Thursday, December 23, 2010

You Need to have Curves to Dance for Me - An Adult Story

It was a slow night at the club. I was sitting in the far corner. I was tallying up the receipt for the night. It was about an hour before closing time. Nothing much had happen all night. The new girl I hired last week was working out just perfect. She was very voluptuous. You need to have curves to dance for me. She had all the right curves, in all the right places. I love women with curves. I was not sure how the customers would react. But she worked two champagne rooms and danced a few songs. She gave me a kiss on the lips as she left with a big wad of money. She gave half to my bouncer as she walked out. He took a cut. Then dropped the rest in the safe.

I was watching my new waitress serve drinks. These two guys were giving her a hard time. I got up to walk over and talk to them. They smiled as I stood next to there table. I bought them a round of drinks. Once guy was a little smaller than his friend. "How it going? Having fun tonight?" I said. "Were all good. Just joking with my friend." said the larger guy. "Yeah! Were all good. Thanks for the drinks. Are you the owner or something?" said the shorter guy. "Buck Kelly. Yes! I am glad you guys are having fun. That what I like to hear." I said. The both smiled and thanked me again.

I was just about ready to walk away. "Where did you find that new girl tonight? She was pretty bouncy..." said the taller guy. "Thanks! She got hired a few days ago. Tonight was her first night. I might hire a few more girls like her. Their hard to find. There seems to be a shortage of bigger gurls who want to strip. Plus, you have to have the right attitude to make money here. She walked away with close to a thousand tonight." I said. "Wow! A thousand!!!!" said the taller guy. "Fuck! That is allot of money. Man!" said the shorter guy. I looked over the shoulders at the bouncer by the front door.

"I hire another big gurl right on the spot, if I had one applying for the job." I said. "Fuck! Charlie your wife should strip man. She is big boned." said the taller guy. "Fuck! You! Veronica would never strip. Your wife should Todd." said the shorter guy. "No way. She too skinny. She got no ass or tits. She be lucky to make a dollar." said Todd. I smiled as the both talked about there wives.

Finally after ten minutes of arguing, the shorter guy smiled. "Listen! Man! Maybe your right Todd. She lays around the house all day doing nothing. Maybe having her make some money would be great. Plus I could use a break from her nagging around the house. I know she never go for it. I'll tell her to do it or else." said Charlie. The taller guy laughed. "Yeah! Right! I'll be the first one here to give her a dollar. Maybe she can give me a lap dance." said Todd. "Mr. Kelly! Can you come by my house tomorrow. Bring an application for my wife to fill out. I'll have her ready for you." said the short guy. I nodded my head "Yes!"

It was about a 45 minute drive to the short guy house in the suburbs. I had on a blue pinstripe suit and yellow tie. A white button down long sleeve shirt. I shaved some body hair. But on some cologne and body spray. I left my socks, and underwear in my dresser. I smiled when I pulled up and saw all the white trash junk in the yard. The old car on blocks, the toilet bowl planter and the pink flamingo in the yard. I parked the SUV and got out. I walked up the side of the house to the front door. I had a application on a clip board under my arm.

"Knock! Knock!" I waited a few seconds. The door opened. The smaller guy was standing with the door in his left hand. "Hi! Mr. Kelly. Glad you could make it. My wife is just down the hall getting ready. Come on in and take a seat." he said. "Thanks Charles. You have a nice house." I said. He laughed as I followed him into the living room. I sat on his big brown leather couch. He sat in a folding chair about 6 feet from the couch. "Veronica! Hurry up. Mr. Kelly is here to see you." he yelled. I looked around the room. There was a big busted out TV on the far side. One TV tray to the left. A few beer cans on the floor, next to his chair. I could smell the alcohol from him now. He cracked another beer while we waited for his wife.

Ten minutes passed before I heard some heels clicking down the hall. I looked to my right as the sounds got closer. I stood up. He was still sitting. I gulped. In walked his wife. She was more curvy than the new girl I hired last week. My heart skipped a beat. My cock started to move inside my dress pants. His wife was about 5ft 10 with long bleach platinum blonde hair. She had on big gold hoop earrings that touched her shoulders. She was wearing 4inch open toe wooden heels. Her toenails matched her long white finger tip nails. She had a small tattoo on her ankle. There was a barbwire tattoo on her upper arm. She had long curvy, thick thighs and legs. Her whole body shook as she put her hand on the wall to keep her from falling over in her new heels. She was wearing a orange tube top dress that was three sizes to small. Her big ass almost fell out the back. The top was stretched to the limit over her huge breast. It was sleeveless and she was not wearing a bra to keep up her huge breast. They sagged just a tiny bit. She looked like a total slutty whore on her first night at the club. I was fascinated by the possibilities. Number signs where going through my mind and cock.

