Sunday, May 23, 2010

First Time I Met Mrs.T - A True Story

The very first time I met Mrs. T.
With Mrs. T. permission of course
I always ask:

I had just broken up with my ex-girl friend (2yr old relationship)
She had left me at the airport to go back with her old boyfriend
I had found out during our trip to Hawaii that she still had feelings for him
I came back pretty messed up. More mad at myself for not knowing more.

I had a great neighbor.

April -

She got me going in the right direction. It was not my attention to have a rebound. It just happened. I always seem to get my heart broke. I am trying not to get it broken again. April was bigger than anyone I had gone out before. After one date I was hooked on preferring bigger gurls. I was tired of going out and not having a girl actually eat. Always taking hours to get ready and not being ready when it was time to go out. I found April to be the exact opposite of my ex-girlfriend. April and I are still friends. She lives in another town but we talk about twice a month. Before you ask. We did not have sex on the first date. We dated and got to know each other. I can tell you she is very fun in and out of bed.

I study things very carefully. I like to listen instead of talk. When it come to women. I listen very good. I study and do my home work. I know when to be quite. I know when to give compliments and talk. I am always on time. I like to hold a door open for a girl. I like to hold hands. I really like to kiss. I love to be a gentleman. I like to be romantic when ever possible.

It was a few weeks after my breakup. I had a hard week at work. It was a Saturday. I needed to get out of my house and do something. I did not want to stay inside on a nice day. I had gone for a run in the morning. I came back took a long shower. Got all cleaned up. I slipped on some white boxer briefs. I put on some dark blue Diesel jeans. A nice button down light blue dry cleaned shirt. Some small white socks and a pair of tan Caterpillar boots on my feet. I live about 30 minutes from a huge mall. They have a big movie theater. There is a huge selection of stores. Some great places to eat. I got in my SUV and headed to Columbia Md. Arundel Mills Mall.

I like to people watch. If you ask some of my friends. I like to check out cute girls. I went inside. Took a look at what was playing at the movies. Then went to some shoe stores to look at some Nike's. I then got a slice of pizza and a Coke in the food court. Needed something to eat. I made sure not to get any pizza on my clothes. I washed my hands and got some breath mints out of my pocket. Clean! Fresh breath is a good thing. A good first impression is key. Be on time. Be well spoken. Great manners are very important. Dress to impress and good hygiene is a good thing.

I went to Aeropostle and Banana Republic to get a shirt. Nothing to fancy. I got some new sandals at Foot Locker. I combined the bags to one large bag to carry around. I then walked around the mall to relax. It was close to 2pm when I took a break. I watched a ton of people near the movie theater. It was maybe thirty minutes later I walked back around the mall.

Your probably wondering where Mrs. T comes into this story. I am getting to her.

I never really stopped and looked at were people shop before. I have no problem finding clothes. I can go into almost any place. But I did notice going with April shopping. That she could only go to a few places she felt comfortable. One of those places was Lane Bryant. It's a store for the above average gurl. I will be honest. I thought every girl shopped at the same places. No matter there size. I have come to know better. Call me an idiot. I learned very quickly.

If you want ice cream you go to a ice cream shop. If you want Big Mac you go to Mc Donald's. If you want to meet a sexy BBW. You go to where they shop. Most sexy BBW's love to go shopping. They like to get there nails done. There hair done. They love to tan. They love perfume. Looking good is very important. If you want to meet them with a chance for a date or a phone number. Than you do what I do. Before you call me a big Douche or lame or worse a hater. I found this to work. I adore larger woman. You would not go to a coffee place for some wood. If your me. You go check out Lane Bryant. You go to a cafe outside a nail salon, hair salon, tanning booth. They you can check out girls of all sizes as they go in and out of a store. You make eye contact and see what's happen.

