Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Softball Uniforms - An Adult Story

I was hired about a week ago. I was the new girls softball coach for the local community college. I used to play some professional baseball in the minors, before I injured my knee sliding into home. I took a buyout from the major league team. Maybe next year after rehab I can return. But for now I was starting practice the next day. I looked up the team from the previous year. They finished in last place in there league. Most of the players went to school to learn. You needed a high score on your SAT and straight A's to get in. A few girls were just on the team because there parents where professors at the school. This was going to be my first real coaching job. Hell!! It was going to be my real first job ever.

I rolled down the window on my big SUV. I looked out on the softball field. A few of the girls were already getting warmed up. I rubbed the hair on my face. I ran my hand through my short hair. I pulled down my hat. I hopped out with my black cleats hitting the ground. I had on some blue socks pulled over some white ones. I had on a pair of tight white baseball pants. I had on a big dark blue baseball shirt. My name and number on the back. "Kelly" "69". I smiled as I saw all the girls were different ages. Almost all different sizes. I have a thing for bigger gurls. I saw a few playing catch in the infield.

I was the only coach they could afford. I did not have any assistant coaches. I was hoping maybe a hot MILF or the Mother of one of these student would help. I looked around in the stands to see the place was empty. "OK! Gather around. I'm your new coach. You can call me "Coach" or "Buck!" I used to be a professional baseball player, I hope to return someday. I am here to turn around the losing season from last year. Finishing last is not an option this year. I see you are all eager to learn. Please go to your prospective positions. I will hit you some grounders. Outfield play catch. Pitchers warm up. Ok! Now move it." I said.

I hit a few balls. Then I walked around to talk to all 30 girls. Each girl had a different story. Each girl had both positives and negatives. I could tell after 10 minutes I was going to be in for a long summer coaching them. I ran practice for about 2 hours before calling it a night. All the girls looked tired after there first practice. I just hope they all return the next day.

I went to get in my SUV. I was rolling my window back up when I got a call. "Ring! Ring!" "This is Buck!" I said. "Oh! Hello Mr. Kelly. Dean Waumbaugh here. I just got off the phone with our budget department. They tell me that they have no money in the budget for uniforms for the girls softball team. I hate to be the bearer of bad news." she said. "What does the mean?" I said. "It means your going to have to get them new uniforms. Have a fun raiser. Sell cookies. Wash cars. Maybe call some local business in town. Maybe they can donate some uniforms to your team." she said. "Wait! You got the wrong guy. I was never told this when you hired me. I mean I am busy after I coach the team. I don't think I can get them." I said. "Listen! You signed the contract. It says you have to do anything for the team. It also says you have to obey my orders. I am ordering you to get new uniforms for these girls." she yelled. "Your kidding me." I said. "No! Mr. Kelly your kidding yourself. You sign the contract. If I fire you. You owe us a large sum of your settlement you got from your major league team. Do you understand me. I'll take your silence as YES! Ok! Have fun. Thanks once again." she said. The phone line went dead.

Fuck! Give me a break. The only reason I took the job was that I thought it was going to be easy. I figured I would not have to do much but just show up. Kinda of manage from the dug out. Check out some hot girls in the crowd. Maybe fall for one of the girls on the team. Big gurls love softball. Nothing hotter than a bigger gurl in a softball uniform hitting or reaching between her legs for a ground ball. I had to think. But first I needed to go get a beer and relax.

I was feeling good after a few shots of alcohol. I took a sip of my beer as I walked out of the bar and across the street. I saw the big neon sign. "Girls! Girls! Girls!" I reached into my baseball pants to get out some ones. A short time later I was getting a lap dance in the VIP section. I was having a great time. I am not sure when it hit me. But I can tell you after this dancer with a huge set of tits gave me a lap dance. It came to me. I need to get softball uniforms. I need to get hot girls softball uniforms. But better yet. I needed to get back at Dean Waumbaugh. I really got it after I was hit in the face by the dancers huge bra. I figured out where to get these uniforms. I reached in my pocket to give the dancer the rest of my cash. I jumped up and headed for the office of the strip club.

About and hour later and a few autographs. The manger bought my story of being a famous baseball player. He was more than happy to give me some new softball uniforms. He had tried to get the girls at his two clubs to be in a softball league. But when the other team and coaches saw there uniforms. They got kicked out of the league. I smiled when he handed me the box. There was enough uniforms for the whole team plus a few left over. I put the box in the taxi. I picked up my SUV the next day.

