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Masseuses Buck - An Adult Story

Masseuses Buck - An Adult Story

I had only been on the job for about two weeks. It was just part time. I went to college during the day. Two nights a week I helped clean office buildings, banks and shops near campus. The pay was pretty good. I usually worked with two other guys. We get a text on the way to work. Where to meet. Then we divide the work up. One person would vacuum, the other garbage, and one would dust. Nothing to hard. It was just staying up all night that was difficult.

I through my lunch in the back seat. Followed by a big vacuum cleaner and a small feather duster. It was my turn to keep all the supplies for the week. I placed my name tag on my blue uniform. I was not a big fan of wearing scrubs all night. My friends thought I worked at the hospital morgue when I went to work. But I do like them on hot nights. I did not have to wear underwear or socks under my scrubs. Tonight it was close to a 100 degrees on the thermometer in my car. I passed a few street lights before I got a text from work. I was suppose to meet at 280 Pine Street. It was a strip mall at the end of town. I was suppose to look for suite 2D.

It took me twenty minutes, before I pulled into the parking lot of the strip mall. I circled once, looking for my co-workers. I then pulled up at the end of the strip mall. I looked out my window. In small letters on the last door, was "2D" It was the Oriental Massage. I smiled as I got out of my car. I then looked down. My cell phone was vibrating. It was my boss. My two co workers called off. It was only me tonight. He sent me the security code to get in to the Oriental Massage.

I reached in the back seat for the vacuum cleaner and duster. Then I walked up to the front door. I pushed in the security code. The door opened. I walked inside. I turned on the lights. There was a small counter at the front. A few small chairs by the door. There were some Oriental lettering on the wall. I smiled when I walked behind a beaded curtain separating the front and the back parlor. There were three small rooms down a main hall. There was a chair at the end of the hall and another room. "Employee only" sign stuck on the front. I peeked into each small room. There was a big massage table in the middle. Some small hooks to hang your clothes. A small wooden table to put your shoes on.

There was a big white board on each wall. There were prices on one side and what they did on the other. I smiled more when I saw a small sign at the bottom of the board. "No happy endings. We not that place." Then more Oriental letters. I guess they did not want to get busted by the cops for jacking guys off at the end of the massage table. Each small room smelled great. Each smelled of a different oil's and fragrance's. I then walked down to the last room. I opened the door. It was a small maid closet and back room of the massage parlor. I picked up some garbage bags and headed back to the front.

It took me about ten minutes to empty all the trash. I then vacuum all around the parlor. I pulled my cell phone out of my pocket. I had so much time to kill. I did not want my boss to know I was almost finished for the night. I walked back to my car. I threw the vacuum in the back seat. I pulled out the small feather duster. I walked back inside. I started in the front. I was dusting some of the fake plants. Then I walked behind the small counter, to dust the gold letters next. It helps being almost 6ft 4, with an athletic bod. I don't need a ladder to get the high spots. I then walked toward the back massage rooms. I got to the first room.

"Knock! Knock!" I turned my head. Was that the front door? I looked around. Must be imagining things. I took a few more steps. "Knock! Knock!" Fuck, there it goes again. I put down my feather duster. I walked toward the front door. I peeked through the hanging beads. I almost fell over. There was a very voluptuous woman knocking on the glass door. She had the perfect hour glass figure. She was holding some big shopping bags in her hands. A huge black leather purse on her right shoulder. She was wearing some white over the knee Capri pants. They were super tight. They hugged her big thighs and long legs. I could not see her feet. She had a cheetah print top that was being blocked by her hands, and the shopping bags.

I moved my hand, to part the hanging beads. I then reached down to unlock the front door. I looked through the glass. She smiled. She had long curly dark hair, with blonde high lites at the bottom, passed her shoulder. She had some sexy long red nails to match her sexy red lips. There were small white flower drawn on each nail. I looked down to see she was wearing six inch cheetah print high heels. Each heel had a red tip on the end. I smiled as I pulled the door towards me.

"Hi!" I said. "Good evening. Our you still open? I just got done shopping. My feet are killing me. I got more aches than I can count. Earlier today, I got my nails done next door. They gave me a coupon for here. When I got done shopping around the corner. I decided to come back and get a massage." she said. I smiled again. Before I could stop myself. "Sure come on in. Never to late for a good massage. My name Buck." I said. I reached down to help her with her big shopping bags. "Thank you! My name Mischa. Nice to meet you. Thanks for taking my bags." she said. I turned to put her bags on the small counter. She put her purse down next to her bags.

