Monday, May 3, 2010

Private Dancer - An Adult Story

I just got done remodeling my basement. I already had a full bar. Some nice video games. A big pool table. A huge flat screen and some leather couches on one side. I put in some new carpeting. Made the small bathroom much larger. Add a huge bathtub and glass shower to make it nicer. I even built a better entrance from the back yard. I put in a poker table and some nice chairs and bar stools for the room

I had seen a movie last week. That made me think I needed to add something more to my man cave. That what I call my basement. The man cave. I needed to add a stripper pole. I had a very nice brass stripper pole put in one corner of the basement. I built a nice four foot by four foot stage with the pole in the middle. I put some lights under the stage to make it more fun. I also added some speakers and a new sound system to get the party started.

Now the only thing missing was some entertainment. I sat down and looked through the yellow pages. I called around but nobody had what I was looking for. I like women with curves. Very voluptuous women. I love the bodacious hour glass figure. I figured I spent this much on getting a new basement. I better go all out for the girl I wanted to perform for me. I had plenty of women clothes, heels and lingerie for her to perform in. I just needed a girl I could enjoy for the night. I know a few girls who would come over and give me a very nice show. But I wanted someone new. I wanted a element of surprise.

I went to my office to use my computer. I decided to search for my private dancer. I put in my requirements in the search line. (Amateur, Curvy, Voluptuous, Fun, First time, stripper/dancer) A few seconds later it kicked out a few names. My hands got sweaty. I picked up my phone to call some of the numbers in the Ads. The first two were an agency. I hung up after listening to them. The next was a wrong number. There was only one left. I decided to go upstairs and get something to eat before I called.

It was about an hour later that I called the last number. "Ring! Ring!" A few seconds later...."Hello! This is Charlene. How can I help you?" said a sexy female voice. "Hi! My name Buck Kelly! I got your number off your online Ad." I said. "Oh! Thanks my long distance is good." she said. "No! I'm not with the phone company. That is funny. I saw your Ad online. You do private shows." I said. "Mmmm Yes! I do private shows. Are you interested?" said Charlene. "Yes! I would love to hire you to come to my house and put on a private show for me." I said. "Will it just be you or for a group of men." she said. "Just me. Is that a problem?" I said. "No! That is very nice. I just dance. There is no touching or anything like that. I am married. I am very new to dancing. You would be my first client. I used to be a school teacher."said Charlene

There was a short pause. "Oh! That sounds very nice." I said. "There is also one other condition besides the no touching. I need a security guard when I perform. Especially in a strangers house for the first time. My husband will come along to make sure I am safe. Is this a problem Mr. Kelly?" "No! That is not a problem. What ever makes you more comfortable." I said. "What would you like me to wear?" she said. "Oh I have that already picked out. I will put two outfits in the changing room for you to try on. I also have some heels, makeup and perfume for you to wear. I have a few ladies who like to come over from time to time. I like to prepared in case they need something." I said. "Oh that sounds very nice. Say around 8pm tomorrow night then. You can email me your address. I look forward to meeting you Mr. Kelly." said Charlene. "I can't wait to meet you. Good night." I said.

The day went by quickly. Around 6pm I turned on my outside lights. I cleaned up the main floor of the house. I then cleaned up the basement. I put in a new CD of dance tracks in the entertainment center. I turned on the lights under the small stage. I cleaned the brass pole. I made sure I put a few beers on ice near the bar. I took a big sip as I ran upstairs to take a shower. I had already shaved the night before. I just trimmed up some body hair. I left a small patch above my cock. I then put on some body spray, some cologne. I checked my hair in the mirror as I walked into my bedroom. I slipped on a tight white button down long sleeve shirt. I open the cuffs and rolled back the sleeves to the middle of my forearm. I put on some tight blue jeans. I fixed my semi erect cock inside my jeans. I did not wear any underwear or socks. I put on some leather shoes as I moved my hand on the front of my jeans again.

