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Wet Wipes - An Adult Story

Wet Wipes
A Golden Shower
Shugar Lips

Same Story Written with 3 different Middles and Endings
The Same characters with 3 different outcomes to a story
Trying something Different
Hope everyone likes


I just graduated a few weeks ago. My parents were trying to get me out of the house more. I had studied hard the last few months before the end of school. I got some money for graduating. Now I did not have to get a job until the end of Summer. Most of my friends had to get a Summer job right away. It kinda of sucked not hanging out with them now. I stayed up late playing video games and chatting online. Then slept most of the day. My parents where at work. I had the whole house to myself.

I was eating some dinner at the kitchen table when my Mom walked in. "Hey! What are you doing tomorrow?" she said. "Nothing! No plans Mom!" I said. "Great! I have this thing I need you to do for me. My boss at work, Mrs. Knight. Her Son is home for the Summer. Just like you. They just moved here from California. He has no friends. I told her you just sit around here all day. All your friends are working this Summer." she said. "What! That's a bad thing?" I said. "I got her address. Here! I told her you be over tomorrow around 10am to spend time with her Son Brad." she said.

"Wait! You told her what! Is this a play date or something. Mom! I'm to old for this. Come on!" I said. "Stop! He is brand new to the area. Remember the last time we moved. How it felt to be the new kid. Humor me." she said. I shook my head.

I stayed up late. Then got up at the last minute. I took a long shower. I put on some red boxer briefs. I through on a pair of tan cargo shorts. A white t-shirt with a big red rhino on the front. I slipped on a pair of red sandals. I shook my head as I walked out the door to jump in my SUV. I muted my cell. I pulled out the driveway. I got over to Brad house around 10:30am. I parked in the driveway. I walked around the front to ring the door bell.

"Ring! Ring!" I waited a few minutes. The door finally opened. "Hey! What's up?" said this kid. "Yeah! I am here to see Brad. My Mom sent me." I said. "I'm Brad dude. Who are you?" he said. "Buck! How it going?" I said. "Come on in. Just woke up man. Took a quick nap. Been playing online." he said. "Cool. Just got up myself." I said. "Follow me to the kitchen. On a beverage run. Some energy drinks. You thirsty dude." said Brad. "Nice! Hit me up!" I said. We made some small talk. I took a big sip from a huge metal can. "Good stuff." I said. He pulled out a six pack from his fridge.

I walked behind him to the 2nd floor of his house. His house was pretty big. There was still stuff in boxes scattered around the house. He opened his bedroom door. He had a big computer on one side of the room. There was some bean bags chair on the floor. I sat down to have another sip of my energy drink. He un-paused his game on his computer. I just sat there having another energy drink. He kept playing his role playing game online. I was pretty sure he forgot I was there two seconds after he hit a spell on some gamer. What had I gotten myself into. I was sitting in some dudes room on the ground. Drinking an energy drink. While he played some role playing game. I must be lame.

I had to think of a way to get out of there. I should have brought my swim suit to go for a swim. Maybe talk him into going outside to do something. I was going to yell at my Mom when I got home. What was she thinking. The kid was younger than me. A dork. A geek. What the fuck! I tossed my empty can into the waste basket next to his computer. I got up to look over his shoulder. He was walking down a road with some other gamers online. He picked up a head set to talk to them. I wiped off my forehead. I was standing there for a few more minutes.

I then had the sudden urge to use the bathroom. I really had to go to the bathroom. I moved on my feet to his left. I then walked back and forth behind him. I really hate to use a public restrooms. I really hate to use another person bathroom. I did even know him or his family. I was trying to think. It was not helping. Finally I blurted out. "Where the bathroom man? I got to go. To many energy drinks." I said. "Down the hall dude. Last door on the right. You can't miss it." said Brad.

