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Mom, Daughter, Teacher - part 1 of 2 - An Adult Story

Mom, Daughter, Teacher - part 1 of 2

I wrote my name on the chalk board. "Buck Kelly"..."My name is Mr. Kelly. I will be your substitute teacher for the next few weeks. Mrs. Gladstone is on maternity leave. What chapter did she leave off on, in your text book?" I said. I heard a few groans. I then felt a big wad of paper on the back of my neck. I played it off. I just turned and stood in front of my desk. "Anybody?? Like to tell me." I said. A girl in the front row opened her mouth. "Chapter 4. Mr. Kelly." she said. I smiled. "Thank you. Would you like to read a few pages for the class?" I said. She smiled. "Dork!" said a girls voice in the back row. I turned my head to look around. Everyone laughed. The girl in the front row started reading. "Teachers Pet!" said the same girl in the back row.

I moved around my big wooden desk. I walked toward the back. A few of the kids giggled as I walked up to the girl in the last row. "How are you??? Ms..." I said. "Joy Rose...Nice to meet you teach." she said. I smiled. Joy was covered in tattoos. She had long black hair, with red high lites. She had a few piercing on her mouth, nose, and both ears. She had black nails to match the black lips stick on her big lips. She was maybe 5ft 10inches tall. She was wearing big black jeans. A tight black t-shirt with a rock band, I never heard scrolled across her big chest. She was squeezed into a small desk and chair. Her big ass hung over the edge of the plastic chair. Her large breast rested on the wooden desk top. She had slim hips and a very small waist. I could tell she had developed more, than the rest of her 12th grade English class.

"Nice to meet you. Ms. Rose. Are we disturbing you? How's your hearing? Cause I keep hearing you, all the way in the back of my class. Would you like to move to the front? Maybe that would help...With your hearing." I said. "No! I'm all good. Thanks for asking teach. You can go back to the front." she said. I smiled. I could tell she was the trouble maker of the class. Maybe looking for some attention. I had to find out about her home life. Maybe I take a stroll down to the principle office. After class. "Ok! Pick up were Mrs. Gladstone left off. Thank you." I said. I then stood behind Joy. I had to keep checking out her ass from behind.

After 30 minutes. I walked to the front of my desk. I had asked a few students to read a few pages. I saw Joy in the back row not paying attention. "Ok! Ms. Rose....Pick up where he just left off. Thank you." I said. She looked around the room. She looked kinda of mad. I watched as she mouthed "Fuck! Shit! Where are we at? To a girl next to her. The other girl pointed in her text book. "Any day now.." I said. The class all laughed. She shot me another mean look. She then started to read. It took her a few minutes to read. She had the book stretched out in her small hands, away from her huge chest. I smiled. A minute later....."Beep!" Saved by the bell. "Ok! Read the rest of Chapter 4, tonight. Will be having a test tomorrow. Have a great day. Ms. Rose. Please come see me before you leave." I said.

I watched as the kids left the class room. It took a few seconds for Joy to get out of her desk. Then walk to my desk. I watched as her whole body jiggle. She had the body of girl from Bodacious Magazine or Juggs. I just kept smiling. I wondered what her Mom looked like. "Are we going to have a problem? For the next few weeks. While I am teaching in this class." I said. She looked up at me. "No! I need to pass this class this year. I need to graduate. I hate having to take this class, over and over again. The third time is the charm." she said. I smiled. She was older than I thought. My cock moved down my leg.

I watched as she hurried to her next class. I then walked down to the principle office. I pulled out Joy's file. She was living with her Mom. They lived a few blocks from the school. Her Mom was 34. Divorced at 18. Made me wonder if Joy was the reason for her not getting married again. I put the file back. I was hoping to get by and forget about Joy and her Mother. I needed to keep this job for awhile. My last teaching gig. I got let go after a month. Along with 3 different female teachers and the female principle were also let go for having sex in the school. I tried to get out of it. But the school board voted against me.

Over the next two weeks. Joy was the same student in my class, as she was the first day. Making loud noises. Being disrupted. Always late for class. Never turning her school work in. I finally moved her to the front row. But then I was constantly checking her out, during class. My wondering eyes never left her chest or big ass. My love of voluptuous women was making me take cold showers at night and before school.

Finally Friday rolled around. Monday was a holiday. It was going to be a long 3 day weekend. I was in a good mood as I wrote the the next English assignment on the chalk board. I then felt a wad of paper hit my neck. It was the hardest hit yet. I turned to see Joy laughing. The whole class laughed. I smiled. I then walked over to my desk. I flipped out my laptop computer. I then click enter. The whole class watched as Joy launched the wad of paper at my neck. Her mouth fell open, as I paused the tape. She looked around. "I had some kids from A/V help me out. Joy....Can you gather your things. Head to the principle office. Tell Mr. Mackey, I'll be right there." I said. A few minutes later the bell rang for next period.

I walked slowly down the hall, toward the principle office. I smiled as I saw Joy sitting in the small waiting area. She gave me a mean look as I walked passed her. I then opened Principle Mackey office door. I showed him the evidence of Joy throwing the paper. He picked up the phone. A few minute later he was talking to Joy Mother.