I got home. I opened the box. The manager from Triple D's was more crazy than me. He had bought some very skimpy girl softball uniforms. There were some pink cleats. They were platform heels with soft white cleats on the bottom. They made who ever was wearing them look like that may topple over. Some long white socks for the girls to wear. There was some pink socks that were stretched over there legs and up to there knees. There were some small pink mini skirts for bottoms instead of pants. There was some dark pink garters that connected from the mini skirts to the a white garter around there thighs. If that was not hot enough. He had skimpy tops for them to wear. The top was almost like a corset. The top had no buttons. The girl would have to tie the bottom around making a huge V shape in the middle. It made who ever wore the top look like there breast might fall out. I could only smile as the box had all sorts of sizes. Each uniform was in its own pink bag.

I woke up early. I drove out to the softball field. I still had a hang over as I pulled into the parking lot. I got out and walked onto the field. I put the big box in the dug out. I left a note. "Girls! These are the uniforms from the Dean of athletics. Mrs. Waumbaugh! She would like you to wear them with pride. Run 20 laps around the field. Then do about an hour of running the bases. After 5 pm. You can all go home. Please pick up your uniform on the way out. I will see you Monday. Enjoy your weekend. "Coach Buck!"

I stopped to get some takeout and a six pack. I crashed around midnight. It was still dark out when I heard the phone ring. I let it go to the machine. A minute later the phone rang again. Then followed by two more calls. I could see the red light flashing as I open my left eye. I looked at my alarm clock. It was almost 9am. I got up and headed to take a shower. I took a long shower. I shaved some hair on my body. I shaved around my cock leaving a small patch about an inch above my cock. I washed my big naked balls. I was going to jerk my cock in the shower but the phone rang again. I stuck my head out of the shower. I was thinking what the fuck. I almost forgot about the uniforms until after I put on some body spray, deodorant and combed my short hair. I tripped over a smaller box with some of the new uniforms in the bottom. I walked across my bedroom toward the answering machine.

"You have twenty messages....Beep!!!!!!!!" Hello Mr. Kelly this is Dean Waumbaugh. I got some phone calls from some of your players and there families last night. I am very upset with your choice of new girls softball uniforms. I need to see you in my office this morning. Please call me right back...Beep...Coach this is Maggie. I play center field for the team. Ummm my uniform is very short. Can you call me back...Beep!!....Hello this is your boss Dean Waumbaugh again...Call me Mr. Kelly..Beeep!!...Where are you coach....call me mister......." All the messages were about the same. Only one was positive. It was a wrong number. I smiled. Fuck! I guess it was time to deal with the Dean. But I decided to put on my softball uniform for my Saturday afternoon league. Maybe I would go there first and blow her off for the rest of the day.

I put on my big white jock. I put my feet through the straps. I pulled tight on my cock. My bare ass hung out the back. I left the athletic cup out in my SUV. I put on some socks. I put on some blue softball socks over the white ones. I put on my white t-shirt over my head. It had my number "69" and "Buck" on the back in blue lettering over the number. I put my batting gloves in my back pocket. I took out my big aluminium bat and a new ball out of my bag. I pushed of the dirt off my glove. I put my blue baseball hat on my head. I was now just looking for my cleats to wear to the game.

"Ding! Dong!....Knock! Knock!!" I turned my head toward the front door. It was close to 11am. I was not expecting anyone. It must be a salesman or somebody trying to sell me something. I walked over to turn the handle. The door swung open. I was standing there in my softball uniform looking out.

I gulped as I tried to clear my voice. It was not anybody trying to sell me anything. It was two very hot women. One was much older that the other one. "Hi! Coach Buck. It's Tori. I play first base for the team. This is my Mom." said the younger girl. "Nice to meet you coach Kelly. My name Mrs. Cassie Smalls. I've heard nothing but good things about you, until yesterday when my daughter got home. She showed me her new softball uniform. I was shocked. There so small. I mean they hide nothing. I'm not sure if you noticed but I believe my daughter is to big to fit in hers. I asked what happen to last years uniforms. She said you left a note in a box in the dugout. You had them pick up there new uniforms compliments of Dean Waumbaugh. I called Dean Waumbaugh last night. She did not approve the new uniforms. My husband and I are big donors to the college. This is not acceptable." said the older lady.

I moved my hand off the door. I kept it open with my foot. I had to marvel at both of them as they stood there. Mrs. Smalls and her daughter did not take after there last name. Tori was about 5ft 6. Long dirty blonde hair passed her shoulders. She had on a black jogging suit on. Her pant legs were pulled up to her knees showing off her thick legs and thighs. She had the black top zipped open showing off a yellow top that was stretched over her large breast. She had on some yellow 2 inch raised platform flip flops. I smiled when I saw her red toe nails matched her long red finger nails. She had on little makeup, but very glossy red lipstick on her juicy lips. She smiled as she looked me up and down next to her Mother.