I just turned to walk fast out of his room. I looked down the hall past the stairs. I could see a few doors. I walked down the hall to the last door on the right. There was a small sign on the door. "Out of order!" I reached down to find the door locked. Fuck! What was I going to do. I really had to go. I turned to my left and saw some more doors. I turned to look back down the hall. I ran back toward Brad bedroom. I tried every door. A closet. A office. There was a big pink bed room. It must be his sister bed room. I finally turned around to run down the hall. I past the stairs again. I looked over the rail to the ground floor. I than ran down to the first bathroom again. I check the door. Damn I had to go. I could feel the tip of my cock get wet. I turned to run down the hall. I moved to the first door. It was locked. The next room was a spare bedroom. The next door was the stairs to the kitchen. The next door was a linen closet. I must be close to another bathroom. I then saw a door across the hall.

I ran over to put my hand on the door knob. It turned. I ran in. I pushed the door closed behind me. I saw the toilet straight ahead. "Ahhhhhh! Young man!!! What are you doing in here???" said a female voice. I had my tan shorts open. I had my cock in my hand. I saw the toilet right in front of me. I then turned to my left to see who made the loud noise in the bathroom. I almost fainted. I gripped my cock. It was an older woman in the bathtub. She was completely naked. She had long dirty blonde hair down to her shoulders. She was wearing some gold wire glasses over her sexy blue eyes. She was sitting up in the tub. Her huge ass was to the right side. She was bending her thick thighs under her. She had two large breast down to her belly button touching the top of the white bathtub. Her two large breast were dripping wet. The white carpet in front of the bathtub was wet.

"Ummmm....Hi!" I said. I could feel my cock expanding in my hand. I had to go so bad. "Wait!! You can't go! That toilet is broke. You have to use the bathroom in the pool house out back. Wait! The door locked out there." she said. "Sorry! I can't hold it. I have to go. I'm going to burst." I said. "No! Stop! Wait!! Let me think." she yelled. I turned with my cock in my hand. I watched as she pulled the plug on her bathtub. I could hear her bath water going down the drain. She smiled.

"Come over here. Aim for the drain. You can go in there. Just be careful." she said. I was going to say something but nothing came out. "Ok!" I said. I was going to burst the tip of my cock off. If I did not pee. I turned took two steps and aimed my cock in my hand toward the drain. I looked up at the ceiling. I was so embarrassed. I then heard her move in the bathtub. Her big ass squeaked from the wet tub. I then looked down. I could not see the bottom of the bathtub under her. She was so bodacious. She had so many curves, I lost count. Her breast fell on her chest. Her left nipple was rock hard. I still had not peed. It was like I had stage fright. I had to pee, but could not with her watching.

"It's Ok! You can go sweetie. I won't tell your Parents or Brad. I know you have to go. It's not like I've never seen one before. Maybe not that big. But go ahead. I'll look away." she said. I smiled. I looked up to see her eyes get bigger as my cock got bigger. I pulled my shirt above my abs. I finally put my right hand on my hip. I was now semi hard. I aimed my cock at the drain. Her bath tub was empty. There was no more water going down. I saw she was now sitting on her feet. Her big thighs rested on the bathtub. Her large ass behind her touched the other side of the bathtub. I looked on the shower head to see some soap and all her shampoo. It was now or never.

I had never peed in front of anyone before. At high school I always used a stall. I never peed with guys next to me. Forget ever peeing in front of a girl. Now I was standing next to a hot BBW MILF in her bathroom. She was naked in the bathtub. I closed my eyes. I felt the tip of my cock open. A big warm stream hit the drain. I could hear the splash. I then got the smell. I looked down to see it was almost white. I guess from my cock being hard. I peeked over to see Brad Mom watching the whole time. She did not look away. I then looked down to see both of her big fat nipples were hard. My cock was going down in my hand. Then it swelled back up when I felt a little dribble come back to my cock.

