Monday, August 2, 2010

Can I Borrow Your Phone - An Adult Story

I was out of town making some sales calls. It had been a long day on the road. I pulled over to get a six pack to bring back to my room. I was staying on the 7th floor. I walked passed the tourist in the lobby. I smiled at the front desk girl as she waved to me. I just shook my head when I saw a big crowd of people walking down the hall toward me. There must be a big convention staying at the hotel. Most of the people were in business suits as they walked passed me. I was in some tan pants and a white button down shirt. I had some brown sandals on.

I had my cold six pack in one hand as I hit the elevator button to go up. I waited a few seconds. I could hear some noise behind me as I waited for the elevator. I could hear a few girls giggling and talking about there big conference. The elevator doors finally opened. I walked in and stood in the corner. I looked up to see four older ladies in the elevator. I could see the first three ladies. I could make out the top of the fourth lady platinum blonde hair. They were all twice my age as they talked to each other. They all were wearing heavy makeup. Lots of perfume. They all were in business suits with matching long grey skirts. I just smiled when they began to talk about there husbands. I reached around one lady to hit the 7th floor. She smiled when she saw my arm pull back. The lady in the middle hit the 6th floor button.

"I'm glad the day over. What time do we meet tomorrow?" said another lady. "8am girls. Be on time. We got another big day." said the third lady. She moved forward. I smiled when I finally got to see the fourth lady. She was the opposite of her friends. They were all pencil thin. She was very bodacious. They had big hair. She had short platinum blonde hair just passed her ears. They wore no earrings. She had two big gold hoops. There finger nails were all painted white. Hers were painted dark red. They were all dressed the same. Conservative business suits. They wore black flats on there feet. She had on some 4inch black heels to match her black blouse. It was pulled out in the front. A few of the buttons on top were undone. I could tell she was hiding a nice big pair of breast. I could not see her ass but her thick thighs gave it away. I almost fainted when she turned to show her long grey skirt was two sizes to small. It was about ready to burst at the seam from her big ass being covered.

I bit my lip as we passed the 4th floor. "I have to call home and check on my kids." said one lady. "Yeah me to. My husband probably forgot to feed them. He can feed the dog but forgets about the kids. Ha Ha Ha" said the third women near the elevator door. "Damn! I need to go back. I left my purse on my chair. Does anyone want to go back with me." said the girl next to me. "I'll go said the girl next to the door." She hit the 5th floor button and they both got out.

Now there was just two ladies in the elevator with me. I looked over at the voluptuous lady. She had on a small name tag. She wrote her name on a sticky note. It was affixed to her blouse. Just on the end of her right breast. "Beverly!" I smiled again. "Dorothy do you have a phone, I can borrow. I forgot my cell phone charger. Now my cell is dead." said Beverly. "No! I left my at home. My husband going to call me later tonight. Before I go to bed. The hotel turned off our phone in our room to make outside calls." said Dorothy. "My husband not that nice. He tells me to call him after every break. Especially before I get back to my room. I hate it. I wish he give me some space." said Beverly.

I kept silent. Just wanting to hear her talk. There was only one more floor before she got off the elevator. "Mmmm! Hello. Young man. Are you with our group?" said Beverly. "What group is that?" I said. "The Women's Leadership Conference." she said. "Oh! Why! Yes! I am. I am a guest speaker tomorrow." I said. "How that possible?" said Dorothy. "I have a big speech on women's rights in the work place. How to get ahead in a male dominated company." I said. "I stand corrected." said Dorothy. The elevator stopped. "If you like you can borrow my cell. Here!" I said. I pulled out my phone from my front pocket.

We all walked out on the 6th floor. I could hear the ice fall in the machine next to the elevator. The buzz from the Coke machine. "Night Bev! See you in the morning. Good night young man. See you for your speech." said Dorothy. She started to walk down the hall. "You don't mind. It's long distance. It will be quick. What do I dial. This phone to new to me. I have a old flip phone. My husband got a brand new smart phone with a big screen and every thing." she said. I smiled. "Just talk in the phone. Dial! Your phone number! Then connect! The phone will dial for you." I said. She smiled. "I'm down the hall this way. What your room number?" she said. "Same direction as you." I said. She started to talk into the phone. I walked behind her.