On that Saturday. At the mall. That is what I did. I walked down to Lane Bryant at the Mall. I walked passed and looked in. Most stores have a area where guys can hang out. If you ever been in a girls clothing store. The best place to check out women is near the changing rooms. There usually a chair to sit down. I am not talking about peeking in. I don't want to get arrested. I walk around. Then go sit down. This Lane Bryant has a nice sitting area. There 2 large black leather chairs to the right of the changing booths. I walked around the store. Saw a few hot girls and sat down after ten minutes.

Maybe I should not give away my secrets. I might create a line there next week. There are some advantages going into a big woman clothing store. The sales girls usually don't ask why I am there. They smile and are very polite. There not trying to push things on me. At least that what I have found to be true. If anyone asks I can say I am waiting for someone or I was looking for someone. My bad! I am very polite. I sit there and people watch. Nothing creepy. Like OMG! Being quite and well mannered helps.

I had been in the store maybe for 15 minutes. I looked to my left. That when I first spotted Mrs. T (Someday I might tell her first name and last) Then again maybe not if I know what good for me. I remember taking a double take. I saw her first. Mrs. T has long blonde hair down passed her shoulders. She about 5ft 4 with some very nice curves. (40DD - 30 hips - 34 ass) On that day she was wearing a low cut black top with a very tight blue denim mini skirt. She had on some 4inch wooden heels. The heels were painted black n white. She had a big black leather purse under her arm. She had 2 or 3 other shopping bags in her right hand. Her finger and toe nails match her dark red lips. I shifted my ass on the black leather chair watching her walk toward the back of the store. I did not see her with anyone. Usually but not always. Big gurls travel in packs. There are usually 2-3 women who go shopping at the same time. Especially on the weekends.

I kept one eye on the back of the store. I got up to look around. I saw Mrs. T. was looking at different bras and panties. She was looking at some lingerie. Next she went to look at a dress. I took a seat to think. I don't normally walk up to women. Unless there getting away and I want to say Hi!. Most of the time I sit back and wait. I know this drives women crazy. But its true. I hate to say something stupid and have a girl look at me weird. I usually make eye contact. This is a good way to find out if a girl might be interested. A smile is good. The quick look away is not. Call me an idiot. I don't look for a wedding ring right away. If I had maybe I would not have met Mrs. T.

Before you call me a creep or a big loser. Mrs. T. husbands know everything she does. This includes me. They have an open marriage. He just wants her to be happy. At first I was like WTF. I have met him a few times. I have been formally introduced. He smiled, shook my hand. I am not totally comfortable with everything we do together. But is hard to say no to such a beautiful woman.

So I am sitting in the chair at Lane Bryant. Trying to figure out a game plan to meet Mrs. T. I look down at my shopping bag next to my feet. I then look up to see Mrs. T. going into the changing room. She has a pink dress. Some lingerie. Some other clothes with her. I wait a few minutes. The door opens. She walks out in the pink dress. My mouth drops open. I have to wipe the look off my face. She turns to look in a mirror outside the changing room. She smiles when she see me looking at her in the mirror. She turns to make eye contact with me. She does not say anything. She has a big smile on her face as the door closes. Another 20 minutes goes by she comes out and shuts the door behind her.

I watch her go back to the back of the store. I get up and head in the same direction. I look like I am looking at clothes. I had one sales girl ask me if I needed help. I told her I was just looking. I then spot Mrs. T. putting back the pink dress. She then goes to find some more bras and panties. She picks up a black dress. She heads to the changing room again. I stay where I am at. I see the door close.

Two things. One you probably think I am some perv or worse a stalker. Second you might think what I am I going to do next. At this point. I have not even met or talked to Mrs. T. I have only made eye contact and got a smile. I also do not know she is married. The only thing I do know. Is that she is sexy as hell. I have to do something. You might think my next move was crazy but I like to push all my chips in Poker when I play. I like to go all in.

I saw there was no people at the check out counter. I walked up to talk to the sales girl who just asked me if I needed help earlier. There was only maybe three other woman in the store besides Mrs. T. They were in the front of the store. Mrs. T. was the only blonde in the store. Which made it easier to do. Before I left the store. I pulled out my credit card. I had the sales girl ring up the pink dress. I had her pick out a matching bra and pantie set to match the dress. She also picked out some perfume, she thought Mrs. T. might like. I told her what ever else Mrs. T. had at check out. I would pay for. I had her put everything in a nice big pink gift bag.

