Friday, January 29, 2016

Hot for Teacher - An Adult Story

Usually when I start a story, I don’t start fucking until the middle of the story or at the end.  Today’s story I will start from the beginning…..

“Fuck! Fuck me! Fuck me hard!!!” said my next door neighbor.  She’s a real good for nothing Latina whore.  I got all my 9 ¾ inch of hard cock buried in her tight pussy.  Her husband left like twenty minutes ago for work.  I live just on the other side of the 8ft privacy fence separating our houses.  I’ve been coming to fuck my Puerto Rican neighbor for about a month now.  I came home early from high school one day and found her hot all over tan, naked body in her back yard.

Took me about a minute to fish out my cock and once she saw the size and girth she guided my hard cock into her tight pussy.  She has a huge ass, which I love to slap and hold onto when she lets me fuck it.  She always crazy for my cock and I suspect a few others.  My only negative about her is she has kind of small tits.  I love women with huge breast but at the moment I can’t complain.  She lets me do about anything to her body but I’m always on the look out to upgrade to a bustier whore.

I’m reaching down to remove my hard cock and I just placed at the entrance of her ass hole.  I see her looking over her shoulder.  Her eyes say no but her ass says yes.  My cock easily begins to destroy her tight ass hole.  I can feel her hot hole engulf my cock an inch at a time.  I reach down to hold her hips as I jam the last inch of my cock into her tight hole.  She let’s out a scream loud enough for the whole neighbor hood to hear.  Another ten minutes before I unload deep inside her ass.  She cleaned up my cock before I went back to my house.

“Ring! Ring!”  I look down at my cell phone.  It’s my friend Pete from school.  “What’s up Pete?”  “Nothing much dude.  I have to tell you something.  You will never guess who I want out on a date with last night.  Remember last week when we found that website for desperate MILF”s looking for young guys with money.  You’ll never guess who I found on there?  (I had no clue; I just mumbled something to him)  Mrs. Smith.  Our old English teacher from 9th grade.”

My mouth fell open.  Every male student who took her class thought she was hot.  Everyone was hot for teacher.  She left after ten years of teaching at the school.  It had been three years since I had thought of her.  It usually involved masturbating to one of her wild outfits she whore in class.  She always dressed conservatively and tried to cover up her voluptuous body.  Her tits and ass were above average and the biggest in the school at the time.  I was hoping she got bigger.

“Fuck!  You’re kidding with me Pete.  How did you go on a date with her?” I said.  There was a short pause.  “After spending a few hours on the website I stumbled upon her profile.  She just had her tits as her profile pick.  There was none of her face.  All her photos showed off her big ass, slim waist and huge fucking tits.  I mean huge fucking monsters.  I called the number on her profile.  For two hundred dollars and the price of dinner.  She met me at a fancy restaurant down town.” He said.

“Damn dude. Tell me more.” I said.  “She wore this super small dress.  She sat across the table from me.  Once I got over her overwhelming new body, it took me a like a second to recognize her before a few minutes passed and she recognized me.  She was surprised I was looking for dates on the internet with older women.  I didn’t tell her I had a fiancé.  Then she told me how her husband lost his job and that she had to quit high school and find a higher paying job.  She went to work at a plastic surgeon’s office to be the secretary.  Over the next year she got all this plastic surgery to enhance her body.  Her doctor got her into going out on dates for money.  Now she is rolling in the cash.” Said Pete.

I was shaking my head the whole time Pete was telling me about Mrs. Smith.  I looked down to feel my cock moving around in my shorts.  “I’m going to send you her number and a few photos I took when she was not looking.  Oh!  This was kind of creepy but I saw her husband in a car outside the restaurant when I left.  Talk to you later dude.” Then Pete hung up.