"Follow me. Have you been here before?" I said. She smiled. "No! This is my first time. Mmmm..Don't forget my coupon Buck." said Mischa. I smiled. "Got it right here." I said. I held it in front of my chest. I then looked at her. She had her hands down by her side. I finally got to see the whole package. She was about 5ft 10 in her six inch cheetah heels. Her calves and ankles were very sexy. I moved up to her wide hips and slim waist. She had two large breast stuffed into the top of her cheetah blouse. I could see a huge black lace bra expanding on top. I was not sure how the four small buttons were keeping her top from exploding off. She turned to get her purse. My mouth fell open more. Her ass was amazing. Nice...Big...Firm and very round. I had to stop staring.

"Well! Welcome to the Oriental Massage. First time customers always get the best treatment. Right this way. A free 1 hour massage. I better check these coupons better next time. They did a great job on your nails, next door." I said. Mischa smiled as she followed me into the first massage room. I leaned down to take a big white cotton towel off the bottom of the massage table. I handed her the towel. "I'll be right outside. Please feel free to take your time. When your ready. Call me." I said. Mischa smiled as I walked passed her. I slowly closed the curtain to her room.

I listen outside the small blue curtain. I checked my scrubs. My name tag was on crooked. I took it off. I then kicked off my small tennis shoes. I put my name tag inside the right shoe. I walked into the next room to put my shoes on the massage table. I took a towel under the massage table. I wiped my face off. I then quickly dried my chest and lower back of sweat. Before I could think about my next move. "Ok! Buck! I'm ready." said Mischa. I grabbed my shoes off the massage table. I checked myself one more time before leaving the small room.

I walked out into the hallway. I then walked in front of the curtain. To massage room one. "Knock! Knock!" I said. She giggled as I walked in. I almost trip over my feet. Her large black leather bag was on the floor next to her cheetah heels. I could see a pair of panties stuffed just inside her purse. I then looked up to her white Capri, and cheetah top. They were both hung on the wall hooks. I saw a black bra strap just underneath her cheetah top. Was she really naked on the massage table. I turned my head to look at her more closely on the massage table. My eyes got bigger. The only thing between her and me, was a big white cotton towel. That barely covered her large curves. Her breast were so big, she had them squeezed under her chest. She was using her arms to hold them in. The top of her body was up off the massage table. Her lower half was flat on the table. I dropped my shoes on the floor, next to her purse.

"All set." I said. She turned her head toward me. "Yes! But, I've never had a man give me a massage. It's always been a woman masseuses. Should I put something on?" she said. "No! Your good. I'm a professional. I see people all day. Your in good hands. I promise." I said. She smiled as I walked up to her right hip. The white towel was tucked under her arm pit and stretched just over her big ass. I looked down her whole body again. I saw her toe nails were painted just like her finger nails. I could now smell her sexy perfume better. She must have reapplied a few key areas. I could feel my cock move inside my scrubs.

"What hurts the most?" I said. Mischa turned her head. "Mmm... I guess my feet. I just got those heels today." she said. I smiled. I walked around the massage table. I took a quick peek up to the small towel. I could just see the bottom of her big ass. I could not see between her legs. I eased my hands down on her sexy feet. I started to rub her small toes. I then rubbed the the sides of her feet. Then the top of her feet. I looked up. Her breathing had increased. She was slowly opening her legs. I started to rub the soles of her feet. Then her ankles. "That feel very nice. You have such big hands." said Mischa "Thank you. You have such soft skin." I said.

I turned to look around the room. "Let's try some warm oil." I said. She turned her head to watch me pick up a small bottle of pink oil. I put a small flame underneath the bottle. After a few minutes, I put some of the warm oil on her feet. I then started to rub the warm oil, all over her feet. I slowly moved my hands, over her ankles. I then reached up to her sexy calves. I began to rub them. Her legs inched farther apart. I looked up. She was biting her lower lip. She was breathing more heavy, than before. I started to rub the sides of her legs. Then the back of her legs. I was running my hands, in a big circular motion. Very long and deep on her skin. She was still biting her lip. I walked around to her left leg. I started to do the same thing to her left leg. I looked down. Her feet were point straight out. Her toes curled up. Her legs opened a few more inches.

