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Shugar Lips - An Adult Story

Wet Wipes
A Golden Shower
Shugar Lips

Same Story Written with 3 different Middles and Endings
The Same characters with 3 different outcomes to a story
Trying something Different
Hope everyone likes


I just graduated a few weeks ago. My parents were trying to get me out of the house more. I studied hard the last few months before the end of school. I got some money for graduating. Now I did not have to get a job until the end of Summer. Most of my friends had to get a Summer job right away. It kinda of sucked not hanging out with them now. I stayed up late playing video games and chatting online. Then slept most of the day. My parents where at work. I had the whole house to myself.

I was eating some dinner at the kitchen table when my Mom walked in. "Hey! What are you doing tomorrow?" she said. "Nothing! No plans Mom!" I said. "Great! I have this thing I need you to do for me. My boss at work, Mrs. Knight. Her Son is home for the Summer. Just like you. They just moved here from California. He has no friends. I told her you just sit around here all day. All your friends are working this Summer." she said. "What! That's a bad thing?" I said. "I got her address. Here! I told her you be over tomorrow around 10am to spend time with her Son Brad." she said.

"Wait! You told her what! Is this a play date or something. Mom! I'm to old for this. Come on!" I said. "Stop! He is brand new to the area. Remember the last time we moved. How it felt to be the new kid. Humor me." she said. I shook my head.

I stayed up late. Then got up at the last minute. I took a long shower. I put on some red boxer briefs. I through on a pair of tan cargo shorts. A white t-shirt with a big red rhino on the front. I slipped on a pair of red sandals. I shook my head as I walked out the door to jump in my SUV. I muted my cell. I pulled out the driveway. I got over to Brad house around 10:30am. I parked in the driveway. I walked around the front to ring the door bell.

"Ring! Ring!" I waited a few minutes. The door finally opened. "Hey! What's up?" said this kid. "Yeah! I am here to see Brad. My Mom sent me." I said. "I'm Brad dude. Who are you?" he said. "Buck! How it going?" I said. "Come on in. Just woke up man. Took a quick nap. Been playing online." he said. "Cool. Just got up myself." I said. "Follow me to the kitchen. On a beverage run. Some energy drinks. You thirsty dude." said Brad. "Nice! Hit me up!" I said. We made some small talk. I took a big sip from a huge metal can. "Good stuff." I said. He pulled out a six pack from his fridge.

I walked behind him to the 2nd floor of his house. His house was pretty big. There was still stuff in boxes scattered around the house. He opened his bedroom door. He had a big computer on one side of his room. There was some bean bags chair on the floor. I sat down to have another sip of my energy drink. He un-paused his game on his computer. I just sat there having another energy drink. He kept playing his role playing game online. I was pretty sure he forgot I was there two seconds after he hit a spell on some gamer. What had I gotten myself into. I was sitting in some dudes room on the ground. Drinking an energy drink. While he played some role playing game. I must be lame.

I had to think of a way to get out of there. I should have brought my swim suit to go for a swim. Maybe talk him into going outside to do something. I was going to yell at my Mom when I got home. What was she thinking. The kid was younger than me. A dork. A geek. What the fuck! I tossed my empty can into the waste basket next to his computer. I got up to look over his shoulder. He was walking down a road with some other gamers online. He picked up a head set to talk to them. I wiped off my forehead. I was standing there for a few more minutes.

I then had the sudden urge to use the bathroom. I really had to go to the bathroom. I moved on my feet to his left. I then walked back and forth behind him. I really hate to use a public restrooms. I really hate to use another person bathroom. I did even know him or his family. I was trying to think. It was not helping. Finally I blurted out. "Where the bathroom man? I got to go. To many energy drinks." I said. "Down the hall dude. Last door on the right. You can't miss it." said Brad.

