Monday, November 29, 2010

It Seems Mrs. T. Got A Blue One For Me - An Adult Story

"Hey Sexy! How's my Buck? What are you doing?" said Mrs. T. "Nothing much! What are you doing?" I said. "I got a small favor to ask. I need you to do something for me sweetie." said Mrs. T. "Mmmm! You know I do anything for you." I said. "I know sexy! But I just love to ask for your help. I have a friend. It's her birthday tomorrow. I need you to do something for me." said Mrs. T. "Ok! What do you need me to do. Take her out on a double date or with all three of us." I said. "She is in the middle of a separation from her husband. He has the kids for the weekend. Even know its her birthday. I have to go with the hubby out of town. She has no one to be with her. On her birthday Buck! I know it's last minute sweetie." she said with her southern accent that drives me crazy. I could smell her perfume over the phone.

There was a long pause. My cock was getting hard from thinking about Mrs. T. "Buck! What are you wearing at work. Are you wearing that suit I got you last week. Oh god! Your making me horny. Stop! Buck! What are you doing. Your breathing hard. Honey!" said Mrs. T. "Hmm right here sexy. What do you want me do." I said. "I'll call her. Tell her I am going out of town. But that you are going to come over and take her out for her birthday. Take her to her favorite restaurant. Have some drinks. Then bring her home. Have fun. All I ask is for you to be good. Treat her like a lady. Like when you take me out." she said. "How much fun should I have?" I said. There was a long pause. "When are you getting off work?" said Mrs. T. "Six!" I said. "Come to my house tonight. Around 9pm. Go around the back of the house. Wait for me. I got Crystal a present. Give it to her before you guys go out." said Mrs. T. "See you later." I said.

It was close to 9pm. I walked around the back of Mrs. T. house. I opened her big wooden door to her back yard. I walked passed her pool. I looked in her living room from the back yard. I could see Mrs. T. husband on the couch. A minute later Mrs. T. walked passed him to the kitchen. A few minutes later the back door to her house opened.

"Psst! Buck! Are you there sweetie?" said Mrs. T. "Hey!" I said. I walked out of the darkness in front of her back door. She was standing in the door way. She was just wearing a white robe with some white slippers. "Here honey. Here is Crystal present. I wrote her number and her address on this piece of paper. I told her you be over around 7pm to pick her up. Dress nice. Mmmm is the CK1 your wearing? You know what that does to me. Fuck! Buck! You sneaky little bastard. Step back!" she said. I watched as Mrs. T. climbed down her two steps to stand in front of me. I was only wearing a black Kiss T-shirt and a pair of tan cargo shorts and some flip flops. Oh and some CK1. I knew it would drive Mrs. T. crazy.

She leaned in and started to kiss me. Her hands running on my chest. She ran her hands through my short hair. I was holding Crystal birthday present in my right hand. It felt like a shirt box all wrapped in white with a pink ribbon on it. Before I could breath. Mrs. T. bent over at her waist in front of me. She unzipped my shorts. Fished out my erect cock. Her big red lips were on the tip. She started to suck off the pre-cum. I felt her tongue swirl around the tip. Then my shaft. Then she ran her long finger nails on my balls. She still had her white robe on. I looked down to see her half naked full breast in the light. "Fuck!" was all I could say. "Cum quick baby. I have no time for one of your hour long erections. I know you can. Do it for me. I got to get back. I told him it was just us two tonight. Fuck! I can tell you a big load in those big balls. I am going to aim your cock into my rose bushes." said Mrs. T.

I could feel her big breast on my legs. I looked down to the back of her robe. I picture her naked ass under her robe. Then I looked up when I felt her deep throat my cock. Normally I could last allot longer. But she did ask for it. I put my hand on her soft blonde hair. She looked up with her sexy eyes. I smiled. "Here you go." I said. With that Mrs. T. pulled out my cock from her warm mouth. She started to jack my cock toward her rose bushes. I felt a big surge from the base of my cock. Then a big jolt of pleasure down my cock. I then felt her hand squeeze my cock one last time. I grunted. She moaned as my cock exploded. There was 6-7 big white spurts of cum from my cock. I watched as I covered a few roses. Next Mrs. T. cleaned off my cock with her lips and a silk towel from her right front pocket. She shoved my cock back in my cargo shorts.

