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June 21 - Part 1 of 3 - An Adult Story

I had about an hour and half drive to the beach.  I left my house around 10:00am.  I brought along my big cooler.  It was stocked full of beer, wine and mixed drinks.  I brought a fruit tray and some cheese to eat at the beach.   I was wearing a black, short sleeve shirt.  Some knee length white swim shorts.   I was wearing some black leather sandals, and a pair of shades.  It was suppose to get up to over a hundred today.  I worked for about 14 days straight without a day off.  I was looking forward to not working the next 4 days.  I also brought along a small gym bag, with a change of clothes inside.

I changed the station on my satellite radio when I crossed the bay bridge.   I could see off to my right Hemingway's.  They have a small outdoor bar and great drinks.  Plus the crowd is always good on a Thursday night.  They might even have a live band.  I turned off the a/c and rolled down the windows.  The smell of salt water and sand filled my big black Chevy Blazer.

I clicked off my cell phone.  Then tossed it into my glove compartment.  I turned off the main road to get some gas.    I drove for about 2 miles before I found a little 7-11 with some gas pumps out front.  I pulled into the first pump.  I then filled up my Blazer.  I went inside to give the girl a $100.  I took a quick trip to the bathroom.  I then got back in my SUV.  I turned around and head back toward the main road.

It was close to noon.  I was about mile and half from the main road.  I started to slow down.  I could see a girl walking on the right hand shoulder of the small two lane road.  I slowed down some more when I saw what she was wearing.  She was maybe 5ft 2, with shoulder length dirty blonde hair.  She was wearing some small super tight cut off denim shorts.   Along with a sleeveless  white, wife beater t-shirt.  It was stretched over a nice big pair of breast.  She also had a nice round pregnant belly.  She had a skinny waist and small hips.  She had a pair of small white flip flops on her small feet.

I don’t normally stop for people on the side of the road.   I figured there not much danger in talking to her.  She had a big gulp in her right hand as I came to a stop, about ten feet in front of her.  I pulled off into some sand/gravel next to the road.  She then walked up the driver side of my SUV.  She pulled up her white sunglasses.  She stuck them on her head.  She smiled as I leaned out the window.

