Wednesday, April 21, 2010

2 Cougars on the Couch - A True Story

True Story - U asked - I thought it be good reading

It was close to 1am on Friday Night. (April 16, 2010) I was sitting on my big black leather couch in my living room. I had a beer in one hand and the remote in the other. I was watching sports center. Trying to catch some replays of a few games from the night. I had helped a friend with his computer at his house. He lives down in Columbia MD. About 40 minutes away. I had dinner with him on the grill. I left about 7pm. I was a little tired at 10pm but got my second wind after making some pizza in the oven. I had a few slices. I checked online to see if I had any emails. Crossed that off my list. Made some comments on MySpace and Twitter (buckkelly123).

I was going to bed in about 20 minutes. I was going to get up early and go for a run or hike in a state park near my house. I had no plans with anyone. I was wearing a white wife beater and some small blue soccer shorts. I took a long shower when I got home to relax. I just put on some deodorant. I comb my short hair. I did not have on any underwear or socks or shoes. I sleep nude. I was just going to pull off everything and hop into bed.

Just a few minutes later there was a knock at my front door. Followed by my door bell. I hit the mute on the TV. I looked at the clock on the DVD player. It was about 1:10am. I was not expecting anyone. I was getting off the couch when the door bell rang again. "Just a minute!!" I yelled. I won't lie. I do get a few ladies who like to pop in. Does not happen all the time. I am sure you all think I am some kind of player. But I do lead a boring life most of the time. Between trying to keep my computer business running and my house. There not much time for finding love or a good woman.

I quickly got to my front door. I peeked through the peep hole. My heart skipped a beat. I should have known. Mrs. T. has come to my house on a few occasions after dark. I was not expecting her tonight with her husband back in town. She had just spent a couple of days with me. Someday I might tell you her last name. But for now. I will keep a secret. I could see she was wearing a black t-shirt that was ripped on the sides and had a big open scoop showing off her large breast. I saw she was also wearing a short faded blue denim mini skirt. I had picked out the mini skirt last week. She likes to take me shopping with her. I pay and she models for me. I kinda of like the arrangement. I am sure she likes it too.

I opened the door. "Hey Buck! How are you? This is Jeana. She used to be my boss were I worked. She in town for the weekend. I hope you don't mind us stopping by this late. Hubby asleep in his bed." Mrs. T said with a smile. "Ummm No! Nice to meet you Jeana. Why don't you two ladies come on in." I said. Mrs. T. is about 5ft 5 and has long blonde hair down to her shoulder. She has some curves that won't stop. Jeana was about in her mid forties. She has dirty blonde hair down to her shoulders. She got almost the same outfit on as Mrs. T.. Dark purple blouse that has a big scoop showing off her breast. She is a little smaller than Mrs. T when he comes to the curves but just as sexy. She got a big smile to match her sexy bright red lips.

I followed them in shutting the door behind us. I took a big breath as I showed them into the living room. "I should have known you be watching sports. I am still coming next Thursday to watch the draft with you." said Mrs. T. She a big Baltimore Ravens fan. I have been hesitant to take her to the practice facility in Owing Mills down the road. I am sure she might start a riot wearing a small outfit. "So what were you girls doing before you came over?" I said. "Jeana staying out by the airport. She called me. I had to come see her. Hubby was cool. Then we were just going to have one tiny drink at the hotel bar. About two hours later and dancing with ourselves. I told her we had to come meet my Bucky for some more drinks. Your not mad?" said Mrs. T. "No! I am glad you stopped by." I said.

We made some small talk while I poured them some frozen daiquiris (World Famous Buck drink) Each (Cougar) as I like to call them. Was wearing lots of gold jewelery. Big gold hoop earrings. Heavy makeup. They each had matching red finger and toenails. They each had 4inch black heels that were similar. Each a big black belt with a buckle in front of there minis. Mrs. T. had one button undone on her skirt after she sat down. She kicked her heels on the couch. Jeana put her over Mrs. T. long legs.