Being 24 and still working out every day helps. I was hoping Charlene was just what I needed. I needed some excitement. Along with checking out a hot girl for the evening. I went downstairs in the basement. I got another beer as I put out some finger foods and some nuts on the bar. I walked over to move a chair near the stage. I put some small pillows on the stage near the wall. I then walked into the newly remodeled bathroom in the basement. I hung up to outfits on a hook. One outfit was all white. Some white fishnet hose, white garters, white corset, white bra and thong. A tight white dress that had a big scoop neckline to show off her cleavage. Small enough in the back to see the bottom of her ass. Along with a pair of white 6inch stiletto heels. I put a matching black outfit next to the white one. Along with some 6inch black heels with a silver tip on the ends. I put some long black gloves for her to wear. They fitted up and over her elbow. I even put out a gold belly chain for her to wear. I laid out some different perfumes and sexy makeup. I even had some nail polish for her to try.

I went back upstairs to wait. Right before 8pm I saw some lights come down my long driveway. They parked in front of my garage. I smiled as I saw two figures come up in front of my big windows of my house. "Knock! Knock!" I walked to my front door. I peaked out the security hole in the door. I saw a large guy in front of the door. I could not see Charlene at the moment. I smiled. He must be her husband. I opened the door.

"Good Evening! Buck Kelly! Nice to meet you." I said. "Marc! This is my wife Charlene. Honey!!! This is Mr. Kelly." he said. He turned to present his wife. I smiled again. Charlene was about 5ft 3 with long brunette hair. She was wearing a black coat that hid her body. She had a perfect smile. Along with some very sexy eyes. I froze for a second as she looked my up and down. "Please! Come in." I said. I opened the door for Marc to come in first. A few seconds later I held my hand out to help Charlene into my house. "You have a very nice house Mr. Kelly." said Charlene. "Thank you! Please follow me. I will give you a quick tour of the downstairs." I said. Marc walked first. He looked around. "Very nice! Such a big living room and very gorgeous kitchen. So big for just one person." she said. "Ummm..its just my size. I like things bigger." I said with a smile.

I could tell Charlene was getting more relaxed. I could tell Marc was also. I showed them the pool and my hot tub out back. They liked my big back yard and the privacy I had from my neighbors. Next we walked down the stairs to my basement. I had put some money in my pocket. Some ones, fives, tens, hundreds. I had about a $2000.00 on me. I had some more in safe just in case. I poured them each a drink. "Very nice! You have a very nice basement Mr. Kelly." said Charlene. "Thank you. I call it my man cave. I just remodeled down here. I just added the stage and the brass pole over there." I said. I hit the remote on the bar to light up the stage. Next I turned on some music over the speaker system.

Charlene smiled. "Were my manners. Let me take your coat. Over there is the dressing room. Everything you need is in there. Take your time. If you need anything just pick up the phone and it will dial the bar." I said. "You thought of everything. I will be right back honey. You and Mr.Kelly talk." said Charlene. I took her coat off her shoulders. She had a tight black blouse that hugged her curves. Her long brunette hair hung down to the middle of her back. She was wearing a very small faded blue denim mini skirt. She smiled as she waved to us. I walked behind the bar. Marc sat on a bar stool in front of the bar.

"Would you like a beer?" I said. "Sure! Thanks! You have a nice house." said Marc. "Thanks! Here your drink. There some food over there if you like something to eat." I said. "Thanks! When my wife comes out. Where will you be sitting?" he said. "In that small chair in front of the stage." I said. "She told you there was no touching right!!!" said Marc. "Yes! No problem. I respect that." I said. "This is her first time tonight. She is kinda of nervous. We just got into this business. How did you want to pay?" said Marc. "Here's a envelope. You can count it if you like. I also have some cash in my pockets. I would like to tip your wife if that is Ok?" I said. Marc smiled. His eye got big when he opened the envelope. "No problem. She will give you a great show. My wife is very sexy when she dances. I now you will not be disappointed. I will be right here watching. Just keep your hands to your side. I give the Ok's when it comes to my wife." said Marc. I nodded my head "Yes!"

We made some more small talk as I waited for Charlene. I got up and walked over to my chair near the stage. About 30 minutes later Charlene came out in the black outfit. She had put on some fiery red lip stick on, to match her finger and toe nails. The black was stunning on her. She filled out the top of the dress with no problem. A little of her large breasts were pushing out the top of the black corset and bra. I smiled when I saw her amazing ass was barely covered by the bottom of the dress. The sexy black fishnets and garters looked amazing on her sexy legs. I hit the remote to start some stripper music. Some 50 cent was playing.

