Sunday, December 19, 2010

Cabin in the Woods - 6 days before Xmas - An Adult Story

I work at a nice resort in Lake Tahoe. It was just beginning to snow as I was driving to work. I was on call for the weekend. I'm the snow rescue guy. If you get trapped outside in the snow. Ski off a cliff and need to be rescued. Have to much to drink and hit a tree. They call me to rescue you. I've been skiing most of my life. I normally just pack a few items in a pack back to take while skiing. The forecast was for about 4-6 inches. I'm pretty sure for the first snow fall of the year it will not be to crowded on the slopes. Last year I did not have to rescue anybody until the 4th week of the season. There are two rescue skiers on call everyday.

I went into the locker room to change into my snow gear. I slipped on a pair of white boxer briefs. They fit snug around mid thigh on me. I usually buy one size smaller to get a better bulge in my snow suit. I then put on a white wife beater. A big full length dark red ski suit. It fits snug from my ankles to my neck. I shifted my semi erect cock once I got the zipper up and over the front. I stopped mid chest and moved my arms inside. I put on some black gloves. I slipped on some red ski boots. I grabbed my ski poles and big red ski's. I put on a black ski visor over my short hair. I tucked in a wool ski hat in my pocket. I put some power bars in my side pockets. I looked in the mirror. Nodded to Dan, the other rescue guy.

I was first up for the day. I took the long ski chair to the top of the mountain. I stood near the ski lift to watch the other skiers go down the mountain. It was still snowing pretty good as more and more people skied to the bottom. I put my dark shades on over my eyes to people watch. Truth be told I just watch for bodacious women in there hot ski suits. I adore large woman with curves. Nothing more hotter than a big girl skiing. She falls down and needs some personal assistance. I really love a big booty in a tight pair of ski pants. If the resort knew I do this job for free. They might take me up on it.

It was close to the end of my first shift. I got a call from Dan at the bottom of the mountain. He was coming up to the top. I decided to ski down to the bottom. I click in the heels of my boots in the ski's. I pushed off and started down the mountain. I did some S curves on the right. Hit a few small bumps on the left. The snow was still falling. About half way down, I pulled to the side to check on other skiers. I saw less people than before. It was really starting to snow pretty hard. It was just a matter of time before they close the lift until the snow stops. A few minutes later I got the sound over the radio that they were going to close the lift until it stopped snowing. Dan rode the lift around to the bottom.

I checked around and began to ski again. A few minutes later on my left I spotted some fresh ski tracks leading off to the side of the mountain. I remembered there were some small cabins that the resort rented out for the winter. They don't normally get rented until the start of the third week of the ski season. I quickly ducked under a small tree branch. Being almost 6ft 4 makes it a little difficult going under and around trees. I kept following the ski tracks down a small hill. I started to follow them back into the deep woods. It was maybe twenty minutes later that I spotted the end of the ski tracks. They came to a abrupt end near a snow mound. There were two pink ski's standing straight up in the snow.

I looked around and spotted some foot prints in the snow. The snow was deep but I could tell the person who made them was going toward a small cabin about 100 yards away. I clicked on my radio. "Snow patrol. This is Snow Rescue 1 - Buck Kelly....I am investigating some snow ski's that were left in area 69....I will call back with update....Over...." I said. "10-4" said Dan.

It took me a few minutes to ski down toward the cabin. I looked around for any sign that the cabin was occupied. There was no smoke coming form the cabin. The windows were frosted over. The snow was getting deeper. I turned to look back toward the pink ski's. I could not see them through the thick snow fall. I tried to use the radio with no luck. I clicked the radio on my ski suit. I then clicked off my ski's at the side of the cabin. I walked through the snow to peek in the side windows of the cabin. I could not see anything in there. I walked around the back of the cabin. Still no luck. There was no sign of anyone at the cabin. The big hot tub was still covered in the back. The sauna room to the right of the cabin was still locked. I walked around to the front of the cabin.

I looked around. The snow had covered my tracks. I could not see anything in the snow that lead me to believe anyone was in the cabin. I decide to walk to the front door of the cabin. I put my hand on the door knob. The door open slightly. I could see a small light on in the living room. I could see some small wet snow on the kitchen floor of the cabin. I could see a pair of pink ski boots next to a wooden chair. I slowly dusted off the snow from my visor and cold wet hair. I looked down the front of my ski suit. It was covered in snow. I looked to my right to see a large piece of luggage behind the door. I closed to door behind me. I looked down to read the luggage tag. "Mistie"

I looked around again. The light from the living room flickered. I could see a shadow on the floor. I took off my visor on the kitchen table. I gently walked down the hall toward the living room. I peeked around the corner into the living room. My mouth dropped open. I had to rub my eyes with my left hand. I looked in again. My cock moved inside my tight ski suit. I looked around inside the cabin. I could not see anybody else. Only a few feet from me was a very hot brunette girl. She was laying naked on a big white bear skin rug in front of the fireplace. My heart was racing. She had long french cut finger nails with pink and white stripes on them. I looked down her bodacious body to see her toe nails were the same color.