Most people would think I was crazy. I did not leave a business card. My number or anything that said it was me who paid for everything. I knew the sales girl would tell her it was me. Maybe Mrs. T. would come looking for me or maybe not. I was Ok at the time what that. There a Starbucks not to far from Lane Bryant. I went to get a drink. I walked out and sat at a table in front of Starbucks. I put my drink on the table. I sat there checking people out as they walked bye.

It was maybe 30 minutes later that I saw Mrs. T. She was on her cell phone. She had her big purse on her right shoulder. She had her other shopping bags in her right hand. She had two pink gift bags from Lane Bryant in her left hand. I smiled and took a sip of my Carmel Drink. I just sat there. Trying not to draw attention to myself. A minute passed when I watched Mrs. T. look in my direction. She was talking in her phone very quick. (she was talking to her best friend) She walked across a crowd of people. She stopped near my table. She was maybe ten feet away. I thought for a second she did not see me. I was not sure what I might have done to get her attention. Lucky I did not have to.

She walked right over to my table. She hung up her phone and put it in her purse. I am not sure word for word what we said. It's been over a year. I stood up and pulled out a chair for her to sit down. I got her the same thing I was drinking. She took a big sip before we started to talk. She told me her name. I told her my name. She likes to call me Bucky or Buck or Sexy B. She thanked me for buying her the pink dress. She did however pick out a different bra and pantie set to go with the dress. She thought I had good taste in perfume. Turns out I also purchased a nice red bathing suit she liked. The black dress. Some fishnets, nylons, and some gold bracelets, and matching earrings. I just smiled when she told me the price.

I think she thought I might spit out my coffee. But I was good. After we talked for a few minutes. She told me she was married. She asked me my age. (23 at the time) She asked how old I thought she was. I never did answer the question. She was at the time few years older then me (8-13 years) I kept making her smile. She asked me if I was dating anyone. Single (Still single) She asked me if I liked to hang out at big gurl clothing stores. I smiled. She liked my approach with everything. I was getting very turned on by her. But I let her do most of the talking. She explained to me that I was the first guy to approach her in a long time. She was not sure what to do next. She always told her husband everything that went on in her life. She was not sure what would happen next. She wanted to know if I was OK with everything she told me. I assured her I was OK. I love to see her again for coffee or hang out some time.

We got talking about sports. She is a big sports fan. She loves the Baltimore Ravens. I explained that I had been to there training complex in Owing Mills a few times. I told her I live near the facility. She got a big smile on her face. She lives on the other side of Owing Mills MD. She had just moved there a few months earlier. I am not sure how it happen. I never give out my number or address or let anyone inside just after meeting them. Some how I am not sure how she got me to write down my address on a napkin. She wrote down my cell under my address. I am not sure what I was thinking. She gave me nothing. We talked some more before she had to leave. She was running late. She thanked me again for everything. She just smiled as I held her chair for her to get up. No kiss, no hug, no goodbye. Just stood there watching her walk toward the exit.

I went to watch a movie in the big movie theater. I then went to a bar to watch some sports. I got home just before midnight.

I took off my boots and socks. I turned on a few lights in my house. I checked the fridge. Took out some cold pizza. It was maybe a half hour later that I heard my door bell ring. Unlike now when I do get the occasional lady to stop bye. I was definitely not expecting anyone on that Saturday night. I walked to look at my front bay window. I did not recognize the car in my driveway. I checked my phone to see no messages. There was a knock on my front door. I walked over to look out the security hole. I remember shaking my head.