"Mmmm that was wild Buck! Thanks for doing me this big favor honey. Don't forget Crystal gift. I'll call you tomorrow. I should be back on Monday. Come over after you get off work. You can tell me what happened. Plus you can sleep over. I'll tell hubby your coming over. We can sleep in the spare bedroom Monday. I got some new toys to try out. Later sexy. Thanks. Tell Crystal happy birthday from me." said Mrs. T. I turned to walk pass the back window. I looked into to see the living room empty. I then saw Mrs. T. walk pass and drop her robe. She was completely naked. My cock twitched in my shorts as she walked out of sight. I jiggled Crystal present in my hand as I got in my Suv.

I took the next day off. I went to go get a haircut. Got a manicure, pedicure and went to the tanning salon. I went for a two mile run before I took a long hot shower. I put on some CK1, body spray and shaved. I slipped on some faded blue jeans over my white boxer briefs. Put on a white long sleeve button down shirt. I rolled up the sleeves. I slipped on some white tennis shoes. No socks. I checked myself in the mirror. Mrs. T. called right before I left. She was double checking to make sure I did not forget Crystal gift. I put Crystal bigger box in the front seat.

It took me about an hour to get to Crystal house because of traffic on a Friday. She had a nice two story brick house in the burbs. I saw a small white car in the driveway. I parked my SUV next to the small car. I got out and looked around. I reached in the SUV to get Crystal birthday gift. I walked up the short side walk around the front of the house. I checked Mrs. T. note to make sure I was at the right place. I then knocked on the front door.

"Knock! Knock!" A few seconds passed before the front door opened. I smiled as there was a very voluptuous older woman in the door way. She was about 5ft 6 with long dirty blonde hair. She was wearing some dark red lipstick and her finger nails were the same color. She had some very long painted nails. She was wearing a shiny black satin robe that covered her from head to toe. She had the black robe belt wrapped tight around her waist. The top of the robe was tight around her neck. But I could tell she was hiding some big curves under her robe. I love bigger woman. I am glad Mrs. T. knows what I like. Her friend was going to make it hard for me to be good tonight.

This is not the first time Mrs. T. has set me up with one of her friends. Either on a date or for something more naughty. I would not say she pimps me out. You can't pimp the willing. She has just as much fun with her girl friends as I do. A few weeks earlier I came home from work. I drove up my long driveway to find Mrs. T. car parked in front of my garage. I walked around the back of my house toward the sounds of two woman moaning. Next to the pool in a very hot 69 position, was Mrs. T and a very hot red head. I waited for Mrs. T. to look up and invite me over. I'm so glad I made her a key to my house. Mrs. T. and Mrs. Sinclair stayed the evening. They left me to clean the pool and my bedroom.

"Hi! You must be Buck. Mrs. T. has told me all about you. I'm Crystal." I smiled. "Nice to meet you Crystal. I hope Mrs. T. said nice things about me. She has said nothing but great things about you." I said. "Please come in. I'm still getting ready. She said you liked to be early. I like that." said Crystal. "Take your time. I got a jump on traffic. You have a very nice home. Before I forget. Mrs. T. wanted me to give you this. Happy Birthday. She sends her regrets she could not be here tonight." I said. "Thank you! That is so sweet of her. Would you like a drink or something to eat while I get ready?" said Crystal. "No! Thank you. I'm good." I said. "You can go sit down on the couch in there. I'll be right back." said Crystal.

I smiled as she walked up her wooden stairs to the 2nd floor. I turned to walk in the living room. I stood up not wanting to wrinkle my clothes. I could hear Crystal blow dryer going off upstairs as she fixed her long dirty blonde hair. She was maybe in her late forties. But she could pass for her early thirties. I looked around her living room. I saw some pics of her and her kids. There was none of her husband. I wonder how long they have been separated. There was a big folder marked with Sunday date and his name on it. There was a new pen with the top still on next to the folder.

A few more minutes passed before I heard some heels click, coming down the stairs. I waited in front of her couch. There was a small wooden table and a big brown leather ottoman on the floor at the side of the couch. I took a big gulp when Crystal walked in. Everything fit her perfect. Almost too perfect.

When I got the present from Mrs. T. last night, it felt very lite. I got in my SUV and took a peek inside the box. I unwrapped the pink ribbon and looked inside. There was just a note inside. "Dear Buck! I know your going to look inside. Your to curious. Here our Crystal measurements. I want you to pick out her heels, her lingerie and her outfit. Crystal a little bigger than me in all the right places. She wears a size 48G Bra, has the same waist as me and her bubble butt is about a size 50. Stop drooling on the present. Remember to be good. Her husband left her two years ago. She running out of batteries. I took her to the salon this morning. Later! Love Mrs. T.."

