Monday, November 8, 2010

Day Dream Believer - Two Guys a Girl and a Wet Dream - An Adult Story

I could feel the sun in my left eye. It was almost 1pm and it was close to a hundred outside already. I moved my hand to feel a few beer bottles fall off the couch I was lieing on. I arrived at UNLV (Univ of Nevada Las Vegas) yesterday morning. I had unpacked all my things in my dorm room. I met my new room mate for my freshman year. He was from Australia. He had lived in London most of his life. We hung up some beer posters in our room. Then drank a few beers. Then went to a big house party off campus. Now I needed to find him. We don't start classes until next week.

"Twist! You around???" I said. "Buck! Up here. What time is it?" he said with an English accent. "Dude! Close to 1pm." I said. Twist was on the second floor of the house coming down the stairs. He a few inches taller than me. I am close to 6ft 4. He is a little skinner than me. We walked through the kitchen getting a bite to eat and some water before we left. There were still people passed out all over the house as we left. "That was fun." we both said almost at the same time.

It was about a 45 minute walk back to campus. The sun was beating down on both of us. We both had on some tan shorts, different white t-shirts and some sandals. Your typical college look. Last night we both hit on the same girls at the party. Turns out we both like bigger gurls. The more bodacious the better. We both spent more time drinking and talking than anything else.

About ten minutes into our walk we both stopped to take a break. "This fucking heat is killing me." I said. "You and me both." said Twist. "We need to go cool down before we get back to the dorm." I said. "Yeah! You right Buck. Any ideas?" said Twist. "To bad we don't have a pool back at the dorm. That would be nice." I said. "That would be nice. I could go for a swim." he said.

We started to walk again. I took a short cut. We walked down a side street near campus. We got near the end of the street. I looked to left to see a sign pointing back to campus. I looked to our right to see a for sale sign in front of a big house. I then saw a smaller sign saying the home for sale had a pool. "Twist we may be in luck." I said. "What's up?" he said. "Look over there. See the sign in the grass? Just in front of the house." I said. "Yes!" said Twist. "Maybe we need to go investigate. You think what I am thinking?" I said. "If your thinking about going to jump in there pool. Then yes...I am thinking what your thinking." he said with a smile.

We walked up the short driveway. I took a peak in some windows around the side of the house. I did not look like anybody was home. We walked down a short path to the back yard. The back yard was fenced in with an 8ft wooden fence. I peeked in the back yard through a small hole in the fence. There was a large in ground pool in the middle of the back yard. There were some lounge chairs around the pool. A big slide and diving board on one side. "We are in luck Twist. Let's try the wooden door. Ah! It's unlocked. Follow me." I said. We both walked into the back yard. "What should we say, if we get caught Buck?" said Twist. "Oops. Were college students. We got lost. Sorry! It's cool." I said.

The cement was hot as we walked next to the pool. We walked down to the deep end. "You going to jump in?" said Twist. "I hate to get my new shirt wet. I just got these tan shorts last week. I think I am going for a little old fashion skinny dip. If your OK with that?" I said. "No! Your good. I was thinking the same thing. I hate to get my new shirt and shorts wet all so." said Twist. We started to take off our clothes. I reached down to take off my shorts, followed by my shirt. I pulled down my Calvin Klein boxer briefs. I then took off my sandals. I was now completely naked. Twist was already in the water swimming down to the shallow end.

"Water is great. This was a good idea." said Twist. I jumped in next. I spit out some water. "Your right, this water is nice. Glad we snuck in. Place probably been up for sale for some time. There allot of house for sale in this neighborhood. We swam around the pool for another twenty minutes. It was right before we were going to get out. That we both heard a noise outside. "Kerplunck...." It sound like the garage closing. Then a minute later I saw a light inside the house come on.

I looked at Twist. He ran his hand through his wet hair. "Did you hear that?" I said. "I think so... Was that light on before in the house?" said Twist. As we both froze in the pool on opposite ends.