I gulped again. "Mr. Kelly that is my wife. Veronica this is Mr. Kelly, the bar owner I was telling you about." her husband said. She smiled. "Pleasure to meet you Veronica. I have heard nothing but great things from your husband. You have a very nice house. You look very amazing in the dress," I said "Thank you. It's very nice to meet you. My husband and his friend Todd picked out this outfit for me to wear tonight. I'm very nervous." she said. I smiled. "Just don't stand there. Go sit next to him on the couch. Fill out the application. Remember what I told you. You need to listen to him and be nice. Do what he says." said her husband. I moved my hand and then my lower body so Veronica could sit down next to me.

I breathed in her sweet perfume. I could tell she had put on some body spray. There were tiny bits of glitter on her skin. I looked down to make sure my cock was not making to big of tent, under my dress pants. I handed her the clipboard. "Here you go. I must say, you smell very nice. Did your husband tell you what kinda of bar I own?" I said. "Thank you. No! He said him and Todd go there all the time. That you hired a girl just like me last week and that she made allot of money." said Veronica.

She started to read the application. "Gentleman's club....Is this a strip club??" said Veronica. I smiled. "Yes! That is just part of the club. The club is more than just girls stripping. I like to call it the ultimate pleasure place for men and women. Everything is totally real and above the board. Nothing goes on that the women are not comfortable with. I did hire a girl last week. But she is not in your league. You are much more beautiful than her. Did your husband tell you how much money she made? She worked four hours and made close to a thousand dollars. She was just as nervous as you were, when I hired her." I said. "Wow! Really! A thousand dollars. For four hours of work. I can't believe it." said Veronica. "Don't be get any ideas. I told him you might make a few dollars. Is that right Mr. Kelly?" said her husband.

"I'll be totally honest with you Veronica. On a good night you could walk away $1500 - $2000 dollars. I could see you maybe doubling that. I don't have anybody who works for me. That has your assets. Guys want a real woman with curves to dance for them now. We have champagne rooms, VIP rooms and after hour parties that you could make lots of money." I said. She was getting a little flushed. I could the dollars signs running through her mind. I turned to see her husband eyes get greedy. His mind was running overtime.

"I still don't know Mr. Kelly." she said. "Call me Buck. I think you be great there." I said. "Just sign the bottom of the paper Veronica. Stop fucking around. Do it. I'll sign Mr. Kelly. Give me the application. I can sign my wife signature. I do it all the time." he said. I smiled. "No! It's your wife decision. It's her choice. It's up to you Veronica. Take your time." I said. She turned her head to look at her husband. He was drinking his beer and making faces at her. I moved my eyes to her huge bust. I could see her nipples were semi erect. There were already the size of the tip of my pinkie. I watched her breast. A tiny sweat drop went down her shoulder into the top of her orange tube top. I waited another minute.

"I never been to a gentleman's club before. I don't even watch soap operas anymore since my husband broke the TV. What would I have to do? Can you show me?" she said in a low voice. "OK! Just stand up. Give me your hand. Let me help you off the couch. Now just move your hips back and forth. Smile! Whirl around a little. Oh! That is just perfect. See...nothing to hard." I said. She smiled as she moved around in a circle in front of me. "That was pretty easy." she said. "I'm glad you like it so far. You move around to one or two songs. Men and Women come up if your doing a good job. That give your money. You put the money in the side of your dress. Kinda of like this." I said as I pulled out a $5 dollar bill. I put it on the side of her dress. It fell to the ground.

"Normally you have a garter or some girls put it just inside there outfits. Like at the top or bottom of the dress." I said. She smiled. "Wow! This is fun. Honey...How do I look?" said Veronica. "Oh! Let me get that five for you." her husband said. He leaned down to pick the money off the floor. "Your already paying out." he said with a big grin on his face. She turned to look at me. I was checking out her huge ass peeking out the bottom of her dress. "So I dance first. What's in a champagne room? What goes on in there?" she said. She bite down on her long white tip nails. She looked at me.