I could not stop starring at them on the couch. They were drinking out of each other glasses. They were laughing. Make fun of each other. Telling old stories about when they worked together. I watched and said little. One good thing is not to say much. Than you can't say anything wrong to ruin the moment.

After a few drinks both women got started in about there husbands. I just listen to them talk. I laughed a few times. Mrs. T. tells her husband everything. He has even listen to us having sex on his phone. At the beginning I was nervous but not any more. She happy, he happy, and I am very happy.

Maybe about forty minutes after they sat down on the couch. I am not sure how it happen but Jeana leaned in the kiss Mrs. T. on the mouth. My mouth dropped open. "MMMmm you have nice lips. I have wanted to do that all night. I can see you did not mind." said Jeana. I gulped. Mrs. T. started to massage Jeana legs on the couch. Then they started to kiss some more. I saw Jeana move her hand to Mrs. T. right breast. She tugged on her nipple. I had to shift my weight in the chair to hide my erection. They were now French kissing for a few minutes. Both girls eyes were closed. I did not say anything. I did pinch my right forearm to make sure I was not dreaming.

My lips were dry. They finally broke there embrace. "You have such juicy lips honey. I wish I would have kissed you when you worked for me. I miss you so much." said Jeana. "Mmmmm.." Mrs. T. went back to kissing her old boss. After ten minutes they broke off there kiss. Mrs. T belt was undone. Her last button on her mini skirt was off. I watched Jeana unzip Mrs. T. mini skirt. I bite my lower lip. I had to shake my head. It was not the first time I had seen Mrs. T. or a few girls making out on my couch. It was just the first time two hot older ladies (COUGARS) make out with so much passion on it. I moved again in my black leather arm chair. I clicked off the TV.

I watched Jeana move her hand inside Mrs. T. mini skirt. She was trying to get her hand in farther as Mrs. T. slipped her tongue deep inside Jeana mouth. Both women were breathing very heavy as I sat a few feet away. A minute later Mrs. T. moved her ass to allow Jeana to pull off her mini skirt. She lifted her right leg as the skirt fell on my coffee table. Her big belt made a loud noise. Not as loud as Jeana finally putting her finger inside Mrs. T. wet pussy. Mrs. T. was not wearing any panties or a thong. I moved my hand to my mouth. I was breathing heavy. Both women were kissing very loud. I watched Mrs. T. shift on the couch to let her old boss move her finger deeper in her pussy.

Next Mrs. T. opened Jeana blouse. She started to massage her friends big breast. I moved my hand on the front of my small soccer shorts. I felt the lump of my ever growing cock. I then heard Jeana moan as her nipple was in Mrs. T. mouth. I kept watching as they kept losing more clothes. About ten minutes later both women were completely naked on my couch. My mouth was getting dry. I rubbed my cock again inside my shorts. I watched as Mrs. T. was on her back lying with her head near the arm of the couch near me. Her old boss moved around with her head facing the opposite direction. Her nice firm ass was above Mrs. T. mouth. I then watched as Mrs. T. stuck her tongue on Jeana pussy. Just then there was two big smells in my living room from them. It was a very hot 69 on my couch.

Jeana head dropped in Mrs. T. lap. She was eating her just as good as she was eating her. I shifted on the couch again. I did not want to interrupt what was going on. Don't assume you might get some. Better to wait to get invited then whipping out your cock and making them stop. I heard both women moan very loud. After twenty minutes of great pussy licking they each had a nice orgasm. I think Jeana came first followed by Mrs. T. I kept watching as each lady used there fingers and lips inside each other. Mrs. T. was moving her tongue in clockwise direction and sucking on Jeana big cunt lips. I heard Mrs. T. have another moment on the couch. I then heard both girls move on the couch. The sound of wet leather could be heard from them. They both calmed down on the couch.