I kept my eyes on her big hips, small waist and sexy big ass. I crossed my fingers hoping she would not notice me staring at her sexy curves. "Oh! Hi! Honey... Just got done for the night with our conference. I thought I check in on you. Call me back at this number. Hope your OK!" said Beverly. I smiled as she kept walking toward her room. She reached into her small black leather purse to pull out her room key. "Hey! I'm Beverly....What's your name? Buck! That's a nice name. My husband did not pick up. He going to call me when he gets the message. Can I bring your phone to you in the morning at the conference?" she said. "Oh! Mmmm.... Well! I might need my phone. I need to get on the Internet later. Check my emails. I'm afraid you can't take it over night." I said. "OK! How about for an hour? Than I will bring it to your room." she said. "I don't know. I just met you. It's got allot of my info on it. Not to mention its kinda of expensive phone." I said.

She looked at my phone. Then back at me. She then looked at her hotel room door. "If you don't mind. Why don't you come in. My husband will call me right back. Then you can have your phone. That's if you don't mind. I don't bite. It would be a big help. He gets worried about me being in the big city all alone." said Beverly. "That sounds nice. You can tell me how things were at the conference." I said. She smiled as she put her key in the door. A second later I closed the door to the room.

I turned to see her king size bed in her room. There was two small chairs next to the sliding glass window. There was a small round table between the chair. I peeked into her bathroom. I saw some clothes hung in there. "Do you mind? I pointed to the bathroom. "No! Go ahead. Sorry about the mess in there." she said. I walked in the bathroom and closed the door.

I saw some pantie hose hung in the shower. A big black bra, and a big white bra hung on the shower rod. I smiled. My cock was semi hard as I pulled her huge bras to my nose. I could smell her sweet perfume in them. I ran my fingers through her hose next. God she was turning me on. My cock was now rock hard inside my pants. I could feel my cock growing down my thigh. I was loosing my mind. It had been a few weeks since I had sex. Been about two weeks since I masturbated. I need to find more time to masturbate.

I flushed the toilet. I was to nervous and horny to use the bathroom. I opened the door to walk out. She was standing at the foot of her bed. She just got up. The bed moved as she turned to give me a smile. "Hey!" I said. "Still no call. Have a seat. I'll be right back." she said. She walked passed me. I could smell the same perfume as in her bras. I walked over and sat down near the wall. I could almost put my feet on her bed. Being 6ft 4 helps.

"Ring! Ring!" it was her hotel phone next to the bed. Beverly walked out. She had unbutton a few buttons on her blazer. I could see her black blouse was open also. She bent over showing off her expanding cleavage. She picked up the phone. "This is Beverly. Yes! Thanks Dorothy. Back in my room. Yes! The nice young gentleman let me borrow his phone. I am going to give it back to him before the start of the conference in the morning. Thanks for checking up on me...Good night...." said Beverly as she smiled at me. I watched as she hung up the phone. She put my phone on the bed. Then she walked back in the bathroom.

A few minutes later she came back out. She had taken off her blazer. She had pulled out her black silk blouse. The first three buttons on the top were undone. She still had her black heels on as she walked over to me. "I don't want to break a nail. Can you unzip my skirt. Thanks. I wish my husband would call. It's been a long day. My feet are killing me." said Beverly. I had to really pull hard to get her skirt unzipped. I could see the skirt expand and she looked like she could breath better. I smiled as I followed her large ass back to the bathroom.

She came back out to sit on the edge of the bed facing me. She moved up with her back against the pillows. She was sitting on the comforter. We started to make some small talk as she kicked off her heels. They fell on the floor. She then put her curvy legs on the bed. She picked up my phone off the bed. She placed it on her right thigh. It made me want to be that phone. I looked down at the front of my pants. I had a big crease in the front. It was popping up from my hard cock.