"You might want to shake it when your done. Little more!" she said. I shook my cock making the last small amount fall in the tub. Now I was standing there with my hard cock in my hand. "On the shelve above the toilet are some wet wipes. Hand me the box. I'll open it for you." she said. I reached back with my free hand to pull down the wet wipes off the shelve. She moved her small hand to grab the box from mine. I was not sure what she was going to do next. She had long white finger nails. She gently open the box making careful not to break a nail. I smiled when she pulled out one big wet wipe.

She looked over her glasses. "You should clean off the tip before you put him away." she said. She put the box on the floor in front of her wet breast. I watched as she reached up placing the wet sheet on the tip of my cock. She gently cleaned off my cock. I then felt her free hand reach up to unbutton my shorts. They were now around my ankles. "Take off your shirt. Lean forward. I need to clean off the rest of you." she said. I leaned forward. I put my hands on the shower curtain rod above the bath tub. I watched as she pulled down my boxer briefs. They were on top of my shorts. She then used the wet wipe down the length of my cock. She was sending shivers down my body. I was so turned on.

She dropped the used the wet wipe on the floor. She reached down to pull another one out. She pulled my cock up to my belly button. She then looked under my cock at my naked balls. "No hair! That a first for me sweetie. Looks like you got some more to clean. Let me get it." she moaned as she started to wipe my balls. She placed the cool sheet around my big naked balls. She then began to fondle them. Running her nails all around my skin. She dropped the used wet wipe on the floor.

"All clean! Do you have to go again sweetie?" she said. I shook my head "No!" "God your still hard. I'm not sure if you can get him back in your shorts. Let me help....." she said. She started to lick the tip of my cock. I put my hand on her dirty blonde hair. She had half of my cock shoved in her hot mouth. She used her hands to smack my cock on her lips, chin, face and mouth. She then began to fondle my big balls in her hands. She then let go of them to fondle my hard ass. I could feel her grip my ass as she started to deep throat my cock. I turned to look around the bath room. Was the door lock. Would Brad walk in on us. I had left and told him I be right back.

"Should I lock the door? What about Brad?" I said. She let go of my cock. Her saliva dripping on her breast. "Its Ok sweetie. He gets playing on his computer. He will forget what time it is. He won't walk in. I'm glad my husband did not fix the lock on the door. You might not have burst in here. I want your cock in my pussy baby. Stand back." she moaned. I kicked my shorts, boxer briefs and tossed my shirt across the room near the door.

I heard her body come out of the tub. Her big wet ass made a large suction noise. Her breast bounced on her body. She still had some water on her lower body. Her pussy was shaved very close. I could see her big pussy lips were wet on the outside. I smiled as I bent down to kiss her on the lips. She put her hot tongue in my mouth. She grabbed my hands putting them on her wet breast. I began to pinch them in my hands. I massaged them as I pulled on her erect nipples. My cock touched her belly. She looked down.

She put some towels on the edge of the bathtub. She then laid down with her back on the towels. I put one foot in the bath tub. The other on the white carpet. I gently put my cock near her pussy. She reached down to insert my cock in her tight pussy. Her big cunt lips parted as I began to fuck her. Slowly at first. Her big breast fell down on her sides. She reached down to pull them back up on her chest. I started to lick her nipples. I then grabbed her left breast with both of my hands. I pushed it out to her side fucking her faster. Her feet touched my knee as she open her legs. She put her legs around my waist pushing my cock in deeper.

After a few minutes I moved her to her knees. She put her hands on the wet towels on the bath tub. Her face was near the toliet. I was licking and fondling her big ass with my mouth. She moaned as I ran two fingers in her tight pussy. I then spit on my cock as I removed my two fingers from her. She looked over her shoulder. I smiled when I looked down to see her pussy and her big ass in front of my cock. I rammed my cock in her pussy. "Yes!!! Fuck me! Faster! Faster! Faster!!!!!" she yelled. I gripped her big hips slamming my cock in her wet pussy. After a few minutes her body shook. Her face hung low. I reached under her bodacious body to grip her tits. I pulled my cock out of her wet pussy. She was still having a orgasm as I started to lick her pussy front behind.