A half hour later there was a knock at his door. "Come in." he said. I smiled. It was Joy and what I could only imagine was her Mother. My mouth dropped open. She was shorter than her daughter. Maybe a inch or two smaller. She had the same large curvy frame as her daughter. Maybe just a little smaller than her daughter, but just as amazing. She was wearing a very tight dark blue pant suit. It was two sizes to small on her. She had long dirty blonde hair down passed her shoulders. She looked me up and down. Then she smiled.

"Thank you for coming on such short notice Mrs. Rose." said Mr. Mackey. "Just call me Ms. Fanny. I haven't been Mrs. Rose in a long time. What has Joy done this time?" she said. "Well! She was in Mr. Kelly class today. She was caught throwing paper at him. I can't have this at my school. We do have standards." he said. I smiled. "I'm so sorry Mr. Kelly. My Daughter can be a real pain. She can be a handful." said Mrs. Rose. I thought in my mind. She could be more than a handful. Two big handfuls. I then glanced at Joy. She was smiling. She was looking at her Mom. "What do you have to say? To Mr. Kelly.... young lady." said Joy Mom. She turned her eyes to look at me. "I'm sorry. It won't happen again. I promise." said Joy. "Thank you." I said.

"Has she been bad this whole semester? This is her third time taking this class. Can she get extra credit or help??.. Before its to late." said Mrs. Rose. I smiled. Joy shot me this mean look. "She has been both good and bad. I can see she is a smart student. She just needs some motivation. Maybe I can help. Before its to late." I said. "Joy....I'm not suspending you. But this is your only warning. Next time. I might not be so nice. You listen to Mr. Kelly. He maybe a young man. But he is full of knowledge. Now go to your next class. Get a pass from my secretary out front." said the Principle. I smiled. "You will need to write me a two page paper on why you won't do this again. Before class on Monday." I said. "Ok! Thanks!" said Joy. "Thank you Principle Mackey." said Joy Mom. I watched Joy struggle to get out of her chair. Then her Mom struggled next.

Joy walked out of the office. I followed closely behind Fanny. She might change her name to big Fanny. I thought as I watched her big round ass jiggle under the pant suit. "It was nice to meet you. Can I walk you to your car?" I said. "That would be nice. Thank you." said Fanny. "What do you do Fanny?" I said. "I'm a real estate agent. I used to dance. But I got to big." she giggled. "MMmm.... You must sell allot of house's. Your so nice and sweet." I said. "Thank you. You must be a great teacher. To put up with Joy all day. I heard her mention your name last week on the phone. She was texting her friends." said Fanny. I smiled. "I hope she was nice." I said. She smiled. "Something about your tight jeans, and sexy eyes. I thought she was kidding. Until I met you. God what's come over me. Maybe the double shot of vodka I took before coming here. Dear me...." said Fanny.

"Which one is your car?" I said. I kept thinking about what she just said about me. "The small blue one. Over there." said Fanny. She pointed to a small blue Chevy. I put my hand down to open the driver side door. "Your such a gentleman. I wish I was a few years younger." said Fanny. I smiled. "Maybe we can go out some time." I said. She smiled. "Are you allowed to date the Mothers of your students?" said Fanny. "Maybe your right. That might not be a good idea. I hate to get into trouble. I kinda of need this job." I said. "Maybe we could talk about Joy.....over a bottle and something to eat. We can come up with a game plan for her. I need her to graduate this year. How does that sound?" she said. "Sounds great. I'll pick you up at 7pm...Tonight. Unless your busy." I said. She smiled. "No....Tonight great. Here my address and cell number. See you later." said Fanny.

After school let out. I went straight home. I took along shower. I shaved a few unwanted hairs on my body. I shaved all around my cock and balls. I left a small patch above my cock. Just under my hard abs. I checked my 6ft 4inch frame in the mirror as I put on some body spray and cologne. I then put on a small tight black t-shirt. It molded my big arms and shoulders. I slipped on some dark blue jeans. A small black belt, with a huge gold buckle on the front. I button up my fly on the jeans. I then slipped on some white Air Jordan's. I left my socks, and underwear in my dresser. I put on a big watch and grabbed my keys. It was 630pm.

It took me a few minutes to find Fanny and Joy's house. I parked my SUV in the small driveway. I walked up to the front door. "Knock! Knock!" I waited a few minutes. I heard some shouting inside the house. Then the small door knob moved. The big white front door opened. Joy was standing in the door way. She had a pink fish net top. That was stretched over a huge black bra. My eyes went right for her huge breast. Then I looked down. She was wearing a small denim skirt, that showed off her amazing ass and thick thighs. She had a pair of ripped black fishnet stockings on her curvy legs. She was also wearing some 6inch black wooden clogs, with sling back. I smiled. She had a black leather choker around her neck. She had painted her nails crimson red, to match her toe nails and sexy lips. She even smelled great. "What the fuck? Why are you here?" said Joy. I smiled. "I'm here to pick up your Mom." I said. Joy gave me the meanest look of all time. "Your joking. Your taking out my Mother. She like twice your age. Your my teacher." she said.