"That feels very nice Masseuse Buck..." said Mischa. "Thank you. I'm so glad you stopped in tonight. Your body is so tense. You will feel like a million dollars after this. How about we do your back and neck." I said. "Is there any way you can move the table. So I can lay flat. you can see. I'm a big girl." she said. I smiled. "Let me see. Just one minute. I walked around the front of her. I squatted on my knees. I had no clue what I could do. I don't think the table was made for a woman, with such huge breast. I looked around under the table. I saw some white mesh fishnet hanging underneath. I reach down to pull it under the front of the table. Two small hooks kept it in place. It now looked like a small hammock, for her to rest her boobs. I then saw a button under the table. I pushed it. The front of the table, under her large breast's came undone. I looked up.

"I think I got it." I said. I stood up. "Let me move this forward. Then you move forward. Let them fall in the small mesh hammock. How does that feel?" I said. "Oh!!! That feels good. A lot better now. I can lay more flat. Thank you Buck.." said Mischa. I smiled. I took two steps back to catch glimpse of her huge breast under the massage table. I could see her huge tits all pressed inside the white fishnet material. I said a small prayer, for the small boob hammock to hold under the enormous weight. I moved back in front of her head. I looked down to see her dark hair. She moved her head around. Her face was now facing the front of my crotch. I looked down to see my cock was sticking straight down my right leg.

I reached down to rub her neck, and upper back. "That feels nice." she said. "I'm glad. You seem so tense. Just relax. You have such wonderful skin." I said. She smiled. I then began to rub her shoulders. "Let's move your towel, just a little." I said. I moved her towel down to her lower back. I than began to rub the middle of her back. I used my nails to scratch her back. She moved her head to the right side. She was still smiling as I rubbed my hands all over her back. I then rubbed her neck again. "I think I could use some more oil Masseuses Buck." she said. I had to agree. "Ok! Let me just reach over on your right side. Here we are." I said. I squeezed a small amount on her shoulders. I then rubbed all the warm oil around her back.

After a few minutes. I moved my hands farther down her back. I put my hands under the white towel. I had my fingers on the sides of her big ass. I could feel her breathing heavier. I then ran my hands down her sides. I gently moved both my pinkie, just barely touching the side of her breast. Just under her arm pits. Like a tiny amount. She did not say a word. I then moved back to her neck. "You seem very relaxed now. Is there any more spots I can rub. To help.." I said. She turned her head. "My lower back is very stiff. So far, you give the best massage's." said Mischa. I smiled.

I walked to her left side. I gently folded her white towel. It was now just covering a few inches, in the middle of her big ass. I could see her sexy ass crack, and her perfect big ass. I poured some more oil in my hands. I started to rub her lower back. I moved my hands up onto her upper butt. A few inches from her lower back. She did not say anything. She moved her head on the table. She was now looking at me. I smiled. She was biting her lower lip again. I slowly moved the towel down her butt. It was now on the back of her thick thighs. She did not say anything. I started to move my hands on her amazing butt. Her big naked ass was looking back at me. I was using my fingers to rub her big ass. It was so soft and flexible as she breathed heavier.

I then rubbed on the side of her ass. I moved my fingers down each side. I then tried to cup each one of her big ass cheeks. Her flesh ran out my hands. I then went back to rubbing very hard, and in a circular motion. She stopped biting her lower lip. "Oh! That feels so good. I never had anybody rub me so good. Especially there. Everyone tells me it's to big to handle." said Mischa. I smiled. I then started to rub the back of her thick thighs. I moved the white towel over my left shoulder. I then rubbed each of her thick thighs. She let out soft moan. I started to rub my middle finger on her ass crack. Just ever so slightly. She did not say a word. I moved my head. To get a better view between her legs. I finally could see her bald pussy, from behind. Her two small cunt lips were partially exposed. I wanted to rub each one so badly. I went back to rubbing her thighs, and ass crack.

What seemed like forever. But was more like 30 minutes. I stopped rubbing Mischa big ass. She was breathing heavier than before. "I got some new oil to try. Why don't you roll over. So I can do the front. Let me give you a minute. I'll turn my back. Here's your towel. Take your time." I said. I walked around the massage table. I was looking at the curtain. I could slowly hear her move on the table. I thought she tell me to stop or she did not want her front done. I had to touch her breast. I was so excited to see them. I looked down my cock twitched under my scrubs. I held my breath as she finally stopped moving.

"Ok! Ready Masseuses Buck!" she said. I walked over to take out some new oil under her feet. She smiled. I finally looked up. She had her huge breast covered. Her hands were on the side of her breast. Trying to keep them from spilling out under the small towel. She had the towel pulled so high. That I could see her delicious pussy right in plain site. I put some new oil in my hands. I started to rub her feet. I rubbed her long nails with my fingers. I rubbed her ankles, and calves next. I then started to rub her long legs. She gently opened her legs farther. Her feet almost fell off the table. I smiled as I got inches from her pussy. I was rubbing her big thighs. "God! That feels great. Your really good Masseuses Buck. Did you have to study for a long time, to do this." said Mischa. "Not to long. It helps that I love my work. You have such a perfect body for the art of massage." I said. She smiled.