Mrs. Smalls was about 5ft 8 with very long blonde hair down to her lower back. She was wearing a pink jogging suit that matched her daughter. She had the pant leg pulled up to her knees. Her big thick legs and thighs were trying to get out of her tight pants. Her pink top was zipped down showing off her immense cleavage. She was bigger than her daughter when it came to her large chest. The white shirt underneath was about ready to burst. She had on some pink flip flops. Her toenails and very long finger nails matched her sexy pink lips. She flashed her white teeth as she smiled. She was looking at me, just like her daughter. I love bodacious women. These two were as hot as they get.

"I see. Where you husband now?" I said. "We dropped him off at the college. He sits on the board. He has been with the college for a very long time. He is the oldest board remember." said Mrs. Smalls. "Oh I see. Won't you both come in. I was just heading out, but my game can wait. First let me apologize. OK! Just stand right there. Let me close the door." I said. I leaned back to close the door. I almost fell over when I saw both of them walk in. Tori ass was big and round but her Mom was much bigger. They both had medium size waist and big hips. There hourglass figure stopped at there big ass popping out the side. Damn my eyes could not look away. "OK! Well here what happen yesterday. I got a call from the Dean. She informed me that due to budget cuts this year. That I was going to have to go out and get new uniforms for the girls. I tried very hard. I worked very hard. I was given the box by the owner of the business. I am afraid that I did not check them completely. I must say that I thought they were just like the ones from last year." I said.

"Mmmm..they are not. These uniforms are so outrageous. I can't believe you would give them to these girls. My daughter almost fainted from how tight they were on her. I took one look and almost fainted. My husband hyper ventilated. I had to give him his oxygen mask before something terrible happen." said Mrs. Smalls. "Oh! Wow!! I had not idea. I'm very sorry. So that I can better explain why I am taking these back. Can you try one on for me. Maybe Tori you can put on your uniform. If you like Mrs. Smalls. I have a few extras in this box. You can go right in my bedroom and try them on. I will stay right here. I would really like to see what is causing the problem. I don't want this to happen again." I said. Had I gone to far? Could I get them to try it on for me. I closed my eyes. A minute later. "OK! Mr. Kelly. We will go try them on and show you just how bad they are. Come with me Tori." said Mrs. Smalls.

They both walked out of the living room and shut my bedroom door. I walked over to sit on the edge of my leather couch. I was semi erect as I waited for them to come out and show off the uniforms. I wish I had my camera with me when they came out. I could just tell by looking at them, that the uniforms were not going to fit. I was hoping for a uniform malfunction and for one of them to burst out of her tiny uniform. My hands were sweating as I waited. About twenty minutes later. I licked my lips as I heard them walking toward the door. I saw the door knob to my bedroom move.

I smiled as Tori walked out first, followed by her Mother. Both girls were stretching there uniforms. Tori was about ready to burst out. Her Mother was close to exploding. She was turning red as the corset top was on so tight around her midsection. Her large breast hung over her corset. They were tied tight inside a pink bra that was close to exploding. Both girls thick legs and sexy hips leaked out the sides of the uniform. I gulped as they both had on the black/pink high heel cleats. They strutted across my wooden floor. It was like my heart beat with the rhythm of there feet. I decided to stand up to look them up and down.

"Do you see coach? What my Mom was talking about?" said Tori. My mouth was wide open. I kept looking at them as they stood next to each other. Tori large left breast touched her Mom's huge right breast as they stood next to each other. My nipples got hard as I moved closer to them. "Let me get the total effect. Just stand right there girls." I said. I moved around them. I had to see there two big ass's. I was not disappointed. Tori arched her back. The bottom of her big ass was just under the mini uniform skirt. Her Mom was not so lucky. Quarter of her ass was uncovered. I could see her tight pink thong rode high on her hips. Her ass shook as she put her long finger nails on her hips. She arched her back. I watched as the back button on her left rear pocket popped off. I caught the big pink button in mid air. "See! I am already bursting out Mr. Kelly." said Mrs. Smalls.