"OK! Once you get done with your set or dance. Then your escorted back to the champagne room by one of our big bouncers or myself. Then we introduce you to a guest who as asked for you to perform a private dance for them. Usually one gentleman. He orders a very expensive bottle of champagne. The dance get half of the money for the bottle. The cheapest bottle we sell is $750 dollars. The most expensive is 10,000 dollars. You would dance maybe 1 or 2 songs depending on what they ordered." I said. "Wow! For real? Your not lying to me?" said Veronica. "I never lie. Yes! It's true. You be a natural at this." I said.

"Would I need to get totally naked for them during the dance or can I be a little naked. If that's possible." she said. I smiled. "It would be up to you. What ever you feel comfortable with. Plus you would get a tip. Now I won't lie. The more you take off, the better your tip would be." I said. She turned to look at her husband. He was begging her to sign the application. I went back to looking at her huge boobs. She turned to face me. She was still thinking.

"Let me sit down. You walk over there. Then come toward the couch. Bend over and pretend to ask for my order." I said. She walked over and turned around. She then slowly walked to the front of the couch. She bent down. "Your order.." she said. "I'll take your finest champagne." I said. She smiled. Then she looked into my eyes. "OK! Then I would dance for you. How should I stand." she said. I smiled. "Just like before. Move your hips and shoulders. Then back up and sit on my lap. You have to give a lap dance for the guest. Its very easy." I said.

She started to move around in front of me. She then dropped her big ass on my right thigh. Her husband moved in his metal chair. "Squeak!!!" She turned her head to see him make more faces at her. She was grinding her big ass in my thigh. I picked her up and placed her on my other knee. She felt great in my big hands. She then tossed her platinum blonde hair on my face. I breathed in heavy. She put her back on my muscular chest. She ran her hands down my thighs. "Like this?? Is this good??" she said. She ran her hands down my arms and over my hands. She then moved kinda of awkwardly in my arms. She stumbles with her big heels on my legs. She now was straddling my legs with her big thighs and her knee.

"Oh! I'm sorry. Did I hurt you? I just lost control of what I was doing." she said. "No! You feel great. Your just right. I was right. Your a natural at this. Now I reach in my pocket and take out some more money to give you. I put a hundred dollar bill in her mouth. She bite down and then put the hundred in the top of her dress. I put my hand down touching her bare leg under her dress. She moved her legs down the side of my thighs. Her knees touching the top of the leather couch. "Are guys allowed to touch me?" she said. "It's up to you. You could tell the bouncer, me, or the guest to stop." I said.

She reached down to pull my hands off the side of her big thighs. She put them on her wide hips. I gave her a big squeeze. I moved so her huge breast shook under the orange tube top. She smiled as she saw her breast jiggle. "Buck! Have you ever hired a girl with out seeing first?" said Veronica. "No! I usually ask to see but it's not necessary in your case. I can tell you are over qualified for the job." I said as I smiled. She giggled. "I'm glad someone likes them. I get tease enough around here by my husband and his friend Todd. I would, how ever feel more comfortable in your honest opion. I hate to get undressed at the club and everyone laugh and run away." she said. "I don't think you will have that problem. I'm just not sure if I can keep everyone from wanting you. It's up to you and your husband. It's more up to you than anyone else. I know your going to be great." I said.

She smiled. Looked at her husband, who cracked another beer. He was slurring his speech as he moved his head up and down to say, "Yes!... Show him those big fun bags. Butter face do it." he yelled. Veronica looked at him with a smirk. She then climbed off me. "Should I keep the heels on?" she said. "Oh! Most definitely." I said. She started to pull down the top of her dress. She really had to pull down hard to get the top to release her huge breast. A minute later they fell out as her hands fell to her side. A few minutes later her breast finally stopped shaking from being free. My mouth dropped open. Her husband dropped his beer. Covered his eyes. "Oh Gawd Damn! Look at those.." he yelled. She smirked again.

