Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Vamprie Love - An Adult Story

I woke up. I could hear the grass move. A shadow comes toward me. The sun was going down just behind the trees. My eyes opened first. My mind turned on next. I could feel the cold air coming into the old wooden coffin. I had been dead for sometime. A few hundred years. I lived in Germany and fought against the Romans before I was turned. I can feel the blonde hair on my skin move. My toes wiggle. The black suit, tie and trench coat, I'm wearing. Fit me perfectly. I still look the way I did before I was turned. I was only 24. My 6ft 4 Nordic frame is still in great shape.

I take a big breath. I can smell the flower on the grave just to my right. The same woman puts them there every Valentine Day. One red rose for her dead husband. He died three years ago. I tried to save him. But he would not drink my blood. I watched from a distance as he saved her from the fire. Then he laid down next to her as he faded away. I've been just about everything in life. I've done everything there is to do. Now I live alone in a big civil war mansion at the edge of town.

Maybe seeing true love for the first time has cursed my existence. It's been so long since I've loved. To smell the scent of a beautiful woman. To feel her heart beat next to mine. Her warm lips on my body. Her touch on my skin. I long for those days. But these times are different. There are too many non believers. Where could I go. Who would want me?????

The last sun ray bounces off the grass over my face. I push the coffin door slowly up. I see the moon just staring to climb. The clouds move to show the dark night. I can hear the towns people in the distance. I put my leather shoes down on the red dirt as I take one step after another. I pull out my long black metal cane from the coffin. There a pure silver tip on the end. The top is shaped like a wolf. My initials on the top. "B.K" I can feel my black belt tighten, as it moves on my waist. I need to drink some blood and regain my strength. I still have a pint or two in my kitchen.

It takes me a few seconds to run like the wind to my house. I push the double doors open with my hand. I then walk to the kitchen to prepare a drink. I can feel the small blood cells move down the glass. I can see the white cells, and red cells mix. I can feel the persons energy who donated the blood. I break into a blood bank, when I ever get low. My eyes close as small waves of excitement run through my body. I can almost taste the last thing this person had before they donated.

I take a moment to myself before I am awaken by a loud bang. I can hear a tree falling over. The smell of rubber. The taste of acid on my tongue. I turn my head to look out my window. I can see in the distance a car crash. I put my cane on my right leg in a leather strap. I pushed the door closed as I move toward the accident. I stop just at the side of the road. There is a large deer running through a field across from the car. I can see his hoof print on the the dirt in front of my feet. He took one bounce on the road before he cleared a fence.

"Mmmmmmmm.....Hel..." said a female voice. I turned to focus on the front seat of the small car. The car was sitting on its small roof. The tires were still spinning. The car was still in drive. There was smoke coming from the engine. There are engine fluids leaking out under the car. I then took a few steps toward the car when I smelled gas. A few drops were leaking from the gas tank. The small crack was getting bigger as more gas fell out. I was now slowly making its way toward the front of the car.

I reached up to open the door handle. The door swung open. I looked inside. There was a girl upside down in the driver seat. I gasped. She was like know one I had seen in such a long time. Her long black hair hung down her face. It covered her soft dark red lips. I moved my hand over her high cheek bones. She was still breathing. She was wearing a dark black dress. Her four inch heels looked amazing on her sexy feet. Her seat belt was tight across her chest. She was very voluptuous as I starred at her. She was about 5ft 10. With sexy long nails. They were capped on the ends, in a deep dark red to match her lips She tried to open her eyes as I reached down to help her out of the car. I placed her in my arms as I carried her away from the accident. I set her down in the tall grass next to the road.

She was still breathing as I looked down on her. I then moved quickly to get back to the car. I look in the front seat. I see a black choker necklace that must have snapped off her neck. I picked it up and stick it in my front pocket. I reached down to turn the car over. I pushed it into the field beyond the fence. I climb back on the road. I looked around.

I now hear some heavy breathing behind me. A small patch of white breath arose from a bush near the road. I looked up to see the full moon. The big bush moves again. First the front paws appeared. Then the back. Its large black fur rippled on its back. His breath was getting bigger as he puffed up in front of me. I took one step onto the road. He took a step onto the deer print in the dirt. He then took another onto the road opposite of me. He had chased the deer. He then turned to see the girl in the tall grass. He smiled. I put my hand on my right leg. I pulled out my cane. He moved quickly as he leaped in the air toward me. I moved to my right and then back to my left. I swung the cane around in a circle and smashed it on the ground behind him. He rolled off the road into the fence.