"Oh! I think it's OK. Wow! These uniforms are very distracting. I think everybody on the other team will be quite jealous. I would have a hard time being the coach." I said. "Coach! I can't even slide in this. I might hurt myself." said Tori. Mrs. Smalls tired to turn her head to see what I was doing behind them. I was stroking my now hard cock inside my soft ball pants. God were they hot. "Do you mind. Coach! I can barely breath. I am turning a different color." said Mrs. Smalls. Tori moved closer to her Mom. When she did this her ass brushed against her Mothers. I was more than half Mrs. Smalls age but she was making me so hot and horny. I inched closer to them. I was now just behind them. I wanted to put my hand on either girls big ass.

"Wait! I think I noticed something. Both of your garters are not on all the way." I said. I reached down to put my hand on the back of Tori thigh. She watched as I pulled down to clasp them on her ripped black house. I touch the back of my hand on her left butt cheek as I pulled my hand straight up. It look like an accident. She smiled as she saw my face. I then crouched down on my knees. My face was just eye level with Cassie Smalls big ass. I reached down to clasp the back of her right and left thigh garters. They stretched as far as they would go. I then felt the front of her right thigh slip off. She looked down. "Oh the front Coach." she said. I could have put my hand around the side to get the garter. Instead I move my hand between her thick thighs. She spread her big thighs giving me access to her garter. I moved it into place. I let my left hand move slowly between her legs. I touched her thick thighs. I then moved my hand up, causing my left index finger to touch under her thong. I could see her big cunt lips bending the thin material up. Her big lips parted around my finger as I moved it up in one slow motion. I could feel a little wetness and a musk aroma in the air.

Mrs. Smalls did not say a word. I then stood up. I looked down to see both girls had shifted there large bodies on there right leg. I saw there breast had rubbed against each other as I moved my hands to touch them. Both girls breathing had increased. It had been awhile since I had sex. I was not sure the last time Tori had sex. But I could tell by how fast Mrs. Smalls reacted. It had been quite some time for her. I moved and looked into there eyes as I was now standing in front of them. I looked down.

I could now see Mrs. Smalls was getting a dark shade of red. I decided to move in between them. I turned forward as they move slightly to let me in. I could feel Tori large breast against my right lower back. "Here let me help you Mrs. Smalls. I don't want you to faint. Let me feel the material. Maybe there some more room to let you breath." I said. I felt Tori hand on my lower back as she leaned forward to see her Mother. I inches my left hand down Mrs. Smalls back. I could feel how tight the corset top was on her. The strings in the back were pulled tight. I put my finger inside the thin material. I could feel her soft skin on one side and the tight uniform on the outside of my finger. I moved it around causing Mrs. Smalls to try to suck it in. Just then the other button on her right back pocket popped off and hit the wooden floor behind her. "You see. I'm bursting out again." said Mrs. Smalls.

I smiled as I looked down the front of her large cleavage. She had her shirt tied around her big pink bra. She had pulled it tight to hold her twin battleships in. I smiled as her nipples were now poking out the thin material. I felt Tori nipple poke me in the side. I could not tell who had bigger nipples but I could feel one and see another get bigger. "Please help. I can't breath coach. I'm getting light headed. Help me! Please!" Mrs. Smalls pleaded. I moved my hand up her back. I was under her shirt. I pulled on the back corset strings holding her corset tight against her midsection. I slowly released her corset making her skin tone go down from red to pink. She took one big breath. I heard Tori gasp. I then watched her Mom shirt fall open. A second later Mrs. Smalls pink bra unclasped from the sheer weight of her huge breast. Her nipples had caused an explosion. Her top fell open. The pink bra shot out and landed on the floor beneath her.

My jaw dropped. "Ummm!!!" was all I could say. Her big nipples expanded in the cold air of my living room. I saw her swollen breast fall down outside of the tight black corset. It was still tied tight around her midsection. Her breast hung over the top near her waist. The knot around her shirt opened causing her to be fully exposed. Mrs. Smalls moaned as I moved my hand from the side of her shirt to touch her swollen left breast. I watched her eyes follow my hand to her breast. I rubbed her big fat nipple with my index and middle finger. I tugged on it causing her to moan. Tori moved to see her Mom being fondled.

I then moved my free hand back to tug on Tori shirt. I untied her shirt. I then watched as she reached up on the side to unclasp her tight pink bra. The top of her breast had expanded out the top. Her two big nipples were escaping out the top as she curled her finger inside her bra. She smiled as her pink bra fell open and landed in front of her. She took off her shirt. I watched Mrs. Smalls pull off her shirt. Pull girls were now exposing there large breast to me. I moved my hands picking up each large breast in my hand. I had Tori left breast in my right hand. I had Mrs. Smalls right breast in my left hand. It felt like a basketball in one hand and a large beach ball in the other. Mrs. Smalls did not sag. Her breast sat high on her large chest. Tori was softer. Both girls moaned from my hands on there breast. I could feel there big nipples press inside my palms of my hand.