She then pulled down the side of her dress. The hundred dollar bill fell out her dress on to the floor near her husband. He picked it up. The front of the orange tube top hit her knees. The front of her breast hung over her waist. Both her huge breast were fat and round. Her nipples were now fully erect from the cold air in the room. She shimmed her hips causing more of her dress to fall down. She then stepped out of her orange dress. She had a big pair of white ruffled granny panties on over her huge ass. "Why do you have those big panties on Veronica? Were is that thong I bought you. Cover your eyes Mr. Kelly." he yelled. I smiled. "Wait! I never wore one before. It's like dental floss going up my ass." she said. "Your big ass!" said her husband. She pulled off her big white ruffled granny panties. She had a huge orange thong that sat high on her hips. The tiny thin material ran up the crack of her ass.

She put her hands on her hips. She had big hips and a huge ass to match. Her waist, stomach and front was very portion to the rest of her body. She was going to make lots of money at the club. My cock was now fully erect seeing her in front of me. "Well??? What do you think???" she said. "Speechless! Your amazing Veronica. Your going to be a big earner at the club. Wow! Ummmmmmmm" I said. She had a big smile or her face. Her husband chair squeaked again. He had beer dripping out his mouth onto his shirt. He had his hand in front of his face. "Is it over??" he said. "Thank you! Buck! I'm glad someone can see my outer beauty for a change." said Veronica.

"What would I do after the champagne room? What's a VIP room or after party room?" she said. "Well after you sold lots of champagne and made some huge tips to go along with your big smile. Then you ask the guest if they like to go to the VIP room or maybe they take you back to the VIP room. That rooms is the money maker. Its wear all the girls make the most money." I said. "What goes on in there? More dancing?" she said. "You can dance if your asked. It's kinda of were the guy or sometime a girl might ask you back there. We do have female guests who ask for girls. They like to sit and talk with you. They might ask for other things." I said.

She looked at her husband. He was looking back at the front door. He sipped another beer and turned to look at her. He put his hand over his eyes again. "Damn! Wife!" he yelled. "What might they ask me to do? Can you give me an example future boss." she giggled. "Boss! I like that. They might ask you to help them get more comfortable. Like help them with there suit jacket. Come over and help me. That it. Grab the sleeve. Pull the back gently off. That is good. Your doing great Veronica." I said. She smiled as she took off my suit jacket. Then she put it on the arm rest of the couch next to her husband. He followed her with his eyes. He then leaned back away from her making a low groin.

"Then loosen his tie." I said. She walked in front of me. I turned so my back was facing her husband. She started to undue my yellow tie. She slowly pulled it off onto her huge full breast. She let it fall off onto the ground. "That was good. Maybe unbutton a few buttons on his shirt. Unbutton his cuffs on his shirt. That is good. "Can I touch the guest? Like this." she said. She ran her fingers over my bare chest. She then took a big whiff of my cologne. "You smell very nice." she said. "Mmmm..not as good as you. I love your long finger nails and your sexy legs. You can touch the guest anywhere that you feel comfortable or where you think it might lead to a big tip. $$$$$" I said. She then ran her finger nails on my waist and hips. She reached around my dress pants to feel my lower back. Her large naked breast rubbed against my muscular abs. She smiled as she looked up into my eyes.

My cock was straining to get out of my dress pants. She took off my shirt and placed it on my suit jacket. She then walked back in front of me. I looked down her large cleavage. I could not see her feet from the sure size of her breast. She looked down to see my cock moving in my pants. She bite her middle finger. "Oh! Is that a roll of quarters in your pocket or are you happy to see me?" she giggled. I smiled. "Only one way to find out. I could get a little more comfortable. If you like." I said. She had a big smile on her face. She looked passed me to her husband. He had both eyes closed and was in & out of being drunk.

She put her small hands on my black leather belt. She unbuckled it quickly. The gold metal clanked against the back of her hand. She smiled. She then slowly unzipped my dress pants. My cock was just on the side of the opening. "I better get your shoes for you. I don't want you to run away. My boss would not be happy if I let such a cute guy get away." she moaned. She bent over untying my shoes. I kicked them to the side of the couch. She giggled as I was now standing in front of her with just my dress pants barely on. I put my hands on my hips. She ran her long finger nails on my nipples making them tight. I kept looking at her beautiful body just inches from me.