I took a step closer. He turned to look at me. I spun my cane again. He smiled. His tongue dropped from his mouth. He clicked his long front nails on the road as he moved closer. Little sparks of fire bubbled up under his paws. He turned his head up to howl at the moon. I looked down to see some of the gas from the car was under his paw. A second later he ignited the gas towards me. I leaped off the road into the air. There was an explosion. "Bang!!!!" Then a big puff of smoke. I fell down on the ground behind the smoke. I heard some laughter from the black wolf. He howled at the moon again. "Owwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!"

I opened my eyes. I grabbed my cane off the ground. I took one step to leap in the air. My trench coat opened blocking the moon light. My arms opened. I grabbed my cane in mid air to pull it open. Out came my metal sword. With the sword in my right hand, and what remains from the cane in my left. I landed inches in front of the wolf. "Slash! Slash! Thud......." The wolves head rolls down the road. His eyes are still open as I wipe his blood on my shoe. I smile as I pick up his body. I toss it behind the bush. I clip his head on my right leg under my cane.

I then walk back to the girl. She was breathing heavier as I picked her off the grass. I carried her back to my house. It only took a few moments to place her in my bed at the top of the stairs. I lite some candles and left the door open as I walked down the hall. I placed the wolf's head in my trophy room. It sits on the mantle next to a gold crown. Once worn by Cesar.

Next I walk out to my balcony to look upon the dark night. I could here her breathing better. She had a few scrapes and bruises. She should heal in a very short time. I could tell she had only a concussion. This was causing her to keep her eyes closed. I could hear the wind in the forest near bye. I could see cars drive by in the distance near the crash scene. Nobody had stopped so far. I breathed a sigh of relief.

It was close to 2am now. When I heard her eye open down the hall. She groaned for a second as she moved her hands up her body. I hurried down the hall to look in on her. She cleared her throat. "Hello!! Is there anybody out there? I can feel your presence. I can tell your watching me. Hello!!" she said. I closed my eyes to feel what she was feeling. I now sensed there might be something wrong.

"Hello!" I said. "Where I am I? Who are you kind Sir?" she said. I smiled. My name is Buck! You are in my house. You were involved in a very bad car accident. Do you remember anything?" I said. "No! I don't remember anything. What happened? How did I get here?" she said. "I carried you to my house. I think a deer ran in front of your car. You must have swerved to miss it. Do you feel OK? I can sense there might be something wrong." I said. She smiled. "I don't know. I am starting to feel weak....." she said very slowly.

I ran next to the bed. I looked down to see she was having trouble breathing. "Give me you hand." I said. I ran my hand down her arm. I then put my hand on her mid section. She groaned. "What is it?" she said. "I think you may have internal bleeding. It might be to late to get an ambulance. Stay with me." I said. I look worried a she was going in and out of conscience. "Help! Help me! Please help." she said in a soft voice. Her sexy eyes opened and look into my baby blues. I bent down to get a closer look at her. I knew what had to be done. I just did not want her to find out my true identity.

I looked into her eyes. I then brought my right wrist to my mouth. My fangs bite down on my wrist. She watched. I then brought my wrist down to her mouth. "Drink! Drink! You must...." I whispered in her ear. I felt the warm blood leave my wrist into her hot mouth. She gasped for air. She then closed her eyes. She kept sucking my blood. I closed my eyes as she fell asleep in my bed. I pulled my wrist from her mouth. She had begun to recover. Her breathing was better. I walked over to a chair across from her. I watched her as she breathed. I went back to my coffin to rest.

The next day I watched her all night. Her breathing was getting better each hour. The next day I picked some red roses from my garden. I put them next to her. It was not until the 4th day that she awoke.

"Gasped!!!! Hello!" she said. "Hi! Are you feeling better?" I said. "Yes! I feel very strong. Thank you Buck....How long have I been here?" she said. "4 days. Since the accident. Can I get you anything?" I said. I could feel everything she was feeling. I could read her thoughts. She was looking me up and down. She was not hungry. She smiled. I could read her dirty thoughts. She was checking me out very hard. She smiled again. "I'm not hungry. It sounds weird. But I am very, very, very excited to be alive. You make every hair on my body stand up. When you look at me." she said.