"Oh! Stop Joy. Where coming up with a game plan. To help you in school. Mr. Kelly been nice enough to help. He is making a effort to help you. Please be nice. I bought you some ice cream. It's in the freezer. It's your favorite. Don't eat the whole gallon this time. It make you sleepy. Baby!" said Fanny. She was walking down the stairs. My mouth dropped open. She was wearing 4inch red heels. She had a big red purse under her right arm. She was wearing a tight fitting red dress. That stretched over her huge curves. I could see right down her large cleavage. I could tell she was wearing a big red lace bra. But I was not sure if she was wearing panties. She walked by. My head turned. I was pretty sure she was not. She was wearing the same perfume as Joy.

"Can I come in?" I said. "No! I'm on to you Teach. I know what your up to. My Mom not that hot. Your after her money." said Joy. "What??" I said. "Joy! Stop! Mr. Kelly and I are going out. There nothing you can do about it. Your old Mom been locked up, for like ever. This is my first date, since your Dad left us. Now go inside. I will be back later. Don't wait up..." said Fanny. "Don't forget your paper." I said. I turned to let Fanny walk passed me. Joy slammed the door behind us. I walked behind Fanny. Her ass looked like two big cans of Spam tucked under her dress. My mouth dropped open when she got in my front seat. She spread her legs. I saw no panties. I closed her door.

I was not sure were the night would take Ms. Rose and I. But after two Margaritas and a plate of nachos. I felt her toes on my shin. She was playing footie's with me under the table. I smiled. My cock started to get harder under the table. She ran her foot up the inside of my leg. We spent the rest of the night laughing and having fun. We talked very little about Joy. Fanny told me about her husband leaving in the middle of the night. How he never came back. She then dedicated all her time to Joy. I was the first, to ask her out in a very long time. We finished off a few more Margaritas, before I asked her to dance. It was a slow number. She ran her hands all over my wide shoulders, and neck. I ran my hands all over her big ass. She rubbed her big breast against my chest. She gave me a small kiss on the cheek before I paid the check and we left.

It was close to 10pm when I pulled back into Fanny driveway. She rubbed my right arm the whole way back, from the restaurant. "Ahh! Where back." I said. She smiled. "I had such a great night with you Buck. It's still early. Would you like to come in? Maybe for some ice cream." said Fanny. I looked at her sexy eyes and than at her huge breast. "Sure! That would be nice. Maybe I can check on Joy's paper." I said. She smiled. "I hope she did not eat all the ice cream. Everything she eats goes right to her big booty. Just like her Mother." giggled Fanny. I smiled. I then walked around, to open Fanny door.

"You sure are a gentleman. Thank you, Buck.." said Fanny. "My pleasure.." I said. I held Fanny hand as we walked to her front door. Fanny reached into her big red purse. She pulled out a small set of keys. She then unlocked the top lock. Then open her door. My eyes got big. Fanny shut the door behind us. She then turned to see what I was seeing. Her daughter was passed out on the couch. Joy had her left leg on the floor. Her other foot on the couch. She was still wearing her black clogs on her small feet. Her hair was messed up. She also had a big black choker around her neck. With her name in gold lettering on the front. There was a big pink thong on the floor next to the couch. Her denim skirt rode up, almost exposing her pussy. Her black bra was half off. Her right breast was exposed under the pink fish net top. My eyes zeroed in on her big thumb size erect nipple. My mouth then fell open. She had one hand under her skirt. The other hand was cupping a gallon size container of ice cream. The spoon she was eating was wedged between her big breast. It look like she had eaten the whole gallon of cookie dough ice cream. I saw a note book on the floor, next to a pink pen. I assumed it was Joy's.

"Damn! She did it again. I told her not to eat the whole gallon. I'm sorry, Buck!" she said. I smiled. "Accidents will happen. Should we wake her up?" I said. "Fuck no! She just complain about you and I being here. Let her sleep." said Fanny. "Your right. Your the Mom." I said. "Now that she is of legal age. I hope she does not run away from me. That what I did at her age." said Fanny. I smiled. I turned my head to look back at Fanny. She had her long red index finger nail in her mouth. She looked me up, then down. "You want to go upstairs and Fuck, or what. I'm so fucking horny." she said. She then leaned into my arms. She gave me a huge kiss on the lips.

A minute later I opened her bed room door. It was at the far end of the hallway on the 2nd floor. I smiled. She had a huge queen size bed. It was covered in black sheets and a zebra style comforter. There was maybe 5-6 small red pillows, along with 4 big black pillows on the bed. I felt her hand on the my shoulder as she closed the door behind us. "I'll be right back. Need to freshen up." said Fanny. She then walked into her bathroom. She closed the door. I bent down to take off my white tennis shoes. I tossed them next to her dresser.

A minute later the bathroom door opened. Out came Fanny. She had reapplied her sexy perfume. She put on some more red lipstick. She then walked up in front of me. She turned around. "Can you unzip me?" she giggled. I reached up to unzip the back of her tight red dress. She then moved her hips, and lifted her arms. Her whole dress fell around her ankles. She turned to look at me. I looked down. She was only wearing a red lacy bra that some how was holding up her huge pair of breast. I could hear the back of the bra, straining to stay on. She was not wearing any panties. I could see her blonde covered bush. It was a small "V" shape over her pussy. I smiled as she looked me up and down.