Marc put down his beer on the bar. He turned to watch his wife step onto the small stage in front of me. Charlene grabbed the brass pole with her long black gloves. She swung herself around. She smiled as she looked down at me in my chair. I sipped my drink as she danced in front of me. She moved her hands down her body to her hips. She spun her ass around to move it on stage. She grabbed the pole to move herself around. She smiled as she put her right heel in the air toward me. I heard Marc shift on his bar stool. I was breathing heavy. God she was hot. I licked my lips as she moved on stage. I looked down to see my cock was growing in my jeans. All 9 3/4 inches of me wanted to get out. I rubbed the front of my jeans. I heard a bottle of beer on the bar tap twice. I moved my hand to my side.

I had to get a closer look. I stood up to get near the stage. "Right there is good!!" said Charlene husband. I stopped to reach in my pocket. I took out some ones to throw on stage. Charlene smiled as she looked down to see me throwing money on stage. She started to hump the pole and put her leg around it. She was turning me on making me very horny. I reached into my other pocket to pull out some $20's. Charlene walked over to were I was. She swung her ass into my chest. She looked over her shoulder to see me put 5 $20's just inside her dress. She then grabbed the pole to swing herself around the other side. I could smell her sweet perfume. I watched as she slowly took off the long black gloves. She pulled out each finger before tossing the gloves off the stage at my feet.

The next song started as I went back to sit down. Charlene slowly unzipped her dress. She moved her hips back and forth to let the dress fall down her body. She stepped out of the dress. She pushed it off the stage. I heard Marc begin to breath heavy. Charlene was now wearing just her black fishnets, garters, corset and matching black thong and bra. She put on the gold belly chain around her mid section. She began to move around the pole like a pro. If this was her first time. I was amazed how sexy she was. My mouth dropped when she dropped her ass to the floor. She curled her legs around the pole. I almost fainted. She then put her feet above her head and laid back on the pole upside down. Her big breast almost fell out of her bra and the tight corset.

I got up to put some more money in her outfit. I slipped some money in the back of her corset. She pushed her ass on my chest again. She brought her ass up to touch my face. I breathed in as Marc got off his bar stool. I quickly walked back over to sit down in my chair. He got back in his chair. I heard another beer open. I quickly drank my beer. I looked up to watch Charlene move around in the corner of the stage. She put her hand on the wall. She arched her back and ass and looked at me. I gave her big smile and she batted her sexy eye lashes at me. Next she kicked her heels at me. She bent over touching her ankles showing me her ass and sexy legs. I saw she had put the small thong on. It sat high on her hips as it was wedged in her butt crack. She spun around on the stage some more.

"Are you enjoying the show?" said Charlene. "Oh! Yes! Very much." I said. "Mmmm the is good. What would you like for me to do next? What shall I take off next for you?" said Charlene. "How about a lap dance. Have you ever given a lap dance before? What ever you think I like to see next." I said. Charlene looked at her husband across the room. He motion for her to come to him. I helped her off the stage as she walked over to him. I waited a few minutes as they talked.

Charlene strutted back on her big heels. "My husband wants to make sure your not going to touch me. Also it will cost you a little more for the lap dance." she said. I smiled. I reached into my pocket to pull out a couple of $100's. "Tell him I will put my hands down on my side. This is for him. I will give you some money on how good your lap dance is." I said. Charlene smiled as she walked the money to her husband. I watched as Marc placed it in his sports coat. He was wearing a black pin stripe suit. He patted Charlene ass as she walked back to the stage. She looked at me sitting in my small metal chair.

She curled her finger in her mouth. She looked down as the next song began to play. She pushed my legs open. She shook her long hair in my face. Next she walked around my chair. She ran her hands over my wide shoulders. She traced her long red finger nail on the back of my neck. She leaned down to breath in my ear. She moaned as she flashed me her smile. I could feel her corset touch my shoulders as she ran her fingers through my short hair. Next she ran her finger nails down my right arm to my hand. She giggled as she felt, I might be ticklish. I was trying with all my might not to pass out or have my erect cock burst my jeans.