She was looking at my chest, when I shifted my hips. This caused my 9 3/4 inch cock to peek out the front of my dress pants. She looked down when she felt a breeze on her stomach. She then look down to gasp..."Oh! Wow! Buck! I never seen one so full before. So big and round. I...I...I..can't with my husband just over there. I never cheated on him." said Veronica. I smiled. "Mmmm! It's OK. This does not happen all the time at the club. Don't be nervous. I just find you so amazing. I guess, I just lost control for a second. I apologize." I said. She was still staring at my erect cock peeking through my pants.

I moved my hips again causing my pants to fall down around my ankles. Her eyes got real big. "You don't have any hair. You shave??? I never seen someone shaved there before. It makes your cock look bigger." she said. I smiled. My cock was dangling inches from the front of her orange thong. I moved my hand to hers. I placed her warm hand on my cock. I let go as she gripped my shaft. She started to jerk my cock up and down. I smiled as she went faster. "He not going to go off really fast, is he?" she whispered. "No! I can go for some time. Especially with someone so beautiful." I said. She started to jerk my cock faster. I moved her other hand to the base of my shaft. I leaned back as she pumped my cock. Her husband was still passed out.

I then moved to be right next to her. I placed my cock on her stomach. She moved to put her left hand on my ass. I moved my hands to fondle her big breast. She gave me a kiss on the lips. She then put her hot tongue in my mouth. She was breathing heavy. I smiled. "God! Your turning me on so much. I never been with someone who wanted the same things as me." she said. I started to twist her thumb size nipples in my fingers. She moaned. I then pushed her over by her waist. She immediately put her mouth on my cock. She was slurping my cock as I put my hand on her big ass from behind. I moved my cock, in and out of her hot mouth. She tried to lick under the shaft as I put my finger inside her thong. "Squeeeeek!!!!!" Her husband moved behind me.

She let go of my cock as we both looked at her husband. He moved his head and lower body in the chair. She then pushed me onto the couch. She then climbed on my lap. She was moving around. Pretending to give me a lap dance. Her husband woke up briefly. "Geez! Don't crush the poor guy. You OK???" yelled Veronica husband. I smiled as I slapped my big right hand on her right ass cheek. He closed his eyes and went back to being passed out. I gripped her big ass shaking it back and forth. She then felt my cock inside her big thighs. I moved so my cock was sitting between her thighs peeking out the front. She looked down to see my wet cock looking back at her. She licked her lips.

I reached around to fondle her big breast. Smashing them together. She moaned. I then put my hands around her waist. I began to touch the front of the orange thong. I rubbed the front causing her to moan. She bite down on her lower lip. I then felt her body contract. She let out a big moan. Then a damp musk smell filled the room. I moved my fingers to touch the front of her thong again. I moved her body, so more of her ass was on my abs. Her back was on my chest. Her long blonde hair was in face. I was biting her neck. Nibbling on her ear lopes. I could feel her body shake again. I started to move her big ass on my lap again. Running her butt all over my hard cock. She looked down again when my cock slid under her ass resting in between her thick thighs. The tip of my cock was all wet, with a big glob of pre-cum on the edge.

I looked over at her husband. He was still passed out. She was moaning. I moved her to my right thigh cupping her big breast as I moved her. I then slowly took off her wet thong. I tossed it on the floor in front of her. She rolled back on my cock. She looked down to see my cock rubbing the outside of her very hairy pussy. I could feel her big cunt lips on my long shaft. She looked down when she felt her pussy get more wet. "Oh! God! What I am doing? What's come over me?" said Veronica. She looked toward her husband. I was till moving my cock on the outside of her pussy lips. "Charlie! Oh Charlie! Hubby!!!" she said each one louder than the first. I then smacked her ass very loud. He did not move in his metal chair.

"Mr. Kelly! Buck! Your making me really wet. I feel flush with excitement. Does this happen every night at your club?" said Veronica. I smiled. "It can...It's all up to you. Your a very sexy girl. With my direction, I think you could be a star. The top money girl at the club." I said. "Would I have to shave my female area?" she said. "Mmmm...Maybe. Let me take a look." I said. With that I picked her off my lap. Her wet pussy had dripped on my inner thigh. I put her down on the couch to my left away from her husband.

I start to look up an down her body. I could see the small goose bumps on her body. I could see her dark aerloes and erect nipples glisten with excitement. I moved my hand just under her large breast to the top of her hairy pussy. It was not to big. I smiled. "Most of the girls at the club, are shaved. But its all up to you. It's your choice. Guys like to see girls shaved more than a big bush. I love it either way. Especially one so tight and amazing as yours." I said. She looked at my eyes as I rubbed her soft skin.