I turned to walk behind Mischa head. She looked up into my blue eyes. She licked her sexy red lips. I smiled. I then began to rub her forehead. I ran my fingers through her long hair. She closed her eyes. I started to rub the side of her neck. Then the back of her neck. The whole time I was staring at her huge breast. She was breathing heavy. The small towel rose up and down on her big chest. I moved my hands down to touch just a 1/2 inch of the bottom of her breast. I then moved just a little between her breast. I rubbed her soft skin. She had her eyes closed as I rubbed her some more. I inched just a little more to touch her breast.

I was not sure she let me touch anymore than I was. I wanted to see them some badly. She breathed in hard. Then opened her eyes. She looked directly into my eyes. "Be gentle.. There very very very sensitive. I never shown them in public before. Don't laugh Masseuses Buck." she said in a low voice. I smiled as she moved her hands over her breast. She cupped the front of her breast. She gently rose her fingers up in the air. I watched as the white towel slowly fell off her huge breast, onto the floor. Her mouth fell open as she saw me stare at her incredible breast. They were so round, and big. Her skin had no imperfections. I was stunned looking at her breast. I was at a lost for words. I moved my eyes to the top of her breast. She had huge aerlos. Almost the size of a small serving plate. Each breast was topped off by a huge nipple. The size, the tip of my thumb. I could see a fishnet pattern over her breast and against her big nipples. The hammock under the massage table, had left a marks on her breast.

I picked up the small bottle of oil. I gently started to drizzle some on her breast. She closed her mouth as I moved my hands to the top of her breast. I gently began to rub the oil into her skin. I looked down to see she was biting her upper lip this time. Her feet moved on the massage table. Her legs moved farther apart. I rubbed the oil down her right breast. I cupped the bottom of her right breast. I gently brought my hand up the sides of her right breast. I then did the same with her left breast. I could not grab them both with out falling over from where I was standing. Just behind her head.

Next I began to rub her big dark aeroles with my fingers. I cupped the top of her big breast. I then ran two fingers over each of her nipples. She began to moan below me. I smiled when she looked up at me. She was so hot. I gently tugged on each one of her nipples. They popped up, then laid on the side. The oil bounced off them onto her breast. I gently moved my hands down each of her breast. I rubbed down her large cleavage. She moved her hands up the sides, to squeeze my hands inside. She moaned again. I then turned to look down at her pussy. Mischa must be getting turned on. There was a new smell inside the small massage parlor room. Did she just have a small orgasm. I was so turned on now. Her legs almost fell off the sides of the massage table again.

I slowly kept a hold of her breast, as I moved around to her right side. I was now looking under her huge breast. They blocked Mischa face. I could hear her moan again. I looked over at her pussy. I could tell she was getting wetter as I massaged her killer tits. I was having a hard time keeping her breast, from slipping out and falling over the side of the massage table. Luckily she was helping to keep them up. Her hands were still on the sides of her breast. I finally pushed them down on her chest. They were laying straight down, towards her waist. Her big nipples almost touched the top of her thighs. I tugged a little on her nipples, making them expand more. She moved her hands down on the massage table. I cupped the top of her breast. Fondling each one in my big hands.

A few seconds later. It happened. I felt Mischa fingers on the front of my scrubs. She had moved her right hand in front of my crotch. She took her long nail on her index finger. She ran it the length of my cock. She pushed in on the tip of my cock. My scrubs were now wet from the large amount of pre-cum on the tip of my cock. The light blue color of my scrubs, had turned dark. She breathed in again, then let out a deep breath. I moved my hips forward. She was now rubbing my cock harder. I looked down to see her small hand touching the front of my scrubs. How far was she going to go with this..... I thought.

I moved my hips to the left. She could now see what she was feeling. I paused as she ran two finger nails down the front of my scrubs. She paused at the tip of my cock. I smiled again. She was now running the palm of her hand down my scrubs. "Does this happen every time you give a massage??? Masseuse Buck..." said Mischa. "No! Your the first." I said. She smiled. She then reach up to untie my scrubs. She pulled my closer toward the side of her huge breast. Her huge right breast rested against my side. Mischa started to run her hands under my blue top. She used her long finger nails on my hard abs. I smiled.