I tugged on there nipples next make them hold up there breast flesh. Each girl had there eyes closed as I fondled there chest. I had to taste there big breast. I stuck Mrs. Smalls first in my mouth. I sucked very hard until she screamed and opened her left eye. She looked down her breast to see my mouth sucking on her nipples. She smiled. I then stuck her daughter breast in my mouth and bite down on Tori big nipple. She was slightly smaller than her mother but both girls nipples were the size of small thumb. I kept alternating each girls big nipple in my mouth. I grabbed, tugged and bite on there breast. They each let me use there breast for my excitement. My cock was straining to get out of my soft ball pants. I could feel it expanding down my leg. It had already slipped out the side of my jock. I looked down to see it close to Mrs. Smalls fingers.

Tori put her hand on my arm as I sucked her breast. I spit it out making it crash loud on her skin. She moaned. I moved her to stick her other juicy breast in my mouth. I then moved Mrs. Smalls who had to shuffle her feet to keep her balance. I jammed her big nipple in my mouth. I bite down on her nipple and huge breast. Both girls big dark aeroles felt nice on my tongue. They sent chills down my body. I felt Mrs. Smalls hand on my shoulder as I rolled her big nipple in my mouth. "Fuck young man. You now to make my breast feel good. God! Yes! Yes! Coach Buck!!!" said Mrs. Smalls. Tori head was back and her mouth was open as I licked her big nipple again in my wet mouth. After A few minutes I stopped to let them catch there breath.

I looked at Tori first. I smiled. I slapped her big ass. She moved to let me unbutton her mini skirt bottom to her uniform. Her pink thong was already soaked in the front as she moved her hand to touch her pussy on the outside of the thin material. I saw Mrs. Smalls unbutton her mini skirt. She could not pull it down. I slapped her big ass and had her turn around. I pulled on her mini skirt bottom. I could not get it to go. She put her hands down to play with her pussy. "MMMMMmmm. O god!!!!" said Tori. She had put her hand on the front of my soft ball pants. She then dropped to her knees in front of me. Mrs. Smalls turned around just in time to see her daughter take off my belt keeping up my pants. She pulled them down over my ankles. I kicked them off. She then pulled off my two pair of socks. I looked down to see Tori big breast hanging down near my knees. She rubbed them on my leg as she moved her hand on the outside of white jock strap. She moved her long nails down my cock. She traced the big head with her right index finger.

I then saw Mrs. Smalls move her daughter hand out of the way. She started to rub my cock. She moved her free hand under my soft ball shirt that hung over my ass. She found that my ass was bare. I reached over to pull on her nipples as she looked at me. I turned to kiss her juicy lips. She kissed me like fiery hot cougar she was. She was not in love. She was in lust after me. She pinched my hard ass and fondled my butt for a few minutes. Her daughter grabbed the side of my jock. She pulled it down over my ankles. Both girls sighed and gasp when my cock bobbed out all most hitting Tori face. She quickly grabbed the tip. She licked off the big wad of pre-cum on the tip. I smiled when I felt Mrs. Smalls use her free hand to cup my naked balls. We kissed again much harder than the first. I felt her big breast push on my shirt. I reached down to pull my soft ball shirt over my head. Mrs. Smalls through my shirt on the floor next to there shirts. She sucked my nipple in her mouth.

"Suck that cock Tori. Lick his balls. Get your hands off it. Use your mouth. Put your hands to your side. MMMMmm.... here let me show you." said Mrs. Smalls. She crouched down next to her daughter. Tori was on her knees and moved to my left leg. She put her big breast around my thigh as she watched her Mother lick the length of my cock. She then started to suck my cock. She got half, then more inside her hot mouth. I watched as all 9 3/4 inches disappeared in her mouth. She put her tongue out to lick my naked balls. She wrapped her long nails around my balls. She then gagged and spit me out. She aimed my cock at her daughter. She leaned up to stick my cock in her mouth.

Mrs. Smalls grabbed the back of her daughter head to shove Tori mouth down my cock. Tori gagged and almost got it all in before she spit it out. Mrs. Smalls started to lick my cock of her daughter saliva with her tingue. She used her small right hand to jack my cock and lick the tip. She then stuck my balls in her mouth. She ran her tongue all over them. She then pressed my cock against my stomach. She touched my belly button with my cock as she leaned in to lick the bottom of my cock. She swirled her tongue all over my scrotum sack and almost to my ass hole. She backed up to let her daughter lick me. I was loving what they were doing to me. "Coach. Most men would have cum for me by now. Cover your ears Tori. My husband would have cum just by touching him. I know you have a huge load in there. Cum for me now and then we can fuck you. Show me that big load honey. Tori pull on his balls. That it. MMMmmmm" said Mrs. Smalls.