I looked out to see Mrs. T. standing under my porch light. She had on a big black trench coat down over her knees. I saw her big smile. She was wearing some big gold hoop earrings. A big diamond on her left hand. A few other small gold rings. I quickly opened the door. She smiled again. "Hey! Buck!" she said. I invited her in. "Mmmmm! How are you?" I said. She giggled and laughed. I walked with her into my living room. I remember asking to help her with her coat. She loosen the big black belt on her trench coat. She smiled as she handed it to me. I smiled when I saw she was wearing the pink dress I had picked out for her. I also noticed right away she was wearing the perfume I had picked out for her. I then looked down to see she was wearing some 4inch pink heels to go with her dress. She had painted her nails pink with little white tips on the ends. Her toe nails matched her finger nails. She was also wearing some light pink lipstick. I was breathing heavier.

I gave her a quick tour of my house. The living room. The kitchen. My study. My office. She looked out back through my glass window to see my pool and hot tub out back. She liked the small trees out back also. I think she liked the fact my house was clean and very well decorated. She asked me if I had anything to drink. The only thing I did not show her at the time was my upstairs. I took her down stairs to my basement. I held her hand going down the stairs. She liked my man cave (that what I call it) I walked her passed my pool table and video game machines. I pulled out a bar stool for her to sit on. She watched me go around my big bar to make her a drink. I was still at a lost for words. She was so sexy in pink I almost pinched myself to make sure I was not dreaming. We made some small talk while I poured her a seven n seven. I poured myself one.

I told her I had been thinking about her all night. She said the same. She said she went straight home after meeting me at the mall. She told her husband everything that happen. He encouraged her to see me again. She was so turned on that she went to get her hair and nails done that very second. She got home and went right to her room to take a long shower. She smiled again. Mrs. T. loves her husband but she felt there was a spark missing. She said she felt like a school girl again. Like she had a big crush on me. She had not felt such raw excitement for sometime.

She felt over time that she was not pretty or attractive any more. I was the first man other than her husband to give her a smile and who make her feel young again. I guess she needed someone other that her husband to make her feel that way. After meeting me at Lane Bryant that day she was not sure what to do. She felt that she needed to see me right away. She picked up her phone a few times to call me. She got so excited that she could not speak. She talked to her husband. With his blessing. She decided to come see me. He suggested she wear the items I bought for her at Lane Bryant. She got so excited she rushed to her room to get ready for me. He gave her a kiss at the door. She told him not to wait up.

I was still checking her out as she sipped her drink. I could tell she had a few drinks before she came to see me. I smiled when she ran her long pink nails on the bar. She started to lick the ice cubes in her mouth. I gulped my drink. We made some more small talk. She asked about my previous girlfriend. I told her about meeting April. She smiled when I told her April had curves. "I need to thank her." said Mrs. T. I was still looking around trying not to act as nervous as I felt. I told her about my computer business. I could tell she thought it was boring. I changed the subject to her outfit. I made sure to tell her I loved her blonde hair, her sexy perfume and her finger nails. "You look very nice in those heels. I even love your cute pink toenails." I said with a smile. "Mmmm...I like when I get compliments. I can't tell you the last one I got before tonight." said Mrs. T.

I took another big sip of my drink. I was not sure were this was going. Yes! I was very turned on. But I did just meet her earlier in the day. She was married. I was still not sure if her husband knew everything. I was not even sure if he was not outside in her car waiting to burst through my front door. Had I even locked my front door. I was now getting more nervous. I looked down to watch her move her right middle finger on the glass. She stopped to pick up a ice cube. She licked the ice cube in her mouth. She then put it down in her drink. "Would you like a refill?" I said. "No! Come around and sit down Buck. Let me get a better look at you. Let me see those hands of yours. I need to read your palms." she giggled.

I walked around as she took a sip from my drink. Her pink lips were very glossy from the alcohol. I sat down on a bar stool facing her. She put her hand on my knee as she slipped down to the ground in front of me. She pushed open my legs. She then walked in between my legs. She was inches from me. My cock shot down my left leg. I could feel it strain against my boxer briefs. "Let me see your hands. Mmmmm you have a big love line." She giggled again. I was looking down the front of her dress. Her breast were squeezed in this very small pink bra. I could just make out the top of her big aerols and her left nipple was erect. She took my hand. She moved her long nails on my skin. She then took out one ice cube from my drink. She moved it down the palm of my hand. She then licked the ice cube. She then licked and kissed the palm of my hand.