"Well! Hello there!!!!! Good afternoon boys!!!" said a loud female voice. I turned to look over at the edge of the shallow end. There was a girl about 5ft 4 standing there. She had long blonde hair down to her shoulders. She was wearing some tight blue jeans that were rolled up above her calves. She had on some small 2inch wooden heels on. She was wearing a red sweat shirt pulled over her large breast. I took a big gulp. She had a text book under her right arm and a purse under her left. She then started to walk down the side of the pool. Both Twist and I swam over to the edge of the pool to look up at her. She was standing looking down at both of us over her cute eye glasses. We were about an arm length apart.

She bent over slightly. I could see a name tag above her right breast. "Tessa" "What's up?" I said. "What are you two guys doing in my pool?" she said. "Wait! This does not belong to the college. Some guys in front of our dorm told us we could swim here this afternoon." I said. "What??? This does not belong to the college. I live here. I just moved in yesterday. I just did a tour of the campus and drove back. Now I come out here to relax and find you two." she said. "Sorry! My mistake. Don't blame my room mate. He is a foreign exchange student from Australia. My name Buck. What is yours?" I said. I was trying to make her smile. "Tessa! What's your name??" she said. "Twist! Nice to meet you." he said. "Are you from England? or Australia? said Tessa. "I used to live in London. But now live in Australia for the time being. Perth Australia." said Twist. "It's nice to meet you. I am not so sure about him. I think your room mate may have got you into trouble. I am not a big fan of people breaking into my back yard. Trespassing and then using my pool. Especially before I had a chance to use the pool." said Tessa.

She leaned over trying to look down both our backs. I was not sure if she knew we were both naked in her pool. This might be hard to explain. "I love your glasses. There very cute." I said. She smiled. "What is your major?" I said. "Sociology! What is yours?" she said. "Not sure. Something with computers." I said. Twist kept looking up. I took a peek over at him. Was he liking Tessa as much as I was. I could feel my cock move under the water. Fuck I was getting a little hard. Now how was I going to explain my cock getting hard when I got out. "Are you both done?" she said. "Swimming or talking?" I said. "Using the pool. Can you both get out." said Tessa. Twist looked over at me. His mouth fell open.

"I think were done. Any chance you can spare a towel. I hate to walk back all wet." I said. "What?? You use my pool. Sneak into my back yard. Did you want me to make you a sandwich and get you a beer before you leave???" Tessa said. "Ummm! Can we take a rain check on the sandwich and beer." I said. Twist laughed. "I'll be right back. Don't go anywhere boys." she said. I watched as she walked back to the back door of her house.

"Buck! Your making me laugh. What do you think of Tessa??? She is pretty cute. Think were going to get into trouble over this?" said Twist. "She is cute. I don't think were going to get into trouble. I am just not sure how were going to get out of the pool with no clothes on. Without her being mad." I said. Twist laughed again. I then laughed. I then heard the back door to the house close shut.

Tessa was walking back. She had two small white towels in both hands. She still had her text book and purse under her arms. "Here you go." she said as she reached down with the two small towels. I grabbed mind out of her hand. It was the size of a wash cloth. Twist had the same size wash cloth. "Ummmm..... We might still be a little wet after we get out." I said. "Ok! I got you both a towel. You can get out now. Move it!" said Tessa. "I'm not sure we can both get out just yet. Is this all you got. Nothing bigger." I said as I pointed at the wash cloth. "Stop stalling. You both can get out or I can call the police. Your choice." she said. I took a small gulp. "Ok! If you insist. On the count of three Twist." I said. Twist just looked up in the air at Tessa.

