Monday, June 14, 2010

Hide and Go Seek - An Adult Story

It was close to 9pm when I parked at the end of the street. I got a call about 20 minutes ago that the coast was clear. I had been seeing this girl for about a month. I just got down with college. I had moved home with my parents. I was looking forward maybe to getting some action tonight. It had been awhile since I had sex. With studying for finals and meeting this new girl. I had little time to masturbate or get laid. Tracy Bellows had been a big cock tease up to this point.

She always had to go home when we got hot heavy on the couch or she had to go to work at the last minute. She was very cute. I had been set up on a blind date by my friend. My date never showed but I spotted Tracy on the dance floor with a group of girls. She was medium size to small. But unlike most medium size gurls I knew, she dressed very conservative. She wore long skirts, baggy clothes and hated to wear heels. I was at the point of breaking up with her. But she called and assured me she was ready to take our relationship to the next level. Her Mom left to go out to a party. We would be alone for a couple of hours.

I was wearing some tan cargo shorts. A black Ac/Dc shirt. Some sandals. No underwear. I just got out of the shower when she called. I had trimmed up some of the hair on my body. I just got done working out in my basement. I was kinda of amped up for the night. I walked down the sidewalk to her house.

"Knock! Knock!" I looked around the house. I did not see any cars in the driveway. I then saw the door knob turn. The door opened. Tracy was standing in the doorway. Her arms crossed under her ample size breast. She was at least a 34CC. I smiled. "Hey! You made it. Come on in Buck." she said. "You have a nice house. So your Mom not coming home for a few hours?" I said. "No! She had a date with this guy from her Realtor's office. He is the new maintenance guy for a building she trying to sell. She should be gone for the night. They were going to this party near her office. She made me promised not to invite any of my friends over. Especially guys. But I just had to call you." said Tracy.

I smiled as I kicked off my sandals by the front door. I walked into her living room. She was watching a scary movie. I sat on the couch as she got me a drink. She handed me my Coke. I took a big sip as she sat near me on the couch. It was a few minutes before she got a call on her cell. She then started to text her friends. She got on her phone and was talking for a few minutes. I got bored and turned the channel on her TV. It was a baseball game as she got off the couch. I watched her walk around living room. Tracy was about 5ft 2 with long brunette hair. She was wearing some big baggy grey sweat pants. A big grey hoody. I could see she had on a big white t-shirt that hung down to her thighs.

I smiled when she finally looked over at me on the couch. She kept on talking and texting on her phone. I just kept watching TV as I turned the channels. I so wanted to just jump up and leave. I was holding out hope I might at least get to make out with her or maybe get to feel a breast. I was starting to get annoyed as she ran up to her room. A few minutes later she ran down to go use her computer. She was sitting to the left of the TV as she got on MySpace to talk to her girls. I put my feet on the coffee table. I turned the channel again. I took out my cell. I looked at the screen. I had been at Tracy house for about an hour. I then put the cell back in my shorts. I crossed my legs again.

About ten minutes later I turned the channel again. I could hear Tracy on the computer as she IM two of her friends at the same time. I was just about ready to say something when I saw some head lights go by the front window. Tracy stopped talking. A minute later I heard a car door open. "OMG Buck! MY MOM HOME. You got to go hide. RUN!!! GO!!!!! MOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!" shouted Tracy. I jumped off the couch. I ran barefoot to the back door of the kitchen. It was locked. I could here Tracy going to the front door. I ran back through the living room. I ran passed her by the door. She was looking out the side window. "GO upstairs. There a window. GO GO!!!!!! Quick hide! Go hide and I will come get you when she goes to bed." said Tracy.

I ran up the stairs to the 2nd floor. I ran to the window at the end of the hall. It was locked also. FUCK!! What was I going to do. I ran back down the hall. I heard the car door slam shut in the driveway. I grabbed the first door I could find. It opened. I ran across the wooden floor. It was dark but I passed a big king size bed to another door. I opened that door. I shut the door behind me. I flipped on the light. It was a big full size bathroom. I looked around for a window. There was none. My heart was racing. I heard the front door to the house open and close. I could hear Tracy talking to someone. It must be her Mother.