I was so turned on by her now. She then leaned up to give me a big kiss on the lips. I felt her hot mouth inside mine. Her pink lips were so juicy. She closed her eyes as she brought her hands around my neck. I felt her chest rub against mind. We kept kissing for a few minutes. She moved her tongue inside my mouth. She bite my lower lip as she massaged my shoulders. She then went back to a very open mouth kiss. She open her eyes to see mine. She broke our kiss. "You have very hot blue eyes honey. I love your lips too. Your a very good kisser." she said. My mouth was wide open. "Mmmmm!" was all I could say. "Shut up and kiss me Buck! Mrs. T. got your tongue." she giggled.

We kissed for maybe another thirty minutes. Some times hard. Some times very soft. Each time she moved her hands on my body. After a few minutes she moved my hand to her hips. She then moved my hands to the small of her back. I started to feel her ass in my hands. She was now moaning as she kissed me harder. She broke our kiss. "Do you have some where more private we can go?" she said. I smiled as I grabbed her hand. I helped her up the stairs. I walked out to her small white sports car. I took a big pink over night bag off the passenger seat. I could smell her perfume in the car. She waited at the front door for me to come back.

I followed her upstairs to my bedroom. We kissed on a few of the steps before we got to my room. I picked her up against the wall to kiss her very hard. She wrapped her legs around my waist. I put her down on her heels as she opened the door to my room. She walked over to my dresser. She opened the top drawer as I was closing the door to my room. "Buck! Your such a gentleman. I am not sure how far I can go tonight. I hope your OK with this. Don't be mad if we just cuddle. I have not been with another man other than my husband. It's been a very long time. Thanks sweetie. Make yourself comfortable. Put this on. I just love a man in a new pair of underwear." she purred.

I watched her go into my bathroom. She tossed me the new pair of Calvin Klein white boxer briefs. They go down half way on my thighs. I unbutton my shirt to the last button on the bottom. I took off my jeans. I hung them over a chair in my closet. I walked back out of my closet. I walked over to look out my big bay window. I went to start the fake fireplace on the far end of my room. It has natural gas instead of wood to heat the fireplace. I then got some water out of my small fridge inside my book shelf. I took a small sip. I was standing near the fireplace with my shirt open down to the last button above my white boxer briefs. I ran my hand through my short hair.

A few minutes later the door to my bathroom opened. Out came Mrs. T. I gulped as she walked toward me. She was wearing just her pink bra, a pink see through teddy that clung to her hips and ass. She had on a small pink thong between her legs. She was still wearing her pink heels. My mouth dropped open as she walked right into my arms. "I see you got comfortable. That is some bathroom in there. You have a huge whirl pool bathtub and a glass shower. Somebody been a good boy." she giggled. She leaned up on my bare chest inside my shirt to give me a kiss. She had reapplied her lips stick and put on some pink glitter. She also put on some more perfume as she turned to see the fireplace behind me. "Making me burn up with that fireplace. You know how to make a girl happy. Were is your bed sweetie?" she said.

I flipped on a switch near the fireplace to turn on the lights near my bed. I walked her over in front of the big bed. I have a four post wooden bed with a small black canopy on top. "I love your red silk sheets. How many pillows our on your bed young man?" she said. "About a dozen!" I said. I helped her into my bed. She crawled across the sheets to lay her head on some of the pillows. I walked over to my night stand to turn off some of the lights in my room. There was now just two lights and the fire to light the room.

I walked around and then climbed onto my bed. She was laying on my left side as she traced her finger nail down my side. She opened my shirt to look in. She unbutton the last button and had me pull off my shirt. She ran her hands on my chest and abs. She traced her finger on my waist band of my boxer briefs. I looked down to see my cock was hard inside. It was only a matter of time before she dropped her hand. I moved my eyes back up to hers. Mrs. T. is very sexy. I love her eyes and sexy pink lips. We talked some more as we each moved her fingers on each other. I massaged her arms. She massaged my chest and stomach. She then began to kiss me very long and hard. She started to rub her hands in my hair. The back of my neck. She then started to kiss my neck. She started to kiss my chest. Licking my nipples and moving her hands lower on my body.