I turned around and walked back to my fuck whore next door.  She was just pulling on her bathing suit top when I walked up behind her and shoved my hard cock into her bald pussy.  I turned her around and placed her on the grass.  She reached up to cover her small tits as I slammed all my weight on her tan body.  I looked down trying to picture Mrs. Smith body under me getting fuck.  I then heard my phone get a message.  I reached down with my cock still in my neighbor.  I brought the phone next to her face.  She could not see Mrs. Smith on my phone but I could.  A minute later I sent a huge load deep inside her as I stared at my phone screen.  Took me another half hour and one more load in my cumm whore before I went back to my house to call Mrs. Smith. 

“Ring! Ring.  Hello this is Candy.” She had not changed her first name.  I could also tell by her voice it was Mrs. Smith my old teacher.  “Hi Candy.  You have such a nice voice.  I talked to a friend of mine who you went out on a date with.  He had such a great time.  He suggested I call and see if we can go on a date.”  There was a short pause, had she recognize my voice?  “You have such a nice voice also.  That sounds fun.  I’m free next Friday if you like to go out on a date.” She said.  I paused.  I had to think of a plan.

“MMMmmm.. I’m kind of famous around town.  I like this to be very discrete.  I’m sure you can respect that.” I said.  “That’s not a problem.  I usually meet men in restaurants or bars.  I could drive out of town if that would help.” She said.  “How about coming to meet me at a local hotel?  A more private meeting.” I said.  There was a long pause.  I could tell she was covering the phone and talking to someone.  “I’ve never done this before.  I would have to insist that my fee be doubled to accommodate your request.” She said.  “That would be no problem.  I have a large stack of money in front of me.” I said. 

“Go back to my web page and put in your credit card number.  I’ll bill you at my hourly rate.  Since most men want to show me off in public and you want to be more private.  What will we be doing?  Keep in mind that I’m not a prostitute and I am married and take my vows very seriously.” She said in a low tone.  “Maybe you could bring some outfits to try on and model them for me.  Make sure you wear some sexy heels for me also.” I said with a big smile on my face.  “Of course there would be no touching or anything that would break my vows to my husband.  That is very important.” She said.  I could tell she put the phone on speaker now.  I could hear some heavy breathing that was not her.

“No problem.  Why don’t you meet me at “Paradise Motel” on 3rd street near the airport around 8pm.  I’ll text you the room number when I get there.  It’s a drive up hotel.  You can park outside and walk right into the room.  No need to go to the office.” I said.  There was a short pause like she was getting direction from someone in the room with her.  “See you on Friday sweetie.” Said Mrs. Smith.

I stuck to a vow of no masturbating and not going next door to fuck my hot Latina whore which was almost impossible.  She kept texting and sending my naughty pics of her big ass.  I just kept thinking about Mrs. Smith and what I wanted to do to her in private.

Friday could not come any sooner.  I was wearing some tight dark faded jeans and a tight black polo shirt.  I was only wearing dark slip on tennis shoes.  I was not wearing any under wear or socks.  I had man scaped a few private areas and left my blonde hair short.  It was close to 7:30pm when I got to the hotel.  I rented 8A on the first floor at the end of the motel.  There were only two parking spot in front of the door.  I parked near the middle of the hotel and walked down to my room.

I reached down to text Mrs. Smith my room number.  I then fumbled with the door key to the room.  The small hard door opened to a small king size room.  There was a big king size bed in the middle of the room, on the far wall facing the wall closer to the door.  There were two small wooden chairs around a small circular game table next to a huge window next to the door.  I opened the big bulky curtains to see into the parking lot of the motel.  I pushed the curtains almost closed.  Just a small opening to see outside.

Both sides of the walls were made of white concrete blocks.  They were painted white and peeling in spots.  There was a dark green rug on the floor.  I’m glad I did not have a black light.  I’m sure there were cum stains every were in the room.  I walked over to the small bathroom.  Just a average size bathtub and shower head inside.  A small toilet and small counter with a mirror going down one side in the bathroom.