I stopped after getting a haircut to get Crystal outfit for tonight. I had them wrap everything in a new box and I put a card in from Mrs. T. Telling her to enjoy tonight and Happy Birthday. I was a little excited when I arrived. I was now very excited and semi erect in my tight jeans.

Crystal was wearing 4inch wooden heels with leopard print on the top and sides of the heels. Her toenails were the same dark red as her finger nails. She had one gold toe ring on each of her small feet. I followed her tan curvy legs and thick thighs to her new dress. I had picked out a very tight leopard print dress to match her heels. It just barely covered the bottom of her big ass. It was snug in the front. When she walked I could see inside her thighs. I could see she was wearing the matching leopard print thong. I could see it sat high on her hips. The front of the dress had a big circle in front showing off her massive cleavage inside. Her breast were pushed in tight and out showing off her tan. She had put the gold waist chain I left in the box around her hips. It was just under the thin material of the dress. Also the matching gold pendant necklace hung low in her cleavage. It was separating each breast as I looked through the circle. The top of the dress crossed the front of her shoulders. She also was wearing the big gold hoop earrings I left in the box. It felt like slow motion as she walked toward me.

It was then I caught the perfume I had bought her. "Baby Phat Seductive Goddess!" I was melting right in front of her. "Mmmm..." Was all that I could get out of my mouth. She had a small matching leopard print bag in her right hand. I had to see the back of the dress. The front was making me weak. I was afraid the back might cause me to pass out. "Hey again. What do you think?" said Crystal. I just gulped and stood there with my mouth open. "You look amazing Crystal. That is some birthday outfit Mrs. T. picked out." I said. "I met her at the nail salon about two months ago. She got me to go tanning with her. I've been walking every night to feel better after work. I am usually just a home body. Stay at home. Only go to the grocery store and pick up my kids. I would never wear this if I had not met Mrs. T. I just wish she could see me in it tonight." said Crystal.

"Maybe I could take a picture to send her. Do you have a camera?" I said. She smiled and reached in her small purse. She pulled out her IPhone and handed it to me. I took a few pics to send Mrs. T. I took some full body pics and a nice head shot of Crystal. I then sent the attachment to my phone. I wanted to surprise Mrs. T. on Monday with Crystal photos. I handed Crystal phone back to her.

She was now right in front of me, only inches away. She put her phone in her purse. "I know this going to sound dumb or awkward but...." said Crystal. "No! You can tell me anything." I said. "I also got this ankle bracelet as a gift. But it was so hard to get the dress to fit just right. Unfortunately I put everything on first not seeing all the jewelery. I found it under the white paper in the box. I've not worn this much jewelery since I was in my early twenties. I can't seem to move just right to put it on...." said Crystal. "No problem. My pleasure. I hate when that happens to." I said with a big smile. "Some how I don't think you have any problems when it comes to getting dressed. Mrs. T. tells me you like to swim and run to keep in shape." said Crystal.

She slowly handed me her gold ankle bracelet. I unclasped the gold chain and slowly bent my knees to squat down in front of Crystal. She looked down on my lower back. My white shirt hung over my jeans. I had some sweat running down my neck. My hands shook a little from being down under her. She had cast a shadow over me from her upper body. Her breast blocked out the over head lights. I smiled when I noticed she could not see me under her breast and curves.

"It might be easier Crystal if you turned around. What ankle would you like me to put it on." I said. "You pick. Any problems. Your hands feel nice." said Crystal. "No problem." I said. Her perfume was driving me crazy as I got closer. I could tell she sprayed her big ass and lower back with the small bottle. I looked up and down each side of her ass. I looked up to see the small hook straining to keep the dress on Crystal. The back of her dress was tight. There were three big circles showing off her upper back, lower back and the top of her thick ass. I noticed the gold hip chair sitting on a small tattoo that ran just above her ass. The "Tramp Stamp!" I just smiled as I finally stood up behind her.