I heard Marc get off his bar stool. He got closer to the stage. He was still far enough back not to see him in the lights from the stage. I turned my attention to his wife. She moved to sit on my lap. Her hair was in my face. Her back was against my chest. She put her legs forward between mine. She started to rub her ass on the front of my jeans. I was not sure she felt my huge erection. I did not care if she did. I could feel every inch of her on my body. "Untie my strings to my corset young man. Loosen them. I can barely breath." said Charlene. "I...I...can't touch you." I said. "Use your teeth Buck! I know you can. Help me please." she moaned. I leaned in with my mouth. I pulled on each string with my mouth. I watched as her corset was untied by my teeth. She pushed off my lap with her hands. The back of her head was on my chest now. I was breathing heavy. Her perfume was intoxicating. Her body sent shivers down my spine. My mouth was dry. My hands wanted to grab her. I wanted to feel her in my arms. I was dieing as she danced against me.

Next she stood up. She spun around and looked down at me. She put her right heel in my crotch. The silver end of the heel was on my jeans. She shifted my cock as she smiled. Marc breathed in. She giggled. "Is that a roll of quarters in your pocket or are you happy to see me?" she said. I smiled. "I'm happy to see you." I said. Charlene smiled as she moved her heel on my jeans. She through her hair in my face again. I could smell her sexy hair and neck as she ran her lips on my forehead. She squeezed my arms. "Mmmm I like your muscles baby." she moaned. Next she walked over and put her hands on my shirt. She pulled up showing off my bare abs to her. She looked down. "I see your tan all over. I need to see more." said Charlene. With that she ripped open my shirt. "Rip!! Pop! Pop!" All the buttons on my shirt were being popped offed. They fell on the ground. She looked down at my bare chest. "Oh that is nice baby." she said.

I forgot about Marc again. Until he tapped his foot on the floor. I reached in to give his wife some more $$$$. He smiled. She straddled my legs. I felt her hot skin on mine as she leaned her body against mine. She put her hands on the back of her corset. She pulled the strings open more. She then pulled her corset off and dropped it behind my chair. I felt some hit my jeans on the way to the floor. I smiled. Charlene was breathing heavy as she placed her hands on my muscular chest. She ran her big nails down my chest and abs. She tugged on my erect nipples with her small fingers. She put her hair on my chest as she grinded her ass on my lap. I still had my hands to my side. She was making me want to exploded at any minute.

I heard another song begin as she got up. She walked around to the back of the chair. She ran her finger nails down my chest. She moved my hands up to remove my shirt. I flexed my muscles as she massaged my shoulders and neck. I then felt her breath in my left ear. She giggled. "Want to see more baby? I love to tease you." she said. God she was turning me on. I looked over to see Marc move his hand on his pants. Maybe he was getting just as excited as I was. I gave her some more $$$$....

Charlene was just in her heels, fishnets, garters, thong and large bra. I smiled when she turned around I could see just how hot her ass was. I smiled when she sat on my lap. I could feel the heat from her pussy just under her black thong. She rubbed her breast some more. I looked down over her shoulder. Her large cleavage was being rubbed by her small hands. She bite her right index finger again making soft moans on top of me. I then felt her hands grab mine. She placed my hands on her side. I heard Marc cough. But she did not stop my hands from rubbing the side of her breast. I could feel how heavy they were when she put them under her breast. I reached down to toss some money on the front of her thong. She moaned very loud this time. Marc tapped his foot again but his wife did not stop going wild on my lap.

A few seconds later Charlene got off my lap. She turned to Marc. She smiled. He closed his eyes as she turned to look at me. "This is just for you." said Charlene. She reached up to unclasp her bra. She dropped the big black bra on the floor. Her breast cascaded down on her chest. Her big nipples were hard as she moved her hands on them. I watched as she straddled my legs again. I looked down to see her smile. She brought her breast to her mouth. She kissed them. She licked her big fat nipples. She moaned again. She grabbed my hands and placed them on her breast. She moved forward to let me kiss them. I just open my mouth as she brought them to my tongue. I sucked them nice and hard. She moved on my lap again. She was humping my middle section as her husband watched.