"It's getting a little hot in here? I better take off my shirt." I said. "Mmmm you have such nice muscles. Your hard all over." said Mischa. She then ran her fingers down the length of my hard cock. She stopped at the tip of my cock again. She got some more pre-cum to leak out. "Looks like I'm causing a mess in your uniform bottoms." said Mischa. I smiled as ran her hand up my hip. She then tried to pull down my bottoms. My cock was keeping my bottoms up. I smiled. She tried to pull again. She breathed heavy again. "Here let me help." I said. I wiggled my hips, causing my scrubs to slowly fall down my hips. I had half my scrubs down over my crotch. She could only see half my hard cock. "Your such a tease. Mmmggpphhh!!" she grunted as she pulled my scrubs down. I looked down. My cock sprang out, hitting her finger nails. "OMG!!!" she screamed.

Mischa than grabbed my hard 9 3/4in cock. She began to stroke my cock, as I leaned down to lick her big nipples. She moaned. "Is this part of the massage?" she said. I smiled. I then bite her big nipple. She screamed. "God! Your manhandling my breast Masseuses Buck. Fuck!!! Bite them harder...Don't forget the left..." she moaned. I leaned over to push both her big fun bags together. I started to bite both her big nipples. I bite one, then the next. She was moving on the table. I then ran my fingers down her stomach. I moved my fingers a few more inches. I found her hot pussy. I put the palm of my hand over her pussy. I could feel the heat coming off it.

Her eyes got big as I slipped my middle finger in her hot pussy. My finger was on fire. She screamed a few seconds later. I then felt some hot fluids on my finger. I withdrew my finger and then stuck it in my mouth. She tasted very sweet. She smiled, as I licked my finger again. She was still stroking my cock. Her mouth was wide open. I moved closer to her mouth. She leaned to the side to lick the pre-cum off the tip of my cock. She then opened her red lips to suck more of my cock. I pushed my hips forward. She got half down her throat, before she spit me out. She then sucked the saliva trail from my cock to her mouth. She did this a few times before she started to grope my large balls. Her small fingers ran around my naked balls. She then dragged her long nails down my balls to my hard ass. She smiled. She licked her lips.

I gently let go of her huge breast. They fell down her sides. Her big nipples hung over the table edge. I moved closer, so she could swallow more of my cock. A few minutes later, her lips were at the base of my cock. She then pulled my hard cock, all the way out her mouth. She looked up. "I just love your cock. Is so big and fat. I'm so glad I came in for a massage. I almost went home for the night." said Mischa. "I'm glad you came in. It's been my pleasure tonight." I said. I then turned my body. She immediately put her hands on my hard ass. She gave it a big squeeze. I bent over, to put my face between her legs.

She pinched my ass, as I ran my mouth over her exposed pussy lips. I gently put my tongue just inside her hot pussy. I started to suck her labia, and beautiful cunt lips. She started to moan very loud. I started to swirl my tongue around inside her pussy. I looked up to see her toes sticking straight out. She was groping my ass. She ran one finger down the crack of my ass. I let out a soft moan. She giggled. I then walked around the massage table. I put my hands on her ankles. I then slowly put my mouth back down on her pussy. She watched as I ate her pussy and looked up toward her face. She was stroking her big breast, and pinching her nipples. A few minutes passed before she erupted in my mouth. It took her a few minutes to catch her breath.

I slowed down, when I got her to another big orgasm with my mouth. I then climbed onto the massage table. She watched as I stuck my hard cock between her legs. She tried to reach down, but her huge breast blocked her hands. Her mouth fell open when she felt my cock inch inside her. She screamed as I jammed all of my cock in one big stroke into her tight pussy. Her tight pussy muscles pushed my cock all the way out. I then pushed my way back in. It took a few tries before her pussy, got used to my size. She held her breast on the sides, as I sucked her big nipples. I ran my tongue all around her huge breast. She reached up to pull my short hair as she orgasm on my cock. Her whole body pushed me off, onto the floor.

Mischa smiled as she looked down at me. I picked myself off the floor. I stood there as she rolled on her left side. Her huge breast flopped on one another. I reached down to hold my cock. I eased my hard cock between her breast. She held her breast, as I tit fucked her. I could not see me cock. I pulled on her nipples causing her to moan. I kept fucking her big breast. She was moaning on the table. She reached down to add some oil between her breast. I fucked her large cleavage for another ten minutes. I bounced my balls on her nipples. I then eased my cock out of her large cleavage. She opened her mouth. I slowly fed her my cock. She put her tongue down on my balls. Her eyes watered as she stretched her mouth around my cock. She then spit me out.