"All done! You look great." I said. "Your so sweet. Mrs. T. told me you were very nice. She said you knew how to treat a lady. She just never mention how young and cute you were. I'm just so nervous. I'm sure now that you see me in this dress. Your not going to want to take me out tonight. I feel so stupid thinking you would. Your just a young gentleman not wanting to hurt my feelings on my birthday. I nderstand." said Crystal. "Crystal I find you very sexy in that dress. I would not have come over here tonight. If I did not want to go out and have a good time with you. Yes! It's your birthday, but I don't do everything Mrs. T. tells me. You smell great. The heels and that dress looks very hot on you." I said. I smiled.

She finally looked up as she turned around to face me. "You have a very nice smile. Your dressed very nice to. You also smell very nice. My husband never got dressed up for me. He never put on cologne or body spray like you have done tonight. He never wanted to be seen with me. He put me down in front of our friends, my parents and our kids all the time." she said. "I'm definitely not like that. I would just spoil you all the time." I said. "That is so sweet." she said. "I know the perfect thing to do know. How about a hug. Then will go out for dinner." I said.

She had a big smile as she inched closer. I put my hands out around her waist. She rested her head on my upper chest, just under my neck. I could feel her body pressed against mine. Her soft large breast rubbed against my abs. I felt her hands around my neck. I looked over her back with my eyes. I looked down to her lower back. I could see her tattoo again as she started to breath more heavy. I pulled back to see in her eyes. "Thank you." she said. "Happy Birthday!" I said. "You have such big shoulders and such firm hands." she said. "Thank you. Wow! You feel nice next to me." I said. I leaned back a few inches from Crystal.

"Before we go. I have to ask. I love tattoo's. What design is on your back?" I said. "I have a little Rose on my upper right shoulder. Very tiny. But the one on my lower back is some barbwire wrapped around a big red rose. I got them when I was very young. My daughter call's the one with barb wire. My tramp stamp. She had to tell me what it means now a days." said Crystal. "It's very cute." I said.

She turned and grabbed my hand. I wanted so much to fuck her right then and there. I gulped as she shook her ass out of the living room. I walked behind her opening the door and closing the door behind us. I then opened the door to her little white car. I was not sure she could climb in my SUV wearing that dress. She slid across the big white leather of her passenger seat. I jumped in a drove to a very nice Japanese steak house near my house. She put her hand on my arm as we walked into the restaurant. I tipped the guy at the door to get a nice private table in the back. We had our own chef for dinner. She just smiled. I helped Crystal sit down in front of the big steel cooking surface. I think the Japanese chef had a hard time with the way Crystal was sitting with her large breast almost falling out.

Her big butt was on my right hip for most of the meal. She talked and I listen most of the time. Always listen and don't talk. Less chance to blow a good time. Keep eye contact and don't look at any other girl in the restaurant. Bucks tip's of the story. I knew her husband was a jack ass. So give compliments. Hold the door. Smile and always say yes. We had some drinks during the meal. She put her left hand on my back as we talked. She then dropped her hand under the table to put my napkin back on my right thigh. She must not have pressed to hard on the linen napkin. If she had. She would have felt my hard 9 3/4 inch cock under her palm.

It was close to 11pm when we finally left the restaurant. I was having a great time with Crystal. She kept touching my arm, shoulder and side through dinner. She laughed at my jokes and I opened the door to her car to let her in. She smiled as she slid her amazing ass across the white leather. There was a small cup holder separating us. I dropped down in the car and started the engine. I think I may have started Crystal engine also. Her breathing had increased. She reached into her purse to pull out her dark red lip stick. I watched her re-apply it on her big lips as she looked at me. She was trying to act all innocent. If she really knew. She could have me at any time. All she had to was ask.

"Dinner was very nice. That was my first time at a steak house like that. Where are we going now?" she said. "I know this little bar, not to far from here. It just off the beaten path. I'm not a local but those are the only people at this bar. I hope you like it. Friday night that usually have a band." I said. She had a big smile on her face. "It's been a long time since I went dancing and out to a bar. I'm not over dressed?" said Crystal. "Oh! I think you dressed perfect for this place. I might have to protect you from all the jealous women." I said. She placed her long finger nails on my arm as I drove for twenty minutes.

I parked in the small lot around back of the bar. There were a few cars and pick up trucks parked around the bar. I held Crystal hand as I helped her out of her car. She then put her small purse under her other arm. She kinda of had trouble walking in the rocks with her large heels. I had fun touching her body keep her from falling as we walked in the side door of the bar. I saw two empty stools at the end of the bar. The band was at the opposite end of the bar. I saw everyone eyes turn to follow Crystal. She was walking next to me. There were a few girls in the bar. There was only maybe a handful of guys in the bar. "Buck! I will be right back. I am going to powder my nose." said Crystal. "I'll be right at the end of the bar." I said.