I sat in the bath tub. My ass on the wet bottom. My head against the bath room wall. She got off her knees. She then put her feet next to my thighs. She reached down to guide her wet pussy on my cock. I reached up to place her big breast on my face. I was licking, sucking and biting them as she bounced up and down on my cock. She moaned very loud when she got all my cock in her pussy. I could feel my balls bounce on her wet skin. I was close to cumming. It had been close to an hour since we started. I started to say I was close. "I....I...." I said. "Keep fucking me until you cock falls out baby. Go ahead.....Cum deep inside me...It's been so long since I felt someone....Fuck!!! You cumming so much. Your spilling out of me." she shouted. I could feel my cock erupt deep in her pussy.

A few minutes later I had not fallen out of her pussy grip. She stood up. Her pussy dripped on my stomach. She put her fingers down inside her pussy. She scooped out some of my load. She cleaned her fingers. She wiped some on her nipples. She then sucked on her big fat nipples. She bent down to start the water. She pulled the shower curtain closed. I sat under her. She then turned on the shower. I kept watching her from down in the bath tub. I moved so I was on my back. My long legs touching the far end of the bath tub. She started to wash her pussy. Then her big breast. Her soap dripped on my chest. She then had me stand up. She washed me from head to toe.

After the shower. I picked up my clothes from behind the door. We were both naked as we walked down the hall to her bedroom. I walked passed Brad door. I could hear him on his computer. His Mom smiled as we got to her bedroom. She locked the door behind us. "Our you in a hurry to go home? Do you have plans? Do you want to stay and keep me company. I have the day off from work. I've always wanted to be tied up on my bed." she said. I spent the rest of the day fucking her around her bedroom. I got to use my big black leather belt on her ass as she tried to free herself on her bed.

A week later:

"Thank you for dinner. It was very nice. If you will excuse me. I need to use the bathroom." I said. I pushed myself from the table. I walked passed Brad and his Dad at the table. A minute earlier Brad Mom was playing with my ever growing cock under the table. She first reached down to put my napkin in my lap. She groped my cock under my jeans. For the last hour she been using her feet to play with my cock. She unzipped my jeans with her toes. She had used her feet to fuck my cock. I was close to cumming. I pushed her feet off my cock. I put my cock back in my jeans. A minute later I opened the door to the same bathroom from the previous week.

"God! Your such a big tease. We only have a few minutes. Fuck me!!! With the big cock baby. I got a wet wipe for him." she moaned. Brad Mom was already naked. She had pulled off her tiny black dress. She cleaned off my cock from her feet. I sat on the edge of the sink. She backed up her big ass on my cock. I slipped my cock in her wet pussy. She let me smell her wet finger. I took one big whiff and her tight pussy on my cock made my erupted in her pussy. I reached around to play with her labia with my cock still in her pussy. She orgasm on my cock. I pulled out after a few minutes. She cleaned off my cock.

A got to the table first. I sat down. "Any problems?" Brad Dad said. "No! All good." I said. A minute later his wife sat down opposite of me. She smiled as she had one finger in her mouth. "Honey! Are you Ok?" said her husband. "All good sweetie. I just got off the phone with Buck's Mom. If it's Ok with you. I told her he was going to stay over and hang with Brad. He can sleep down the hall in the spare bedroom tonight." she said.

I left Brad room an hour later. I walked down the hall to the spare bedroom. I got under the sheets. I left the light next to the bed on. I could feel the sheets on my skin. A minute later the door burst open. "Oh! I see your ready for me...Hubby is a sleep. He is a sound sleeper. I saw Brad playing with himself in his room. Do you need some company young man? I got a new box of wet wipes for us to use. Can you stay over this weekend. Hubby and Brad are going camping. A computer camp. They love to play with there joy sticks. But not as much as I like playing with yours." she moaned.


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