I grabbed two plastic cups and took of the plastic covering them.  I went down the front of the motel to get some ice in the small ice bucket.  I had some champagne in a small gym bag.  I took that out and then reached into my bag to take out two small cameras.  I placed one inside the small smoke detector over the bed and the other on the under side of the tv that was hanging on the wall looking over the room.  I checked my phone and saw both view were fantastic.  I had the whole room covered and pushed record when I heard a car pull up outside my room.

It was almost 8pm when I heard the car door outside my room slam shut and then I heard a knock on the door to my room.  I quickly looked around and then went to open the small wooden door.  My mouth dropped open as I stood inside the door.  Mrs. Smith was wearing a super tight white outfit that left nothing to the imagination.  She had big six inch heels and her toe and finger nails were painted white.  She had a drop dead smile, her lips were bright red.  She smelled amazing standing just outside.  Her blonde hair stretched to her shoulders as she put her left hand on her hip and smiled. 

Fuck she was drop dead gorgeous.  She had enhanced every part of her body.  She looked like an adult Barbie now.  I was stunned.  Her long legs, perfect thighs and huge ass were only dwarfed by her small stomach and huge breast that almost made her fall over from there weight in front. 

“Can I come in young man?” she said.  “Yes!  Please come in.  You look and smell amazing.” I said.  I quickly shut the door behind me.  She walked inside standing in front of the bed.  She had a huge white purse under her right arm.  It took her a minute before she spit out my name.  “Mr. Kelly.  Buck Kelly!  I should have known after seeing your best friend Pete last weekend.  I see you both talked.  How are you sweetie?” she said in a very sexy voice.

“I’m doing better now.  Don’t be mad.  Pete had such a great time.  He thought since it’s been awhile since I went out on a date with anyone.  I should maybe break myself in slow and call you.  I’ve made some money flipping houses and find it hard to meet ladies.  Especially someone as beautiful as you Mrs. Smith.” I said.  “Call me Candy.  Is this your first time going on a date, like this?” she said.  I nodded my head “Yes!”

We both smiled.  “This is my first date in a hotel room.  I was kind of curious what you like me to do.  Like I said on the phone, most men want to show me off out in public.  I’ll be honest my husband did not want me to do this but when you were ok with me doubling my fee for the night.  He was on board.  I’ve been looking forward to this all week.  I definitely feel better now, knowing that you’re here and not some creepy old pervert.” She said. 

“I’m going to sit in the chair right here and I want you to walk up and down toward the bathroom and back.  When you walk back toward me, I want you to really strut in those heels, showing your amazing body off to me.” I insisted in a low voice. 

I saw her smile as she dropped her big white purse on the front of the bed.  She then put her hands on her hips and walked toward the bathroom.  I pulled up the small wooden chair next to the bed.  She turned to strut back toward me and then walked to touch the room door to my right. Each time she walked passed me she looked down into my blue eyes.  I could feel my hard cock trying to exploded out of my jeans.

“Did you bring another outfit to try on for me?” I said.  “Yes!  Buck! I have an outfit, I think you will love.” She said as she picked up her purse off the bed.  She walked into the bathroom shutting the small door.  I quickly got up to look out the window into the parking lot.  I could see a small white car with an older man inside.  He was looking at my motel room door.  I was pretty sure it was Mr. Smith waiting on wife to get done with me.

I walked back to my chair.  I rubbed my cock with my right hand on the outside of my jeans.  I then looked to my left to see the bathroom door open.  Mrs. Smith had definitely changed.  She was wearing skin tight blue latex or leather pants.  She was wearing the same white heels.  She had put on a super tight white short sleeve sweater.  I could make out the white lacy bra under her sweater.  Her two huge nipples were hard as rocks.  I could tell she was turned on.

I sat there and watched her strut passed me and back toward the bathroom.  She spun her hair back and forth and was breathing heavier.  “Do you like?  Our you hot for teacher?” she giggled.  “Yes! Very much so.  I’m afraid if you wore that back in the day.  Nobody would have gotten any work done in your class.” I said.  She smiled.  “They might have arrested me.” She giggled again.