I leaned forward to see down there backs. I could see Tori big ass all naked and her Mothers still in her mini skirt. I could feel all there breast on my leg. I leaned back to see there breast touching as they passed my cock between there mouth. I pulled my cock out of Tori mouth. "Spit on my cock Mrs. Smalls. Tori push your breast together. Wrap them around my cock. Oh that feels nice. Mrs. Smalls lick my cock when it comes out of your daughter breast. That it. Wrap those big pink lips around my cock. Push your breast tighter Tori." I said. I was fucking Tori big breast as Mrs. Smalls lick the tip of my cock between her daughter breast. I was wondering how far this could go with them.

"Lick her big nipples Mrs. Smalls. Oh that is it. Lick your daughter big fat nipples. Tori likes that. Tori put your hands between your legs. I'll hold your big breast. Play with that pussy. Push that thong to the side." I said. I watched Mrs. Smalls suck and lick her daughter big breast. I could smell Tori playing with her tight pussy. They were driving me crazy. But before I came. I had to fuck Mrs. Smalls huge breast. "That was perfect girls. Now Mrs. Small wrap your big breast around my cock. Show your daughter how to to tit fuck. Tori spit on your Mom big breast. Right there. Now guide my cock between them. You better hold her left breast while Cassie you hold your right breast. That it girls, fuck that feels nice." I moaned.

My cock was sandwiched between two of the largest breast I had wrapped around my cock in years. I reached down to pull on her big nipples. I let them go. I then pushed Tori mouth on her Mom big left nipple. She held her Mom breast around my cock as she licked her Mom huge nipple. Mrs. Smalls breathing had increased. She could not move her hand between her legs. She had no room to get it under her breast or thick flesh. I smiled as she fucked my cock. Tori started to lick my big purple head as it pushed through the warm cleavage of her Mother. I could feel Tori rubbing her breast on my thigh as I fucked her Mom tits some more.

I arched back moving my cock right into Mrs. Smalls hot mouth. She put her tongue down whacking my cock in her mouth. My legs were weak. I looked down. Both girls dropped there breast and pushed there mouth around the side of my cock. They jacked my cock with there small hands and long nails. Mrs. Smalls put her right index finger under my ass. She put her long nail inside my butt crack. I lost it. "GOD you fucking big gurls do it to me all the time. YES!!!!!!!!!" I yelled. With that I erupted inside each girls mouth. Mrs. Smalls took most as Tori gagged and jacked my orgasm in her Mom mouth. Tori licked her Mom breast clean. Then Mrs. Smalls cleaned me off. I grabbed both of there long blond hair forcing them to kiss. They exchanged my fluids as the Frenched kissed.

"Tori go in my kitchen. Get some water in the fridge. Bring a towel to clean yourself and your Mom off. I walked over to the couch to sit down. I watched Tori come back a few minutes later to clean herself and her Mom. I grabbed Mrs. Smalls off her knees. I walked with both girls on either side of me. I opened my bedroom. I laid on the bed. "Tori strip your Mother. Pull off her new soft ball uniform. Go to my closet and pick out two pair of heels to wear. Those are perfect bring them back. Put the yellow ones on your Mom. OK. Cassie strip your daughter. Pull off her new soft ball uniform. Now put on those red heels for her. That it pick up each foot and place them in the red straps. Now both of you stand next to my king size bed." I said. They followed instructions very well. I turned to see the red light flashing on my answering machine. I had place the receiver down hard and now all the calls went to the machine. I smiled as I watched there eyes get bigger as my cock was now sticking straight up.

I started to stroke my cock for them. Mrs. Smalls licked her lips. "Your first Cassie. Bring that beautiful pussy and place it on my cock. Tori lie down next to me and watch you Mother. Put your big breast on my mouth. I want to suck them while your Mom fucks me. That it crawl to my cock. Spit on your hand and wipe yourself Cassie." I said. Mrs. Smalls put her heels next to my hips as she looked down. I had put a few pillows behind my head as Tori laid down next to my right arm. She placed her large breast on my chest near my mouth. She looked up to see her Mom bare pussy come down on my cock. Mrs. Smalls bent her knees and placed my cock at the entrance to her pussy. She wiped my cock up and down on her big cunt lips. She placed my cock head just inside. "Coach. Go easy it's been awhile for me." said Mrs. Smalls.