Fanny reached down to pull my tight black t-shirt over my head. I then felt her hands on my hard chest, and abs. She ran her hand over my hard nipples. She let out a soft moan. I smiled as she reached down to grab my big belt buckle. She unhooked the front. She pulled my small belt around my 30 inch waist. A minute later she unbutton my jeans. She pushed down the sides of my jeans, over my small hips. My hard 9 3/4inch cock sprang out hitting her huge breast. I could feel the lacy bra on the tip of my cock. "If I knew all teachers were packing this much meat. I ask for a parent-teacher conference every day. God! Your so big and thick. Mmmmmpppphhh" said Fanny.

I reached down to cup her big bra encased breast. She moaned as I pulled her big right breast free of the bra. I then pulled her huge breast toward my mouth. She had some big areola's, capped off by huge nipples. I stuck her hard nipples in my mouth. I open wide as I sucked on it. She looked up as I fed on her breast. She dropped her head back. Her dirty blonde hair fell on her back. I then let her right breast go from my mouth. I reached down to pull our her left breast. She had a 1 inch gold rod pierced in her erect nipple. I licked my lips as I started to lick her pierce nipple. She moaned very loud. "Oh! God! That one is so sensitive. Your making me all wet." said Fanny. I then smelled how wet she was. I smiled as I grabbed her breast and spun her around.

I looked down. My cock was wedge side way on her big ass cheeks. She moaned as I tried to unhook her red bra from the back. It took me a few seconds to unhook it, then I toss it on the floor. I stepped out of my jeans. I walked her over to her bed. She bent down to throw back the top sheet and the zebra style comforter. She then sat down facing me. I put my right foot on the bed next to her left hip. She reached down to pull up my cock. She spit on the tip. Then began to swirl her tongue around my cock. She was running her tongue down my shaft as she cupped my big naked balls. I moved my hips in trying to get more of my cock inside her mouth. She was having a hard time swallowing more than half of my cock. I felt her drop my balls. Then she tried to jack my cock and suck the tip of my cock. I grabbed her hand. I then showed her how to jack my cock better using her hand. She gagged, then spit out my cock. I smiled.

I pushed on her shoulders. Fanny fell back on the bed. I then grabbed her ankles. She was still wearing her heels. I quickly pulled them off. I then licked the point on the heels. She moaned. I bite both her ankles. She moved on the bed. I could hear the metal frame holding up the bed creek. I then spit on my right hand. I used the saliva to coat my hard cock. She put her hands on her big thighs. She spread her legs as I slapped my cock on her blonde hairy bush. I could feel the heat from her pussy as I moved my cock on the outside of her pussy. She closed her eyes as I eased my cock passed her tight pussy lips. She grunted as she forced my cock back out. I eased back in. She pushed my cock back out. She giggled.

I then leaned in with my hips. My cock was half way inside her. I started to slowly fuck her tight pussy. After a few minutes. We got a pretty good rhythm going. I shifted my weight on her body. I moved my head upwards to see her eyes still closed. I was now directly over her huge breast. I started to suck on her right nipple. Then her left. She was moaning. "Fuck! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me harder..." said Fanny. I started to fuck her faster. I could hear my naked balls slap on her skin. She moaned again very loud. I could hear the bed rattle this time. I wonder if Joy could hear us down stairs. I could not get her out of my mind. I looked down at her Mother. I picked up the pace. She wrapped her legs around my muscular ass. I pushed my cock all the way in. She opened her eyes. She then screamed. I could feel her orgasm for the first time. My cock flew out of her tight pussy.

I gently pushed myself off Fanny. She smiled as I helped her off the bed. I then lied down on my back. My cock sticking straight up. She climbed onto the bed. She lowered herself down on my abs. I reached up. I gripped her hips. I pushed her forward. Her wet pussy was on my cock. A second later she put her hands back on my chest. She pushed her pussy onto my cock. She was facing forward as I watched her amazing ass jiggle, from my hard cock. Her pussy was riding my cock harder. I reached up to grope her big breast, from behind. I could hear the bed rattling against the wall. She grunted as slapped her big ass. I started to use my manicured nails on her big white ass. I was making her big butt turn pink, from my nails. I smiled as I spanked her harder.

A minute later....She then bounced off my cock onto the bed... "Ok! Baby! Now turn around. Crawl over here. Wrap those big breast, around my cock. That it. Fuck those tits." I said. Fanny was on her knees. Her hands on my hard abs. Her huge breast smashed against my cock. I could not see the tip of my cock, buried in her massive cleavage. She used her tongue to lick between her breast. I felt the tip touch my cock. I then reached up to grab the side of her breast. I squeezed her breast together. My cock was being suffocated by flesh. "Fuck baby!!" I said. I then grunted. My toes curled. Then I started to erupt between her warm breast. She screamed. "Fuck! Your covering my boobs....Honey... Does he ever stop." she cooed. I pushed a huge load between her breast. I even got some under her chin. I then watched as she licked me clean. She got up and went into her bathroom.

A few minutes later Fanny came back out. She was washing her breast, with some wet wipes. She then wiped my cock and balls clean. I smiled as she tossed the wet wipes on the floor. I then got on my knees. I motion for her to crawl on the bed. She crawled on her knees. Once she was in front of me. I dropped my hands around her big ass. She put her hands around my neck. We began to kiss. Her tongue was in my mouth first. I then gripped her big ass. I could feel the tip of my cock hit her almost flat stomach. Her breast parted on my stomach. I looked down to see her nipples scrap against my soft skin. I then put my hard cock between her legs. She moaned as I moved my cock against her wet blonde bush. I could feel her wet pussy lips move on top of my shaft. I put my tongue in her mouth.