A few minutes passed. I was not sure where she was going to go with this. I could have kissed, hugged and cuddled with her all night. But then I felt her left hand touch the tip of my cock. She moaned as she then traced her long pink finger nail up my shaft to my balls. She cupped my naked balls. She gave them a big squeeze. She then started to kiss me very hard. She held her mouth wide open as she kissed me very hard. She broke our kiss. "Your making me very excited Buck. Can you rub my back?" she said. I smiled as she rolled on her side. She opened her pink teddy. In one quick motion she removed it. I could see her sexy big ass in her pink thong. Her pink bra was straining to pop open from her big breast.

I started to rub her back. First with her neck. Then her shoulders. Her upper back. Then her lower back. She looked over her shoulder at me rubbing her. "You have really nice hands Buck. Undue my bra. I need to feel more of them." she said. I gulped as I undid her 3 clasp holding on her bra. She put her hands on the front of her cups. The bra open and she let it fall on my bed. I wanted to look over her shoulder but I went right to rubbing her soft skin. After a few minutes she let go of her breast. I could now see them as her big nipples were erect. I kept rubbing her lower back. She moved my hands to her ass. I started to massage her big ass. I cupped her ass cheeks with both hands. She moaned as I massaged her skin very hard. I gave her a playfully spanking. She pushed her head back on my face.

I could tell she licked this. I started to bite her neck. I bit her ear lope causing her to moan very loud. The next second she bounced her ass off the sheets onto the front of my crotch. She grinded her thong on my cock. I know she could feel my cock rubbing her ass now. She was turning me on so much. I was not about ready to shoot in my boxer briefs. I am very good at holding out. I can take a long time before shooting my load. I was not nervous in what she was doing. I just wanted to put my hand on her breast. I massaged her ass again. She kept moving in my arms. I leaned down to kiss her neck and side of her face. She then had me stop.

I waited a few seonds to let her catch her breath. She then rolled over holding her breast again. She rested them on my chest. Her nipples rubbed against my chest. She pulled on my erect nipple causing me to moan. She moved her hand down to touch my cock on top of my boxer briefs. "Are you OK with this? Are you OK with what we are doing?" she said. I nodded my head "Yes!" If it ended right now I was good. I wanted her so bad, that I was going to do what ever she told me. She had a big smile on her face.

A second later she had her hand on my chest. She moved it down my abs. She then slowly put her fingers inside my waist band. She moved her long finger nails inside my shorts. I then felt her middle finger touch the tip of my cock. She felt it to as her eyes got big. She then moved all of her fingers inside my shorts. I felt her hand open up and cup my cock in the palm of her hand. She started to jack my cock slowly making it harder. She then pulled out her hand. "I need to see more. I'll show you mind if you show me yours?" she giggled. A second later I pulled my boxer briefs down to my ankles. I kicked them off as she pulled her pink thong off. She kicked it over her heels onto the floor. I looked down between her legs to see a small patch of blonde hair covering her pussy.

She looked down to see my 9 3/4 icnh cock spring back up to my abs. "MMMmmmm!" she said. I smiled as she moved in my arms. I ran my hands down her side over her hips. I cupped her bare ass in my hands. She moved her hand to my cock. "Lay on your back baby." she moaned. I was on my back. My cock was straight up as she used her small hands to jack my cock. I could feel her gold rings on my shaft. She played with my naked balls. She then dropped her head to my cock. I felt her hot mouth on the tip of my cock. She started to lick the tip. She licked up and down the side of my shaft. She was very good. I moved my hand down her back. I massaged her back as she sucked my cock. I could feel her tongue swirl around my cock. She jacked my cock with her hands again. She got half. Then her lips around the base. It had been a long time since someone had deep throated my cock so good. She spit out my cock and looked back at me.