I could watch her for days in the outfit but I motion her to put on another.  I was loving every minute of her performance.  I was pretty sure she was enjoying herself.  Twenty minutes passed before the door to the bathroom came open again.  Almost passed out in my chair.  She was wearing super tight red latex or leather pants, with red 6inch pumps on her feet.  She was only wearing a super huge red bra that just covered her huge fucking breast. 

I looked down to see a red blouse in her right hand.  All the buttons had fallen off the thin red material in the front.  “No match for the power of my boobs.” She giggled.  She dropped the red blouse on the front of the bed as she strutted passed me.  She stopped at the door and turned around.  Her huge breast swayed back and forth and bounced slightly as she passed me on my chair.  She was breath taking.  Her new body was only meant now for fucking and shooting big loads of sperm on. 

I smiled as I heard a small noise coming from the bathroom.  She walked back toward the bathroom and opened her purse.  She took out her cell phone and look down at it.  “It’s my husband.  Your first hour is up.  Do you want to pay for another hour with me?” she said.  “Yes! Very much.” I said.  She smiled and hung up her phone.  She came back out and strutted in front of me again.

I was so turned on.  I watched her walk toward the bathroom.  She walked inside but left the door open.  I then heard her peel down her tight red pants.  She then could be heard sitting on the toilet.  She struggled to take off her bra.  I was not sure if I should go in or keep listening to her on the toilet.  A minute passed before I saw her red bra spring off and fall outside the bathroom door.  I leaned up on the bed and got a quick glimpse of her naked on the toilet before she shut the door.  My mind almost exploded.

She arched her back to close the door.  Her huge breast jutted out.  I heard a faint whisper of her using the bathroom.  I wished I was lying underneath her as she peed on my face. 

A few minutes passed before the door opened again.  She was wearing a small pair of cotton white panties, that fit her very tight in the front and back.  She had a baby blue corset tied across her midsection that made her curves bigger.  She was wearing a huge white bra, with two baby blue bows covering her nipples.  She was wearing 6inch clear plastic stripper heels.  My mouth dropped further open.

She smiled by my reaction to her stunning outfit.  She strutted passed me again.  Then she stopped in front of me on the bed.  I looked up.  “It’s getting hot in here.  Do you mind if I take off my shirt?” I said.  She smiled.  “I guess it can’t hurt.  Just don’t tell my husband.” She said.  I quickly pulled off my polo shirt and tossed it on the floor next to the small wooden table.  She looked down as she passed me heading to the bathroom

“You’ve gotten bigger since the last time I saw you Buck.” She giggled.  I flex my hard muscles as she walked passed me toward the door.  “Why don’t you stop right there and push yourself against the wall?  That’s great.  Look over your shoulder.  You’re a natural Mrs. Smith.  I can see you making more money with these private hotel shows.  I think your husband going to like all the money you’re making.” I said with a big smile on my face.

She was breathing heavier again.  I could see her twerk her big ass back and forth in front of me know.  She then slapped her left ass cheek followed by her right ass cheek.  She bite her lower lip and looked me in the eyes.  I motion for her to turn around and face me.  Her huge nipples were bent over and almost falling out her huge white bra. 

“Mmmm excuse me Mrs. Smith but I have to really gooooo.” I jumped off the bed and ran toward the bathroom.  I tried to shut the bathroom door but I think it was still a little opened as I picked up the toilet seat.  I Unbutton my jeans and fished out my hard cock.  I looked down.  The tip of my cock was all dark purple.  My long shaft was all sticky and beads of sweat dropped off it as I aimed my erect cock at the toilet water below.  I bite my lower lip and closed my eyes trying to go.  But my cock was so hard I could not.