I then felt her left hand touch my cock again. She started to jerk my cock up and down again. I moved my hands to her big breast. I pinched her nipples causing her to moan. I then dropped my left hand on her belly button. I moved my hand slowly down to the top of her big hairy bush. She moaned. I started to rub her excited pussy lips in my fingers. I gently tugged on her pussy lips. I then put her right nipple in my mouth. She was moaning. I then leaned down to lick my fingers near her bush. She tried to look down her body but her huge breast where in the way again. I slowly inserted one finger in her pussy. "Mmmm..Faster....finger my pussy.." she moaned. I started to pick up the rhythm and go faster. She was biting her lower lip. After a few minutes she orgasm all over my finger.

I moved in front of her pussy on the floor. I eased my mouth covering her bush. I started to lick and suck on the outside of her pussy. She tensed up and came in my mouth. I swirled my tongue deep inside her. I used another finger in her pussy as I swirled my tongue between my fingers and her labia. She moaned very hard. She arched her back and forced more of mouth in her pussy. She put her hands on the side of my head. She pulled on my ears. She breathing heavy. Another few minutes she moaned again and had another orgasm in my mouth. I smiled as she tapped on my short hair to have me stop.

"What was that? What did you do to me? I've never felt that before. My husband never done that to me" she whispered. I smiled as I leaned up to my hand on her hips. My hard cock was on the seat cushion in front of her hot pussy. I could feel the heat I had created inside her soaked pussy. She moved her hands down onto my hands. She looked into my eyes. "I don't know. I can't. It would be cheating. I want to Mr. Kelly. It just feel so naughty in front of him. Look!" she pointed at her husband. I turned to smile.

I knew once I fed some of my cock into her. She let me fuck her. She wanted it more than me. I could tell she just needed some encouragement. My cock was aching for her tight pussy. I could tell it been a long time since her husband had fucked her. She never had someone who wanted her bad as me. I was dieing to fuck her. My cock was going to fall off from being so hard.

I moved closer with my cock. I was now an inch from her beautiful pussy. She looked down but could not see my cock under her large breast. I put my hands on her breast pushing them aside. She could see me hard abs flex and the base of my cock but not the long shaft or the tip. I arched her breast back to ward her mouth. She opened her mouth to lick her nipples. I took the opposite nipple to suck. She moaned. I then push the tip of my cock next to the first row of dark blonde hair on her thick bush. She tensed her legs. Her pussy pushed more heat into the air.

"Think of it as job training. Learning a new job. Getting a new job. Let me help. I'll just push the tip in. Nothing more. Just let you feel something new. Something exciting. You still have control. You are in charge." I whispered. She looked at her husband. He was still passed out. His head was to the right side near the couch. His fingers moved to scratch his crotch. He said something under his breath. Veronica smiled. "Maybe just the tip. You can't go any farther. I love him Mr. Kelly." she moaned." she said

She then dropped her small hand and placed it on the tip of my cock. She was trying to get more but her big breast were in the way. She looked at her swollen nipples. "You better put him in. Not to deep. Just the tip." she said. She had a big grin on her face. "It's not cheating if its just a small amount?" she said. I just smiled as I slapped the tip of my cock on her big hairy bush. I felt her big puffy pussy lips get wet. She was moaning. I could hear my cock slapping her again as I laid my cock just on her pussy lips. Her eyes got big as I pushed just the tip inside. She froze as her pussy got used to the tip. "Oh God! That far enough Mr. Kelly." she said. "Oh! I'm not sure its in just yet. I just got a tiny amount in." I said. "OK! Better put on just some more. Be gentle." she said.

I looked between her thick thighs. I breathed in, then inched forward with my hips. This time her tight pussy lips went around the tip of my cock. They were flared out. She was so wet. Dripping on her couch. She tensed up again. "Oh God! Mr. Kelly your so big and thick. I've never felt anything so big before in my pussy." she moaned. I looked down to see her pussy lips trying to suck more of my cock in. "Looks like your almost around the tip of my cock. Your so close to feeling better." I said. "You better go in just a little more. Just a little Mr. Kelly. I'm not a cheater." she said. I moved my hips down, then up. The tip of my cock pushed in just over the hood of my penis. Maybe a 1/2 inch passed the tip. She breathed in, then moaned very loud.