A few minutes later my phone rang. Beverly looked down to see her home phone number. "It's my husband. Shhh! He gets very jealous. If he knew there was such a young man in my hotel room. Who knows what he do." said Beverly. I smiled. "Hi! Honey! Thanks for calling me back. The conference went long. Where were you? I tried to call when I got done. Oh you were next door watching the race. Sounds fun. My friend Charlotte is nice." said Beverly. I looked around the room. I then peeked out the big open window. I leaned back to pull the blinds closed. I then looked over at Beverly sitting on the bed.

She had my phone next to her left ear as she talked. "I borrow the phone from one of the speaker at the conference tomorrow. I am returning it in the morning to him before the start of the conference. How old is he? Like older than me. Way to old to notice me. He was just being a southern gentleman honey. Dorothy and the rest of the girls did not have a phone I could borrow." she said. She smiled again. I looked down to see my cock move under my pants. "He is a short old guy. Not bigger than you honey. Do you want to hear what happen today or like last night, do you just want to go to bed. How many beers do you have tonight. A twelve pack! Wow! That many....I did allot of walking today. My feet are killing me. Did you find a job? Maybe tomorrow." she said.

She kept talking with her husband. I would have been bored if I did not just sat there checking her out. I was not sure I could stand up and move around the room. My cock was so hard. She was looking right at me. I made a funny face. She giggled. "Nothing! I was laughing at the TV. So how was the race? Was Charlotte husband Bob there? Oh! He was at work....How was Charlotte than. Did she put some clothes on. Every time I see you two. Its like she half naked. She so skinny. I wonder what her husband thinks of her. What was that? She looks good. You thinks she cute. What are you saying?" said Beverly. My eyes got bigger. I shifted in my chair to hear better.

"Why are you mad at me. I was just saying. What? I'm to big now. I lost some weight. I can't get a man better than you. Are you crazy? Are you drinking? Why are you telling me this. WHAT!!!! You and Charlotte did what tonight. She gave you a blow job." screamed Beverly. I shook my head. It was like she forgot I was here. "It's not cheating, because she caught your load in her hair. My god honey. How long has this been going on? Just last week. At the church picnic. Who said I was big? Your Mom. Your Dad and your Brother. I can't believe it. I thought you liked me bigger. I can't believe it....Your making me upset." said Beverly. I heard a long pause. I was still quite sitting in my chair.

"You know your something else. I have had plenty of men come up to me since we been married. I still turn heads. Don't laugh Ronald. I am still very attractive. I have gotten bigger since we been married. Oh I hate fighting with you over the phone. I wish you could see me tonight." she said. A light came on over my head. I got up and walked passed her bed. I went over to knock on her bathroom door. I leaned back to smile at Beverly.

"Oh! Wait Ronald. There someone at my door. I wonder who it could be. Maybe its the nice gentleman who let me use his phone. Yes! I gave him my room number. I do have his phone. Let me go see." she said. I walked over and opened the door to the room. I stood outside as Beverly got to the door. "Be quite! Ronald. I am looking out the peep hole. Oh! It's him. Before I forget. He is not as old as I thought he was. I think he might be like 24 or 25. He is about 6ft 4 and very athletic. I better let him in. I don't want the people around my room to get the wrong impression." said Beverly.

A second later the door opened. "Oh! Hi! Kind Sir. I'm on the phone with my husband. Please come in. What that Ronald. You want to see him. Sir! How do you put your image on his phone?" she said. I reached over to click on my face and upper torso. I then handed her the phone. "His name. Buck! I don't know who I though was the short fat guy. I must have your image in my mind when I said that. Come on Buck! Take a seat on my bed. I will be right off the phone. I was hoping you stop by." said Beverly. I walked over and sat on the edge of the bed facing her. She closed the door to her room. She was now standing in front of the bathroom looking at me.

"He is on the other side of the room. He can't hear me. (She smiled at me) I am to big to get him. Are you saying that he would not find me attractive. That I have no shot with him. I am to fat. I think your wrong. You want me to prove it. Like what your doing with Charlotte. You don't think I am up for it. Mister! Two can play your game. I am walking to him. I am standing looking down at him." said Beverly. I stood there looking up at her curvy body. She was biting her lower lip as she talked with her husband.