She had a small necklace that rested on her large chest. Her amazing breast sat high and firm on her voluptuous body. I could see her nicely trim pussy was fully exposed to the fireplace. She was moving her hands down her side. She moved her left hand to her mouth. She licked her long index finger. She sucked on the tip. She then ran it over her smooth pussy. She inserted the tip of her finger inside her tight pussy. She began to finger herself. I bite my lower lip in excitement. I was standing there watching her masturbate as I dripped snow on the wooden floors. I moved back down the hall a few feet.

I moved my eyes down the hall back toward the kitchen. "Uggg! Ummmmmm....." a large moan came from the living room. I froze for a minute. Finally my cock took over. I stopped listening to my brain. I gently pulled down the front of my ski suit. I eased off my soaked white wife beater. I placed it on the floor. I unzipped the bottom of the ski suit. I pulled the legs over my ski boots. I unlocked my ski boots. I pulled my soaked ski suit off onto the wooden floor. I looked down to see the front of my wet underwear standing at attention. I pulled off my white boxer briefs over my ski boots. I push everything into a pile. I was now standing naked in the hallway with just my ski boots on.

I slowly walked to the opening of the living room. I could still hear her moaning on the bear skin rug. Her head was about two feet from my boots. Her legs had opened letting more of the heat from the fireplace on her pussy. She now had two fingers in her tight pussy. My 9 3/4 inch cock was sticking straight out toward her. I moved so my cock was just over her head. I looked down to see her eyes closed. I put my left hand on my cock. My right hand on my naked balls. I looked down to see her nipples were standing at attention. I could smell her sweet perfume. I could also smell her excitement.

I eased my hips forward causing my erect cock to be just over her dark red lips. She had white glitter on her lips making them just perfect in the light from the fire. I turned my head to look around the room. I then felt a piece of snow fall from my head onto my right shoulder. Some drops of water cascaded down my bare chest over my erect nipple. Down my hard abs. I watched as the small drop went down my long shaft onto the tip of my cock. It passed next to the huge glob of pre cum on the tip of my cock. I watched in horror as the small drop fell heading toward her red lips. I froze once again. The water drop hit her glitter lip.

Her eyes open immediately. She looked up to see me erect cock cast a shadow over her face. Her fingers kept moving in her pussy. She moaned. She then licked her lips. "Mmmmm...that was nice. Nice and Salty. Are you a mountain man? Is this your cabin in the woods??" she said. "Mmmm...Buck Kelly...Snow Rescue....Just here to make sure your Ok." I said with a big smile. "Oh! I need to be rescued. Thank god your here. Do all the snow rescue guys have such big ski poles?" she purred. "No! Just me." I smiled. "I'm glad they sent you than. I could use some mouth to mouth. Just don't stand there watching. Come rescue me. Buck!!" she moaned.

I got on my knees next to her right side. I leaned down to kiss her on the lips. Her big full lips washed with excitement as she kissed my very hard. I felt her tongue dart in and out a few times. I then felt her free hand on my knee. She moved her hand inside my thigh. She then touched the tip of my hard cock. "Wait! Buck! I never had such good mouth to mouth before. Shouldn't you feel my pulse. Then do some chest compressions." she said. I massaged her free wrist. She still had other hand over her pussy. I then moved my big hands on her amazing breast. They instantly melted my cold hands. She moved her hand behind my ass. She than gave it a few smacks. "Need to warm up that ass baby. Just like your warming me up honey." she said.

I moved so both of my knees where on the outside of her head. She reached up to lower the tip of my cock into her wet mouth. I moved my hands next to her hips. I moved my face down to her warm breast. I started to lick and suck each one. She was sucking my cock. She had swallowed the pre cum and was now inching more of my cock down her throat. I started to kiss her breast and suck her nipples very hard. I then kissed my way down to her pussy. She had moved her two fingers out of her tight pussy. I then felt both hand on my cock. She was jerking my cock into her open mouth. She used her tongue to swirl around my shaft and try to touch my hanging balls with her lips. I was now close to her pussy. Her skin was aroused to my touch.

I licked my lips and eased my tongue down her pussy mound. She stop for a second when she felt my tongue licking her exposed cunt lips. I felt her body contract as I eased my wide tongue in her pussy. Her pussy walls relaxed as my tongued probed further in her pussy. I then started to lick her labia in a clockwise direction. Her mouth let go pf my cock. My cock was dripping on the side of her face as she moaned. "Fuck! Right there! YES! YES! YES! Faster! Don't stop...." she moaned. I kept my tongue going clockwise as she screamed. A minute later she screamed. "FUCK!!!!!!!!! I'm Cumming...." then she filled my mouth.