I was moving my head back and forth. I was standing facing the bathroom door. On my right was a big full length mirror over two side by side sinks. There was a ton of female hair products, curling iron, hair dryer, makeup and other female products on the big marble counter. There was some monogram white fluffy towels. I looked into the big mirror. I was starting to get really nervous. I looked to my left to finally see a big bathtub. There was a red shower curtain that surrounded the tub. I peeked inside to see it was empty. I open the bathroom door half way. I turned off the light in the bathroom. I hopped in and shut the curtain. I opened the curtain a very tiny bit.

It was a few minutes later that I saw some lights come on in the bedroom. I then heard the door to the bedroom close. I listen as I heard some heels "Click! Click!" across the wooden floor toward the bathroom. My hands were sweating. My eyes closed slightly. Was I going to found. Had my game of hiding go seek gone bad. I did not last ten minutes before I might be found. I could here someone moving outside the door. I heard a closet open. Then some clothes move. I heard someone sit down on the bed just outside the bathroom. I was breathing very heavy standing in the bathtub. I was still peeking out the shower curtain.

I heard a knock at the bedroom door. "Come in Tracy!" said a female voice. "Hi! Mom! Home so soon. How was your night?" said Tracy. "Hi! Sweetie! Oh it was OK, I guess. I went with two other couples from work. Of course my date never showed. I might fire Bill when I see him on Monday. He just stood me up. I called a few times. It was such a let down from feeling so good before I left tonight. It's been a long time since I have been out on a date." said Tracy Mother. "Sorry! I am glad you went out. You know since Dad left. You've been staying home to much. Yeah! You should fire Bill when you see him on Monday." said Tracy. "Thanks sweetie. How was your night?" said Tracy Mom. "I just been on the phone all night and the computer. I'm going to go back down stairs." said Tracy.

I looked out the small crack between the two shower curtains pulled together. I could see Tracy looking around the room. Her Mom was moving stuff in her closet. I could not see her. Tracy looked into the bathroom. But could not see me behind the curtains. My heart was racing. I was hoping Tracy would cause a distraction so I could get out. But she just stood there looking at her phone. "Tracy! Stop texting for a minute. Did that new boy you were seeing call you. He better not have come over here." said Tracy Mom. "No! He had to work late. He definitely did not come over. I've been alone all night. I think we might break up. He does not pay me any attention when I see him." said Tracy. "OK! I trust you. Why are you looking around so much. Why don't you go down stairs and play on the computer. I am going to go get changed and get ready for bed. I am so tense tonight. Good night Tracy." said Tracy Mom. I watched Tracy walk toward her Mom. I could here them hug as Tracy turned to walk out of the room. I saw her turn to walk down the hall toward the window I tried to jump out.

A second later I almost passed out. Tracy Mom walked into view or should I say strutted into view. She was the exact opposite of her daughter. She was about 5ft 6 with long dirty blonde hair. She had a dark tan that covered her whole body. There were no tan lines that I could see. She had tattoos all over her body. She was wearing 6inch gold heels that accent her curvy legs. She was wearing a super tight gold dress that clung to her big curves. The dress had a big scoop in the front showing off her large chest. Her nipples were hard from the thin material. She had on two big gold hoop earrings that touched her shoulders. She had on some gold bracelets around her wrists. A few gold rings. Some gold finger nail polish that matched her toe nails. She was wearing some bright red lip stick. She had perfect white teeth as she smiled walking into her bathroom.

She walked back out. I almost fell forward out of the bathtub. Her dress was so short it barely covered her large ass. I smiled when I saw each one of her large butt cheeks being uncovered as she walked. I still could not see any tan lines. I gulped as she walked to her bedroom door. She locked her bedroom door. She walked passed her bed back into the bathroom.

She was facing toward the full mirror above her sink. She put her hands on the marble counter. I was breathing heavy. I looked down to see my cock was making the front of my shorts into a tent. I put my hand on the front of my shorts to feel my cock. I then looked back out the small opening toward Tracy Mom. She began to take off a few of her gold bracelets on her arm. She placed them down on the counter. Next she moved her hands in her dirty blonde hair. I could smell her sweet perfume now. It was driving me fucking crazy. I then watch her bend over to touch her ankles. She began to massage her ankles and calf's. I wanted so bad to jump out and fuck her. But how was I going to explain what I was doing in her bathroom.