I just turned to walk fast out of his room. I looked down the hall past the stairs. I could see a few doors. I walked down the hall to the last door. There was a small sign on the door. "Out of order!" I reached down to find the door locked. Fuck! What was I going to do. I really had to go. I turned to my left and saw some more doors. I turned to look back down the hall. I ran back toward Brad bedroom. I tried every door. A closet. A office. A big pink girlie room, must be his sister bed room. I finally turned around to run down the hall. I past the stairs again. I looked over the rail to the ground floor. I than ran down to the last door on the right again. I check the door again. Damn I had to go. I could feel the tip of my cock get wet. I turned to run down the hall. I moved to the first door. It was locked. The next room was a spare bedroom. The next door was the stairs to the kitchen. The next door was a linen closet. I must be close to another bathroom. I then saw a door across the hall.

I ran over to put my hand on the door knob. It turned. I ran in. I pushed the door closed behind me. I saw the toilet straight ahead. "Ahhhhhh! Young man!!! What are you doing in here???" said a female voice. I had my tan shorts open. I had my cock in my hand. I saw the toilet right in front of me. I then turned to my left to see who made the loud noise in the bathroom. I almost fainted. I gripped my cock. It was a hot older woman in the bathtub. She was completely naked. She had long dirty blonde hair down to her shoulders. She was wearing some gold wire glasses over her sexy blue eyes. She was sitting up in the tub. Her huge ass was to the right side. She was bending her thick thighs under her. She had two large breast down to her belly button touching the top of the white bathtub. Her two large breast were dripping wet. The white carpet in front of the bathtub was wet.

"Stop staring at me... Get out of here. Put your cock back in your pants. Oh my god!!!!!Help!!!! Brad!!! Honey are you home. There a boy in my bathroom!!!! Help!!!!!" she yelled. I quickly put my aching cock back in my cargo shorts. I turned to run out the bathroom door. Oh god that must have been my Mom boss in the bathtub. Fuck was I in trouble. I looked ahead. Brad still had not come out of his room. I turned to go down the stairs to the first floor. I checked another door. It was locked. What the fuck. One working bathroom in the whole house. I stopped to catch my breath.

I ran through the kitchen to the back door. I looked in the back yard. There was a swimming pool. Some chairs. A big wooden deck. I saw a big pool house in the back. There must be a bathroom in there. I closed the door behind me as I ran across the wooden deck. I ran passed the pool. I looked back toward the house. I did not see any movement on the 2nd floor. I opened the door to the pool house. I stopped.

I turned to see a door. I pulled the door open. "Eeekkkkkkk!!!! Brad!!! Wait your not Brad. Who are you????? Hello!!!! It's occupied!!!!" she yelled. It must have been Brad Sister. I quickly shut the door. I wanted to pull it back open. She was sitting on the toilet using the bathroom. Brad Sister was very cute. She had a tight green bathing suit on. The top hugged her big breast. Her bottoms were around her ankles. She had short curly brunette hair down passed her ears. She was wearing two big gold hoop earrings that touched her shoulders. She had on two 4inch wooden heels that accented her curvy legs. She looked like just like her mother. But a smaller version. Both in height and weight.

I still had to go. Now I had two women mad at me. I looked to my left. I saw another door. I ran over to it. I opened the door to the back of the pool house. It was empty. There was a big 8ft fence around the back yard. None of the neighbors could see me. I loosen my belt on my cargo shorts. I let my shorts fall around my ankles. I then dropped my boxer briefs on my shorts. My cock sprang out. It was semi hard and ready to burst. I closed my eyes as I looked into the sky. I was thinking about Brad Mom and his Sister. My cock started to grow in my hand. A minute later I felt the tip of my cock open up. I started to pee on the grass behind the pool house.