I looked down when I felt her tongue lick the tip of my cock. I raised up on my hands next to her body. My wet ski boots above her head. I was doing pushups over her smoking hot body. She started to suck harder on my cock. Her hands were both on my ass. She started to slap and push down on my ass. Her long finger nails made scratches on my soft skin. She was easing my ass forward toward her mouth causing more of my cock to be swallowed. She was swirling her tongue around my cock. She was now touching the bottom of the base near my shave balls. I eased my hand down to fuck my cock in her mouth. She gagged at first then sucked the length a few times.

After a few minutes I fell to the side of her on the bear skin rug. She rolled over onto my body. I was under her as she eased my cock into her tight pussy. She put her hands on my bare chest. I noticed her tattoos as she rode my cock. Her large breast hitting my face. I brought her erect nipples into my mouth. She moaned and through her head back. I kept moving more of her soft breast flesh in my mouth. I closed my eyes and could only picture her beauty. She put her hands on the side of my face. She brought her whole body off the carpet onto my body. We both opened our eyes at the same time. She was looking into my baby blue eyes.

I put my hands around her waist. I reached down to slap her thick butt. She smiled as I found her ass to be very sexy. She started to shake her head back and forth as she rammed my cock into her pussy. She was really bouncing hard on my cock. I then reached up to put my hands around her neck. She started to scream. I then felt her whole body shake. Her pussy muscles clamped hard on my cock. I screamed. Anther minute I pushed my hips up to match hers. She mouthed to cum deep in her pussy. I felt her body shake again. My cock was soaked. The bear skin rug moved. I moved. My cock then erupted deep inside her. I moved her face toward my lips. We started to kiss as we both orgasm together.

I few minutes later she put her face on my left shoulder next to my head. I smelled her long brunette hair. She started to kiss my neck. I could feel her whole body on mine. Her large breast rested high on my chest. I moved my hands back on her ass. She kissed and nibbled on my neck. She leaned in my left ear. "You can take off your ski boots and stay awhile, I have not been fully rescued. I might drown in the hot tub later. Ever practice water rescue in the snow?" she moaned. "We better go find out. Better to be safe than sorry. Plus its not every day I get to rescue such a hot girl in distress." I said with a smile.

She held my hand as we ran naked through the snow to the hot tub. I turned on the switch for the hot tub inside the cabin. I took off the cover to the hot tub. A red Santa hat was on the edge. I turned to help her climb in. I then picked her up and placed her on my lap. She grabbed the red Santa hat and placed it on my head. "She giggled. Oh! Santa Buck! Its only 6 more days until Christmas. Will you grant me one wish?" she giggled. "For you, anything." I said. "Will you have my snow rescue hottie stay with me in my cabin for the rest of my vacation. Pretty please." she said.

I smiled as she put her small hand on my cock. She then eased her tight pussy on my cock. She put her arms around my shoulders. Her large breast on my chest. Her nipples were making my skin warm. "Fuck me! Santa! Fuck me! Santa! Harder! Faster! Faster!" she yelled into the cold night air. The snow was slowing down. A few snow flakes landed on my tongue as I licked her big nipples. I then licked in between her large cleavage making the sides of my face warm. She giggled as she rode my cock faster. The hot water bounced off her body onto the snow outside of the hot tub. I held onto her ass as she fucked me very fast. After twenty minutes and two orgasm from my cock. She slowed down and caught her breath.

I then picked her up and bounced her on my cock in the water. She held onto my neck as I fucked her very hard. Our body slapping each other. She giggled as i kissed her snow covered lips. I then felt my knees get weak. She moaned. I then felt another source of hot liquid on my cock. Her eyes went back in her head. I smiled as I erupted in her hot pussy. We kissed in the hot tub for a very long time before we got out and walked back toward the cabin.

We made some snow angles in the wet deep snow. Her looks better than mine. Back inside the cabin. I placed her on the big king size bed in the master bedroom. With my hat still on. "Santa you never answered my question." she giggled. "I need to find out if you've been naughty or nice." I said. "Bring me that big cock Santa." she yelled.

A few hours later:

"Base! Base to Snow Rescue 1 - Are you there Buck? Can you hear me? Come in Buck!!!!!" said Dan back at the resort. The bed stopped moving. I watched her walk toward my snow suit in the kitchen. She then picked up my radio and come back to the bed room. "Hello! Hello! Snow Rescue Buck is in good hands. He is tied up at the moment. We are snow in....Were are in the far west cabin in the woods..." said Mistie. "OK! Call us tomorrow with an update. Thank you." said Dan

Mistie dropped the radio on the floor next to the bed. Mistie turned to look at me. She had a big black riding crop in her right hand and a small black leather whip in her other hand. She was dressed in all black leather. Her nipples were exposed. Her open toe black leather boots sqeaked on the wet floor. I had my Santa hat still on my head. She had a red ball clamp in my mouth. Some long rope around my wrist. A leather strap on my ankles. She looked at me tied up on the bed. "Sorry Santa! This sexy Big Gurl been bad this year. Say good bye to Snow Rescue Buck. Your ass belongs to me now.........


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