A few minutes later we switched positions on the bed. She opened her legs to allow my tongue to find her pussy. She moved her hand through my hair. I slipped my tongue and one finger deep inside her. I started to lick and suck on her juicy labia. I played with her juicy cunt lips. She moaned and pushed down on my head when I found her sweet spot. I felt her thighs clamp on the side of my face. I then felt her first orgasm hit her. She moaned. Then filled my mouth with her wetness. I licked her some more bringing her to another and another. I then put two fingers inside her as I licked her labia. She finally asked me to stop.

I excused myself to go clean up and come back to bed. She was on her knees when I came back. I crawled from the foot of the bed to meet her. She grabbed my cock and placed it between her legs. She then started to kiss me. I closed my eyes. I then felt her breast on my skin. I opened my eyes to start to lick them. I brought both big breast into my mouth. I was licking them. Biting them. Sucking them very hard. I dropped them on her chest a few times before I felt her fingers on my cock. She then moved her hand to her pussy. I smelled her one more time as she orgasm very hard from her fingers. She dripped on my cock as she fed her fingers in my mouth. She then kissed me very hard. Her mouth wide open as she collapsed on me.

"Go easy with me Buck. It's been along time since another man has been inside me. Just go slow honey." she whispered in my ear. I laid her on her back. I spit on my hand. Then wiped my cock with the saliva. I then used some saliva on her pussy. She moaned as I moved my fingers out of her to replace it with my cock. I moved just the tip on her cunt lips. Then I felt her relax. I then pushed in more. After her tight pussy pushed me out 2-3 times. She pushed her wet pussy up to take 1/4 of my cock in her. I felt her pussy muscles clamp down on my shaft. I moved down and then up. I got half my cock in her.

I slowly start to fuck her. Perhaps slower than I had with anybody before. I watched Mrs. T. eyes open, and close. Her mouth met mine as I started to kiss her. My skin was on hers. She moved her hands on the back of my ass. I was not almost all the way inside her. She started to moan in my ear as I fucked her faster. She then started to push on my ass. Making me go in deeper in her pussy. "Faster! Faster! God you feel great inside me." she moaned. I then moved on my toes. I was fucking her very hard. My body slamming on hers. I then fell on her left side.

I pushed my cock back in her pussy. I grabbed her big breast in my hands. The top and sides of her breast over flowed my fingers. I started to pull on her big nipples. I slapped her big breast together. I then started to bite her neck. She screamed. She moved her hand down to play with her pussy. I felt her long nails on my shaft every time I was out of her pussy. I then felt her orgasm on my cock. She moaned as I groped, fondled and spanked her breast. I was really man handling her big breast. She kept moaning and cumming on my cock. I then pulled out to watch her for a second.

She looked down. She smiled as she started to jack my cock. I was so nervous to cum inside. Her pussy was so tight I was afraid I might not have time. She smiled again as she got between my legs. She licked the tip again. She massaged my naked balls. She deep throated my cock. I put my hand on her pussy. I could feel the heat coming from her. A few seconds later. I mumbled something. Her eyes got big as I began to shoot a big load down her throat. She gagged. Then kept pumping my cock. After a few minutes she licked my clean. This time she went to go clean up.

A few minutes later Mrs. T. came back to get me. She grabbed my hand and lead me to the bathroom. She had started some hot water for my bathtub. I smiled as I go in first. Then she took off her pink heels and climbed on top of me in the hot water. She sat on my lap as I gave her another back massage. I then massaged her breast as she sat on my lap. She turned around to lay on my body as we kissed.

The rest of the night was just the same. We talked. We kissed. We had more hot sex, as I like to call it. I snuck down stairs in the morning to make her breakfast. I brought it back to my room. We sat naked on my balcony over looking my back yard. I fed her fruit. She sat on my cock for one last time. I followed her out to her car around 2pm. She gave me a big kiss and hug. I waved good bye.

The next day she stopped bye in the afternoon. She had driven her husband to the airport and had some free time. I spent the rest of the week making her as happy as she had me the first night.



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