I’m not sure how long she was standing there but I felt some cool air hit my side facing the door to the bathroom.  “Buck!  I’m so sorry sweetie.  Did I do that?  You’re so hard.  Oh my goodness you’re so big and round sweetie.  I’ve never seen a cock that big before.  Try to relax and go sweetie.  I then felt my jeans drop off my hips and bunch around my ankles hitting the cold white floor tiles beneath me.

I tired to remain calm and not think about anything.  It was very hard with my hot for teacher standing a foot from me watching me try to pee because of her.  Finally with my eyes closed I could feel the tip of my cock slowly open and the first wave of pee hit the water.  I opened my eyes to see the mild yellow almost clear pee hit the toilet water.  I was so relieved to be finally going.  My hard cock hurt so badly. 

A second after I got done peeing, which felt like once I got going I was not going to stop.  I felt a huge bra rub against my right side under my arm.  I then felt the huge bra against my upper arm, then forearm.  “You need to make sure that it’s clean.  Before you put him away.  Let me help.” Said Mrs. Smith.  I looked down to see she placed her left hand on my hard shaft.  She then pulled up and down on my cock dropping the last few pee droplets in the toilet.  She then reached in front of me getting some toilet paper with her left hand.  My hard cock rubbed against her huge bra encased chest.  She smiled as she brought the toilet paper back up to wipe off and dry the tip of my cock.

“How does that feel honey?” she said in a very sexy voice.  I smiled.  “Oh.. Ummm. That does feel good.” I mumbled still not believing she had just done that.  “Wash your hands and go sit on the bed.  Make your self comfortable.  I’m going to text my husband.  I think you need another hour with me sweetie.  If that’s ok?” she giggled.  I just smiled and washed my hands. 

I kind of waddle out to the big king size bed.  My jeans still around my ankles.  I quickly took off my shoes and then pulled off my jeans, onto the floor ext to the bed.  I had to leave my runway open for Mrs. Smith to strut back and forth for me.  I heard her send two texts before she walked out to see me sitting on the bed naked. 

“My husband wants to see me first before he will approve another hour.  Go stand in the bathroom.  Take your clothes.  He is so paranoid about everything.”  I walked to the bathroom with my clothes and kept the bathroom door a little open to look out at Mrs. Smith opening the front door to the room.  I could hear her husband and her talking.  He wanted her to put more clothes on and leave but she convinced him that nothing was going on.  I was just a lonely guy down on my luck and they were talking the whole time in my seedy motel room.

“Buck!  You can come out now.  He went back to his car.” She said.  I opened the door and dropped my clothes on the other side of the bed.  I then walked and sat down in the front of the bed.  I could see her follow my semi hard cock now.  As soon as she strutted back toward me.  I was harder than a rock again.  She looked down between my legs.  “I don’t think you’re very lonely.  I can see why you’re such a big hit with the ladies.  I’m pretty sure you have no problems finding them.  Pete maybe, you I don’t think so.” She giggled.

“You’ve spent so much on me tonight.  Maybe it’s time I show you a better show.  You can never tell my husband or anyone.  Especially Pete, he has a big fucking mouth.  I don’t know was has gotten into me tonight.  I’ve never thought about what I’m going to do.  But, can you help me with my bra.  This one is very hard to get off honey.” She giggled.

I got to my feet.  I looked down.  My hard cock was an inch from touching her lower back.  She grabbed my two big hands and ran my hands under her arms and around the front of her huge breast.  My cock was maybe a half inch from touching her.  She looked into my eyes and then brought my hands around her breast toward her back.  I looked up slightly to see 5 huge white hooks on the back of her bra.  She placed my hands on them.

“I’ll breathe in and then you push together and that should allow my bra to come undone.  Let’s try.”  She breathed in and I tried to push her bra together.  “You need to get closer and hold your elbows higher to get more pressure on my bra.   I’ll stand on my tippy ties in these heels.  You bend down and then move forward.  That perfect sweetie.” She moaned in my ear.