"MMMmmm...I wonder where you ran off to. I hope I did not scare you. Sorry! I thought you were my Brother trying to spy on me again. Damn! You really had to go. Was that my Mother yelling in the house before you ran in on me?" Brad Sister said. "What? Sorry! Yeah! That was your Mom." I said. I turned my head to see her. She was standing a few feet away. She had her cell phone in her right hand. She had her free hand on her thick left hip. She was maybe 4ft 8 but looked taller in her wooden heels. She had some big juicy pink lips. There was some white glitter on them as she smiled. She had a thin waist. Also a big juicy ass and was very top heavy. She had a pack of methanol cigarettes inside her swim suit top. Just above her right nipple. I could see the label under the thin material. I could see her long red lighter sticking out the other side of her breast. She had a long gold necklace around her neck. The heart shape pendant was inside her deep cleavage. I was still peeing as she looked me up and down.

I looked down to see I was peeing white. It must have been from my cock being hard. I could feel my cock was fully erect. All 9 3/4 inches in my hand. I was slowing down. "Click!" I heard her phone go off. She was taking pics of me peeing in the grass behind the pool house. She took a few pictures with her phone. I then watched as she reached in her top to pull out her cigs. She then lit one cigarette as she watched me pee. I heard her puff a few times. I then felt my cock relax. The last few dribbles made my cock hard again.

"You might want to shake it before you put it away. Don't want to stain your Calvin Klein's." she said. I shook my cock a few times. I then looked down to see I was done. "Your not going to tell your Brother or Mom I was back here? Using the bathroom on your lawn." I said. "Maybe! Are you going to tell my Mom I was back here smoking. My Mom hates it. I could give a fuck about my younger Brother. He is such a pervert. He likes to watch me in the shower or using the bathroom. He even watches my parents have sex. He is so nasty." she said.

I still had my hard cock in my hand. "No! I think were even. My name Buck by the way. In case I have to make a break for it." I said. "Dani! But my friends call me Shugar Lips! or Shugar for short." she said. I smiled. "Ummm...Do I dear ask why Shugar Lips????..." I said with a smile. "Some people say my lips are like sugar. Either when I kiss them or go down on them." she said. I gulped.

She blew out a big puff of smoke from her mouth. She inched her way closer to me. I turned and walked out of my briefs and cargo shorts. She was now inches from my chest. I looked down. "Do you want a puff Buck?" she said. I took her cigarette from her fingers. She then wrapped her tiny hand around my cock. She shook my cock a few times. Letting the last drops out the tip. Now there was huge glob of pre-cumm on the tip. She licked her big juicy lips. She pulled my cock straight out and took another picture with her phone. "You have a very nice cock Buck. You better let Shugar take a look at him. God!! You shaved your big balls and your cock. It feels so nice." she said.

I held onto her cigarette with my right hand. She put her cell phone down in the grass next to her right side. I watched as she bent her knees. She was now looking up under my cock. Her juicy lips opened up as her big wide tongue darted out to lick the tip of my cock. She removed the pre-cumm in one lick. She then started to jack my cock with her tiny fingers. She used both of her hands to get around my cock. Her two inch big pink nails were capped with some white glitter on the tip. She then opened her lips to start to suck on my cock. Her lips were around my cock. Her mouth was so full. Her eyes got big as she gagged. She broke off the lip lock to reach up and drag her nails on my chest and abs. I looked down her back to see her big juicy ass was expanding inside her green bathing suit bottoms. I could see a long tattoo of her name on her lower back. "Shugar Lips"

She arched her back pressing her big breast on my knees. I could see her toes move in her wooden heels. She dropped her finger under my balls. She ran her nails down my thighs. She fondled my big balls in her small hands. I pulled my cock out of her mouth. I rubbed my cock on her face. Her mouth was on my balls. The tip of my cock over her forehead touching her soft brunette hair. I then rubbed my cock down her face, over her nose and chin. I began to slap her face with my cock. She kept sucking my balls. She then grabbed my cock with her hungry mouth.

I looked at her cigarette in my hand. I smiled. She watched me lower her cigarette to her mouth. She spit out my cock. She took a big puff and then blew the hot smoke on my cock. She took another big puff and stuck my cock in her hot mouth. The smoke came out the side of her lips around my cock. Her eyes got big as I moved my hips forward forcing my cock in her mouth deeper. She gagged and pulled out my cock. "That a first for me....Never smoked and sucked a cock before." she moaned. She took another big puff and blew smoke on my naked balls.