Slowly I moved her around. Her face turned as her body moved. She then pushed her lips off mine. I slapped her big ass. She put her hands at the end of the bed. She looked over her shoulder. I looked down at her big round ass. I put my finger on her asshole. She bite her lower lip. Her eyes got big. "Be gentle. I've never done that before. My ass is a virgin." said Fanny. "Its so wonderful. Your so ass is amazing. I never seen one so perfect. So round." I said. I then pushed her knees together. I pushed her feet under me. I moved my hips up. I put the tip of my cock on her asshole. She arched her back. Her huge boobs pressed out the sides of her body. I looked down to see her huge breast on either side of her. Her big nipples pointed straight out. I grabbed her dirty blonde hair. I twirled my hand over and over. Making her hair tighter on my hand.

"Aghhhhh! Fuck!" Fanny grunted. I eased the tip of my cock in her tight asshole. I then pushed half way inside her. I paused as her butt relaxed. I then eased more of my cock deeper inside her. She was screaming into the black sheets. I could see her hands grip the sheets and the zebra comforter. I them pull all the way out. Then I pushed all the way in. I did this a few times as she shook her big ass under me. I then spit on my cock. I started to fuck her ass faster. She moaned. She was very tight. "Fanny!! Fanny! Damn! Baby!" I said. She screamed into her bed. I reached around her left hip. I eased my fingers under her waist. I quickly found her pussy from the front. I started to rub her exposed labia. She moaned. Once I put two fingers inside her pussy. She fell flat on the bed. My hand was crushed. I pulled my cock out and began to spank her with my free hand.

She pushed her ass off the bed. I grabbed both her hips. I moved my right leg over her shoulder. I started to fuck her ass at a different angle. She was breathing heavy. I fucked her harder. My balls slapped her ass from behind. She moaned. I felt the bed move. I then heard a spring under the mattress fall out. I lost my balance. I fell down to her side. She turned her head to look at me. My cock was on the side of her ass. I grabbed her side and rolled her over on me. I pushed my cock back in her ass. I started to bite the back of her neck. Her huge breast stuck straight out from in front of her. I looked over her shoulder. I put my left hand on her huge rack. My cock was fucking her faster. She moved her hand between her legs. She was fingering her pussy. I tugged on her pierced nipple. She orgasm on her fingers. A second later I grunted and filled her big ass. I could feel some of load, leak out onto the black sheets.

Fanny rolled over and went back in the bathroom. I could hear some water running. A few minutes later she came out with a big towel to clean off her bed. She had another wet wipe to clean off my cock. She gave me a wicked grin as she went back in the bathroom. I watched as she came back out. She motion for me to get under the covers. She pulled the black sheets and zebra comforter over our naked bodies. She then reached up to turn off the lights. I smiled as she backed her ass against my cock. I wrapped my hands around her breast from behind. I kept my eyes open as she slowly drifted off to sleep.

I could feel Fanny was asleep. I let go of her big breast and quietly got out of bed. I walked into her bathroom. I was taking along pee, when I began to get hard. I looked down. I jacked my cock twice before I flushed the small toilet. I wonder if Joy is up. I had to go investigate. I looked behind the bathroom door. There was a long black see through Kimono robe hanging there. It fit kinda of tight. I tied the small black belt around my waist. I looked down. My cock was sticking straight out, through the opening. I shook my head as I opened the bathroom door. I walked into Fanny bedroom. I walked over to her big dresser. I opened the top drawer. I pulled out a small pair of black see through panties. I smiled as I slowly put them on. My cock fit snug inside the thin material. I looked over one last time at Fanny. She had kicked the comforter off and the black sheets. She was completely naked laying on the bed. My cock moved in her black panties.

I must have been quite the site, walking down the hall. I was wearing Fanny see through robe and a pair of her black see through panties. My cock was getting hard, from the thin material rubbing on the tip of my cock. I walked down the small flight of stairs to the 1st floor. I walked around the corner, to the living room. All the lights were on. But Joy was no where to be seen. I could hear some water running in the kitchen. I looked around the living room. I pushed out the small brown leather ottoman from in front of the couch. I saw a small black bean bag chair on the corner. I smiled. I saw the pink thong from earlier resting on the black bean bag. I reached down to pick up a note book on the couch. It was Joy's. She had written one line down on the blank paper inside. "Fuck! Mr.Kelly and this stupid ass report.." I smiled.

I crossed my right leg over my left. I then heard some heels clicking across the floor. A second later Joy walked into the living room. She had cleaned her deep cleavage of the cookie dough ice cream. She had put her huge breast back into her black bra. She had her long black hair teased up. Her black choker around her neck was tight on her neck. My mouth dropped open. She looked amazing from the side. Her huge breast pushed out the front. Her big ass squeezed into a small denim mini skirt, pushing out the back. I looked down to see she was still wearing her black 6inch wooden clogs. Her white skin and the black ripped fishnet stocking were very hot. I licked my lips as she stood there.