I smiled as I moved my hips up to get 1/4 of my cock inside her wet pussy. She was already dripping as I felt her heels did into my sides. I looked down to see her bend her knees and bounce on my cock. I slipped out and felt her wet skin. She quickly reached between her thick thighs to find my hard cock. She put it right back in and fucked me some more. I started to lick Tori big nipples on my chest. She rubbed her semi hairy pussy on my leg. I looked down to see her small bush riding my leg. I put my hand around her back. I fondled her big ass as I sucked on her breast some more. Mrs. Smalls was really fucking me hard. She had almost all of me inside her. I could go no farther as she bent my cock to fit more in. Her wet pussy was coating my cock as she slammed her breast on her chest. Tori could not take her eyes of her Mom fucking my big cock.

After twenty minutes Tori got on and Mrs. Smalls fell on my left side. She smothered me with her big breast as she watched her daughter get on my cock. She held my cock so her daughter could lower her tight pussy on my cock. She grabbed Tori breast and pulled on them as I licked Mrs. Smalls big right nipple. I could barely see light as she pushed her big breast all over my face. I felt Tori pussy muscles relax and take all most of me deep inside her. "Mom lick my nipples. God! Yes! Yes! Rub my cunt. Your finger and coach's cock in me feel great. I'm cumming!! Fuck YES!!!!!!!!!" Tori orgasm as her Mom licked her finger of her daughter juices.

I felt the bed move as Tori fell off. I then felt Mrs. Smalls move off of me. She swung her pussy onto my face. I could barely breath as she slammed her big ass on my face. She was face smothering me to death. I could see light, then pitch black. I moved my hands around her huge ass. I moved her ass cheeks apart as I licked her pussy. I slipped my tongue in her ass. She moaned. I then put one finger inside her ass hole. She came on my mouth. She grabbed my chest twisting my nipples. Tori was back on riding my cock. Both girls moaned as the Mom rode my face and the daughter rode my cock. Mrs. Smalls got up to let me breath. She looked down. "Coach Kelly put your hands my your side." she said. I did as she put her knees on the outside of my arms. Now I could not move as her ass blocked out the light.

She pounded her ass on my face. I stuck my tongue up. Sometimes I tasted her juicy pussy. The other time her ass. But all of her flesh was pounding my face, chin, head, and neck. I felt Tori orgasm again as she rode my cock. I could hear them kissing as Tori leaned in to suck her Mom big breast. If I was heaven, don't wake me......

"Wham! Wham!! Stomp! Stomp! I felt the bed stop. I then felt some cold air hit the bed next to my face. Mrs. Smalls had stopped fucking my face. She arched her back. I looked up to see her big ass spread apart. There was some light from her big crack. I could breath as Tori pussy tighten on my cock. "OH MY GOD! Coach Kelly are you in there. Are you under MRS. SMALLS. Cassie NO!!! TORI get off the coach's cock." said Dean Waumbaugh. "Tori don't move. Hi! Dean Waumbaugh! It's not what it looks like. I came to talk to the coach about the uniforms. Ummm." said Mrs. Smalls. "I'm just shocked. How could this happen? I mean your husband still in a board meeting discussing the girls soft ball uniforms. Are these it??" said the Dean. I patted Mrs. Smalls on her big ass. She moved down to sit on my chest. I turned my head to see Dean Waumbaugh. "Oh! Good afternoon. I meant to call you back." I said. "Mr. Kelly! First these sexed up uniforms and now your in bed with Mrs. Small and her daughter. She your first baseman for Christ sakes. I just can't believe this." she said.

I still had my cock buried in Tori pussy. She had her hands on my stomach near her Mom pussy. The Dean bent down to pick up a pink bra and soft ball top. "Coach Kelly how could you think this was appropriate to wear. I mean. I'm a big girl too. I find this very offensive to woman." she said. Did I hear big girl. The Dean was about 5ft 3 and very bodacious. I had not paid her much attention. Every time she was hidden behind her desk went I got called to her office. "Cassie go help the Dean try on the top. Show her how much you like it." I said. I watched as Mrs. Smalls walked over to her friend.