I was so watching the back of her huge white bra and top of her baby blue corset I did not see her move her ass up and her white cotton panties covering her pussy over my cock.  I felt the underside of her cotton panties on the tip and top of my cock.  I could feel a little air on the tip of my cock and the rest was warm under her cotton panties and big ass and creamy thighs.  She giggled and breathed in, I just instinctively pushed her bra together causing it to unclasp and fall into her hands in the front.

With my cock still between her legs and not inserted into any of her holes.  Just the bottom of her cotton panties on my cock.  She dropped her white bra and placed my hands on the front of her huge breast.  Her nipples rubbed inside the palm of my hands.  I thought I might pass out.  My hands could barely contain her huge mammaries.  “Ever felt anything this big before?  Big Boy!” she said.  “No!  They feel great.  You feel amazing.” I mumbled in her ear.

“My husband is very old fashioned.  I’ve never had real sex before.  He just rolls over on me and spreads my legs and he is done.  It’s very quick.  He has a very small penis.  I thought by doing all this plastic surgery to me that he would change.  He has not.  It’s only drawn us apart.  I still love him but I need….”   I quickly put my mouth on the back of her neck.  I started kissing her neck and shoulder before I shoved my tongue down her throat so she stops talking about her husband.  Show time was over.  She was looking for some side action.  I was more than willing to help.

She kissed me very passionately.  I spun her around in my arms.  My cock was not stand straight up between us.  I looked down to see it almost touch under her huge breast.  It was lying on her blue corset.  My big hairless balls were on her flat stomach.  She giggled as we began to kiss more.  I started to massage her big breast with my big hands.  I tugged her nipples causing her to scream in my mouth.  They were 10 times more sensitive after her surgery she told me in my left ear. 

I started to manhandle them and she was moaning in my arms.  I quickly moved around her left side and slid my hard cock back under her now wet cotton panties.  I could tell she was getting off to my hands and mouth on her body.

I put her hands on the bed as she looked over her shoulder.  I dropped to my knees behind her big ass.  I started to worship it and run my mouth all over her ass.  I reached up to slap her huge breast together as I stuck my tongue on her wet cotton panties.  Her whole body froze as I used my mouth to pull her wet panties onto the floor.  I had her step out of them as I slapped her big ass and ran my finger nails up and over and around her ass making it turn red.  She was tan all over but white on her huge breast and ass.  She was to die for in all her busty curves.

I went back to worshiping her ass.  A few minutes later I stuck my tongue on her hot pussy lips.  She had shaved recently and the small razor bumps were swollen as I licked and kissed outside her pussy.  I then easily parted her big cunt lips and put my tongue deep inside her wet pussy.  She moaned very loud.  I just smiled and kept sucking her pussy trying to get her to have her first orgasm.  It did not take long and when her whole body shook she fell on to the bed and put her face on a pillow and screamed.

I stood there for a minute admiring her whole body.  My cock was pointing at her pussy as I pulled her back up on her feet in front of the bed.  I looked down as she pleaded for me to go slow with my big 9 ¾ inch cock.  I bent my knees and she guided my hard cock into her wet pussy.  She moaned very loud as I pushed maybe an inch inside her.  I pulled out and then back in just over an inch.  Each time I pulled out, I put more of my hard cock inside her tight pussy. 

“Get on the bed, on all fours.  I promise to go slow.” I moaned in her right ear.  She quickly got on all fours and looked over her shoulder.  Her huge breast fell on the bed.  She placed her right hand between her legs trying to get her pussy to accept more of my cock.  After just more than ½ off my cock buried inside her.  She let out a huge moaned into a pillow above her head.  She was biting the pillow as I shoved another inch of my cock into her pussy.

After a few minutes she got used to that size but she could not take any more of my length and girth.  I put my hands on her hips and started to slam my cock in her pussy.  She kept moaning in her pillow as I fucked her harder and faster.  It was not much longer that I was close to Cumming. 