She finally turned her head to see me. "What the fuck??....What are you doing here Mr. Kelly?? Where my Mom?" said Joy. "Good evening Ms. Rose. Nice to see you again. I see you have the same mouth, as if we were in school. How ever, you do dress better at home than in class." I said. I smiled. "Hey! Are those my Mom's? Are you wearing her robe? Mr. Kelly wearing woman's lingerie. How funny." she said. "I thought I better put something on, before I came down. I could not find my jeans, and shirt upstairs. You Mom gave me this to wear. She thought you were still asleep. We saw you when we came in earlier." I said. "Oh..My...God. You saw me? Right there? Why are you still here? I told you my Mom to old for you. Is she sleeping now?" said Joy. "She sound a sleep. I guess I wore her out. She fell asleep fast." I said. I then grinned.

"No fucking way. My Mom would not sleep with you on the first date. Your lying to me teach." said Joy. I smiled. "How much do you want to bet?" I said. She looked around the room. "I don't know. What do you want to bet?" said Joy. I smiled. "How about if you win. You go upstairs and your Mom not naked in her bed. Then I pass you in my class this semester." I said. "What if I loose and some how she naked in bed?" said Joy. "Then I will tudor you every day after school. Also you have to be nice to me in class and finish this report. You started." I said. I showed Joy, her note book. "That it." she said. "Maybe one more thing." I said. She looked at me sitting on the couch. "What? What the last thing?" said Joy. "You let me see your room and read your diary. I know you got some secrets in there. There nothing in this note book." I said. "Ok! I'll be right back. I know my Mom. She not that desperate. For a guy. Especially someone half her age." said Joy.

I got off the couch and followed Joy's big ass upstairs. "You better not be lying. teach! I can't wait to pass your class. After seeing my Mom." said Joy. I was looking up her denim skirt as we walked up the wooden stairs. I could hear her wooden clogs bang on the wood. I then walked behind her, down the hall. The whole time I was admiring her big ass and her short skirt. I watched her big thighs and long legs under the thin ripped black fishnets. I then cut in front of Joy. I reached down to open her Mom's bedroom door. "Shhh!" was all I could say.

"Mother fucker! I can't believe it." whispered Joy. She walked into her Mom's bedroom. She walked around the big queen size bed. She was looking down on her Mother's naked body. Fanny big breast were all red. Her nipples dark red. Her ass still had my right hand mark on the side. She then looked at me, standing in the door way. I smiled. She shook her head "NO!" She then shot me a mean look. I smiled again. This made her more mad. I could see the steam coming from her ears. She then walked around her Mom's bed. She walked passed me. I closed the bedroom door.

Joy turned. "You have to be fucking with me. You cheated." said Joy. "How could I cheat. I told you the truth down stairs on the couch." I said. Her mouth was wide open. "Well a bets, a bet. After school tutoring. Being nice. Now where your room." I said. "Fuck me. I can't believe you made it with my Mom. My room downstairs. Follow me Teach..." said Joy. I followed her down the stairs. I looked over her shoulder. I was watching her huge breast jiggle under her pink fishnet top and black bra. I smiled as we turned the corner at the bottom of the stairs. We walked down the hall. Her room was the last door on the left.

"Keep out!" was on Joy's bedroom door. She turned the handle to her bedroom. There were a few rock posters on the wall. Lots of tattoo pics and piercing info on the walls. She had a small dresser. With lots of earrings, chokers and some metal items on it. She had a big twin size bed. That was on wooden crates. The bed was raised up a few feet from the ground. I smiled as she closed the door behind us. "Are you and my Mom dating now?" she said. "I will have to ask. I think were just good friends." I said. "So where your diary?" I said.

Joy looked around the room. She then reached under her big pillow. She slowly pulled out a little pink diary. "I was expecting something black." I said. "It's pink.... Do you have a problem with that? You better be able to keep a secret." said Joy. "I'll try. I just hope you can be nice to me at school." I said. I opened the first couple of pages. I turned to look at her. She was running a finger in her dark hair. I then turned to sit on her bed. "Where the good stuff. These few pages, must be for your Mom." I said. She smiled. "Flip a few more Mr. Kelly. You sure know allot." said Joy. I smiled and flipped a few more pages. My eyes got a little big as I read the first paragraph on the score page.

Seems Joy kept score of how many times her friends had sex. She also had written down who she had sex with. It seems there were a lucky two guys and maybe 3 girls. I looked up at Joy. She was twirling another finger in her dark hair. "Now that your old enough. I'm surprised you haven't moved out on your Mom." I said. She smiled. "I got it to good here. Teach.." said Joy. "So Ted was your first. How was it?" I said. She smiled. "He was Ok... Not very good. He lasted like 30 seconds. Eddie was just as bad. Teach! High School guys are terrible." said Joy. "You gave a few stars to this name..." I pointed to "Lyssa" Joy smiled. "Yeah! She is really good. Don't tell my Mom. But her best friend know a way around a pussy. If you know what I mean. She almost got me off." said Joy. I felt my cock get harder. I looked down. The loose belt on the small black robe fell open. Joy looked down. I think she finally saw I was wearing her Mother's panties. Her eyes got bigger as my cock moved. I don't think she could see all of my cock inside her Mom's robe

"That's hot. Did you go down on her?" I said. "No! I did suck on her nice boobs. They were small. Like a A Cup. She loved my big boobs. She could not get enough of them. She tries to come over, when my Mom out sometimes. It's been a few weeks." said Joy. "The guys....What happen to them?" I said. "I tried one more time. I put my hand down there and they shot in my hand. Plus they were kinda of small. I was hoping for something bigger. Maybe someday." said Joy. I then shifted my ass on her bed. Her Mom's small robe fell open some more. I could feel the thin material on my cock strain to contain me.