I smiled at the owner of the bar. She was behind the counter. She was an older Filipinos lady. I helped install her new computer last year. She been thanking me ever since with free drinks. "Oh! Where Mrs. T.??? Who the new girl. She very cute." she said. "Nice! Not even a hello. That is Crystal. A friend of Mrs. T. Its her birthday tonight. Mrs. T. set me up to take her out. How about two Buds!" I said. The owner smiled. A second later I got two beers in front of me. I pulled out some cash to pay. "Buck! Your money no good here baby. You better keep on eye on this one. Everyone looking at her." she said. I turned to see Crystal walking toward me. Her whole body shook as she jiggled from her dress and those wooden heels.

"Hey! Where did the band go? I heard them in the bathroom. They sounded really good. Mmmm beer." said Crystal. "They should be right back." I said. Crystal turned so her hair touched my face. I was sitting on the bar stool with my legs open. She moved back so her big ass was touching the front of my jeans. She then moved so her ass was on my left thigh. I raised my free hand to her side, a few inches from her hip. I took another sip of my beer. I then put it on the bar. The band came right back on stage. They were playing some old song. I did not know it. But it was fast and they sang it good. Crystal started to rotate her ass in my lap. She had her hands up and she was dancing in front of me. I looked around the room to see only half of the people were still checking her out. There was one creepy guy checking her out pretty hard.

She put her beer on the bar. She then grabbed my hands and held them on her hips. I was nervous at first. Then relaxed when she shook her hips back and forth. The dress felt amazing in my hand. Her sexy hips felt even better. I smiled when she turned to face me. She looked in my eyes. I smiled again. "You have really pretty blue eyes Buck." she said. "You have really pretty green eyes." I said. She smiled. She leaned in with her big breast. I took once quick glimpse to see how big they were inside the dress. She giggled. Then arched her back making them about ready to exploded out of the dress. She then leaned in closer. The band was getting louder. No one was watching us now.

She finally leaned in with her breast, touching my white button down shirt. I looked down her large cleavage on top of the dress. She cocked her head to the side. She then gave me a quick kiss on the lips. She was a really good kisser. She closed her eyes. I watched her dark red lips move back on my lips. We kissed longer and harder this time. She slipped her tongue inside my mouth. I rolled her tongue inside my mouth a few times before she let go out my mouth. She licked her lips. She then looked into my eyes again. "Mmmm...Mrs. T. told me you were a good kisser. She never mention you were a really hot kisser. Is it getting hot in here Buck?" said Crystal. I nodded my head "Yes!" She grabbed my hand and we walked out of the bar toward the car.

I held onto her big hips as I walked her back to her car. She gave me another long kiss as she pressed me against her car door. She had her small hands around my neck. My hands were on her lower back. I moved her belly chain with my fingers. She smiled as I closed her car door. I then got in the other side. I started the car. She leaned over to turn on the A/C in the car. I put the car in gear. She was looking around. I think I saw the creepy guy in the parking lot as we drove bye. She turned to look at me driving.

She reached over to pull up on the drink holder. She then tossed it in the back seat. She slide over closer to me. Her leg touching mine. "I should have my birthday more often." she giggled. I laughed to. I then felt her hand on my right thigh. She then slide her hand into my crotch. I know she could feel my hard cock under my tight jeans. She smiled. "Mmmm....Feels like you might have another big present for me Buck...." she giggled in my ear. I turned the steering wheel back and forth. She giggled again. "I think your blushing sexy..." said Crystal. I kept one eye on her and the other on the road.

Next she dropped her left hand on my shirt. She started to unbutton my white shirt. She then put her hand inside. She began to use her long nails on my chest and tight abs. I sucked them in making them tighter. "Mmmmm...another nice thing about you Buck. Mrs.T. was right, you like to work out. You feel nice baby." she said. I turned to look at her. "Thank you..." I said. "MMmmm..your really turning me on Buck. I don't know if I can wait until we get to me house. I am so turned on." she said in a sexy low voice. I was looking around the small car. I was just has horny as she was. I said something. "Mmmmrppph!!!!" She turned to look at the open road in front of us. She then to turn to look back at me.