"One,...Two,....Three" I said. "What!!!!!!! Your both naked." screamed Tessa. "I tried to warn you." I said I looked over at Twist. He was standing there dripping on the cement next to the pool. He was wiping his forehead off. I stood there dripping also. I wiped my face and the top of my short hair. I put the wet wash cloth on the back of my neck. "Where are your clothes??? Why are you both naked??" screamed Tessa. We both looked around. "Over there." said Twist. "We did not want to get our clothes wet." I said. I watched Tessa breathing increased. She was now moving her long white finger nails down the side of her college sweat shirt. She put her hands to her side. She dropped her purse on the cement. Her text book fell on her purse. I looked down to see her text book was Sociology 101...

She licked her red lips with her tongue. I looked down at me semi hard cock. I had shaved just the other day. I had a small patch of hair above my cock. I looked over at Twist. His cock was growing too. He had no hair either down there. I was waiting for Tessa to scream or yell or call for help. Instead she reached with her left hand to touch Twist. She dropped her right hand on my cock. Her small hand gently stroked my cock. She was stroking Twist cock with her left hand now. His breathing increased. She moved us both closer. We were now a few inches a part. I moved my left hand to her right breast. I started to rub the front of her UNLV red sweat shirt. Twist grabbed her other breast. She moaned.

I watched as Tessa squatted down on her sexy thighs. She leaned up to lick the tip of my cock. She sucked off the pre-cum. She then did the same thing to Twist. We both looked at each other. Tessa was sucking my cock, then Twist. She was alternating between our legs. I had to see what was under her sweat shirt. I reached down to pull it off. She had a large red bra over her breast. I watched as Twist unclasped the back letting it fall on the cement between her legs. Her big breast cascaded down her chest. We both pinched a nipple as she moaned. She looked hot sucking our cocks in her jeans and heels.

Tessa was sucking my cock. I grabbed her blonde hair with my two hands. I started to fuck her face. She spit out my cock after a few minutes. I then heard her suck Twist equally large cock. I went back to groping her breast. I leaned over to see down the back of her jeans. There was a small gap showing off her full cut white panties. I grabbed her free hand to put on my balls. She was fondling my naked balls in her small hand. She then started to jack my cock as she licked the tip. I could feel her tongue swirl around my cock. I closed my eyes. I then felt her mouth open very wide. I then felt the tip of my cock being licked at the same time she was licking Twist. She was now trying to stuff both in her greedy little mouth. After a few minutes she spit us both out.

We reached down to pull Tessa up. She started to kiss Twist. I leaned down to suck her breast. I put both her nipples in my mouth as she Frenched kiss Twist very hard. I moved to her right side. I reached down to unbuckle her belt. I pulled it off. She stopping kissing Twist long enough to unbutton her jeans. She went back to kissing him as he fondled her left breast. I pulled her jeans and white panties down over her ass. Her jeans moved back up over her ass. I moved my hand down her back inside her jeans. My long fingers ran down the crack of her ass. She moaned in Twist mouth. She then turned her head to start to kiss me. Twist started to suck her breast. He was man handling them as Tessa and I Frenched kissed.

I moved my fingers farther down her ass. I heard her moan. I looked down to see Twist had moved his fingers in the front of her jeans. I moved my body to get my fingers under her ass. Twist and I met just before we each got a finger inside her tight pussy. Tessa moaned again. She dropped her lips off my mine. Her face was now in my chest. She bite my skin as we both continued to finger her pussy. I started to rub my cock on her hip and thigh. She moved her leg to rub her skin on my cock. I then leaned down to suck her big breast in my mouth. She started to kiss Twist again.

A few minutes later we took off the rest of Tessa clothes. Twist laid on his back as she lowered herself on his cock. He reached up to slap her big breast. I walked over and stuck my cock in her mouth. She gagged at first as I jammed more down her throat. She kept moaning as she slammed her pussy up and down on Twist cock. I moved in front of Tessa. I grabbed her breast away from Twist big hands. He looked up as I started to fuck Tessa breast over his face. I then looked down as Tessa spit on the tip of my cock. She then stuck her tongue out to lick my cock. She was still fucking Twist as he reached around to grab her ass to play with.