"My husband would like to talk to you. Is that OK? Buck!" said Beverly. "Hello!" I said. "What do you think of my wife?" he said. I stood up. My cock was pointing straight out. The font of my pants were pitching a tent. Beverly gasped. I turned to smile. "She is very nice. What's that? Oh! I don't think she is fat. She is very voluptuous in all the right places. She is very cute and sexy compared to those other women in the conference." I said. Beverly smiled as she look me up and down. I looked at the bed. Then I felt her hand on my right thigh. She then moved her hand down leg. I was getting very turned on.

"She right in front of me. Here a picture of her. Click!!!!" I paused. "Yes! She still has her outfit from the conference on. Looks great on her. No! She is not fat in it. She looks very hot, now that you mention it." I said. Beverly moved her hand to the top of my pants. She put her hand on my button down shirt. She moved her hands on my arms next. She gave my muscles a squeeze. "What is she doing now? Maybe instead of telling you. I'll just turn on the camera/video player. Here let me place the phone in front of the TV. Then you can see your wife and me." I said. I hit mute on the phone as I placed it eye level with Beverly big ass. I smiled when I saw he was till on looking at his wife.

"He can hear us. He can also see us now." I whispered to Beverly. She bite the end of her big red French nail. She then moved her hand to my chest. She began to unbutton my shirt. She then pulled it off and tossed it on the chair behind me. I then felt her hands on my belt. She unbuckled my belt. Tossed that on the floor next to the bed. I watched as she ran her long nails down my chest, over my abs. She smiled as she unzipped my pants. My pants fell around my ankles. I had a pair of tight white boxer briefs on. The front was pointing straight out. She smiled as she got on her knees in front of me.

I reached over to grab my phone. I placed the phone looking down so her husband could see her face. She pulled down my white boxers. My cock sprang out almost hitting her lips. She smiled as she saw I was taping her facial expression for her husband. She licked her lips. Then put her face near my large naked balls. She put her small hand on my shaft. She began to pump my cock with her hands. She than began to suck my cock. She placed her big mouth around the tip of my cock. She was sucking a few inches of my cock in her warm mouth. She spit on the end. I moved her free hand to play with my balls. She then looked at the phone again. She smiled as she had more of my 9 3/4 inch cock in her mouth. I put my hand on the top of her platinum blonde hair. I started to fuck her face harder.

Finally Beverly spit out my cock. She was stroking my cock as she reached for my phone. I handed it to her. I clicked off the mute button. "What that? Ronald! You don't think he likes it. He got a big smile on his face. You don't think he wants to fuck me. Maybe I should ask him." said Beverly.

She smiled as I pulled her to her feet. I then put the phone back next to the TV. I did not mute her husband this time. I reached over to pull open her black blouse. The buttons fell on the floor as I pulled her closer. I tossed her blouse on the floor. I reached over to pull down the front of her huge black satin bra. She gasped as the cold air from the room hit her naked flesh. She had huge dark aerlos and thumb size nipples. They were erect as I pinched them with my two fingers on each hand. She moaned as I bent both her nipples down. I then fondled each big breast in my hand. I pushed them up, down, side to side. She moaned as I began to lick, kiss, bite them in my mouth. I sucked on each big breast. I then dropped them out of my mouth. They hit her chest making a loud noise.

"God! It's been years since I had someone love them as much as you. Suck them! Bite my nipples. Yes! Yes!" she screamed. I looked over to my phone. Her husband was still on. I then started to slap her big breast. I made her skin turn colors as I smacked them together. I pushed both her breast together. I started to suck both her nipples in my mouth at the same time. I was really man handing her breast. I then put her left nipple in her mouth. She started to suck her own breast. I sucked her right. I then sucked her left running my tongue in her mouth as she sucked her nipple harder.