Her eyes were eating me up. I watched as she moved her finger nails down my thigh. She was teasing the outline of my cock. She then bite her lip as she let out a soft moan in the car. I was going to explode in my jeans any second. I looked up ahead to see the main road heading back to town. I took a short cut as she teased me the whole ride back to her house. She had dropped her free hand on her dress. She was playing with her now erect left nipple. She caught me looking at her. She tossed her head back to close her eyes. I put on the turn signal and hit the gas pedal to go faster. I was passing cars left and right. She smiled when she felt the car go faster. "MMmmmmm... Faster Buck!" she moaned. I then turn on my signal again and had the back of the car slide around. "Faster!" she moaned. I felt her finger nails go off my arm. She now had her other erect nipple in her opposite hand.

She felt the car slow down. Her house was the only one with lights on as I drove up her short driveway. She opened her eyes to get the garage door opener in her glove compartment. The white glove compartment door opened hitting her breast. She just smiled as she hit the open button. I turned off the head lights as we coasted inside. She hit the close button on the garage door. The big double doors began to go down. I turned to see Crystal toss the garage door opener into the back seat. I smiled when she looked out her side window. I opened my car door and walked around to open hers.

I put my hand down to help her out of the car. She giggled. "Buck! Your a great driver. I don't think I have gone that fast in such a long time. I love to go fast. Watch out behind you." said Crystal. I felt a metal pole pass my shoulder as I fell back wards onto a old leather couch. There were a few holes in the big brown leather couch. I saw there was some gold paint chips on the pole in the middle of the garage. "That couch is older than this house. It used to be my husband. The day he left me, I put it out here. He used to hate when I sat on it. If he knew you were sitting on it. It would make him really mad." said Crystal. I smiled.

Crystal shut her car door. The basement was a little cold from the night air. There were two long over head lights on. The smell of grease, the car engine and Crystal filled the garage. I watched as Crystal put her hand on the metal pole. A big paint chip fell onto the cement floor. She swung her big ass around the pole. "I never got to dance on my birthday Buck. Oh god! I'm dancing for boy half my age." she moaned. I shifted on the couch. My cock was straining the front of my jeans. She was gripping the pole and shaking her ass. Up, down, side to side. She was rocking that metal pole. I just eased back to enjoy the show.

She kept looking over her shoulder as she danced on the metal pole. I moved my hand in front of my jeans. She was getting turned on. Her big fat nipples were poking the thin material on the dress. I could smell a sweet scent in the garage. I knew she need to get naked next when she spun of the pole and landed on my lap. "Oh! A lap dance." I said. "Yes! Do you want me to rub all over you sexy Buck?" said Crystal. I did not say anything but put my hands on her big ass. She shook her big booty in my hands. I then spun her around so she looked at me. Her hair was in her face as she brushed her long dirty blonde hair back. She smiled when she looked down to see my jeans were hard in the front.

"MMMMM....Buck...Show me your cock honey. It's been on my mind since you knocked on my door this afternoon. Show me your cock baby....Let Crystal see your cock baby.." she screamed. I started to unbutton the rest of my shirt. Crystal moved off her knees and fell into my arms. She then grabbed my shirt and ripped it open. The small white buttons fell on the garage floor. She screamed as she ran her long nails down my bare skin. "God! Your all shaved honey. Your chest and abs are ripped. I need to see that cock...." said Crystal. I tossed my shirt on the floor. I kicked off my shoes. She was still in my lap. She moved back to see my unbuckle my jeans. She then reached down to pull my hands away. I looked around the garage one more time.

"MMMMMm baby!!!!" she moaned. Two of her finger nails touched the tip of my hard cock. She pulled back my white boxer briefs. She saw the tip of my cock. "Oh Gawd its big....Buck! I never had one that big before. My husbbbbbannnndddd..." she moaned. I reached up behind her neck to pull down the only hook on the dress. I then reached on her side to unzip the dress. It was hidden the whole night. "How did you know where the zipper was honey???" she said in a sultry voice. Then the front of her dress fell off her big fat breast onto my chest. The back of the dress fell open exposing her fat white ass into view. Seems she wore a big bikini in the tanning booth with Mrs. T. She had no tan lines on her amazing chest. She had big dark aerloes and her nipples where the size of the tip of my index fingers. She moaned when I pinched them with my fingers.

