Thursday, April 8, 2010

Bucks Favorite Scenes - Number 1 - Veronica Bottoms

Going to try to post some of my favorite scenes from different movies
I do love bigger woman
From the Bodacious to the just OMG the is nice

I hope u enjoy

My first scene is Veronica Bottoms vs Rodny Moore
You may have missed it - It a hard scene to find
but its one of my favs
He enjoy big women as much as me
and When he Fucks Poor MS Bottoms standing up and her amazing
wooden heels to her thick thighs and large butt are shaking
its one of my favs

His over head shots of her big ass is to die for

I still will be writing more Adult Stories
and I might try to post some of my favorite Cartoons
once a week - I hope u enjoy

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