I moved to her left. I was now sucking her left breast as she was sucking her right. I let go of her nipple. I then reached down her lower back. I gently unzipped her grey skirt letting it fall the ground. I pulled her big black panties to the side. I inched my fingers under the wet material. I found her juicy pussy with my fingers. She was very wet. Her large pussy mound moved as I inched my fingers inside her. She moaned in my ear. She then kissed my full on the lips. I felt her hot tongue in my mouth. She ran her hands in my short hair.

I wanted her so badly. I moved and tossed her on the bed. She was laying on her back. Her wet panties were pushed under thighs. I looked down. I looked at my phone. I smiled I got between her legs. I pulled off her wet panties. Her pussy glisten as the cold air hit her skin. Her large pussy mound was wet on the outside. I gently put my hands on her ankles. I pushed her legs apart. I inched my head down her curvy legs. I kissed her inner thighs. She giggled as I pushed my head up to her stomach. I had my face right above her wet pussy. I took a big whiff of her juices. I placed my hands on her breast. She moved her head back on the bed.

I parted her small cunt lips with my tongue. I placed one finger and my tongue in her pussy. I then started to suck on her cunt lips. I ran my tongue over them. I fucked them harder. I slipped a finger inside her pussy. Her muscles contracted around my long index finger. I then started to lick her engorged labia. I moved my finger in a clock wise motion as I sucked on her pussy. Her wet pussy hair hit my face. I had my nose inside her. She clamped her thighs on my head as I ate her pussy. I moved my free hand on her breast, stomach and belly button. She moved her head back and forth on the bed. I was naked between her legs. My small muscular ass looking back at her husband I then dropped my hands to the outside of her pussy. I pushed her more open. I stuck my tongue in deeper. She moaned. A second later I tasted her warm juices in my mouth. "Fuck!!! Yes!!! What are you doing to me young man. I never felt that before." said Beverly.

I could feel my hard cock on the bed. I pulled myself over Beverly bodacious body. I looked down to see she had a hold of my cock with her two hands. "It's been a very long time Buck! Be gentle." she whispered in my ear. I smiled as she guided the tip of my cock in her pussy. A felt her cunt lips open as more of cock was feed into her pussy. She moved to adjust to my size. I started to kiss her on the lips. I then licked her right nipple. She now had half of my cock in her right pussy. She pushed me straight out. She reached down to guide me back in. I pushed my hips forward getting more of my cock in her.

After a few minutes I picked up the rhythm. She screamed. "Faster! Faster! Harder! Harder!" I picked up the pace. She had her legs wrapped around my hips. I could feel her wet pussy on my cock. I locked my mouth on her right breast. She mashed her left breast against my face. I could feel the bed move as I fucked her very hard. I was bouncing off her voluptuous body. I dropped her breast from my mouth. There was a big thud on her chest. She was biting her lower lip. I plunged my cock all the way in, she moaned very loud in my ear. I was enjoying myself. I wanted to play with her big ass and warm breast next. I slowed down to let her catch her breath.

I rolled off Beverly on her right side. She moved to put my cock in her mouth. She licked off her wetness. She gagged on my cock again. She moved her head to look at the phone next to the TV. She could see herself deep throating my cock. I put my hand on her platinum blonde hair. She turned to look at the big smile on my face. She then moved on the bed. She lowered herself on my erect cock. Her pussy was still wet as she put her hands on my chest. She looked down to see my blue eyes. I saw her green eyes were closed. I grabbed her big breast to put them on my mouth. I moved my hands around her small waist. I grabbed her big ass pulling her down on my cock. My balls touched her wet pussy hair. She screamed. "Fuck!!!!!!! Baby! Your so deep inside me. Your so big. Fuck me!! Fuck me! Fuck me like a real man." she screamed.

I moved up so she could put her hands on the head board of the bed. She gripped her nails on the wood as I bounced her up and down on my cock. "Wham! Wham!!!! There was a heavy knock on the wall behind the bed. We must have woke the next door neighbors. I smiled as she kept slamming her pussy on my cock. I moved my fingers down her juicy booty. I started to put my long fingers in her ass cheeks. I took one finger and placed it on her anus. She moaned in my ear. She pushed her breast in my face making it hard to breath. I finally got the tip of my right index finger in her ass hole. She moaned again as she orgasm on my cock again. I moved my left hand to grip her breast as I bite her big right nipple. She screamed and her body shook. She was cumming again. I could feel her wetness run down my cock. Down my naked balls and under my ass. She was staining the comforter.