Mrs. T. spanked her boss on the ass. Jeana rolled over and looked down on her friends body. "Oh god! I forgot you were here Buck. I am so embarrassed." said Jeana. I just smiled. "It's OK! I'm speechless at the moment." I said. "Ummm that was fun. I might have not quit when I did back than. Buck! Your mouth wide open honey. Come here big boy. " said Mrs. T.

I got up out of my leather chair. My cock was sticking straight out causing my small blue soccer shorts to make a big tent. My nipples were erect under my white wife beater. I walked over as both Cougars moved to sit next to each other on the couch. There amazing ass's were touching as Jeana sat on the right and Mrs. T. on the left. I walked between them as Mrs. T. moved her hand up my long legs stopping inches from my hard cock under my shorts.

"Are you OK with this Jeana. I don't want you to be mad. We can go in the other room and come back. I'm sure Buck understands. I do come over allot but we don't have sex all the time. I just don't want to loose are friendship over this." said Mrs. T. I smiled as Jeana reached up to move her hand on my hard cock. She was rubbing the material covering my erection. "No! I'm Ok with this T. I'll let you know if it goes to far. Plus I tell my husband everything. He will be Ok. I might not tell him about what Buck got packing under these shorts. Mmmmm. Buck that is nice." said Jeana

A second later both women pulled the sides of my shorts to around my ankles. I pulled my shirt over my head. I was not naked in front of them as they each licked there lips. Both women leaned up to suck my cock. They took turns sucking my cock. Each one tried to out due the other sucking my cock. They put my cock in and used there lips down my shaft. They kissed as my cock was in there mouths. I was in heaven as the two hot cougars on my couch sucked my cock. I felt there hands on my big naked balls. Jeans put my balls in her mouth. Mrs. T. fondled my ass. I felt each women boobs rub my legs as she the sucked my cock. I could last more than a few minutes but Mrs. T. wanted me to cum quicker. She pulled my cock from her mouth. "Buck! I know you have a big load in there. Cum for me real quick and then we can go upstairs. I want you baby." she said.

I smiled as I looked down at them. They jacked my cock and Frenched kissed again. I moved my legs wider to get my balance. A few minutes later and them shoving there breast together it happened. I watched as my cock erupted in the air. A big shot went into Mrs. T. mouth. She aimed at her old boss face. Jeana got some on her lips and chin. Then they jacked me on there big breast. Mrs. T. deep throated me and cleaned my off. They both licked my sperm off there bodies.

A few minutes later I helped each Cougar to her feet. I looked down to see the black leather couch was VERY wet from them. Each girl wiggled around in front of me. They were still a little mess from me and them. "Let go get cleaned off in Buck's shower and then get in his hot tub." said Mrs. T. "Wait you got a hot tub. What are we waiting for. Let's go." said Jeana. "OK! Follow me. You going to love this. I just put a new shower outside next to the pool house. I got the hot water to work. Let's go ladies." I said. "Buck! You might have to get the couch clean again." said Mrs. T. with a big smile. "Lucky I bought some more leather cleaner for just this thing." I said.

They followed me. I opened a new bar of soap in the shower. Of course Mrs. T. dropped it a few times to watch me pick it off the ground. We had some more fun in the shower and later in the hot tub. The next day I drove Jeana back to her hotel. I drove Mrs. T. home. I jogged back to my house. I got the leather cleaner from under my sink. I gave the couch a big scrub down. I then took a shower.

It was close to midnight on Saturday when I got home from going out for drinks and a movie by myself. I walked up to my front door. I could hear some girls giggling in my back yard. I walked up the side. I opened my wooden gate. I saw Mrs. T., Jeana and it turns out Jeana 21 year old female intern in my hot tub. "BUCK!!!!!!!!!" they said. I then heard a few wine bottles hit my deck as they stood up. I guess they read the first rule on the wall next to my hot tub. "Clothing is optional."

It's good to be me.

Oh before you send me the hate mail for a true story
I did ask all ladies involved if it was OK to write the story,
I did how ever change Jeana name like she asked me.


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