A few minutes later her cigarette was out. She smiled as she stood up. She threw the cigarette butt on the grass. She then used her right wooden heel to push it in the grass. She leaned up to give me a big wet kiss. I ran my tongue around her lips. She broke our embrace. "Most guys would have cum from that stud. I better wrap my other lips around that big cock. I need to feel you deep inside me." she moaned. I smiled.

I reached down to pull the top of her swim suit up over her head. Her big soft breast fell on her chest. I pulled both her nipples as she tried to get her bottoms off. She had a knot holding them up. She sucked in her round stomach. I reached down to yank them down around her ankles. She put her hands on my shoulders. I was sucking her breast and touching her curvy legs. Her thick thighs open to show me she was complete shaved. Not a hair on her pussy. There was a small tattoo above her small cunt lips. A set of red lips with some gold glitter on them. She had two red roses on her ankles. A few different colored stars around her legs and left hip. I could smell her pussy in front of my face.

I stood up. I looked down my 6ft 4inch athletic frame. I reached down to pick her up. She wrapped her legs around my waist. I moved her back against the side of the wooden pool house. She put her hands around my neck. I moved so my cock was just under her pussy. "It's been awhile since I have had sex with a boy. Just be gentle at first. Then fuck me really hard stud." she moaned in my right ear. I moved her up. Then down on my cock. The tip of my cock parted her small lips. They wrapped around my cock making it very tight. I was pushed out the first three times I inserted my cock in her tight pussy. She was breathing heavy.

I moved to get more of my cock in her. She screamed as I got half of my erect cock in her pussy. I could feel her pussy muscles relax. I got another inch in before I pulled back. Then I started to fuck her faster. "Yes! Yes! Yes!" she screamed in my right ear. She was sucking my neck as I fucked her against the pool house. I slammed her body against the wall. She let go of my neck. She then placed her big firm breast in my mouth. I was sucking her nipples making them nice and wet. She moaned. I then bite her nipples making her move her pussy down on my cock. I was now almost all the way in her small tight pussy. I grunted. She screamed.

"Beep! Beep! Buzz! Buzz!" I looked down to see her cell phone in the grass. "Oh! Fuck its my brother. Fuck! He must be watching us. Better put me down Buck." she said. I put her down on the grass. She leaned down to pick up her phone. "Oh! Fuck! My Mom is coming down the stairs. She just left Brad room. Grab your clothes. Hurry...." said Shugar

I grabbed my clothes as I tossed her bathing suit to her. She smiled as she caught it. We ran inside the pool house. We ran into the bath room. "Here put this towel around you. Go sit out in one of the lounge chairs by the pool. I'll hide your clothes. We don't have time. Go!!! I'll be right out." she screamed. I turned to run out the door naked, toward the pool. I wrapped the big white beach towel around my waste. My cock was still hard and wet from Brad Sister tight pussy. God now I wanted to just get off. My balls were aching. My cock was aching. I quickly sat down on a big white lounge chair. I pulled the back up. I was sitting with my feet on the chair.

I heard the back door to the main house slam shut. I then heard some heels click across the wooden deck. "Why hello young man. We meet again. Enjoying yourself. I just went to check on Brad. He said you were out here with my Daughter. Dani! Have you seen her?" said Brad Mother. "Oh! Hi! Yes! I think she in the pool house." I said. "I wanted to see her before I left for work. I just got a call to go in. Is your Mother working today?" she said. "I'm not sure." I said. "Did you have fun with Brad?" she said. "I think. He was on his computer playing by himself. When I left." I said. She looked down at my cock. I looked down to see the front of the towel was bunched up. "Did you find the bathroom? Last time I saw you. You seemed to really have to go." she smiled. "Yes! Thanks!" I said.