Twist moved and was on his knees. He put his cock in Tessa mouth. I was on my knees behind Tessa. I pushed my cock in her tight pussy for the first time. She moaned as my cock eased it way passed her pussy muscles. It took a few minutes before we got a good rhythm going. Twist was groping her breast under her chest. I had my hands on her hips. I looked down when Tessa fell forward on her stomach. Twist rubbed his cock on her face. I got on my tippy toes and started to slam her pussy with my cock. She grunted and screamed. Her body gyrated as she had a big orgasm on my cock.

I rolled off Tessa. Twist took my position. He started to fuck her very hard. I could hear his body on hers. "Faster! Faster! Faster! Don't stop!!!! Fuck!!! Fuck!!" Tessa yelled. Twist kept fucking her. I looked down at my hard cock. I then crawled over to put my cock back in Tessa mouth. She did not miss a beat. She sucked all my cock in her hot mouth. I moved her blonde hair in my hands as I watched Twist fuck her really hard. I reached down to pinch her erect nipples.

After a few minutes we laid Tessa down in between us. She was on her back as we both were on her hips. I put my cock in her tight pussy as I started to suck her right breast. Twist started to suck her left breast. She was jacking his cock with her small hands. After a few strokes inside her tight pussy we switched. She was now stroking my cock as Twist fucked her. We did this for about ten minutes. Finally Tessa orgasm very hard on my cock. She screamed out loud. I then felt her thighs open more. She moved Twist cock closer to mine. A minute later I felt his cock push inside her hot pussy. We then both were fucking her very hard. Tessa screamed. I lost count how many times she moaned from our cocks. I kept slamming my cock in farther. Twist did not stop.

Twist and I both stood up next to Tessa. She aimed our cocks at her mouth. I then grunted and started to orgasm. The first big thick load hit her mouth. Then Twist grunted. She aimed his cock at her mouth. We were both blasting her face. Her chin, mouth and now breast were wet from both of us. We looked down as she cleaned herself off then us. Tessa smiled. I wiped my forehead. Then Twist shook his cock on Tessa red lips. "Umm that was nice boys. I could use some help in my house unpacking. Bring those big cocks and follow me to my bedroom." said Tessa.......

"Beeeeeeppppppp" Pause "This is your Captain speaking. Please turn off all electronic devices. We will be landing in Sydney (Australia) in a few minutes. It's been our pleasure serving you today. On behalf of my fly crew. Thank you for flying with us." said the Captain. "I'm sorry Miss, your need to turn off your computer. Our you OK? You look a little flushed. Must have been some story you were writing on your lap top." said the Stewardess. "Ummmm....You have no idea. Do I have time to use the bathroom before we land?" I said. "Make it quick." said the Stewardess. Damn my pussy was so wet. I hope nobody noticed the front of my jeans were soaked. "How long does it take to get to Perth Australia?" I said. "Not to long. Ohhhh! Going to meet someone there?" she said.....

I walked down the aisle toward the bathroom. I reached down to put my hand on the door. The door opened. Out came the Captain. He smiled. "Why hello..." he said. "Hi!" I said. I looked down at his pilot uniform. I saw his name tag. His name.................Captain Buck Kelly......

"Tessa lets go....Class is over.....Hello sleeping beauty...We can leave. Sociology 101 is over..." said my friend. I opened my eyes. I then followed her out the front door of the class room. Our first break of the new semester starts tomorrow. I guess I was thinking about what I was going to do for the next two weeks while I was off. I moved my Sociology Text book in front of my jeans. The back of my hand was all wet. I looked down. I smiled. "Honk! Honk!!" I looked over. There was a big black SUV in the parking lot. With a Maryland License Plate. Looks like me cute friend from Baltimore came to pay me a visit. Were getting on a plane tomorrow to go somewhere. Maybe I'll write that story for my next blog.

"Lost - In the outback - Two guys, a girl and a island"



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