cock erupted on the tip of the cherry sucker. It flew over the tip and hit her red lips. She moaned as more and more of my load hit her lips and mouth. I had covered the sucker in white. Some was dripping down my cock and all over her fingers. She licked her lips. Then deep throated my cock. She smiled as she licked the sucker clean. She bite off the cherry hard sucker. Only the white stick was left. She tossed that on the floor. "Mmmmm...that was nice. I hope your ready for some more? I just started to trick or treat tonight."

She grabbed my hand as we walked through my house naked. I opened the door to my basement. I turned on the lights. "Wow! You have a really nice man cave. I love to play some pool. Is that a karaoke machine?" I smiled. "Yes!" She leaned over to break on the pool table. I dropped my cue stick. She then bent over to pick it up. I then entered her from behind. I pushed all the balls in the side pocket as we fell on the pool table. This time I came deep inside her as I lost count of how many times she orgasm. We then took turns singing on the karaoke machine. I was not good. But she was very nice and sexy as she sang. Later I carried her upstairs and we fell asleep on my big bed.

The next morning. I woke up early and snuck out of bed. It was and hour later when I got back to my bedroom. I smiled. She was awake. She had snuck down to the front door to get all the Halloween candy off the floor. It was now spread all over the sheets. "Mmmm..I love a man who can cook. Your so cute. Breakfast in bed." she said. I followed her eyes as I set the tray down on her lap. I then pulled off the cover. " favorite. Chicken and Waffles!!!!! But where my big sausage?" she giggled. I dropped my robe on the floor and climbed on top of the candy. A second later I felt the warm maple syrup hit my right nipple. I then felt her hot tonuge on my nipple. "Mmmm.... This lady bug needs some more candy baby. Trick or Treat!!!!


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