Next Charlene leaned down to kiss me. I felt her hot tongue dart in and out of my mouth. My eyes were open as I saw Big Marc take off his sport coat. He moved toward the bar. His wife moved on my lap. She grabbed my hands to place them on her ass. I gave her a big squeeze. "God your making me so wet. I never been this horny in all my life Buck. Do you like my what I am doing?" she moaned in my mouth. I kissed her very passionately. I did not say a word. I just squeezed her ass some more. Next she moved my left hand between her legs. I felt her wet thong on the back of my hand. I moved my hand on the thin material. I could feel her hot pussy begin to move on my hand. I watched as she pulled the strings on the side of the thong. A second later the thong fell off onto the floor. I moved my finger to her pussy. She moved to allow my finger to rub the outside of her bald pussy. She had shaved before she came to see me. I opened my eyes to see her husband had inched closer to us.

A minute later Charlene let go of my mouth. She dropped her head back. I had one finger in her hot pussy. She was breathing very hard. She moaned. "Yes! Yes! Yes! Faster! Faster!" she whispered. Her head fell forward. Her hair was in my face. I moved my free hand on her ass. I cupped her perfect ass in my hand. She moved forward so her breast fell on my chest. She started to kiss my right nipple. I then felt her mouth on my left nipple. She bite down as she rode my index finger in her pussy. I heard Marc unbutton his shirt. I then heard his zipper to his pants open. I felt Charlene hand on the front of my jeans. "I showed you mine Mr. Kelly. Now! I want to see what you got. Show me my blue eye Bucky...." she said.

Charlene unbutton my jeans. She pushed open the size 28 jeans with her hands. She had her hands on my hips. I felt my cock move toward the cold air in the room. I kicked off my leather shoes. I then felt her long red nails move down my abs. She stopped at the small patch of hair above my cock. Her eyes opened. Next she dropped her fingers to my hard cock. Her eyes got big. She used both hands to wrap around the shaft. She stood up quickly. She pulled down my jeans to my ankle. My cock sprang out. I was at full attention. Her husband had taken out his cock. He was jacking his cock making it bigger. Charlene got back on my lap. I had my cock on her stomach as she had her legs around my hips. She had her hands on my neck as she continued her lap dance. I felt her hot pussy rub against my cock. I looked down long enough to see her breast move to my mouth.

I was sucking her breast. I sucked hard on her nipples. She squeezed her thighs around me as she kissed my mouth. She ran her hands through my short hair again. She looked into my blue eyes. We kissed harder. She broke our embrace. She got on her knees in front of my chair. She leaned down to put her lips on the tip of my cock. "Mmmmmm....." was all I could say. "Don't worry about him. Just relax stud." whispered Charlene. I smiled when I felt her lips wrap around my cock. She sucked up the precum on the tip. She started to suck half my cock in her hot mouth. She then started to play with my naked balls in her hand. She was jacking the length of my cock as she spit on my balls. She smiled as she got more of my cock in her mouth. I could feel her breast on my thighs. I watched as her feet moved in her heels. Her long legs rubbed against mine. I could feel her fishnets against my skin.

Charlene gagged a couple of times. She could not get all 9 3/4 inches down her throat. I smiled as she pushed her hair up my chest. The music was still playing as she spun around. She put her hands on my thighs. I watched as she played with her pussy. She bent over to let me get the perfect view of her fingers in her hot pussy. She was close to getting her self off. I slapped her ass. I moved her ass apart. Watching her fingers play with her pussy.

I looked up to see Marc cock was in his hand. He was nice and hard as he walked to his wife. She pushed up on my thighs. She had his cock in her mouth. She was sucking his cock nice and slow. I moved her back sliding my cock to her pussy. She moved her fingers. I spit on my hand. I whipped the head of my cock making it wet. I then pushed my cock into her tight entrance. She moaned with her husband cock in her mouth. She then pushed her pussy down on my cock. She got half of me deep inside her before she moved back up on my cock. She started to fuck me nice and slow as her husband slammed his cock in her mouth.