Maybe she leave in a few minutes or go to bed. Next Tracy Mom looked into the mirror. She moved her big full lips. She gave herself some kisses. Next she bent over touching her big full breast on the counter. She sighed as she mashed her big breast on the counter. My cock was trying to burst out of my shorts. I kept watching as she straighten back up. She was looking in the mirror. She put her hands on her wide hips. She then moved her long finger nails up both of her sides under her arms. I was feeling weak in the bath tub looking at her. She then took off some more bracelets on her opposite arm. I could hear them on the counter as she placed them down next to the sink.

Next she ran her fingers in her hair again. She moved a big blonde hair from her face. She smiled as she finally started to slowly unzip her gold dress. She had to breath in and then suck it in. As she slowly moved the gold zipper down her dress. I watched as it slowly open in the back. I bite my lip as she moved her hips causing her gold dress to fall on the floor. I moved my eyes back up her body. She was still wearing her gold heels. But then I noticed she was wearing a small gold thong. It was cut high on her hip. The front barely covered her pussy. The back was like dental floss going up her big ass. She still had not tan lines. Plus she had a few tattoos on her back. She had a small flower on her right butt cheek. She had some tattoos on the back of her curvy thighs, and legs. I then followed her hands up to her exposed breast. She was not wearing a bra. I was not sure they even made them that big. I had to grab the shower curtain to steady myself.

Tracy Mom grabbed her big breast. She scooped up the bottom. Her big dark red nipples were erect. I was still holding onto the shower curtain rod as she let her big breast fall on her chest. "Wham!!!!" I smiled again. She then bent over picking up her dress off the floor. She turned to walk out of her bathroom. Before I could refocus she was back inside looking at herself in the mirror. She moved her hands above her head. She then ran her hands down her sides. She stopped on her hips. She smiled in the mirror. "Not bad at all. My fucked up Ex-husband doesn't know what he is missing. God! I'm so fucking horny tonight. I wanted that Bill so bad. I just wanted to get my hand on his cock. God what I would not do for some good cock right now. I better get out big purple vibrator tonight. I got me some new batteries for that fuck stick. Damn I can't wait. MMMmmmmmm. Vivian! Control yourself." she said.

My heart was racing. Tracy Mom was twice my age. She was so damn hot. Her tan. Her big breast. I had to see more. I bet Tracy already given up on finding me. She probably downstairs on her computer or texting her friends still. It was up to me to figure out how to get out of here.

MMMMMmmmmm!!! GOD!!! Vivian what are doing to yourself." said Tracy Mom. I looked back up. Tracy Mom right hand was inside her gold thong. She had her free hand pinching her big fat nipples. I watched as she bent over pulling down her thong. Her amazing ass was now in full view. I could see her fingernail was inside her wet pussy. There was a different smell in the bathroom now. I watched as Tracy Mom stuck her middle finger deep inside her pussy. She was finger fucking herself as she fondled her breast. I then saw her eyes roll back in her head. Her legs got weak. She gasped for air. She let out a big moan as played with her pussy. I looked down to see my cock was out of the front of my shorts. My zipper had broke. I started to slowly jack my cock. I was trying to stay quite. Only 6 feet away. A sex starved BBW MILF was fingering her bald pussy.

I looked at my cock again. I pulled my shirt over my head. I was standing in the bathtub with the shower curtain closed. I was only wearing a pair of cargo shorts and a big black belt. I tried tied to unbuckle my shorts. But I watched as Tracy Mom bent over on the counter. Her large breast hung under the counter. They were mashed against the counter. Her hand was between her legs. I could see she had two fingers inside her pussy. She then rested her head on the counter. I then her moan very load. "God!!! YES!!! YES!!!! Fuck you Bill. See what your missing. I can do myself. I don't need another jerk. Fuck men!! Fuck them all....I got my fingers.... Yes!!! I'mmmmmm cummmmming!!!!!!!!!" I then heard her heels move on the floor. She almost fell down on the tile floor.

Next she closed her legs and looked in the mirror. Her wet pussy was still dripping as she washed her hands. She turned to wipe her hands on the towel next to the bathtub. She looked straight at the shower curtain. The gig is up. Was she going to rip open the curtain. Did she see me.....