“Hey!” I said as I nodded my head.  “Hi!  I’m Molly.  Who are you?” she said.  “Buck.. Nice to meet you Molly.  I love your outfit.” I said.  I keep it simple and to the point.  Complement woman.  Don’t say something stupid.  Example: How’s the weather….Do you live around here…  Cause its hot outside and she walking by the road.  Of course she lives near by.   “Thank you.  I like your big truck.” Said Molly.  “How’s the big gulp?  What flavor?” I said.  She smiled.  “I use a big gulp cup to get more strawberry/lemonade Slurpee, than the small Slurpee cups.  Promise you won’t tell.  The girl at 7-11 charges me only a dollar. “She said.  “Your secret safe with me.” I said.
She looked around, as I starred at her large breast.  I had the perfect view looking down the front of her wife beater shirt.  I could tell she was not wearing a bra.  “Would you like a ride?  It’s starting to get hotter out.  I hate to see such a cute girl walking in the hot sand.” I smiled.  “That would be nice.  I live a few minutes down the road.  You don’t have to take me.  I can walk.  I’m just a little tired.  Being pregnant slows you down.  Wait your not a serial killer or anything.  I mean you look nice.” She giggled.  I smiled.
I unbuckled my seat belt.  I then watched her walk around the front of my black SUV.  I leaned across the big black leather bench seats.  I opened the passenger side door.  I watched Molly reach up to grab the hand grip above her door.  She put her small feet on the chrome running boards.  She then hopped into the front seat, next to me.   She then leaned out to pull the passenger side door closed.  I watched as her large breast shifted under her white cotton top.
For the next 15 minutes in my SUV.  I did not say a word.  I just nodded my head “Yes!”  Molly did all the talking.  She told me.  How she got pregnant 6 months ago.  Her old boyfriend told her if they had sex standing up, she could not get pregnant.  Then he joined the Army a week after she told him the news.  She has not seen him since.  She’s living with her sister now.  Who is at work.   She finally came up for some air, when I pulled into her dirt driveway.  She lived in small white/brown double wide trailer.  Just off the road. 
“Thanks for listening to me.  I hope,…I did not bore you.  Nice to meet someone, that has not heard all my stories  before. “ Said Molly.  She took another big sip of her Slurpee.  She then put the cup in my cup holder on my dash.  She licked her faded red lips.  “Not a problem.  Loved your stories.” I said.  She smiled.
“You’re the first guy, who ever listen to me and did not cut me off or roll his eyes.  I wish there were more guys like you, who lived around here.  I want to give you some money for driving me home.  I know you did not have to.  But I spent it all on beef jerky and the Slurpee.  Mmmm.. How about a blow job instead.  I’m super horny, Buck.” Said Molly.  I smiled.
I then moved my ass off the front seat.  Molly leaned over to un-velcro the front of my swim trunks.  She then pushed my swim trunks around my ankles.  She gasped.  I was already rock hard.  She stared at my 9 ¾ inch cock.  The tip was glistening.  A second later she was sucking the tip of my cock.  I pulled my shirt over my head.  She put her right hand on my hard abs.  Her left hand was stroking my cock.  She ran the tips of her fingernails on my clean freshly shaved balls.
She got about half of my cock in her mouth before she gagged and spit me out.  She looked up and stopped rubbing my abs.  She then licked her lips again and swirled her tongue around the tip of my cock.  She cupped my big naked balls and then yanked on the them a few times.  I moaned softly in the front seat as she kept sucking my cock.  I ran my hand down the side of her white cotton shirt.  I gently rubbed the side of her breast.  She moaned and then pulled her mouth of my hard cock.
“Damn!  Your cock is big.  The baby’s daddy was small.” Said Molly.  I grabbed the back of her dirty blonde hair.  She went right back to sucking my cock.  I finally got my right hand under her wife beater shirt.  I could feel her warm skin, turn hotter when I felt side of her breast.  She moaned again very loud, when I rubbed her fat nipple.  She spit out my cock.  She turned her head.  Then pulled her shirt over her head.  She turned to take a big sip of her cold Slurpee. 
A second later her cold mouth, engulfed my warm cock. I pulled her swollen breast to the side.  I looked down to see her dark purple nipple was huge.  I started to twist her nipple and tug on it.  She shook her big ass in the air.  I could tell she was getting wet.  For the next ten minutes her head bobbed up and down on my cock.  She got a little more in her mouth.  But not more than half.  I kept man handling her breast.  Finally she spit out my cock again.
“I went from a B cup….to a double D.  You’re the first to see them.  My sister tell’s me to cover up all the time.  There almost bigger than hers.” Said Molly.  I smiled.  I then pulled her to my chest.  I started to suck her newly big breast.  I grabbed both her warm breast and sucked on them.  She moaned louder.  She tilted her head back and screamed in my SUV.
I then grabbed her breast and pushed them around my cock.  Molly looked down and then back into my blue eyes.  It took her a minute before she started to rub her warm breast along my cock.  “Take a sip of your drink.  Then spit it out.” I said.  She smiled.  She took a big gulp of her Slurpee.  Then spit it between her breast.  My hard cock was so cold.  I started to bounce her tits around my cock.  She tried to lick the tip of my cock and get some strawberry/lemonade Slurpee.  I was so close to cumming.  I bit my lip.  Then I, exploded between her breast and the cold Slurpee.  “Fuck!” she yelled.  I kept blasting her tits and face.  She was covered in white goo and the cold Slurpee.

After a few minutes.  I pulled up my swim trunks, back up.  Molly took a big slurp of her Slurpee again.  She smiled as she watched me checking her out.  “Thanks for the ride… Buck.  Your something else.” she said.  “Don’t put your shirt back on.  I see the garden hose next to the trailer.  I want to watch you get cleaned up for me.  Take it all off.  I slapped her on her big ass.  She jumped out the passenger side.
I watched as she dropped her white top on the grass.  She then pulled down her denim shorts.  She quickly stepped out of them.  She a huge brown patch of hair covering her pussy.  She smiled as she saw me checking out her pregnant curves.  She put her big Slurpee on the steps to her trailer.  She grabbed the green rubber hose.  She turned on the water.  Then she started to spray herself with the cold water.  I was getting hard again watching her.  After twenty minutes she turned off the water.  She ran to the driver side of my SUV.  She gave me a big wet kiss on the cheek.  I felt up her big wet breast.  Then she jumped down and ran into her trailer.
I reached up to click on my GPS.  I may need to make another stop to see Molly.  I backed out of the driveway.  I headed back to the main road.  Only thirty minutes to the beach.
Part II
Coming soon…..

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