She rolled over off the massage table. Her big ass was stuck out. She flopped her big breast, back on the massage table. She arched her back. She looked over her shoulder. I moved around her ass. I then eased my cock back in her tight pussy. She reached up to hold onto the other side of the table. It took me a few minutes to get all my cock in her pussy. She was breathing heavy as I fucked her long and hard against the table. She grunted as I bounced her pussy on my cock. I started to spank her big ass. I ran my nails down each ass cheek. Each time so screamed for me to stop. I then spanked her harder. She finally stopped yelling, and orgasm on my cock again.

I reached up to put my hands under her breast. She had to move to help me get my hands underneath her smashed breast. I pulled each one to the side. Her big fat nipples stood straight out. I stated to tug on them. She screamed. I was close to cumming. I pulled all the way out. She wiggled her ass. Her face was buried on the massage table. She turned to look at me. I smiled. I then jammed my cock all the way back in. A second later I exploded deep inside her. She screamed. She started to orgasm. I could feel both are fluids on my cock. A few minutes later I pulled out my wet cock.

Mischa wiggled her big ass and wet pussy at me. She put her index finger in her mouth. She bite down on her nail. She had a big grin on her face. "Mmmm Masseuse Buck. I've always wanted to give a masseuse a massage. Lie on your stomach." said Mischa. I did what she said. She took out some oil. She then oiled my body. She spent allot of time massaging my ass. She massaged my balls and put her tongue in my ass. I was really hard, when she had me roll over on my back. She then oil her breast. She smashed them on my face and chest. She then smashed them against my body. "I call this the boob massage." she giggled. "I like it. It's very nice." I giggled. She then started to massage my shoulder, face and neck. My cock was sticking straight up. She smashed my face a few times with her big breast. I had to catch my breath a few times. She was smothering with them. She finally slapped my face with her big breast. It kinda of woke me back up. I smiled.

"What's a happy ending? Over there on the sign. What is that? ~~ No happy endings. We not that place.." said Mischa. "Mmmm. Its when the massage girl reaches down to massage a man's cock. She jack his cock, until he explodes. A happy ending. Usually the last thing done in the massage experience." I said. "Oh! I see. I was just curious. So she takes his cock. She begins to stroke it. With some oil. Like this. Am I doing it right?" said Mischa. "Your doing a great job. Now fondle the balls. Then stroke some more. Get two hands around it. Maybe lick the tip. Nice!" I said. Mischa had moved around to the side of the massage table. She was really stroking my cock hard and fast. I was close to cumming.......

"Who in here??? What is going on......Fucking cleaning help. What you doing? Drop that big cock. No happy ending in here...." said a old Vietnamese lady. "Oh fuck!!" I said. I looked down. It was to late. Mischa was still stroking my cock. She looked up to the Vietnamese lady in the doorway. A second later. I started to spurt hot cum in the air. Both women screamed. I watched as the first spurt hit the old lady in her big hair. The 2nd hit her face and chin. Mischa let go of my cock. I kept cumming. There was cum all over the place. Some was on Mischa. Some more was on me. The old lady looked at us both. She must own the Oriental Massage Parlor.

I smiled at Mischa as I jumped off the massage table. I quickly picked up our clothes and shoes/heels. I grabbed Mischa hand. She was still looking at the old lady. I pulled her out of the small room. We ran down the hall. I could hear our bare feet on the cold floor. I scoped up the shopping bags in front of the small counter. I could hear the old lady running after us. "This last time. I use cleaning service. Last week someone used all my oil and smoked in my shop. Now you two naked in here..." said the old lady. "My car Buck... Over there." said Mischa. I tossed our clothes, shopping bags and her heels in the back seat. I was laughing. Mischa was too. She started the engine. "Does this mean your not a masseuse's?" said Mischa. "I'm not a masseuses. But I play one on TV." we both laughed. I rolled down my window. "You better leave. Damn it.. No happy endings. Never!!!!!" said the old lady. She still had some of my sperm in her black hair. The old lady was beating on my car as we drove pass her.

Mischa drove around the back of the strip mall. "I got a big back seat. Plus... I need my happy ending and some more of that cock." she said. I smiled as we climbed over the front seat. An hour later we pulled into Mischa driveway. Turns out her lower back is tightening up again. She needs a late night massage. From her new personal massage therapist. Masseuses Buck....


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