"Knock! Knock!!" "Mom!!!" said a voice outside of the bathroom door. "What the fuck does she want. Give it a rest Tracy. What!" she yelled. I watched as Tracy Mom grabbed a big towel to put around her curvy body. She strutted out to her bedroom door. I saw it swing open. I saw Tracy looking over her Mom shoulder. I saw her look around the room. "What is it Tracy?" said her Mom. "Nothing! I just wanted to say good night. I'm going to bed. I'm going to sleep downstairs on the couch instead of my room. Is that OK?" said Tracy. "OK! Why don't you want to sleep in your room? Your boyfriend not coming over is he?" said Tracy Mom. "No! I tried calling him at home. He must be asleep. I left him a message. I broke up with him just now. He is such a big jerk. Wait!!! You still have your heels on. Are you Ok Mom?" said Tracy. "Go! GO downstairs. I am just getting done taking off my bracelets and my dress. I might take a shower before bed. I'll see you in the morning Tracy. Now GO!!!!!" said Tracy Mom.

I watched as she shut her bed room door again. She quickly took off her towel and through it on her bed as she walked back toward the bathroom. Before she got inside she turned to pick up her cell phone. "God! It's Bill. What does he want?" she said. She clicked on speaker. "Hello!" said Tracy Mom. "Hey Vivian! It's me Bill. I just got your voice mails from earlier. I am so sorry. Something came up at the last minute." said Bill. "Oh! Right! How come I don't believe you Bill. What's that noise in the background? Where are you?" she said. "I'm out with some friends. Were just getting done with our book reading at the library. That it! Honest Vivian." said Bill. "Well why don't you give some $$$$$ to that stripper I hear in the back ground. Give her all your money. Maybe she will go home with you tonight. Maybe you will get lucky. I wore my gold dress and was looking good. You could of had all of this tonight Bill. Your lost. I got to go." said Tracy Mom. "The gold dress. Fuck! Honest! I am just leaving. Do you want to meet now. Listen baby. I love to see those big breast of yours. Come on. Come to Bill sexy." said Bill.

"Night! I got my big purple vibrator that twice the size of you Bill. I heard Janet at the office say your cock not big. She said you were nice. I guess she was wrong." said Tracy Mom.... Click!!!!! I watched Tracy Mom turn off her cell. She put it on her dresser as she came back in the bathroom. She took off a few gold rings on her fingers. She then put her hands on her breast. "Fuck him!" she said. I then watched as she looked at her bald pussy in the mirror. She then went to shut the door to the bathroom. She came back to look in the mirror. She dropped her hand down to rub her big juicy cunt lips. She moved her pussy open and used her free hand to play with her big labia in the mirror. She closed her eyes. Her head rocked forward. She then put her head on the counter. She had her arms pressed against the counter top and her breast. She was playing with her pussy and moaning.

It was now or never. She was going to take a shower next. I had no time to loose. I looked toward the door. I then looked back at Tracy Mom. She was running her long finger nails on her pussy. She moved her head to the side facing the toilet. I open the curtain very slow. She was still moaning. I took one foot out of the big side of the bathtub. I put my bare feet on the cold tile. I looked at the door. I then looked at her. I then looked at my erect cock sticking straight at her big ass. I started to unbuckle my belt. I pulled my belt slowly open letting my shorts fall around my ankles. I took two tiny baby steps toward her. She was still fingering her pussy. I walked up next to her on her right side. Her head was facing the opposite direction. I looked down to see the tip of my cock glisten with pre-cum.

I moisten my hand. I then stroked my cock getting it nice and wet. I heard her moan again next to me. I moved around her big ass. I was standing directly behind her. I saw her eyes were closed. She did not hear or feel me next to her. She was still playing with her pussy. I bent my knees putting all of my 9 3/4 inches of cock under her pussy and between her legs. I heard a "GASP!!! Oh my god young man. What are you doing in here? Why are you naked????" said Tracy Mom. I then pushed my hips back. Then forward. I pushed my hard cock into her wet pussy. Her pussy muscles opened slowly as my cock moved deeper in her pussy. I grabbed her big hips forcing her pussy on my cock. She grabbed the front of the counter to hold on. She moaned and grunted as more of my cock penetrated her pussy.