I reached down to touch the front of her thong. It was soaking wet. I pushed it to the side freeing her big fat cunt lips to be exposed. She was breathing very fast. I licked two of my fingers to ease in her tight pussy. I could only get one inside her as I used the other to rub her labia. She closed her eyes and bite down on her lower lip. I reached up with my free hand to fondle her left breast. She was moaning more as I fingered her fat pussy. After five minutes she gripped the side of my thighs with her legs. She brought her head forward. She reached up on the back of the couch to steady herself. Then she screamed...."YES!!! YES!!!! YOU BASTARD!!!! FUck...." I felt her pussy spasm as she had her first big orgasm. I got her off one more time before I licked my fingers. She watched me lick my fingers and smile.

A minute later she got up and pulled off my jeans. She pushed my legs apart. She then got on her knees on front of me. Her big breast were on my knees as she started to suck my cock. I pushed her warm breast together, around my cock. I pinched her nipples as she sucked the tip of my cock. I then let her breast fall in front of the couch. She was gagging on my 9 3/4 inch cock. I held the top of her head forcing more of my cock in her hot mouth. She gagged again before I pulled it out and slapped her face with it. She started to play with my big hairless balls. She ran her finger nails down the inside of my thighs making me groan. She had my cock inside her mouth making wild noises. I could feel the saliva run down my cock and balls onto the leather couch.

After a few minutes I pulled her up off the garage floor. She smiled as she slowly sat on my cock. "Go slow Buck! It's been over two years since I've had a man inside me. Mmmmmmm....Your so round.." moaned Crystal. Once she got on, I eased my ass to the edge of the couch. My balls hung low and hit the top of the cushion. My ass was low in the leather a she leaned up and grabbed the back of the couch. I put her to my left side as I sucked on her breast. I bite her nipples causing her to scream. She was pounding her pussy on my cock. Her feet barely touched the ground. She gripped the couch as she slowed down. She was out of breath. She looked into my eyes as I started to fuck her faster. I was using her body to bounce on the couch. "Yes! Yes! Don't stop! Keep Fucking ME!!! Yes!" she screamed. I then felt her pussy exploded on my cock.

I moved her on her back as I gently pulled my wet cock out of her dripping pussy. She tried to look over her big breast and belly. I grabbed her legs putting them on my chest. Her wooden heels were next to my ears. Her feet above my head. I gripped her big thighs. She moaned. I started to put my cock in half way. Then pull it out. I then jammed in more and pulled it out. She was biting her lips. I grabbed under her big breast. She opened her mouth as I fed her big left nipple in her mouth. She started to suck her nipple. I pinched her other nipple and started to fuck her pussy harder. She gripped her heels on my head as I fucked her harder. I felt her dress fall off the leather couch. One strap hit my foot as it fell in front of the couch. She moaned. I was sweating on her. Small drops from my forehead crashed on her body. I moved her free breast into her mouth. She was sucking both her nipples. Back and forth. I leaned down to lick the nipples she was not sucking. Her breast were so wet.

"God!! Fuck me...Cum..inside me Buck....Give me your big load. Your touching me where no man or toy has ever been. Cum deep inside me. Use me honey. Use my big pussy for your enjoyment." she screamed. I bite my lower lip. I then slammed my whole body on her. I was right over her lips as she tried to kiss me. "Is this what you want. Do you like young men fucking you this hard and nasty baby?? Do you??? Is this your birthday wish? Fucking a total stranger you just met...Is it??? Do you want me to stop????" I said. She kept saying yes to fuck her faster. I was close. My legs were shaking. She put her small hands around my waist to pull me in deeper. I moved her to the side and forward on my cock. My wet balls slapped the bottom of her ass. I was all the way in. I grunted. Her eyes got real big. I was emptying all my seed deep inside her. I left my cock in her until it got semi erect and fell out. I had shot a dozen big spurts in her tight pussy.

Next I had her hold the metal pole. I had her bend her knees as I fucked her from behind. I looked down on her tramp stamp. I pulled my cock and put it on her barbwire tattoo. She moaned. I moved her gold waist chain around her big hips with my cock. I then jammed my cock back in and held onto her breast as I fucked her faster against the metal pole in her garage. I finally pulled out after an hour and orgasm on her big ass. I took her up to her bathroom to clean her off. We took a long bath before I carried her to bed. I placed her on her new sheets as I covered us both. About an hour later I awoke to her sucking my cock. She was jacking my cock in her deep cleavage before I filled her mouth and we fell back asleep. The next morning I made her breakfast in bed. I got a text from Mrs. T. as we ate. She wanted all the details.