"How does that feel?" I said. Her lips trembled. "Oh! God!! How far are you in Mr. Kelly?" she moaned. "Maybe a 1/2 inch. Oops....I just popped out. Let me try again. Ooops!!! It fell out again. Sorry....Your so wet and tight. Your pussy keeps letting me fall out." I said. She tried to put her hands down again to guide my cock. But her big breast forced her hands wide. "Oh! I see. Maybe you should put a little more in. Not to much." she moaned. I placed my cock back in causing her to moan. I then inched about an inch of my cock in her tight pussy. She closed her mouth to muffle her screams. I just kept pulling out and slamming an inch back in her hungry pussy.

I fell out again. I moved the tip of my wet cock under her pussy touching her big ass. She looked down. "I wish I could see what your doing to me. Are you still having problems staying in my pussy. It feel so good. Maybe we should switch positions. I give you a lap dance, like before. I'll finish by sitting on the tip of your amazing cock." she said. I looked at her husband who head had moved to the opposite side. "OK! Let's try....I'll sit here. You dance....Oh that is nice. Move those hips and that ass. Shake that body. God! Your so sexy Veronica." I said. She smiled as her whole body shook. All I could so was smile and watch her body.

A few minutes later her ass was getting closer to the tip of my cock. She looked down. "Mr. Kelly how come you don't have to play with your cock to keep it up. My husband takes pills to get hard. It has to play with his cock. Your so hard." she moaned. "Cause I just love what your doing to me. Now sit on my lap. Put your legs on mine. Your knees on the side of my hips. Put your body on mine." I said. She turned to face me. She put her knees on the couch next to my hips. I started to lick her big breast and nipples. She put her hands on my shoulders. Her pussy was inches from my cock. She tried to look between her legs. But she could not see her pussy from her body being in the way. I watched as she reached for my cock with her right hand. She tried with her left hand. Finally she looked at her husband.

"He has not moved since we started the job training. I'm so horny Mr. Kelly. Your body feel great on my skin. Your eyes have not left me since I started to dance for you. I'm going to lower my pussy now. Let me see if I can get the tip to stay in this time. I love what it felt like before. Plus its been so long since I've been on top with a man. Your so strong." she moaned. I watched as she lowered her big ass down. The tip of my guide found her pussy entrance. She shifted so her wet bush and lips went down the top of my shaft. She did this a few times. I then dropped my hands down to her big hips. I moved her forward. Her big breast squeezed out my mouth. I licked hard on her nipples.

I then felt her pussy lips open. In went my hard cock. Just the tip was in now. A second later more of cock was in. She was now passed were I had been in her. She closed her eyes as she moved back up. She then dropped down. Her knees bent as she got 2 inches of my cock in her. Then she started to fuck my cock. "God! Yes! Yes!...." she moaned. A second later her pussy orgasm for the first time on my cock. My cock was drenched with her juices. She slipped and half my cock was in her. She had another quick orgasm. She then started to fuck my harder. She gripped the back of my neck as she slid down my cock. We started to kiss. I tweaked her big nipples in my fingers. I looked down to see her big butt was going up and down. Her pussy was on fire.

She was riding my cock faster. She was getting more of cock. I wanted to fuck her now. I picked her up and rolled her over on the couch. Are feet were down by her husband. She was in front of me. Her big breast cascaded down in front of the couch. My back was against the back of the couch. She was moaning as I moved my cock back in her pussy. This time she said nothing as I moved more than half in her. I reached under her body to grip her breast. I used my free hand over her hips to grip her free breast. I slapped them together. My cock was pounding her pussy. She orgasm again very hard. I pulled my cock out and then jammed all the way in. I was biting her ear lope. She kept moaning.

After twenty minutes I pushed all my cock in her tight pussy. All 9 3/4 inches was buried in her pussy. She was moaning and slamming her ass on my thighs. I kept fucking her harder. I grabbed her hair with my mouth pulling on it. She was screaming now. I looked down to see her husband still passed out. After a few more minutes she turned to kiss me. "Please don't come inside me Mr. Kelly. I'm not on birth control." she whispered. "OK! Your in charge. Here! Get up and get on the floor. Suck my cock. Now hold up your amazing breast. Here it comes baby." I moaned. A second later I shot a big load on her breast and lips. She caught a huge glob on her chin. She licked her lips. She then watched as I empty the rest on her breast. I moved my cock around on her breast. Rubbing in the white cream. I placed my cock back in her mouth. "Suck it clean. You don't want any evidence when you send the guest home, that he had such a great time." I said.