"How many woman have you slept with Teach?" said Joy. I smiled. "A gentleman never tells. A few." I said. "I'm sure more than a few. You have a nice body and cute smile. I think my Mom likes you. One of my friends likes you also." said Joy. "Thanks. I see one girl has like a huge number of guys, she slept with." I said. "Yeah! We use to be friends. But not anymore. She is very jealous. Plus she sleeps with everyone. She the school slut. Do you think she is cute?" said Joy. I laughed. "No! Not by a long shot. I prefer women with curves. She is kinda of bean pole." I said. Joy giggled. "Ha ha ha!! Nice Teach. Your the opposite of most guys. Does that mean you can last longer than my two former friends with benefits? " giggled Joy.

"I hope so. I've never got a complaint about my stamina or lasting quite awhile." I said. "What are you wearing underneath my Mom's robe." said Joy. "Curious??? Should I tell you or show you Ms. Rose." I said. She smiled. She then bite her lower lip and twirled her finger in her hair. "It was all I could find in the dark." I said. I opened the small black robe all the way. I sat up and then slowly took off the tiny robe. I was now sitting back on Joy's bed. I was sitting there in just her Mom's see through black panties. I then looked down. The tip of my cock head was wet. There was a small drop of pre-cum on her Mom's panties. My cock looked huge inside the back see through. "Damn! Teach! Your packing. Wow! Mmmmmm..." said Joy. Her eyes got real big. She kept staring at my semi hard cock.

"Thanks!" I said. "Does it get bigger?" she said. "Only one way to find out." I said. I put my hand on the front of my cock. I moved it around inside the thin material. It would not fall out. "Looks like it might be to tight in there." I said. She smiled. She then inched closer to the bed. She was getting closer to the front of my legs. I slowly opened my legs. I watched as Joy was now between my legs. "Maybe you could help...." I said. Joy slowly put her hands on the see through panties. She ran her hands inside my thighs. Her hands went under my ass. She I watched as Joy leaned down to put her long red crimson finger nails on my small hips. She then pulled down the side of her Mom's panties. Over my hips, then over my muscular ass. I then felt her pull up, then down. She had her Mom's panties around my ankles. She gasped. I looked down. My cock sprang out almost hitting her huge breast. She then leaned backed up.

"Fuck! Teach! That allot of cock. I see its getting bigger by the second." said Joy. I smiled. Joy put her hands on my naked thighs. She was starring at my cock getting harder. I watched as she moved her hands inside my thighs. Her small hands were so close to my naked balls. She then looked up. She licked her lips. "Don't tell my Mom." she said. A second later, Joy stuck out her wide tongue. She started to lick the tip of my cock. Her dark red crimson lips open up. She started to suck my cock. Her mouth got bigger as more of my cock went in her mouth. She gagged and spit me out. I smiled. She put my hard cock back in her mouth. "That it. Use your hands on my cock. Pump it, up and down. Now lick my balls. Use your tongue." I said. Joy was sucking my cock pretty could for the first time.

I watched as she squatted down between my legs. She was running her tongue the length of my cock. I grabbed the top of her head. I moved her mouth half way down my cock. She gagged and spit me out. I leaned on my elbows to see more of Joy's body. I watched as she sucked my cock like a new pro. She used her hands to stroke my cock. I put my hand around the black choker on her neck. She smiled as I played with it. She was really sucking my cock hard and fast. I moved her hands, to rub my big naked balls. "Have I lasted the longest?" I said. She smiled. "Yes! Can you last longer?" she said. "I'll warn you, when I'm ready to explode. I hope you can take it." I said. I wanted to see more of her sexy body.

"Ok! Stand up. Turn around. Slowly take off your clothes. Keep the black fishnets up. Leave your wooden clogs and choker on. Your so beautiful. You have such an amazing body." I said. Joy stood up and turned around in front of me. I leaned all the way up, on the bed. I was now watching her. She giggled as she took off her black belt, around her small waist. She then unzipped her small denim skirt. My eyes got bigger as I saw her full dark bush, between her legs. She then pulled her pink fishnet top over her head. She dropped it next to her clogs. She reached up to take off her huge bra. She pulled her big breast out first. Then turned her bra around under her huge tits. She unclasped the book metal hooks. She then dropped her huge bra next her clogs. She was now naked, except for the ripped black fishnets on her thick legs. Her sexy black wooden clogs and black choker around her neck. I smiled.