I left Sunday afternoon before her kids got back. I headed to work the next day. I got a few more texts from Mrs. T. wanting to know all the juicy details of my date with Crystal. I just sent her some smiles and a few LOL. It was close to 7pm when I got to Mrs. T. I stopped to take a shower, change and put on some CK1. I was in just a pair of jeans. A black t-shirt and some black sandals. No socks and definitely no underwear. I walked up the side of the house. I knocked on the back door. A few minutes later I heard some heels click across the kitchen floor.

"Hey Honey!" said Mrs. T. I looked up to see Mrs. T. had gotten her hair done. Her nails painted pink to match her super tight pink dress. She had some shiny gloss on her lips. Some 4inch pink heels, that I bought her last year. She had some tan hoes around her long legs that was ripped. She had on lots of makeup and two huge gold hoop earring just like the ones I got for Crystal. She motion for me to come inside. She had poured me a drink and placed on the coffee table in her living room. I sat on her couch. She sat on the edge with her heels on my feet. She smiled. "Well! What happened???" she said in a low voice.

Just then I heard some noise upstairs. I heard a man walking down the stairs. Mrs. T. got off the couch to go to the foot of the stairs. She kissed her husband on the cheek. "I'm going to Bob's to play poker. I'll be home later. You two have fun. Try to be good..." he smiled. He raised his head to me, giving my a nod to say hey. I did the same back to him. Mrs. T. walked him to the front door. She turned to walk back to me on the couch. "So details????" she moaned. "Ummm! I got pictures." I said. She smiled. "Pictures!! I want the cold hard, juicy details Buck. I think your teasing me." she said. I just gulped.

"Knock! Knock!!" There was a knock at the back door of the house. "Oh! Hubby must have forgot something. I will be right back Buck! I'll make you talk honey..." she giggled. A few minutes passed. I heard the back door shut. I then heard the sound of heels clicking across the floor coming closer to the living room. I turned to see Mrs. T. come in first. She smiled. "Well if you won't tell me. Maybe Crystal will. Crystal you remember Buck." said Mrs. T. I heard a big sigh. Crystal walked in with the same dress on from her birthday. "I see Buck got you a really nice dress and I just love the heels and jewelery." said Mrs. T. She reached down to close my phone in my right hand. "I don't need to see pictures Buck. I got the real thing right here. Crystal sit down next to Buck. On the other side sweetie." she said.

"Go get us a drink Buck." said Mrs. T. I walked in the kitchen to get some wine glasses. I came out with 3 glasses of white wine. It was only gone five minutes. I came back to find Crystal naked making out with Mrs. T. on the couch. Mrs. T. only had on her ripped tan hose around her thighs and legs. "Oh! Buck! Your back. Remove your clothes and help my new friend out. She gave her future ex-husband there divorce papers yesterday when he dropped off the kids. I want you to show her she made the right decision. I want you to worship our pussy tonight. In the top draw over there are my new toys. Get them." Mrs. T moaned.

I got undressed and open the top draw. I pulled out two big pink butt pluges. I came back to the couch. Crystal was on her side facing the left. Mrs. T. was on her side facing the right. They both had there back against each other. I gave each girl her butt plug to lick and get wet. I got on my knees and stroked my cock. They each gave me there butt plug. It was the first time for Crstyal as I ease it in her tight hole. Mrs. T. went in next. I then put my cock in Mrs. T. pussy as Crystal got used to the size of her butt plug. I went back and forth with my aching cock in there tight pussy. After twenty minutes I buried my cock deep in Mrs. T. pussy. I fell back as Mrs. T. grabbed Crystal fingers to scoop out my load. They cleaned off each others fingers as I watched.

I looked to the door of the spare bedroom. I saw some light from the hallway. I had Mrs. T. pussy on my face. Her big ass on my forehead. I felt Crystal pussy tighten around my cock as she orgasm again. I then saw the light disappear. A minute later I heard the door to the master bedroom close. Mrs. T. orgasm next on my face. Both girls collasped on the bed next to me. I slowly came up for air. They both giggled as they kissed. Then we all kissed at the same time. Mrs. T. grabbed our hands and we went down the hall to the master bath to clean up. I looked down to pat Crystal big ass. Her butt plug touched the palm of my hand. I patted Mrs. T. butt to feel her butt plug on my palm. Then each girl patted my butt feeling my butt plug on there palm. It seems Mrs. T. got a blue one for me.


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