I felt Tori move on my cock as she watched her Mother and Dean Waumbaugh. "Oh hello Cassie. What are you doing. Oh my god. Your unzipping my dress. EEEKKKK! Help Tori your Mother. Cassie I'm not wearing anything under my dressssss....." screamed Dean Waumbaugh. I smiled as the Dean dress fell around her ankles. She had nothing on underneath. I then watch as Mrs. Smalls grabbed her friends ample tits. They were not as big as hers or her daughter but they were a nice size. Mrs. Smalls leaned down to shove her big left breast into the Dean mouth. She bite down and sucked Mrs. Smalls big breast. A minute later both older MILF's were standing next to the bed.

"Tori get off of the coach." said Mrs. Smalls. "Oh! God that is nice. I can see why your still here. MMmmm Coach Kelly." said Mrs. Waumbaugh. She curled her finger in her mouth. I got on my knees. I directed all three ladies to get on there hands an knees. They lined up next to each other. Tori first, with Mrs. Smalls in the middle and Mrs. Waumbaugh to her right. They grabbed ahold of the metal railing at the bottom of the bed. I put there feet together and had them arch there backs. I looked at each big ass. "Who ever shakes there ass the best. You win a big prize." I said.

Tori bounced her ass hard. Followed by Mrs. Waumbaugh. Who shook her round ass at me. But once again Mrs. Smalls rocked it hard. Her ass shook like a big earthquake. I grabbed her hips and slapped her big ass with my cock. Each girl on her side turned to watch me stick my cock into Mrs. Smalls tight pussy. I slammed my cock in deep and hard. After a few minutes I fucked Tori sweet pussy in just the same fashion I fucked her Mother. I slapped the Dean ass. She moaned as I stuck a finger in her pussy. She was wet but very tight. I looked over at Tori. "Come here Tori. Get under the Dean. Show her how much you like using your tongue. I'm afraid she not ready for me just yet." I said.

Tori crawled over and got under the Dean. She started to lick her Mom friend wet pussy. She reached down to touch Tori long hair sticking on the edge of the bed between her legs. I slapped Mrs. Smalls ass to let her turn around to see. She smiled as she put her hand on the Dean breast. They started to kiss. Tori licked her pussy. I touched Tori big breast. I pulled on her nipples. After a few minutes I guided my cock into the Dean hot pussy. I could feel Tori licking my balls as I fucked the Dean. I grabbed her hips forcing more of my cock in her tight pussy. Mrs. Smalls Frenched kissed Mrs. Waumbaugh. I could here the metal rail on the end of the bed rattle from all three of them sucking each other and me.

I stopped after 15 minutes of exchanging positions. I had Tori move to her Mom left side. I had Dean Waumbaugh move to Mrs. Smalls right side. "Both of you put your breast on her big ass. That it girls. Now pull her big ass cheeks apart. I've wanted to do this since I first saw you Mrs. Smalls. I know you want it to." I said. I spit on my hand. I wiped my cock. I then spit on Mrs. Smalls big ass hole that was exposed. She moaned very loud. Tori spit and Mrs. Waumbaugh spit on Mrs. Smalls big ass hole. I moved into position. Mrs. Smalls looked over her shoulder as both big gurls had there big tits on her ass.

I smiled as I pushed my dark purple cock head into her ass. I eased in as her ass relaxed. I then felt he other girls reach down between Mrs. Smalls legs to play with her pussy. They were met with Mrs. Small fingers already inside her pussy. I pushed my hips forcing my cock in deeper. After a few minutes I had all my cock buried in her ass. She let the girls play with her pussy as she reached up to hold the metal foot rail at the end of the bed. I grabbed her hips. I slapped her ass then pulled her hair. She put her neck back as I pounded her hole. She then went limp s her body quaked from a very deep orgasm. Her toes curled as my toes curled. I then held on as my cock erupted deep inside her. I felt my cock get wet from my fluids. I was dripping as I pulled out. Dean Waumbaugh started to clean off her friends ass. Tori deep throat my cock to clean me off. A second later after her ass was clean Mrs. Smalls was kissing my lips.

"I got it." said Tori. She scooped up the slow roller down to first and touched the bag. "You girls just keep practicing your hitting." I yelled. "You two go back to sucking my cock." I whispered. We got the girls new soft ball uniforms. I got out voted. Now they only wear the soft ball uniforms I picked out from the strip joint for practice. I got two new assistants to help me. Mrs. Smalls is in charge of travel and transportation to the games. Mrs. Waumbaugh is the score keeper for the team. There both wearing the old uniforms as they suck my cock in the dug out. The team is practicing on the field in front of us. We have not lost a game yet. The place is sold out on game day. It seems allot more older woman, and big gurls are coming to the game. They all want to hit a home run with the new soft ball coach.

My cock was hurt in the making of this story. LOL


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