"Hi! Mom!" said Dani. She shut the door to the pool house behind her. She had her tight green swim suit back on. She was still wearing the wooden heels. She had reapplied some glitter on her lips. I quickly put my hand on my right nipple. There was some glitter on it. I used my free hand to rub my lips. I saw some glitter on my fingers. I was hoping Mrs. Knight had not noticed.

"Hi! Dani!! Have you met Buck?" she said. "Yes! I opened the pool house for him." said Dani. "Thanks! I have to run to work. I might be home late. I called your Father. He will be home late also. You can order pizza for you and Brad. Have fun. Thanks for coming over today Buck. Hope we did not scare you." she said. "Later Mom!" said Dani. I watched as Mrs. Knight shook her big ass toward the back door. She waved to Dani and I next to the pool. I looked up on the 2nd floor to see Brad looking out the back window at us. Dani was standing looking down at me. She looked up when she heard the garage door open and close.

She bent down to put her cell on the deck next to me. "That was close. Do you think she saw us?" said Dani. "Mmmm...I don't think so." I said. "That's good. Where were we stud?" she said. I watched as she pushed her bathing suit bottoms to the side. Her pussy was dripping wet. She licked her right middle finger. "I was playing with myself in the bath room. That what took me so long. I like the way your cocks feels inside me, better. Open that towel. Shugar back baby..." she said. I smiled. I let my towel fall open. My cock sprang straight up in the air.

She put her feet on the lounge chair next to my hips. The big cushion moved. She still had her bottoms pulled to the side. I wet my hand. Then put the saliva on my cock. Her bald pussy slipped right on my cock. She pushed down on my cock. I had almost all my cock buried in her tight pussy. She moaned. She grabbed the back of the lounge chair over my shoulders. She held on tight as she bounced on my cock. I pulled her bathing suit top off. I dropped it on the wooden deck. She moaned. I was sucking her big breast again. Her big nipples rubbed on my face. I held her big ass with my two big hands. I massaged her ass under her swim suit. She grunted when I shoved my cock all the way in her pussy. My wet balls hit her skin. She moaned.

After a few minutes she switched positions. She was riding my cock looking toward the house. I held her hips moving her up and down on my cock. Her tattoo moved in front of my face. I ran my finger nails on her big ass causing her to moan. I then began to slap her big ass making it red. She moaned louder. "I like that. Slap my ass baby." she screamed. I kept fucking her. I was getting closer. My knees moved under her legs. "Oh! God! Your close. I can feel it. Let me get up baby. I want to taste it. Fill my mouth." she said.

I watched as she jumped off my cock. I stood up next to the lounge chair in front of her. She got on her knees in front of me. She put my cock in her wet mouth. Her big pink lips engulfed my cock. She started to suck up and down the shaft. I could see the glitter on my cock. Her mouth was so stuffed. I was not sure she was breathing. She gagged. She then took out her tongue to swirl around my cock head. She sucked very hard. She used her long nails on my balls. She gripped them as she sucked my cock. Then it happened. "Arrrggg!!! Fuck!!!" I yelled. She screamed. She opened her mouth to catch to first explosion. She pumped my load in her open mouth. Her tongue was white. She then deep throat my cock before she pulled it out. I was still cumming as she whipped her big lips around the tip. There was glitter all over my cock head. She then licked my balls squeezing out every last drop. I had no more to give.

She reached down to get her cell phone. "Take a picture. I never had this much on my lips before. Ahhhhhhh.... God you cock getting hard again. Click! Click!!!" went the camera. "Let's go to my parents room. I want you tie me up on there big four post bed. Plus Brad can't watch us there. Follow me....Stud!!!!!.." said Shugar Lips.

I picked up my clothes from behind the door in the pool house. We were both naked as we walked down the hall to her parents bedroom. We walked passed Brad door. I could hear him on his computer. Shugar smiled as we got to her parents bedroom. She locked the door behind us. "Our you in a hurry to go home? Do you have plans? Do you want to stay and keep me company?" she said. I spent the rest of the day fucking her around her parents bedroom. I got to use my big black leather belt on her ass as she tried to free herself on her parents bed.