She moved her hands back on my stomach. She was using her long nails to scratch my skin. I grunted as all of my cock fell out of her wet pussy. I slammed into her big ass with a thrust. "Do you want me to stop Ms. Bellows?" I grunted. She moved her ass on my abs. Then she put my cock back in her tight pussy. I started to slam my cock in her pussy. She moaned again. She looked in the mirror as I smiled over her shoulder. I then grabbed her dirty blonde hair to pull on it. She started to moan again. I slapped her big tan ass making a white imprint from my hand on her huge left cheek. "God you pussy tight. Shake for me!! That it... Bounce on my cock." I said in her left ear. I grabbed her hips thrusting my cock deeper.

I caught my breath. I then put her right leg on the counter. I got down on my knees behind her. I started to lick and suck on her swollen pussy lips. She grunted as she held the top of my head. She pushed down. Then pulled my short hair as I slipped my tongue in her pussy. I put my big hands around her ankles. I was steadying her against the counter. She orgasm for the first time in my mouth. I then put two fingers inside her as I brought her to another quick orgasm.

I stood up and shoved my wet cock back in her pussy with one quick stroke. "Yes! Fuck me! Fuck me young man.... Faster! God Faster!" she yelled. I was fucking her very hard. Her whole body shook under mind. I then put my hand on her big thigh on the counter. She turned to try to kiss my lips. I leaned forward to kiss her full lips. She moaned. I then looked in the mirror to see her big breast moving on her chest. I reached under her arms to fondle her big breast. I pinched her erect nipples making them hard. I heard her bracelet's fall into the sink. She moaned again. I was close to cumming. Her pussy was milking my cock. I was gripping her big breast in both my large hands. She screamed and bite her lower lip as she looked over her shoulder again.

I slowed down to catch my breath. She would have none of that. "Oh! No!! Don't you slow down young man. Keep fucking me. I want your big cock in me further. I know your close to cumming. Cum deep inside me. Your cock is so nice inside me." she grunted. I picked back up the pace. She slammed her wet pussy down my cock again. Her big ass slammed against my skin. I looked down to see my light tan against her dark tan. She grunted again. I felt her orgasm on my cock. I saw her smile. I then grabbed her big hips to hold on. I moved my bare feet on the tiles. I held on as I started to cum. "YES!!!!!" I yelled. I then looked down to see her collapse on the counter. I left my cock in her gaping pussy as we both dripped on the counter and the tiles. A few minutes passed until my half erect cock fell out her tight pussy. I could feel the cold air form the bathroom hit my wet cock.

I stepped back as the hot older lady scooped up my juices from her cunt. She licked her fingers. She then cleaned the outside of her pussy. She moved her feet back on the floor. She turned to look at me. "Are you Tracy boy friend?" she said. "Mmmmm!!! That a good question." I said with a smile. "Did you come over or did she invite you. Tell me the truth cock boy." Ms. Fellows said. "Oh she invited me. I cam over to see your daughter. But it was the opposite of what I was expecting. I sat on the couch. She texted her friends. She got on the computer. Nothing happened. Then as soon as I was going to leave. You came home. She was so mad. I was leaving she broke up with me as I ran through your house." I said. "That my daughter. A perfectly huge cock. She lets it go to waste. Your very cute. I am about twice your age. Does this bother you?" she said.

I smiled. "Oh! I can see your cock getting bigger. I guess your OK with my age? How about the tanning? Tattoos? Curves? Nails? I'm high maintenance. Damn does he ever stop growing?" she said. I watched as she sat on the toilet. She motion for me to stand in front of her. She opened her legs. She put her head down to kiss my cock. She then started to suck it. I felt her big breast on my thighs. She then got half of my cock in her small mouth. I felt her gag as she sucked my cock harder. She played with my big naked balls in her left hand. She put a finger in my ass as she got more of my cock down her throat. She could not go any farther in her mouth. She gagged again and spit out my cock. She left her finger in my ass.

"Damn baby! That is nice. How do these feel?" she said. I watched as she put her warm breast around my cock. Just the tip of my cock head was peeking out if her cleavage. She proceeded to bounce her big breast on my cock. She spit on my cock to make it wet. I began to pull her dirty blonde hair as she tit fucked my cock. I could feel my balls bounce on her chest. She smiled when she looked down to see my cock head was all wet. She dropped her breast and scooped up my cock. She placed it back in her hot mouth. I watched her dark green eyes look in my blue eyes. I pushed her face down to lick the underside of my balls.