I smiled. "As do you do to me...What is your name?" I said. She smiled. "Silver! Silver Rayne. You can call me Silver." she said. If she only knew that silver could kill me. Enough silver in the right place could be very harmful to me. I could only smile. "Here! I found this in your car." I said. I handed her the choker necklace I found. She ran the leather choker in her left hand near the end of the bed. I was standing near the bed know. I looked down on her. I then turned to walk out of the room. I heard the bed move. I then heard her high heels click on the floor as she followed me down the long hallway.

I pushed open the balcony door. I walked across the big balcony to look out into the dark sky. There were two large vampire gargoyles on either side of the marble rail that went around the balcony. I looked out into the woods. A minute later I heard her heels click on the balcony. She was now standing to my right side. She breathed in the fresh air. I looked down onto her long brunette hair. She then looked into my eyes. "I never felt like this before. I have this desire to be with you. It an animal instinct to be yours. Buck!!!!" she said.

I leaned down to kiss her soft dark red lips. Her red lipstick was light to the touch. I felt her hot mouth open to touch my tongue. Her body was pressed against mine. Her heart was beating next to me. I wrapped my arms around her lower back. I felt her warm hands around my neck. Her eyes were closed. They opened quickly. "Your so cold. Are you OK?" she said. "Yes!" I moaned in her ear. She put her hands on my face. Then around my neck again as we kissed very hard.

She broke our kiss. "Put this around my neck." said Silver. I looked down to see her black leather choker in her hand. I pushed her in front of me. She rocked her ass back into my semi erect cock. She started to grind her ass, making me harder. She smiled. She pulled her hair up to show me her neck. My lips quivered as I saw my blood pumping in her veins. I kissed her neck. She pulled her arms out of her small black dress. It fell to the floor on my leather shoes. I unhinged her black bra making it fall around her waist. She shimmed her ass, making her bra fall off. She was now naked except for a black thong on her body. I smiled as I looked down to see her amazing body in the moon light.

I tied the choker tight around her neck. Her hands were running behind her sides. She was touching my skin. I quickly took off my clothes. I was now naked standing directly behind her. My cock was fully erect. I had it bent down so not to poke her. She kept reaching for it. I smiled. I then kissed the length of her neck. Moving her around. She moved her head back. Her chin up as I kissed her neck. I looked down her big breast. Her nipples were very erect. I licked one finger, than touched them. She moaned. "Oh! God! Yes! Yes! It's been so long....Be gentle...." she moaned.

I put both my big hands on her breast. I pulled them up to my mouth. I moved her so her bare ass was on the cold marble rail. She began to moan long and very deep. I heard her pussy began to orgasm. A second later she screamed. "You! You! Made me cum." she said. She gasped for air as she tired to catch her breath. She was squirting down her leg as I sucked her breast. She licked her lips and began to kiss my forehead. I started to man handle her breast. I slapped her erect nipples making her moan. After a few minutes I dropped them to kiss her lips.

She broke our kiss again. She looked down for the first time to see my 9 3/4inch cock. She smiled. "Oh! My! What a big cock you have. I wished I crashed near your house before. Take me. Fuck me! Use me!!" she demanded. I moved my cock directly out, thrusting my hips forward. She dropped her left hand to rub her pussy lips. She put one finger inside her. I spit on my hand and jacked my cock making it nice and wet. She moved into my arms. I picked her up and placed her on the cold marble rail. She turned to look down. It was a big drop to my garden. She turned to look into my eyes. My eyes were now all white. She stuck out her tongue.

I put her tongue in my mouth as I laid my cock on her bald pussy mound. She moaned in my ear. She ran her hands in my small hair. She then placed her hands around my neck. Her eyes moved as I gently put my cock inside her hot pussy. Her pussy muscles opened to let my cock in further. It took a few minutes before I had most of my cock deep inside her pussy. She was begging for more as I pushed my hips forward. I leaned my hard chiseled body against her. I could feel her hard nipples rip my skin as she breathed. I was matching her breath as we got a good rhythm going. "Yes! Yes! Yes! Fuck! Fuck!" she screamed into the cold air.