I grunted when I felt all of my cock was buried inside Charlene pussy. I grabbed her hips to move on my cock. She moved her hand on Marc cock. She pulled him out of her mouth. She moaned. I watched as she began to fuck my cock. I felt her breast hit her chest as she bounced up and down on my cock. She put her husband cock back in her mouth. A second later I heard Marc grunt. She kept his cock in her mouth as he orgasm. I had my eyes closed as she rode my cock. I slapped her ass and pulled her hair. She leaned forward as Marc went to the bar to get a towel. I slammed my cock harder into her tight pussy. I was was matching her breathing as she moaned again. I moved my hands around to play with her big breast. She fell back as she orgasm on my cock. "Yes! Yes! I'm cummmmmmmming!!! Fuck me! Fuck me! Harder! Harder!" she screamed. I moved my hips forward as I moved my cock in her pussy. I heard Marc open another beer bottle. I then felt his wife stop fucking my cock. I pinched her big nipples. I then held her hips. "Cum for me big boy. Show me what you got. Pull out and cum all over me." Charlene said.

I bite my lower lips as Charlene jumped off my cock. She aimed my cock at her big breast. I erupted in her warm cleavage. She held my cock inside her big breast. She was milking my cock as it hit under her chin. She giggled from the large amount of cum I dumped on her skin. "Fuck! That was allot honey. Does he ever stop?" she moaned. I sat in my chair trying to catch my breath. Marc grabbed Charlene hand as they walked into my bathroom in the basement. I heard the shower turn on. A few minutes later I walked to the bathroom door.

I looked in to see Marc washing his wife under the hot water. She was soaping his big cock with her right hand. He was getting hard as they kissed. I looked down to see me cock was getting hard again. My cock was dripping on the tip. I put my hand on the door knob to keep me from falling over. Marc bent Charlene over and was fucking her from behind. She screamed and called out his name. I smiled as he picked her up against the shower wall. He grunted in her left ear. "MMMmmm honey. Fuck me! Fuck me Marc. Fuck me harder." shouted Charlene. Marc picked her up and had is back to the shower wall. He had cupped her ass and was moving her up and down on his cock. I watched as he bent his finger to motion me to join them.

I opened the glass shower door. Charlene was still screaming. You could hear the stripper music coming from the stage still in the shower. I got just behind Charlene. I let in some cold air as her skin was flush. She was kissing Marc as I looked down to see my hard cock inches from her ass. Marc spread his wife ass cheeks for me. I put my cock at her most sensitive area. She stopped to turn her head. Her hair hit my face. "Oh god! Yes! Marc!! Buck!! Marc! Buck! Yes! Fuck me you two!!! Fuck Charlene! Fuck me boys!!!!!" she screamed. With one quick thrust from my hips I got half of my cock in her tight ass hole. She screamed. "I...I..I'm cumming you two....." she screamed. I grabbed her hips and was fucking her ass. Marc picked her up and fucked her at the same time.

Charlene was having another orgasm as we both had our cocks buried deep inside her. A few minutes later we switched. Marc passed me his wife. I washed my cock off. As I jammed it in her pussy. I cupped her ass and spread her butt cheeks for her husband. Charlene breast rode my chest. Her nipples touched mine. I bite her neck as she screamed. Marc slammed his cock in his wife ass. A few minutes later I felt Charlene pussy quake again. I could not hold back. She moved her hand from around my neck to my back. She pulled my tighter as my cock erupted deep inside her. I moaned in her ear. Marc came a few minutes later as I picked his wife up and down on his cock. I let Charlene feet hit the bottom of the shower floor. She was wet from the water. I looked down to see her pussy and ass was dripping of cum.

I got cleaned up after Marc and Charlene got out of the shower. I walked back in the basement. Charlene was dancing on the small stage. She put her black heels back on to give her husband a show. I went to get a drink. We spent the next few days fucking Charlene through out my big house. She put on the white outfit the next night to dance for a bachelor party. Marc and I provided security that night. We got so excited we put down the back seat of my SUV and fucked Charlene in every position again. I thanked Marc as I gave Charlene a kissed at my front door. They had to get back home. They did promise to come back soon to give me another private dance. I went to the ATM to get some more $$$$$. I wanted to be prepared for my next show. How I love a good stripper pole.


Thanks Charlene and Marc

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