I was close to cumming myself. She moved her hands off the head board. She placed them on my chest. I bounced her off my cock onto the bed. She did not have to ask why. She wrapped her big breast around my cock. She began to lick the head and jack my cock between her warm soft breast. I said something. "ARgggggghhhh!!!!!" Then Beverly gasped. "Oh!!!! Fuck that is huge!!!! God he is still cumming...." she moaned. She jacked my cock as I erupted all inside her warm cleavage. Some spurts shot out hitting her face and the comforter on the bed. She moved my cock into her mouth. She cleaned my off and then she licked her breast of my semen.

I moved my finger back to her big ass. She looked over her shoulder. "You want some more Buck! You don't want to go to bed like my husband does after we have sex. Maybe I should clarify our sex. The one and done, as I like to call it. God! Your cock growing in my hand!!! Damn your hard again baby..." said Beverly. I smiled as she played with my wet cock. I was playing with her big ass with my two hands. I finally put one finger in her ass. I moved my free hand under her ass to her pussy. I got two inside her pussy. I was fingering fucking both her holes as she put my cock in her mouth. She was moaning as she sucked my cock. I put my hand on her head again. She got almost all my cock down her throat. More than she had before. I finally looked at my phone. Her husband was still on watching his wife.

I pulled out my fingers. I licked her pussy juices. Beverly looked between her legs. She rolled off the bed. I followed her to the foot of the bed. She bent over and laid her upper body on the bed. Her face was on the bed. She moved her hands back spreading her pussy open for me. I spit in my hand. I wiped the saliva on my cock. I then moved behind her. I put both my feet on the bed. I moved down to insert my cock in her pussy. She reached between her legs to guide my cock to her ass hole. "Fuck my ass Buck! Fuck it really good. My ass is still a virgin. I won't let my husband fuck me there. I turned to see the front of the phone. I moved my hips forward pushing my cock in her ass. I held onto her hips. She moaned as I inched more in her tight hole.

After a few minutes and lots of screams, I was almost all thew way in. I started to fuck her nice and slow. Her ass was on fire. I gripped her shoulders slamming my cock in her. She screamed. I could feel her hand move to her pussy. She was rubbing her labia and cunt lips very fast. I could feel her pussy wall against my cock as I fucked her ass. I could see her breast had fallen out the side. I saw her big red nipples were dark red. I was grunting on her as she came on her fingers. I felt her body shake again. I had lost count how many times she orgasm. I was close to my second time. I pounded her ass for another twenty minutes. I then plunged in one last time. Her ass tighten up as she came on her fingers. I was gripping her butt with my two big hands. I tensed up as I flooded her ass hole. I could feel my juices flow up around my cock head and shaft. She fell flat on the bed. I pulled my dripping cock out of her ass.

I was standing on the bed to her side. A second later I felt her warm mouth on the tip of my cock. She was licking my cock clean as she moaned. She spit out my cock and walked over to my phone. She picked it up to talk to her husband. "Good night! Ronald. I hope you enjoyed the show. I'm so glad you had fun with Charlotte. Because now I am going to fuck this young man all night. I need to go take a shower with him and get his big load out of my ass. I'm sure Charlotte still has your small load in her hair. That was not cheating as much as him cumming all over my body. I am staying one more night with the girls. They could use a big cock to. It's only fair to share him. I know they are not getting it at home. Later sweetie." said Beverly. She tossed my phone on the bed. I watched as she walked to the bathroom.

The next day I went to the conference. I sat next to Beverly at her table. She giggled when I said I was not giving a speech today. She knew I was not attending the Women's Leadership Conference. My screen saver on my phone was a giveaway. It was my face between two large gurls with the thumb up sign. Plus she also did not want to share me with her friends. At lunch we all got up from the table. "Buck! Can I borrow your phone again to call my husband?" said Beverly. I smiled as we got in the elevator.


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