I put my hands on her soft hips. I started to slam more of body into hers. She dropped her hands around my shoulders. She moaned in my left ear. We were still kissing but more passionately. I broke our kiss to pick up the rhythm. Her pussy began to spasm and she had another orgasm. She screamed again into the air. I pushed her soft thighs up and put my toes into the wood. I was jack hammering her pussy with my cock. I was close to cumming. But I wanted more from her body.

I looked into her eyes. "Do you trust me?" I said. She took a big breath. "Yes!" she said. I picked her up off the marble rail. With Silver in my arms. I leaped onto the rail. She turned her head to look down. My cock was still deep inside her. I had my hands on her ass. She looked into my eyes again. I then leaped off the rail, and landed feet first into the garden. She screamed. She gasped for air. I could feel her pussy get more wet around my cock. She looked back up at the balcony. I ran toward the trees.

She kissed me as our body touched. I did not stop until a big clearing in the woods. I moved my right hand with one swift stroke. The trees parted as I put her feet on the green grass. She turned to see a large canopy bed made of rocks and flowers from my garden. She gasped again as I waved my hand to light the candles near the bed. She turned to kiss me. I moved her in my arms until we were both lying on the bed. She looked around. "Kiss me! Make love to me...." she moaned.

I laid on my back. I could feel the hard rock on my skin. Silver reached down to stroke my hard cock. She leaned down to lick the pre-cum from the tip. She smiled as she swung her leg over mine. She put her hands on my chest as she brought her pussy down on my cock. She flipped her hair back. Exposing her neck again. My cock moved up causing her to moan. She pushed her hips down engulfing more of cock. I reached up to grip her hips. She now had all my cock deep inside her as she fucked me. I grabbed her breast bringing them to my mouth. I leaned up as she bounced on my cock. Faster and Faster she rode my cock. Her pussy was slamming down on my cock making it more wet.

After twenty minutes she looked down into my eyes. I smiled as she fucked my very hard. She then winked at me. She bite down on her lip. A second later a small droplet of blood escaped her sexy dark red lip. The small droplet hit my lips. I arched my back and cried out into the moon light. She was now in mid air. As I rolled her off of me onto her side. She looked up with a big smile. I turned my body to dive on her. She screamed. I kissed her lips. Licking them clean. She smiled. I rammed my cock back inside her. She grunted. She wrapped her arms around my waist. Her nailed scratch my back as I slammed my cock back and forth deep inside her. She bite down on her lip causing it to bleed more. I leaned down to lick more blood off her red lips.

She looked down when she felt my cock getting bigger in her pussy. "Oh! God! Your getting bigger. My blood making you bigger." she screamed. I rammed my cock to the base. My big naked balls laid on her skin under pussy. I grabbed her thighs pushing off them as I fucked her. "Bite me! Bite me! Please!" she moaned. She turned her head. A small droplet of blood fell off her lip onto her neck. I pushed my mouth down to the blood. I licked her neck. She moaned. I then started to bite her neck. Her body exploded under me. Her pussy orgasm so hard, it pushed my cock out and it flopped between her thighs. I pushed it back in. She screamed. I then bite her neck more. I could feel her blood inside me. My legs shook. I arched back. My cock was buried in as far as it would go. Then I exploded. She screamed. "Buck!!!!!!"

I could hear the moist dew on the grass. The small water droplets moved off the roses around the bed. I felt Silver heart beat on my chest. I opened my eyes to the sun coming up. She breathed in heavy as I picked her up. She watched as I ran back to the house. The sun following us. I moved the doors open, then shut with my right hand. I ran up the stairs to my room. I opened the door to my bedroom. I moved the wall to the far side open. She smiled.

I took a few steps up the marble stairs. The black wooden casket opened from the top. I looked at her. "I.....M......A......Vamp..." I whispered. "I know! I've know since you saved me. I've seen you before. In my dreams...." she whispered. She laid on my body as we kissed. The top of the coffin closed. She closed her eyes. I gave her a small kiss. The sun light hit the window. The dark curtain closed. The door to my secret room closed. Silver bite my lip.

Not all Silver is bad for this Vampire.......


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