As much as I wanted to cum deep inside her, I spun her on her back.  She watched as I put my knees on either side of her hips.  I reached down to grab her breast off the bed.  They had fallen on either side of her chest onto the bed.  I placed my hard cock between them.  She watched as I started to tit fuck her twin monsters.  A few minutes later I closed them together and started to cum. 

I fell on the bed next to her.  She reached down to scoop up a huge load of cum between her breasts.  She smiled as she licked her fingers and then ran her tongue on her breast cleaning up my first load.  She looked down to see I was hard again.  She shook her head.  “How does that happen?  I can’t believe you’re ready to go again.  You are going to fuck me again.”” She said very loud.

I motion for her to move as I lay in the middle of the bed, with my head on some pillows at the top.  I then motion for her to crawl up and sit on my hard cock.  She put her hands on the head board and lowered her pussy toward my cock.  She was inexperienced, I had to put my cock inside her pussy, she tried but could not figure out the entry point this time.

She started to slam her pussy on my cock.  Her thighs slammed on mine, I reached up to grab her ass, with both hands.  She guided each of her swollen nipples into my mouth, alternating each one at a time.  I sucked her big breast as she fucked me harder.  I still could not get all of my hard cock inside her but I was not complaining.

After fucking her for what seemed to be twenty minutes, she started to get tired.  I rolled her on her side and quickly got between her legs.  I tossed her leg over mine as I fucked her from the front.  I reached up to suck her breast as I gripped her big ass.  “Cum for me Buck.  This time… Deep inside me sweetie.  Fill me with your man seed.  Please!  Please! Yes! Yes! Harder! Harder!  That is sweetie fill me up.  You’re leaking out my pussy on the …..”  I wrapped my lips around her loud mouth to keep her quite.

Finally a few minutes passed before I went to get some champagne from the table near the window.  I grabbed her glass and gave her some.  She got on her knees and I lay back on the bed.  She reached down to jack my cock making it harder.  With her mouth on my cock and facing the window, her ass was facing the farthest wall toward the bathroom; she wrapped her huge breast around my cock.  She licks the tip and I started to fuck her tits and mouth.

I kept waiting for husband to text her or come knocking at the door.  I knew it had been more than hour.  After I exploded her in her mouth.  I walked her into the bathroom and put her in the shower.  I made her pee on my face as I got under her in the bathtub.  I then fucked her again very hard in the shower before I cleaned her up and got her dressed.  I put her in a new outfit from her huge purse.  She walked me to the door.  I was still naked as she kissed me on the lips.

“If your lonely next week.  I’m free for the weekend.  My husband will be out of town.  I can’t drive with these two big air bags in front of me.  (She pointed to her chest.)  Maybe you could come over and get me or we can stay in.  I could put on another private show.  Thanks sweetie.  That was so fun.  You young guys sure now how to party.”  She then opened the door as I hid behind the door.  I looked out the peep hole as she kissed her husband and got in his tiny car.

I got dressed and opened the door to my hotel room.  I looked over to my right as I walked in front of the window.  I could see two tiny white drops of sperm on the ground in front of the window.  I then peeked into my motel room.  You could see everything.  I guess I had left the curtains open to wide.  I then reached into my bag to pull out my cell phone.  I hit stop on the recording.  I might be over on my data plan this month.  I left the cameras inside, might need to bring Mrs. Smith back or watch who ever rented the room next.

The next day I got up early.  There was a knock at the back door of my house.  I looked out to see my Latina whore next door knocking on my door.  “Morning!  What’s going on?” I said.  She barged passed me into my kitchen.  “My husband is cheating on me.  Can you believe it?  That mother fucker!  I am so mad.  I was checking out his bank account.  I found a charge on his credit card for a hotel room.  The Paradise Motel near the airport.  Then he racked up $1600 on this escort service.  Milf’s for young men site.  I am so fucking mad.  Take off your shorts and fuck me or I might kill him when he comes home from work. 

“What’s a Buck to do???”


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