A week later:

"Thank you for dinner. It was very nice. If you will excuse me. I need to use the bathroom." I said. I pushed myself from the table. I walked passed Brad and his Dad at the table. A few minutes earlier Shugar was playing with my ever growing cock under the table. She first reached down to put my napkin in my lap. She groped my cock under my jeans. For the last hour she been using her feet to play with my cock. She unzipped my jeans with her toes. She had used her feet to fuck my cock. I was close to cumming. I pushed her feet off my cock. I put my cock back in my jeans. A minute later I opened the door to the same bathroom from the previous week.

"Fuck!!! Do you ever knock??? I been playing with my pussy all week thinking about your big young cock in me. Come here. I could tell my Daughter was rubbing your cock under the table all night. I could smell your dirty cock. Oh! I also saw all that glitter last week on you by the pool. I even found some on my sheets when I got home that night. I hope my Daughter can share." said Mrs. Knight.

I looked ahead to see Mrs. Knight naked sitting on the toilet. Her black dress on the floor just inside the bathroom. She had her legs opened. She was fingering her pussy. "God! Your such a big tease. We only have a few minutes. Fuck me!!! With the big cock baby." She said. I dropped my jeans on the white carpet. I pulled off my shirt. I stood in front of her. My hard cock in my hand. I could smell her using the bathroom as I aimed my cock at her pussy. I looked down to see my big splash on the front of her two big cunt lips. She was rubbing her labia as I splashed her pussy and fingers. She had a big orgasm as I stuck my wet cock in her pussy. I was fucking her on the toilet. She bite my lower lip as her pussy clamped down on my cock. Next she moved her fingers from her pussy. I got to smell her wet finger. I took one big whiff and her tight pussy on my cock made my erupted in her pussy. I reached up to grip her big naked breast. I bite down on her left nipple.

After a few seconds I stood up. She cleaned off my cock and helped me get dress. She slipped on her black dress. I got to the table first. I sat down. "Any problems?" Brad Dad said. "No! All good." I said. I saw Shugar blow me a kiss across the table. A minute later Mrs. Knight sat down next to me. She smiled as she had one finger in her mouth. "Honey! Are you Ok? You look very flushed." said her husband. "All good sweetie. I just got off the phone with Buck's Mom. If it's Ok with you. I told her he was going to stay over and hang with Brad. He can sleep down the hall in the spare bedroom tonight." she said.

I left Brad room an hour later. I walked down the hall to the spare bedroom. I got under the sheets. I left the light next to the bed on. I could feel the sheets on my skin. A minute later the door burst open. "MMmmm hey sexy Buck.... God your cock felt great between my feet. Where did you go after dinner? said Shugar. I motion for her to take off her robe. She was now laying naked next to me. She pulled the sheets down to see me cock sticking straight up. "Fuck! I missed that..." said Shaugar.

The door burst opened again. "Mom!" said Shugar. "Oh! Don't Mom me, young lady." said Her Mother. Mrs. Knight reached into her robe. She pulled out Shugar cell phone. "I found this out my the pool last week when I got home. It was open. I saw the last photo you took. I always wonder why you got that tattoo on your back. I guess I know why now. I hope you like sharing. Cause after dinner I got to see up close. What big young cock made that mess on your lips. Now I want some more. Move over you two." said her Mother.

"Mom!!!" said Shugar. I see your ready for me Buck...Hubby is a sleep. He is a sound sleeper. I saw Brad playing with himself in his room. Do you need some company young man? Do you need a big beautiful woman to play with. I love to feel your cock in me again. Can you stay over this weekend. Hubby and Brad are going camping. A computer camp. They love to play with there joy sticks. But not as much as I like playing with yours." she moaned. "Mom!!!!!" said Shugar....


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