I got dressed as I wrote down instructions on how to get to the club. Veronica gave me a big kiss at the door. She was still naked as she shut the door behind me. The next day I sent her a very sexy red dress for her to wear on her first night. Some red heels and a big red purse for her to carry. I told her she would watch the first night and maybe have a private dance for me in the back when she felt comfortable. I sent a limo to pick her up.

I waited outside as the limo pulled up. I escorted her inside the club. Her husband Charlie and Todd showed up five minutes after she got to the club. I had the bouncer slow them down and give them free drinks. I took Veronica to my office to make sure she was OK. We then watched some private dancing in the back. She was feeling more comfortable as the night went along. With encouragement and with the help of the newest dancer I hired last week she got on stage. She was a natural. I filled her bra and dress with money. She had a few drinks and sat next to me as we listen to the music.

An hour later. My bouncer informed me that Veronica husband was asking for her. I smiled and told him to take him to the ultra private booth area. Also his friend was to take another booth to watch. They were to pay 500 dollars to watch. I got up and took Veronica to the changing area. "I have two men who have asked for you. They are going to pay you a thousand dollars to watch. They can see you but they were told you could not see them. But I lied. You will be able to see them. Also I will be back stage watching. If you feel uncomfortable or want to stop. Just tell me. I am here for you." I said. She smiled.

A minute later she walked on the small wooden stage. The glass partition rose to show both men sitting on a small chair. There mouth dropped as they saw Veronica. She turned to see them and smiled. She ordered them to toss the money in a slot next the glass. She started to dance. Veronica husband mouth was open. Todd was almost against the glass watching his best friend wife strip. I was very turn on watching her. She stopped after the first song. The glass went down. A minute later both men put more money in the slot. The glass went back up. She smiled. This time she got full naked. Todd was touching the outside of his jeans. He was making loud noises and moving in his chair. Veronica husband fell on the floor.

I motion for the bouncer to bring in more guys. Now she turned to see all six glass walls had men in them. They were watching her as she danced naked. More money fell in the slots. Her husband was going crazy. His best friend had pulled out his small cock. Two other guys did to. I saw her husband try to get his cock out. But he had cum in his jeans. She finally turned to motion for me to come and get her. I walked out expecting to help her off stage.

She leaned into my arms. We started to kiss. I looked straight ahead to see her husband get off his chair. Todd moved to the glass rubbing his cock on the glass. She started to take of my jacket. A minute later I was naked on the small stage. She had my cock in her mouth. She was rubbing my hard cock between her breast. I spit some saliva between her cleavage to tit fuck her better. After a few minutes she took as much of my cock in her mouth as she could. She gagged and spit it out. I then picked her up and placed her on my cock. I bounced her up and down on my cock. She put her hands around my neck and her feet around my lower back.

After a few minutes. We fell on the stage. I picked her heels up around my ears. I plunged my cock in all the way inside. She screamed and orgasm for the first time. I heard some of the men groan as they came in the there hands. Todd blasted his hand. Her husband was sitting down looking at his wife being fucked. I kept fucking her very hard. I then flipped her over. I got her in the doggy style position as my cock slammed in her tight pussy. I slapped her big ass causing more of the men to groan. I kept hearing more money as the another song came and went. Finally I pulled my cock out of her tight pussy and shot a big load all over her ass. I whipped my cock up and down her ass, rubbing in the last ounce of cum.

It's been two weeks since Veronica started. I keep sending her gifts. More heels, and outfits to wear to the club. She had her husband move in a tent outside in the front lawn near the fake pink flamingos. She let me bring my tooth brush to put in the master bath. I fuck her every chance I get. Either at the club or n her house. She is making so much money, that she thinking about moving to a bigger house. One with a guest house for her husband. She starting to feel bad that he is living in a tent in the lawn. Plus he can't afford to come to the club anymore. His favorite dancer is priced to high. Todd trying to get is wife to come to the club. I told him she need to gain some weight. Before I think about seeing her. Because ~~~~ You need to have curves to dance for me.


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