My eyes got big as her nipples got hard. They were very round and big. A little bigger than her Mother. I reached up to fondle her massive breast. I had to use both hands to move each breast. She smiled as she saw how excited I was. She arched her neck back and rolled her eyes. I moved her left breast to my mouth. I started to chew on her big fat nipples. She started to moan. I then smacked them with my hands. She moaned louder. I pushed both her breast together. Causing perhaps the biggest valley of cleavage. I smiled. I leaned back to take her all in. She wiggled her big thighs. I could tell Joy was getting wet.

I slowly put my left hand between her legs. I sucked on her boobs and gently moved my hand on the front of her hairy bush. Her pussy hair was wet and matted down. I slipped in my index finger. I easily moved inside her tight pussy. She began to breath heavier as I bite down on her left nipple. "Your making me so wet, Teach! Now I know why my Mom likes you. Your mouth is amazing." purred Joy. I smiled. I then moved my mouth to her other breast. I nibbled on her right nipple. She put her hands under her breast, feeding them to me. I was now moving my finger, in and out of her tight pussy. She looked down to see my greedy mouth on her flesh. I smiled,

A second later. I tossed her backwards on her bed. She bounced a few times before I crawled between her legs. She watched as I moved my hard cock on her right thigh. I then guided my cock between her legs. I pushed the tip of my cock inside her tight cunt lips. Her pussy was pushing me out. I smiled. I then inched a little more inside. She was breathing heavy. I spit on my hand. I rubbed her exposed pussy. I rubbed some of her wetness on my hard cock. I then pushed my cock, half way inside her. She moaned. Her eyes got big. I then lean down to start to kiss her breast. She moved her head back and forth on her pillows. She reached down to hold my hips. I inched some more of my cock inside her. She screamed. I guess I found, how far I could go.

I started to pick up the pace. She closed her eyes. I was fucking her very hard, fast and she felt so good. I rotated between sucking, slapping and licking her big breast. She dug her nails into my back. She then slid her hands around my neck. I started to kiss her as I fucked her harder. I looked like I was doing push ups on her amazing body. "Yes! Yes! Faster! Faster....Ohhhhhh! Fuck!!!! What's happening.....Arrgghhhhh!!" screamed Joy. I felt her body exploded under me. Her pussy was gushing around my cock. She had her first orgasm. "God your pussy...Your so hot....I'm cumming..." I yelled. I rammed my cock all the way in. Then I exploded deep inside her. I then fell on her body. We were both exhausted.

I laid next to her for about ten minutes. I could feel my cock getting hard again. I saw Joy eyes get big. She was looking at my now erect cock. I felt her small hand brush up against. She let out a soft moan. "God your hard again. How does that happen?" said Joy. I smiled. "Only one way to make it go away. You better sit on it. Bring that sweet pussy back on my cock." I said. I reached over to grab Joy by the waist. I then moved her onto my cock. She put her wooden clogs next to my hips. She then lowered her pussy on my cock. Her huge breast rested on my chest. I reached up to hold her black choker around her neck. She let out a scream as her tight pussy slid down my cock. She fell all the way down to the base of my cock.

I slipped her breast onto my face. I was sucking them as she moved up and down on my cock. I reached around to slap her big ass. She then fell on my body. Her weight was on my cock. Her pussy was soaking wet. She kept grinding her pussy on my cock. I kept sucking her breast. I raised her heavy breast over my face. I looked between her legs. Her hairy bush kept riding my cock. I could see day light, then darkness as she fucked my harder. I grabbed her big ass, holding my cock deep inside her. I then bounced her again on my cock. About twenty minutes later and two orgasm from Joy. I erupted deep inside her pussy. I then pulled all the way out of Joy hot pussy. I jammed my cock inside her hot mouth. She cleaned me off before I got off her bed.

"I'll be back tomorrow night. to take your Mom out again. I like to see a ruff copy of your two page report. Wear some short, shorts and a half shirt. When I see you. Make sure your mean to me tomorrow night. Don't want your Mom to think I've cured you already of bad habits." I said. "Ok! Teach!" she said.

"Do a good job tomorrow on your paper. Maybe when I see you on Monday after class. I'll bring you some ice cream. Your favorite. So come straight home from school. A few more tutor lessons, and you will pass my class with out a problem. Wear those tight blue jeans, and a tight top. I like to be teased all day before our next session. I'll make sure your Mom out for the night, tomorrow. Speaking of your Mom. I better get back upstairs. Before she wakes up. I hate for there to be a problem. Night Joy!" I said. I bent down to pick up Joy' Mom lingerie that I was wearing, when I followed her daughter into her bedroom. Joy smiled as I shut her door. I could see her left hand between her legs. She had two fingers in her pussy.

I walked back upstairs. Down the long hallway. I opened Fanny's bedroom door. I slowly closed the door behind me. I heard it click shut. I saw Fanny, on the bed. She was on her side. Her large naked breast facing the other way. Her huge ass was starring right at me. I heard her breath in. I moved slowly on the bed. I put my mouth on her neck. I then slipped my semi hard cock between her legs. My cock slipped between her big pussy lips. A minute later, half my cock was buried in her now tight pussy. I felt her body begin to shake. I then saw her eyes open. She put her hands back on my hips. "I thought I was dreaming. You can't get enough of my pussy. Mmmmm your big cock feels amazing again. Fuck me baby. I'm all yours." she said. I slipped my cock all the way inside her. "Click!" I heard the bedroom door open behind me.......

Part 2 cumming soon


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