I loved what she was doing. I closed my eyes. The next thing I felt was her moving me around. I grabbed the edge of the bathtub. She opened my butt cheeks. She began to lick my ass hole. She jacked my cock and licked my ass some more. I was so hard. I was so turned on. I looked down to see her breast on the back of my thighs. Her small hands on my ankles. Her nose inside my ass crack. Her tongue was deep inside me. I felt her breath from her mouth and nose. I looked over my shoulder. God she was eating my ass like a pro. I was so hard. She was making me horny if that was possible. I looked back into the big mirror to see her on the ground behind me. Her legs wide open. She took one hand off my right ankle. She was playing with her pussy as she licked my ass.

A few minutes passed before I moved. She got up off the floor. I laid on my back. I could feel the cold tile under my skin. I watched as she stood over my cock. She took her fingers out of her pussy. She lowered herself on my cock. I felt her tight pussy clamp down on my cock as her big breast flopped on my face. I was sucking her big nipples in my mouth. I then felt her slow down. I watched as her eyes got big. My eyes got bigger. I felt her pull my cock out of her pussy. I then felt her ass hole open up as she slammed down on my cock. She was so tight. She had used her pussy juicy to get my cock wet. I was in her tight hole with no problem. She smiled again as she caught her breath.

I went back to sucking her breast. She moved her hand between her legs. She was fingering her pussy as my cock slammed in tight hole. I was fucking her ass as she slammed her body on mine. I felt her breast move around my head. I was gripping her big ass as she slammed her weight on me. I was close to cumming yet again. It had been 40 minutes since I had my first orgasm from her. This time I was not sure if I could muster a sound to tell her I was close. She saw my eyes and dropped her ass up and down. Faster! and Faster!!!!! "Fill my ass young man. Fill it with your big seed. Fuck your cock is beautiful. Unloaded in me. Yes! I can feel your big cock cumming in my ass. Don't stop." she screamed in my face. She kept bouncing up and down on my cock.

I woke up about 2 hours later. My cock was stuck to my leg. I could feel the bed move. Ms. Bellows large breast fell on my chest as she rolled over. I wet my fingers on my right hand. I started to tug on her nipples making them erect. I slowly eased my way down her large body. I was under the covers. I started to lick her pussy. She opened her legs. I had the tip of my tongue in her pussy. I could feel her big cunt lips move. I was really eating her pussy. I felt her hand on the top of my short hair. She pulled my hair. A minute later she started to orgasm in my mouth. I eased my way back up her body. I rolled over. She gripped my small ass with her hands. I was looking into the bathroom. I could see the white towel and her heels on the floor of the bathroom. She had left the light on in the bathroom. I could see the gold dress in the closet.

"Knock! Knock! Hello MOM!" said Tracy. I felt the bed rock as her Mom rolled over looking at the door. I pulled the covers over my head. I got behind Tracy Mom. The door opened. "Good Morning Mom. How did you sleep. Did you hear anything during the night? I kept hearing things up here." said Tracy. "No! Just me! Maybe a window was left open. What do you want?" said Ms. Bellows. "I'm going over to Becca for the day. I was thinking about sleeping over there tonight. I just did not want to leave you alone today. You know with Dad leaving you on this day last year." said Tracy.

I moved my cock to touch Ms. Bellows ass. I moved it along her big crack. I pushed it passed her tight pussy entrance. She shifted her legs to give me better access. "Are you Ok Mom? You look flushed..." said Tracy. "Little to much sun yesterday. Go ahead! Have fun! Your not going to go see that boy you were seeing. I know you said your broke up. You broke up for good right?" said Tracy Mom. "Buck and I are broken up Mom. All call you later. Hope you have a fun day by yourself." said Tracy. "Shut my door Tracy. Lock the front door on your way out. You Mom going to back to bed. Don't worry about me. I going to tan later by the pool." she said.

I heard the front door close down stairs. I felt the sheets and covers being pulled over my head onto the floor. I then saw Tracy Mom at the end of my cock. She slammed her moist pussy back on my cock. "God your such tease. Buck! I like that name. I hope you don't mind keeping a old lady company today." she moaned. I smiled. I hope Tracy Mom did not mind my hard cock playing hide and go seek in all her holes today.



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